Friday, 15 July 2011

Dinner with Lesbians - Part 2

It's my last weekend with Jen as a single woman (me that is, not her) and I'm visiting her at her home (currently waiting for my flight). It would have been quite nice to have been at her Uni with all her friends (or our friends now), but term is over and most of them have left for the summer, but I'm sure we'll make do. Unfortunately it's raining there at the minute, but hopefully we'll get some good weather over the weekend and can go out into the fields again...

Back to the end of Feb now...


We made it to the club, queued and went in. Lis, Vicky and Mike all had another couple of drinks – I only had one more (which was still enough to keep me feeling slightly drunk). We chatted (shouted) and danced and later in the evening when I was dancing with Lis, we noticed that Mike and Vicky were dancing quite closely. Lis told me that Vicky quite likes Mike and they get on really well (which I knew) and I told her that if that was the case, I could always offer Mike to Vicky for a night in return for a night with her (Lis). While the words were coming out of my mouth, I wondered if it was wise to say it, but I figured that Lis must have figured out that it wasn’t only Jen who would relish the opportunity to get her naked and explore her body. Lis didn’t seem to mind my comment and we continued to dance while she told me that she wasn’t sure if Vicky really liked him in ‘that’ way – she just enjoyed flirting with him. I thought that I may as well finish off properly so I told her that was a pity and held on to her a bit tighter. I really wanted to press up against her leg, but I knew that would have been going a bit too far and when the song ended, we all headed back to the bar to get some water and rehydrate.

Mike wanted to dance with Lis (he quite fancies her as well – but given all the stories I’ve told him about her, I’m not surprised) and so Vicky and I ended up going back out to dance together. I don’t really know Vicky as well as Lis (which is odd as I’ve known her for longer, but Lis and I have become fairly close since she came out to me and we spent ages discussing her attraction to Holly). Vicky is a pretty good dancer though (much better than me – she actually goes to lessons) and she knows how to move in an incredibly sexy way. We rubbed against each other as we danced (not in a sexual way – well, it was sexual, but only in the way latin dancing is meant to look sexy) and I imagined Vicky dancing naked with Lis (I know they’ve done this a few times). I did my best to keep up with her and sort of semi-rubbed against her. A couple of times I actually managed to rub my pussy on her skirt which felt really nice, but was only brief rubs, so not enough to be properly exciting.

We headed off to one of the quieter areas to rest and chat a bit more and I found out that people had been discussing another summer holiday. I proposed we got the gang together the next day (or at least those people who were still in York) and try to get something organised. I was beginning to flag a little and decided to call it a night. Vicky wanted to stay out and dance some more, so we said goodbye and Mike and I headed home. On the way back we sent out an invite for brunch and then concentrated on getting home so we could finish off the night properly.

Mike did his usual trick of half undressing me while I was unlocking the front door and had his jeans open within seconds of being indoors. He pushed into me from behind and pulled my top off over my head before undoing my bra. I told him that I needed to pee and he said to wait a minute while he removed his top and kicked his jeans and boxers off. We fucked with me leaning against the wall while he cupped my breasts and pulled on my nipples. He had moved on to rubbing my clit (which felt really good) when I had to stop in order to go and pee. Mike followed me upstairs, fingering me the whole way. When we reached the bathroom, he told me to wait a second and dashed into the bedroom to fetch one of my eggs. He said that he wanted to try something I do with Jen and instead of letting me go to the toilet, we stepped into the shower.

I found a comfortable position and presented myself to him again and he slipped back inside me. The egg was applied to my clit and the fucking resumed. I needed to pee quite badly, but I wasn’t quite at the point of bursting, so I managed to hold on until the egg really started to have an effect (at which point I was somewhat distracted. Mike continued to slide into me and asked me to contract my pussy around his cock. I tried to do this, but found that it was somewhat difficult and reminded me of the growing desire to pee. Fortunately I was getting close to cumming and knew that I only had to hold on for a short while. I asked Mike if he really wanted me to go for it and he told me to give it everything I had, just as my orgasm started. I let go and felt my pee flow out in time with my orgasm (at least it felt that way). I’ve learned enough from Jen to know how to enjoy this properly and I’ll admit that it did feel good.

Mike continued to pump his cock into me and he still had the egg held against my clit. I could feel my pee running down my legs and splashing back off Mike onto me but didn’t care and just went with it. He was moving much faster in me now and as my orgasm ended, I eased back on the amount I was peeing. He came fairly soon after and pulled out of my pussy as soon as he started to cum. He had managed one squirt in me which I felt run out almost straight away and the rest of his cum landed on my lower back, ass and pussy as he jerked himself off. I waited until he had finished cumming and asked him why he hadn’t cum inside me and he described the view he had of my legs soaked in my urine and his cum running out of me and splattered over my back and said that it was an incredibly hot view, knowing that I had been horny enough to want to do things and end up looking like that.

I reached around and rubbed his cum into my ass and pussy and then knelt to suck him clean. We had a quick shower (only of our lower halves) and dried off before heading in to bed. Mike seemed to have quite enjoyed our wet fuck, but assured me that he didn’t have any plans to really get into watersports the way Jen is. I wasn’t quite finished for the night and help to coax him back to attention by describing how Jen might be willing to let him rub up against her and pee over her while she came until he reminded me that it isn’t really possible to pee with an erection and he doubted that he could keep his cock down while humping Jen.

I was grinding my ass against his cock and told him that maybe he could just fuck me while I crouched over Jen and peed on her while she masturbated. Then when he pulled out, his cum could drip over her and as soon as he went soft, he could then add his own pee. He liked this idea and slipped inside me. I told him that I wanted him to cum in me this time and he agreed, but reached over and rummaged in the drawer. I pointed out that I still had the egg but he said that he was looking for something else. I trust him, so waited while he found what he was looking for (and he was still inside me, so I was able to amuse myself by squeezing around him). He adjusted his position and I felt something press against my ass. I thought at first it was his thumb, but as it slid into me, I realised it was one of our anal vibes (Mike can’t make his thumb vibrate).

With the vibe a good way inside me, he moved back to spooning me and started to move in and out of my cunt. The vibe slowly slid out of me, but whenever it got far enough, Mike’s body would bump it back into me. This had the effect of being fucked at two different rates – fast in my pussy and slower in my ass. I held the egg against my clit and Mike played with my breasts while we kissed and I enjoyed feeling so many parts of my body being stimulated. As you would expect, it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm building and between kisses, I moaned ot Mike that I was getting close. He told me to cum as much as I could that he would keep fucking me until I came a second time. I wasn’t sure if I could manage this, but I was sufficiently aroused that I wasn’t that concerned so just agreed to try.

We stopped kissing when I started to cum and Mike moved his hand up from my breasts to my neck and half cupped, half stroked it while encouraging me to be louder. All through my orgasm, he kept telling me to cum for him and to feel his cock working away in my cunt. My orgasm tailed off but I kept the egg in place. It didn’t feel as intense as I had feared and we kissed again, but Mike kept a hold of my neck this time. It felt like he was pushing the anal vibe deeper into me and I told him that I didn’t think my second orgasm was far off. He told me to hold on for just a little while and between kisses, his breathing was much more ragged. He told me he was getting closer and I told him that I was just about to cum anyway. I concentrated on holding back, and told him to fill me with his cum. He moaned in my ear that he was just about to cum and I relaxed and let my own orgasm start.

We moaned and swore together, me begging for his cum and him telling me how hot and wet my cunt felt. When he pushed tight against me, the anal vibe was pushed even deeper into me and he said that he could feel it vibrating against his cock. I stretched my head back to let him rub my neck and pushed the egg hard against my clit. It was the best simultaneous orgasm we’ve had for a while and I think we came at almost exactly the same time. Mike finished cumming first, but stayed pressed deep inside me, flexing his cock, until my orgasm passed.

We were both a bit sweaty by the time we had finished and Mike stayed inside me (he was still enjoying the feeling of the vibe) and we kissed until he finally went soft (this took a while due to the kissing and me squeezing his cock with my pussy). He did eventually slide out of me though and his cum started to dribble out over my ass. There wasn’t as much this time, but enough to leave a wet patch (I don’t mind this though). Mike fingered me for a little while and in return, I stroked his cock (not enough to bring it back to life). We eventually fell asleep with me curled up against him and one leg over his so my pussy was pressed against his thigh.

The following morning, I was woken by him going down on me (he’d made it down between my legs before I woke up). I asked how much of a mess I was from the night before and he just said that he was taking care of it. He licked all around my pussy, spread my lips and licked inside me, then worked on my clit until I was very aroused. He then climbed up my body and pushed his cock into me. If I’d been in any doubt about how well he had been eating me, the fact that his face was glistening with my juices was evidence of how well he had been doing. I tasted myself (as well as a bit of his cum) as we kissed and we finished things off with the traditional missionary position (maybe with just a little bit of clit rubbing to help things along). I wrapped my legs around Mike and helped to pull him deeper into me as he came. I kept him held inside me and tried to coax him into a second go, but he needed a break so we headed down to have a light breakfast before we got ready to head out.

I gave Jen a call while we sat downstairs. I sat at the dining table with my legs spread wide and described to her how Mike’s cum was slowly dripping out of my cunt and pooling on the chair. It didn’t take too much convincing to get her to have a play with herself and I joined in with her. I had her on speakerphone so Mike could listen in as well and by about halfway through, he decided that he might be able to manage a second round after all and ended up taking me from behind while I leaned over the table, moaning into the phone. Jen could hear us fucking and she put on a fairly good show for us (even though it was only audio). Mike rubbed my clit while fucking me and I came before he did, but let him continue to fuck me until he emptied his second load of the day into me. I had been encouraging Jen to hold back from cumming and we listened together while she finished off and came loudly enough that we wondered if Lucy had heard, but Jen didn’t seem to mind and just said that she would blame me.

Mike pulled out of me (still hard) and while his cum dripped down my legs, I told Jen about the holiday idea. I assured her that it wouldn’t be too expensive and she said that she would obviously want to come. I told her that I would make sure that she came as much as she wanted and that I needed to go get cleaned up as I now had boy-cum the whole way down my legs. Jen gave Mike a final tease by telling him that if she was there, she would lick me clean in front of him (which got a good twitch out of his cock). We headed up to the shower and cleaned up. Mike ended up hard again, but he didn’t think he was ready for another cum just yet. He thoroughly rinsed my pussy out and used the pulse spray on it for a little while before we got out and dried off. I continued to tease him while getting ready and he was certainly hard, but still not ready to do anything. In the end, he pushed me down onto the bed and said if I wanted to cum again so much, he would be happy to help. I ended up with two fingers in my pussy, one in my ass and his tongue on my clit. I pulled my legs wide apart and he fucked and licked me until I came.

His cock was still hard and I convinced him to sit on the edge of the bed while I sucked, wanked and tit-fucked him. He finally came while I was wanking him and flicking the head with my tongue. He didn’t produce much cum (but it was his third ejaculation of the morning). The little that did cum out went over my face or into my mouth and I wrapped my tongue around his cock and gently sucked him clean. Mike complained that his balls ached a bit and I felt a little bad that I had sort of forced him to do things, but it wasn’t as if I’d tied him down and repeatedly fucked him until he was dry or anything...

I left him to recover while I finished getting ready and packed up my things. He lay on the bed and I decided to push my luck just a bit further and get some revenge for the times he and Jen have forced me to do things and I climbed onto the bed and plonked myself down on his face. I only had a short skirt on so he had full access to my pussy and as he ate me, I watched his cock get hard again. I hadn’t intended to cum, but once he had started, it felt quite nice, so I allowed him to get me off one last time before it was time for us to head out (once he had washed his face).

We met up with people at the cafe and over brunch, we discussed various locations that we could go on holiday. Via the wonders of iPhones, we found a couple of cheat last minute deals and decided that as we had left it so late, we would take a chance, pick a week (or a couple of days) and try to pick up a cheap deal closer to the date. Mike managed to find an opportunity to quietly tell Vicky that I had cum four times that day already (which she seemed genuinely impressed by). We hung around town for a bit afterwards and went round the shops with a couple of people before it was time for me to head to the station. The weather was still quite cold and I had a long(ish) coat on, so Mike managed to get a good grope of my ass in while we kissed goodbye and even spent a little while giving my clit a rub while people walked past us.

If we’d got to the station a bit earlier, I think he could have made me cum, but I had to get on the train so I was left in a state of arousal. Unfortunately, the train was too busy for me to have any chance of finishing things off myself, so I contented myself by dozing and dreaming about all the things we could get up to on holiday. I already had quite a few plans and we’ve made some more since then. If we manage to do even half of them, it will be great fun.


  1. Coming from a guy you really can't pee with a hard-on. When you wake up with morning wood going to the bathroom actually eliminates it. It's biological, the two are biologically mutually exclusive.

    On another note is Jen doing something for the wedding as a gift? The whole suggestion with mike is interesting and I think taking it to the next level (If there ever will be a next level at all) as a wedding gift would be more appropriate than say, a random Thursday or something.

  2. Mike tells me (and has demonstrated) that it is at least possible to pee a little with a semi-erection and not go soft.

    I'm sure Jen will get us a gift, but I don't think it will be her virginity (her heterosexual virginity that is - I think we all know that her 'general' virginity has long gone!)

    There is a plan as to if and when she would ever sleep with Mike, so unless that has changed, I doubt I'll be reporting back about any threesomes.