Saturday, 30 July 2011

March 2011 Sex Party - Part 3/4

Mike could tell this too and I felt him unbutton his jeans and his bare cock rub against my ass. He just rubbed between the cheeks at first and then pushed his cock between my legs so he could rub it against my now wet pussy. He partially slipped into me a couple of times, but pulled back out and kept just sliding his cock along the length of my slit until I was good and ready. The group on the bed were nearing completion so nobody was paying any attention to us as Mike slipped inside me. His cock felt so much better than the bottle and I pushed back against him so he could get into me properly.

The girl being eaten started to cum to a round of cheers and Mike slid in and out of my pussy while spreading my ass cheeks. I held on to a desk for balance and we watched as the guy and bi-girl came (pretty close together). When they moved away we had a good view of the girl on the bed as she still had her legs spread. Her pussy was quite hairy – and I know that many people like that, but I really don’t understand how it is nice to go down on someone really hairy (admittedly bi-girl had been using a dental-dam so she was probably mostly protected from it). The girl on the bed seemed quite out of it and bi-girl used a couple of fingers to fuck her with again. She didn’t make the girl cum, but kept this up for a minute or so before wiping her hand clean and straightening up the few bits of clothing she had left on.

It had been a nice display and I’d also got a fairly good view of the guys cock when he had pulled out of bi-girl (but Mike wasn’t as interested in that). Mike had started to rub my clit during the show and I now knew that I was definitely ready to cum again. Mike fucked me faster and I could feel my breasts swinging back and forth with each pump. A few people had stayed to watch us and I told Mike to empty himself inside me. He strummed his fingers over my clit and I came but he hadn’t finished yet and kept pumping into me over and over until he pushed deep into me and I knew he was cumming. He pushed into me a few more times before pulling out and moving over to sit down on the bed. I felt a little of his cum trickle out and run down one leg.

Mike seemed quite winded and when I went to sit beside him he said that he’d had two pretty strong orgasms and wasn’t sure he could do much more. I wasn’t too bothered by this as I’d cum four times already and felt pretty satisfied myself. I gave him a gentle stroke and we headed back downstairs to relax for a bit and just enjoy the atmosphere. There wasn’t anywhere free to sit as one couple were using the sofa to fuck and on one of the chairs, a guy was being sucked off. We stood and watched for a while then went into the kitchen to see what was happening there. Another couple were going at it – she was leaning against the counter and the guy was pounding into her from behind. Giant cock guy was there as well watching them and I noticed that he was quite interested in what was going on (the bulge was pretty prominent). I gave Mike a little nod and headed over to stand beside giant cock guy. We said hi (we’ve spoken before) and I asked if he needed a hand with anything. He asked if I wanted to fuck and I said that I wasn’t ready for that, but would be happy to blow him – which was an acceptable answer to him.

We headed upstairs so that we could be comfortable and found a free bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and undid the guy’s trousers, pulled them down and freed his cock from his shorts. It was as large as I remembered and I wrapped my hands around the shaft and started to slowly jerk him off. He took hold of his cock and aimed it at my breasts, using the head to rub my nipples with. I helped by holding my breasts up and after he had circled each nipples a few more times, I pushed forwards and caught the head between my breasts. I squeezed them together and rocked back and forth and he joined in with the motion so he was making reasonable strokes back and forth and I could feel the head of his cock bumping up against my chest. He seemed to like this so I suggested that we change positions to let him do it properly.

I lay back on the bed and let him crouch over me before I pushed my breasts around his cock. He could now slide back and forth much more and this position had the distinct advantage that his cock (slightly) bumped and rubbed against my neck. When I looked down, it was a very exhilarating view, watching his cock appearing from between my breasts and thrusting up towards my face. I’ve touched/held/rubbed & sucked a number of cocks at these parties, but this felt different somehow. I told him that I wanted to try sucking him off and after a brief interruption while he put a condom on (banana flavoured) he sat at the head of the bed, I gripped his cock in my hands and went down on him.

Despite his moniker of giant-cock guy, he isn’t freakishly large so it wasn’t difficult getting a decent amount of his cock into my mouth. I can’t do deep-throat, but I learned enough from Sue and have practiced enough on Mike that he certainly enjoyed my ministrations. He asked me to jerk him off at the same time but as I was kneeling forwards and using my arms for balance, we had to change position so I could do this. I mixed things up a bit and when he said that he was getting close to cumming, I gave him another tit-fuck. I was going to suggest that he removed his condom and continued to tit-fuck me until he came, but before I suggested that, he said that he wanted me to go back to sucking him.

I knelt on the floor in front of him and resumed the sucking and jerking that I had been doing earlier. I sucked hard, swirled my tongue around the head, flicked back and forth over it and stroked his cock and balls with my hands. He wasn’t shy about moaning and telling me how good it felt and how close he was getting to cumming. I kept going and used my tongue as fast as I could until he let out a moan and grabbed my head to hold me still. I held my head in place and gently licked around the head of his cock. The condom felt different in my mouth now and I was sure I could feel his cum squishing around inside it (and as long as it stayed inside I was fine). Only when his breathing had slowed back down did I pull away and look and my handiwork (and mouthwork) and I was pleased to see his swollen cock and a reasonable amount of cum.

I asked if he had enjoyed it and he just pointed and said that I should be able to tell that he did. A part of me wanted to turn around and slide my pussy onto his cock, but as I said earlier, we really weren’t ready for that. I did slide my hands under my skirt and start to play with myself while I watched his cock start to go soft and I reached out to fondle it again. He noticed what my hands were doing and asked if I wanted him to return the favour – I hadn’t been expecting to want to cum again, but I definitely had the familiar tingling in my pussy and so told him that I wanted him to finger me.

I lay on the bed, spread my legs and pulled my skirt up – he knelt between my legs, spread my lips and started to rub around my cunt. I noticed that his cock was now properly hard again and got him to move round and lie beside me in a 69 position (just without mouth contact). He resumed playing with my pussy while I peeled off the condom and let his cum drip out over his cock before taking it and rubbing all over it with my hands. I wiped the head against my chest a few times and used both hands to cup and rub the head. He was still a bit too sensitive for this, so I told him that I would show him a trick that a friend had taught me and gripped his cock just below the head and used my thumb to rub back and forth over the front of the head. I had to adjust my hold a couple of times (Mike had been the other way round when I did this to him), but once I had found the right spot, he really enjoyed it. I used my other hand to stroke up and down his shaft and caress his balls.

With a bit of direction, I had got him to use two fingers inside me and rub my clit with his other hand. It felt really good and I encouraged him to keep going and described everything that I could feel. I think he liked me talking dirty to him (and my descriptions were quite explicit) and I continued my one-finger (or thumb) stroking of his cock. I told him to move a bit faster and that I was about to cum and he joined in the dirty talk and told me that he wanted to watch my bald cunt as I came. As stupid as it may seem, it hadn’t really dawned on me how close up a view he was going to get, but the thought of him seeing everything in such detail was enough to send me over the edge and I came quite hard. He kept rubbing me and I tried to keep rubbing him, but didn’t manage to just use my thumb and reverted to just pumping my hands band and forth (but he didn’t complain). It wasn’t a long orgasm and I had to tell him to ease off a bit as it ended up feeling too intense, but I enjoyed it a lot.

He had also been enjoying what I had been doing to him and I asked if he wanted me to finish him off and if he thought he could cum again. He thought that he could and wanted to cum over me so I told him he could cum over my breasts and I flipped my skirt back over my pussy for some protection (not that I expected him to be able to produce a lot of cum by this point in the evening, but then again I had no idea how often or how much he could cum). He knelt up beside me and started to stroke his cock – he said that he was quite close already and that my technique had felt really good. He asked who it was that had shown me this and I just told him again that it was a ‘friend’ (I wasn’t going to tell him it was my little sister). I watched him pump his hand up and down the shaft – much more forcefully than I had been doing – and I reached over to give his balls another fondle. I cupped them in my hand and he let out a grunt and aimed his cock at my breasts. Only a small amount of cum came out, but he continued to wank himself and then squeezed his cock to get the last few drops out. I asked him to rub it in to my breasts with his cock, which he did, and I gave him another quick stroke as a thank you.

A few people had been watching us for the last part (apparently there had been another threesome in one of the other rooms at the beginning) and when it was obvious the show was over, they left us. I knew that I now definitely wouldn’t be able to cum again for a while (unless someone really teased me) and went to wash my hands off and find Mike. He was still downstairs and asked me what I had been up to, so I gave him a brief summary and he told me that he had been up to something similar. He obviously didn’t describe it in this much detail while at the party, but this is the best place to describe it...

Mike obviously knew what I had been going upstairs to do and he had wandered around and chatted to a couple of people. He ended up sitting on the sofa next to a girl and after talking for a little bit, he asked her if she was interested in doing anything. She asked what he had in mind and he moved his hand onto her leg and slid it slowly up her thigh. I’m sure he wasn’t quite as suave as he made himself sound, but he said he maintained eye contact with her and just continued to slowly slide his hand up her leg. She opened her legs a little and he took this as an invitation, so didn’t stop until his fingertips bumped against her pussy. She jumped a little and he commented on the fact that she was shaved and she asked him if he liked that (he does – as you well know) and he began to rub his fingers up and down her pussy, first around the outer lips, then up and down her slit and then pushing just ever so slightly between her lips so he could feel the soft inner skin.

She spread her legs a bit more but he just maintained the gentle teasing and guided one of her hands to his crotch. He was already hard and she rubbed him through his jeans until his fingers began to push a little deeper between her outer lips and made proper contact with her inner lips and clit. They kissed and she fumbled with his jeans to get them open and free his cock. She asked him if he wanted to fuck and he told her that he wasn’t allowed to (which is sort of true, but it was something we had agreed on, it wasn’t as if I had decided it by myself and just decreed it). The ‘rules’ (and these are actual rules that I know, not the unknown rules that mike and Jen have) at the parties are that you can do anything you want as long as it isn’t illegal and nobody is being forced to do anything), so she didn’t mind that he wasn’t going to fuck her and just started to rub his cock.

Mike’s fingers were now deep enough between her lips that he thought it was time to do things properly and slid them the whole way in. He pushed her skirt up so he could see what he was doing (or at least see a little better as it was quite dark). She had a completely shaved pussy and Mike watched his fingers pumping into her and rubbing around her lips and clit. She carried on jerking him off while they kissed and she asked him if he wanted her to suck him off but he said he wanted to just use hands (you might think this is a bit unfair as I got to suck guys off, but there was a good reason for the decision). The girl seemed fine with this as Mike was doing a pretty good job of distracting her with his fingers. He asked if he could play with her breasts and she moved back and slipped her top off before taking hold of his cock again.

Mike bent his head down and sucked, kissed and licked around her breasts and nipples. She had fairly small breasts (not Jen or Lis small, probably a B cup – or about Jo sized) that were nice and firm (another advantage of small breasts) and Mike worked quite thoroughly on her nipples with his mouth. He still had his fingers inside her and used his thumb on her clit – when he was finger fucking her, he ‘accidentally’ allowed his ring finger to bump up against her asshole a number of times – not enough to penetrate, but applying enough pressure to probably have some effect on her.

Mike says that she was rubbing a bit too fast and he had to get her to ease off a bit and he told her that he wanted to concentrate on making her cum and she was more than happy to let him do this. She was panting away and he guessed that she was quite close so he pushed his fingers into her to allow him to fully use his thumb on her clit. He went back to kissing her and pushed the knuckle of his ring finger harder against her ass – he kept rubbing her clit until she came and then slowly eased off, but kept his fingers inside her.

She had mostly carried on pumping away at is cock and as her orgasm faded, she said that it was now his turn. He told her to keep going and she changed the way she was stroking him. Each time she got her hand to the top of his cock, she swirled/twisted her hand around the head before moving back down. This felt a lot better than before and Mike moved a bit closer to her so that she could get better access. She kept doing this to him and he told her that he was getting close to cumming. He pulled his fingers out of her cunt and used his wet hand to fondle one of her breasts and leaned over to kiss her just as he came. He didn’t produce a lot of cum (it was his third orgasm of the evening), but managed to get a small amount on the underside of her breasts, her stomach, skirt and on her thighs quite near her cunt (as well as some on his jeans). She knew enough to ease off as soon as he had cum but she continued to gently stroke him and squeezed a little more out of his cock before wiping her hand clean. Mike gave her pussy another rub to say thank you and they straightened themselves up and chatted for a bit while they recovered.

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