Tuesday, 2 August 2011

March 2011 Sex Party - Part 4/4

The final part of the party - as you can see from the previous parts, we broke some new ground that night.

Their encounter hadn’t taken as long as mine so Mike had watched a couple of drunk girls fingering each other in the kitchen and I returned a short while after this. It was past 1am by this time and it was obvious that the evening was winding down. Mike offered to make me cum one final time, but I was worn out so we decided that it was probably time to head off and I gathered my things. We were delayed by one final display of a couple fucking in the kitchen (a real couple, which meant that we got to see him cum in her properly and a little bit of it dripped out of her when they had finished). Just as a parting shot, I asked if I could clean her up with my bra, so when I put it back on, it was moist with their juices. My gym-top was very stained with cum from when I’d cleaned myself with it – and it looked as if someone else may have used it for the same purpose – but it completed my outfit so I pulled it on and found my coat and shoes. My panties also felt wet, but I couldn’t remember who’s cum was on them so I left them off (and it’s not as if I’m not used to going commando).

We said goodbye to the remaining people and headed home. On the way back, we each gave our detailed descriptions of what we had got up to (me with giant-cock guy and Mike with the girl on the sofa). I’m not quite sure what the right word was to describe what I felt – it wasn’t jealously or regret, but I wasn’t entirely sure about everything that had happened. I think the thing that had bothered me most was doing things with bi-girl. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it – and I know that Mike had really enjoyed watching it – but it somehow didn’t feel quite the way I had expected it to. In hindsight, I think it was probably just the fact that I was with someone ‘new’ – looking back I can certainly see that while Jen and I (and even further back, Mike and I) could make each other cum when we first started doing things, it was nowhere near as smooth as it is now we know how each other reacts to things.

We teased each other about how much we had enjoyed doing things with the other people and I ended up having my ass fondled a number of times. Mike lifted up the back of my skirt and rubbed my ass before pushing his hand between my legs and onto my pussy. His fondling got more adventurous each time until he had his fingers inside me. We were fairly close to home but ducked into an alleyway and Mike knelt down, lifted my skirt and licked my pussy. I lifted a leg over his shoulder and let him lick me (as if I was going to try to stop him) but when I got close to cumming, he stopped himself and said we should head home (I guess I should have expected this). We hurried the rest of the way home, stripped off as soon as we were in the door and dived into the shower (I liked having cum all over me, but Mike wanted to be able to kiss me properly – and safely).

Once clean, we played with each other a bit in the shower (I used the shower on pulse setting on Mike’s cock) and we got out to dry off and go do things properly. We didn’t actually make it out of the bathroom though and I ended up leaning against the sink while Mike took me from behind. He said that he wanted me to cum as hard as I could and I ended up with his cock fucking my pussy, one of his thumbs in my ass, one of his hands on one of my breasts and me using my electric toothbrush on my clit (or as close to my clit as I could keep it with all this going on). I came before Mike did (but I did have multiple sources of stimulation) and Mike then concentrated on cumming. He pushed deep into me and came, but he wasn’t sure if he actually ejaculated anything worth talking about (and if he did, it all stayed in me).

We were quite tired by this point (unsurprisingly), but had promised Jen that we would call and tell her how the evening had gone so we did so. She was still awake and chatting with her friends, but went up to her room so we could talk properly. We gave her an abridged (but still fairly explicit) description of what had happened and as we talked, Mike gently stroked my neck, then nipples and then slid his hand down between my legs. I pushed him away at first, but after a bit more neck stroking (and describing of the evening to Jen) I allowed his to slip his fingers between my pussy lips and gently stroke me. Once I was nice and wet, he told Jen that the rest of the description would be left to me and he slipped down my body and replaced his fingers with his mouth. I quickly realised that I had either got a lot more turned on than I had realised or I was just feeling very sensitive after the evening’s exploits as his tongue felt incredible.

Jen asked me what he was doing and I described what I could feel. She said that she had been playing with herself while listening to the details and if I could hold out a bit, we could pretend to be doing things to each other. At her instruction, I put the phone on speakerphone and she told Mike what to do to me and I moaned my approval back down the phone to let her know how it felt. I couldn’t believe that I was going to cum again but was still frustrated when Mike had to slow down to let Jen catch up with me. Fortunately Jen is quite accomplished at masturbation so it wasn’t long before we could hear her mewing down the phone and she told Mike to go all out on me. He did as instructed and I came very loudly (just so Jen could be sure I was cumming). I couldn’t take his tongue lashing for too long though (as I said, my pussy was quite sensitive) and had to tell him to stop. Jen had only just started to cum when he stopped, so he got to listen to her as well.

Jen told me to lick my juices from around his mouth and he moved up and lay on top of me so we could kiss and I could clean him off. His cock was hard once more and he pressed it against my pussy and slid back and forth against me. I thought he was going to want to fuck again (which out of fairness, I would have been obliged to let him do), but he said that he’d cum enough and didn’t think he could go another round. We chatted to Jen for a little longer and while we did this, Mike moved around behind me and slipped inside me. I gave him a little squeeze with my cunt, but I didn’t have the energy to do it properly and we decided that we needed to get some sleep.

The following morning, I woke up first and found my hand was between my legs. I wasn’t properly masturbating, but felt pretty wet (I’d had a number of interesting dreams in the night). I managed to coax Mike’s cock to life with some gentle stroking and got it nice and still before he work up. I didn’t give him any time to object and climbed over him so we could 69. He dived right in and I gave an energetic blowjob to him, but before I came, I moved away and said that I wanted to finish things properly. I guided myself onto his cock and it slid straight into me – between us, we worked it as far in as it can go and I rocked back and forth on him, enjoying having him where he belongs.

Mike didn’t want to waste any more time and I leant down to kiss him and let him fuck me. He got going and pounded away, our bodies slapping together and my cunt repeatedly swallowed his cock. I had been quite close to cumming when he stopped licking me so I had to try to hold back (even though I didn’t have any direct clitoral stimulation, this position works quite well for me – especially when it is hard and fast). As usual, Mike’s fingers found and played with my ass as he got close to cumming and he told me to let go and enjoy myself. I’d been on the edge of cumming for a while (and I was probably just about to lose it anyway), so it took almost nothing and I felt my orgasm start to pulse through my cunt. Mike was still moving quickly inside me and I moaned and panted to him that I wanted him to fill me with cum. He came around the tail end of my orgasm and pumped into me a few times before holding me still and pressing hard into me. We kissed forcefully and eventually, he relaxed (but stayed inside me).

Over a light breakfast (proper sex is quite hungry work), we chatted about the party again and made sure that we were happy with what each other had done. We started to set out our aims for the next party (you’ll have to wait to hear about that and continued to do this while we headed up to shower and get ready for brunch. We ended up using the shower head on each other – Mike made me cum and I got him quite close, but he wanted me to try using my hand the way the girl had at the party. With a bit of instruction (I didn’t understand exactly what he meant at first), I managed to get the hang of it. Mike doesn’t like having too much pressure/friction applied to the head itself when I’m using my hands, but just giving that little extra turn with my wrist seemed to make quite a difference to how it felt to him.

It took a bit of practice, but I got a good rhythm going and was rewarded with a few shorts of cum in my face (I was kneeling in front of him, but at least being in the shower made it easy to rinse myself clean). After drying off, I spent a little while re-straightening my hair (having put the effort in to it the previous day, I wanted to make the most of it). Just before we headed into town, Mike suggested I wear a vibe and I agreed (despite all the other things we get up to, I like the naughty feeling of secretly doing things around my mostly tame friends). I popped back upstairs and chose a vibe (the same one Valerie has with the soft coating) and grabbed a bottle of tingle gel and some tight high-cut white panties (with a cute little pink bow). I went back down to Mike and he coated the vibe with a small amount of the gel while I stepped into the panties, then he pushed it into my pussy and I pulled the panties up. I ended up removing my skirt so I could really pull them up high, then once I had got dressed again, we headed out.

When we arrived at the cafe, I popped to the toilet and turned the vibe on and then rejoined everyone. I left it on and buzzing away in me throughout brunch – it began to irritate slightly by the end and I had to return to the bathroom. Being a girl, I obviously can’t go to the bathroom alone and Lis came with me. On the way, I quietly told her that I had been up to something and once we were alone in the bathroom she asked me what it was. I was just about to show her when I decided to be a bit more adventurous and took her hand. I told her to trust me and I pulled her hand under my skirt and touched her fingers to the end of the vibe (or to my panties which were covering the vibe). Is didn’t pull her hand away (not straight away anyway) and I glanced over at the door, lifted the front of my skirt and pulled my panties aside so I could pull the vibe out. It was coated with my juices so I gave it a quick clean before turning it off and putting it in my bag. We then went to pee and I put my panties into my bag as well before we returned to the others. I saw Lis whisper something to Vicky who then raised an eyebrow at me so I just smiled back.

We had a bit of a wander round town before I had to go and catch my train – I still felt quite turned on from having used the vibe, but decided against taking care of myself (or finding anywhere for Mike to take care of me). I gave the vibe back to him before I left (I have a similar one at home and didn’t want to forget to bring it back to York) and managed to find a fairly quiet carriage on the train. Once it was going, I moved to a suitable seat, placed my coat over my lap and used a single finger to rub my clit. I had to pause a couple of times as people walked past, but I then had a long enough uninterrupted period that I managed to get myself off. I dozed for the rest of the journey and on returning home, called Jen to report on the day’s happenings. She was jealous that I’d managed to get Lis to feel me (despite me having told her that she didn’t actually feel me and only touched the end of the panty covered vibe, she is still jealous) and I promised her that we would continue to try to get Lis to fuck her senseless.

Jen wanted me to describe this to her, so I did while she lay back on her bed and played with herself. I thought it would be rude to let her cum by herself so I ended up using one of the double dildos (easier to hold and use with one hand) and lay back on my bed and fucked myself in time with her moans. She came first this time (but she did have a head start) and she then encouraged me to cum (which I duly did). Mike then called and he also wanted to do things – even though I told him I had just cum, he assured me that I could take it and talked me into playing with myself again.

I ended up using the long double dildo on myself – one end in each hole – and double fucked myself with it while Mike and I described what could happen at the sex party if we really went for it. I ended up lying on my side with one arm reaching around to the rear half of the dildo and the other working on the pussy end. Mike was working on his cock while I did this and kept telling me how he would cover me with cum the next time he saw me and I had a fairly satisfactory orgasm. I was now pretty beat but as soon as hung up on Mike, Jen called again and said that she was still feeing frisky and wanted us to have another round.

I was a bit suspicious and despite initially pleading innocence, she then came clean and told me that she and Mike had been texting each other to try to tire me out. I told her that she could go fuck herself (in the good sense), but that I didn’t have the energy to do things for a while and really needed to get a good night’s sleep as I had a busy week ahead. She let me off and after chatting for a bit we hung up. As a parting shot, she told me that she would probably still play with herself and that I was to imagine her doing it. I kind of regretted not staying on the line and listening in, but if I had, I would have probably ended up masturbating again and I really did need to get some rest.

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