Tuesday, 30 August 2011

April Sex Party - Part 3

Woohoo - I managed to rescue my blog entries (I *really* didn't want to have to rewrite the ones I'd already done)...

She kissed me and Mike rubbed my ass from behind. We quickly went upstairs and found a free bedroom. Bi-girl lay down on the bed and spread her legs and I rubbed my fingers u and down her pussy before pushing a couple of fingers into her and slowly fucking her. She told me to stop teasing her so I pulled out, placed a dental dam over her pussy and planted my mouth on it. Meanwhile, Mike has slid his cock into me and had started to slowly fuck me. I contracted myself around him and lapped up and down the length of bi-girl’s cunt. Even with the dental-dam, I could feel the texture of her pussy, the soft, warm skin squishing around under the pressure of my tongue and wished that I could taste her properly. Mike had started to rub my clit and I humped back against him in time with his thrusts. Mike said that he had an incredible view and bi-girl was obviously enjoying herself so I thought that we should try to make things last a little longer. I moved my head to the side so Mike could see and used my thumb to rub her clit. We had a couple of people watching us. Bi-girl is known to put on a good show – although I think I’m also getting a bit of a reputation for that – and I was determined that this would add to our reputations. Mike pushed a thumb a little way into my ass and used long strokes, pumping the whole way into my cunt. I alternated between licking and rubbing bi-girl and managed to keep her aroused for quite a while.

I was getting close to cumming by this point and told Mike to cum in me so he could help. He was quiet happy to do this and he rubbed my clit faster and pumped into me repeatedly until he came in me and I came around his cock. As soon as he had cum, he pulled out and took up position on the bed beside me. Between us, we pulled bi-girl’s legs apart further and both licked her (this isn’t actually that easy to do and was really more for show – trying to get two tongues onto one pussy means that neither of you can apply a great deal of pressure). After a bit more double teaming, we decided to take it in turns so we could really give her cunt a good lashing. When I was eating her, Mike kissed her and sucked on her breasts and I did the same when it was his turn between her legs. The whole build up really worked on her and bi-girl was more than ready to cum. When it was obvious that she was nearly there, Mike moved out of the way to let me finish off and I plated my face on her cunt and gave her everything I had left. I felt Mike pulled my pussy open and his tongue push into me (which was a bit of a surprise as he’d just cum in me, but I guess as his third cum of the night there probably hadn’t been much). He ate me just as hard as I was working on bi-girl, but she was a long way ahead of me and let out a long grunt as she pushed her cunt up in the air and held my head in place. I didn’t stop eating until she panted that she’d had enough and I then eased off but continued to kitty kiss her (maybe a little more forcefully than I usually would, but I remembered from the previous party that she seemed to like it fairly hard and she certainly didn’t complain).

When she had completely finished cumming, we moved up beside her, Mike on one side and me on the other. I couldn’t help myself from humping against her leg (Mike had done a fairly good job of eating me) and I noticed that he was still hard and sort of rubbing his cock against her other leg. We took a breast each and licked and sucked on her nipples. She tried to close her legs a couple of times, but we opened them again and took turns at toying with her pussy. We still had a few people watching us and I asked if they would like to see her cum again (which they did) so I told her that she had to keep the crowd happy. With her legs pulled apart, two sets of fingers working on her cunt and a mouth on each nipple, her exhibitionist tendencies won out over her tiredness and she let us carry on playing with her. I didn’t think it would be fair to draw things out too long, but two hands are definitely better than one in these situations and with one of us fingering her and the other toying with her clit, she reached her second orgasm much faster than her first.

I carried on humping against her leg and it was obvious that I was now turned on enough to cum again. Both Mike’s and my hands were covered in her juices so I asked if anyone wanted to finger me and someone stepped up. I lifted my ass in the air and he used a couple of fingers in me and Mike told him to rub my clit as well. I kissed bi-girl deeply while this happened and was more turned on than I thought as I came after not too long (I think knowing that I was giving the crowd such a good view of my cunt might have helped things along).

I curled up beside bi-girl and asked her if we’d done a good job and she said it had been really good and hoped I’d enjoyed it as well. I jokingly told her that we should do it again sometime and we kissed and said it was a date. I asked Mike if he wanted to do anything else (he was still hard) but he said that he thought it would be a while before he was ready (despite the erection). The three of us headed downstairs and bi-girl pointed out the ‘straight’ girl she had targeted that night. She was reasonably cute and after some encouragement from her bf, had let bi-girl eat her, but hadn’t reciprocated (which is just rude if you ask me). She apparently has quite a cute little pussy though which made up for it (I didn’t get to see this though as she had her skirt on).

There were some people still fooling around in the garden, but the lights were attracting insects so most people had headed indoors. We found giant cock guy fucking a girl and I gave him a hand by stroking the base of his cock and as she got closer to cumming, gave the girl’s clit a bit of a rub. Being so close meant that I got a good view of her cunt stretched around his cock and I was very tempted to push a couple of fingers into her when he pulled out, but she looked like she was already fucked out so I didn’t play with her any more. I let giant-cock guy rub his cock clean between my breasts as he seemed to admire them last time.

We hung around a while longer but not much else happened (other than talking). I realised that I hadn’t managed to get anyone to cum over me, but give what we had done, was quite happy with the evening. Mike had been made to cum by three different girls (including me) and had made (or helped to make) four cum, so he was also happy. As people started to leave, we gathered our things and headed home. I didn’t put my bra back on and only did up one button on my top. My legs were covered in grass stains and even when we had showered, there were still green marks all over my front.

We called Jen and told her about the evening and she reminded me that I now owed her for having agreed to all of this. I’ve actually had to censor my entries and hide all of the discussions that Mike, Jen and I have been having about things we want to do so I don’t give away any secrets of what is going to happen in future entries. I would be interested to know if you (my readers) prefer this or would like to know what we have planned (we don’t get to do everything we discuss and plan). If you have an opinion, please leave a comment.

While we talked to Jen, she had a play with herself and Mike decided that he could probably manage one further orgasm for the night. Jen was alone in the hose (Lucy was over at Ramon’s place) and Jen decided to spice things up a bit. She took the powerful vibe and went into Lucy’s room. Jen used one of Lucy’s vibes in her cunt and our strong vibe on her clit and fucked herself on Lucy’s bed. We put Jen on speakerphone and I knelt up on the bed. Mike took me from behind and did his best to fuck me even harder than the guy on the lawn had done. I alternated between moaning down the phone at Jen and playing with my clit and holding the phone beside my cunt so she could hear Mike’s body slapping against my ass as he fucked me. Jen did a good job of making lots of noise as she came and we carried on fucking for a few minutes before I came and Mike finally came in me (although whether he had much cum left by this point was doubtful). Jen hid Lucy’s vibe back in the drawer before heading back into her own room and we said goodnight and went to sleep (Mike didn’t stay hard so couldn’t fall asleep inside me).

The following morning, my pussy felt a little sore so instead of Mike eating and then fucking me, he ate me and fucked my ass (which he was quite happy to do). He then spent quite a while gently rubbing and kissing my pussy until I couldn’t take it anymore and begged him to make me cum again. He told me that if I couldn’t hold back, I could make myself cum, but it would be interesting to head off to brunch with me so aroused. I told him he was being mean, but I’ve been practicing my self control and so told him I would resist whatever he did. We showered again and he teased me a bit more and just before we headed out the door, he bent me over the sofa and gave my pussy and ass another really good licking. I couldn’t hold back from moaning and Mike encouraged me to resist cumming (which I managed). He was very hard and to get my own back, I knelt in front of him and gave his cock a suck before plonking myself down on it and flexing my cunt around him. I carried on doing this until we really had to leave and he had to take a jacket so he had something to hold in front of his crotch while we walked (the good thing about being female is not having this problem).

We weren’t the last to arrive and managed to get to sit next to Vicky and Lis. While we talked, Mike continued to fondle me under the table – Lis could see what his hand was doing and when she pointed it out to Vicky, he got me to lift my skirt and let them see his fingers on my pussy. I told Lis to pass on the message to Vicky that I dared her to copy us and after checking that nobody would see, I was impressed to watch her pull Lis’ hand between her legs and press it against her crotch. It was on the outside of her skirt, but she allowed Lis to rub her for a while until more people turned up and others came and sat beside us.

I quietly asked Lis if she had enjoyed doing that and if she would have let Vicky do it to her. While I know Lis would love to let everyone know about her and Vicky, she isn’t anywhere near as much of an exhibitionist and Vicky and I (although I think I might be getting through to her) and she said that she would have probably let her touch her. I managed to calm down a bit during the meal, but knew I needed to cum before the train journey (in case it was too busy for a play on the train). We stayed with people for a while and Mike suggested that Lis come to the station to see me off with him (the bastard), so I was still horny when I boarded the train. Because the weather was still quite good, I didn’t even have a jacket on so there was no last-minute hidden fondle. Fortunately, I managed to find a suitably quiet part of the train and very quickly fingered my clit and came. It wasn’t actually that satisfying an orgasm and I spent the rest of the journey conjuring up a nice fantasy and getting really involved in it.

I rushed home from the train station, got into my apartment and grabbed some toys. I was now ready to burst and called Jen (I wasn’t going to give Mike the satisfaction given it was his fault I was in this state). I told her how horny I was and that I need to cum and she said that she was around someone’s house, but that I could put on an audio performance if I wanted. I really didn’t care and described everything I did to myself and the fantasy I’d concocted on the train. I went into explicit detail about how my pussy felt like it was on fire, how I was filling it up and fucking myself with a vibe, how I was using an egg on my clit and especially how incredibly good it felt when I came (the latter part wasn’t really a description, but I think the noises I made left no doubt in anyone’s mind).

It was only when I had finished that I thought to ask who was listening in – I knew that I hadn’t mentioned anyone there (other than Jen – but I’m allowed to fantasise about her) but wondered if I had just really shocked Ramona. Fortunately, it was some people from the group who have seen me cum a number of times, so I relaxed (although knew I would be teased during my next visit). I then called Mike and told him what I’d just done and he tried to get me to cum again, but I wasn’t up for it (and was still punishing him).
After getting everything ready for the week ahead, I had another conversation with Jen (and just Jen) and we went over things properly and each played with ourselves. Jen sounded quite wet and when she put the phone by her pussy I could hear squelching as she pumped her fingers into herself. I had a much gentler orgasm that time, but it was nicer as I could take my time to enjoy it and I told Jen that I couldn’t wait to see her again so I could taste her. She told me that she had an interesting weekend lined up and I should be prepared for it – I told her that I would expect no less (but that’s the next entry).


  1. I would prefer if you DID tip your hand to upcoming events. Gives the reader a good read as well as a 'preview of cumming attractions' (Pun totally intended)

  2. I'll try to add a few more things in, but if you found out that we'd had a session where every single one of Jen's friends had been allowed to fuck or finger me for the whole night*, wouldn't it spoil the bits where I am just being teased in front of them?

    * Spoiler - this doesn't happen.

  3. It all depends on how it's revealed.
    For example during the teasing part you can tip your hand that things develop more without giving away the whole cake so to speak.

  4. I'll try to add a few things in to keep you interested without giving to much away