Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lucy and Ramona - Part 3

I spent the day working from home and got lots of naked science done (sadly, that was just doing work while naked, not actually investigating nudity).

Somewhat embarrassingly, I mistitled the last few entries as 'Jen and Ramona' instead of 'Lucy and Ramona'. Mike pointed out that I  had made the same mistake in a comment and only after that did I notice - D'oh!


We all headed back upstairs and went to our rooms – Jen and I popped down again to use the bathroom (with me still just in panties and bra – but Lucy and Ramona stayed in Lucy’s room) and when we got to bed, I stripped off. Jen asked me if I’d enjoyed my evening and I told her that it should have been obvious. She asked if I had enjoyed helping to rub Ashraf, humping against him or remove Julia’s panties more and while I considered this, her fingers found their way to my pussy yet again. I went over each of the options in my head and told her that they had all been fun, described how I had wanted to continue stroking or teasing Ashraf with Jules until he came, described the view I’d had of Julia’s pussy and what I’d been tempted to do but in the end settled on fingering Jen and making her cum as my favourite point.

She told me I was just sucking up to her and (as corny as it sounds) I told her that if I wanted to suck up to her, I would do *this* and moved down between her legs and started to suck her properly. She lay back and spread her legs so I could have full access to her pussy and I alternated between licking and fingering her (so I could talk). I actually find it a good time to discuss things while having sex as we tend to be very open and honest with each other (not that we lie to each other the rest of the time...). I asked Jen why she enjoyed doing things to me in front of her friends so much (or making me do things) and she told me that it was a combination of wanting to show me off and the feeling of power by being able to get me to do whatever she wanted.

I carried on licking and fingering her and kept her close to cumming for a while and suggested that she should have helped me remove Julia’s panties. I know that given a choice, Jen would rather do things with Mel, but I described to her how between us we could have nuzzled Julia’s crotch in the way she and I had been doing to Ashraf before finally pulling the material away from her pussy and both licking up and down her cunt. Jen liked this image and I continued the description by telling her how I could have moved around behind her, pulled her panties down and eaten her while she took care of Jules. I made her cum while this image was fresh in her mind and energetically licked and fingered her through her orgasm, then moved to more gentle stimulation while she came down.

It was now my turn and I switched places with her. Jen licked and fingered me and described how if I had knelt between Julia’s legs and eaten her, Jen could have crouched over my back, pulled my panties to the side and fingered me with everyone watching. This idea quite appealed to me and I told her to carry on describing what could have happened. She told me how she would have slipped my panties down my thighs and pulled my lips apart for everyone to see me properly and as I responded well to this, she described how a couple of people would ask to help out and slide their fingers into me. Jen might not be interested in cocks, but she is well aware that I am, so as I got closer to cumming (in real life), she described how some of the guys would come up behind me and she would help guide them into me and watch as they fucked my cunt, each emptying their loads into me and then pulling out to let their cum run down my legs. That was all I needed and I came (again, in real life). Knowing that she didn’t need to say any more, Jen replaced her fingers with her tongue and alternated between licking inside me and licking my clit. I came while imagining the taste of Julia’s cunt in my mouth and the sensation of cock after cock fucking me and filling me with cum. I was nowhere near as quiet as I had been the previous night, but I wasn’t at all concerned if Ramona heard me as I was enjoying myself too much.

I was panting by the time my orgasm ended and Jen crawled up to kiss me. We stayed like this for a while, tasting ourselves of each other’s face until we finally decided that it was time to sleep. We curled up together and dozed off while Jen teased me about having nearly eaten Jules. I had a nice set of dreams that night – I couldn’t remember anything too specific but they included lots of elements from the evening and was enough that I felt very aroused whenever I woke up. I had to go downstairs to pee and my lust got the better of me while there. I managed to hold back from actually making myself cum, but I did give in a little and used the handles of both Lucy and Ramona’s toothbrushes to briefly fuck myself. I nearly woke Jen when I returned, but decided to let her sleep and I just lay and imagined other scenarios for the evening until I drifted off again.

This meant that when I woke up in the morning, I was really ready for our morning session and I quietly pulled a few things out of the drawer and prepared before burrowing under the covers and spreading Jen’s legs. I ran a vibe up and down her pussy and she woke up when I started to push it between her lips. She pulled the covers back and I warned her that I’d been having interesting dreams so she asked me to describe them to her while getting her ready for action. My gentle teasing had already got her wet enough to get the vibe into her, but I worked on her pussy for a couple of minutes to get her properly ready and then pulled one of the short double dildos over.

I inserted this into Jen and mounted the other end and worked my way down the dildo until our pussies were touching. I spent a little while humping the dildo and mashing our cunts together before getting Jen to pass over our powerful plug in vibe. I positioned this against Jen’s clit and pushed against it. I told her that I wasn’t going to remove it until we had both cum, and whoever came first would have to just tolerate it. It was buzzing against the dildo, but because the dildo is fairly soft and was almost completely buried between us, it didn’t make too much noise. I considered trying to hold back and torturing Jen with the vibe, but as I’ve said, I had been feeling horny before we started so wanted to cum. I still managed to hold back until Jen had cum, but I wasn’t far behind her and as I came, I pumped by body back and forth on the dildo while holding the vibe against my clit.

Before turning it off, I ran it over her nips, making sure they stayed nice and hard and then dismounted the dildo and used my mouth to tease them a bit more. Jen said that we should head downstairs and make breakfast for everyone and when I complained that I wanted to have more fun, she gave me her wicked grin and said that she would take care of me. I had half expected her to tell me to go down naked, but we were still being well behaved around Ramona and I was handed the t-shirt again. Jen slipped on a similar one and we went down to the kitchen.

We had pretty much finished our breakfast by the time the others joined us, but we had everything prepared to quickly make food for them. We sat and chatted while they ate and I once again admired Lucy’s nightdress. Ramona was leaving as she had to get some things done (but Lucy was going to go to her place that evening) and so when they had finished eating, she headed up to get her wash things. She came back wearing just a towel and went in to the shower. I enjoyed the view of her legs and I think Lucy took note of my gaze. We chatted while she was in the shower and then she came back into the kitchen to chat to us while she combed her hair (still wearing just the towel). She went back in to brush her teeth and I felt a little tingle as I remembered sliding her toothbrush into my pussy earlier that morning.

Ramona went back upstairs to get dressed and Lucy joined her. Jen and I tidied up the kitchen and I mentioned what I had done with the toothbrushes. Jen said I was very naughty and dragged me in to the bathroom. We took one each and fucked each other with them, before swapping and repeating. Obviously we didn’t actually feel a great deal but it was the naughty factor that was exciting. We returned to the kitchen when we heard footsteps on the stairs and Ramona said that she was about to head off. We followed them out to the front door and watched them kiss goodbye. Jen’s hand slipped under my t-shirt and rubbed my ass and stayed there until Ramona left and the door was closed.

We all headed into the living room and Lucy asked me what I thought of her new girlfriend (technically not that new, but it was the first time I’d met her since they had started dating). We discussed her for quite a while and I told Jen that I thought she seemed really sweet as well as being quite beautiful. Jen pointed out that I had been eyeing her up over breakfast both days (which Lucy *had* noticed, but seemed pleased that I thought she was hot). With a bit of encouragement, Lucy told us a few more intimate details about her (nothing too revealing, but I was surprised that she was being so shy). While she talked, Jen ran her hand up my leg, pulled one leg to the side and started to stroke me. Her hand was still partially hidden by my t-shirt, but it was obvious that her fingers were inside me and I apologised to Lucy for the distraction. She said that she didn’t mind and as Jen lifted my t-shirt and pulled my legs apart properly, I tried to continue our conversation.

I asked Lucy what Ramona had thought of me arriving home in just bra and panties the previous night and how much she had told her about me. Lucy said that she had just told her that I enjoyed letting Jen make me do things and that I was quite adventurous. Ramona hadn’t minded the way I was dressed and Jen chipped into say that we could either continue to behave around her or slowly introduce Ramona to more of my exploits. By this point, I had slid down a bit on the sofa so only my head was propped up. My legs were spread and Jen was rubbing and fingering me in full view of Lucy, who was watching what Jen’s fingers were doing. I pulled my t-shirt up some more to expose my breasts and asked Lucy what she thought Ramona would make of things if she was still here. Lucy said that she didn’t mind if we wanted to experiment a bit, but asked us to be careful as she didn’t want to shock or offend Ramona and cause any problems.

I told Lucy that I was quite sure that for someone as beautiful as her, Ramona would probably put up with anything and this elicited a cute little blush from her. I was getting close to cumming now and Jen was alternating between pushing two fingers into me and rubbing my clit. I could clearly see Lucy’s nipples pushing against the silk of her nightdress and the way she was sitting, I nearly had a view up her legs to her pussy (not quite though). I knew she didn’t have any panties on as I’d got a good view of the outline of her ass back in the kitchen. I just wanted her to move a little so I could see the whole way up to her pussy but had to end up resorting to my imagination (in which Lucy’s pussy looks exactly the same as Pavlina’s – and I’ve seen enough pictures of that to know it well). I came and could feel my legs shaking (although that was partially due to the position I was in and the fact that they were supporting the weight of my lower body). I kept myself in place until I finished cumming, then allowed myself to slide down and sit with my back resting against the front of the sofa).

I apologised to Lucy for the interruption and she said that it looked as if I had enjoyed myself (which I confirmed was the case). I pulled my t-shirt down – not to cover myself, but just to make me more comfortable and then moved back up onto the sofa beside Jen. We carried on talking about Ramona for a while until I had to get ready to head home. I had a slightly earlier flight due to cost and so stripped off my t-shirt and headed into the shower while Jen popped up to get us towels before joining me.

Lucy went in when we had finished and as we passed I asked her if she ever showered with Ramona (they have done so, but not frequently). I encouraged her to do it more often, both for the fun factor and the practicalities, then we headed upstairs to get dressed. I was given a short, tight denim skirt to wear on the way back – when I complained that I would be cold when I got home I was allowed to take a pair of opaque tights with me, but I couldn’t put them on until I had left the plane. I was fine with that and finished packing the rest of my things.

We popped in to see Lucy (who was still getting dressed) and I said goodbye. It was an uneventful trip to the airport but we managed to have our customary fondle before I had to head through security. I got searched (as usual) and felt nicely exposed as I stood with my legs apart while the girl frisked me. My skirt wasn’t actually short enough to show anything off, but the hem was fairly close to my pussy and I imagined that she could see up to by naked cunt. Sadly the flight was again too busy for me to do anything, but I did manage to let my skirt ride up while I was sitting reading and out of the corner of my eye I could see the guy next to me glancing over as my pussy just about peeked out (not that I know exactly how far up I have to pull my various skirts for things to be seen...).

I did have to slip my tights on once we landed before heading home. Mike greatly enjoyed my descriptions of the weekend. He came during my description of my display in the cafe, wanted to cum again by the time I was describing fingering Jen during the film and actually managed to cum a second time when I described what I was fantasising about while pulling Julia’s panties off. If he could, I think he would have cum again during my description of the events of that morning, but twice in succession was enough for him. I had been playing with myself, but because I knew what was coming up (obviously as it was me describing things), I held back and came once in the middle and once again during my description of cumming in front of Lucy.

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