Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I'm back from my honeymoon now and I'm a married woman (Mike didn't get any better offers). It was a really nice week and I got a nice surprise, but I haven't yet decided if I'm going to write about anything that happened (we might keep that week as 'our week').

I'm now actually back at my home (my Mum's home) as I haven't seen her much this year. It means I've had a chance to finally meet Sue's bf.  I'll post a long entry tomorrow from the end of March involving me getting Jen do do some more things. If I have any readers who would like us to try anything out, please let us know and (depending on exactly what the suggestions are), we'll happily give them a go and report back.


  1. Dear Andi,

    How can I possibly refuse an offer like that?

    I wrote to You some time ago with ideas about how to exploit Jen's weakness for watersports and I'd still like to see You try them, if they're not too extreme.

    I also like the idea of Ladies cumming in public against Their will, or at least Their better judgement. To be a little clearer, this might involve Jen wearing stimulators (vibrators or dildos) when in public and being made to keep them in and switched on until She cums. Alternatively She might ride a bike with a dildo inside Her. The idea is that She might be reluctant at the beginning, but by the end She'll be so desperate to cum that She's beyond caring - until it's all over, when She might be embarrassed by the spectacle She's made of Herself. A further refinement of this could be that She's in a situation where She's unable to remove the stimulators and has to enjoy/endure the whole cycle several times over. A way of achieving this might be to lock the stimulators into Her and leave the key at home!

    (The easiest way of doing this would be to padlock a chain through the belt loops of Her jeans. However, if more access is required, try fastening the chain round Her waist over Her panties and then between Her legs. A few simple cuts in the (cheap) panties through which You pass the chain should make it escape-proof. B&Q sell 10m of 3mm chain for less than £20, so You should be able to buy a few metres from a local hardware store, together with some padlocks, for under £10).

    Perhaps Jen could try this while flying to see You, having posted the padlock key (and confirmed receipt!) in advance, or before taking a long train journey. I'd still leave the key at home when You go to meet Her, though!

    Other situations which might provide the required conditions of lack of privacy, a static location and, preferably, a degree of nudity include a meal for two at a restaurant, the gym (perhaps in traditional schoolgirl PE kit of a navy blue cotton knickers and white Aertex topp, but no bra), swimming baths (I suspect Jen looks stunning in a bikini) and the cinema (imagine Her trying to keep quiet while She cums).

    You might also wish to ensure that Her nipples are prominent either by tying thread round them or using the tiny rubber washers available from hardware stores (about £1 per packet). (I'd place a strip of sellotape over Her nipples before binding them, though, just to make sure You can remove the bindings). Of course, You'll forbid Her to wear a bra whatever You decide (unless You're going swimming, when I don't think You'd get away without a bikini top!)

    (now anxiously waiting five months or more to read about it!)

  2. I haven't made Jen cum in public yet, but she has now cum in front of people I know (you';ll read about that in a while).

    I think we'll investigate ways to make her cum in more public places - whether she wants to or not has very little to do with it as she has to do what I want when visiting me.

    She keeps her watersport fetish a secret (from people she knows) so I'm not too sure about making her do those things anywhere that people we know might find out about them - we do have some agreements at to limits, but I'm sure I can come up with something...