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Lucy's 21st - Part 2

This is a slightly longer entry than usual, but finishes off the weekend. By the time my next post happens I will be Mrs Mike (assuming that he doesn't chicken out and run off - but I don't think he would find it that easy to find another bisexual nymphomaniac with a gf as cute as Jen to replace me). As I said in my last post, I will schedule the next few posts until we return so replies to comments will have to wait.

I like this post as I finally get to do something I've wanted to do for ages - I'm sure you'll figure out what I'm talking about.


We got dressed and lounged around for the rest of the morning. When Lucy finally surfaced, we naturally quizzed her on what she thought of the vibe. She told us it was the most powerful thing she had ever felt and was amazed at how I had endured it for so long (and I pointed out that being tied to a chair meant that I didn’t really have a lot of choice). Lucy didn’t give us all the details on what she had been imagining, but she said that she had really enjoyed the session and had dozed off again afterwards. We were meeting up with people for lunch so Lucy went to get ready and while she was in the shower, I snuck into her room and checked out the vibrator. It was still slightly moist and I was very tempted to taste her off of it, but I’ve started to be a bit more careful about things like that (I know that Mike, Jen and I are free from disease and I’d like to keep it that way – not that I think Lucy is likely to have anything, but you can never tell). I did pick up the pair of panties that were lying beside the bed and bury my face in them to inhale her scent. I almost ended up masturbating, but held back as I didn’t know how much time I would have before Lucy returned.

She tried on her new dress and showed it to us before getting changed into her clothes for the day and we all headed out. Lunch was nice and I got to meet some more of Lucy’s ‘normal’ friends. It was fairly subdued as Lucy had asked her LGBT friends to tone things down from our usual behaviour as some of her other friends can be a little sensitive. Lucy was in a really good mood and kept smiling at Ramona and I could tell that now she had decided to ask her out, she was desperate to get on and do it.Jen and I headed off afterwards as I had a second present to get for Lucy – I’d told Jen about this, but she hadn’t seen it – it was a set of underwear that was nothing special to look at, but was very similar to one that Pavlina has on in one of her early picture sets. I thought that it would go well under her new dress and be comfortable (and really wanted to see her in it to see just how close to my fantasy she would be) so purchased it for her and we spent a bit longer wandering round the shops.

We were going out to celebrate Lucy’s birthday, but had planned for any celebrations to continue back at the house afterwards, so had to pick up a few supplies on the way home. We arrived home late in the afternoon and started to get ready for Lucy’s night out. Three girls trying to get ready with only one bathroom caused a few problems, but we managed to figure things out. I had been trying to find a subtle way of getting Lucy to try on my secondary gift and had failed spectacularly so ended up just telling her that I had seen the underwear and thought it would go well with the dress and wondered if I could see what it looked like on her. She went to her room to change into it and returned wearing a dressing gown, which she opened to let me view the underwear. It looked really good on her (I still think that simple, cute underwear is far sexier than complicated lacy/frilly things). I told her that it looked ideal and commented on how she could get away without a bra – which I don’t think she was sure how to take, but I told her that I thought it was a good thing and gave Jen’s breasts a squeeze to remind her that I actually like smaller breasts (Lucy’s breasts aren’t really small – maybe a small B cup, but just small enough that she can go without a bra if she isn’t exercising). With a bit of encouragement, I got her to remove her gown completely and give me a twirl so I could admire her figure properly. I had looked at some of the pictures of Pavlina in that outfit earlier and it really was an uncanny resemblance (apart from the fact that Lucy didn’t show off her pussy or breasts like Pavlina did in the pictures).

We ate dinner together and Lucy was even more excited about getting together with Ramona. I was looking forwards to hearing the two of them go at it (which seemed like a natural conclusion given what they’d been doing the previous night) and I was already feeling wet with anticipation. We had the party to deal with first though and we had been told that we were still meant to behave, so I tried to keep my libido in check. With dinner over, we made our final preparations (which took quite a while) and Jen gave me my outfit for the evening. We were going to behave (as Lucy has asked) and so I wore a nice dress (not too short) with a flippy skirt and opaque tights. I skipped the panties, but wasn’t intending on doing anything that would allow people to realise this.

Lucy looked great in her new dress and knowing that she had Pavlina underwear on underneath it made it seem even sexier (I know I’m obsessed with Pavlina, but she was one of the first porn girls that Mike got me to fantasise about – and she is damn cute). We headed out for cocktails first - I had decided that I would allow myself to drink properly that night as I’d been well behaved since the start of the year (at least in terms of drinking anyway!). As often happens at these things, the various groups of friends didn’t mix that much at first and people generally stayed in their groups. As the night went on, we mixed a bit more and got to know each other (Lucy’s ‘normal’ friends obviously know that she is gay, but they just don’t know about the games that we get up to). A number of her straight male friends were quite enamoured by having lesbians around (they had been enjoying seeing Lucy and Ramona making out on a number of occasions) but while talking to them I found that a couple seemed to be at least slightly homophobic when it came to gay men.

We moved on to dancing (and more drinking) and people mixed a bit more freely now. I noted a few times that Lucy was with Ramona and they were gently touching each other’s hands and smiling lots. I saw that her male admirer had also noticed this and while I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to do anything to interrupt them, when I pointed it out to Jen, she said that it might be good for me to distract him. I thought that I could probably manage that and so we danced over towards him and started talking. Jen went off to get a drink, leaving me with him and I did my best to emulate Vicky’s sexy dancing. We danced for quite a while and even though I wasn’t pressed up tight against him, I’m pretty sure that on a few occasions when we bumped together, I could feel his cock. His hands roamed over my body – he mostly behaved though and only touched my breasts or ass a couple of times, and even then it was only briefly. I was very tempted to push his hands onto my breasts and hold them in place, but I had been enjoying slowly teasing him over the weeks so didn’t want to push things too far.

I eventually needed another drink and a chance to relax so told him I wanted to see Jen and set off to find her. It took a little while and I got sidetracked into dancing with a few other people, but we eventually met up and we went to sit down and chat with some people for a while. A bit later, we saw Ramona by herself and thought that we should find Lucy to see how she was doing (it was her birthday after all). We found her and she looked a little upset – it wasn’t difficult to guess what had happened and we were right, she had asked Ramona out and had been turned down. It hadn’t been a flat out rejection and they were going to talk about it, but it still wasn’t exactly the result that she had been hoping for. We managed to cheer her up (fortunately she is quite a positive & cheerful girl anyway) and got her back out to dance for a while longer. She danced for a bit with her admirer (we thought that the attention would do her confidence good) and by about 1am we felt that it was time to head back home.

Her LGBT friends knew about the planned party at her place, but didn’t want any of her ‘normal’ friends to know (so we didn’t have to behave as well). People went their separate ways and the plan was that we would delay Jen’s journey home to allow the others to get there first. Lucy was fairly drunk (as were Jen and I), so taking our time to get home wasn’t too much of a problem and when we arrived, our bedroom light was on, which was the sign that the others had arrived. We went in and a number of people jumped out and shouted ‘surprise’, while presenting a cake laden with candles. Lucy nearly screamed when people jumped out and she jumped a fair bit herself, but once she had calmed down, she was happy that she got a cake and that everyone was there to see her.

It wasn’t a really noisy party, but we carried on for another few hours. There was more alcohol (but also the cake, which made it better) and other than Jen removing my panties, everyone was still fairly well behaved as the night was really about Lucy and not random debauchery as usual. When people finally left, we sat and chatted for a while. Jen got the message that I wanted some alone time with Lucy and said that she was beat and would head up to bed. We were of course talking about Ramona so I told Lucy about how Lis and Vicky had a messy time getting together (and how things were still a bit complicated). Lucy had got a text from Ramona saying that she just wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted but she would call her the next day to talk and Lucy kept going over what would happen. She asked if I thought if Ramona was attracted to her and I told her that of course I did, she was one of the cutest, sexiest, most beautiful girls I knew (apart from Jen of course – and I’m not just saying that because she reads this).

Lucy told me that I was overdoing it a bit and I assured her that I really thought that and said that she knew full well how beautiful I thought she was and how much I liked her. I don’t know if it was on purpose (I don’t think it was), but she gave me a really cute coy look and asked if I meant it and I told her that I did and leant over to kiss her. I had intended it to be a fairly quick kiss, but when she kissed me back, I changed my mind and pulled closer to her. I had no idea what was likely to happen, but I thought that I knew Lucy well enough that she just wanted some comfort – and this seemed like a good way to help her end her birthday. We ended up with her half lying on top of me and kissed quite passionately for a while. I had her dress hiked up just enough to get my hands onto her ass (well, her panties) and her body felt amazing. I managed to hold back from going any further and it was probably just as well as I’m sure she wouldn’t have wanted us to do anything more. After a bit more kissing and me telling her how beautiful she was, we stopped and just sat beside each other for a while.

Lucy asked me if Jen would mind about us making out and I told her that Jen knew I fancied her and she was my ‘free card’ (I omitted the fact that we each have a number of free cards, but that they have to be someone who we would both happily do things with). She said that she felt a bit happier (which was my aim – along with getting a chance to kiss her) and we decided that we should probably head up to get some sleep. When we stood up to go upstairs, I gave Lucy one more kiss and slipped my hands under her skirt again. I cupped her ass fully this time and pushed my tongue into her mouth. We broke the kiss and I told her once more that I really did think she was incredibly beautiful and just how much I had longed to do this with her ever since I’d first met her. Her hands were on my ass (on top of my skirt) and we kissed again. I pushed my fingers up under the legbands – not very far, but enough that I think it counts as me having felt her bare ass.

I’d like to think that if I had tried, I could have got her into bed, but I’m sure that would have been an incredibly bad idea in the long run even it would have been a phenomenally good one in the short term). It took all of my (drunken) self-control to stop my fingers from wandering all the way into her panties and between her legs and I desperately wanted to push my puss against her and hump myself silly. I pulled away again and told her that I needed to go up and see Jen and that she could make use of our super strong vibe again. Now that Lucy has seen me cum (in quite explicit detail), she seems a fair bit more open and said that she would go and enjoy herself properly. I made sure that she drank some water before going to bed and after fetching some for Jen, we headed upstairs together and said goodnight before going into our own rooms. Jen was only half awake, but asked me what I had got up to downstairs. I was (understandably) quite turned on and told her that I would give her the details later, but first I would repay her for being wonderful (and letting me make out with Lucy). Jen woke up fairly quickly when my fingers pushed between her lips and I locked my mouth onto one of her nips.

It was another fairly forceful and passionate session – Jen certainly got the message that something had happened downstairs, but it was only after I had fingered her to orgasm and then ate her until she came a second time. Jen was now properly awake (if a little winded) and as I fished around in the drawer, I told her that I would describe what had happened. I ended up deciding on using the rabbit and applied a small amount of tingle gel to it, before climbing back onto the bed. I sat facing Jen, spread my legs, pushed the vibe into me and turned it on. I told Jen what had happened while enjoying the feeling of the vibe churning up my pussy and stimulating my clit. Jen seemed surprised that I’d got so far with Lucy (or surprised that having got so far, we hadn’t gone further) and as I got closer to cumming, I got her to sit in front of me and hold the vibe in place while I kissed her. I came quite hard and after the vibe had been removed, we curled up together, me behind Jen and talked for a while.

Even though we had talked many times about doing things with other people (Mike doesn’t count in this case), this was the first time that either of us had really done anything with someone else without the other person present (I also don’t count the times when Jen has got me to kiss Jules or have other people play with me). I know that there can be a big difference between the idea of something happening and it actually happening and I wanted to make sure that Jen knew that as much as I had enjoyed kissing Lucy, that she (Jen) was my girlfriend and was the one I loved. Jen assured me that it was fine and that we had agreed to the rules. I asked her if she still liked the idea of having a threesome with Lucy and she told me that she wouldn’t be opposed to it if the chance arose. While we talked, I was teasing Jen’s nipples and had managed to get them nice and hard again. I knew that she was tired, but as an additional ‘thank you’, I described to her how a number of people could do things to her simultaneously – Vicky and Lis sucking her nipples, Lucy between her legs and Mel and Jules taking turns kneeling over her face for her to eat them.

I mixed up the fantasy so Jen had a chance to play with Vicky’s breasts and different people ate her and while describing all this to her, I slowly stroked her pussy. It didn’t take much to convince her that she could cum a third time, but I made sure that it didn’t happen quickly. I kept Jen close to cumming for quite a while and she was panting and moaning while she pushed against my hand and tried to cum. I made my descriptions more and more explicit and described how each girl in the fantasy would take turns playing with different parts of her and then lower their own dripping cunts onto her mouth. I alternated my descriptions with telling her how much I loved her and only let her cum once she had got to the stage of begging for release. As soon as Jen had finished cumming I slid down and pushed my head between her legs so I could kitty kiss her (and taste her – I wasn’t being entirely selfish). I felt incredibly turned on (mostly from the fantasy scene I had been creating for Jen) but decided that as much as I wanted to cum, it would somewhat spoil things if I then asked her to play with me. I considered masturbating but in the end, just curled up behind her again and kissed her neck (and maybe fondled her breasts) while she drifted off to sleep.

All through this, Jen hadn’t noticed that I had left the door ajar – not completely open, but enough that at least a part of my side of the bed was visible from the hallway (and certainly enough to let out the noise that we had been making). I could just see that Lucy’s door was closed and had no idea if she had heard us while playing with herself (or even if she had played with herself or just fallen asleep). I rolled away from Jen and lay with my legs spread, still debating whether I should make myself cum before going to sleep, but decided to just go and pee and then curl up with Jen again for the night.

Jen had a bit of a hangover the next morning, but Lucy and I weren’t too bad. We didn’t get up until quite late and I let Jen stay in bed while I made breakfast for her. Lucy joined me downstairs and I was initially nervous about how things would be between us (okay, so we hadn’t had sex, but it had been a pretty intense make-out session). It was a little awkward at first and I told her I was sorry if I’d gone too far but she said that it was fine and had helped stop her from being upset about Ramona (which wouldn’t have been a good way to remember her 21st). I told her that I had enjoyed the evening (leaving the kissing bit implied) and that I hoped she’d had fun when she went to her room. Lucy blushed a bit when I said this, but told me that she was quite sure that Jen and I had enjoyed ourselves as she had heard us. I wondered what she would have thought if I’d told her about the fantasy situation I’d constructed for Jen that had included Lucy (I had only really been whispering that part so I knew she hadn’t heard it over Jen’s moans).

I tried to stop eyeing her up (Lucy in a nighdress is kind of like Jen in a swimsuit) and asked if she had heard anything from Ramona (I am actually her friend and want her to be happy) and she said that she had texted her but hadn’t heard anything back yet. I told her to be patient and we headed up to Jen’s room with breakfast. Jen had dozed off again but woke up when I pulled the curtains back. She noticed that Lucy was with me and pulled the covers over herself (her bottom half had been covered but her breasts had been exposed) and I told her not to be such a prude (I was naked and had been the whole time downstairs). Jen sat up and Lucy and I sat on the bed to eat. I sat in a cross legged position so I was nicely exposed and we chatted while Jen used coffee and OJ to help clear her hangover.

We let Lucy head down to shower first and I asked Jen if she was ready to do anything yet (it was quite late in the morning and I still hadn’t cum). She said that she was up for doing something gentle so we ended up lying beside each other (top to tail) and rubbing and fingering to get one another off. I couldn’t resist a bit of kitty kissing afterwards, but I didn’t make Jen do anything to me and just gently enjoyed her pussy. Lucy had returned to her room by the time we had finished so we went down to shower. We spent a while washing each other down – I love the feeling of her soapy body under my hands (even when we aren’t doing anything other than washing). Jen felt a bit more refreshed after this and we headed up to get dressed for the day.

I wasn’t surprised when Jen gave me an incredibly short skirt to wear (shorter than usual and not one that I could go outside in). She decided that she liked it though and told me to bend over so that she could service me properly. I did as instructed and bent over the desk in front of the window. Jen pulled out the strap on, stood behind me, pulled my cheeks apart and pushed into me. It had been three weeks since Mike had last fucked me and while I had used vibes, the feeling is somewhat different, but the strap on feels a lot more like the real think. Jen spent a while giving my cunt a good churning and while we were fucking, Lucy’s friend came walking up the street to the house. He couldn’t see us as Jen has a net curtain and the light was off, but we heard him come knock, come in and go into the living room with Lucy. Jen pumped into me even faster and told me to rub my clit. I did as I was told and she pushed into me faster and harder. You don’t get the same sound of skin slapping against skin, so we didn’t make as much sound as we would have if it had been Mike in Jen’s place – I continued to rub my clit and quietly moaned as I got closer to cumming (Jen’s door was wide open so I didn’t know how well any noise would travel downstairs).

I was quite close to cumming when Jen pulled out of me, told me to stop touching myself and pulled a pair of panties out of the drawer (fairly heavily patterned lace ones). I had to put them on and head downstairs while Jen put her skirt on. I hadn’t been right on the brink of cumming, but I had been pretty close and really wanted to finish things off. I went and joined Lucy and her friend (who seemed quite happy to see me). I hadn’t checked in the mirror what my outfit looked like, but I knew that the dress barely covered my panties when I was standing up so I also knew that when I sat down they would be properly visible. I had heard on the way down that he knew about the situation with Ramona and had come over to check that Lucy was okay. I think that my panties had somewhat distracted him though as the conversation sort of tailed off. Jen joined us and we chatted for a while. Jen’s hand made it onto my thigh and she gently pulled on it so my legs parted slightly. He was trying to get Lucy to go out for lunch with him, but she said that she wanted to stay in so after a bit longer, he headed off (but he did check when I was coming back).

When he had gone, I had a chance to look at my outfit and was surprised to see that the panties were a bit more revealing than I had thought. I knew that he had a view straight up to my crotch but on closer examination, I realised that he would have easily been able to make out the little patch of dark hair on my mons (but probably nothing more). I was rather surprised that there wasn’t a wet patch on my panties as I was still quite horny from Jen’s interrupted fucking and had been enjoying my little display. Jen seemed to read my mind and her fingers went straight to my panties and pushed the material between my lips. She alternated between rubbing my clit (through the panties) and pushing the crotch right into my cunt. Jen had been doing this to me while Lucy and friend had been at the front door saying goodbye and if he had peered in the front window, he would have seen what was happening (but he didn’t). Lucy did though when she returned and just shook her head in dismay. I tried to point out that it wasn’t really my fault, but I think my argument was somewhat weakened by me sliding down on the sofa and spreading my legs to allow Jen better access.

Jen started talking to Lucy about random things, but didn’t stop her assault on my pussy. I was already getting close to cumming and had no idea if Jen would leave me hanging again or get me off, so I just enjoyed what she was doing and ignored everything else. She wasn’t mean this time though and concentrated on rubbing my clit (still through the panties – which now felt rather damp). I let out a series of ‘oh fuck’s and kept telling her I was going to cum and then pushed myself forwards against her fingers when my orgasm hit. It was definitely an ‘unnnggghhhh’ kind of orgasm (which I said fairly loudly) and then panted through the remainder of it. When I had finished, Jen pushed her fingers under the crotch and into my pussy before withdrawing them and pushing them into my mouth so I could taste myself. I was aware that Lucy was still watching me but I was encouraged by our session the previous night and wanted to continue to desensitise her to these sort of things in the hope that I would get to see her cum (or get to make her cum).

It wasn’t long before we had to head off to the airport so we had something to eat and then went up to change into something more suitable for travelling. Jen asked me to leave my panties so that she could sleep with them beside her and I told her that it was only fair I got a pair of hers in return. I removed my panties and Jen pushed them most of the way into my pussy. They remained there while she sat on the bed and I knelt in front of her to eat her. I didn’t lick inside her at all and just concentrated on her clit. When she had cum, I pushed a pair of her panties into her and left them there for a couple of minutes while she pulled my pair out of me. They were quite wet and in anticipation of the pair from Jen, I went to get a bag to put them in. When I returned, Jen pulled them out and bagged them for me and I put on one of my usual skirts.

We headed to the airport and had our customary goodbye fondle (under long coats). I got frisked at security but not too high up under my skirt. The flight was quiet enough that I managed to have a little play with myself, but not for long enough to actually cum. I made up for this when I got home though – I called Mike and told him about the weekend while kneeling on the bed playing with myself and getting Jen’s scent of her panties. Mike enjoyed hearing about it all as well and said that he came a fair amount to the image of Pavlina and I kissing and rolling around. I promised him that he would get to meet Lucy someday and he said that there were already plans for that (but didn’t tell me what they were).

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