Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lucy and Ramona - Part 1

I’ll try to keep this entry brief to help catch up... Hmm, well I had intended this weekend to be a single entry but I guess I failed at that. On the plus side, it was a good weekend and I am enjoying writing a bit more again so hopefully the entries will be better than they have been recently. I actually came three times while writing this (over different evenings) while lying naked on my bed (once with fingers, once with a vibe and once humping a pillow).


It was my turn to visit Jen again and after an uneventful flight (which was too busy for me to play with myself on). I had got an earlier flight, so we got back in time to meet up with people and spend some time out at the pub. It had been almost a month since my last visit so I spent most of the evening catching up with people (the ones who I don’t keep in regular contact with or get updates about from Jen).

The time we spent out was quite tame apart from on the way back home when someone asked what I had on under my skirt (I can’t remember how we got to talking about that, but it seemed to make sense at the time). I told them that it was nothing – as is the norm for me – but they wanted proof (to be fair, I usually have something on around them so that Jen can play with me without too much of me being shown off). Having been fully naked around most of them already, I’d been expecting more of the same, so I wasn’t bothered when Jules was told to run her hands up the back of my legs onto my ass – lifting the skirt as she did so. I thought that I should get involved properly, so I did the same to her (which was a bit more difficult as she had a very tight miniskirt on, but I got it up over her ass and gave her cheeks a good squeeze).

We went our separate ways, Jen, Lucy, Ramona and I heading back to Jen and Lucy’s place (yes I know I haven’t mentioned before that Lucy and Ramona sorted things out, but I thought I would leave it as a surprise). I had known that they got together fairly soon after Jen’s birthday, and have obviously been kept up to date by Jen regarding how things have been going, but I still didn’t know Ramona that well. While I was obviously very happy for Lucy (and it was obvious that she was happy), I knew that this could change things quite a bit. It meant that it was even less likely that we would ever get her to join us (and that hadn’t been that likely in the first place), but it also probably meant that we would have to be better behaved around the house (at least while she was there). I’d really been enjoying the games we’d been having, both with Lucy watching and her friends and didn’t want that to end, but was prepared to see what happened. Jen had suggested that we take things slowly and see if we could get Ramona as another willing audience member – she had already spent a fair amount of time with the LGBT crowd (and Mel and Jules aren’t known for being too discrete), but they had (mostly) been on their best behaviour at Lucy’s request.

Having said all that – I knew that I’d already just semi-exposed myself in front of her (or Jules had semi-exposed me), so when we got home I made sure that we toned it down a bit until we had headed off to our separate rooms. I had obviously kissed Jen hello at the airport and we had fooled around a bit at the pub, but now we could do things properly. It was the first time I’d got my hand under her skirt and I was pleased to see that she also didn’t have panties on (she gets to decide how things are done when I’m visiting her, so this was her choice). We moved onto the bed and kissed while we humped against each other. I didn’t want to make too much noise as I was half listening out for noises from Lucy’s room. Jen has told me that she has heard them doing things, but that they are generally quite quiet.

As much as I wanted to be able to listen to them, the pressure of Jen’s thigh on my pussy ended up distracting me (and as much as I’m attracted to Lucy, I’m more attracted to Jen), so I gave up and concentrated on what we were doing. I already had Jen’s top undone (no bra) so spent a while teasing her nips into hard little nubs and then rubbing my own breasts against them. Jen’s fingers worked their way down to my pussy and pushed into me, I moaned into her ear and told her how good this felt and she told me to get naked so we could do things properly. I eagerly obliged her and then helped to remove her clothing. We stayed standing and kissed for a while before returning to the bed.

I asked Jen what she wanted to do and she said that fingering was fine so we lay beside each other, kissed and fingered each other. Jen’s pussy was delightfully wet and slippery and as she got closer to cumming, I told her that I wanted to taste her afterwards and described how I was going to lick around every part of her pussy until she was clean. She seemed to enjoy my description and I nuzzled her neck and ear while she came so I could hear her mewing as her orgasm pulsed through her body. I was quite close to cumming and Jen resumed fingering me. I told her that she could just use her fingers on me, but I wanted her to lie over me so I could taste her and she climbed over me in a 69 position. Her scent was very strong and I did as I’d said and licked the whole area clean. Jen continued to finger me, expect now she used two fingers in me and her other hand on my clit. I moaned my appreciation to her and as I got close to cumming, I felt her tongue replace her fingers on my clit. She flicked at it while pumping two fingers into my cunt and I came, burying my face in her pussy so I didn’t make too much noise.

My aim had been to get Jen sufficiently excited to want to cum again and when I finished cumming, I asked her if I could continue to lick her. She had certainly been enjoying what I was doing so it didn’t take much convincing. I told her that I didn’t need to cum again and she should just relax and enjoy what I was going to do. I managed to convince her to change positions and we ended up with my head at the foot of the bed with her over me and the door wide open. There was no noise from Lucy’s room, but we had our light on and if Lucy or Ramona had opened the door, they would have had a direct view of Jen’s rear in the air with my tongue working on her pussy. I spread Jen’s cheeks and pussy lips with my fingers and concentrated on getting her off (again) which took surprisingly little time. She had sort of been kissing my pussy while I’d been working on her and if she had insisted on making me cum I certainly wouldn’t have objected, but she was quite tired so we ended up curling up under the covers and going to sleep (after pushing the door shut a bit so we weren’t completely visible from the landing).

We woke up in the morning to the sound of Lucy and Ramona downstairs. I wanted to get down and see what they were wearing (Jen has been telling me that Lucy has been wearing some very nice nightwear when Ramona has been over), but we thought that we should take care of the usual business first and had a quick 69 so that we would be a bit calmer and might behave better. I obviously couldn’t go down naked, so was given a t-shirt to wear which covered all the important bits, but not by much so I had to be careful when bending over. Lucy did indeed have a nice short silk nightdress on that I had to try quite hard to not stare at as I could see her nipples through and in the right light, the outline of her ass. Ramona has a tight top and shorts on and when she was standing beside the sink helping Jen wash up, I got to admire her skin (the beautiful Mediterranean olive colour). Lucy noticed me admiring her and I whispered that I was glad she got what she wanted.

We chatted in the living room for a while and I got to know Ramona a little. By the time we were finished, she joked that it had been like an interview, and we had certainly covered a lot of ground, but I had my motives and wanted to see what she was really like (and of course if she was good enough for our Lucy). Ramona headed off to get a shower and while she was gone Lucy asked me what I thought of her. I told Lucy that she was certainly beautiful and that I liked her and it was obvious how happy they both were. Lucy seemed pleased with this and then asked me a favour – her male admirer (who also knows Ramona) seemed to be a bit jealous. It wasn’t anything serious, but she asked if I could continue to act as a ‘distraction’ whenever he came round and give them a little space. I told her that I would be happy to. She said that she was really grateful but asked if I could do it in a subtle way so Ramona didn’t get freaked out and added that he was due to arrive at any point. Lucy headed upstairs to get her things to get washed and left Jen and I together.

I asked Jen if she knew about this and she said that Lucy might have mentioned it before. We headed up to Jen’s room and she changed into a dress and handed me a pair of plain panties to slip on. We passed Ramona on the stairs on the way back down and she went to Lucy’s room to get dressed while Lucy showered. Just as Lucy had said, the doorbell rang just as she was leaving the bathroom and once she had skipped upstairs to her room, we let her friend in. Jen and I sat in the living room and chatted to him – I could be a bit more blatant while we were by ourselves so sat in a way that let my panties peek out from under my shirt. Jen masterfully steered the conversation onto films and this ended up with me crawling across the floor and searching through the collection of DVDs to pull out ones that we were talking about. I technically didn’t have to do this with my ass in the air, but I had pulled the panties on nice and tight so didn’t want to waste the chance to give him a nice view of my ass and crotch with the panties stretched over them.

I sat on the sofa in a more demure position when Ramona came down. She wasn’t hostile to him, but seemed slightly irritated that he was there (she knows that he fancies Lucy – and also knows that he doesn’t have a chance with her). When Lucy reappeared, we moved into the kitchen. Lucy, Jen and Ramona were putting things away so I stood by the door along with Lucy’s admirer. Jen walked past me a couple of times to take things into the living room and I took the opportunity to push back against him, each time, pushing my ass a bit harder against his crotch. He didn’t pull away when I did this and one time when Jen came back in to the kitchen, I pushed back and wiggled against him and definitely felt a bulge. I didn’t pull away from him when Jen had passed and kept casually chatting to everyone while occasionally squirming around against his now properly stiff cock. He eventually seemed to grow a pair of balls (pun intended) and I felt him push back against me a couple of times. I was tempted to reach around behind me and stroke his jeans, but remembered that I was meant to be being subtle, so just continued to use my ass and rub against him.

I may not have stopped him thinking about Lucy (he still left with her and Ramona), but I’m pretty sure that I had distracted him and given him something else to think about. Once we were along, Jen asked for details as to how well I had done and was pleased that I had got him pushing back against me. Now that we were alone, it was time for me to pay her back - Jen had made me promise to do something special for her when she had agreed to let me eat her with hte door open the previous night. Seeing as I’m meant to do whatever she says when I’m at her place, I hadn’t paid any attention (and I was distracted by her taste anyway) and had agreed without thinking about it. I told her that of course I would do anything she wanted (there are a couple of things that I really wouldn’t do, but she knows about those and isn’t likely to ever ask me to do them anyway).

I asked her what she wanted to do and she told me to remove my shirt and go fetch her a pair of panties. I went up and got a pair of Lucy’s (she didn’t specify that they had to be her ones) and Jen pulled her dress off and put them on. We kissed for a while and stroked each other (still standing in the kitchen doorway) and Jen said that we needed to go into the bathroom. I had to remove my panties and then go fetch towels for us (which I did). I had a pretty good idea of the general sort of thing we were going to do so climbed into the bath when instructed. We stood and kissed again and when I stroked Jen’s panties I could feel that they were now somewhat damp. I asked her what she wanted me to do and she said that it would be my job to keep her in place and stroke her. She lay down at the end of the bath with her legs up against the wall and wiggled even further down so she was resting on her shoulders. She told me that Mike had sent her some watersports videos with girls in similar positions and thought it might be fun for us to try.

I had to hold Jen’s legs in place (or at least help support her) and rub her panties while she slowly peed (a little at a time). After a little while, she asked me to pull her panties off and play with her pussy properly. I used different techniques – pumping two fingers into her, stroking her clit and rubbing back and forth over her cunt while she continued to slowly let out little squirts of pee. I had to do the same thing and my panties were soon sodden, so Jen told me to remove them. Sometimes my pee ran down my legs and other times (generally when I let out a larger squirt), it would spray over Jen. I started to concentrate on Jen’s clit and she said that she was getting close to cumming, but wanted me to lick her. I was a little hesitant, but I had promised to do what she wanted so I lowered my mouth to her pussy and started to lick. Jen stopped peeing while I was licking her and I carried on until she said that she was getting close to cumming. She warned me that she was going to let go and asked me to do the same, so I pulled back from her pussy and positioned myself so I could pee on her.

She wasn’t joking either – I thought that she wouldn’t have much left in her, but when she started to cum, she peed at full force. I started peeing on her and rubbed her clit (which was very messy). Jen sounded like she was really enjoying what was happening so I carried on rubbing until her orgasm had completely finished. When I looked down, I could see that she was drenched. I helped her up as she was a bit dizzy from having her head down for so long. Jen appreciated what I had done for her and said that she wouldn’t ask me to do things like that very often, but checked that it might be okay every once in a while. As much as it isn’t my thing, as I’ve said before, I like making her cum and doing things that she enjoys, so I assured her that if it wasn’t too often, it was fine.


  1. The best way to solve the problem with the unwanted admirer is to be direct and to the point. No playing around, no games. That will just string him along, confuse him, and anger him (rightly so) over being played the fool. Plus it's the merciful thing to do to free him to pursue others in which he actually has a chance.

    Unless it's stated directly in a no-nonsense manner he will keep justifying and explaining the different round about ways and hints that are kept being dropped. That's why the direct approach is best.

  2. Jen has told him repeatedly that she isn't interested in dating him (because she is gay). She really likes him as a friend though and doesn't want that to stop.

    (I actually think that if she was straight/bi, she would probably at least want to try dating him).

  3. ...and by 'Jen' I clearly mean 'Lucy'. but I had been thinking about one of Jen's male admirers so it was an honest mistake (unlike the title).