Tuesday, 30 August 2011

April Sex Party - Part 3

Woohoo - I managed to rescue my blog entries (I *really* didn't want to have to rewrite the ones I'd already done)...

She kissed me and Mike rubbed my ass from behind. We quickly went upstairs and found a free bedroom. Bi-girl lay down on the bed and spread her legs and I rubbed my fingers u and down her pussy before pushing a couple of fingers into her and slowly fucking her. She told me to stop teasing her so I pulled out, placed a dental dam over her pussy and planted my mouth on it. Meanwhile, Mike has slid his cock into me and had started to slowly fuck me. I contracted myself around him and lapped up and down the length of bi-girl’s cunt. Even with the dental-dam, I could feel the texture of her pussy, the soft, warm skin squishing around under the pressure of my tongue and wished that I could taste her properly. Mike had started to rub my clit and I humped back against him in time with his thrusts. Mike said that he had an incredible view and bi-girl was obviously enjoying herself so I thought that we should try to make things last a little longer. I moved my head to the side so Mike could see and used my thumb to rub her clit. We had a couple of people watching us. Bi-girl is known to put on a good show – although I think I’m also getting a bit of a reputation for that – and I was determined that this would add to our reputations. Mike pushed a thumb a little way into my ass and used long strokes, pumping the whole way into my cunt. I alternated between licking and rubbing bi-girl and managed to keep her aroused for quite a while.

I was getting close to cumming by this point and told Mike to cum in me so he could help. He was quiet happy to do this and he rubbed my clit faster and pumped into me repeatedly until he came in me and I came around his cock. As soon as he had cum, he pulled out and took up position on the bed beside me. Between us, we pulled bi-girl’s legs apart further and both licked her (this isn’t actually that easy to do and was really more for show – trying to get two tongues onto one pussy means that neither of you can apply a great deal of pressure). After a bit more double teaming, we decided to take it in turns so we could really give her cunt a good lashing. When I was eating her, Mike kissed her and sucked on her breasts and I did the same when it was his turn between her legs. The whole build up really worked on her and bi-girl was more than ready to cum. When it was obvious that she was nearly there, Mike moved out of the way to let me finish off and I plated my face on her cunt and gave her everything I had left. I felt Mike pulled my pussy open and his tongue push into me (which was a bit of a surprise as he’d just cum in me, but I guess as his third cum of the night there probably hadn’t been much). He ate me just as hard as I was working on bi-girl, but she was a long way ahead of me and let out a long grunt as she pushed her cunt up in the air and held my head in place. I didn’t stop eating until she panted that she’d had enough and I then eased off but continued to kitty kiss her (maybe a little more forcefully than I usually would, but I remembered from the previous party that she seemed to like it fairly hard and she certainly didn’t complain).

When she had completely finished cumming, we moved up beside her, Mike on one side and me on the other. I couldn’t help myself from humping against her leg (Mike had done a fairly good job of eating me) and I noticed that he was still hard and sort of rubbing his cock against her other leg. We took a breast each and licked and sucked on her nipples. She tried to close her legs a couple of times, but we opened them again and took turns at toying with her pussy. We still had a few people watching us and I asked if they would like to see her cum again (which they did) so I told her that she had to keep the crowd happy. With her legs pulled apart, two sets of fingers working on her cunt and a mouth on each nipple, her exhibitionist tendencies won out over her tiredness and she let us carry on playing with her. I didn’t think it would be fair to draw things out too long, but two hands are definitely better than one in these situations and with one of us fingering her and the other toying with her clit, she reached her second orgasm much faster than her first.

I carried on humping against her leg and it was obvious that I was now turned on enough to cum again. Both Mike’s and my hands were covered in her juices so I asked if anyone wanted to finger me and someone stepped up. I lifted my ass in the air and he used a couple of fingers in me and Mike told him to rub my clit as well. I kissed bi-girl deeply while this happened and was more turned on than I thought as I came after not too long (I think knowing that I was giving the crowd such a good view of my cunt might have helped things along).

I curled up beside bi-girl and asked her if we’d done a good job and she said it had been really good and hoped I’d enjoyed it as well. I jokingly told her that we should do it again sometime and we kissed and said it was a date. I asked Mike if he wanted to do anything else (he was still hard) but he said that he thought it would be a while before he was ready (despite the erection). The three of us headed downstairs and bi-girl pointed out the ‘straight’ girl she had targeted that night. She was reasonably cute and after some encouragement from her bf, had let bi-girl eat her, but hadn’t reciprocated (which is just rude if you ask me). She apparently has quite a cute little pussy though which made up for it (I didn’t get to see this though as she had her skirt on).

There were some people still fooling around in the garden, but the lights were attracting insects so most people had headed indoors. We found giant cock guy fucking a girl and I gave him a hand by stroking the base of his cock and as she got closer to cumming, gave the girl’s clit a bit of a rub. Being so close meant that I got a good view of her cunt stretched around his cock and I was very tempted to push a couple of fingers into her when he pulled out, but she looked like she was already fucked out so I didn’t play with her any more. I let giant-cock guy rub his cock clean between my breasts as he seemed to admire them last time.

We hung around a while longer but not much else happened (other than talking). I realised that I hadn’t managed to get anyone to cum over me, but give what we had done, was quite happy with the evening. Mike had been made to cum by three different girls (including me) and had made (or helped to make) four cum, so he was also happy. As people started to leave, we gathered our things and headed home. I didn’t put my bra back on and only did up one button on my top. My legs were covered in grass stains and even when we had showered, there were still green marks all over my front.

We called Jen and told her about the evening and she reminded me that I now owed her for having agreed to all of this. I’ve actually had to censor my entries and hide all of the discussions that Mike, Jen and I have been having about things we want to do so I don’t give away any secrets of what is going to happen in future entries. I would be interested to know if you (my readers) prefer this or would like to know what we have planned (we don’t get to do everything we discuss and plan). If you have an opinion, please leave a comment.

While we talked to Jen, she had a play with herself and Mike decided that he could probably manage one further orgasm for the night. Jen was alone in the hose (Lucy was over at Ramon’s place) and Jen decided to spice things up a bit. She took the powerful vibe and went into Lucy’s room. Jen used one of Lucy’s vibes in her cunt and our strong vibe on her clit and fucked herself on Lucy’s bed. We put Jen on speakerphone and I knelt up on the bed. Mike took me from behind and did his best to fuck me even harder than the guy on the lawn had done. I alternated between moaning down the phone at Jen and playing with my clit and holding the phone beside my cunt so she could hear Mike’s body slapping against my ass as he fucked me. Jen did a good job of making lots of noise as she came and we carried on fucking for a few minutes before I came and Mike finally came in me (although whether he had much cum left by this point was doubtful). Jen hid Lucy’s vibe back in the drawer before heading back into her own room and we said goodnight and went to sleep (Mike didn’t stay hard so couldn’t fall asleep inside me).

The following morning, my pussy felt a little sore so instead of Mike eating and then fucking me, he ate me and fucked my ass (which he was quite happy to do). He then spent quite a while gently rubbing and kissing my pussy until I couldn’t take it anymore and begged him to make me cum again. He told me that if I couldn’t hold back, I could make myself cum, but it would be interesting to head off to brunch with me so aroused. I told him he was being mean, but I’ve been practicing my self control and so told him I would resist whatever he did. We showered again and he teased me a bit more and just before we headed out the door, he bent me over the sofa and gave my pussy and ass another really good licking. I couldn’t hold back from moaning and Mike encouraged me to resist cumming (which I managed). He was very hard and to get my own back, I knelt in front of him and gave his cock a suck before plonking myself down on it and flexing my cunt around him. I carried on doing this until we really had to leave and he had to take a jacket so he had something to hold in front of his crotch while we walked (the good thing about being female is not having this problem).

We weren’t the last to arrive and managed to get to sit next to Vicky and Lis. While we talked, Mike continued to fondle me under the table – Lis could see what his hand was doing and when she pointed it out to Vicky, he got me to lift my skirt and let them see his fingers on my pussy. I told Lis to pass on the message to Vicky that I dared her to copy us and after checking that nobody would see, I was impressed to watch her pull Lis’ hand between her legs and press it against her crotch. It was on the outside of her skirt, but she allowed Lis to rub her for a while until more people turned up and others came and sat beside us.

I quietly asked Lis if she had enjoyed doing that and if she would have let Vicky do it to her. While I know Lis would love to let everyone know about her and Vicky, she isn’t anywhere near as much of an exhibitionist and Vicky and I (although I think I might be getting through to her) and she said that she would have probably let her touch her. I managed to calm down a bit during the meal, but knew I needed to cum before the train journey (in case it was too busy for a play on the train). We stayed with people for a while and Mike suggested that Lis come to the station to see me off with him (the bastard), so I was still horny when I boarded the train. Because the weather was still quite good, I didn’t even have a jacket on so there was no last-minute hidden fondle. Fortunately, I managed to find a suitably quiet part of the train and very quickly fingered my clit and came. It wasn’t actually that satisfying an orgasm and I spent the rest of the journey conjuring up a nice fantasy and getting really involved in it.

I rushed home from the train station, got into my apartment and grabbed some toys. I was now ready to burst and called Jen (I wasn’t going to give Mike the satisfaction given it was his fault I was in this state). I told her how horny I was and that I need to cum and she said that she was around someone’s house, but that I could put on an audio performance if I wanted. I really didn’t care and described everything I did to myself and the fantasy I’d concocted on the train. I went into explicit detail about how my pussy felt like it was on fire, how I was filling it up and fucking myself with a vibe, how I was using an egg on my clit and especially how incredibly good it felt when I came (the latter part wasn’t really a description, but I think the noises I made left no doubt in anyone’s mind).

It was only when I had finished that I thought to ask who was listening in – I knew that I hadn’t mentioned anyone there (other than Jen – but I’m allowed to fantasise about her) but wondered if I had just really shocked Ramona. Fortunately, it was some people from the group who have seen me cum a number of times, so I relaxed (although knew I would be teased during my next visit). I then called Mike and told him what I’d just done and he tried to get me to cum again, but I wasn’t up for it (and was still punishing him).
After getting everything ready for the week ahead, I had another conversation with Jen (and just Jen) and we went over things properly and each played with ourselves. Jen sounded quite wet and when she put the phone by her pussy I could hear squelching as she pumped her fingers into herself. I had a much gentler orgasm that time, but it was nicer as I could take my time to enjoy it and I told Jen that I couldn’t wait to see her again so I could taste her. She told me that she had an interesting weekend lined up and I should be prepared for it – I told her that I would expect no less (but that’s the next entry).

Monday, 29 August 2011


My laptop hard drive has failed and what I thought was backingup myfiles, hasn't been so I haven't got anything to post.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

April 2011 Sex Party - Part 2

One of the other guys asked I he could have a feel and I spread my legs a bit wide for him and watched as his hand slid up my legs and onto my pussy. His fingers fumbled around my cunt and pushed into me and Mike asked if he was allowed to return the favour with the guy’s girlfriend. She had been sitting watching us and stroking the guy’s crotch (his jeans were still done up, but he clearly had an erection) and she shifted over and said that Mike could do what he wanted. I really *really* wish we had found out about and started going to the sex partiers earlier, but I guess we all (including Jen) had to be in the right frame of mind for them and they could have done a lot of harm if we had rushed things. We were certainly in the right frame of mind now and Mike helped the girl hike her skirt up above her waist and he then pulled her panties off and threw them away. They started to kiss while he fingered her. She quickly had her hands in his jeans and I watched as she freed his cock and rubbed it against her leg. I thought that I should get a bit more involved and helped the guy fingering me get his cock out so I could have a play with it. Meanwhile, Mike had already pulled the girl’s top off and was sucking on her nips (which she seemed to like quite a bit.

I asked my fingerer if he wanted to play with my breasts as well and quickly removed my top. I left my bra on, but as he pawed and sucked at my breasts, it started to get in the way, so I quickly pulled it off and we lay down again. I glanced over and saw that the girl was eagerly wanking Mike’s cock and his hand was busy between her legs. I couldn’t see this, but he later told me that she had moaned whenever he rubbed a finger over her ass and so he had pushed a knuckle partway into her ass and she had really seemed to enjoy this.

The guy fingering me was humping against my thigh and I decided it was time to get a condom on him just in case he came too near my cunt (or over it), so I quickly grabbed one and told him I would suck him off if he wanted (he did). His girlfriend thought this was a good idea and so offered to do the same for Mike and once he had also got rubbered up, we both went to work. The guys continued to finger us, although we weren’t in as good a position – I was determined to make my guy cum before Mike did and used both my hand and mouth to please him. I could feel his fingers moving faster and faster in me (but not really on my clit) and he said he was going to cum and told me to keep going. I felt his cum fill the condom and I sucked as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and swirled my tongue around the head over and over.

When he pulled out of my mouth, I could see he had cum a fair bit but I didn’t give him time to rest and told him I wanted to cum. To his credit, he knelt between my legs and started to finger me properly again while kissing and licking my breasts. I could hear Mike breathing hard and looked over – the girl had his cock in her mouth and was lying so I could see his fingers working on her pussy. He noticed me looking and spread her cheeks so I could see exactly what he was doing and I had a good view of her cunt (which was also shaved) glistening with her juices. Mike said (to her) that he was about to cum and I watched him pump his hips and fuck her mouth. She didn’t keep him in her mouth for long after he had cum, but it looked like she wasn’t too far behind him so was probably quite distracted. I was getting quite close and humped back against the fingers that were rubbing me. I told him to press a bit harder on my clit and then had my first orgasm of the night.

Mike said that as soon as I started cumming, he really sped up his fingering of the girl (he had wanted us to cum at the same time) but he didn’t quite manage this. I didn’t mind as it meant that by the time she came, my orgasm was over and I got to watch her cum. She had shifted position a bit so I didn’t have quite as good a view as before, but she made some incredibly sexy noises and nobody was left in doubt that she was cumming. Mike fingered her through her orgasm and then kissed her and toyed with her breasts while she caught her breath. We then moved back to sit with our partners and chatted for a while. I pulled the condom off Mike’s cock and stroked up and down, letting his cum cover my hand and then bent over and sucked him clean. In return, he played with my pussy – not enough to really do anything, but it’s still great fun being fingered in full view of people.

Having been part of the pre-show entertainment, we thought that we should watch some of the other people for a while. I was still topless (I was actually only wearing a skirt) and this allowed Mike to play with my breasts and pussy with relative ease as we enjoyed the sight of other people sucking fingering and fucking. A few people were in the bedrooms upstairs and we had a nice display by the pretty blonde girl and another girl both sucking a guy off with their bare asses bobbing around in the air (of course it would have been better if they had been  fingering each other at the same time, but...). The pretty girl ended up being fucked by her bf (doggy style) and we decided it was time for a bit more action.

I would have happily bent over the bed and let Mike fuck me (and hopefully got to kiss pretty blonde girl), but fortunately he has more self control than I do and we agreed that we would stick with our original plan for the night. We made a minor adaptation to it though and headed back out to the garden. I targeted a guy sitting with a couple of girls and sat beside him, letting my skirt ride up and display my pussy. One of the girls was topless and I complimented her on her breasts (which were a couple of cup sizes smaller than mine, but incredibly perky). I sat and gently stroked my nipples while we talked and asked the guy if he was ready (and willing) to do anything. He seemed quite interested and didn’t stop me when I started to rub his crotch and then slipped my hand into his trousers. I pulled his cock out and stroked up and down. With my other hand I reached over to the topless girl to have a play with her nipples, but she pulled away and said that she wasn’t gay. I apologised and she said it was fine and she wanted to watch so I turned my full attention to the cock in my hand.

He was a reasonable size and I used the stroke and swirl technique on him. I used my other hand between my legs (not that I needed any help in getting wet) and asked one of the other girls to pass me a condom. I got her to put it on him while I lifted my skirt and openly played with myself. I then gave his cock a few more strokes and knelt down on the grass with my ass in the air just as I had done earlier with Mike. He flipped my skirt up and pushed his cock into me and started pumping in and out. This was what I had been waiting for – the second cock ever to be inside my cunt. Of course I’d had multiple fingers and tongues make me cum and had played with a number of cocks, but this was the first cock apart from Mike’s to actually be inside me. We had debated making a big deal of it and letting whoever it was know, but it felt right just going with the flow and enjoying what happened.

He was actually quite a good fuck – he spread my ass cheeks and seemed to enjoy watching my cunt swallowing his cock over and over (just like Mike does). I started off on all fours, allowing my breasts to swing back and forth, but as he sped up his movements and pushed harder into me, I leant on one elbow and reached down to rub my clit. I could feel the cool grass on my nipples and he was fucking me so hard that I was slowly being pushed forwards. I was really enjoying what was happening and saw Mike closely watching us. He was standing off to the side and had his arms around the girl I had tried to feel up earlier. One hand was on her breasts and the other was between her legs. I didn’t want the guy fucking me to cum too quickly (and certainly not before I did) so I encouraged him to keep going, but to try to hold back for as long as he could. He told me he was getting quite close and was going to blow his load in me (his phrase). I told him to wait just a bit longer and rubbed my clit faster. As I got closer to cumming, I told him to fuck me harder and faster and moaned fairly loudly. I tried to squeeze my cunt around him but he was moving so fast that I don’t know if he could feel it. I let out a series of ‘oh yes’s and kept moaning while he continued to pile-drive his cock into me. He came and seemed to really enjoy it and pushed right into me a number of times before pulling out.

I would have quite liked him to stay pushed into me for a bit longer, but I had finished cumming anyway so wasn’t too bothered. I kept kneeling up but twisted my head around to look at his cock, shining with my juices and a nice load of his cum gather in the end of the condom. I could have happily lay down to recover, but thought I should finish off the occasion properly (even if it was only Mike and I who knew the occasion) so I crawled round and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked the condom clean of my juices (holding it carefully in place so his cum didn’t escape) and then sat down and admired the massive grass stains I had on my left arm and lower legs where I had effectively been fucked across the lawn. I didn’t bother to cover my pussy up and asked the guy if he had enjoyed himself. He said that he clearly had and had particularly enjoyed being able to go all out on me.

I looked over at Mike and saw that he was still standing behind the girl he had been fondling, one hand on her breasts and the other between her legs. She had her head bent back and they were kissing and she had his cock in her hand, rubbing it up against her thigh. Her skirt was raised enough that we could see his fingers working on her clit and she was either cumming or had just cum as her legs seemed somewhat shaky. I then noticed that he had cum on her leg and later found out that she had been wanking him most of the way through my little display and he had cum over her outer thigh. She had probably been cumming when I looked over and Mike had been supporting her weight.

They both sat down with us and Mike continued to play with her pussy (gently). He later said that he did this for me so that I had a chance to get a good look at it – although it was getting dark by this point so although I could see it reasonably well, it wasn’t as good a look as I would have liked. We watched another couple of couples doing things and for the first ones, I gently stroked the cock of the guy who had just fucked me (he had taken the condom off by this point) and for the second one, I lay face down on the grass and Mike lay on top of me and fucked me. He wasn’t quite ready to cum yet, but it helped add to the grass stains and still felt good.

We went in to wash up (hands) and see what else was going on. I bumped into bi-girl (who I hadn’t seen up until that point) and we kissed hello. She commented on my green patches and said it looked like I’d been enjoying myself and I slid a hand down her back, under her skirt and up to her bare ass and told her that I could enjoy myself a bit more if she was up for it. She asked what I had in mind gave me a sly little look that reminded me of Jen’s mischievous look. I slipped my fingers between her ass cheeks and onto her pussy and pulled her lips apart and said that I was open to any ideas she had. She didn’t pull away so I slid my other hand over her breasts, down her stomach and onto the front of her pussy. I didn’t look away from her while doing this and when my fingers found her clit, she gasped and said maybe we should find somewhere to continue. I wasn’t quite ready to move yet though and I pushed a finger into her pussy and slowly fucked her with it while I whispered in her ear that I wanted to eat her little cunt.

...I'm sure you can guess what happens in the next part...

Sunday, 21 August 2011

April 2011 Sex Party - Part 1

We’re up to mid-April now and another sex party. This one was actually before term but that was because it was exam term so they decided to have it early (and most of the people had come back early anyway to start to revise).

I headed down to York on the Friday evening as usual, dozing on the train and getting in early enough to head out to the pub and meet up with people (Mike met me at the station and we went to the pub together). It had only been a month since the last party and this was the first time I’d been back to York since then, so I wanted to spend as much time with people on the Saturday as I could (before disappearing off to the party anyway). The weather was meant to be good, so we arranged a picnic in the museum gardens and I managed to get to spend a bit of time with Lis to issue her with a challenge.

We didn’t stay too late as I was feeling fairly tired and wanted to be refreshed, but still managed to stop off for a quick fumble on the way home. On arriving, I dumped by stuff down and we set about saying hello properly. Mike’s hands immediately went under my skirt and he could tell that I hadn’t shaved for a few days (this was on purpose though so he could shave me on the Saturday). Not that this stopped him from fingering me while I pulled his cock out and then pushing me back onto the sofa so he could kneel down and eat me (and I think it makes up for some of the times he’s gone down on me without shaving and I’ve ended up with stubble burn). Mike licked around my cunt and ass and I held his head against me while I humped his face. He didn’t carry on long enough to make me cum, but got me nicely aroused, so when he suggested we head upstairs, I was eager to go.

We didn’t quite make it upstairs though (or at least not without a delay). I was in front and Mike kept fondling me and about halfway up, he wrapped an arm around me and started to play with me more seriously. I ended up kneeling on the stairs and he took me doggy style using long slow strokes. Despite our earlier haste, we took our time. I did have to get him to stop and give me his shirt to kneel on so I didn’t get carpet burns on my knees, but once this was sorted, we spent a while just slowly fucking. Mike pushed as deep as he could into me and I contracted myself around him – this seemed to be very effective and he said that he could cum like that if we continued. I was happy to give this a try but reached down between my legs to play with my clit and he helped my rubbing a thumb back and forth over my ass and gently pushing it into me.

We found that the position worked best when I contracted with him fully in me and tried to hold on to his cock while he pulled out. It was only near the end that he thought he needed to move faster, but he came in me pretty soon after he started to do this. I wasn’t quite ready to cum, but he stayed pressed deep inside me while I rubbed my clit and got off. I covered my pussy with my hand as I stood up and climbed the rest of the stairs and only let go when we got to the bathroom. His cum ran out of me and I spread my legs so we could watch it drip out. Once I was mostly empty, I went to pee and we finished the preparations for bed.
Mike didn’t think he was up to another round, but he was hard enough to be inside me (or at least he was after I told him about some of the things I had planned). He fucked me from behind while rubbing my clit and gave me another very satisfactory orgasm and we fell asleep with him still in me (this is a real advantage of him not cumming again – he can stay hard longer).

On the Saturday morning, I woke up with Mike’s cock rubbing between my ass cheeks. I asked him if he felt that he was up to cumming after his sleep and he just told me ‘of course’ and pushed his cock between my legs. I pressed it against my pussy and his cock slipped between my lips and rubbed up and down the length of my slit and over my clit. I really like doing this as it seems to get me wet nice and quickly and also lubricates Mike’s cock so when he finally does push into me, it is really smooth. He fucked me between my legs for a few minutes and whispered all sorts of dirty things into my ear. I told him to get inside me, but he said he wanted me to suck him clean first so I could taste my cunt off his cock. After quickly moving around, we lay on our sides, his head between my thighs and his cock in my mouth and he ate me while I cleaned him off. We spent longer doing this than I had anticipated and both of us got quite close to cumming. I told him that I didn’t care if he came in my mouth as long as he fucked me afterwards and Mike decided that one cum would be enough that morning (he wanted to save his energy for the party that night) and so moved around so we could do things properly.

We just went for the standard missionary position – Mike rubbed his cock up and down my cunt again (being careful to try to keep it between the lips as I was still stubbly) and then pushed all the way into me in one stroke. I didn’t want to play around any longer and wrapped my legs around him and used my heels on his ass to push him into me. Mike was happy to oblige me and used long hard strokes in and out of me while we kissed. I reached down between us and got my fingers onto my clit and started to rapidly frig myself. I moaned into his mouth that I wasn’t going to take long to cum and he said that he was quite close as well so I should just let go and enjoy myself. (not that I was intending on doing otherwise). I carried on rubbing my clit and started panting as I neared orgasm. Mike sped up his movements but continued to use long strokes and I loved the feeling of almost the whole length of his cock sliding in and out between my lips. I kept telling him that I wanted to feel his cock all the way in me and as my orgasm started, he told me he was going to empty his cum deep into my cunt. He came not too long after me and pushed hard into me, I was sure I could feel his cock twitching inside me as he came and I wrapped my legs around him as far as I could to hold him in place.

He rolled off me and despite it having felt like he came deep in me, cum started to leak out straight away. I smeared it over my pussy and told him that I needed a shave (which of course he knew). We stayed in bed and chatted for a little while before getting up for breakfast. Once we had recharged, it was time to start getting ready for the day and we headed up to shower. Mike cleaned his cum out of my pussy (or at least the bits he could reach) and was going to shave me when we had a better idea. It was quiet a nice morning so we took all of the things out to the garden along with a bowl of hot water and I lay in the middle of the lawn and spread my legs. Mike got me prepared (hot flannel and then foam) and took his time to shave me. I still have the little patch of hair on my mons which he trimmed with the attachment on his electric shaver, but the rest of my pussy was shaved smooth. After rinsing me off, he did the usual tongue test and carried on until I came.

Of course, by this point, he was nice and hard again (letting him eat me is the best way to get him hard) and I thought it only polite to offer myself to him to relieve himself. I knelt up on all fours and presented myself and he slipped into my waiting cunt. He fucked me for a few minutes and obviously enjoyed it, but said he needed to save himself for later on so he pulled out. He held my ass in place though and knelt down to give it a lick – this turned into quite a thorough licking and he nearly made me cum yet again. He left me hanging though and said that if we were going to have fun in the day, it would be better this way (and I knew he was right), so we headed in and got dressed.

I’ve been seeing a lot of girls in denim skirts and shorts recently and decided to try out one of my new skirts (losing weight is expensive, but gives the opportunity to get nice new things). It was mid-thigh length and a little tighter than my usual skirts, but not so tight that I couldn’t spread my legs. I went with a fairly tight top (and bra) and left my legs bare so I could enjoy the sun and try to get something of a tan. After a few calls to arrange who was providing what food, we headed off to the shops to get provisions and wandered along to the museum gardens to meet up with people.

As soon as they arrived, I quietly asked Lis if she and Vicky had accepted my challenge and was delighted to hear that they had. The previous evening, I had suggested we see if Vicky or I could be more daring in how much we showed off (she seems to think that she is quite daring, so I want to encourage this). I noticed that Vicky’s skirt was fairly long and floaty, but was prepared to see how things turned out. Lis had a much shorted flippy skirt on (my favourite type) and once we had laid out the blankets, I sat down facing them so give them a view up my skirt.

Vicky folded her skirt up when she sat down and let it slide up her legs. She knows that Mike has a thing for legs and I was surprised to see that when she parted her legs, she didn’t just do it in my direction, but seemed well aware that Mike would be able to see up her skirt as well. We had a clear view up to her pussy (although it was obviously in the shadows of her skirt) and I encouraged her by spreading my legs a bit more and sitting cross legged. This gave a really good view up my skirt and I knew I had to be careful as there were other people around, but I stayed like this for a minute or so until someone walked past. Lis was a bit more careful and allowed me a little peek up her skirt, but kept closing her legs. She wasn’t as eager to show off to Mike, but was enough that I could see she didn’t have panties on though so I was happy at least and Mike had to hide the bulge in his crotch.

We sat and chatted and I wasn’t as discreet as I could have been given my attire. I wasn’t being too blatant about it, but did give views up my skirt to a few of my friends. I think that Valerie may have noticed (but didn’t say anything) and I know that a couple of the guys noticed and a new guy from the lab almost ended up having a conversation with my crotch (he wasn’t at all subtle about looking). After lunch, we did a bit of sunbathing and this gave the opportunity to lie on our fronts and pull our skirts up a bit. We couldn’t be too daring as there were children around, but Mike acted at the lookout (Vicky and Lis obviously knew that he was in on the game). I was impressed at how far Vicky dared to hike her skirt up – I couldn’t see properly as I was lying down, but Mike said that it was almost showing her ass. I couldn’t get mine that high, but did part my legs enough to feel the air on my pussy. Lis didn’t do too bad a job either and had hers pulled up to the top of her thighs (enough that Mike said he got a bit of a view of her pussy.

The sun was quite warm so we didn’t stay out for too long (I really didn’t want to get burned, so moved into the shade. People tried to get us to go out with them that evening, but we made excuses about having to meet people about wedding things. I know that Vicky and Lis know (or are fairly certain) that we were lying, but they went along with it and didn’t say anything. We did manage to arrange brunch for the Sunday and mid-afternoon, we packed up our things and headed home.

We had a little rest and got up in time to have some dinner and freshen up with a quick shower. We teased each other a bit more with hands and mouths just to make sure we were ready (which we certainly were) and then headed off. The party was at the same place as the previous time (the larger house), but we now knew the way and got there at 9pm on the dot. We were one of the first (other than the people who lived in the house) and we helped to get things ready for everyone (just putting out beers and boxes of condoms/dental dams for those who use them). It was still a nice evening so we sat out in the garden and chatted. I had changed into one of my pleated skirts and had changed my bra to one that allowed my nipples to get some air (but still provided a lot of support to I had a very ample cleavage). I didn’t have anything else on my legs (socks or panties) and loved that I could be less careful about how I sat than I’d been at the picnic.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lucy and Ramona - Part 3

I spent the day working from home and got lots of naked science done (sadly, that was just doing work while naked, not actually investigating nudity).

Somewhat embarrassingly, I mistitled the last few entries as 'Jen and Ramona' instead of 'Lucy and Ramona'. Mike pointed out that I  had made the same mistake in a comment and only after that did I notice - D'oh!


We all headed back upstairs and went to our rooms – Jen and I popped down again to use the bathroom (with me still just in panties and bra – but Lucy and Ramona stayed in Lucy’s room) and when we got to bed, I stripped off. Jen asked me if I’d enjoyed my evening and I told her that it should have been obvious. She asked if I had enjoyed helping to rub Ashraf, humping against him or remove Julia’s panties more and while I considered this, her fingers found their way to my pussy yet again. I went over each of the options in my head and told her that they had all been fun, described how I had wanted to continue stroking or teasing Ashraf with Jules until he came, described the view I’d had of Julia’s pussy and what I’d been tempted to do but in the end settled on fingering Jen and making her cum as my favourite point.

She told me I was just sucking up to her and (as corny as it sounds) I told her that if I wanted to suck up to her, I would do *this* and moved down between her legs and started to suck her properly. She lay back and spread her legs so I could have full access to her pussy and I alternated between licking and fingering her (so I could talk). I actually find it a good time to discuss things while having sex as we tend to be very open and honest with each other (not that we lie to each other the rest of the time...). I asked Jen why she enjoyed doing things to me in front of her friends so much (or making me do things) and she told me that it was a combination of wanting to show me off and the feeling of power by being able to get me to do whatever she wanted.

I carried on licking and fingering her and kept her close to cumming for a while and suggested that she should have helped me remove Julia’s panties. I know that given a choice, Jen would rather do things with Mel, but I described to her how between us we could have nuzzled Julia’s crotch in the way she and I had been doing to Ashraf before finally pulling the material away from her pussy and both licking up and down her cunt. Jen liked this image and I continued the description by telling her how I could have moved around behind her, pulled her panties down and eaten her while she took care of Jules. I made her cum while this image was fresh in her mind and energetically licked and fingered her through her orgasm, then moved to more gentle stimulation while she came down.

It was now my turn and I switched places with her. Jen licked and fingered me and described how if I had knelt between Julia’s legs and eaten her, Jen could have crouched over my back, pulled my panties to the side and fingered me with everyone watching. This idea quite appealed to me and I told her to carry on describing what could have happened. She told me how she would have slipped my panties down my thighs and pulled my lips apart for everyone to see me properly and as I responded well to this, she described how a couple of people would ask to help out and slide their fingers into me. Jen might not be interested in cocks, but she is well aware that I am, so as I got closer to cumming (in real life), she described how some of the guys would come up behind me and she would help guide them into me and watch as they fucked my cunt, each emptying their loads into me and then pulling out to let their cum run down my legs. That was all I needed and I came (again, in real life). Knowing that she didn’t need to say any more, Jen replaced her fingers with her tongue and alternated between licking inside me and licking my clit. I came while imagining the taste of Julia’s cunt in my mouth and the sensation of cock after cock fucking me and filling me with cum. I was nowhere near as quiet as I had been the previous night, but I wasn’t at all concerned if Ramona heard me as I was enjoying myself too much.

I was panting by the time my orgasm ended and Jen crawled up to kiss me. We stayed like this for a while, tasting ourselves of each other’s face until we finally decided that it was time to sleep. We curled up together and dozed off while Jen teased me about having nearly eaten Jules. I had a nice set of dreams that night – I couldn’t remember anything too specific but they included lots of elements from the evening and was enough that I felt very aroused whenever I woke up. I had to go downstairs to pee and my lust got the better of me while there. I managed to hold back from actually making myself cum, but I did give in a little and used the handles of both Lucy and Ramona’s toothbrushes to briefly fuck myself. I nearly woke Jen when I returned, but decided to let her sleep and I just lay and imagined other scenarios for the evening until I drifted off again.

This meant that when I woke up in the morning, I was really ready for our morning session and I quietly pulled a few things out of the drawer and prepared before burrowing under the covers and spreading Jen’s legs. I ran a vibe up and down her pussy and she woke up when I started to push it between her lips. She pulled the covers back and I warned her that I’d been having interesting dreams so she asked me to describe them to her while getting her ready for action. My gentle teasing had already got her wet enough to get the vibe into her, but I worked on her pussy for a couple of minutes to get her properly ready and then pulled one of the short double dildos over.

I inserted this into Jen and mounted the other end and worked my way down the dildo until our pussies were touching. I spent a little while humping the dildo and mashing our cunts together before getting Jen to pass over our powerful plug in vibe. I positioned this against Jen’s clit and pushed against it. I told her that I wasn’t going to remove it until we had both cum, and whoever came first would have to just tolerate it. It was buzzing against the dildo, but because the dildo is fairly soft and was almost completely buried between us, it didn’t make too much noise. I considered trying to hold back and torturing Jen with the vibe, but as I’ve said, I had been feeling horny before we started so wanted to cum. I still managed to hold back until Jen had cum, but I wasn’t far behind her and as I came, I pumped by body back and forth on the dildo while holding the vibe against my clit.

Before turning it off, I ran it over her nips, making sure they stayed nice and hard and then dismounted the dildo and used my mouth to tease them a bit more. Jen said that we should head downstairs and make breakfast for everyone and when I complained that I wanted to have more fun, she gave me her wicked grin and said that she would take care of me. I had half expected her to tell me to go down naked, but we were still being well behaved around Ramona and I was handed the t-shirt again. Jen slipped on a similar one and we went down to the kitchen.

We had pretty much finished our breakfast by the time the others joined us, but we had everything prepared to quickly make food for them. We sat and chatted while they ate and I once again admired Lucy’s nightdress. Ramona was leaving as she had to get some things done (but Lucy was going to go to her place that evening) and so when they had finished eating, she headed up to get her wash things. She came back wearing just a towel and went in to the shower. I enjoyed the view of her legs and I think Lucy took note of my gaze. We chatted while she was in the shower and then she came back into the kitchen to chat to us while she combed her hair (still wearing just the towel). She went back in to brush her teeth and I felt a little tingle as I remembered sliding her toothbrush into my pussy earlier that morning.

Ramona went back upstairs to get dressed and Lucy joined her. Jen and I tidied up the kitchen and I mentioned what I had done with the toothbrushes. Jen said I was very naughty and dragged me in to the bathroom. We took one each and fucked each other with them, before swapping and repeating. Obviously we didn’t actually feel a great deal but it was the naughty factor that was exciting. We returned to the kitchen when we heard footsteps on the stairs and Ramona said that she was about to head off. We followed them out to the front door and watched them kiss goodbye. Jen’s hand slipped under my t-shirt and rubbed my ass and stayed there until Ramona left and the door was closed.

We all headed into the living room and Lucy asked me what I thought of her new girlfriend (technically not that new, but it was the first time I’d met her since they had started dating). We discussed her for quite a while and I told Jen that I thought she seemed really sweet as well as being quite beautiful. Jen pointed out that I had been eyeing her up over breakfast both days (which Lucy *had* noticed, but seemed pleased that I thought she was hot). With a bit of encouragement, Lucy told us a few more intimate details about her (nothing too revealing, but I was surprised that she was being so shy). While she talked, Jen ran her hand up my leg, pulled one leg to the side and started to stroke me. Her hand was still partially hidden by my t-shirt, but it was obvious that her fingers were inside me and I apologised to Lucy for the distraction. She said that she didn’t mind and as Jen lifted my t-shirt and pulled my legs apart properly, I tried to continue our conversation.

I asked Lucy what Ramona had thought of me arriving home in just bra and panties the previous night and how much she had told her about me. Lucy said that she had just told her that I enjoyed letting Jen make me do things and that I was quite adventurous. Ramona hadn’t minded the way I was dressed and Jen chipped into say that we could either continue to behave around her or slowly introduce Ramona to more of my exploits. By this point, I had slid down a bit on the sofa so only my head was propped up. My legs were spread and Jen was rubbing and fingering me in full view of Lucy, who was watching what Jen’s fingers were doing. I pulled my t-shirt up some more to expose my breasts and asked Lucy what she thought Ramona would make of things if she was still here. Lucy said that she didn’t mind if we wanted to experiment a bit, but asked us to be careful as she didn’t want to shock or offend Ramona and cause any problems.

I told Lucy that I was quite sure that for someone as beautiful as her, Ramona would probably put up with anything and this elicited a cute little blush from her. I was getting close to cumming now and Jen was alternating between pushing two fingers into me and rubbing my clit. I could clearly see Lucy’s nipples pushing against the silk of her nightdress and the way she was sitting, I nearly had a view up her legs to her pussy (not quite though). I knew she didn’t have any panties on as I’d got a good view of the outline of her ass back in the kitchen. I just wanted her to move a little so I could see the whole way up to her pussy but had to end up resorting to my imagination (in which Lucy’s pussy looks exactly the same as Pavlina’s – and I’ve seen enough pictures of that to know it well). I came and could feel my legs shaking (although that was partially due to the position I was in and the fact that they were supporting the weight of my lower body). I kept myself in place until I finished cumming, then allowed myself to slide down and sit with my back resting against the front of the sofa).

I apologised to Lucy for the interruption and she said that it looked as if I had enjoyed myself (which I confirmed was the case). I pulled my t-shirt down – not to cover myself, but just to make me more comfortable and then moved back up onto the sofa beside Jen. We carried on talking about Ramona for a while until I had to get ready to head home. I had a slightly earlier flight due to cost and so stripped off my t-shirt and headed into the shower while Jen popped up to get us towels before joining me.

Lucy went in when we had finished and as we passed I asked her if she ever showered with Ramona (they have done so, but not frequently). I encouraged her to do it more often, both for the fun factor and the practicalities, then we headed upstairs to get dressed. I was given a short, tight denim skirt to wear on the way back – when I complained that I would be cold when I got home I was allowed to take a pair of opaque tights with me, but I couldn’t put them on until I had left the plane. I was fine with that and finished packing the rest of my things.

We popped in to see Lucy (who was still getting dressed) and I said goodbye. It was an uneventful trip to the airport but we managed to have our customary fondle before I had to head through security. I got searched (as usual) and felt nicely exposed as I stood with my legs apart while the girl frisked me. My skirt wasn’t actually short enough to show anything off, but the hem was fairly close to my pussy and I imagined that she could see up to by naked cunt. Sadly the flight was again too busy for me to do anything, but I did manage to let my skirt ride up while I was sitting reading and out of the corner of my eye I could see the guy next to me glancing over as my pussy just about peeked out (not that I know exactly how far up I have to pull my various skirts for things to be seen...).

I did have to slip my tights on once we landed before heading home. Mike greatly enjoyed my descriptions of the weekend. He came during my description of my display in the cafe, wanted to cum again by the time I was describing fingering Jen during the film and actually managed to cum a second time when I described what I was fantasising about while pulling Julia’s panties off. If he could, I think he would have cum again during my description of the events of that morning, but twice in succession was enough for him. I had been playing with myself, but because I knew what was coming up (obviously as it was me describing things), I held back and came once in the middle and once again during my description of cumming in front of Lucy.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lucy and Ramona - Part 2

We both needed a shower (for obvious reasons) but before we did, Jen got me to lean against the wall and she went down on me and licked me. She ate me until I nearly came, then stopped and wondered out loud if she should make me cum or not or just spend the day teasing me. She has got pretty good at teasing me now, so I was relieved when she said that she would let me cum (but still wasn’t quite sure whether she actually would). She used the shower jet on me, and because I had been so close anyway, it hardly took any time until I came. With that out of the way, we took our time to finish showering and then headed up to get dressed. We were going to meet the usual crowd for lunch (minus Lucy as she was still away with Ramona) and Jen selected my outfit accordingly. It was a little different than usual but shared the common trait of letter her expose me so I wasn’t too surprised and put it on.

We wandered into town and met up with people, went for a bit of a walk while we chatted and then hunted out a quiet place to have lunch away from the crowds. Between them they know a good number of these places as Jules is usually their plaything when I’m not around. I think Mel has become a bit more possessive of her recently, but not to the extent that she doesn’t still put her on display and make her perform. As I was there, she was given a reprieve though and I was told that it was up to me to provide the entertainment.

Once we found a suitable place, we grabbed a couple of tables near the back and Jen dragged me off to the toilets to prepare. She handed me one of our remote controlled eggs and told me to push it into my panties so it was up against my clit. I did the best I could, but the panties were very lacy and didn’t really hold it in place that well. Jen helped to pull them up tight which made things slightly better, but the egg still slipped around slightly. We went back out and joined the group and I was instructed to open the lower half of my coat. This was the first time anyone (other than Jen) got to see what I was wearing and I showed off a new set of black suspenders (including belt) and a skimpy pair of lacy panties. I sat down (with my back to the rest of the cafe) and the remote was handed round for people to play with the speed and settings of the egg. Jen had to push the egg back into place a couple of times and we had to stop (or I had to cover myself up) when the food was ordered and then arrived.

A couple of times, the egg slipped down so it touched against the chair (which made quite a loud buzzing sound), so I was told to hold the egg in place. I had been getting a bit frustrated with the constant interruptions and so pushed the egg firmly against my clit and hoped that people wouldn’t mess with the settings too much to interrupt me. I quietly told Jen that I was getting close and she pulled my legs a bit further apart before undoing the remaining buttons on my coat. It fell open to reveal the matching bra and Jen raised a hand to my breasts and started to play with one of them through the bra. Mel was sitting on the other side of me and she took the other breast in one of her hands. They each played with a nipple while the rest of the group kept a look out and watched. I was getting really close now and concentrating on being quiet and keeping control of my body so that anyone behind me wouldn’t be able to tell I was cumming. I felt Mel move a bit closer to me and her other hand on my thigh. She gently but firmly pulled my leg towards her and rested her hand on my inner thigh, just below my panties. She stroked the skin and her other hand continued to play with my nipple (Jen still had a hold of the other one) and I pressed the egg against my clit as my orgasm started.

I didn’t have any problems keeping quiet, but I did have to catch myself from letting my head fall backwards and having to be so controlled did take something away from the experience (although it was obviously better than letting everyone know what was happening and being arrested). When I had finished, I fished the egg out of my panties and handed it to Jen, who retrieved the remote and shut it off. Mel removed her hands and I was allowed to cover myself up so that I could eat lunch without worrying about being discovered (although I was only allowed to fold my coat over me, not fasten it). Over lunch I pointed out that it was unfair that I was made to cum in front of Jules but that I didn’t get to see her doing things when I wasn’t there and Mel said that she would consider my viewpoint and get back to me.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly tame and we headed home and found Lucy and Ramona there. I went up to put a dress on so Ramona didn’t see how I was dressed under the coat and we then sat and chatted for a while. We had dinner together and I got to know a bit more about Ramona and noted some of the affectations that Lucy had talked about and liked (like the way she keeps tucking a bit of her hair behind her ear or sits with one leg folded under the other). Lucy and Ramona were heading out by themselves while Jen and I were heading over to someone’s house to watch a film. They left first and Jen made me remove my dress before we set off (I was allowed to put my coat back on though). It was a bit chilly out, so we had a brisk walk there and I was stripped of my coat as soon as we arrived.

I was quite used to being dressed in this manner around Jen’s friends so this didn’t faze me at all, but I got quite distracted by her slipping her hand down my panties and fondling my ass and pussy while we were talking to people. I found out that one of the guys (Ashraf) had split up with his girlfriend just over a week before and was still moping around so Jen suggested to him that I help distract him from his misery. He was quite a nice guy (and they had been a cute couple) so I didn’t mind doing this. She gave him some ground rules and we went off to sit on the sofa together. He had a good play with my breasts – at first through my bra, but they soon got pulled out so he could fondle them properly. I then had to sit on his lap so that he could fondle my ass and when I felt his cock pressing against my leg, I moved back and forth to give him a bit more stimulation.

He wasn’t allowed to kiss me on the lips or touch my pussy, but Jen hadn’t said I wasn’t allowed to do anything, so I ended up sitting astride him and rubbing my pussy up and down his crotch while he kissed and licked my nipples. I did quite a good job of riding him and I’m pretty sure that if he hadn’t been wearing jeans, I could have got him to cum. My legs got too tired in the end though and I had to stop (but I let him continue to kiss my nipples and play with my breasts until it was time for the film to start.

I’m sure you can imagine that I was feeling quite horny by this point, but I curled up beside Jen and we settled down to watch the film. The house was a bit cool to be sitting still dressed the way I was, so we ended up getting a blanket and snuggling up underneath it. The film was quite good and I thought that everyone was sufficiently engrossed in it that I pushed my hand between Jen’s legs and slid it up her thighs. She gave me a sideways glance and I tried to convey that it would be fine and I would be discreet (it’s not easy to convey things by expressions in a darkened room, but I kept working my hand up the inside of her thighs until she relented and spread her legs slightly. I knew that I would be in trouble if anyone found out what I was doing to her so I found the best way to position my hand so it was resting on her and allowed me to use a single finger on her clit. Jen’s clit is quite sensitive (even for a clitoris) and I felt confident that I could get her off like this, so as we watched the film, I slowly rubbed up and down her clit as well as circling it with my finger.

She spread her legs slightly more and I applied a bit more pressure. I had set myself the goal of making her cum without moving my hand and using just the one finger. I dipped down slightly and got a bit of moisture to use as extra lube and resumed my ministrations. Jen didn’t make any noise, but she put a hand on top of mine – at first I thought she was going to try to stop me (and if she had, she would have had a battle), but she gave my hand a gentle squeeze and I took this as a sign that she wanted me to continue. I applied more pressure and rubbed back and forth over her clit. She continued to squeeze my hand in short bursts and I figured that she was getting closer to cumming so I sped up my movements. I listened very closely to her breathing and could hear that it was ever so slightly deeper (but I might have imagined that as she was now squeezing my hand harder). I think she came a little bit before I thought she did as she ended up pulling on my hand slightly to stop me moving my finger – I stopped briefly and then just gently traced back and forth over her clit and pussy. She turned towards me and gave me a little kiss before snuggling against me again. My hand was still between her legs, but no longer touching her pussy and I really wanted to pull it out and taste her from my finger, but also liked the feeling of it being trapped between her thighs, so I kept it there.

The second half of the film wasn’t as good and people started to chat through it and make sarcastic comments. We ended up getting distracted and didn’t even watch the end and just sat chatting for a while. I was sent back up to the sofa to help continue to give solace to Ashraf (which involved letting him play with my breasts again). Mel must have taken heed of my earlier complaint and told Jules to join in, so she sat on the other side of him and pulled her top off. He now had two sets of breasts to play with and it was suggested that we provide a proper distraction for him and something to think about later.

Mel sat beside Jules and Jen moved up beside me – Jules and I had to sit with our legs apart, but it was a bit of a squeeze, so I had one leg over Jen’s legs and the other over the Ashraf’s legs (and Jules was in a similar position on his other side). Jen started to rub my panties and Mel lifted Julia’s skirt and did the same to her. Because our legs were over his, Ashraf couldn’t move to play with our breasts properly now but he didn’t seem to mind this too much. Mel pushed her hand into Julia’s panties, so Jen did the same to me and I loved the feeling of her fingers slipping over my clit. I leaned towards Jen and asked her if I could do something and when she said to go ahead, I took hold of Julia’s hand and placed it on the Ashraf’s crotch. I intertwined my fingers with hers and between us, we rubbed up and down the length of his cock (our hands were outside his jeans). Despite everything that he has seen Jules and I do, I don’t think he really believed his luck and I’m pretty sure that if I had suggested he get his cock out for us to rub him properly, he would have – even though everyone else was watching.

Jules was clearly getting close to cumming and I told Jen to hurry up so we could finish at roughly the same time. We squeezed our hands around the outline of his bulge and I suggested to Jules that we make this good for him. She was too close to cummig to stop and I watched as Mel’s fingers worked away in her panties and felt her hand grip mine (and the cock) even harder. I spread my legs a bit more and Jen concentrated her rubbing on my clit – I was on the verge of cumming and frantically stroked the bulge next to me until I finally felt my orgasm burst over me. Jen pushed her fingers as far into me as she could (given the position we were in) and I was fairly certain that the panties weren’t completely covering me, but was having too much fun to care (and they’ve seen me completely naked anyway).

Jules had already recovered by the time my orgasm ended and I told her that we should give him one more treat. She asked what I had in mind and I pulled her down onto the floor. We both knelt in front of him, pulled his legs apart and used our cheeks and lips to nuzzle the bulge of his cock. I hadn’t pulled my panties up tight since Jen had removed her hand and while they still covered me, I knew that they might not have been doing this quite as well as they could have so I made sure that my ass was as high as I could sensibly get it. Jules and I kissed a little and Mel leant over to the guy and asked him something. I assumed that we were about to be given instructions to make him cum, but found out that she had offered him Julia’s panties so that he could smell her while taking care of himself later on (I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to finish what we had started, but wasn’t given time to dwell on it as you will see).

We were told that we had done enough for him and it was time to leave him alone. I was then told to hand them to him and I slipped my hands up under Julia’s skirt to pull them down. Mel told me to stop and instructed Jules to sit down first. This seemed a bit odd to me as it would now be harder to pull her panties off, but made more sense when Mel said I had to remove them with my teeth. I looked over to Jen and asked if she wanted me to do this and she said to go ahead. Mel lifted Julia’s skirt and I moved over to kneel between her legs and tried to get a hold of the material with my mouth. I could certainly smell Julia’s pussy and bumped my face up against her panties a few times while trying to get purchase on the panties. I got her to lift up her ass a little and managed to pull them down a little. Once I had got them down to the middle of her thighs, Mel got me to hold them in place (still with my mouth) while Jules lifted one leg up and pulled it out of the panties. This gave me a really good view of her pussy as her legs spread wide to pull her foot loose and I could see her pink lips glistening with her juices. I pulled the panties down the other leg a little way and Jules then lifted that leg out. Mel flipped her skirt down and I had to crawl back to Ashraf and drop the panties onto his crotch.

I know I’d just cum, but my pussy felt like it was on fire – I would have certainly done anything that Jen wanted me to do at that point if it meant I could cum again, but decided to do my best to hide this fact as I enjoy taking things (relatively) slowly in what I do in front of everyone. I sat beside Jen, with just my panties and stockings on. Mel asked if I would be donating my panties to the cause as well and I imagined Jules between my legs. Jen declined this though as they were new panties and she said that she quite liked me wearing them. We continued to joke around for a while and Jen gave me a couple of half-hearted fondles and each time she did, I felt the crotch of my panties getting looser and looser.

When we decided to leave, I went to pull my panties back up, but Jen decided that it would be more fun if I didn’t have them on. I had to remove them and was only then handed my coat (which I wasn’t allowed to button up). Jen pocketed my bra and panties and after saying goodbye, we set off. As we walked, my coat flapped open and I was only allowed to hold it shut whenever someone was approaching us. We stopped off on a fairly busy street to make out – Jen stood with her back to the wall and held me against her with her hands inside my coat so it was completely open (but I was pressed up against her so nobody could see my body). She ran her hands over my ass and slipped one around the front and onto my pussy to tease me. I told her that she could make me cum if she wanted but if she was just going to tease, then we should head home and do things properly.

After a brief fondle, we set off again (with coat tightly held shut) and quickly walked home. When we got to the front door, Jen handed me my panties and bra and told me to remove my coat. I stood behind the little hedge/tree in the front garden which sort of hides me from the path and stripped off. I was told I could remove the suspenders and belt (Jen knows I don’t really like these) and once completely naked, I was allowed to put my underwear back on. We went into the house and while Jen was removing her coat, Lucy and Ramona came downstairs to say hi to us. I apologised for my appearance but Ramona said that Lucy had warned her about me (she didn’t seem at all bothered and said this with a smile) and we stood and chatted for a little while until I complained that it was a bit too cold to be standing around.


I'll post the third (and final) part of this on Thursday to make up for my incompetence at posting last week.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lucy and Ramona - Part 1

I’ll try to keep this entry brief to help catch up... Hmm, well I had intended this weekend to be a single entry but I guess I failed at that. On the plus side, it was a good weekend and I am enjoying writing a bit more again so hopefully the entries will be better than they have been recently. I actually came three times while writing this (over different evenings) while lying naked on my bed (once with fingers, once with a vibe and once humping a pillow).


It was my turn to visit Jen again and after an uneventful flight (which was too busy for me to play with myself on). I had got an earlier flight, so we got back in time to meet up with people and spend some time out at the pub. It had been almost a month since my last visit so I spent most of the evening catching up with people (the ones who I don’t keep in regular contact with or get updates about from Jen).

The time we spent out was quite tame apart from on the way back home when someone asked what I had on under my skirt (I can’t remember how we got to talking about that, but it seemed to make sense at the time). I told them that it was nothing – as is the norm for me – but they wanted proof (to be fair, I usually have something on around them so that Jen can play with me without too much of me being shown off). Having been fully naked around most of them already, I’d been expecting more of the same, so I wasn’t bothered when Jules was told to run her hands up the back of my legs onto my ass – lifting the skirt as she did so. I thought that I should get involved properly, so I did the same to her (which was a bit more difficult as she had a very tight miniskirt on, but I got it up over her ass and gave her cheeks a good squeeze).

We went our separate ways, Jen, Lucy, Ramona and I heading back to Jen and Lucy’s place (yes I know I haven’t mentioned before that Lucy and Ramona sorted things out, but I thought I would leave it as a surprise). I had known that they got together fairly soon after Jen’s birthday, and have obviously been kept up to date by Jen regarding how things have been going, but I still didn’t know Ramona that well. While I was obviously very happy for Lucy (and it was obvious that she was happy), I knew that this could change things quite a bit. It meant that it was even less likely that we would ever get her to join us (and that hadn’t been that likely in the first place), but it also probably meant that we would have to be better behaved around the house (at least while she was there). I’d really been enjoying the games we’d been having, both with Lucy watching and her friends and didn’t want that to end, but was prepared to see what happened. Jen had suggested that we take things slowly and see if we could get Ramona as another willing audience member – she had already spent a fair amount of time with the LGBT crowd (and Mel and Jules aren’t known for being too discrete), but they had (mostly) been on their best behaviour at Lucy’s request.

Having said all that – I knew that I’d already just semi-exposed myself in front of her (or Jules had semi-exposed me), so when we got home I made sure that we toned it down a bit until we had headed off to our separate rooms. I had obviously kissed Jen hello at the airport and we had fooled around a bit at the pub, but now we could do things properly. It was the first time I’d got my hand under her skirt and I was pleased to see that she also didn’t have panties on (she gets to decide how things are done when I’m visiting her, so this was her choice). We moved onto the bed and kissed while we humped against each other. I didn’t want to make too much noise as I was half listening out for noises from Lucy’s room. Jen has told me that she has heard them doing things, but that they are generally quite quiet.

As much as I wanted to be able to listen to them, the pressure of Jen’s thigh on my pussy ended up distracting me (and as much as I’m attracted to Lucy, I’m more attracted to Jen), so I gave up and concentrated on what we were doing. I already had Jen’s top undone (no bra) so spent a while teasing her nips into hard little nubs and then rubbing my own breasts against them. Jen’s fingers worked their way down to my pussy and pushed into me, I moaned into her ear and told her how good this felt and she told me to get naked so we could do things properly. I eagerly obliged her and then helped to remove her clothing. We stayed standing and kissed for a while before returning to the bed.

I asked Jen what she wanted to do and she said that fingering was fine so we lay beside each other, kissed and fingered each other. Jen’s pussy was delightfully wet and slippery and as she got closer to cumming, I told her that I wanted to taste her afterwards and described how I was going to lick around every part of her pussy until she was clean. She seemed to enjoy my description and I nuzzled her neck and ear while she came so I could hear her mewing as her orgasm pulsed through her body. I was quite close to cumming and Jen resumed fingering me. I told her that she could just use her fingers on me, but I wanted her to lie over me so I could taste her and she climbed over me in a 69 position. Her scent was very strong and I did as I’d said and licked the whole area clean. Jen continued to finger me, expect now she used two fingers in me and her other hand on my clit. I moaned my appreciation to her and as I got close to cumming, I felt her tongue replace her fingers on my clit. She flicked at it while pumping two fingers into my cunt and I came, burying my face in her pussy so I didn’t make too much noise.

My aim had been to get Jen sufficiently excited to want to cum again and when I finished cumming, I asked her if I could continue to lick her. She had certainly been enjoying what I was doing so it didn’t take much convincing. I told her that I didn’t need to cum again and she should just relax and enjoy what I was going to do. I managed to convince her to change positions and we ended up with my head at the foot of the bed with her over me and the door wide open. There was no noise from Lucy’s room, but we had our light on and if Lucy or Ramona had opened the door, they would have had a direct view of Jen’s rear in the air with my tongue working on her pussy. I spread Jen’s cheeks and pussy lips with my fingers and concentrated on getting her off (again) which took surprisingly little time. She had sort of been kissing my pussy while I’d been working on her and if she had insisted on making me cum I certainly wouldn’t have objected, but she was quite tired so we ended up curling up under the covers and going to sleep (after pushing the door shut a bit so we weren’t completely visible from the landing).

We woke up in the morning to the sound of Lucy and Ramona downstairs. I wanted to get down and see what they were wearing (Jen has been telling me that Lucy has been wearing some very nice nightwear when Ramona has been over), but we thought that we should take care of the usual business first and had a quick 69 so that we would be a bit calmer and might behave better. I obviously couldn’t go down naked, so was given a t-shirt to wear which covered all the important bits, but not by much so I had to be careful when bending over. Lucy did indeed have a nice short silk nightdress on that I had to try quite hard to not stare at as I could see her nipples through and in the right light, the outline of her ass. Ramona has a tight top and shorts on and when she was standing beside the sink helping Jen wash up, I got to admire her skin (the beautiful Mediterranean olive colour). Lucy noticed me admiring her and I whispered that I was glad she got what she wanted.

We chatted in the living room for a while and I got to know Ramona a little. By the time we were finished, she joked that it had been like an interview, and we had certainly covered a lot of ground, but I had my motives and wanted to see what she was really like (and of course if she was good enough for our Lucy). Ramona headed off to get a shower and while she was gone Lucy asked me what I thought of her. I told Lucy that she was certainly beautiful and that I liked her and it was obvious how happy they both were. Lucy seemed pleased with this and then asked me a favour – her male admirer (who also knows Ramona) seemed to be a bit jealous. It wasn’t anything serious, but she asked if I could continue to act as a ‘distraction’ whenever he came round and give them a little space. I told her that I would be happy to. She said that she was really grateful but asked if I could do it in a subtle way so Ramona didn’t get freaked out and added that he was due to arrive at any point. Lucy headed upstairs to get her things to get washed and left Jen and I together.

I asked Jen if she knew about this and she said that Lucy might have mentioned it before. We headed up to Jen’s room and she changed into a dress and handed me a pair of plain panties to slip on. We passed Ramona on the stairs on the way back down and she went to Lucy’s room to get dressed while Lucy showered. Just as Lucy had said, the doorbell rang just as she was leaving the bathroom and once she had skipped upstairs to her room, we let her friend in. Jen and I sat in the living room and chatted to him – I could be a bit more blatant while we were by ourselves so sat in a way that let my panties peek out from under my shirt. Jen masterfully steered the conversation onto films and this ended up with me crawling across the floor and searching through the collection of DVDs to pull out ones that we were talking about. I technically didn’t have to do this with my ass in the air, but I had pulled the panties on nice and tight so didn’t want to waste the chance to give him a nice view of my ass and crotch with the panties stretched over them.

I sat on the sofa in a more demure position when Ramona came down. She wasn’t hostile to him, but seemed slightly irritated that he was there (she knows that he fancies Lucy – and also knows that he doesn’t have a chance with her). When Lucy reappeared, we moved into the kitchen. Lucy, Jen and Ramona were putting things away so I stood by the door along with Lucy’s admirer. Jen walked past me a couple of times to take things into the living room and I took the opportunity to push back against him, each time, pushing my ass a bit harder against his crotch. He didn’t pull away when I did this and one time when Jen came back in to the kitchen, I pushed back and wiggled against him and definitely felt a bulge. I didn’t pull away from him when Jen had passed and kept casually chatting to everyone while occasionally squirming around against his now properly stiff cock. He eventually seemed to grow a pair of balls (pun intended) and I felt him push back against me a couple of times. I was tempted to reach around behind me and stroke his jeans, but remembered that I was meant to be being subtle, so just continued to use my ass and rub against him.

I may not have stopped him thinking about Lucy (he still left with her and Ramona), but I’m pretty sure that I had distracted him and given him something else to think about. Once we were along, Jen asked for details as to how well I had done and was pleased that I had got him pushing back against me. Now that we were alone, it was time for me to pay her back - Jen had made me promise to do something special for her when she had agreed to let me eat her with hte door open the previous night. Seeing as I’m meant to do whatever she says when I’m at her place, I hadn’t paid any attention (and I was distracted by her taste anyway) and had agreed without thinking about it. I told her that of course I would do anything she wanted (there are a couple of things that I really wouldn’t do, but she knows about those and isn’t likely to ever ask me to do them anyway).

I asked her what she wanted to do and she told me to remove my shirt and go fetch her a pair of panties. I went up and got a pair of Lucy’s (she didn’t specify that they had to be her ones) and Jen pulled her dress off and put them on. We kissed for a while and stroked each other (still standing in the kitchen doorway) and Jen said that we needed to go into the bathroom. I had to remove my panties and then go fetch towels for us (which I did). I had a pretty good idea of the general sort of thing we were going to do so climbed into the bath when instructed. We stood and kissed again and when I stroked Jen’s panties I could feel that they were now somewhat damp. I asked her what she wanted me to do and she said that it would be my job to keep her in place and stroke her. She lay down at the end of the bath with her legs up against the wall and wiggled even further down so she was resting on her shoulders. She told me that Mike had sent her some watersports videos with girls in similar positions and thought it might be fun for us to try.

I had to hold Jen’s legs in place (or at least help support her) and rub her panties while she slowly peed (a little at a time). After a little while, she asked me to pull her panties off and play with her pussy properly. I used different techniques – pumping two fingers into her, stroking her clit and rubbing back and forth over her cunt while she continued to slowly let out little squirts of pee. I had to do the same thing and my panties were soon sodden, so Jen told me to remove them. Sometimes my pee ran down my legs and other times (generally when I let out a larger squirt), it would spray over Jen. I started to concentrate on Jen’s clit and she said that she was getting close to cumming, but wanted me to lick her. I was a little hesitant, but I had promised to do what she wanted so I lowered my mouth to her pussy and started to lick. Jen stopped peeing while I was licking her and I carried on until she said that she was getting close to cumming. She warned me that she was going to let go and asked me to do the same, so I pulled back from her pussy and positioned myself so I could pee on her.

She wasn’t joking either – I thought that she wouldn’t have much left in her, but when she started to cum, she peed at full force. I started peeing on her and rubbed her clit (which was very messy). Jen sounded like she was really enjoying what was happening so I carried on rubbing until her orgasm had completely finished. When I looked down, I could see that she was drenched. I helped her up as she was a bit dizzy from having her head down for so long. Jen appreciated what I had done for her and said that she wouldn’t ask me to do things like that very often, but checked that it might be okay every once in a while. As much as it isn’t my thing, as I’ve said before, I like making her cum and doing things that she enjoys, so I assured her that if it wasn’t too often, it was fine.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Yoghurt fuck

Mike has chastised me for not keeping up to date with postings on here. I'll put the next entry up on Sunday and another on Tuesday to make up for failing to do any this week. In my defence, I've been really busy since betting back from honeymoon and taking more time off...

Actually, Mike just wants me to spend time posting/replying so that he can fool around with me - I'm lying on my front and he is on top of me, sliding his cock back and forth between my ass cheeks. He has promised me that he will fuck me while I reply to comments, so here is the next entry and now it's comment time...

Woohoo - I've just noticed that I've made it to over 100,000 page views of my blog - here's to the next 100,000


On the way home, Mike told me that Lis had asked him a while ago to recommend some videos (this had come from a conversation that she. Vicky, Mike and I had had about such things). He had provided her with a number of anime and real lesbian videos and she had reported back that she had watched them with Vicky and even used some for inspiration. She didn’t specify in exactly what way – she is fairly open with Mike, but he doesn’t get the detailed descriptions of things that I do (well, not directly from Lis anyway – of course I tell him what she tells me). He had also provided Vicky with some videos, but she had been interested in ‘standard’ ones (her phrase) – meaning guy-girl action. Mike is a lot closer to Vicky than Lis and she has let on to him that even though she really likes Lis, she does miss having proper sex (her phrase again). If he thought that she was interested, I’m sure Mike would offer his services (they aren’t quite *that* close even though they flirt quite a bit) because even though he professes not to be a breast guy, he certainly has a bit of a thing for Vicky. To be fair, if he thought he stood a chance, he would offer to fuck Lis as well, but that’s even less likely to happen...

We didn’t fool around too much on the way home, but from exposing myself at the club and our conversation about Lis and Vicky’s sex life, we were both ready for something before going to sleep and so as I unlocked the door, Mike got the catch on my skirt, unzipped it and I let it slide to the ground. This is a bit riskier where I live than it is in York, but I bent down to pick it up and offered Mike a quick feel of my pussy before we headed in. I hadn’t even managed to remove my coat before Mike had his cock out and pushed me up against the wall. He rubbed along my pussy and slid into me, then said that he wanted my ass, but added that he would make it worth my while.

I told him to go ahead and we moved in to the bedroom, removing the rest of our clothes quickly on the way. Mike fished around in the drawer and pulled out a few things, then got me to kneel on the bed. He pushed into my cunt again (just to get wet), pulled out and positioned himself at the entrance to my ass and then slowly pushed in. Once he was a little way inside, he rocked back and forth until he had a good length sliding into me and he picked up one of the stronger vibrating eggs. I assumed he was going to use this on my clit, but he pushed the end of it between my lips and worked the whole egg into my pussy. I’ve had these inside me before, so this was nothing new (but an egg inside doesn’t do a great deal for me by itself). Mike said that he wanted to feel it on his cock and turned it up a few settings – he could feel the egg buzzing away in my pussy and said it felt really good. I told him to enjoy it and cum as much as he wanted (or could) and he once again told me that he would make it worth my while once he had finished.

It’s actually not often that Mike cums without at least aiming to make me cum at the same time (he says that watching/hearing/feeling me cum is pretty much the biggest turn on – and I understand what he means as I much prefer cumming *with* someone rather than just by myself). Nonetheless, he fucked my ass and I concentrated on the feelings his cock and the egg were giving me. It was certainly enjoyable and I knew I could have easily reached down, rubbed my clit and cum, but I wanted to see what he was going to do to me and wasn’t sure how much energy I had left for multiple sessions. As Mike got closer to cumming, I gently squeezed myself around him (this is much easier with anal sex) and this helped to finish him off. He came in me and I’m pretty sure I could feel his cock moving as he flexed it (I’m not sure how to describe this – it’s when he has an erection and says it’s like flexing a muscle – his cock moves slightly and gets slightly larger until he relaxes).

Mike pulled out of me and I removed the egg from my pussy. After a little recuperation time, he said that it was time to take care of me and I was instructed to lie on the bed with my ass near the edge. Mike lubed up two vibes and said he was going to do his best to reproduce a group scene that I had enjoyed in one of the videos we had watched earlier. I had a vibe inserted into my ass and another into my pussy – Mike fucked me with them and then leant down to use his tongue on my clit. I was instructed to play with my nips and I did so, but probably not with as much enthusiasm as I could have – not because I wasn’t enjoying things but because I was concentrating on what Mike was doing to me. It felt really good and with a bit of direction on speed, force and rhythm of fucking, it started to feel incredible. Mike did a good job of keeping his tongue in contact with my clit and he licked and flicked at it. I could feel my orgasm building and let out a long low moan which got higher as I got closer to cumming. My orgasm hit me hard and I’m told I made a ‘ngggghhhhh’ sound and my body stiffened. Mike continued to fuck me with both vibes while licking but I had to get him to ease off. He left the vibes in me and moved to kitty kissing me and as I calmed down, started to move the vibes again, but very gently and slowly (sort of how he moves inside me after he has cum).
I felt a nice warm glow and this didn’t stop when Mike pulled the vibes out and moved up beside me. It was the perfect time to go to sleep and once Mike slipped inside my pussy, I pressed back against him and we went to sleep fairly quickly.

I woke up first the following morning and wanted to reward Mike for the previous evening (although technically, that had been the reward for letting him use my ass). I very gently stroked up and down his cock until it started to respond and then applied a bit more pressure to get him fully hard. I hadn’t decided exactly what I was going to do and was torn between going down on him or trying to get him inside me, but he woke up and said that what I was doing felt really good. This decided it and I told him to lie on his back. I sat across his legs and practiced the hand job technique that he learned at the last party. This is actually quite a good position to be in to give a handjob and it was much less tiring. I told Mike that I wanted him to relax, enjoy what I was doing and give me a good view of him cuming. He did as I asked and I could feel his cock twitching in my hand as I worked and had to keep telling to stop moving as he kept arching his back slightly.

When he came, I got a really good view as his cum squirted out of his cock and splattered over his stomach. I immediately slowed my movements but still kept doing the little twist at the end until he had finished. My hand was covered in cum and I gave a couple of slow strokes up his cock while squeezing to milk out the last few drops. I wiped my hand clean on my breasts and then did my best to gather up the cum on his body and rub it over mine. I avoided rubbing any into my pussy as I figured that he wouldn’t be ready to fuck for a little while and I wanted to cum myself.

I ended up sitting over his face so I could see out of the window and he licked me, both inside and out of my pussy and around and over my ass. I could see people walking past on the other side of the street and knew it was only the relative darkness of the bedroom that was keeping me hidden from them. I asked Mike if he could keep going for a while and he gave a muffled yes, so I said I would try to hold back for as long as possible. Mike alternated the speed and pressure he used on me and I got very close to cumming a couple of times (and had to cheat and pull away from his mouth). I enjoyed driving myself crazy with the desire to cum but eventually I‘d had enough and wanted release so I told him to go for it. He held on to my thighs and licked me hard and fast. I had been close to cumming already, so it took very little time until I came. It felt like my pussy got very wet but I continued to rock back and forth against his face and he ate me until I moaned that I couldn’t take any more.

I moved off him and saw that I had indeed been quite wet – his whole face was covered with my juices and we kissed messily so I ended up with a fair amount of them on me. We definitely needed a shower, but we were also quite hungry so decided to get breakfast first. This started off fairly normally (apart from us both being naked), but we ended up taking turns sitting on the table while the other one ate yoghurt off their genitals. We were going to go and clean up in the shower (and finish playing while in there), but when I climbed down from the table, Mike said that we may as well finish things off where we were.

He put a big dollop of yoghurt on my breasts and rubbed it in, then poured on a bit more and rubbed it all over my chest, stomach and neck before getting me to lie down on the table and pushing his cock into my cunt. We fucked like this for a bit while he rubbed my clit and then got me to climb down. He poured yoghurt onto the table and I leant over it, using my breasts to smear it everywhere. I felt him pour some more over my back, which got rubbed all over me and then he emptied the pot over my ass (there wasn’t much left by this time) and I felt it run down my legs. We remained in this position to finish off – Mike fucked me quite vigorously and I ended up with his thumb in my ass. I reached between my legs and played with myself and had a nice dirty orgasm. Mike asked if he should cum in or over me and I left the choice up to him. He pulled out and was going to cum over me, but decided that it wouldn’t make a lot of difference given how much of a mess I was already, so buried his cock back in my cunt and pumped a few times before cumming.

We remained in this position for a little while and Mike started moving again after a few minutes. I asked him if he was up for another round, but he said he just wanted to be inside me. He did offer to finger or eat me if I wanted to cum again, but I said I had only asked as he had been moving. When he finally pulled out of me, we looked at the mess we had made and decided to do an initial clean while we were still messy. This didn’t work quite as well as we’d hoped as we kept leaving drips of yoghurt, but we got the bulk of the stuff done and then headed into the shower.

We showered very thoroughly – once our bodies and hair were clean, I basically wanked Mike under the jet and then sat on the edge of the bath and held myself open so he could rinse me out (there might have been a little licking as well, but not enough for either of us to cum). Once clean, we returned to the kitchen and cleared up the remainder of the mess. Mike kept threatening to smear more of the yoghurt over me and I did end up with a bit on my nipples, but he sucked them clean. We relaxed for the remainder of the morning and then planned on heading out to get a quick snack before Mike had to get his train. Clothes hadn’t entered into the equation up to this point, so we obviously had to get dressed. I chose an outfit that I thought Mike would like and this led to our lunch being delayed by a bit as Mike wanted to have a fondle of my legs (as I said, he likes opaque tights) and ended up rubbing my pussy while I stood in front of him. I ended up being thrown onto the bed and he went down on me through the tights. He said that this was better than using the dental dam as he could actually taste me (or at least he could once he’d been licking for long enough). I came relatively weakly (but it was still an orgasm so felt nice) and told Mike that I wanted some more of his cum.

We were definitely running a bit late now, so as a compromise, I pulled down the front of my tights and Mike rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy while wanking. He came over my pussy and I pulled the tights up before giving my crotch a rub – it wasn’t as good as feeling his cum leaking out of me, but at least I could feel the wetness so I was satisfied. Lunch ended up being fairly brief and we headed to the station – Mike managed to give me a bit of a rub while we waited and said that my whole crotch was now pretty wet and sticky (which wasn’t helped by his continuing to rub the area). He headed back to York and I went home to clear up and get ready for the week ahead.