Sunday, 7 August 2011

Fun in the woods

I'm just about to head back home now and depending on how late I arrive, I'll reply to comments.


We’re up to the start of April now and Mike came up to visit me.

Our Saturday started off in one of the usual ways (me riding Mike’s cock and him emptying a nice load of cum into me). After breakfast, during which time Mike showed me some of his newest pornographic anime acquisitions, we decided to head out for a walk as the weather was quite nice, so we spent a little time on Google maps, packed up some provisions and headed out. We ended up at a country park/nature reserve and wandered around the lake. As it got closer to lunchtime, we decided to find somewhere away from everyone else so that we could eat lunch undisturbed (and have the option of doing other things undisturbed).

We headed into the woods and walked for about 20 minutes to be sure that we were a good distance away from the general crowds (there weren’t *that* many other people at the lake, but we wanted privacy). We managed to find a little clearing and after moving a couple of branches, had a suitable place to lay out the blanket and sit down to eat. Over lunch, I slipped off my shoes and as we ate, I caressed Mike’s crotch with my foot. I was wearing black opaque hold ups as I know Mike likes them (a lot of the girls in the various anime he watches wear similar things). I wasn’t giving him a proper foot job, but I did enough that I could feel his cock harden and after he had straightened things out a bit, he ended up nice and firm.

Between the rubbing and my stockings, it ended up being too much and Mike pulled his jeans and boxers down so I could touch him directly. I used both feet on him now – he loved the way the material felt (all part of his opaque tights obsession I guess) and I could feel his cock making little jumps between my feet. I was sitting facing him with my knees apart (so I could get a foot roughly on each side of his cock) and pulled up my skirt so I could have a little play with my clit while I worked. It was clear that Mike was really enjoying what was happening, but I’m not convinced that foot jobs are actually effective at making people cum – expect maybe people with foot fetishes and Mike only has a leg fetish (or if they are, then I don’t think I can do them that well). I took a little chocolate spread (we do plan for these things) and smeared it onto the head of his cock before licking it clean as if it was a lollypop. I then proceeded to suck him off, occasionally adding a little more spread (but not too much as I’m still dieting for the wedding).

Mike reached over me and pulled up my skirt so he could rub my ass and managed to get his fingers far enough down to play with my pussy lips, but he couldn’t properly reach my clit so he just alternated between teasing me and spreading my lips. I got him quite close to cumming, but he said that he wanted to be able to screw me properly (i.e. cum in me), so asked me to stop and let him have a turn. I was quite happy to let him do this so I lay back, spread my legs and he smeared some of the spread around my pussy before proceeding to lick me clean. While he ate me, I undid my blouse and pulled my bra down to free my breasts. Thanks to Jen’s tutoring, I’ve come to appreciate them a bit more and while my nips certainly aren’t as sensitive as Jen’s, I knew that I could add something to the mix by playing with them.

Mike noticed what I was doing and he moved up and put a dollop of chocolate on each nipple. Of course, by moving up my body his cock was now pressing against my leg and he humped against me while he licked my nipples clean. He then rubbed some of the spread on my neck and I leant my head back to allow him to lick it clean. As he moved up to start licking there, he slipped his cock into me and I instinctively pushed back against him so he was buried inside me. While he licked and kissed at my neck, I squeezed myself around him and he said that it felt much stronger than it used to (it’s good to know that all those exercises have paid off). He continued to kiss and lick my neck long after I was clean and I ended up getting quite close to cumming. He hadn’t really been moving much in me and had just continued to stay pressed deep inside, but he said that he was still enjoying it too much and needed to calm down so that we could do things properly, so he pulled out of me and took up residence again between my legs. I felt him smear another blob of spread over me and he hungrily ate it off. I was already quite close to cumming, so it didn’t take long before my orgasm started and I panted my way through it. It didn’t last for too long and Mike kitty kissed me for a while after, before moving up beside me and kissing me.

I lay with my legs spread and allowed his hands to roam over my body (especially my neck, breasts, pussy and legs). As we proceeded, he pushed his cock against my thigh more and I asked him if he wanted to fuck. Mike lay on his back and just to make sure I wasn’t too far behind him, I climbed over his face and he ate me again. I lifted my skirt so my pussy was exposed to the world, but dropped it when I heard something and gave Mike a nudge to tell him to stop. I waited and listened out to see if anyone was coming – not that Mike having stopped really made things much better as his cock was still standing to attention and my blouse was open with my breasts hanging loose. I couldn’t hear anything else other than forest sounds (we were far enough from the lake that we couldn’t even hear the people there) and I told him he could continue. He resumed his licking and I leaned forwards to rub his cock (I didn’t want him to be too far behind me either).

It didn’t take long for us to get back into the mood and I climbed off Mike’s face and planted myself on his cock. He held my hips and guided me up and down slowly – also holding my skirt up out of the way so he could watch my cunt swallowing his cock. We fucked at a number of different speeds to draw things out a bit, but soon enough it was clear that we both wanted to cum and we started to get serious. We ended up in what has become our usual way of finishing things of when I am on top – I lay down so my breasts were pressed against Mike and we could kiss and he kept his hands on my ass, holding me in place, while he rapidly pounded in and out of me. He had my skirt pulled up completely so my ass was fully exposed and between kissed, we whispered to each other about him filling my cunt with cum.

A couple of times, we heard noises in the bushes again, but were too far along to stop by this point and instead of being distracted by them I used them to my advantage and constructed my usual fantasy. I imagined that there were a number of people watching us and that as I got closer to cumming, they came out of the bushes and surrounded us. One of them pushed his cock into my ass and started to fuck me and the others jerked off and covered me with their cum. Not that I imagine that that Mike would enjoy being covered in man-cum, but it was my fantasy, so tough...

It wasn’t as if I really needed any help to cum – this position is always very effective and doing it outdoors again was certainly helping, but a good fantasy is always worthwhile.  Moaned to Mike that I was really close and he told me to cum whenever I wanted as he wasn’t far behind me. I told him to fuck me harder and as he cock pounded into me and our crotches repeatedly slapped together I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching. Mike fucked me most of the way through my orgasm as I moaned into his ear (and imagined the other guys working on my ass and cumming over me). Mike came as I was nearing the end of my orgasm and I pictured his cum squirting up inside my cunt (as we had seen happening in explicit detail in the anime earlier that morning). I could certainly feel that my cunt was a lot wetter and was pleased that he had obviously enjoyed our session as much as I had and after he pushed into me a few more times, we stopped and rested with me still on top of him.

Mike rolled us over, keeping my skirt hiked up behind me and then slipped out of me. I raised myself up on my elbows and enjoyed the feeling of his cum dribbling out of me and running down over my ass. I decided to make the most of the opportunity and lay back down with my legs spread and feet almost together and pulled my blouse down to my sides so my breasts were properly exposed. Mike squeezed out a couple more drops of his cum onto my thigh and used his (now softer) cock to rub them over my leg. I was now lying in a little puddle of cum and we joked about how much he had cum – it certainly seemed to be more than usual and I told him about the fantasy I had been having while we’d been fucking.

By about mid-afternoon, we decided it was time to head back and despite it having been a fair amount of time since we had finished fucking, when I got up properly, another batch of cum slipped out of my pussy and down one leg. We were both surprised that I still had any cum left in me, but I just allowed it to run down my leg (there wasn’t a great deal) and we finished packing things up and set off. It was a nice walk back through the forest and I guess the fact that we both felt satisfied made it all the nicer. By the time we got home, Mike’s cum had dried in and we dumped our things and headed out to get food for dinner.

Over dinner we finalised arrangements for another set of wedding things, talked about friends and decided to spend the evening going through some more of the things we had found on the internets (this is how we get most of our ideas for new things). As I said before, most of the stuff that Mike had brought with him was anime, but there was a good selection including straight sex, masturbation, cute lesbian sex and alien tentacle sex. We re-watched one of the clips from that morning where a girl was being fucked by two guys and you could see their cocks moving inside her (it was a sort of cut-away view). It gave a really good view of her cunt and ass walls contracting and expanding around the cocks as they moved and then a wonderful view of their cum pouring out and filling her.

I then showed Mike some of my new finds and we started to spoon while looking at them. I had a selection of girls masturbating, either alone or in couples (mostly web cam captures) and some new ones (for us) of Pavlina being fucked and receiving cum shots. I also had some nice videos of girls fucking large cocks – some ending with creampies and some with cum shots. We continued to fuck while we watched all of these (with occasional pauses to queue up some more videos) and Mike ended up rubbing my clit which was enough to send me over the edge. He kept rubbing and fucking me even when I had finished cumming and it felt very intense, but I endured it until he finally came. He later explained how much of a turn it was having me continually moaning and panting (even it is was in a slightly different way to when I’m actually cumming) and he promised me that he would give me a good licking (once I was feeling up to it).

It took a little while for my clit to recover, but we watched a few more videos and this helped to arouse my interest a little quicker than may have happened otherwise. Mike hadn’t left as much cum inside me as he had earlier in the day, but I was still a bit messy and suggested that he give one of the dental dams a try (I’d told him about Jen and I having a play with him the previous week). We experimented with them and he said that he quite liked the idea of being able to eat me without tasting his cum, but he didn’t like the feeling of the material and that he enjoyed the soft, squishy skin a lot more. He also said that even with the taste of his cum, it was nicer actually being able to taste me, but he persevered and made me cum with the thing still in place.

We decided not to spend the whole night in and to got dressed to go for a drink. I wasn’t ready to do anything more, but knew that we would probably do so when we returned, so I planned ahead to make sure I was ready and put on a very short skirt. We went to a bar that I had been introduced to by some of my work friends. It’s main attraction (for me) was that it had a number of places that I could stand that would allow people on lower levels to see up my skirt.

It was a lot darker than the previous time I had been there, but we got a drink each and stood in strategic places chatting. Due to the darkness, it wasn’t as effective as I’d hoped, but Mike took advantage of this and slipped his hand under (what there was of) my skirt and fondled me a couple of times. We later managed to find somewhere that a light shone upwards and I stood half over it looking down with one foot resting up on a little bar in front of the glass barrier. I would have loved to have him fondle me while we were standing there, but I thought I was being blatant enough (and noticed a number of people looking up my skirt) – I think the fondling would have just probably got us thrown out.

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