Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sea, surf and umbrellas

We’re up to the end of March now and it was Jen’s turn to come up and visit me. We obviously have a lot more fun when I got to visit her at Uni as all her friends are around, but it is very tiring travelling back and forth (and it’s nice having her up here so I get to be in charge and make her do whatever I want).

She arrived on Friday evening and after having met her at the airport, we joined the tail end of the evening in the pub with my work friends. For some reason, we were a bit more coupley than usual and sat holding hands and kissing (not in an over the top way, but I just really liked having her back with me) – more about that later. The men in the group certainly enjoyed watching us kiss (it’s as if they don’t have any lesbians up here – although there aren’t any that I know of in our group), so we hammed it up a bit and kissed properly for about a minute (which earned us free drinks). On the way home, we walked near the back of the group with an arm around each other. Jen was carrying her backpack on the other shoulder and I slipped my hand down her side and over her skirt. I caressed her ass for a bit, knowing that the guys behind us would be able to see what I was doing and I realised that Jen was wearing panties.

She isn’t meant to do this – especially when she is flying up to see me – and I whispered to her that she had been naughty and I would have to punish her. She tried to make an excuse, but I told her that it was too late and I slipped my hand under her skirt, back up to the top of her panties and pushed my whole hand into them. I could now rub and squeeze her ass directly and I let my little finger dip between her ass cheeks and graze over her asshole. I kept my hand in her panties for a fair amount of time but removed it before we had to stop and say goodbye to people (when we went off in a different direction). As soon as we were clear of the others (and the street was clear) I got Jen to remove her panties and give them to me, then I pulled her skirt up so that the hem was at the very top of her thighs.

We walked the rest of the way home and whenever the coast was clear, I slipped my hand under her skirt and firmly caressed her ass. A couple of times I gave her a slap and as we walked down my street, she had to hold the front of her skirt up (there wasn’t anyone walking, but a couple of cars drove past). As soon as we got in the door, I told her that she had to make up for having panties on, lifted my skirt and told her to eat me.

Jen knelt in front of me and started to lick my pussy, but I only made her do this for a minute or so as I really wanted to be able to do things properly with her, so we moved into the bedroom, stripped off properly and climbed under the covers. I told her that the punishment would be put on hold for a while and we kissed and rubbed against each other. The skin that had been exposed (legs, pussies and asses) felt cold, but as we humped against each other, it soon warmed up. Jen was on top of me, so my hands could stroke her ass and dip between her legs to reach the entrance to her pussy. She pushed a leg between mine and started to rub my pussy with it and I did the same back to her. I told her that I wanted to taste her and she moved round into a 69 position and attached her mouth to my pussy before I had a chance to start on her. Not that this stopped me from pulling her lips apart and sticking my tongue into her and we hungrily ate each other.

I’m not sure why, but I seemed to cum very quickly but Jen continued to kitty kiss me while I continued to work on her. It felt really nice having her lying on top of me and just feeling the gentle kisses and licks and I savoured the taste of her pussy. As she got closer to cumming, she began to lick me harder again and I had to remind her to be gentle. She calmed down a bit (or at least her licking did, but her whimpering increased as she got closer to cumming). I continued to lick and eat her until she was on the verge of cumming and as her orgasm started, I gave her ass a hard(ish) slap. She hadn’t been expecting this and noticeably jumped (enough that her mouth lost contact with my pussy) but I had my other arm around her holding her against me and I kept my hand on her ass, so I managed to keep my mouth on her pussy. I ate her through her orgasm and as it ended, moved to kitty kissing her until it had completely finished and she had calmed down.

Jen rolled off me and moved round so we could kiss properly. Once she was back on top of me, I grabbed her ass and gave it another couple of slaps to remind her that she was never meant to wear panties (unless there was a specific reason of course) then pulled her cheeks apart and told her that I was going to eat her again. This wasn’t so much punishment as for my pleasure – just the same as Mike enjoys eating me, I like making Jen cum like this as it feels like such an intimate thing to do for someone.

I stayed on my back and got her to sit up over my face – this probably gives anyone living opposite us a good full frontal view of Jen (I still keep the curtains open) and I told her to play with her nipples to help things along and make as much noise as she wanted. I didn’t lick really hard or fast, but I didn’t try to take things too slowly either as I wanted her to cum fairly quickly. Jen rocked back and forth so her pussy slid over my face – I was quite happy to let her do this until she started mewing and I knew that she was getting close, at which point I took hold of her hips and held her in place so that I could finish things off. Once again, I kept eating her through her orgasm and then kitty kissed her (holding her in place so she couldn’t climb down). By the time I finally let her get off me, my face was a mess with her juices and we kissed again so she could kiss and lick me clean. As we kissed, I told Jen that she wasn’t going to get off that lightly and that I intended to make her keep paying for her transgression – I was already humping myself against her leg

To be fair, I would have found a reason to do all these things (or similar things) whether she had been wearing panties or not. I had only teased myself in the shower that morning and hadn’t let myself cum and had then spent the day at work surreptitiously teasing myself under my desk (not full fledged fondling – I share an office with a number of people – but enough to keep me feeling horny and to have built up a lot of desire).
I let Jen have a couple of minutes to catch her breath and get a drink (moaning and panting really dries out the throat) before we moved into the bathroom so I could use the shower on her. I had her sit on the corner of the bath and used the long pulse setting on her clit. As she got closer to cumming, I made her hold her lips open so the water had unrestricted access to her and I switched to using the short pulse setting to actually bring her off. I then let her dry herself off while I went to fetch some things and a couple of minutes later, I returned.

I had retrieved the double dildo from her bag (it had been her turn to carry it up here) and strapped it onto myself (including the smaller internal dildo of course). Not that I had thought about this and figured out the best way to do it, but I laid a towel in the bath to give a softer surface and got Jen to kneel on all fours. I then climbed in behind her and rubbed the head of the dildo up and down her pussy before sliding it slowly into her. Once I was fully inside, I started to fuck her and in about a minute, she realised that I had added some tingle gel to the dildo. I told her that wasn’t all and reached down to fetch one of our small anal vibes. I pulled most of the way out of her, slipped it into her ass and turned it on before continuing to fuck her. The base of the anal vibe obscured my view a bit, but I could still see her lips grasping at the cock when I pulled out and I reached down to grab the final item – an egg – for her to use on her clit.

Jen held this in place while I fucked her with a bit more force – the anal vibe kept being pushed into her whenever it bumped into the harness (and the harder I fucked her, the faster the bumping occurred). She was getting close to cumming and I told her that we were in the bath for a reason and didn’t need to hold back. Jen didn’t need me to explain what I meant, and as she started to cum, I felt my legs being sprayed with her pee. I continued to fuck her and leant forwards so I could push the anal vibe into her even more and when she gave her last little ‘mew’ I stayed still (or mostly still – pressed deep into her and moving slowly back and forth just a little the way Mike does to me). She dropped the egg onto the bath and even through the towel, the vibrations resonated so I had to pull out of her and fish around to pick it up and turn it off. I removed the anal vibe and got Jen to suck the strap on clean (the dildo part of it). We then had a quick shower to clean up and I left the strap on to dry while we returned to bed.

I had intended to use the double dildo, but Jen now looked quite tired so I just made her go down on me (I *was* meant to be punishing her). I lay on my back, legs spread wide and enjoyed the feeling of her tongue as she scoured my pussy and suckled my clit. I held back a little bit, but not too much as I was feeling fairly tired as well. Despite Jen not being at her most energetic, it was a pretty good orgasm and she even kitty kissed me for a good few minutes afterwards. She then climbed up beside me and we briefly kissed before falling asleep for the night.

The next morning, we woke up at the same time (or rather, Jen was awake before I had the chance to go down on her). The flat was a bit cold so after a quick dash to the bathroom to brush teeth, we curled up in bed again. We had discussed a visit to the seaside and even though the sky looked a bit cloudy, we still wanted to do it, so decided to just have a quick morning session before getting ready and heading off. We mostly just used fingers on each other (with a bit of humping against thighs) and kissed deeply. I got Jen to maintain eye contact with me as she came and then did the same to her while her fingers played with my clit. We then grabbed a quick breakfast and showered together (just to make it quicker to wash) and got ready to head out. I naturally took a few things with me to make the day more interesting and we headed to the train station. I had chosen similar outfits for us – short pleated skirts (so they didn’t show when our coats were done up), long socks (black for me, dark blue for Jen) and t-shirts. Jen wasn’t allowed a bra – I had hoped that her nips would be visible, but it wasn’t anywhere near cold enough out for that.

The train journey was a little under an hour and I spent some of it pleating Jen’s hair. She couldn’t do the same to me as I hadn’t straightened my hair, but it looked nice on her. By the time we arrived and had gone for a brief wander we were hungry so decided to get lunch. We found a nice little restaurant that looked out onto the sea and got a table near the window. The idea had been to get Jen to sit with her legs spread, showing herself off (and she did this for a little while), but then a couple of families came in so we had to behave ourselves.

After lunch, we went for a walk away from the town (not too far, but away from the tacky shops where most of the people were). We ended up sitting on a bench with the road behind us and I got Jen to pull her skirt up while I kept an eye out for people. We had brought a couple of umbrellas with us and I wanted to get her to try something I’d seen online. I handed her the large umbrella and she pushed the end of the U shaped handled into her pussy. She could the hold the umbrella so the main part (still folded) went up her body and across her shoulder. She obviously couldn’t move it too much (as anyone passing would have been able to see the top part wiggling around) but she managed to slowly push it into herself while moving her hips back and forth against it.

It was an incredibly sexy sight, seeing the handle disappearing between her lips and I thought that it was only fair to let her enjoy things properly. We swapped the large umbrella (which has a polished wood handle) for a small fold-up one (which has a fake leather handle). She worked the handle into her pussy and could now move it much more readily. Unfortunately, the bench was on a long gently curving road, so when I saw someone coming, Jen had to stop moving (although I made her keep the handle in her pussy) until they had walked past us. I reached over and flipped Jen’s skirt up so I could touch her clit. I instructed her to fuck herself a bit more, but then decided to move somewhere safer so that we could finish things off.

A short walk later, we found a secluded spot on the beach (and by ‘beach’ I mean a collection of stones). We were out of sight of the road and I challenged Jen to see who could make best use of their umbrella. She kept the small one and I used the large one and we pushed the handles into ourselves and started work. It actually felt really good (once the handle had warmed up a bit) – the curl of the handle worked really well at cupping my pussy, providing some pressure to my clit and slightly stimulating my g-spot (if such a thing exists). Both of us had our skirts pulled up so we could see what was happening and I made Jen pull her top up so I could see her breasts. We pumped away with our makeshift dildos. Jen managed to cum first, but I think she had an advantage as the leather handle was slightly textured and gave a much nicer feeling (I know this as I swapped with her once she had cum and used the small umbrella to finish myself off).

Now satisfied, we walked a bit further. Jen said that she needed to pee, which wouldn’t usually be an issue due to her fetish of doing this outdoors, but when she does this, it is usually quite messy and she couldn’t get her socks wet as we had the journey home to consider. We walked a bit further in search of a suitable location and found a small jetty with steps at the end leading down into the water. Jen left her shoes and socks with me and went down a couple of steps until she was almost at sea level and sat down. She hiked her skirt up, spread her legs and let go. Despite having cum only a short while before, she didn’t waste the opportunity and had a bit of a play with herself while doing this. I had to pass down a pair of panties for her use to dry herself off when she had finished (and I’d been planning on using them for other things).

It was getting a bit hazy by this time and it looked like it could rain, so we took a slow walk back to the town. The threat of rain had passed and I was keeping an eye out for the opportunity to carry out another of my plans. There were a few people playing down by the sea – mostly parents and children, but eventually we found a group of older boys (I would guess somewhere between Jen and my age). This is what I had been saving the panties for, but given that Jen’s pair were now wet, I adapted my plan and decided to be a bit more daring. We both sat on the sea wall, facing the group – the idea had been to have our panties visible to them and see what reaction we got – now we had a bit more on display. We weren’t completely exposed, but wriggled around on the wall so the hems of our skirts were pretty near the tops of our thighs and so weren’t too well covered either.

We kissed for a while and I placed a hand on Jen’s thigh. I slowly massaged it and slipped my hand further up so I could gently stroke her pussy with my thumb. I continued to gently tease her and whispered to her how the lads would probably all go home and beat off while thinking of this view. They weren’t close enough that they would have actually been able to see what I was doing to her – or even see up my skirt, but it just felt nice being exposed to them in this way. I made it as far as having my thumb up to the first knuckle deep in Jen’s pussy and I could feel that she was wet once more as I slipped back and forth between her lips. We had to stop when a family wandered down the beach towards us and we decided to take the opportunity to head back to the station.

The ride home was uneventful and we had a quiet chilled evening just watching a film. It was only when we finally went to bed that we did anything else. Seeing as I hadn’t got to use the double dildo the previous night, this was my choice for the session and we tried out a few different things. We started off the usual way – the short one shared between us  and humping back and forth so our pussies rubbed together, then moved on to the long one, so we could kiss while bouncing up and down and moving it between us. We finished off by sitting facing each other (more lying down than sitting) and we took turns at pistoning the small double dildo back and forth between us (using a hand in the middle of the dildo so we couldn’t go too deep). This felt really good as our pussies were continually being slapped by the hand of whoever was moving the dildo (I’m not quite sure how to explain this, but I hope you can see what I mean) as they pumped it back and forth. I told Jen that she wasn’t allowed to cum before me this time and then purposely held back – this wasn’t so much of a problem when she was moving the dildo, but for some reason, I seemed to push a bit harder into her when it was my turn to pump it and she was kept quite close to cummig for a while.

Eventually, I’d had enough though and helped to get myself off while she worked the dildo and then reached over to rub her clit and finally give her some relief. We kissed for a bit and then went to sleep. I debated using the long double dildo between us (while we spooned) as we fell asleep, but our arms ached from the vigorous use of the dildo and neither of us could be bothered faffing about to get it to stay in place, so we just snuggled up and dozed off while chatting.

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep so ended up pushing my head between Jen’s legs and eating her. She woke up with a start (as you would expect), but between licks, I told her that this was more punishment for having worn panties. I didn’t make her do anything to me, but continued to eat her until she came and then gently kissed and licked her until she started to drift off to sleep.

Our Sunday morning was a lot more relaxed – we woke up fairly late, had a quick session and then a lazy breakfast. We showered together (but didn’t do anything other than wash) and then had a bit of a practice with a dental dam. I’ve never practiced safe sex with a girl before and wondered what it was like – it certainly seemed to take something away by not being able to taste Jen, but I didn’t have any problems making her cum through the material. She then did it to me and agreed that it wasn’t as much fun giving oral sex like that. Jen got me off, but I missed her being able to push her tongue into me and so when she had finished, we had a quick 69 (not to orgasm) where we could taste and feel things properly.

We went for a wander into town. I took every opportunity to get her to accidentally show herself off to guys (either single ones or ones in groups) who I thought would appreciate the view. It was cool enough that her nipples were partially visible through her top (at least they were to me, but I knew to look out for them). We did have a couple of guys come up to talk to us after Jen had flashed them and we sat and chatted to them for a while.

I pulled my knees up and hugged them – knowing full well that this meant my skirt would offer no cover – and was pleased to notice that the guy talking to me kept glancing down between my legs. It was too public a place for us to put on any more of a display, but while we talked, I concentrated on contracting my pussy and imagined that he could see it pulsing (I know he wouldn’t have been able to tell what I was doing, but it was nice to imagine). After we had got rid of them, we went for another wander around the shops and ended up using some changing rooms to have a bit of a play.

We obviously couldn’t take too long, but I got Jen to strip off (skirt and t-shirt didn’t take long for her to remove) and then fingered her up against the wall while I sucked on her nips. Once she had cum, she got dressed and we went to another shop where we reversed the roles (except I got Jen to kiss my neck while fingering me). Now feeling satisfied, we headed off for a late lunch before finally heading off to the airport.

We actually arrived a bit early so had some time to kill. I knew that this time Jen was travelling commando style and just before she had to head off through security, we ducked into one of the toilets and I spent about five minutes rubbing her clit with a single finger while we kissed. I got her really turned on, then crouched down (I wasn’t going to kneel on the toilet floor – even though it looked clean) and used my tongue on her. She was indeed nice and wet and I lapped away at her cunt until she was about to cum. She had been expecting me to stop, but still complained when I did so and I gave her ass a good slap and dragged her off to security where we kissed goodbye and I told her to try to cum on the plane. Unfortunately, she didn’t get a chance to do this as the flight was too busy, but as soon as she got home, she called me (and then called me some names) and we had phone sex.


I'm still hoping that some of you will leave comments with suggestions as to things that Mike, Jen and I can try out. I'd also interested to knwo if people prefer longer or more frequent posts (I've got a few posts saved up so can most more frequently or more at once for a little while).


  1. Dear Andi,

    Longer AND more frequent posts are fine by me! (Especially as we're now in August and You're still writing about March!) Please understand that this is neither complaint nor criticism as Your output is prodigious.

    I've also made a further suggestion in response to Your request in Your previous post. I apologise for not having written for a while, but we didn't have internet access at our new home until a few days ago and I view Your blog as "not safe for work"!

    To tie together these two thoughts, if anyone else does make a workable suggestion then they'd be able to read about it more quickly if the posts were more current. However, I'd rather wait than have You skip some of Your exploits!

    Another idea occurs to me. As Jen likes the taste of Mike's cum, why not give Her more of it? If you're still apart (and, if you are, that really sucks, especially when you're newlyweds) get Mike to use a condom every time he masturbates. He should then freeze the contents and these can be given to Jen at an opportune moment. I'd suggest that You order Her to empty at least one over every meal that She eats, or even stir it into Her coffee! Ultimately the aim should be to get it direct from the source by giving Mike a blowjob!

    I have another thought, but I'm a little pressed for time now, so I'll post it later.


  2. I think she prefers his cum when she is licking it off or out of me (but she does sometimes get him to cum on her panties and then wear them).

    Longer and more frequent isn't likely to happen - I'm ahead in my writing at the minute, but haven't had much chance to do any over the past week. I've got a few weekends that I've skipped writing about as there were no major events, so I will begin to catch up.