Wednesday, 27 July 2011

March 2011 Sex Party - Part 2/4

We were heading to a part of town we didn’t know too well and on the way, decided to stop off in a pub for a drink. I was perfectly aware how I looked and that was pretty much the point of going to a public place like that. I certainly got a number of looks and a group of lads kept pointing at me so I made sure that I sat on a stool located to give them a decent view up my skirt. We didn’t spend long in the pub as we were both eager to get to the party and get things started. After going the wrong way, we bumped into someone else going there and they guided us to the right house.

This was a much bigger house than the one we usually use. Only a couple of the occupants attend the parties, but the others were all away for the weekend, so we had decided to take over the house and utilise the space. Things had already started when we arrived and there was a girl sucking a guy off in the living room while people watched. I stripped off my coat and stood in front of Mike while we watched the display. Mike pressed up behind me and I could feel his cock hardening against my ass. Someone else suggested that the guy play with the girl and he leant forwards and reached over to fondle her ass. He couldn’t do very much given the position he was in, so her boyfriend valiantly pulled the girls panties down so the guy could stroke her ass properly and just about rub her pussy. Her skirt kept getting in the way so the guy asked someone to remove it – she started to object to this, but he held her head on his cock and once the skirt had been unzipped, she used a hand to help slide it down her legs. We now had a nice view of her ass and pussy lips (although her legs were still together) and the guy fondled her a bit, but soon stopped as he was getting close to cumming. The girl used her hand and pumped up and down his cock while keeping her mouth on the end and the guy pushed her head down onto his cock when he let out a moan (and presumably came).

The guy went to dispose of the condom and the girl stood up and went to pull up her skirt, but her boyfriend intervened and convinced her to keep it off. He helped to convince her by rubbing her clit and she ended up agreeing to keep the skirt off and just put her panties on. Mike had continued to press against me while we had been watching all this and one of his hands had found its way under my skirt and into my panties while the other was under my top and playing with my breasts. I leant my head back to kiss him and asked if he thought he could wait just a little longer before cumming as I wanted to try something. He knew what I had in mind as we obviously discuss what we want to do and what we are happy with each other doing (Jen is also involved in these conversations as I wouldn’t do anything unless she was also happy with me doing it).

I pulled my top off and stepped out of my shoes (I really don’t understand why women wear heels in some porn movies) and asked if anyone wanted me to suck them off. I had a taker straight away, but my plan was for a bit more than this. As soon as he had rubbered up, I knelt in front of him and started to suck and rub his cock. There was only one other couple doing things, so I had a number of people watching and asked if anyone else wanted a hand (indicating that I wanted to wank them at the same time). Someone else stepped forwards for this and I said that I wanted him to cum over me. I asked the guy I was sucking off if he could cum on me as well and he said that he would. I resumed sucking and did the best I could to rub the second guy at the same time. This isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies, but I took turns at who I was concentrating on and asked if anyone else wanted to cum on me at the same time.

Ideally I would have loved to be surrounded by guys to cum over me, but I ended up having to be satisfied with just the two I had. A couple of times I nearly ended up sucking off the wrong guy (the one without a condom on), but caught myself and just got a close up look of his cock as I wanked him. The guy I had been sucking said that he was getting close to cumming so I gave him another quick suck and pulled the condom off. It was a bit easier now to use a hand on each cock and rub them at the same pace. They asked me to go faster so I did and made sure that I knelt up so that they were aimed a bit below my face. Blowjob guy came first and his cum splattered out over my upper chest and breasts. He took over and squeezed out a few extra dribbles of cum that landed on my legs and I moved over to concentrate on my second sperm donor.

I now had both hands free and used one on the shaft and the other on his balls. I could feel the first lot of cum dripping down through my bra and over my stomach and it was wonderful knowing that another load was about to land on me. I rubbed the head of the cock around one of my cheeks, then under my chin and onto the other cheek. The guy said he was getting close to cumming so I aimed his cock right at my neck and looked straight up at him with a pouty look and told him to give me all of his cum. I continued to rub and squeeze his cock and felt his cum squirt onto my skin and run down my chest. It felt like he had emptied a fair amount over me and I was glad that my plan of doing this early in the evening before the guys had already cum had worked out. The guy took his cock and squeezed out a few more drops onto my breasts and legs and I looked down to see that my front was streaked with their combined cum – it had pooled between my breasts, but was slowly leaking out from the bottom of my bra and my skirt and thighs were covered in drops of the stuff.

I thanked them, stood up and went to clean off. I ended up removing my bra so I could wipe my breasts clean but decided to leave my cum-stained skirt on for a while. We grabbed a drink and chatted while we watched another couple make out (mostly just kissing and fondling). Mike and I were now really ready to cum and so I went to find bi-girl to see if she would participate in something we had planned. Once I’d explained what Mike wanted, she was more than willing to join us and we headed up to one of the bedrooms. Mike doesn’t really get to see Jen and I doing things properly (he’s seen us make each other cum but still hasn’t seen anything actually penetrate her), so I had suggested a make out session that he could watch properly. Jen was fine with this as long as we just used fingers and didn’t go down on each other (and she knows that it’s just sex and we’re not going to fall in love with anyone).

Bi-girl and I lay on the bed and started kissing. With her help, I quickly removed most of her clothes along with my skirt and panties and our hands roamed over each other’s bodies. It felt quite strange being with her, but once her fingers found my pussy I was sort of distracted. I slid a couple of fingers into her and marvelled at how different her pussy felt (only the fourth one I’ve had fingers in). Her clit was easy enough to find (although apparently it is more sensitive than mine or Jen’s as she didn’t like it being touched too much). We figured out how to enjoy each other though and got stuck in to the job at hand.

She seemed to enjoy kissing and licking my breasts so after a while, I did the same thing back to her. Mike watched us closely and later said that he really enjoyed watching us fingering each other. We had discussed how he wanted to cum during this session and I had left it up to him whether he wanted to fuck me or cum over us. It was obvious that we were getting closer to cumming and I saw him pull his cock free and start to rub himself. I assumed that he was going to cum over us and I told bi-girl that I wanted to cum and to rub me quickly. She did as I asked and I started to pump my fingers in and out of her (she seemed to like this). Mike joined us up on the bed and knelt between my spread legs (bi-girl was on her side beside me). We kissed messily and I moaned as my orgasm steadily built up. I couldn’t quite find the right movements to get bi-girl off quickly enough, but I kept at it and she didn’t seem to be complaining about what I was doing.

I moaned that I was about to cum and she pushed her fingers deep into me and fucked me pretty hard with them. We broke our kiss and I let anyone near know how much I was enjoying things. As soon as my orgasm started to fade, I tried using the same hard finger-fucking on bi-girl (who was still fingering me) and this seemed to get us somewhere. Mike said he was about to cum as well and I then felt his cum splatter over my body. I looked up and saw that some had landed on bi-girl as well (only her arm and back) and I guessed from the sounds that she was making that I was getting close to making her cum. Not knowing what else she liked, I just carried on doing what I was doing and she was soon panting away and cumming on my hand.

Her orgasm didn’t seem to last too long and when it finished, she kissed me again and rubbed Mike’s cum over my body. She didn’t seem to care that he had also cum over her and just wiped herself clean when she got up before getting (partially) dressed again. I used my panties to clean up a bit of the cum on me and pulled my skirt back on. Mike seemed a lot more settled after having cum but his hand still wandered under my skirt and pulled me to him so he could fondle me properly. Mike was sitting on the edge of the bed and he pulled me over so I was standing with my legs on either side of his. He guided me down so I landed on his cock (second attempt) and then pulled me down so he pushed into me.

I hadn’t expected him to be ready so quickly but I was soon bouncing up and down on his cock. Mike described how hot he had found it to watch me fingering and being fingered, seeing two cunts being attacked at the same time and cumming over us. I ended up dismounting and remounting him the other way around so that he could rub my clit and make me cum again. I tried to keep riding him so that he could cum, but I had to stop and rest as it felt too intense. I told him that I would be ready in a little while but he said that it was fine and he wasn’t quite ready to cum again anyway (he had just been so turned on by the display that he hadn’t been quite ready to stop either).

I dismounted and gave his cock a quick suck clean (which didn’t make it any easier to get it back into his jeans) and we had a look in some of the other rooms to see what was going on. We saw a girl being done by two guys (another of my fantasies) and Mike reached under my skirt again and gently rubbed my cunt and ass to simulate what was going on in front of us. They started off being fairly gentle – one guy was on his back with his cock buried in the girls pussy and the other guy was up behind her fucking her ass. The girl seemed to find it quite stimulating and kept asking them to go deeper into her (which they seemed quite happy to do). As things got more heated, they started to move faster and the guy in the girl’s ass came first. She wanted him to stay inside her, but he said it felt too strong and had to pull out (Mike assures me that this was quite reasonable) and he left the other two of them to finish off together. The girl could now move much more easily and she started to energetically ride the remaining guy. He fucked her back just as energetically and after saying something to him (which I *think* was ‘don’t you dare cum before I do’), she sat up and played with herself and came. The guy kept pounding into her until he came and she quickly rolled off him and they lay beside each other while they recovered. This gave a wonderful view of his still hard cock, shining with her juices and we watched as it slowly deflated and he pulled the condom off.

We went back downstairs and danced for a while (naked dancing with large breasts isn’t that comfortable) but Mike stayed to play with me so we migrated to one of the sofas. We started off with him just fingering me and me wanking him but he then said that he wanted to eat me before he came in me, so he knelt down on the floor, pulled my legs apart and went down on me. We were the only ones downstairs doing things at that point so a couple of people watched as Mike lapped away at my cunt. I had no idea if he was going to make me cum or just tease me and then fuck me so I just lay back and enjoyed the sensation. He got me quite close to cumming and then stopped. Just when I thought he was going to slide his cock into me, I felt something cold and looked down to see him push the neck of a beer bottle into me. It felt quite cold, but also rather exciting and so I helped by pulling my lips open and spreading my legs wide.

He started off slowly, working a little more of the neck into me with each stroke until I could feel the body of the bottle pressed up against my pussy. He asked me if I wanted to cum and I told him that was a stupid question, so he increased the speed and started to fuck me properly with the bottle. For some reason, it felt really naughty (and I like naughty) so I decided that I may as well help things along and used a single finger to rub my clit. I came very quickly once I started to do this and as soon as I stopped cumming, Mike pulled the bottle out of me and fastened his mouth to my pussy again. He ate me ferociously – licking both inside me and on my clit. I felt very sensitive and didn’t think I could cum again, but he held onto me, kept going and I soon felt another orgasm quickly beginning to build. Mike didn’t break contact with my pussy and my orgasm quickly exploded out of me. I apparently made quite a few squealing noises as I came and by the time I had finished, there were more people watching us.

Mike wiped his face clean on the inside of my skirt (the outside still had cum from my previous exploits on it). He says that he considered pulling his cock out and fucking me straight away, but he wanted me to cum while he was inside me and he guessed (correctly) that I probably wouldn’t have been able to cum again quite so soon. I sat where I was to rest for a bit as my legs felt quite weak. Mike moved up to sit beside me and we chatted for a while (between ourselves and with others). He dived down between my legs a couple of times to give me a quick lick, but only briefly each time. Once I had regained full control of my legs, we got up and went to get a drink and see who else was in the process of cumming.

We found bi-girl up in one of the bedrooms with her face buried between another girl’s legs while a guy fucked her. Mike found this quite arousing and rubbed up against me but I wasn’t quite ready to cum just yet so had to tell him to calm down and wait a little while - not that this stopped his hands from going to my pussy and breasts and fondling me. He was fairly gentle though it’s not as if he hasn’t had lots of practice at getting me in the mood) and while we continued to watch bi-girl be fucked and the other girl get closer to cumming, I knew that I would be ready to do more soon enough.

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