Monday, 18 July 2011

Lucy's 21st - Part 1

Thursday will be my last post in person for a while (I'll schedule some to post in my absence), so I probably won't be replying to any comments but will answer them all when I get back in August. Thank you to everyone who has wished us well, I think I can assure you that we're not likely to calm down much once we're married so hopefully this blog will continue for a while (apart from the fact that I've got another 5 months of posts until I get to the present day).


The following week (start of March), I was meant to be going to visit Jen, but I wasn’t feeling to good, so had to call off the trip. Unfortunately, Mike had already arranged to do something else, so he couldn’t come up to visit me either, which meant that I had nobody to take care of me (in either sense). To be fair, I really wasn’t feeling up to doing much and spent quite a bit of the weekend sleeping, but I at least felt quite a bit better by Sunday night.

This was the first time in quite a while that I had (or would have) spent two weeks by myself without either Mike or Jen to play with and as I started to feel better, the realisation that I had another 5 days to go until I would see Jen didn’t feel good and I realised how they must feel (only seeing me every other week). I know that they both play with themselves when I’m not there (as do I), but as much as I love feeling my fingers sliding over my slippery pussy lips and rubbing the hard little nub of my clit, it just doesn’t compare to having someone else do things to me (and being able to do things to them of course).

I managed to get through the week by a slightly more intense regime of masturbation than usual and I took a few more chances with short skirts while on the train than I usually do. By leaving work a bit later than usual, I knew that the train would be quieter – this gave me the opportunity to find a location where only one person would see me and display myself while pretending to be engrossed in a book. I folded one leg under me and lifted the other up slightly so I could rest the book on my knee – while wearing a short skirt, this gives a clear view up to my pussy and I would sit and fantasise about openly masturbating for the person (of course I didn’t actually masturbate). Well, not until I got home anyway at which point I would strip and fuck myself with one of the vibes.

I only did things like this for the first half of the week. On Thursday and Friday, I restrained myself (although I allowed myself to fantasize), so that by the time I headed off to see Jen, I was desperate to cum. I dressed in my usual way to get the plane down, but for some reason I didn’t set of the detector so I didn’t get frisked. I managed to have a gentle play with myself on the plane (the person next to me had dozed off – and I had my jacket over my lap hiding what I was doing). Even if I hadn’t been saving myself, I doubt I could have actually cum (without someone noticing), but the gentle stroking was enough to keep me very aroused and ready for Jen. She met me at the airport and we had a quick hello smooch, but it’s much more difficult to do anything more there without someone noticing, so we headed back to Jen’s place. I didn’t manage to entirely behave on the way back and pushed her hand under my skirt – she got her fingers into me for a little while before we had to separate and we decided to wait until we were home before we resumed our session.

When we arrived, we had the place to ourselves but this time, instead of stripping off in the living room, we headed upstairs (Lucy had told everyone about our clothes being scattered over the room – not that this really bothered me as they’ve seen me naked and have a number of orgasms). We got up to Jen’s room and quickly stripped. I told Jen that she was going to have her work cut out to satisfy me but she assured me that she was up to the job. We didn’t even get completely naked before we fell onto the bed and started humping and grinding against each other. I wanted our first session to be just the two of us (no toys) and we used a number of positions. We avoided 69ing so we could kiss each other and ended up cumming while grinding against each other’s thighs.

My first orgasm felt good (after two days of not cumming – which is quite a long time for me), but it wasn’t anywhere near enough to satisfy my lust. Fortunately she was ready to spend a while in bed with me (which was the reason we hadn’t headed out to meet up with people). I was ready for some oral sex now and told her to get on top of me. She did this and I pulled her pussy to my face and got stuck in. She pushed her face between my legs, pulled my lips apart and started work on me and we hungrily slurped away at each other. I was sufficiently horny that I really went for it and licked around her cunt and ass, pushed my tongue deep into her cunt and flicked her clit as fast as I could. Jen was doing a pretty good job on me and I was enjoying the feeling of her long tongue inside me, but in the end I asked her to concentrate on my clit so I could cum again. She did as I asked and I used my legs to keep her head in place against my pussy. I was a bit selfish and held back from making her cum so that I didn’t interrupt what she was doing to me, but as soon as I got close, I resumed licking at full speed. I came first, but my moaning seemed to spur her along and she came not too long after me (I had actually finished cumming, but Jen was still licking me).

We were nice and messy now and Jen’s perfect hair was no longer as straight as it had been when she met me at the airport, but neither of us really cared. She moved round and we resumed our kissing. I knew that I still wanted more action, but Jen needed a break so I just rubbed against one of her legs while we kissed and enjoyed the feeling of the area getting wetter and wetter as I lubricated her. I spent a little while kissing her nipples until they were nice and hard and then started to gently stroke her pussy at the same time. She had been holding my head against her breasts for a while, but once I felt her starting to push back against my fingers I knew that she was ready for more and I pulled away and told her that she could relax and I would take care of everything.

I felt like doing something more strenuous this time handed Jen one of the vibes before I pulled her legs apart so I could get between them – pussy to pussy – in the good old scissor position. I humped against her and there were a few nice squelching noises (it’s wonderful how Jen can get so wet). Jen used the vibe on her nipples until I pointed out that it was meant to be pushed between us so we could get some decent clit stimulation. She slid the vibe down her pussy, so it was nestled between her lips and vibrating against her clit. Because I was the one doing the moving, I didn’t get quite as much benefit from it, but when I pushed against it, it felt good – and watching Jen get excited is always a sure way to help me towards my own orgasm. Despite being told to lie back and enjoy it, Jen pushed back against me in time with my thrusts (mostly) and as we got closer to cumming, I encouraged her to make lots of noise (as I was doing). Jen came first again (but she had the vibe helping her) and I pumped against her through her orgasm and when she dropped the vibe, I picked it up and pressed it against my clit. Our pussies and things were now coated with our juices (probably mostly Jen’s to be honest) and it slipped out of my hand a couple of times (you try holding a vibe in one hand while using the other to help balance and humping someone).

I could feel my orgasm building slowly and so I moved as fast as I could against Jen. After what seemed lick an age of humping and moaning, I knew I was about to cum. I had been describing to Jen exactly what I was feeling and she had resumed pressing back against me when her orgasm had passed. As I started to cum, I pushed the vibe away and used my fingers to rapidly rub my clit, feeling my hand getting covered in the juices. I lay back on the bed and stroked and strummed my clit while trying to push up against Jen so I could be touching her at the same time. Our legs were still entwined and I ended up on my side so I could fully press against her pussy and stayed like that for a while after I had pulled my hand away. I felt a lot more satisfied now and when I finally climbed back up to be beside Jen, I made a show of licking my fingers clean before kissing her and pulling her tight against me.

Jen seemed exhausted so I told her that I wanted another round and started to grind against her. She told me to stop taunting her and I admitted that I was in no state to repeat what we’d just done (I’m fairly sure that with a bit of a rest, I could have managed to cum again). We spent a while longer kissing gently and drifted off to sleep together. I slept much better than I had for the previous week and finally had got rid of the nagging desire to cum that had been with me (as I said before, doing things by myself just isn’t the same).

I woke up feeling quite refreshed and woke Jen as I had thought of something I wanted to try. It was Lucy’s 21st birthday and we had bought her a dress that she had been admiring and I decided that it would be a good idea for Jen to try it on and for me to make her cum while wearing it. Jen had already wrapped it, but we carefully cut the sellotape and got the dress out. Jen slipped it on – it wasn’t quite the right size for her, but it fitted well enough for what we had in mind. I got Jen to lie over me and we had a simple 69 session (it has a loose enough skirt that I could push up far enough to have easy access to Jen’s pussy. We made each other cum (I might have been fantasising that it was Lucy on top of me, which helped speed things along) and Jen removed the dress and we carefully folded it back into the wrapping paper and resealed it. We hadn’t heard Jen come back, but a quick peek allowed us to see that her coat was at the bottom of the stairs, so we snuck down quietly.

After quickly freshening up, we set about making breakfast in bed for Lucy. Once this was prepared, Jen loaded up a tray and I was tasked with carrying it upstairs while she took a smaller tray with the coffee. We knocked on the door and told her that we had breakfast and presents and then entered. I only had the little apron on (Jen had her dressing gown) so was fairly exposed, but Lucy has seen enough of me naked before so it wasn’t anything new. Lucy was a little groggy – she had been out late but hadn’t drunk much so she didn’t have a hangover. I presented breakfast to her and then went to fetch our present while she rearranged her pillows to sit up and eat. By the time I returned, she was upright and I handed her the present. She unwrapped it and was delighted with the dress. She said that she would wear it that night for her party and it would be perfect for her plans. It was obvious that she wanted to tell us what her plans were so we asked and she said that she was going to ask the little Spanish girl if she wanted to date.

Now things haven’t gone incredibly smoothly between them – they occasionally make out, but haven’t gone very far and Lucy has been very confused as to exactly what Ramona wants. It’s not like the initial situation between Lis and Vicky, where Vicky wasn’t even sure if she wanted to be with a girl – Ramona is definitely gay – but it reminded me of the whole ‘will they, won’t they’ situation. Lucy blurted out that the previous night, she had gone back to Ramona’s place after they had left the club and had spent a long time kissing and fondling each other. They hadn’t got completely naked, but had spent a while with hands under tops and under skirts. I wasn’t going to be happy with just little bits of information so asked exactly how far they had gone and Lucy admitted that they had fingers in each other’s panties and had a good feel of pussies. I couldn’t believe that they had gone that far and not cum – even with a normal sex drive that would be incredibly frustrating.

I had an idea and dashed back into Jen’s room. I returned with our strong plug-in vibe and offered it to Lucy. I offered it to her and told her that as it was her birthday, she should really enjoy herself all day. She was well aware of how impressed we were with this vibrator and I told her that Jen and I would go elsewhere and occupy ourselves so that we didn’t overhear anything that happened and she should recall what she had got up to with Ramona and let her imagination go wherever it wanted. Lucy seemed to like this idea and agreed to it much more readily than I had anticipated (I had started to prepare a whole speech about how it was healthy to masturbate and fantasise about things...). We left her to it and i heard the plug being pushed into the socket a minute or so later. Jen and I went downstairs to shower and get ready for the day and ended up having a play with toothbrushes on clits. We finished off with the pulse shower spray and took turns to bring each other off. After finishing up in the shower, we headed upstairs to get dressed and it sounded like Lucy had already finished, but we didn’t disturb her just in case.

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