Friday, 12 August 2011

Yoghurt fuck

Mike has chastised me for not keeping up to date with postings on here. I'll put the next entry up on Sunday and another on Tuesday to make up for failing to do any this week. In my defence, I've been really busy since betting back from honeymoon and taking more time off...

Actually, Mike just wants me to spend time posting/replying so that he can fool around with me - I'm lying on my front and he is on top of me, sliding his cock back and forth between my ass cheeks. He has promised me that he will fuck me while I reply to comments, so here is the next entry and now it's comment time...

Woohoo - I've just noticed that I've made it to over 100,000 page views of my blog - here's to the next 100,000


On the way home, Mike told me that Lis had asked him a while ago to recommend some videos (this had come from a conversation that she. Vicky, Mike and I had had about such things). He had provided her with a number of anime and real lesbian videos and she had reported back that she had watched them with Vicky and even used some for inspiration. She didn’t specify in exactly what way – she is fairly open with Mike, but he doesn’t get the detailed descriptions of things that I do (well, not directly from Lis anyway – of course I tell him what she tells me). He had also provided Vicky with some videos, but she had been interested in ‘standard’ ones (her phrase) – meaning guy-girl action. Mike is a lot closer to Vicky than Lis and she has let on to him that even though she really likes Lis, she does miss having proper sex (her phrase again). If he thought that she was interested, I’m sure Mike would offer his services (they aren’t quite *that* close even though they flirt quite a bit) because even though he professes not to be a breast guy, he certainly has a bit of a thing for Vicky. To be fair, if he thought he stood a chance, he would offer to fuck Lis as well, but that’s even less likely to happen...

We didn’t fool around too much on the way home, but from exposing myself at the club and our conversation about Lis and Vicky’s sex life, we were both ready for something before going to sleep and so as I unlocked the door, Mike got the catch on my skirt, unzipped it and I let it slide to the ground. This is a bit riskier where I live than it is in York, but I bent down to pick it up and offered Mike a quick feel of my pussy before we headed in. I hadn’t even managed to remove my coat before Mike had his cock out and pushed me up against the wall. He rubbed along my pussy and slid into me, then said that he wanted my ass, but added that he would make it worth my while.

I told him to go ahead and we moved in to the bedroom, removing the rest of our clothes quickly on the way. Mike fished around in the drawer and pulled out a few things, then got me to kneel on the bed. He pushed into my cunt again (just to get wet), pulled out and positioned himself at the entrance to my ass and then slowly pushed in. Once he was a little way inside, he rocked back and forth until he had a good length sliding into me and he picked up one of the stronger vibrating eggs. I assumed he was going to use this on my clit, but he pushed the end of it between my lips and worked the whole egg into my pussy. I’ve had these inside me before, so this was nothing new (but an egg inside doesn’t do a great deal for me by itself). Mike said that he wanted to feel it on his cock and turned it up a few settings – he could feel the egg buzzing away in my pussy and said it felt really good. I told him to enjoy it and cum as much as he wanted (or could) and he once again told me that he would make it worth my while once he had finished.

It’s actually not often that Mike cums without at least aiming to make me cum at the same time (he says that watching/hearing/feeling me cum is pretty much the biggest turn on – and I understand what he means as I much prefer cumming *with* someone rather than just by myself). Nonetheless, he fucked my ass and I concentrated on the feelings his cock and the egg were giving me. It was certainly enjoyable and I knew I could have easily reached down, rubbed my clit and cum, but I wanted to see what he was going to do to me and wasn’t sure how much energy I had left for multiple sessions. As Mike got closer to cumming, I gently squeezed myself around him (this is much easier with anal sex) and this helped to finish him off. He came in me and I’m pretty sure I could feel his cock moving as he flexed it (I’m not sure how to describe this – it’s when he has an erection and says it’s like flexing a muscle – his cock moves slightly and gets slightly larger until he relaxes).

Mike pulled out of me and I removed the egg from my pussy. After a little recuperation time, he said that it was time to take care of me and I was instructed to lie on the bed with my ass near the edge. Mike lubed up two vibes and said he was going to do his best to reproduce a group scene that I had enjoyed in one of the videos we had watched earlier. I had a vibe inserted into my ass and another into my pussy – Mike fucked me with them and then leant down to use his tongue on my clit. I was instructed to play with my nips and I did so, but probably not with as much enthusiasm as I could have – not because I wasn’t enjoying things but because I was concentrating on what Mike was doing to me. It felt really good and with a bit of direction on speed, force and rhythm of fucking, it started to feel incredible. Mike did a good job of keeping his tongue in contact with my clit and he licked and flicked at it. I could feel my orgasm building and let out a long low moan which got higher as I got closer to cumming. My orgasm hit me hard and I’m told I made a ‘ngggghhhhh’ sound and my body stiffened. Mike continued to fuck me with both vibes while licking but I had to get him to ease off. He left the vibes in me and moved to kitty kissing me and as I calmed down, started to move the vibes again, but very gently and slowly (sort of how he moves inside me after he has cum).
I felt a nice warm glow and this didn’t stop when Mike pulled the vibes out and moved up beside me. It was the perfect time to go to sleep and once Mike slipped inside my pussy, I pressed back against him and we went to sleep fairly quickly.

I woke up first the following morning and wanted to reward Mike for the previous evening (although technically, that had been the reward for letting him use my ass). I very gently stroked up and down his cock until it started to respond and then applied a bit more pressure to get him fully hard. I hadn’t decided exactly what I was going to do and was torn between going down on him or trying to get him inside me, but he woke up and said that what I was doing felt really good. This decided it and I told him to lie on his back. I sat across his legs and practiced the hand job technique that he learned at the last party. This is actually quite a good position to be in to give a handjob and it was much less tiring. I told Mike that I wanted him to relax, enjoy what I was doing and give me a good view of him cuming. He did as I asked and I could feel his cock twitching in my hand as I worked and had to keep telling to stop moving as he kept arching his back slightly.

When he came, I got a really good view as his cum squirted out of his cock and splattered over his stomach. I immediately slowed my movements but still kept doing the little twist at the end until he had finished. My hand was covered in cum and I gave a couple of slow strokes up his cock while squeezing to milk out the last few drops. I wiped my hand clean on my breasts and then did my best to gather up the cum on his body and rub it over mine. I avoided rubbing any into my pussy as I figured that he wouldn’t be ready to fuck for a little while and I wanted to cum myself.

I ended up sitting over his face so I could see out of the window and he licked me, both inside and out of my pussy and around and over my ass. I could see people walking past on the other side of the street and knew it was only the relative darkness of the bedroom that was keeping me hidden from them. I asked Mike if he could keep going for a while and he gave a muffled yes, so I said I would try to hold back for as long as possible. Mike alternated the speed and pressure he used on me and I got very close to cumming a couple of times (and had to cheat and pull away from his mouth). I enjoyed driving myself crazy with the desire to cum but eventually I‘d had enough and wanted release so I told him to go for it. He held on to my thighs and licked me hard and fast. I had been close to cumming already, so it took very little time until I came. It felt like my pussy got very wet but I continued to rock back and forth against his face and he ate me until I moaned that I couldn’t take any more.

I moved off him and saw that I had indeed been quite wet – his whole face was covered with my juices and we kissed messily so I ended up with a fair amount of them on me. We definitely needed a shower, but we were also quite hungry so decided to get breakfast first. This started off fairly normally (apart from us both being naked), but we ended up taking turns sitting on the table while the other one ate yoghurt off their genitals. We were going to go and clean up in the shower (and finish playing while in there), but when I climbed down from the table, Mike said that we may as well finish things off where we were.

He put a big dollop of yoghurt on my breasts and rubbed it in, then poured on a bit more and rubbed it all over my chest, stomach and neck before getting me to lie down on the table and pushing his cock into my cunt. We fucked like this for a bit while he rubbed my clit and then got me to climb down. He poured yoghurt onto the table and I leant over it, using my breasts to smear it everywhere. I felt him pour some more over my back, which got rubbed all over me and then he emptied the pot over my ass (there wasn’t much left by this time) and I felt it run down my legs. We remained in this position to finish off – Mike fucked me quite vigorously and I ended up with his thumb in my ass. I reached between my legs and played with myself and had a nice dirty orgasm. Mike asked if he should cum in or over me and I left the choice up to him. He pulled out and was going to cum over me, but decided that it wouldn’t make a lot of difference given how much of a mess I was already, so buried his cock back in my cunt and pumped a few times before cumming.

We remained in this position for a little while and Mike started moving again after a few minutes. I asked him if he was up for another round, but he said he just wanted to be inside me. He did offer to finger or eat me if I wanted to cum again, but I said I had only asked as he had been moving. When he finally pulled out of me, we looked at the mess we had made and decided to do an initial clean while we were still messy. This didn’t work quite as well as we’d hoped as we kept leaving drips of yoghurt, but we got the bulk of the stuff done and then headed into the shower.

We showered very thoroughly – once our bodies and hair were clean, I basically wanked Mike under the jet and then sat on the edge of the bath and held myself open so he could rinse me out (there might have been a little licking as well, but not enough for either of us to cum). Once clean, we returned to the kitchen and cleared up the remainder of the mess. Mike kept threatening to smear more of the yoghurt over me and I did end up with a bit on my nipples, but he sucked them clean. We relaxed for the remainder of the morning and then planned on heading out to get a quick snack before Mike had to get his train. Clothes hadn’t entered into the equation up to this point, so we obviously had to get dressed. I chose an outfit that I thought Mike would like and this led to our lunch being delayed by a bit as Mike wanted to have a fondle of my legs (as I said, he likes opaque tights) and ended up rubbing my pussy while I stood in front of him. I ended up being thrown onto the bed and he went down on me through the tights. He said that this was better than using the dental dam as he could actually taste me (or at least he could once he’d been licking for long enough). I came relatively weakly (but it was still an orgasm so felt nice) and told Mike that I wanted some more of his cum.

We were definitely running a bit late now, so as a compromise, I pulled down the front of my tights and Mike rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy while wanking. He came over my pussy and I pulled the tights up before giving my crotch a rub – it wasn’t as good as feeling his cum leaking out of me, but at least I could feel the wetness so I was satisfied. Lunch ended up being fairly brief and we headed to the station – Mike managed to give me a bit of a rub while we waited and said that my whole crotch was now pretty wet and sticky (which wasn’t helped by his continuing to rub the area). He headed back to York and I went home to clear up and get ready for the week ahead.

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