Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lucy and Ramona - Part 2

We both needed a shower (for obvious reasons) but before we did, Jen got me to lean against the wall and she went down on me and licked me. She ate me until I nearly came, then stopped and wondered out loud if she should make me cum or not or just spend the day teasing me. She has got pretty good at teasing me now, so I was relieved when she said that she would let me cum (but still wasn’t quite sure whether she actually would). She used the shower jet on me, and because I had been so close anyway, it hardly took any time until I came. With that out of the way, we took our time to finish showering and then headed up to get dressed. We were going to meet the usual crowd for lunch (minus Lucy as she was still away with Ramona) and Jen selected my outfit accordingly. It was a little different than usual but shared the common trait of letter her expose me so I wasn’t too surprised and put it on.

We wandered into town and met up with people, went for a bit of a walk while we chatted and then hunted out a quiet place to have lunch away from the crowds. Between them they know a good number of these places as Jules is usually their plaything when I’m not around. I think Mel has become a bit more possessive of her recently, but not to the extent that she doesn’t still put her on display and make her perform. As I was there, she was given a reprieve though and I was told that it was up to me to provide the entertainment.

Once we found a suitable place, we grabbed a couple of tables near the back and Jen dragged me off to the toilets to prepare. She handed me one of our remote controlled eggs and told me to push it into my panties so it was up against my clit. I did the best I could, but the panties were very lacy and didn’t really hold it in place that well. Jen helped to pull them up tight which made things slightly better, but the egg still slipped around slightly. We went back out and joined the group and I was instructed to open the lower half of my coat. This was the first time anyone (other than Jen) got to see what I was wearing and I showed off a new set of black suspenders (including belt) and a skimpy pair of lacy panties. I sat down (with my back to the rest of the cafe) and the remote was handed round for people to play with the speed and settings of the egg. Jen had to push the egg back into place a couple of times and we had to stop (or I had to cover myself up) when the food was ordered and then arrived.

A couple of times, the egg slipped down so it touched against the chair (which made quite a loud buzzing sound), so I was told to hold the egg in place. I had been getting a bit frustrated with the constant interruptions and so pushed the egg firmly against my clit and hoped that people wouldn’t mess with the settings too much to interrupt me. I quietly told Jen that I was getting close and she pulled my legs a bit further apart before undoing the remaining buttons on my coat. It fell open to reveal the matching bra and Jen raised a hand to my breasts and started to play with one of them through the bra. Mel was sitting on the other side of me and she took the other breast in one of her hands. They each played with a nipple while the rest of the group kept a look out and watched. I was getting really close now and concentrating on being quiet and keeping control of my body so that anyone behind me wouldn’t be able to tell I was cumming. I felt Mel move a bit closer to me and her other hand on my thigh. She gently but firmly pulled my leg towards her and rested her hand on my inner thigh, just below my panties. She stroked the skin and her other hand continued to play with my nipple (Jen still had a hold of the other one) and I pressed the egg against my clit as my orgasm started.

I didn’t have any problems keeping quiet, but I did have to catch myself from letting my head fall backwards and having to be so controlled did take something away from the experience (although it was obviously better than letting everyone know what was happening and being arrested). When I had finished, I fished the egg out of my panties and handed it to Jen, who retrieved the remote and shut it off. Mel removed her hands and I was allowed to cover myself up so that I could eat lunch without worrying about being discovered (although I was only allowed to fold my coat over me, not fasten it). Over lunch I pointed out that it was unfair that I was made to cum in front of Jules but that I didn’t get to see her doing things when I wasn’t there and Mel said that she would consider my viewpoint and get back to me.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly tame and we headed home and found Lucy and Ramona there. I went up to put a dress on so Ramona didn’t see how I was dressed under the coat and we then sat and chatted for a while. We had dinner together and I got to know a bit more about Ramona and noted some of the affectations that Lucy had talked about and liked (like the way she keeps tucking a bit of her hair behind her ear or sits with one leg folded under the other). Lucy and Ramona were heading out by themselves while Jen and I were heading over to someone’s house to watch a film. They left first and Jen made me remove my dress before we set off (I was allowed to put my coat back on though). It was a bit chilly out, so we had a brisk walk there and I was stripped of my coat as soon as we arrived.

I was quite used to being dressed in this manner around Jen’s friends so this didn’t faze me at all, but I got quite distracted by her slipping her hand down my panties and fondling my ass and pussy while we were talking to people. I found out that one of the guys (Ashraf) had split up with his girlfriend just over a week before and was still moping around so Jen suggested to him that I help distract him from his misery. He was quite a nice guy (and they had been a cute couple) so I didn’t mind doing this. She gave him some ground rules and we went off to sit on the sofa together. He had a good play with my breasts – at first through my bra, but they soon got pulled out so he could fondle them properly. I then had to sit on his lap so that he could fondle my ass and when I felt his cock pressing against my leg, I moved back and forth to give him a bit more stimulation.

He wasn’t allowed to kiss me on the lips or touch my pussy, but Jen hadn’t said I wasn’t allowed to do anything, so I ended up sitting astride him and rubbing my pussy up and down his crotch while he kissed and licked my nipples. I did quite a good job of riding him and I’m pretty sure that if he hadn’t been wearing jeans, I could have got him to cum. My legs got too tired in the end though and I had to stop (but I let him continue to kiss my nipples and play with my breasts until it was time for the film to start.

I’m sure you can imagine that I was feeling quite horny by this point, but I curled up beside Jen and we settled down to watch the film. The house was a bit cool to be sitting still dressed the way I was, so we ended up getting a blanket and snuggling up underneath it. The film was quite good and I thought that everyone was sufficiently engrossed in it that I pushed my hand between Jen’s legs and slid it up her thighs. She gave me a sideways glance and I tried to convey that it would be fine and I would be discreet (it’s not easy to convey things by expressions in a darkened room, but I kept working my hand up the inside of her thighs until she relented and spread her legs slightly. I knew that I would be in trouble if anyone found out what I was doing to her so I found the best way to position my hand so it was resting on her and allowed me to use a single finger on her clit. Jen’s clit is quite sensitive (even for a clitoris) and I felt confident that I could get her off like this, so as we watched the film, I slowly rubbed up and down her clit as well as circling it with my finger.

She spread her legs slightly more and I applied a bit more pressure. I had set myself the goal of making her cum without moving my hand and using just the one finger. I dipped down slightly and got a bit of moisture to use as extra lube and resumed my ministrations. Jen didn’t make any noise, but she put a hand on top of mine – at first I thought she was going to try to stop me (and if she had, she would have had a battle), but she gave my hand a gentle squeeze and I took this as a sign that she wanted me to continue. I applied more pressure and rubbed back and forth over her clit. She continued to squeeze my hand in short bursts and I figured that she was getting closer to cumming so I sped up my movements. I listened very closely to her breathing and could hear that it was ever so slightly deeper (but I might have imagined that as she was now squeezing my hand harder). I think she came a little bit before I thought she did as she ended up pulling on my hand slightly to stop me moving my finger – I stopped briefly and then just gently traced back and forth over her clit and pussy. She turned towards me and gave me a little kiss before snuggling against me again. My hand was still between her legs, but no longer touching her pussy and I really wanted to pull it out and taste her from my finger, but also liked the feeling of it being trapped between her thighs, so I kept it there.

The second half of the film wasn’t as good and people started to chat through it and make sarcastic comments. We ended up getting distracted and didn’t even watch the end and just sat chatting for a while. I was sent back up to the sofa to help continue to give solace to Ashraf (which involved letting him play with my breasts again). Mel must have taken heed of my earlier complaint and told Jules to join in, so she sat on the other side of him and pulled her top off. He now had two sets of breasts to play with and it was suggested that we provide a proper distraction for him and something to think about later.

Mel sat beside Jules and Jen moved up beside me – Jules and I had to sit with our legs apart, but it was a bit of a squeeze, so I had one leg over Jen’s legs and the other over the Ashraf’s legs (and Jules was in a similar position on his other side). Jen started to rub my panties and Mel lifted Julia’s skirt and did the same to her. Because our legs were over his, Ashraf couldn’t move to play with our breasts properly now but he didn’t seem to mind this too much. Mel pushed her hand into Julia’s panties, so Jen did the same to me and I loved the feeling of her fingers slipping over my clit. I leaned towards Jen and asked her if I could do something and when she said to go ahead, I took hold of Julia’s hand and placed it on the Ashraf’s crotch. I intertwined my fingers with hers and between us, we rubbed up and down the length of his cock (our hands were outside his jeans). Despite everything that he has seen Jules and I do, I don’t think he really believed his luck and I’m pretty sure that if I had suggested he get his cock out for us to rub him properly, he would have – even though everyone else was watching.

Jules was clearly getting close to cumming and I told Jen to hurry up so we could finish at roughly the same time. We squeezed our hands around the outline of his bulge and I suggested to Jules that we make this good for him. She was too close to cummig to stop and I watched as Mel’s fingers worked away in her panties and felt her hand grip mine (and the cock) even harder. I spread my legs a bit more and Jen concentrated her rubbing on my clit – I was on the verge of cumming and frantically stroked the bulge next to me until I finally felt my orgasm burst over me. Jen pushed her fingers as far into me as she could (given the position we were in) and I was fairly certain that the panties weren’t completely covering me, but was having too much fun to care (and they’ve seen me completely naked anyway).

Jules had already recovered by the time my orgasm ended and I told her that we should give him one more treat. She asked what I had in mind and I pulled her down onto the floor. We both knelt in front of him, pulled his legs apart and used our cheeks and lips to nuzzle the bulge of his cock. I hadn’t pulled my panties up tight since Jen had removed her hand and while they still covered me, I knew that they might not have been doing this quite as well as they could have so I made sure that my ass was as high as I could sensibly get it. Jules and I kissed a little and Mel leant over to the guy and asked him something. I assumed that we were about to be given instructions to make him cum, but found out that she had offered him Julia’s panties so that he could smell her while taking care of himself later on (I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to finish what we had started, but wasn’t given time to dwell on it as you will see).

We were told that we had done enough for him and it was time to leave him alone. I was then told to hand them to him and I slipped my hands up under Julia’s skirt to pull them down. Mel told me to stop and instructed Jules to sit down first. This seemed a bit odd to me as it would now be harder to pull her panties off, but made more sense when Mel said I had to remove them with my teeth. I looked over to Jen and asked if she wanted me to do this and she said to go ahead. Mel lifted Julia’s skirt and I moved over to kneel between her legs and tried to get a hold of the material with my mouth. I could certainly smell Julia’s pussy and bumped my face up against her panties a few times while trying to get purchase on the panties. I got her to lift up her ass a little and managed to pull them down a little. Once I had got them down to the middle of her thighs, Mel got me to hold them in place (still with my mouth) while Jules lifted one leg up and pulled it out of the panties. This gave me a really good view of her pussy as her legs spread wide to pull her foot loose and I could see her pink lips glistening with her juices. I pulled the panties down the other leg a little way and Jules then lifted that leg out. Mel flipped her skirt down and I had to crawl back to Ashraf and drop the panties onto his crotch.

I know I’d just cum, but my pussy felt like it was on fire – I would have certainly done anything that Jen wanted me to do at that point if it meant I could cum again, but decided to do my best to hide this fact as I enjoy taking things (relatively) slowly in what I do in front of everyone. I sat beside Jen, with just my panties and stockings on. Mel asked if I would be donating my panties to the cause as well and I imagined Jules between my legs. Jen declined this though as they were new panties and she said that she quite liked me wearing them. We continued to joke around for a while and Jen gave me a couple of half-hearted fondles and each time she did, I felt the crotch of my panties getting looser and looser.

When we decided to leave, I went to pull my panties back up, but Jen decided that it would be more fun if I didn’t have them on. I had to remove them and was only then handed my coat (which I wasn’t allowed to button up). Jen pocketed my bra and panties and after saying goodbye, we set off. As we walked, my coat flapped open and I was only allowed to hold it shut whenever someone was approaching us. We stopped off on a fairly busy street to make out – Jen stood with her back to the wall and held me against her with her hands inside my coat so it was completely open (but I was pressed up against her so nobody could see my body). She ran her hands over my ass and slipped one around the front and onto my pussy to tease me. I told her that she could make me cum if she wanted but if she was just going to tease, then we should head home and do things properly.

After a brief fondle, we set off again (with coat tightly held shut) and quickly walked home. When we got to the front door, Jen handed me my panties and bra and told me to remove my coat. I stood behind the little hedge/tree in the front garden which sort of hides me from the path and stripped off. I was told I could remove the suspenders and belt (Jen knows I don’t really like these) and once completely naked, I was allowed to put my underwear back on. We went into the house and while Jen was removing her coat, Lucy and Ramona came downstairs to say hi to us. I apologised for my appearance but Ramona said that Lucy had warned her about me (she didn’t seem at all bothered and said this with a smile) and we stood and chatted for a little while until I complained that it was a bit too cold to be standing around.


I'll post the third (and final) part of this on Thursday to make up for my incompetence at posting last week.

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