Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dinner with Lesbians - Part 1

We talked about random things while we recovered and then Mike got me to go over my week with Jen again. I used my hands on his cock while we talked and I could feel it jump whenever I touched it in a certain way or my descriptions got particularly dirty (which of course was most of the time). I ended up pumping his cock with both of my hands and he reached between my legs to finger me. I was still very wet and his fingers slipped into me with ease. Our movements became more frenzied as the descriptions continued and I asked Mike if he wanted to cum in me or for me to make him cum another way. He said it would be nice to just have a hand job and so I sat up against the headboard and he knelt over my legs so his cock was right in front of me. I mostly just used my hands (I occasionally flicked the head with my tongue) and it was nice to be able to really watch his cock, feel it getting harder and getting darker. He told me that he was going to cum and I continued pumping up and down the shaft, my hands moving just high enough each stroke to touch the bottom of the head a little (just the way he likes it) and I was rewarded with a couple of squirts of cum that shot out and splattered over my front. He obviously didn’t cum a lot as he’d just emptied his load into me a short while before, but he seemed to enjoy it and I got more cum, so everyone was happy.

Mike suggested that he use just his hands on me and I moved down and spread my legs to give him access. He finger fucked me, using a couple of fingers while rubbing my clit and then said it was time for some DP so asked me to move onto my side. I knew what he was going to do and so was ready when he pushed a thumb into my cunt to get it wet, then withdrew it and pushed it into my ass. He pushed his other thumb into my cunt and positioned his hand so the web of skin between his thumb and index finger was rubbing against my clit. He then proceeded to fuck me in both holes, alternating each finger in and out and trying to get as much friction on my clit at the same time. I don’t know why, but this always feels like a really dirty way to be fucked (which might be part of the reason I really enjoy it) and he carried on until I was squirming around between his hands. He didn’t have to continue much longer before I was about to cum and I pushed back against his fingers so he could firmly fuck me. I came and he pulled out of me, leaving me feeling very empty any my pussy still throbbing from my orgasm.

We curled up together and Mike slipped back inside me. I thought that we were going to go for another round, but he didn’t think he could cum again (not without a good rest anyway). He did offer to make me cum, but I was quite happy with him inside me and his arms around me. We fell asleep spooning like this.

I woke up early in the morning and needed to pee. I managed to wake Mike while getting out of bed and when I returned, he asked if I was interested in a brief fuck before we went back to sleep. He should really know that there isn’t much point in asking this and I climbed on top of him and rubbed myself against his cock. He was already hard and he held his cock in place so I could slide down on it. It really was a quick fuck – from the beginning, he pulled me down on top of him and we kissed while he pounded into me and rubbed his fingers over my ass. I came within minutes of starting and he carried on pumping into me through my orgasm until he came. I think I might have been able to cum a second time if he’d gone on for longer, but I quite liked the idea of it being a quick session, so I didn’t ask for anything more to happen and we both went back to sleep.

When I woke up next, Mike was climbing down between my legs to give me my usual morning licking. I let him know I was awake (so he didn’t have to start off really gently) and I spread my legs for him. He said that I was a bit of a mess and I reminded him that he was the one who kept cumming in me, so it was his job to take care of the mess. He played with my clit for a while to get my juices going (so he wouldn’t taste his own cum as much) and then got stuck in properly. Between licks, he pointed out that this would be an ideal situation for Jen to help out with – she could take care of licking his cum out of me and then he could taste me. I teased him about what he would be doing while Jen was licking me clean and described how her ass would be wiggling around as her tongue worked on me and he admitted that he wouldn’t exactly object to sliding into her and adding some of his cream for me to eat out of her afterwards.

I was told to turn over and push my ass in the air and he ate me from behind until I started to moan and told him I was getting close. At this point, he stopped licking me and knelt up so he could slide straight into me. I obviously could tell that he had been moving around on the bed, but I hadn’t been expecting him to enter me so it was a bit of a surprise. The surprise was continued when he said that he was quite close to cumming (he had been wanking himself while eating me) and we started fucking vigorously. He reached around to rub my clit and came within no time. He stayed inside me, pushing hard into me and moving back and forth just a little bit (he said it felt too intense to move properly) and he rubbed me until I came. I don’t know if was due to the position, but I got a head-rush when I came and felt a bit dizzy. Once I had finished, Mike pulled out of me and I rolled over onto my side to recover. His cock was still standing erect, covered in our combined cum.

He went to start breakfast while I recovered and I soon joined him downstairs. We had a fairly chilled morning and after we had showered, I spent a while sorting through my clothes to get rid of the ones that don’t fir me anymore (you know a diet is working when you need to get rid of clothes). There were a couple of items that Mike didn’t want me to get rid of (sentimental memories) so I kept them back, but told him that I would need to invest in replacements for them as they were too bit to wear. While I sorted out things to bin or give to a charity shop, we tried to recall as many ‘encounters’ involving each item of clothing as we could. Of course, not every item had a memorable occasion associated with it, but the nicer ones (and especially the ones that Mike didn’t want me to get rid of) did and his cock ended up poking out from his dressing gown.

I asked if he wanted any attention but he said that his balls were aching a bit from our earlier session. I gave them a quick kiss better, but that didn’t really help the situation. He said that he would take care of me and he lay back on the bed so I could climb up over his face and let him eat me. He had cleaned out my pussy in the shower so was a lot more enthused about eating me this time. I had a good view of myself in the mirror and while I’m not really that vain, there is something quite hot about watching yourself cum. I could see his tongue on my clit (sometimes), his cock (still hard), my nipples as they got more erect and then my body flushing as my orgasm drew closer. I came for the third time of the morning and stayed in position while Mike kitty kissed me. I would have repaid his kindness, but he said that his balls now ached even more (which in hindsight was obviously going to happen given how much he enjoys eating pussy).

I resumed sorting through my clothes while Mike calmed down and bagged up the ones I was going to give away. It was past midday and we called round a few people to see if anyone wanted to meet up for lunch. Most people were already out for the day, but I managed to get hold of Cindy, Pete and his girlfriend and we all headed into town to meet up. I dropped off the bag on the way and we had a relaxed lunch together. After lunch, Cindy and Pete decided to stay out with us for a bit (Pete’s gf had to go back and do some work). We did a bit of clothes shopping - the boys talked about computers at first, but then Mike got a bit more involved in helping to choose nice things. I decided to show off just a little bit and tried on a lacy top that my bra was quite visible through – I let all of them see it and asked for opinions. I especially watched for Pete’s and Cindy’s reactions. Pete seemed to appreciate the view he got of my cleavage and bra and I wished that I had panties on so I could have tried the same thing with a dress instead of just a top. (Pete is quite attractive and is one of the people I would certainly want involved if I ever end up being fucked by a group of 50 guys).

The verdict was positive on the top and I got it along with a couple of flippy skirts. I’ve been buying new things as needed, so it wasn’t like I had to replace everything I’d just got rid of and we finished off the afternoon by going for coffee before splitting up to go home. On the way, Mike and I picked up food and drink for our dinner that night. We headed home and I tried on my purchases for the day, with and without a bra (not that I go out often without a bra on). Mike convinced me to wear my new top that night (with a bra) and picked out a short white tennis skirt to go with it, paired with black (opaque) hold-ups. I put a pair of black heels on (not too high) to complete the outfit and I thought it looked quite good (as did Mike who stood behind me and rubbed up against my ass). We would have probably got sidetracked if it hadn’t been so late and we needed to tidy up and prepare for dinner, so we headed downstairs.

After a quick go round the living/dining room sorting out Mike’s accumulated mess, we moved into the kitchen. We started to prepare the food but didn’t get as far as we had hoped. Mike had been admiring my new outfit and he seemed to have recovered from his earlier affliction. It didn’t take much encouragement to get him to undo his trousers and slip inside me (this was easier than usual due to the heels) and we moved together while he fondled my breasts. Mike pulled out of me and reminded me that we should finish getting dinner prepared. We washed the cherry tomatoes and he slipped them inside me one at a time before putting them in a small bowl. He then rubbed the cucumber up and down my pussy before pushing it a short way inside me (I think that was the first time I’d ever had an actual cucumber inside me). For good measure, the other end of the cucumber was rubbed over my pussy and pushed into me and I briefly fucked myself with it.
I leant against the counter again and Mike pushed back into me. His cock felt nice and warm after the salad items and I got him to hold still inside me while I flexed myself around him (he loves this). He had just started to move in me when there was a knock at the door and we realised that we had spent more time playing than we had intended. Mike pulled out of me and I straightened up my clothing while he tried to get his cock back into his trousers (not easy with an erection). We waited until they knocked again before I went to answer the door and Mike stayed in the kitchen, concentrating on non-sexy thoughts until he went (mostly) soft and could come out and say hi. He had covered the various salad things and put them back in the fried while he had been in the kitchen, so we could sit down and have a good chat.

After a while, we decided it was time to get dinner ready and we apologised for not having quite finished the preparation (although we didn’t explain why). They offered to help and we headed in to the kitchen. Mike got the things out of the fridge and I worked on getting the steaks ready while Mike and the girls worked on the salad. Lis cut up some spring onions while Vicky took care of the cucumber. I watched her wrap her hand around it and imagined that it was back inside me with her moving it. She sliced it up and added it to the bowls and then licked her fingers clean (only a little lick, but I knew that I was on her fingers). They each put a couple of the cherry tomatoes in to the bowls and Mike then showed them something he saw (or claimed to have seen) on TV. They each took one of the tomatoes and crushed it in their hand so the juice ran over the salads, and they then ate the crushed tomato. I was now picturing Vicky fucking me with the cucumber and the three of them eating me at the same time (realistic geometry doesn’t have to be a part of a fantasy).

Mike and I fried up the steaks while Vicky and Lis set the table. Mike whispered to me that he wished he had been able to cum in me so I could have added dressing to the lettuce before they arrived, and I could see a bulge beginning to appear in his trousers again. He washed up the frying pans (to hide his erection) while I put the plates out and we then sat and ate dinner. Lis finally got round to asking me about my week with Jen and I told them some of the stories (not in quite as explicit detail as on here). Vicky asked Mike if he minded me doing all these things and he just replied by saying that as long as he got full detailed descriptions of everything I did with other girls, he was happy.

We moved on to dessert (which was also untainted due to having been interrupted) and Vicky and Lis finished off the wine. It was about 10pm by this point and we debated whether we should stay in or head out and opted to go out to a club. While getting ready to go (Mike was up in the bathroom), I suggested that we go without panties and gave a quick flash to show that I was in the same state (and pointed out that my skirt was also shorter than either of theirs). Vicky seemed a bit reserved but I teased her about how much braver she used to be when she went to the station with just a long coat on and she relented and pulled her panties off where she was standing. That left just Lis and my training must be having some effect on her as she gave in easily and slipped hers off as well, handing them to Vicky to put in her bag. When Mike returned, I whispered to him that we were now all pantiless and when he commented on it, Lis blushed, but Vicky didn’t seem to mind him knowing (she has told him about some of her exploits, both with men and women).

Mike slipped a hand under my skirt and pushed his finger into me – I hadn’t expected this to happen in front of Vicky and Lis and when he removed his hand he just said that they had seen me play with Jen, so this was no different. I had images of him playing with me properly in front of them and felt the familiar tingle of lust shoot through my pussy. We headed out and made our way into town – Mike slipped a hand under my skirt (from behind) a couple of times and gently fingered me and it dawned on me that he was still just as frustrated at having been interrupted earlier as I was.


  1. Dear Andi,

    I'm only part way through this episode, but I chuckled when I read this and just had to comment.

    "Pete is quite attractive and is one of the people I would certainly want involved if I ever end up being fucked by a group of 50 guys."

    Talk about damning with faint praise!

    It reminds me of a comment made by a flatmate of mine when I was a student back in the late 80s. "I'm sick of one-night stands. I want to have a really deep, meaningful relationship lasting at least one, no make it two, days!"


  2. Dear Andi,

    Why do I get the feeling that this is not the end or even the beginning of the end, but rather the end of the beginning?

    What a machine Mike is. I hope You know how lucky You are! (I suspect he knows how lucky he is!)

    I'd been expecting You to model Your new blouse in the shop sans bra, but I suppose You have to live with vanilla folk, too!

    Just exactly what did you two have planned for the dinner if You hadn't been interrupted? And have You managed to repeat the experience (a) with the meal properly prepared and (b) with guests who know what you're doing?


    PS The title reminded me of Dances with Wolves, and Voyages with Vampires, and Travels with Trolls, and...

  3. Okay, so I didn't quite phrase it properly. Pete is a good looking fellow and given a chance, I would be very interested to find out how well hung he is - it would just be even better if there happened to be another 49 guys there to help out...

    Mike can't cum as many times as I can - I'm just especially lucky that he enjoys making me cum even if he isn't going to cum himself.

    If we hadn't been interrupted, we would certainly have finished fucking and may have used our combined juices as a dressing...

    The only person who will willingly use such a dressing is Jen (well, two people if you include Sue) - I don't think that Vicky and Lis would quite be up to that