Wednesday, 24 August 2011

April 2011 Sex Party - Part 2

One of the other guys asked I he could have a feel and I spread my legs a bit wide for him and watched as his hand slid up my legs and onto my pussy. His fingers fumbled around my cunt and pushed into me and Mike asked if he was allowed to return the favour with the guy’s girlfriend. She had been sitting watching us and stroking the guy’s crotch (his jeans were still done up, but he clearly had an erection) and she shifted over and said that Mike could do what he wanted. I really *really* wish we had found out about and started going to the sex partiers earlier, but I guess we all (including Jen) had to be in the right frame of mind for them and they could have done a lot of harm if we had rushed things. We were certainly in the right frame of mind now and Mike helped the girl hike her skirt up above her waist and he then pulled her panties off and threw them away. They started to kiss while he fingered her. She quickly had her hands in his jeans and I watched as she freed his cock and rubbed it against her leg. I thought that I should get a bit more involved and helped the guy fingering me get his cock out so I could have a play with it. Meanwhile, Mike had already pulled the girl’s top off and was sucking on her nips (which she seemed to like quite a bit.

I asked my fingerer if he wanted to play with my breasts as well and quickly removed my top. I left my bra on, but as he pawed and sucked at my breasts, it started to get in the way, so I quickly pulled it off and we lay down again. I glanced over and saw that the girl was eagerly wanking Mike’s cock and his hand was busy between her legs. I couldn’t see this, but he later told me that she had moaned whenever he rubbed a finger over her ass and so he had pushed a knuckle partway into her ass and she had really seemed to enjoy this.

The guy fingering me was humping against my thigh and I decided it was time to get a condom on him just in case he came too near my cunt (or over it), so I quickly grabbed one and told him I would suck him off if he wanted (he did). His girlfriend thought this was a good idea and so offered to do the same for Mike and once he had also got rubbered up, we both went to work. The guys continued to finger us, although we weren’t in as good a position – I was determined to make my guy cum before Mike did and used both my hand and mouth to please him. I could feel his fingers moving faster and faster in me (but not really on my clit) and he said he was going to cum and told me to keep going. I felt his cum fill the condom and I sucked as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and swirled my tongue around the head over and over.

When he pulled out of my mouth, I could see he had cum a fair bit but I didn’t give him time to rest and told him I wanted to cum. To his credit, he knelt between my legs and started to finger me properly again while kissing and licking my breasts. I could hear Mike breathing hard and looked over – the girl had his cock in her mouth and was lying so I could see his fingers working on her pussy. He noticed me looking and spread her cheeks so I could see exactly what he was doing and I had a good view of her cunt (which was also shaved) glistening with her juices. Mike said (to her) that he was about to cum and I watched him pump his hips and fuck her mouth. She didn’t keep him in her mouth for long after he had cum, but it looked like she wasn’t too far behind him so was probably quite distracted. I was getting quite close and humped back against the fingers that were rubbing me. I told him to press a bit harder on my clit and then had my first orgasm of the night.

Mike said that as soon as I started cumming, he really sped up his fingering of the girl (he had wanted us to cum at the same time) but he didn’t quite manage this. I didn’t mind as it meant that by the time she came, my orgasm was over and I got to watch her cum. She had shifted position a bit so I didn’t have quite as good a view as before, but she made some incredibly sexy noises and nobody was left in doubt that she was cumming. Mike fingered her through her orgasm and then kissed her and toyed with her breasts while she caught her breath. We then moved back to sit with our partners and chatted for a while. I pulled the condom off Mike’s cock and stroked up and down, letting his cum cover my hand and then bent over and sucked him clean. In return, he played with my pussy – not enough to really do anything, but it’s still great fun being fingered in full view of people.

Having been part of the pre-show entertainment, we thought that we should watch some of the other people for a while. I was still topless (I was actually only wearing a skirt) and this allowed Mike to play with my breasts and pussy with relative ease as we enjoyed the sight of other people sucking fingering and fucking. A few people were in the bedrooms upstairs and we had a nice display by the pretty blonde girl and another girl both sucking a guy off with their bare asses bobbing around in the air (of course it would have been better if they had been  fingering each other at the same time, but...). The pretty girl ended up being fucked by her bf (doggy style) and we decided it was time for a bit more action.

I would have happily bent over the bed and let Mike fuck me (and hopefully got to kiss pretty blonde girl), but fortunately he has more self control than I do and we agreed that we would stick with our original plan for the night. We made a minor adaptation to it though and headed back out to the garden. I targeted a guy sitting with a couple of girls and sat beside him, letting my skirt ride up and display my pussy. One of the girls was topless and I complimented her on her breasts (which were a couple of cup sizes smaller than mine, but incredibly perky). I sat and gently stroked my nipples while we talked and asked the guy if he was ready (and willing) to do anything. He seemed quite interested and didn’t stop me when I started to rub his crotch and then slipped my hand into his trousers. I pulled his cock out and stroked up and down. With my other hand I reached over to the topless girl to have a play with her nipples, but she pulled away and said that she wasn’t gay. I apologised and she said it was fine and she wanted to watch so I turned my full attention to the cock in my hand.

He was a reasonable size and I used the stroke and swirl technique on him. I used my other hand between my legs (not that I needed any help in getting wet) and asked one of the other girls to pass me a condom. I got her to put it on him while I lifted my skirt and openly played with myself. I then gave his cock a few more strokes and knelt down on the grass with my ass in the air just as I had done earlier with Mike. He flipped my skirt up and pushed his cock into me and started pumping in and out. This was what I had been waiting for – the second cock ever to be inside my cunt. Of course I’d had multiple fingers and tongues make me cum and had played with a number of cocks, but this was the first cock apart from Mike’s to actually be inside me. We had debated making a big deal of it and letting whoever it was know, but it felt right just going with the flow and enjoying what happened.

He was actually quite a good fuck – he spread my ass cheeks and seemed to enjoy watching my cunt swallowing his cock over and over (just like Mike does). I started off on all fours, allowing my breasts to swing back and forth, but as he sped up his movements and pushed harder into me, I leant on one elbow and reached down to rub my clit. I could feel the cool grass on my nipples and he was fucking me so hard that I was slowly being pushed forwards. I was really enjoying what was happening and saw Mike closely watching us. He was standing off to the side and had his arms around the girl I had tried to feel up earlier. One hand was on her breasts and the other was between her legs. I didn’t want the guy fucking me to cum too quickly (and certainly not before I did) so I encouraged him to keep going, but to try to hold back for as long as he could. He told me he was getting quite close and was going to blow his load in me (his phrase). I told him to wait just a bit longer and rubbed my clit faster. As I got closer to cumming, I told him to fuck me harder and faster and moaned fairly loudly. I tried to squeeze my cunt around him but he was moving so fast that I don’t know if he could feel it. I let out a series of ‘oh yes’s and kept moaning while he continued to pile-drive his cock into me. He came and seemed to really enjoy it and pushed right into me a number of times before pulling out.

I would have quite liked him to stay pushed into me for a bit longer, but I had finished cumming anyway so wasn’t too bothered. I kept kneeling up but twisted my head around to look at his cock, shining with my juices and a nice load of his cum gather in the end of the condom. I could have happily lay down to recover, but thought I should finish off the occasion properly (even if it was only Mike and I who knew the occasion) so I crawled round and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked the condom clean of my juices (holding it carefully in place so his cum didn’t escape) and then sat down and admired the massive grass stains I had on my left arm and lower legs where I had effectively been fucked across the lawn. I didn’t bother to cover my pussy up and asked the guy if he had enjoyed himself. He said that he clearly had and had particularly enjoyed being able to go all out on me.

I looked over at Mike and saw that he was still standing behind the girl he had been fondling, one hand on her breasts and the other between her legs. She had her head bent back and they were kissing and she had his cock in her hand, rubbing it up against her thigh. Her skirt was raised enough that we could see his fingers working on her clit and she was either cumming or had just cum as her legs seemed somewhat shaky. I then noticed that he had cum on her leg and later found out that she had been wanking him most of the way through my little display and he had cum over her outer thigh. She had probably been cumming when I looked over and Mike had been supporting her weight.

They both sat down with us and Mike continued to play with her pussy (gently). He later said that he did this for me so that I had a chance to get a good look at it – although it was getting dark by this point so although I could see it reasonably well, it wasn’t as good a look as I would have liked. We watched another couple of couples doing things and for the first ones, I gently stroked the cock of the guy who had just fucked me (he had taken the condom off by this point) and for the second one, I lay face down on the grass and Mike lay on top of me and fucked me. He wasn’t quite ready to cum yet, but it helped add to the grass stains and still felt good.

We went in to wash up (hands) and see what else was going on. I bumped into bi-girl (who I hadn’t seen up until that point) and we kissed hello. She commented on my green patches and said it looked like I’d been enjoying myself and I slid a hand down her back, under her skirt and up to her bare ass and told her that I could enjoy myself a bit more if she was up for it. She asked what I had in mind gave me a sly little look that reminded me of Jen’s mischievous look. I slipped my fingers between her ass cheeks and onto her pussy and pulled her lips apart and said that I was open to any ideas she had. She didn’t pull away so I slid my other hand over her breasts, down her stomach and onto the front of her pussy. I didn’t look away from her while doing this and when my fingers found her clit, she gasped and said maybe we should find somewhere to continue. I wasn’t quite ready to move yet though and I pushed a finger into her pussy and slowly fucked her with it while I whispered in her ear that I wanted to eat her little cunt.

...I'm sure you can guess what happens in the next part...

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