Sunday, 10 July 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 12 (final)

Oops - I meant to post this yesterday, but I was distracted as we had interesting things planned for the party last night. Lets just say for now that we're managing to keep up with the New Year's resolution of trying new things... I'll put the next post out on Tuesday.


I woke up first the following day but Jen was feeling a bit too tired to do things straight away, so I headed down and freshened up a bit to give her a little more time to rest. I wasn’t as generous when I returned though and pushed her legs open so I could go down on her. She objected a little at first, but I soon managed to convince her that it would be worthwhile and she ended up with her legs spread wide, encouraging me to carry on. I got a fairly respectable orgasm out of her and told her that I wanted to feel her tongue in me, so I let her rearrange herself on the bed and then planted my pussy on her mouth. She did as I asked and I felt her tongue snake up inside me and clean out the inside of my pussy (obviously not the whole way – she may have a fairly long tongue, but it has its limits). After a bit of internal licking, she alternated between my clit and ass and once this started, it didn’t take long for me to cum.

We headed down and showered together (Lucy wasn’t up yet) and then had breakfast. Lucy finally surfaced and said she needed to get ready fairly quickly as her friend was coming round so they could head off to a lecture together (it’s not that Jen/Lucy’s place is on his route, but he really does fancy her). She joined us for a quick breakfast and Jen assured her that she would take care of distracting her admirer while she got ready for the day. Lucy headed into the shower and we went up to get dressed. I was given just a bra and a t-shirt to wear (it came to the mid-top of my thighs). We hadn’t been ready for long when there was a knock on the door and I was sent down to answer it. I invited Lucy’s friend in and while we chatted, I continued our clearing up from the previous night. I had forgotten that Jen and my clothes were scattered over the room so I quickly tidied them and resumed picking up the bottles and cans.

I bent over a bit more than really needed a couple of times and knew that I was giving him a view of a bit of my ass (and possibly pussy). I decided to be a bit more daring and switched to crouching down while facing him, with my legs spread enough to probably give a little view up under the t-shirt. Jen joined us and we sat and chatted for a few minutes. I made sure that I fidgeted enough to make the hen of my shirt rise and I got it as high as I dared without actually showing anything (not that I really think he would have minded). He was very assiduously holding his coat over his lap and I considered my task of distracting him to be successful. When Lucy joined us, Jen and I went to wave them off and while we were standing at the door, her hand slipped up under the back of the t-shirt and between my legs. I didn’t know if this was lifting the front at all, but I’d been enjoying teasing him, so Jen’s fingers stroking my pussy were just what I needed.

We finished tidying and I got most of my things packed ready to head off to the airport. Jen was skipping her lectures to come to see me off (but she had promised that she would spend time catching up on them). We had a bit of time to kill and there was only one way that we intended to spend it (OK, so there are many *specific* ways we could have spent it, but only one *general* way). We hadn’t got round to using the strawberries and cream that we’d bought and after a quick check to ensure the strawberries were still fresh enough, we set out a couple of towels on the bed and got naked. We made a bit of a mess before things even really got started, but once they did, it was really good fun.

We took turns rubbing strawberries and cream into each other and then licking the area clean. I worked on Jen’s breasts and she worked on my neck. Because we were only spending a couple of minutes licking each time, neither of us got really turned on (although I think it’s a fair bit easier for me to cum from neck play than it would be for Jen to cum from just nipple play). I think we had three rounds of licking and teasing each other before things moved on to pussy play. This was the usual – strawberries being rubbed over the pussy with some cream added and then on to having them pushed inside and being eaten afterwards.

We ended up (once the strawberries were finished) in a 69 position with Jen on top of me. We were in a fair state by this point so I decided that I may as well take advantage of the situation and dribbled some of the remaining cream over Jen’s ass, so it ran down over her pussy and into my mouth. Well, mostly into my mouth anyway, but my face ended up covered in it and I had cream running down my neck and into my hair. I made sure to do my best to clean Jen up and managed to make her cum in the process.

It was now my turn to cum and we moved around so Jen was lying on her back and I sat over her face. I dribbled some cream down my front and then leant forwards and dripped some over my ass. Jen licked the cream all around my pussy and continued to tongue me. I told her I was getting close to cumming and I reached forwards to play with her pussy. It was incredibly slick and I pushed a couple of fingers into her while my orgasm ran through my body. I gave in to temptation and fell forwards so I could bury my face in her cunt again – she wasn’t ready for another orgasm, but she let me lick and taste her for a while.

With our session over, we really needed to clean up and after having a quick wipe down with a towel, we headed down to the bathroom. We had a long shower – cleaning each other off very thoroughly and taking our time to rinse out each other’s pussies properly (you don’t want to leave strawberry juice in there). In a much less sticky state, we went back up to Jen’s room and tidied up (I was sent down naked to put things in the laundry – not that it made much difference as we were alone, but we had no idea when Lucy and her friend would be back). I made it back without interruption though and finished getting ready to head back home (unfortunately I had to go to a meeting on Friday so I couldn’t stay with Jen and head straight to York to see Mike at the weekend). I was given the customary short skirt to wear for going through security, but I was allowed to wear thigh-high socks as it was a bit cold out.

Lucy didn’t reappear before it was time to head off (she had ended up going to lunch with her friends), but she did text me to say goodbye. The trip to the airport was fairly smooth and my flight was on time so I didn’t get back too late. As usual after a trip to Jen’s, I called Mike that evening and gave him the full details of everything that we had got up to. He said that this was somewhat unfair as he would usually jerk off while I gave him the explicit details, but because I would be seeing him the following day, he wanted to hold back and wait for me. I quite enjoyed teasing him and describing our antics, knowing that his cock was nice and hard, just waiting for me to slide onto it. I made things even worse for him by playing with myself while we talked (oh, the joys of being a woman and being able to cum many times).

The next day (after work), I headed down to York and met up with people for drinks in the evening. I hadn’t been able to leave early so ended up going to the pub with my backpack (but the advantage of having clothes in York is that I can travel light). It had been almost a month since I’d seen everyone, so it was good to catch up. I tried to discreetly fill Lis in on some of the details of my week with Jen, but it was difficult to shout loud enough for her to hear while making sure nobody else heard. We were going to meet up on the Saturday so we could have a more private conversation, but I ended up inviting her and Vicky round for dinner instead and we then planned out for drinks and dancing afterwards. Their relationship is still mostly kept secret so I thought it would be nice for them to go on a double date again.

With the evening over, we headed home and on the way Mike teased me a bit – nothing too intense and I gave as good as I got. We would have probably started things before we had even got inside, but some people were outside talking halfway down our street so we had to wait that extra few seconds until the door had been opened. As soon as we were indoors, Mike undid his trousers, freed his cock and pushed up against me. I lifted my skirt and he pushed his cock between my legs – not inside me, but so it rubbed against my cunt lips. We semi-fucked like this while we kissed and then broke away so Mike could step out of his trousers. We should have really gone upstairs to bed so we could do things properly, but we both wanted to do things straight away. Mike’s cock was standing out, hard and glistening with my juices so I bend down and gave the head a quick suck. He moaned as I swirled my tongue around it but said that he wanted to be inside me.

I had no objections to this and I leant against the door and pushed out my ass, offering myself to him. He stepped up behind me, positioned his cock and slid in to me in a few strokes. He reached around and started rubbing my clit while taking long hard strokes into me so our bodies slapped together. We carried on like this for a little while and he then pulled my top up over my breasts and undid my bra (with a bit of a struggle – but it was still half-hidden under my top). He could now use one hand on my breasts and the other on my clit and it felt wonderful being repeatedly filled by his cock. I felt quite wet and he fed my juices to me a couple of times (as well as tasting them himself). He would usually go down on me first so that he could eat me without tasting his own juices, but I think I’d done a good enough job of teasing him over the phone the previous night that he had been desperate to cum in me.

I could feel my orgasm starting to build and my legs weakening, so we turned around so I could lean over the arm of the sofa. This raised my ass in the air more and Mike said it was a really good position to fuck in. I was definitely closer to cumming that he was so he stopped playing with me and concentrated on fucking me. I gently toyed with my clit to keep me close to cumming, but I didn’t have to do much as he was now sliding into me quickly, our bodies still slamming together. He had a tight hold of me, pulling me back against him in time with his thrusts and as he got closer to cumming, he became more vocal. I was right on the edge of cumming and told him to hurry up. He was rapidly getting closer to cumming and I came first (just about), which is generally the best way as he can then pump into me through my orgasm. He came and pushed hard into me a number of times and then stayed buried in me. I hadn’t quite finished cumming – and was still gently stroking my clit to draw out the last bits of pleasure from the experience.

Mike stayed pressed inside me for a minute or so after we had finished cumming and he warned me that it felt like he had cum quite a lot. I pushed my ass back a bit before he pulled out so that I wouldn’t leak over the sofa and as he slowly withdrew, his cum dripped out of my pussy and down my legs. I used my skirt to catch most of it (but I lit a little run down my thighs) and ended up with a sufficiently large damp patch that I decided to strip off (there was still a bit of leakage, but it wasn’t too bad by this point). Mike also removed his clothes and we went up to bed to cuddle up under the covers and have a proper chat.


  1. Dear Andi,

    I know it's the impression You intend to give, but it seems like all You do is screw!

    By the way, where are we up to?


  2. No, those are just the bits that I write about. Remember that I have to save up a week's worth of action for my time with Mike/Jen... As fun as constant sex would be, I don't think I have the stamina for it!

  3. This is the end of February now - I'm trying to remember to add comments at the start of each set of posts as to when they happened...

  4. Dear Andi,

    Yes, but what a way to go! Besides, You could always just have more and more such weeks closer and closer together, build Your stamina that way and then win gold representing Britain at the sex Olympics!

    And if You were ever to have sex with 50 different men (see next post) I'd expect You to cum with each one (and not do it the porn star way when each man gets 30 seconds). Now THERE'S a challenge!


  5. I might use that image while masturbating tonight. I can't imagine cumming that many times anymore - but it would be fun to try it.

  6. Hi Andi.

    I bet Mike gets a king-size hard on as you recite your antics with Jen to him over the phone!

    And its good to hear you say how much you like his cock filling your cunt :)

    Cheers, John xxx