Sunday, 24 July 2011

March 2011 Sex Party - Part 1/4

We’re up to mid-March now and the end of term sex party. I got down to York quite late that night so missed going out with friends. Mike met me at the station and I was quite tired, but this didn’t stop us from taking advantage of the dark alleys on the way home to have a little play. It was actually a bit more than a little play this time and we kissed while Mike pressed me up against the wall, pushed his hand under my skirt and gave my clit a really good rubbing. I wasn’t being entirely passive and started off by rubbing him through his jeans, then unzipping them and pushing my hand into his shorts so I could wrap my hand around his cock and rub him properly.

We carried on like this for a few minutes until Mike said that if I continued, he would end up cumming. Of course, this just encouraged me to pull his cock free of his jeans so I could rub him even faster. He said if that was what I wanted, then that was what I would get and he lifted one of my legs, pushed his cock under my skirt and after a couple of stabs in the dark (literally) he pushed into me. We often use this particular alleyway to fool around in as it is usually quiet (and dark), but other people do come along from time to time so I asked if we were going to do things properly and Mike just pushed forwards and buried the length of his cock inside me as a reply. I pulled myself against him and said that (as always) I was willing, but he had to show me he was serious. He started to pump in and out of me and we kissed messily. He suggested that I turn around so he could rub my clit at the same time (as exciting as it was, I knew that I probably wasn’t getting enough direct stimulation to cum), but I told him that I wanted him to cum in me first in case we got interrupted.

Mike always prefers it when I’m going to cum as well, but he doesn’t mind just cumming inside me occasionally and I continued to encourage him by telling him how good his cock felt moving inside me. It didn’t take him long before me moaned and thrust hard into me a few times. He stayed still for a while, then pulled out and his cum immediately started to drip out down my leg. I told him to finger me while I was still dripping and he pushed a couple of fingers into me and finger fucked me. He let my leg down and cupped my ass with his other hand. He alternated between fingering and rubbing my clit and occasionally stopped to smear his cum over the area (I was leaking onto his hand). I loved the way it felt and urged him to keep going (which he did) and I managed to keep myself fairly quiet while I came (but I wasn’t silent).

Mike wiped his hand on my thighs, but they were covered in his cum already so he ended up using my skirt to dry his hand on. My legs felt a little shaky so we waited for a minute before heading home but then went straight there. Once indoors I examined the mess we had made. There were still streaks of cum on my legs and I pulled my skirt off to have a look at my pussy. I had shaved (thoroughly) that morning in the shower, so I knew that my lips were completely bald and Mike said that I was seducing him and it wasn’t fair. He wiped me clean with my skirt and knelt in front of me. I spread my legs and he pushed his face into my pussy and went to work on me. Apparently most of his cum had run out of me (or he just didn’t care) as he ate me with a passion. I ended up back against the wall (for the second time that night) with a leg over his shoulder and his tongue pushed into me and flicking over my clit. I came again and Mike did his version of kitty kissing to gently bring me down.

I took a seat on the sofa to relax and Mike helped to pull off the remainder of my clothes before stripping off his own. He stood in front of me and asked me to suck him, so I wrapped my hand around the shaft of his cock and gently stroked it while I took the head in my mouth and gave it a good suck. Mike said he wanted to fuck my mouth, so I positioned my hand halfway down the shaft and let him guide my head back and forth. Mike was obviously enjoying my mouth, but he said that he wanted to finish off inside me and that we should head upstairs to do things in comfort. Even when he had suggested this, he didn’t stop fucking my mouth and it was only when he got close to cumming that he pulled out and led me upstairs.

We got ready for bed first – I took off makeup and Mike did his teeth. He stood behind me while this was happening and rubbed up against my ass (I might have rubbed back). When I bent forwards to pick up my toothbrush, he slid back into my pussy. I expected him to fuck me there and then, but he just stayed in me and said we should finish getting ready. While brushing, I squeezed myself around him and he moved in me a bit and used a hand to fondle my breasts. Once he had finished with his teeth, he changed the head on the brush to one of the soft heads and put it on my clit. It felt really good, but made it somewhat difficult to concentrate on brushing my own teeth, but I managed to finish up and started to rock back and forth against him until we had a good fucking rhythm going. I was surprised that I was so turned on again so quickly but didn’t really question it. Mike pulled out of me and said it was time for bed and we quickly went into the bedroom to carry on.

He asked me to go on top and I mounted his cock and pumped up and down on it while he rubbed my clit. I was getting close to cumming again and told him to hurry up, so he pulled me down on top of him and started to piston in and out of me while one if his fingers pressed into my ass. This was all I needed and I told him that I couldn’t hold back much longer but he said that he was nearly there as well. He told me to cum and I concentrated on what he was doing to me and allowed my orgasm to burst out and pulse through my body. Mike continued to pump into me, over and over while my orgasm went on and only when I had completely finished did he push into me and stay still while me moaned that he was cumming. He didn’t ejaculate as much this time, but I still felt quite moist as we chatted and went to sleep.

I had to get up to pee in the middle of the night (I must be getting old) and gave my pussy a quick clean (nothing too thorough, just trying to remove Mike’s cum). When I returned to bed, I told him what I had done and that I was ready for him to eat me in the morning. He asked if I wanted him to eat me straight away but I was still quite tired (it was about 2am) and I told him that I needed sleep. This didn’t stop him pressing up behind me and I wiggled my ass against him until his cock stiffened. I reminded him that I had just got rid of his cum so he didn’t have to eat it and he said that he wouldn’t cum again, but pushed into me and we spooned while we went back to sleep. In this situation, I would have usually started moving and teasing him until we did end up fucking, but I’d had a long day and wanted to have energy for the following night.

As I had hoped, I woke up with Mike between my legs, gently licking me. I spread my legs wider to let him know I was awake and he took his time and slowly licked and nibbled the whole way round my pussy, then in-between my lips and finally spending more time on my clit. We probably spent about half an hour doing this before I finally came and when he moved up to kiss me, he slid straight into me. I wasn’t ready to cum again just yet, but he said that he didn’t want to cum anyway so he could save it for the party. We kissed for a little bit and as my pussy recovered, I started to flex myself around him.

I’ve spent quite a few months practicing this when I’m by myself. Obviously I can’t get any feedback from the dildos or vibes I’ve been squeezing, but I occasionally push my fingers into myself and squeeze and I’m fairly confident that I’m getting quite a bit stronger. Mike sort of notices the difference as we only see each other every couple of weeks, but I know I’m definitely able to apply a lot more pressure than I could six months ago. I can’t do any of the fancy effects like sending waves of compression rippling through my pussy that I read about in erotica (but I’m not sure if anyone can actually do those things outside of stories), but I can do enough for long enough that it affects him. At first, he just pushed deep into me and kept still so he could enjoy the sensation, but despite him saying that he was going to wait until later to cum, my contractions encouraged him to start moving. Once he was moving in me, the contractions had much less of an effect so I stopped and concentrated on pushing back against him. I could feel him sliding the whole way into me but he slowed his movements before he got too carried away and just pressed hard into me while we kissed deeply.

I squeezed my cunt around him again and he said that if felt really good, but he wanted to have lots of cum for later so I reluctantly let him go while pouting and saying he was no fun. He took umbrage at this and pulled my legs over his shoulders and lifted up my ass to his face (he had been kneeling between my legs after having pulled out of me. With a bit of jostling, he got my pussy to his mouth – my head and shoulders were still on the bed, but my body was at about a 45 degree angle, but he held me in place and ate me in a ferocious way. My legs were bent over his shoulders and my heels pressing against his back to help keep me in place. He mostly concentrated on my clit and it was quite an intense session, but it didn’t last too long (I’d been enjoying the squeezing and fucking as well) and when I came, I could feel it in my pussy as well as feeling a swirling sensation in my head (the position let more blood flow to my head).

As soon as I had finished cumming, he threw my legs back down onto the bed and asked if I still thought he was no fun. Before I could answer, he pushed his cock back into me and started to fuck me while he kissed me. His face was wet with my juices and I was still winded from my orgasm. My pussy still felt very sensitive (it had been quite a strong cum) and Mike was plowing his cock deep into me over and over, but I didn’t really have the strength to resist. I didn’t think he would be able to keep going for too long (he may be good at holding back, but he was moving hard and fast) so I just waited for him to cum. He stopped moving and just stayed pressed into me and I asked him if he had cum. He said he hadn’t, but was quite close and was just enjoying the feeling. I admired his restraint and considered trying to squeeze around him again, but I didn’t think I had the energy (and I certainly didn’t have the energy to endure another tongue lashing or fucking) so I did nothing.

We ended up falling asleep again until hunger woke us up and we headed down for breakfast. As I have become used to on the day of a sex party, Mike teased me and got me close to cumming a couple of times, but then stopped and left me hanging. We decided to head out into town to get some new underwear for the party (for me, not Mike) and I called round a few people to see if anyone wanted to meet up. We headed in to town and after a bit of hunting, I found what I was looking for. It was a fairly elegant white lace push up bra and matching panties. Unfortunately the panties had a solid crotch panel, but the rest of the material was fine enough that my little patch of pubic hair would be visible – and I didn’t intend to keep them on for the whole night anyway.

We met up with people for coffee – Vicky was there but Lis had to get some work done so couldn’t make it. I made a bit of a blunder by telling Vicky to make sure that Lis came along for brunch on the Sunday – she gave me a look to shut up and I realised that it might sound suspicious that she was responsible for what Lis would do, but I don’t think anyone else thought anything about it. I ended up showing her my new purchases and we had a conversation about the difficulties of buying nice bras for larger cup sizes (she is generally a cup size above me). Cindy joined in the conversation (she is a B cup) and said that it’s not always easier to get nice bras even in normal/smaller sizes (let alone getting ones that fit properly and feel good). It was obvious that my new bra wasn’t designed for comfort, but to give as much cleavage as possible and leave as much exposed as possible. I told them that it was for a special occasion but didn’t elaborate on what that occasion was (I’m sure Vicky wouldn’t have been shocked, and Cindy would have probably only been surprised, but it’s hard to shock her, if I’d said ‘it’s so we can go and spend the evening fucking with a group of people’ – but some of my friends are a bit more ‘delicate’ and Jo and Valerie might not have responded as positively).

Mike and the lads went off home and the girls and I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the shops and I tried a few things on. In one of the changing rooms, I went in with Jo (to different cubicles) and we talked while trying items on. Well, Jo was trying things on but I removed my skirt and played with myself while talking to her. I knew I wasn’t going to cum, but it was still nice to be doing things while so close to her (even if there was a wall between us). She chose a nice summer dress (being rather optimistic given the weather) and after a bit more wandering, I headed home. Mike had been put in charge of dinner and had just picked up a meal deal. We had dinner (with more teasing) and then started the job of getting ready for the night. We showered (even more teasing) and Mike gave my pussy a quick going over with the razor (I was still smooth) before giving his pubic hair a trim so it was very short. It took a while to do around his balls, but by the time he had finished, he looked nearly bald (the hair wasn’t quite short enough to be prickly, but short enough to not be that visible).

I spent a while straightening my hair until it was nice and glossy (this took a while, but is occasionally worth the effort). I know that I said previously that I thought I was getting a bit old to pull off the schoolgirl look (at least in public anyway – I don’t intend to give it up when in private just yet), but I had decided that if there was anywhere I could get away with it, it was at these parties. I put my new underwear on and between us, we examined what it covered and what it exposed. The bra did a really good job of pushing my breasts up, but the material covered a bit more than I had hoped. With a bit of tweaking I could just about get the tops of my nipples exposed, but not as much as the bra I’d worn at Jen’s place. The panties looked quite cute though and Mike stood behind me, pushed his cock between my legs and rubbed back and forth while he played with my (apparently) larger than usual breasts. He said that he was pretty much ready to burst so didn’t want to play for too long in case he got carried away and we finished getting dressed. I had decided to go all the way with my outfit, and put on a white gym shirt with three buttons, one of my red pleated tartan skirts and long white socks. I completed the look by putting my hair up in bunches and when I presented myself to Mike, he decided that maybe having another little play might be a good idea.

He quickly freed his cock from his jeans and we kissed while he rubbed it against my panties. I was fairly horny myself from the teasing during the day (and my general nature) and when mike pulled the crotch of my panties aside, I eagerly helped him to slide into me. I ended up with my back against the wardrobe and he fucked me while his hands moved under my top and played with my breasts. The material of the panties was stretched tight and felt good as Mike moved – he said that if we carried on any longer he would end up cumming and he really wanted to save his first load until the party so he slowed down and asked if I wanted to cum before we left. I thought that I would show solidarity with him and said I would wait as well so we could enjoy things properly. I gently licked his cock clean (without trying to stimulate it too much more) and we set off on a slow walk to the party (which was in a different house this time).

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