Sunday, 21 August 2011

April 2011 Sex Party - Part 1

We’re up to mid-April now and another sex party. This one was actually before term but that was because it was exam term so they decided to have it early (and most of the people had come back early anyway to start to revise).

I headed down to York on the Friday evening as usual, dozing on the train and getting in early enough to head out to the pub and meet up with people (Mike met me at the station and we went to the pub together). It had only been a month since the last party and this was the first time I’d been back to York since then, so I wanted to spend as much time with people on the Saturday as I could (before disappearing off to the party anyway). The weather was meant to be good, so we arranged a picnic in the museum gardens and I managed to get to spend a bit of time with Lis to issue her with a challenge.

We didn’t stay too late as I was feeling fairly tired and wanted to be refreshed, but still managed to stop off for a quick fumble on the way home. On arriving, I dumped by stuff down and we set about saying hello properly. Mike’s hands immediately went under my skirt and he could tell that I hadn’t shaved for a few days (this was on purpose though so he could shave me on the Saturday). Not that this stopped him from fingering me while I pulled his cock out and then pushing me back onto the sofa so he could kneel down and eat me (and I think it makes up for some of the times he’s gone down on me without shaving and I’ve ended up with stubble burn). Mike licked around my cunt and ass and I held his head against me while I humped his face. He didn’t carry on long enough to make me cum, but got me nicely aroused, so when he suggested we head upstairs, I was eager to go.

We didn’t quite make it upstairs though (or at least not without a delay). I was in front and Mike kept fondling me and about halfway up, he wrapped an arm around me and started to play with me more seriously. I ended up kneeling on the stairs and he took me doggy style using long slow strokes. Despite our earlier haste, we took our time. I did have to get him to stop and give me his shirt to kneel on so I didn’t get carpet burns on my knees, but once this was sorted, we spent a while just slowly fucking. Mike pushed as deep as he could into me and I contracted myself around him – this seemed to be very effective and he said that he could cum like that if we continued. I was happy to give this a try but reached down between my legs to play with my clit and he helped my rubbing a thumb back and forth over my ass and gently pushing it into me.

We found that the position worked best when I contracted with him fully in me and tried to hold on to his cock while he pulled out. It was only near the end that he thought he needed to move faster, but he came in me pretty soon after he started to do this. I wasn’t quite ready to cum, but he stayed pressed deep inside me while I rubbed my clit and got off. I covered my pussy with my hand as I stood up and climbed the rest of the stairs and only let go when we got to the bathroom. His cum ran out of me and I spread my legs so we could watch it drip out. Once I was mostly empty, I went to pee and we finished the preparations for bed.
Mike didn’t think he was up to another round, but he was hard enough to be inside me (or at least he was after I told him about some of the things I had planned). He fucked me from behind while rubbing my clit and gave me another very satisfactory orgasm and we fell asleep with him still in me (this is a real advantage of him not cumming again – he can stay hard longer).

On the Saturday morning, I woke up with Mike’s cock rubbing between my ass cheeks. I asked him if he felt that he was up to cumming after his sleep and he just told me ‘of course’ and pushed his cock between my legs. I pressed it against my pussy and his cock slipped between my lips and rubbed up and down the length of my slit and over my clit. I really like doing this as it seems to get me wet nice and quickly and also lubricates Mike’s cock so when he finally does push into me, it is really smooth. He fucked me between my legs for a few minutes and whispered all sorts of dirty things into my ear. I told him to get inside me, but he said he wanted me to suck him clean first so I could taste my cunt off his cock. After quickly moving around, we lay on our sides, his head between my thighs and his cock in my mouth and he ate me while I cleaned him off. We spent longer doing this than I had anticipated and both of us got quite close to cumming. I told him that I didn’t care if he came in my mouth as long as he fucked me afterwards and Mike decided that one cum would be enough that morning (he wanted to save his energy for the party that night) and so moved around so we could do things properly.

We just went for the standard missionary position – Mike rubbed his cock up and down my cunt again (being careful to try to keep it between the lips as I was still stubbly) and then pushed all the way into me in one stroke. I didn’t want to play around any longer and wrapped my legs around him and used my heels on his ass to push him into me. Mike was happy to oblige me and used long hard strokes in and out of me while we kissed. I reached down between us and got my fingers onto my clit and started to rapidly frig myself. I moaned into his mouth that I wasn’t going to take long to cum and he said that he was quite close as well so I should just let go and enjoy myself. (not that I was intending on doing otherwise). I carried on rubbing my clit and started panting as I neared orgasm. Mike sped up his movements but continued to use long strokes and I loved the feeling of almost the whole length of his cock sliding in and out between my lips. I kept telling him that I wanted to feel his cock all the way in me and as my orgasm started, he told me he was going to empty his cum deep into my cunt. He came not too long after me and pushed hard into me, I was sure I could feel his cock twitching inside me as he came and I wrapped my legs around him as far as I could to hold him in place.

He rolled off me and despite it having felt like he came deep in me, cum started to leak out straight away. I smeared it over my pussy and told him that I needed a shave (which of course he knew). We stayed in bed and chatted for a little while before getting up for breakfast. Once we had recharged, it was time to start getting ready for the day and we headed up to shower. Mike cleaned his cum out of my pussy (or at least the bits he could reach) and was going to shave me when we had a better idea. It was quiet a nice morning so we took all of the things out to the garden along with a bowl of hot water and I lay in the middle of the lawn and spread my legs. Mike got me prepared (hot flannel and then foam) and took his time to shave me. I still have the little patch of hair on my mons which he trimmed with the attachment on his electric shaver, but the rest of my pussy was shaved smooth. After rinsing me off, he did the usual tongue test and carried on until I came.

Of course, by this point, he was nice and hard again (letting him eat me is the best way to get him hard) and I thought it only polite to offer myself to him to relieve himself. I knelt up on all fours and presented myself and he slipped into my waiting cunt. He fucked me for a few minutes and obviously enjoyed it, but said he needed to save himself for later on so he pulled out. He held my ass in place though and knelt down to give it a lick – this turned into quite a thorough licking and he nearly made me cum yet again. He left me hanging though and said that if we were going to have fun in the day, it would be better this way (and I knew he was right), so we headed in and got dressed.

I’ve been seeing a lot of girls in denim skirts and shorts recently and decided to try out one of my new skirts (losing weight is expensive, but gives the opportunity to get nice new things). It was mid-thigh length and a little tighter than my usual skirts, but not so tight that I couldn’t spread my legs. I went with a fairly tight top (and bra) and left my legs bare so I could enjoy the sun and try to get something of a tan. After a few calls to arrange who was providing what food, we headed off to the shops to get provisions and wandered along to the museum gardens to meet up with people.

As soon as they arrived, I quietly asked Lis if she and Vicky had accepted my challenge and was delighted to hear that they had. The previous evening, I had suggested we see if Vicky or I could be more daring in how much we showed off (she seems to think that she is quite daring, so I want to encourage this). I noticed that Vicky’s skirt was fairly long and floaty, but was prepared to see how things turned out. Lis had a much shorted flippy skirt on (my favourite type) and once we had laid out the blankets, I sat down facing them so give them a view up my skirt.

Vicky folded her skirt up when she sat down and let it slide up her legs. She knows that Mike has a thing for legs and I was surprised to see that when she parted her legs, she didn’t just do it in my direction, but seemed well aware that Mike would be able to see up her skirt as well. We had a clear view up to her pussy (although it was obviously in the shadows of her skirt) and I encouraged her by spreading my legs a bit more and sitting cross legged. This gave a really good view up my skirt and I knew I had to be careful as there were other people around, but I stayed like this for a minute or so until someone walked past. Lis was a bit more careful and allowed me a little peek up her skirt, but kept closing her legs. She wasn’t as eager to show off to Mike, but was enough that I could see she didn’t have panties on though so I was happy at least and Mike had to hide the bulge in his crotch.

We sat and chatted and I wasn’t as discreet as I could have been given my attire. I wasn’t being too blatant about it, but did give views up my skirt to a few of my friends. I think that Valerie may have noticed (but didn’t say anything) and I know that a couple of the guys noticed and a new guy from the lab almost ended up having a conversation with my crotch (he wasn’t at all subtle about looking). After lunch, we did a bit of sunbathing and this gave the opportunity to lie on our fronts and pull our skirts up a bit. We couldn’t be too daring as there were children around, but Mike acted at the lookout (Vicky and Lis obviously knew that he was in on the game). I was impressed at how far Vicky dared to hike her skirt up – I couldn’t see properly as I was lying down, but Mike said that it was almost showing her ass. I couldn’t get mine that high, but did part my legs enough to feel the air on my pussy. Lis didn’t do too bad a job either and had hers pulled up to the top of her thighs (enough that Mike said he got a bit of a view of her pussy.

The sun was quite warm so we didn’t stay out for too long (I really didn’t want to get burned, so moved into the shade. People tried to get us to go out with them that evening, but we made excuses about having to meet people about wedding things. I know that Vicky and Lis know (or are fairly certain) that we were lying, but they went along with it and didn’t say anything. We did manage to arrange brunch for the Sunday and mid-afternoon, we packed up our things and headed home.

We had a little rest and got up in time to have some dinner and freshen up with a quick shower. We teased each other a bit more with hands and mouths just to make sure we were ready (which we certainly were) and then headed off. The party was at the same place as the previous time (the larger house), but we now knew the way and got there at 9pm on the dot. We were one of the first (other than the people who lived in the house) and we helped to get things ready for everyone (just putting out beers and boxes of condoms/dental dams for those who use them). It was still a nice evening so we sat out in the garden and chatted. I had changed into one of my pleated skirts and had changed my bra to one that allowed my nipples to get some air (but still provided a lot of support to I had a very ample cleavage). I didn’t have anything else on my legs (socks or panties) and loved that I could be less careful about how I sat than I’d been at the picnic.

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