Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lis' Interview - Part 4 (final)

Jen was still asleep when I woke up the next morning and I decided that she deserved a bit of a rest so I got up and slowly made breakfast for us. I’d had some nice dreams (oddly enough, not actually involving Lis, they had featured Jo who I haven’t dreamt about in a while) and had a nice buzz about my pussy. I considered playing with myself, but knew it would be better to wait for Jen, so I quietly carried everything in to the bedroom, placed it down and climbed back into bed. I decided I had been considerate enough, so I started stroking her breasts and was just beginning to get a response from her nipples when she started to come round. She was still a bit sleepy, but I wafted a cup of coffee near her and she decided that she could wake up to drink it.

We ate breakfast before doing anything (I’d made scrambled eggs which had already gone slightly cold) and once finished, I told Jen that it was time to see if her pussy had recovered from the previous nights thrashing. She said that it felt much better but asked me to be gentle, so I was. I just used my tongue (no fingers or toys) and licked inside and out. I took my time and slowly got her aroused before concentrating on getting her off. She had no trouble cumming and had a cute little smile on her face as she lay enjoying the afterglow as I kitty kissed her again.

She asked what I wanted her to do to me and I told her that she could make me cum in the shower to save time. Jen had a later flight home than usual and it looked reasonably nice out, so I wanted to make the most of the day. We washed each other down in the shower and Jen stood behind me, wrapped her arms around me and reached down to play with my pussy. She teased me for a little while and then I got her to hold my pussy lips open and keep my clit exposed while I leant back against her and used the shower jet to make myself cum. It felt so much nicer doing this with Jen’s arms wrapped around me and she kissed my shoulders, then neck and then nibbled on my ear as my feet slowly slipped away from her throughout the session.

Once clean, we dressed, I packed up some things and we headed out to the shops to get things for a picnic. I’d put Jen in a very cute outfit consisting of short skirt, long white socks, court shoes, tight white t-shirt (no bra) and had her put her hair up in a ponytail (I did the same). She certainly got some admiring looks from guys and after a few surreptitious fondles of her breasts, her nipples helped draw even more attention. Stocked up on food, we took a bus out of town and went for a bit of a walk. I’ve been finding suitable places on maps that are easy to get to, but aren’t marked as walks in the hope that we can get some privacy and we ended up on the side of a hill, facing the sun, with nobody in sight (technically, we could see places where people were, but they were so far away that we were quite safe from them seeing us).

I got Jen to strip off and I removed by top. I used my breasts to apply sun cream to her back, ass and legs, then got her to turn over and did the same to her front. She pulled my skirt off and tried to do the same to me – it was a bit harder with her breasts, but she did her best and we used our hands to finish each other off. We had a bit of a roll around on the grass and enjoyed the feeling of our oily bodies sliding against each other. We mostly just kissed, but fingers grazed over each other’s pussies a few times and we certainly used the mix of cream and sweat to help lubricate humping against each other’s thighs. We weren’t trying to cum, just enjoying the sun, fresh air and freedom and I especially enjoyed the fact that Jen was enjoying herself.

We stopped for some food and if we’d been in our garden, I’m sure we would have partaken of some food play, but needed to get home so we couldn’t get too messy. I did eat a bit of yoghurt off her breasts, but it was a small enough amount that I could lick it all off and leave nothing on her. While I finished cleaning off the second breast, I started to fondle her pussy and told her that it was probably time to get serious so we could finish up and get home in time to get her back to the airport. Jen spread her legs and let me rub her. I checked that we were still alone (as if anything we’d done up until this point was fine for people to see) and told Jen that she should take advantage of where we were to cum the way she enjoyed best. She knew what I was implying and told me that she really needed to pee anyway, so could probably put on a good show.

I dug around in the bag and pulled out an egg and a vibe and told her to hold the egg in place while I fucked her with the vibe. She liked this idea and spread her legs wide to make things easier. I slid it into her and then lay beside her again so I could kiss her and suck on her breasts. I told her that I wanted to see how hard she could cum and how far she could pee and she assured me that she would do her best. I alternated my position from lying beside her to moving down and watching what we were doing to her. She moved the egg in tight little circles over her clit and I watched her body begin to flush as she got closer to cumming. I encouraged her to mew as much as she wanted (let’s face it, it we were going to be caught, it wasn’t likely that it would be because someone heard us) and when she was really close, I sat up so I could watch properly.

True to her word, she let out a strong stream of pee (as well as an ‘ungghhhh’ and I pulled the vibe out and watched as she sprayed a good arc out. I wanted her to enjoy it as much as possible, so I pushed the vibe back into her and fucked her with it, then pulled it out again. I managed to do this a couple of times before her orgasm (and pee) weakened. I would estimate that she managed to keep going for about 30 seconds and when she had finished, she said that it had felt really good. I wiped my hand on her thigh and pulled out a towel to clean off her legs (and properly dry my hand). After patting her pussy dry, I gave it a quick kiss and lay back down beside her.

We discussed how she had found out she enjoyed cumming like this (we’ve talked about this before and I think I’ve written about it as well, but Jen isn’t entirely sure – and I always like hearing about how sweet, innocent Jen went about exploring her body and discovering what felt good). The best explanation she has come up with is that she remembers playing out in the woods and fields a number of times and needed to pee. She would find somewhere secluded, and pull her panties off so she could spread her legs. She held her pussy lips open so that she could better pee without getting herself wet and she thinks that she just enjoyed the feeling of her fingers near her clit. She had started masturbating before this so she knew about cumming and she she remembers just gently stroking her clit a few times.

Another time, she had trousers on and needed to pee really badly, so went to her ‘safe place’ in the woods, removed them and peed again. She enjoyed being more exposed and played with herself a bit more. This happened a number of times and she used to wait to be outside to pee (in the summer at least) and eventually started actually masturbating properly and giving herself orgasms while peeing. Over time, she realised that she enjoyed it more if she wasn’t quite as careful about where her fingers and her pee went and she moved on to fingering herself properly (which made a mess) and cleaning herself up afterwards. Sometimes she used old pairs of panties and would leave them behind and other times she would be prepared and take tissues.

She experimented with things and found that she enjoyed peeing herself properly (both in her panties and in tights). It was easier to discard pairs of tights as she could just say that they got a ladder so she had to throw them out (whereas her parents might have got suspicious if she ‘lost’ too many of her panties). She knew that a group of boys had a den not too far from her safe place and she took to leaving her used wet things there for them to discover. She has no idea why she liked doing this as she was already aware that she wasn’t interested in boys by this time, but it just added to her excitement. As I said, Jen doesn’t actually know if this is why she enjoys it so much or if this is just a post-hoc justification.

I had immensely enjoyed the description of Jen’s exploration and had pushed her hand between my legs so she could tease me while talking. I asked her to make me cum and she said that I should enjoy myself properly as well. I knew full well she meant her version of ‘properly’, but I was game and told her I would. I spread my legs as she had done and Jen started to finger me properly, pumping two fingers in and out of my cunt. I knew that I was technically on display to the whole town (just from a distance) and flexed my cunt around Jen’s fingers, imagining everyone watching the contractions. Jen handed me the egg and told me to just keep it on my clit and I did as instructed. It didn’t take long before I could feel the final build up starting (as I said, I’d enjoyed her description) and told her that I was getting close to cumming. Jen pushed her fingers into me and said that she could feel me squeezing them (she knows I’ve been practicing this) and I told her I was just about to cum.

I held the egg against my clit and Jen told me to push as hard as I could and let go. She wiggled her fingers inside me and I peed, her hand got in the way (on purpose) and I got rather wet, but she then pulled her fingers out and I watched it arc out and down the hill. Jen did what I had done to her (but with her fingers) and pumped them into me, then removed her hand and repeated this again. The first time she did this again, she pushed her hand back up the stream of pee so it soaked her hand and arm (and gave a bit of splashback) but kept telling me to pee as hard as I could. Eventually, I ran out and my orgasm had already ended, so the stream tailed off and I was removed the egg from my clit. Jen wiped her hand over my pussy (the whole area was wet) and moved round to give me a proper lick. This was a bit further than I really wanted to go, but I wasn’t the one doing the licking and it was only a brief lick. I imagined the view that someone coming up the hill would have of Jen’s ass and cunt wiggling in the air as she lapped away and told her that she had better be careful there weren’t any animals around or she might find that she could lose her cherry to something incredibly well endowed.

Jen used the towel to help clean me up, then gave me another licking (not to orgasm) before we decided that we should tidy everything up and head home. Getting dressed was the last thing we did (after we had brushed each other’s hair and redone our ponytails) and we went back to the bus stop and returned home. We snuggled up on the back seat and Jen thanked me for a nice day. It was a bit of a rush to gather up her things (fortunately she doesn’t have to worry about taking clothes with her as we just rotate clothes between each other’s place) and we made it out to the airport just in time for her to check in. She hadn’t had a chance to change so still had her short skirt, long socks and tight top on and I watched as she was frisked at security (metal hair clip).

I returned home and told Mike about the weekend. He couldn’t believe that things had gone as far with Lis and got me to describe to him what she had felt like. We spent a while talking about this and he came while we talked. As I knew the whole story, I spent my time and only allowed myself to cum when I was describing Jen making me cum with Lis watching. Our call had lasted a while, so we decided to leave the description of the rest of the weekend for another evening (always an effective way of having phone sex) and I spent time getting things ready for the week ahead (washing, cleaning and ironing has to be done sometime). I had one further session with Jen that night (over the phone) and we made plans for moving things forwards. They wandered off into fantasy, but neither of us have a problem with fantasising about things that can’t happen so we both managed to cum nicely.

I spoke to Lis later in the week (when she was away from Vicky) and we discussed what had happened. She had told Vicky about my making Jen cum in front of her and that we had shared a bed, but had omitted the fact that we had kissed and the fondling. She still didn’t mention the extended fondling, so I to this day have no idea if it was a dream or actually happened. We agreed that it had been a really fun weekend but that we were both glad that things hadn’t gone any further. She said that it hadn’t been my fault and she had been as much to blame. She said that at one point, she would have happily let things go all the way and it was only because I held back that they didn’t (who would have thought that my meagre self control could have achieved that). I had to ask what had happened that had made things so different. Lis said that she knows that she and Vicky probably won’t last forever, and she really meant what she had said about being grateful to me and Jen for being there for her. I know that she really does love Vicky and Jen, Mike and I have agreed to do whatever we can to help them stay together and gave her this promise over the phone.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Lis' Interview - Part 3

It was obvious that Lis was quite aroused – her nips were rather pointy and she was pressing her thighs together tightly. I had recovered from my earlier orgasm and really wanted to have another play so I asked Lis if she wanted to use the shower first or if she would prefer to stay on the bed while Jen and I used the shower. Lis understood what I was asking and said that she would go and use the shower (stressing the work ‘use’). I was going to offer her the use of additional toys, but I guessed that with the state she was in, the shower would be sufficient to get her off (and didn’t want to delay her leaving us).

As soon as the bathroom door was closed, I told Jen that she had been very naughty and wasn’t meant to make me do things in front of my friends, but that she had already partly made up for it. I pulled the nipple clamps off her and climbed over her in a 69, telling her to make me cum quickly (I really didn’t want to have to stop halfway through). I ate her at the same time, but had no intention of making her cum. Jen did a good job on me though and was quite vigorous in the way her tongue lashed me. I let the taste, sight and smell of her pussy fill my senses and came for the second time of the day. I licked her for a little longer, then moved round so we could talk while I continued fingering her.

We alternated between kissing and talking and Jen told me that the nipple vibes felt quite good. I gave her a brief description of what I might have done (or dreamt doing) to Lis the night before and Jen said that she woke up at one point and was sure that Lis was masturbating. I initially wondered if this was when I might have been playing with her, but Jen said that my arms had firmly been wrapped around her at the time and we had no way of knowing if it was before or after my possible transgression.

We didn’t get to talk about this much as Lis came back into the bedroom and stopped to ask if we had finished yet. We were still lying with our legs intertwined and my fingers were in Jen’s pussy, but I told Lis that it was fine and we were just talking. I didn’t stop playing with Jen, but we sat up so we could face Lis and talk to her properly. She kept the towel on and when she went to pull her panties on, I told her to at least give Jen a flash. We got a flash of her ass and she slipped the panties on before removing her towel and facing us (fortunately she seems to have gotten over her small-breast complex). I asked Lis if she had enjoyed he shower and she said yes and went slightly pink (and went pinker when I pointed out that she was blushing.

Jen was fidgeting under my fingers again and I asked if she was enjoying being teased. She said it felt good and I suggested we go and shower. She eagerly jumped up and I told Lis we would be back shortly. Once in the shower, we washed each other down and I used the shower (which was set on short-pulse so I knew that Lis had enjoyed herself) to clean off Jen’s puss and pound her clit. I got her close to cumming and then stopped, telling her that I would spend the day getting revenge and then use her that evening. Jen complained that I was being mean and I just reminded her that this was so much less than she had got me to do over the times I’d visited. When she pointed out that I’d enjoyed things, I asked her to look me in the eyes and tell me that she hadn’t enjoyed cumming in front of Lis. She tried to do this, but couldn’t keep a straight face and so in the end had to admit that it might have been fun.

We rejoined Lis who had mostly finished packing her things up. I slipped on my robe but had Jen remain naked while we ate breakfast and then Jen and I got dressed (or as dressed as we ever get) to walk Lis to the station. I thanked her profusely for visiting (even though it was for an interview) and she said that she’d had lots of fun. I whispered to her how much Jen would like to have a proper goodbye kiss and watched as Lis and Jen duelled tongues. I thanked her, telling her that she had probably made Jen’s day, then gave her a proper kiss myself. I told her to make sure she gave Vicky a nice treat on her return and she assured me that Vicky was in for a good night.

We stopped off for some lunch on the way home and by the time we had wandered round the shops, it was late afternoon. I decided to slightly alter my plans and we bought food for a nice dinner. Lis texted to tell us she had got back safely and was now with Vicky. We went home and relaxed for a bit, curled u together on the sofa. We spent a while kissing and caressing each other and talking about what had happened with Lis. We now had time (and privacy) to discuss the night properly and I gave Jen the full description of what I actually did in terms of kissing her and fondling her breasts and what I might have done in terms of stroking near her panties. Jen got me to describe what Lis’ pussy looks like again (Jen hasn’t seen it as close up as I have). I traced my fingers around Jen’s pussy while we talked – I wasn’t specifically teasing her, but it was obviously having an effect.

We discussed how I thought it was a little strange that Jen liked Lis so much when she is admittedly a breast girl and (just like Jen) Lis doesn’t have much in that department (in terms of size anyway, both of them have absolutely perfect firm little breasts in my opinion). Jen said that she thought the chances of doing things with Lis were significantly higher than with Vicky (and after the time we’d just had, I agreed with her), but that if she had free reign, she would certainly prefer to have Vicky lying on the bed with her and spent time with her breasts. I complained that she doesn’t spend time with my breasts anymore and she told me that if I wanted, she would be happy to play with them, but she knew that mine aren’t as sensitive as hers and thought I didn’t enjoy it as much.

I ended up lying on my back on the sofa while Jen knelt on the floor (on some cushions). Jen licked and sucked my nipples and I let an arm hang down so I could tease her pussy. Jen kissed, licked and nibbled all around my breasts and got me nicely turned on before she slid a hand down between my legs and started to play with me. I instinctively let a leg drop to the floor to give her better access and wondered if anyone opposite was looking in the window. My breathing was getting quite heavy and I told her that what she was doing felt really good. Jen kissed up to my neck and I stretched my head back to give her full access. She nipped me a few times with her lips while stroking my clit and I loved the feeling of my orgasm slowly building.

I pushed my fingers into her pussy and played with her clit and as I came I pumped in and out of her, feeling how wet she was and enjoying the sensation of her warm, soft skin. She returned to my nipples and kissed them while I fingered and rubbed her. I carried on until she was clearly aroused and then stopped, reminding her that I was getting revenge. She said I was mean and I told her that she was welcome to make herself cum if she wanted, but if she disobeyed me and broke our agreement of me being in charge when she visited, I wouldn’t do what she wanted any more. We both know that this wouldn’t happen – both of us enjoy being ‘made’ to do things by the other person (and it is a great excuse to do things without being responsible for doing them).

We stood up and I gave Jen a playful slap on the ass and said we should get dinner underway or we’d never eat. We prepared dinner naked and there was a fair bit of fondling. I stood behind Jen and humped against her ass while spreading her lips and had a little play with her clit and nips and Jen did a similar thing to me. We ate dinner by candlelight and took turns eating dessert (profiteroles) off and out of each other. As you would expect, this made a bit of a mess and I told Jen that I should have demonstrated this to Lis and asked how much she would have liked to have Lis sitting between her legs, pushing her tongue into her cunt. Jen said that she would actually prefer it to have been the other way round, her eating Lis and I understand what she means – the thought of my tongue sliding between Lis’ lips is certainly appealing.

We moved the candles into the bathroom and shared a bubble bath. Jen leant back against me and I once again fondled her breasts while we talked. We discussed how she wanted Lis and I wanted Lucy and I told her that at least I was being honest in saying I liked Lis as well. Jen tried to explain that Lucy was her friend but as my fingers pushed between her lips and stroked her hard clit, she admitted that she naturally thought Lucy was hot and if she had to, she would fool around with her. ‘If she had to’ migrated to ‘if she had the chance’ and then to ‘she wanted to’ and I got Jen to describe an evening with Lucy where the two of them ended up having sex over and over. I kept Jen quite close to cumming during this description, alternating between playing with her clit and reaching forwards so I could slide my fingers down and press gently into her ass. She spent a while panting while describing how she would make Lucy cum and when she had finished, I returned to just playing with her breasts.

After our nice romantic evening, I thought it was time to move to my original plan. We got out of the bath and dried each other off and after moving into the bedroom (taking the candled with us) I got Jen to lean over the bed, gave her ass a proper slap and told her that now it was time to properly punish her. She looked back at me and asked how she would be punished so i slapped the other cheek and said that tonight she was going to be my bitch and I would fuck her mercilessly. I had originally planned on having all the lights on, but I quite liked the juxtaposition between the romantic candlelight and what I had planned, so just stuck with the candles. I rolled Jen onto the bed and attached her nipples with my mouth, licking, sucking and biting them while rubbing her cunt.

I got her to help me into the strap-on and after putting the nipple vibes back on her, got her to kneel up. I knew that she was wet enough so I pushed the dildo into her and worked it the whole way in. I roughly fucked her then reached over to get an egg to hold against her clit. I didn’t want her first cum to take too long, but after the teasing she was ready, so it was only a matter of minutes before the dildo, egg and nipple vibes got her off and she moaned and mewed her way to orgasm. I wasn’t finished with her yet though and told her to turn over. I pushed back into her and lay on top of her so we could kiss.

I gave her a few minutes to recover, then dismounted, pulled her to the edge of the bed and poured some (not much) of the heat gel onto her nipples. I added some tingle gel to her pussy and used the dildo to smear it over her before pushing back into her and started to fuck her again. I was standing on the floor and lifted Jen’s ass slightly so she was at the right height for me to fuck her easily. The gel quickly took effect and she said her nipples felt like they were on fire (but in a good way). I got her to hold the egg against her clit and fucked her to another orgasm, then leant forwards over her so I could lie on her and kiss her again.
I gave her a little longer to recover this time before rolling her over and dripping some more of the tingle gel over her ass (even I wouldn’t be mean enough to use the heat gel there). I positioned the dildo against her ass and pushed – it went in slightly but it was obvious that it wasn’t going to fit (not without actually hurting her and as rough as I was being, I didn’t want to cause real pain). I pushed back into her cunt and reached over to grab one of the anal vibes which I used to fuck her ass with. This fitted much better and I moved slightly in her pussy while working on her ass. I used my other hand to push the egg back against her clit to help finish her off and told her to cum for me (which she did).

Jen seemed rather out of breath by the time she finished cumming and after removing the nipple vibes to reveal some very red nipples, we lay beside each other on the bed with her curled up against me and her head on my chest. I told her that she should know better than to be naughty when visiting and she just asked if I had enjoyed what she had done. I told her that wasn’t the point, Lis wasn’t meant to see me cum (hence the secret masturbation in bed when she was asleep), but acknowledged that of course I had enjoyed it. Nonetheless, it was my privilege to make her cum in front of people here, so after about fifteen minutes, I told her to mount my cock and fuck herself on it.

We started off with her facing me and I enjoyed the sight of her riding up and down and humping back and forth against it (the latter felt especially good for me). I reached up to play with her nipples, which were much more sensitive than usual (after the vibe-clamp things) so I was quite gentle. I rubbed her clit for a bit and when she started to respond, I told her to turn around and face away from me. Jen sat up, turned and remounted the cock. I helped guide her ass up and down and imagined what this felt like for Mike as I watched the cock slide in and out of her cunt. Obviously it didn’t do a great deal for me (other than the view) and I rubbed around her ass with my thumb before telling her to face me again so she could make herself cum. She turned back and I told her to do whatever felt best while I watched. She humped back and forth and rubbed her clit while I kept encouraging her to cum. It didn’t seem like as strong an orgasm as the others (but it was her fourth that night), but she had done as I had ordered and cum for me, so I was happy. She had to stay on top of me, still impaled on the cock while we kissed until I eventually let her free and removed the harness.

I had been fairly horny before we started actually having sex, but was now really ready to cum. Jen was clearly very tired, but I was meant to be punishing her so I told her that we were going to 69 and the sooner she made me cum, the sooner she could get some rest. I got her to climb on top of me and I licked up and down the length of her pussy, gathering up the juices smeared there and tasting the remains of the minty tingle gel. Jen licked me and was clearly putting some effort into making me cum quickly, but I had decided already that she was going to cum again, so it didn’t make much difference. I felt her fingers slide into me and then another one push into my ass so I attached my mouth to her clit and sucked on it. Jen moaned at me that it felt too intense so I broke contact to tell her that if that was the case, she needed to hurry up and make me cum. She did her best and it *did* feel really good, but as I got closer to cumming, I wrapped my arms around her body and held on tight so she couldn’t move. Even when I was actually cumming, I kept my mouth on her clit, sucking and flicking it with my tongue until she came. I held her in place for as long as I could until she finally broke free, rolled off me and lay beside me actually whimpering.

I knew I hadn’t actually hurt her, but had certainly pushed her a lot further than usual (and closer to some of the things she has done to me – I was particularly thinking of the time she tied me to the chair and used the strong vibe on me in front of everyone (that felt like torture by the end). She looked so cute and vulnerable that I had to climb over her and kiss her. Her breathing slowly returned to normal and I slid down her body to gently kiss her breasts. She pleaded with me not to try to make her cum again and I told her to relax, I would just take care of myself (Jen had cum five times and I’d only cum once so as good as it had felt, I was still a bit horny). I used an egg on my clit (I had to get a new one from the drawer as the battery was dying the one I’d used on Jen) and gave myself a quick orgasm while continuing to lick around Jen’s breasts and nipples.

I told her not to worry and then moved down between her legs for a bit of kitty kissing. Her pussy looked quite red and her lips were a bit swollen so I was very gentle and before we went to sleep, I gently sponged the area with cold water and kissed it to warm it back up. We fell asleep with Jen spooned up against my back and a hand on my breasts. She was pretty much completely recovered but really tired and said that she had learned her lesson. I told her to get a good night’s sleep and I would reward her the following day for her behaviour. Jen murmured something about not being able to take any more and I assured her that she would be fine by the time she woke up, but she was already asleep. It took me a while longer to fall asleep and I replayed having Lis in bed with me (both by myself and with Jen) and wondered why things seemed to have changed so dramatically.


I know this post was late - I'll put the final part up on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Lis' Interview - Part 2

This was a wonderful few days with Lis - as you'll see. It got even better when Jen arrived as well.

I suggested we go and have breakfast and dared Lis to just wear her panties and this time she played along eagerly. We sat and ate in relative silence but it didn’t feel awkward. As we tidied up, I told Lis that she should stay for an extra night as Jen really wanted to see her. I told her that Jen didn’t have to see quite as much of her as I currently could (and she blushed again), but that as it had been so long, it would be good to hang out together. Lis gave Vicky a call and returned to tell me that she could stay for that evening and would head home on the Saturday. While Lis showered, I phoned Jen and told her the news (and took the opportunity to masturbate). I hadn’t quite finished when the bathroom door opened so I told Jen that we would see her later and dashed in to the shower to finish off.

I came fairly quickly and then showered for a bit to calm down before giving my pussy a shave and my little patch of hair a trim (which I almost always do before I see Jen). When I came out, I asked Lis if she was okay with our little flirting session that morning and she said it was fine. Despite my attempts to calm down, I was still feeling playful and showed off my freshly shaved pussy. Lis commented on how nicely trimmed my bush was and I asked how she was going with the shaving. She told me that it was the same as before and I almost asked to have a look (and if she hadn’t already been dressed I probably would have).

I pulled on one of my nicer skirts and reminded Lis that life is much better without panties on (but I don’t think she is ready for that on a daily basis yet). We arranged to meet for lunch and Lis went off to explore the town while I worked. Jen and I kept in contact throughout the day and we made some plans. I met up with Lis again at the end of the day (I usually get to leave a little early on Fridays either to travel or to meet whoever is visiting me) and we headed out to the airport together. We met Jen and she was dressed in a very cute outfit: a short pleated light blue skirt, long dark blue socks and a white blouse. It’s not entirely coincidental that her outfit was similar to the ones in a number of the anime videos Mike had given Lis. I had decided against making her travel in her full Japanese schoolgirl uniform (but it would be interesting to make her do this). I got a big hug and kiss from Jen and she then moved on to do the same to Lis (not as good a kiss as I’d got from Lis that morning, but more than just a peck on the lips) and we decided to head out for a drink before going home for food.

The three of us certainly got noticed and I took the opportunity while we were standing at the bar to let my hand wander over the rear of her skirt and down onto her thighs. A couple of guys tried to hit on us but left when we pointed out that we were lesbians and weren’t interested. We found a quieter area to sit and chat and I took the opportunity to slide my hand up Jen’s leg and caress her inner thigh. Lis could see what I was doing and I whispered to Jen (oudly enough for Lis to hear) that it might be time for some payback (which she already knew was the plan). We headed home and once in the door, I asked Lis if she minded Jen being naked.

Lis replied saying that she had expected that to happen, so I pulled Jen’s top off and got her to remove her shoes and pull her skirt down. I asked Lis if she thought the socks looked good and she did, so we decided to leave those on. I told Lis that I was going to get out of my work clothes, then stripped off and put my gown on. We prepared dinner and ate it before retiring to the comfy chairs and as we talked, I gently teased Jen’s nipples until they were hard and stroked up and down her thighs, just brushing my fingers against her pussy. Jen was obviously getting turned on but I pretended not to notice and just kept on talking with Lis. I pushed a finger just between Jen’s lips and ran it up and down the length of her pussy. I could feel Jen squirming around beside me but still ignored her and continued to gently stroke her pussy.

I asked Lis if she was bothered by what I was doing and she whispered back that it was fine. I asked if she wanted to see more and got back a very quiet ‘yes’ so told Jen to open her legs more. I curled two fingers round into Jen’s pussy and slowly fucked her with them. I asked Lis how different Jen’s pussy looked to Vicky’s and she described Vicky’s pussy to me (I think possibly without realising exactly what she was saying). I moved on to rubbing Jen’s clit and used my other hand to spread her lips open. Her inner lips were glistening with her juices and I was happy with the effect my teasing had so I rewarded her by continuing to rub her clit until she was close to cumming. I debated stopping and leaving her hanging, but decided that I would go straight for the kill and let Lis watch her cum. I did ask Lis if she wanted to see me continue and then strummed my fingers back and forth over Jen’s clit as her mewing got louder and she came.

Jen sank back into the sofa but I told her to leave her legs open. I sucked my fingers clean and told Lis that at least Jen now knew what it was like when she did that to me. Lis looked quite flushed and I could see her pressing her thighs together. I could also feel my pussy tingling and really wanted to cum, but let things calm down a bit and even let Jen put her legs back together after a few minutes. The conversation didn’t stray far from sex for the rest of the evening and I gently played with Jen’s breasts again, but didn’t do any more than that.

When it was time for bed, I told Lis that I would happily make up the sofa-bed for her if she wanted, but she was very welcome to join us in bed. Lis hesitated for a while and I assured her that I would keep her safe and wouldn’t let Jen pounce on her in the middle of the night. I could see that Lis was wavering but I didn’t want to push her into anything (not that anything was really going to happen) so I said that it was fine if she didn’t want to. She said it would be okay and we took turns in the bathroom. I spent a little while longer in there so I could masturbate and when we had all finished, I peeled the socks off Jen’s legs, gave her pussy a quick lick and crawled into bed.

It was a bit squished, but felt really nice. Lis had opted to just wear her panties again (a pink pair this time) and she was on one side of me while Jen was on the other. I asked Lis if she minded if Jen came again and she said it was fine, so I crawled under the covers, pulled Jen’s legs apart and went down on her. Lis couldn’t see what I was doing, but she could tell from Jen’s reaction that it was pleasant. I wanted to push Jen as far as I could so I alternated between fingering and eating her and when she came, I had a finger pushed into her ass and my mouth clamped over her cunt.

It is usually rather warm under the covers in a situation like this, but with three of us in the bed, I was roasting and somewhat sweaty by the time I resurfaced. I spooned against Jen and apologised to Lis but she said it was okay and I felt her drape her arm over me and cuddled up against my back. I was very confused and quietly whispered to Jen to go back to the toilet for a few minutes so I could talk to Lis.

As soon as Jen had gone, I rolled over and Lis asked if I had minded her cuddling up to me. I told her that it had felt really nice, but I knew that she was in love with Vicky and didn’t quite know what she wanted. I explained that both Jen and I really liked her and found her incredibly attractive (as if she hadn’t guessed) and given the chance, there were many things we would love to do with her. Lis explained that she knew how we felt and it was just that I had been there for her and helped her through her coming out and the issues of Holly and getting together with Vicky and she could talk to me about anything and trusted me (it was all blurted out in one long sentence like that). She admitted that the display that Jen had put on might have helped with the way she was feeling and just wanted to cuddle up to us. I offered her the sofa bed again and when she refused that, told her that she could always borrow some toys and we would give her privacy if she wanted but she was happy to just stay in the bed and fall asleep with us.

I told Lis that trusting me might be a bit of a mistake and slid my hand over her breasts (which got a nice little jump from her). I gave her a kiss and she kissed me back and thanked me (I’m not sure what for). I told her again that if she was only single... and slowly slid my hand down across her stomach before sliding it off to the side and running down her outer thigh. Jen came back in and asked what we were up to and I told her that I was just explaining to Lis that if she was single, we would be showing her everything we had learned about sex at this point. Jen quite liked this idea and suggested that we let Lis sleep in the middle, but I told her that I had sworn to protect Lis from her roaming hands. Jen promised to be good but I told her that she was incapable of being good (pot, meet kettle...) and got her to slide back in on the other side of me.

We curled up again, Lis against me and me against Jen and quietly chatted while we fell asleep. Lis thanked us both again for helping, supporting and encouraging her. I lifted my arm from around Jen to reach back to give Lis a semi-cuddle and then we snuggled up again and gradually dozed off. We were quite warm throughout the night and the covers got pushed down a fair way. I woke up a couple of times and the first time I was still curled up against Jen and I kissed her shoulders the way I’d done to Lis the previous evening. This was enough to wake her up (coupled maybe with a bit of nipple play) and Jen murmured that it felt nice. I slipped a hand down between her legs and rubbed her clit, while whispering to her and asking if she wanted to cum again. She said that she was tired, but I could tease her if I wanted to (of course I wanted to) so I carried on playing with her very gently until she fell asleep and I dozed off.

The next time I woke up I had turned over and had an arm around Lis who was facing away from me. Now I know that I should have been better behaved and that I should have learned from our transgression with Sue, but in my defence I was still partly asleep, but I cuddled up to Lis and kissed her shoulders and back. I felt her press back against me and when my hand cupped one of her breasts, she held my hand in place. I’m pretty sure that she was asleep, but I could feel her ass pushing back against my crotch and I pushed back against her. I carried on gently kissing her shoulders until I was properly awake and realised fully what I was doing. She still had my hand trapped against her breast, so I left that in place and stopped humping and kissing her. As I dozed off again, I remember whispering things to her about how beautiful she was.

Now exactly what happened next I’m not entirely sure about. As far as I was aware, I had a very nice dream about continuing to kiss Lis, fondling her breasts and running my hand over the front of her body. My fingers repeatedly grazed the top of her panties but I knew it would be wrong to go any further. The reason I say that I don’t know exactly what happened is when I woke up again, my hand was resting on her thigh (outer) so I have no idea how much of my ‘dream’ actually happened. Even if I did act it all out, it wasn’t really too much and I think Lis might have slept through it (or been in a similar semi-awake state) as she hasn’t said anything about it since then). When I realised what I might have done, I decided to turn over and spoon with Jen again. I had plenty more interesting dreams involving the three of us, but I’m certain that those ones were just dreams (unfortunately).

I half woke in the morning to the familiar feeling of Jen’s tongue between my legs. I was feeling incredibly aroused due to the events/dreams of the night and I just lay enjoying what she was doing to me. Jen got me a good way towards cumming before I woke up enough to remember that Lis was in bed with us (which is odd as that was certainly one of the things I was imagining while Jen was licking me). I glanced over and saw that Lis was watching us and told Jen to stop but she held her head in place and licked me even faster. I felt very embarrassed and didn’t want Lis to see me cum, but at the same time I was also too close to cumming to care. I told Jen that she was going to pay for this and spread my legs wider to let her know I had surrendered. She licked around the inside of my pussy and then concentrated on my clit, which was all it took to push me over the edge. I had a pretty spectacular orgasm and replayed my dream in my mind throughout it.

I lay basking in the afterglow of my orgasm and apologised to Lis, telling her that she was only meant to have seen Jen cum and that I would make her pay for what she had just done. Lis was eager to see what I would do for revenge and I told Jen to lie back on the bed while I decided what to do to her. I was very tempted to get Lis to help me out (and I’m pretty sure that she would have been willing), but was aware that once things started, it would be very unlikely we would be able to stop – and as much as I wanted to have my tongue buried in her cunt, I still knew that we couldn’t (you see, I do have *some* self control). I debated with Lis if I should pull out the strap-on and fuck Jen, just use a vibe, fingers or mouth. While we were discussing this, I got Jen to start playing with herself.

I had a present for Jen that I’d been saving for that evening, but thought that it might serve me well now, so pulled out a couple of nipple vibes. I turned them on and clamped one onto each of Jen’s nips (I’d practiced with them on my own nipples, so I knew exactly how to use them) and told her to carry on playing with herself. I asked Lis if she thought Vicky would mind her seeing all this and she said that she might give a slightly abridged version of events, but she would tell Vicky that she had seen me make Jen cum and thought Vicky would be fine with that.

Jen was now properly fingering herself and obviously enjoying what was happening. I was actually quite impressed that Jen was putting on such a good show – I was only really making her do things that she had made me do in front of her friends, but I hadn’t made her do anything quite this extreme before (with anyone watching). I guess it helped that Jen is quite attracted to Lis so she wanted to show off for her.

I really wanted to get out one of the double dildos and fuck Jen with it (so I could cum again), but I was unsure about letting Lis see me cum when I was in charge of things (she wasn’t meant to have seen me cum at all). In the end, I went for a vibe and fucked Jen’s tight little pussy with it while making her rub her own clit. I alternated the vibe with licking her (and didn’t mind Lis seeing me do this). As Jen got closer to cumming, I thought of one more way to get revenge on her and asked Lis if she wanted to know what Jen would do to her (given the chance). Lis said that she wanted to know and I asked if she was really sure as I would get Jen to describe it fully. This got a devilish look from Lis that I hadn’t seen before and she said it would be fun to know. I told her that she was heading towards being as dirty a girl as I was (although I think she has quite a way to go) and told Jen to describe one of her fantasies involving Lis and added that I wanted her to talk about what Jen would do to her (so that I didn’t feature too heavily in the description).

One thing that I do take credit for is having trained Jen in how to talk dirty and construct a proper fantasy. I may not have trained her to Julia’s level, (but I don’t think I can match Julia for talking dirty), but she did a good job of describing how she wanted to tear off Lis’ panties, spread her cunt wide, push her tongue into her and ream her cunt, scooping her juices out and swallowing them. As she got closer to cumming, Jen focussed more on making Lis cum over and over again and then her mewing took over and we watched as she writhed around on the bed with the vibes still clamped to her nipples and me pumping the vibe in and out of her cunt.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Lis' Interview - Part 1

This was the first week in May and was a very exciting time. Lis was coming up for an interview. I had naturally offered to let her stay with me and she arrived on the Wednesday. I skived off work to meet her and took her home so that she could freshen up and change. Her first interview was in the afternoon and once she was ready, we headed into Uni and I helped her find the right place (although she was better at finding it as she had been to that building before). She said she would call me when she was done and I went to catch up with my own work.

I didn’t hear from her until near the end of the afternoon and she said that it had gone well, but they had been very thorough. We went for a drink and chatted about things before heading home for some food and a proper relax. While dinner was cooking, I suggested we change into something more comfortable and slipped out of my clothes. As a concession, I put a thin gown on (only loosely tied) and Lis decided to join me and changed into her PJs (cute Hello Kitty ones). Over dinner we chatted about York and how Lis would be sad to leave (but that is the academic life) and agreed that it would be wonderful if she could end up based up here with me. Lis was quite worried about what was going to happen with her and Vicky – she didn’t want to split up with her, but both of them finding jobs in the same place would be difficult and there aren’t enough jobs around that they could afford to refuse an offer.

She decided that she didn’t want to mope about it and that we should talk about nicer things. As you would expect, the ‘nicer things’ included what she had been up to with Vicky and how she had taken bits of my advice (that I gave to her while we were in bed during her last visit). Of course, we’ve spoken about some of this since then, but this was the first opportunity we’d had with the two of us alone for an extended period of time to talk face to face. Lis told me that she had tried waking Vicky up a few times the way I had suggested (licking her pussy) and that Vicky seemed to enjoy it. One time in particular, it had led to an extended morning session and the two of them had ended up being late for work. I told her that she just needed to keep going like this until Vicky couldn’t live without her tongue on a daily basis (or twice daily if she did it really well).

Lis said that might be a bit too much and I reminded her that Mike or Jen (depending on who I was with) and I did things twice a day every day (barring exceptional circumstances). Lis asked how I was coping being by myself without anyone to ‘take care of me’ and I told her that I just made good use of my toys and masturbated a couple of times each day (she knows this already so it wasn’t really news to her). I would have loved to demonstrate, but didn’t think it was really the right time and so we chatted about other things (like the various videos that Mike had been giving her) and it was eventually time for bed.

Once we had finished in the bathroom and moved into the bedroom, I removed my robe and climbed into bed naked. I asked Lis if she was still okay with me being naked and she said it was fine. I asked if she was now sleeping naked with Vicky and she said that they did this more often, but still wore things to bed most of the time (which was part of the reason that she couldn’t go down on Vicky every morning to wake her up). I admonished her over this and told her that she had to get her woman naked and could then delight in tasting her every morning (or having her taste Lis). She promised that she would work on it and as she was tired from her interview, I let her fall asleep. I also wanted her to fall asleep so that I could play with myself and I started things off (gently) while she was still partly awake. I gently teased myself for a while and texted Mike and Jen until I was sure she was asleep before getting serious and fingering myself properly. I kept quiet and came with my legs tightly closed around my hand, before rubbing a bit of my juices over each nipple, sucking my fingers clean and falling asleep.

Lis woke up before I did (she isn’t used to the traffic noise that I get on my street in the morning). I felt her getting out of bed to go and pee so I got up and started to get breakfast ready. She had to go back for further discussions about her proposed project and was a bit nervous so I spent breakfast distracting her with random conversation. I suggested that she make use of the shower pulse setting to cum and said that this always works to calm me down (if I’m nervous about anything – it often has the opposite effect from calming me down in the sexual sense) and she said she would consider it. She grabbed a towel and went into the bathroom and I sat on the sofa to play with myself (given I hadn’t had the chance to do this in bed). I considered just teasing myself and waiting until I was in the shower before I came, but the thought that Lis might be cumming at the same time as me was too appealing so I went all the way and had a nice orgasm with my legs spread wide.

I finished tidying up the breakfast things while waiting for Lis and then went and sat in the bedroom to chat with her while she started to get ready (okay, so I was there to get a peek at her while she was getting changed). She put a pair of plain white cotton panties on with matching bra (which I really like) and a skirt. I left to go and shower and when I returned, she was working on her make-up. I got dressed while we chatted and we set off for Uni. She was still a bit nervous about what their decision would be so before she went in, I gave her a big hug and a kiss. We arranged to meet for lunch but I got a text from her apologising and saying that she was going to eat with the people interviewing her. I didn’t see her until mid-afternoon and she told me that they had told her that she was welcome to come and work there, but would have to arrange her own funding as they didn’t have anything (this isn’t too uncommon in academia). They were willing to work with her to write a grant, but fundamentally, she wasn’t much further forwards at finding a job than she had been.

Lis decided to go and wander round town for a bit and we arranged to meet up once I had finished work. I left a little early (actually on time, but that was early for me) and we stopped off for a coffee before heading home. Lis was still a little down so we sat and chatted and I gave her a shoulder massage. She enjoyed this and slipped her top off so I could do it properly and we ended up on the bed (no, we didn’t have sex). Lis lay face down, wearing just her panties and I sat over her and gave her a full back massage. I was still dressed, but my lack of panties meant that as I rubbed up and down her back, my pussy came into contact with her ass or legs a number of times. I didn’t do anything too overt like grind against her, but got a couple of very nice bump and slides against her panties as I did long strokes up her back with my hands. I massaged her like this for about 15 minutes and mostly behaved myself (I stayed away from her legs as I knew my resolve might not have been as strong once I was stroking her there).

Lis seemed a lot more relaxed now and much happier. I gave her a little tickle as I finished and as things were in a nice playful mood I dared her to do what I do and wander around the flat naked. She said that people might see in, but I told her that as long as we didn’t put the lights on, she would be fine. She agreed to give it a try but said she would keep her panties on (I was fine with this as I thought they looked cute). She was obviously nervous as the windows are quite large and it was still very light out so she thought everyone would be able to see her. I demonstrated that it would be fine by stripping off my clothes and walking around completely nude.

We made dinner like this and it was only when we went to sit down that Lis said she thought she needed to cover up a bit. I fetched her Jen’s robe and put mine on as well and we chatted while we ate. We discussed the job situation, my wedding, how things were going with Jen (and how the wedding would change them) and my times visiting Jen. This brought us very nicely back to my favourite subject and in giggly little girl mode, I told Lis that Jen had been making me do more naughty things while I was with her. Before I told her what it was, I called up the pictured of Pavlina and told Lis about Lucy – it turned out that I had actually shown her some pictures before but I had (and still have) no recollection of having done that (maybe I’ve mentioned it in this blog somewhere, but I can’t be bothered looking). Undeterred, I enthused about Lucy and how Pavlina was one of the girls Mike used to ‘turn’ me and so how I was particularly attracted to her. I told her about some of the events from the weekend when Mike came to visit her and how much he fancies her as well.

Lis asked if Jen minded that I’m so open about liking her housemate and I reminded her that Jen had told me that given the chance, she would take Lis to bed and not let her leave. This got a cute little blush out of Lis and I decided it was time to move on to my revelation. She knows about the various teasing that Jen has done to me in front of her friends, but she also knows about Jen’s rule of my pussy being for her and her alone (well, the old rule now). I described how Jen had moved on to openly fingering me in front of Lucy and how I had cum in front of her with Jen’s fingers buried in my cunt. Lis asked what it was like doing this in front of someone and I told her that I enjoyed it more than almost anything else. Lis certainly isn’t an exhibitionist, but I think she is beginning to understand the excitement of it and my fairly graphic description seemed to have an effect on her as her nipples were hard enough to be visible through Jen’s robe (this is why we have thin robes).

I debated telling Lis about some of the more extreme things (like teasing Ashraf and the cream play in the garden), but decided to save that for another time. It was getting late by this point and after a few quick calls to Mike and Jen for me and Vicky for Lis (with a bit of phone swapping so we could all have a quick hello), we decided that it was time for bed. I made sure that I was out of the bathroom first and when Lis came in to the bedroom, I managed to convince her that it was a warm enough night and she didn’t need to put her PJs on. I had hoped that she would remove her panties, but she climbed into bed with just them on.

We chatted for a while longer and I slid my hand between my legs – I didn’t move my fingers, just pressed against my clit and enjoyed the feeling. I noticed Lis rub her shoulder while we were talking so I got her to turn over onto her side, facing away from me, so I could rub her back and shoulders again. I could only really use my right hand as my left was trapped under me (I was lying on my side as well), but I think I did a pretty good job. I even managed to slip my hand properly between my legs, get it wet with my juices and then rub these over Lis’ back a couple of times. She was obviously enjoying what I was doing (even though she wasn’t quite aware of the ‘massage oil’ I was using) and before she dozed off, I slipped my arm over her and hugged myself against her back. I gave her a little kiss on the shoulder, hoping to taste my juices off her (but I hadn’t really rubbed that much into her) and told her to sleep well. I liked the feel of her skin pressed up against me, but I also wanted to cum, so snuck out of bed and went to the bathroom so I could once again use her hairbrush to fuck myself with. I was fairly quick and came with it buried inside me and helped things along by gently using her toothbrush on my clit. When I rejoined her in bed, she was lying on her back and with my lust satisfied, I resisted curling up against her or letting my hands wander too much.

I had some nice dreams that night and think that I moved around quite a lot. When I woke up in the morning, I was on my back with my legs parted and Jen’s arm was curled up against me with a leg half over one of my legs and a hand on one of my breasts. I was just deciding on what I was going to do when I came round enough to realise that it wasn’t Jen at all, but Lis. This gave me a somewhat more limited set of options – if it had been Jen I would have happily pulled her leg to my pussy, massaged my breast with her hand or just fingered myself until she woke up, but I thought that might be going a bit far with Lis so I lay there, enjoying the feeling of her body against me. Her body felt nice and warm and I could feel the swell of her breasts on my side. I moved my leg slightly and this disturbed Lis enough to wake her up.

She seemed to come round in the same way I had, at first she stayed pressed up against me but when she woke up properly, she quickly pulled away and said that she was sorry. I told her that it was fine, I knew about her attraction to large breasts and how she just had no self control. Lis turned a deep shade of red so I kept teasing her and asking if she liked the way my breast had felt. I didn’t want to make her feel too bad so I reached over and tickled her stomach. She rolled away from me laughing so I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her tight to me and carried on tickling her. Lis is probably as ticklish as I am (very) so she squirmed around in my arms, but couldn’t pull free. I spooned up behind her and enjoyed the feeling of her ass bumping against my crotch. I had a lot more freedom compared to when I was massaging her as she was moving so I allowed myself to press against her and enjoy the feeling of her panties on my skin.

She was gasping for breath so I eased off on the tickling, but kept my arm around her. As she calmed down, I nuzzled against her neck and shoulder, placing small kisses over the area. I told her she was very beautiful and how lucky Vicky was to be with her. Lis murmured that what I was doing felt nice and for the first time I thought that there might actually be a chance of something happening between us. I kissed the back of her neck (or the part that wasn’t hidden by her hair) and told her that she had been a very naughty girl taking advantage of a naked sleeping woman. She protested her innocence again but I said that I wanted recompense and if she was allowed to feel me, I wanted to cop a feel as well. I slid my hand up from her stomach, under her arm and onto her right breast. She let out a little yelp as I gave it a squeeze and I moved on to nuzzling her earlobe.

I knew that things had gone far enough and pulled away from her. I pushed myself up on one arm and Lis rolled on to her back and looked over at me. I leant forwards and gave her a kiss on the lips and told her that if she wasn’t dating Vicky, I might not have been going in to work that morning. Lis got the (not very subtle) implication and told me that if she ever split up with Vicky, she might come back and visit me. I told her that she had better come back and visit long before she split up with Vicky and gave her another little kiss. Well, it was meant to be a little kiss, but it was actually a fairly nice long one and I once again had to restrain myself from letting my hands wander.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sisterly competitiveness

Right, I should finally be able to write a brief entry to help catch up.
At the end of April, I went down to visit Mike. Because of holidays it was another long weekend, but I didn’t go down until the Friday morning again so I could work late on the Thursday and try to save up some extra time off for the summer. I arrived while Mike was still at work, so dropped my things off at home and wandered in to the Uni to meet up with friends for lunch. They (or at least the girls) were excited to hear all the news about my engagement to Jen and I showed off my torc. A couple of them wanted to try it on and I let them, but it felt good to get it back and feel it around my neck again.

I didn’t have any plans for the afternoon and as the weather wasn’t too bad, I spent a while lying out by the lake and reading a book. I had a nice little summer dress on and played with different positions to allow my pussy to get some air. I don’t think anyone actually saw what I was doing, but it isn’t always about having someone see me, sometimes it’s nice just knowing that I’m (sort of) naked while outside. I met up with people for afternoon coffee and went to see my old supervisor for a while. I was going to head home to wait for Mike, but some people said that we could head down to the pub a little earlier than usual, so I stayed in Uni until they were ready to leave. I had planned on meeting Mike at home, having a quick session and then us both joining people, but we thought we could make up for the lost time later that night and he agreed to meet us there.

I got to talk about my engagement again at the pub with people who hadn’t been around for lunch and had a very enjoyable evening. We didn’t stay out too late and on the way home, stopped off in one of our usual places for a quick fool around. Mike wanted to do things properly so it was only brief and we then went home to get serious.

We decided to go upstairs and do things properly – Mike stood behind me, I lifted my arms and he slipped his hands under my dress, slowly lifted it up and pulled it off over my head. I reached around and undid my bra before leaning back against him. He cupped my breasts and I turned my head to kiss him. One of his hands slid down to my crotch and his fingers pressed between my lips and rubbed my clit. I ground my ass back against him and he pushed back, the bulge of his cock pressing against me through his trousers. I reached around and rubbed him then tried to unzip his trousers and pull him free, but we had to move apart and he took the opportunity to undress.

We didn’t say much while doing all this and lay down on the bed with Mike on top. His cock rubbed back and forth against my pussy as we kissed and then I felt him slide into me. He kissed around my neck and I asked him if I should remove my torc but he said not to and kissed all the way around it before adding that this meant the three of us would always be together. I pulled him towards me and told him to talk dirty to me. He whispered to me about how I was a naughty little girl, wanting both him and Jen and how I would do almost anything if it meant I could cum. I humped back against him and told him he wouldn’t want it any other way and he called me all sorts of names. He recounted what he’d seen in the garden the previous weekend and got me to tell him again what it was like having three girls make me cum. We were moving a lot faster by this time and while I described things to him, he kissed and nuzzled my neck.

We carried on like this and he reached around my leg and got his fingers onto my clit. He quickly rubbed it and I told him I was going to cum soon if he carried on but he said he wasn’t too far from cumming and asked me to take over the dirty talk to encourage him to cum. I did my best and threw in some of the things that Jules had said to me.

I kept telling him I was nearly there and he pumped into me harder saying he was very close. He slowed down rubbing my clit until he was about to cum and then sped back up again. He came in me but carried on rubbing and my orgasm started while he was still pressed deep into me. We described to each other what his cock felt like pushed into my cunt (obviously from our own point of view) and when my orgasm ended, we kissed while he stayed inside me. I contracted myself around him for a while, but eventually he rolled off me and we lay beside each other.

I knew that he was very tired as he’d been working hard the previous week (even though it had only been 4 days) and we agreed that we would refrain from doing anything in the morning until both of us woke up naturally. I did wake up a couple of times in the morning and it was nice to know that I didn’t have anything to do and could just fall asleep again. It was sometime after 11 when we were both properly awake and I felt more rested than I had in a while. Before we did anything, Mike said that he had a suggestion and explained it to me. He had been talking to Sue and had challenged her to see whether she or I could cum more. We had a slight advantage as we knew what was going on, whereas all her bf would know is that he was going to have a lucky day.

Mike gave her a call and asked if she was still up for the challenge and it was obvious from the way she was answering his questions that she wasn’t alone at the time. She managed to tell us that she was still game though and he told her that she had to report back when she had managed get herself and her bf to cum. He hung up and said that we needed to get started if we were going to beat them and I spread my legs and told him I was ready. Mike licked me for a little while and then pushed into me. We used doggy style as we both like this and it’s easy for him to rub my clit while we fuck. I pushed back against his cock in time with his thrusts (which made a very satisfying ‘slap’ each time our bodies smacked together) and I came followed not long after by him cumming in me.

At his request, I knelt up on the bed with my legs spread to let him cum leak out while he texted Sue to let her know we had won the first round. The next challenge was for her to cum a second time by whatever method she wanted. Mike fingered me and then used an egg on my clit while he knelt in front of me and we kissed. My pussy was dripping with his cum and I could feel it sliding down my legs. We imagined what Sue and her bf were up to and I pictured having her head underneath my pussy so Mike’s cum was dripping out over her face. I came a second time and Mike sent off another text saying we had won round two.

We later heard back from her that she thought it wasn’t fair as we had decided when things would start, but that they had both cum and she had then masturbated herself in front of him for her second orgasm. We told her she could call the next round and a little while after we had showered, we got a text saying that Mike had to eat me. This was quite easy and I lay back on the bed and let him have access to my pussy. I was quite close to cumming when we got another text saying that Sue had just cum. I was quite surprised that she managed it so quickly, (but I guess she is a few years younger than me) and Mike finished me off before I replied and told her she had won the round.

The next challenge was to do things while we were out somewhere. Each of us got to send a text saying ‘now’ and the other had five minutes to find somewhere suitable and cum. Half points if only one of the pair could cum, full points if both came (and bonus points for a proper fuck including internal ejaculation). Mike and I told Sue that we were going out and on the way we debated whether this was really ethical, but decided that as Sue seems to enjoy sex almost as much as I do (and we had no doubt that her bf was enjoying things), that it probably was. We had just got into town when Sue texted back and said that they were heading out and it was time for us to cum. We didn’t have many choices and popped in to a shop, grabbed a few items of clothing and dashed into the dressing rooms (separately). I sat down and masturbated, knowing I only had three minutes left to cum and knew that Mike was doing the same thing. I cheated a but by leaving the curtain open just a crack – not enough for anyone to actually see what I was doing, but enough that I could imagine they could see me. Given the time limit, I didn’t play around and concentrated on my clit. I came in under two minutes and wandered back out to wait for Mike. I had the text ready to send and he called out to me that he had finished ‘trying things on’ and would be with me in a moment. I sent the text to Sue to let her know we had achieved it and warned her to be ready.

We waited until lunchtime and I managed to catch them at just the right time. They had just ordered something to eat and Sue couldn’t find any way of getting her bf to cum (without telling him what was going on – which could have led to all sorts of awkward conversations) and so she had to dash to the toilet and finger herself in there. She managed to cum in the five minutes, but only got half points for that round.

Because we won (not that it was rigged), we got to decide on the next challenge and Mike suggested something that I thought sounded good. About 30 minutes after we’d made her cum, we told her that within an hour, she had to have started having sex, but this time it had to be anal sex, including ejaculation (and we obviously had to do the same). We hurried home and once in the door, Mike bent me over the sofa, slid his cock into my cunt to get a bit of lubrication and then pulled out and slid into my ass. It’d been a while since we’ve done this (although I’ve had numerous vibes and fingers in there) and we took it slowly so it didn’t hurt. Mike loves fucking my ass as it is so much tighter than my pussy and he took his time. I texted Sue to let her know that he was already inside me and got a reply saying that she was on the way home and would make it in plenty of time. Mike fucked me while I fingered my pussy and he had no problems cumming in me (I also had no problems cumming). About 20 minutes after we’d finished, Sue texted to say that they had also finished (her bf had cum in her very quickly and had been quite surprised that she had been so keen for him to fuck her ass). She had got him to eat her afterwards so that she could cum as well, but I think he was sufficiently grateful that he didn’t mind doing this at all.

We had a break from the competition for a while and Mike and I lay out in the garden and just chatted. That evening we were meeting up with friends – a few of them were away at a conference, so it was quieter than usual, but still a fun evening. At about 10, Mike texted Sue to tell her that she had to cum at least twice more that night (as did I) and if her bf (and Mike) came again, extra points would be awarded. This was slightly cheating again as we’re quite practiced in the final fuck of the day and Mike pretty much always cums – and me cumming twice isn’t that big a deal, but we thought it would be good training for them if nothing else...

Once we had got home and into bed, Mike went down on me, licking my cunt and ass until I came. He kitty kissed me for a while until I had recovered from my orgasm and was ready for more and them moved up on top of me, slid straight into me (I *was* pretty wet) and started to fuck me. We once again imagined what Sue and bf were doing and recalled the times she had joined us (or watched us) and I told Mike about one of Jen’s favourite fantasies where she gets to eat both Sue and I and then we both make her cum (with the two of us toying with her at the same time). Mike quite enjoyed my description and fucked me quite hard while I described Jen pushed her tongue into Sue’s cunt and then Sue doing the same to her. I rather enjoyed imagining it as well and told Mike that I thought I could cum without clit stimulation if we kept the fantasy up.

We expanded it a bit and other people joined us – Jo, Lis, Holly and one of Sue’s friends from Uni who is rather hot and (of course) Mike. We imagined every combination we could and as each new set of people fingered, fucked or 69ed, I could feel myself getting closer to cumming. I told Mike to fuck me harder and faster while I pictured a threesome with Jo and Jen (lying with our legs between each other’s legs in a circle – I got to eat Jo, who ate Jen, who ate me) and I came as Mike repeatedly thrust into me. As soon as I had cum, Mike allowed himself to cum (okay, it was a minute or so after I’d cum, but it didn’t take him long to finish off). I texted Sue to tell her that we’d got the bonus points and we chatted while we waited to hear back.

Impressively, she had managed to cum twice and had got her bf to cum inside her again, so the round was a tie. We decided that Mike and I had won, but Sue said we would discuss the winners when we could talk properly. I didn’t get to fall asleep with Mike inside me that night as he was no longer hard (although I could feel the occasional little stirring in his cock as he lay spooned up against my back).

I won’t detail the events of Sunday and Monday morning – suffice to say, we had our usual morning & evening sessions with a little bit of teasing in between. When we got to actually speak to Sue (most of the communication the previous day had been by text), we found out that her bf had been very happy at the sudden increase in sex and hadn’t been at all suspicious of her sending texts to us (she is always texting anyway so a few more made no difference). As a penalty for losing, Mike got her to agree to play along with her bf’s fantasy of her letting another woman join them (she didn’t actually have to let this happen, just describe to him how it might go if it did happen). She said that she knew the person she would use in the fantasy (another girl she knows he thinks is hot) and told us she would report back when done.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Easter with Jen - Part 4 (final)

Another longer post, but it makes up for it being a day late. I didn't get a chance to post yesterday as Lis was down with Jen and I for the weekend.


I stood up shakily and Mel suggested that Jules remove my panties and I watched her pull at them with her teeth until they slipped down my legs (they had been pushed partway down by Julia’s hands, so this wasn’t too difficult). Jules stayed kneeling in front of me and I wondered if she was about to eat me, but Jen said that we were both a mess and needed to be cleaned up. I was sat on one chair and Julia on another one beside me. Mike knelt between my legs and Mel between Julia’s and they ate us. We ended up with us each holding our legs up and parted and had to stay like this as we were eaten to orgasm. Jules came first (but then she’s had more time to recover from her pervious orgasm) and once I came, it was decreed that as the loser, I should get another dousing in ice cream (which was mostly melted) and Jen would lick me clean.

I know full well that if I’d cum first, I would have had to do exactly the same thing but it would have been punishment for cumming early and I also knew better than to argue. This was a very different position than usual – while my pussy has been seen by the group, I still had my legs spread wide and Mike had licked off almost all the mess that had been hiding me before so I was really exposed. Jen tipped a generous helping of ice cream over my chest and pussy , pulled off her top (or it would have got even more stained) and went straight to work between my legs. She got a lot more comments and encouragement than Mike had and I could sort of make out movement under a couple of blankets. I couldn’t see too well as I was sitting under a light and a lot of the others were in the shadows, but I like to imagine that they were all jacking or jilling while watching what was going on (the thought of being responsible for that many orgasm is the reason I enjoy writing this blog so experiencing it in person is even better).

I looked down at Jen and her face was covered, but she carried on licking me. I hadn’t been sure I cold cum again so soon, but she continued and I felt the familiar stirring of lust building in me. It was helped by Jules and Mel taking up positions on either side of me and (after a bit of repositioning of my legs), taking a nipple each in their mouths. I now had a topless Jen between my legs, a topless Mel on one nipple and a naked Jules on the other and Mike (later) told me that it was one of the hottest things he’s ever seen. He fantasised about moving u behind Jules and sliding his cock into her and I’ve repeatedly told him that if he’s tried it, she would have almost certainly have let him (or knowing Jules, probably encouraged him to fuck her repeatedly). Mike just watched from the shadows though as the three of them got me off yet again. He said that as I got closer to cumming, Julia started to play with herself and he was tempted to move round to the side so he could see what he was doing. Once I had cum, Mel stopped her and said that she would take care of her later on.

I was something of a mess by the time they had finished (although I guess my pussy was quite clean) and was relaxing in the chair when the hose was turned on me. The cold water was a bit of a shock (to say the least), but after the initial chill, I was dragged up by Jules and Jen and made to dance around and clean myself off. We did at least get towels after we had finished (which was just as well as the evening was nowhere near as warm as the day) and we moved indoors. Lucy sat on Mike’s lap once more and teased him about how much he had enjoyed what had just happened (he was still hard and Jules could feel this as she wriggled her ass around on his crotch).

Mike said that as much fun as he was having, he really wanted to get back to spend some time with Lucy (we had already missed dinner). Jen didn’t mind going home, so we made our excuses and started to get ready. I found that my skirt and top had ‘somehow’ gotten stained in the excitement earlier and Jen suggested that one of the people in the house lend me a t-shirt to wear while walking home. Someone went and grabbed something suitable and after checking that it was long enough (just) that I wouldn’t get arrested for indecency, we set off. It wasn’t too late so was still light – we took quieter roads back to the house as Jen realised that in the cold (twi)light of day, it might have not been such a good idea to have me wandering around dressed the way I was. I got a couple of cat-calls on the way and gave a group of lads a flash of my ass, but the rest of the journey was uneventful.

While we walked, we discussed what had just happened and the more I recounted the events, the more I enjoyed them. Mike liked it as he got to see multiple girls making me cum and Jen enjoyed it as it was a (big) step closer to Mel and Jules doing things properly with me (or us). I explain that if I’d known what was going to happen, I would have made more of an effort with Julia instead of just letting Mel do all the work. They told me that Mel had put on a pretty good show though so I didn’t feel too bad (at that point it would have been difficult for me to feel bad about anything). I teased Mike a bit about Julia and said how odd it was he thought she was cute (he usually only likes girls with long hair) but he said there was a certain something about her, which I have to agree with.

We got home to find Lucy and Ramona curled up together on the sofa. It was fairly obvious that they had been kissing (at the very least), but they immediately noticed how I was dressed and were amazed that I had walked home like that. Jen started to explain and I initially thought she was going to tell them exactly what had happened, but she just said we had a water fight and my clothes got soaked. I was going to go find something else to wear, but we were offered a glass of wine and sat and started chatting. As would be expected, the conversation made its way round to how much Lucy looked like Pavlina and Jen just happened to have a selection of images handy on her computer. Lucy complained, but Ramona held her down and we flicked through the pictures commenting on how similar she looked. This wasn’t the first time Lucy has seen them, but it still makes her blush and Ramona hinted on how certain things were different (but I’m not lucky enough to have seen those bits). We finished with a couple of lesbian videos and Mike asked if anyone minded if we saw Pavlina having sex with a guy. Nobody did (other than Lucy, but her vote didn’t count) and we watched videos of Pavlina sucking off a guy, being fingered, fucked, creampied and ending with a big facial.

Mike did a good job of hiding his erection behind me, but I could feel him pressing up against my ass. Lucy gradually returned to a normal colour once we had stopped the videos and told Ramona that she was mean and would have to sleep on the sofa that night. They had a quiet conversation between themselves and ended up tickling each other – I think the gist of the conversation was that Ramona told Lucy that she wouldn’t be able to sleep without her and she promised that she would be very good to her before they actually went to sleep (but it was too quiet to hear properly and they were laughing lots). Mike apologised for teasing Lucy and she said it was fine, Ramona had seen the pictures before and she knew (from me) that he fancied her.

The rest of the evening went remarkably well and I know that I spent quiet a lot of it sitting in ways that meant my pussy wasn’t entirely covered. It was well after midnight that Lucy and Ramona went up to bed and Mike asked if he could have some time with me before I went up to join Jen. She made a show of considering his request before agreeing to it (it would have been somewhat unfair to let him witness the events of the day and not let him fuck me afterwards), so Jen went up to fetch the blankets for him while he got started on me.

When Jen returned, I was lying on top of him, grinding against his crotch (he still had his jeans on) and she told him not to take too long with me as I still had to service her before bed. Mike assured her that it wasn’t going to take him long to cum and I said that if that was the case, it was just as well I had Jen to do things with as well, but that got me a slap on the ass and he said that he would make sure I came before going up to Jen. We were left alone and Mike removed his clothes while I pulled off my top. We stayed on the floor, but used the blankets as a makeshift mattress and I mounted Mike’s cock and let him slide the whole way into me. We started off fucking fairly slowly and talked about the evening again, he described what he had seen and how much he had enjoyed it and I told him what I felt as people had done things to me.

He wanted to eat me for a bit before cumming in me, so I switched round to a 69 position and sucked his cock clean of my juices while he tasted me. I know it was probably no different than usual, but his cock seemed a bit bigger and harder and I alternated between rubbing the shaft and kissing and licking the head. We occasionally stopped to see if we could hear anything going on upstairs and when I thought I heard moaning, we snuck out into the hallway. We decided it would be too risky to climb the stairs to get closer to Lucy’s room, but I leant forwards onto the third or fourth step and Mike slid into me from behind. We couldn’t hear much, but it was obvious that either Lucy or Ramona was getting close to cumming and Mike fucked me while rubbing my clit while we strained to hear them. Whoever it was, they came before we did, but Mike continued to frig my clit until I came and he pushed into me hard and emptied his cum into me.

He stayed in me for a little while – with me still standing leaning forwards against the stairs and then pulled out in one movement. He quietly told me to hold his cum inside me and go to Jen, so I covered my pussy, went upstairs, stood in the doorway (still holding my pussy) and asked Jen if she wanted to eat Mike’s cum out of me. She told me to kneel over her chest and let his cum drip out (so I did) and she rubbed it into her breasts before pushing two fingers into me and transferring some of his cum to her pussy (she knows he loves the idea of this happening). I was then instructed to sit over her face and she pushed her tongue inside me and ate whatever cum remained (or at least as much as her tongue could reach).

Once I was lying beside her and ad my fingers on her pussy, I told her that we had fucked at the foot of the stairs while listening to Lucy and Ramona doing things. Jen told me I was a naughty girl and I told her that was probably the least naughty thing I’d done that day, but if she wanted me to be naughty then I would be naughty for her. I had cum enough times that day, but grabbed one of the double dildos and showed Jen how I had used it while eating her the previous night. I let her watch me slide it into my cunt, hold the other end between my legs and then demonstrated rocking back and forth on it before telling her to climb into position so I could eat her. I did this while rocking back and forth on the dildo and tasted Jen. She seemed to be wetter than usual and when I later asked her about this, she blamed the evening and all the fun things that she got to watch (and participate in).

Once she had cum, we talked about whether she would have liked me to eat her in front of all her friends. Initially, the answer was no, but I gently teased her and described how the others could have joined in, Mel, Jules and I taking turns at eating her while the other two sucked her nipples and caressed her body. She eventually agreed that this sounded quite nice and by this time I had two fingers pumping into her and rubbing her (still copious) juices over her pussy and ass. I had previously thought that we had finished for the night, but my teasing had worked on Jen and She pushed me onto my back, climbed over me, planted her pussy on my face and pulled my legs open. I really enjoy it when Jen is that keen to do things and she pushed the dildo back into my pussy and started to fuck me with it and asking what it had been like cumming in front of everyone and displaying myself completely to them.

I couldn’t actually answer her as he was pushing her pussy against my face so I just held on and licked at her again. It’s a good job that Jen knows how deep I can take a dildo as she was being very forceful. She told me that she wanted us to cum one last time that night and I felt a finger push into my ass. At times she stopped moving the dildo and sucked on my clit and I could feel myself getting more aroused and carried on eating her cunt. As I got closer, I pulled her ass up a bit so I could concentrate on sucking her clit and flicking my tongue back and forth over it. I came first (but I *was* being assaulted in multiple ways) and moaned loudly into Jen’s cunt (which acts as quite a good muffler). I concentrated on continuing to suck and flick her clit and held her in place against my face so I could finish my work. It wasn’t long before Jen came and her cries weren’t that muffled. I licked hard and fast until she managed to pull away from me and said it was enough. Once she had caught her breath, she moved round and pulled the covers up. We chatted for a while and drifted off to a very satisfied sleep.

In the morning, I woke up and needed to pee. I went down on Jen briefly to get the taste of her pussy on my face and then told her I would return after having visited Mike. She told me that he wasn’t allowed to cum in me (she enjoys his cum, but not all the time) and I headed out the bedroom door. I quietly crept downstairs and to the bathroom and after having peed, went in to the living room. I had hoped to get Mike aroused before he woke up, but he heard me coming and so I just had to make do. I let him kiss me and taste Jen off me, then mounted his cock. We moved together and I enjoyed the feeling of him deep inside me. I’d told him he wasn’t allowed to cum in me, so when we got close to cumming, we moved onto the floor (using the blankets as  a mattress again).

Mike knelt between my legs and slid his cock in and out of me while he rubbed my clit. He fucked me until I came and then carried on until he was about to cum. I felt him pull out of me and then push the length of his cock against my pussy so the head was poking up and he slid back and forth. I reached down and held his cock against me and watched as jets of his cum squirted up and (mostly) splattered over my front. The last squirt was much weaker and pretty much ran down his cock and got smeared over my pussy, but I didn’t think Jen would mind that too much. My front had an impressive amount of cum on it, but Mike said this might be due to the dreams he’d been having. Some of his cum had started to run down my sides and I was wondering if I should rub it in when we heard a door open upstairs and Lucy talking to Ramona. Mike quickly put his boxer shorts on and told me to go back up to Jen. I got off the blankets so he could cover himself up and I walked out into the hall.

I met Lucy and Ramona at the bottom of the stairs and they commented that it wasn’t hard to guess what I’d just been doing. Mike’s cum was still dripping down my front and I apologised and hurried past them. I was bright red by the time I got up to Jen’s room and she asked what was wrong and just laughed when I told her. She got me to walk over to the bed and took a good look at my front and said that Lucy now had proof that I’m definitely bi. It’s difficult to explain how I could do all the things the previous evening and not be embarrassed, but something like this was embarrassing but I guess it’s all do to with context. That is why I enjoy (and can enjoy) doing things at different levels depending on who I’m with and how I can tease someone with just a little flash and enjoy it (almost) as much as cumming in front of a crowd or being fucked by someone at one of the parties.

Jen pulled me to her and told me that she would make it all better (or at least distract me enough that I didn’t care) and as I lay on her and felt Mike’s cum being smeared over our bodies, I surrendered myself to her and told her I would do whatever she wanted. We didn’t actually do anything too special – it was a standard session of kissing, fingering and eating (not that I have anything against such sessions – I’m quite happy to cum any way that someone is willing to make me cum). Technically, by the time we had finished we were both covered in Mike’s cum, but it had been sufficiently rubbed in that it was no longer visible. We wiped our faces clean and I was handed a shirt to wear down to breakfast.

Jen had decided to give Mike a treat (as I’ve said, they don’t get to see each other too often) and wore a nice nightdress down. It wasn’t silk, but had the same transparency as Lucy’s nice silk ones and I knew Mike would appreciate the view. When we got to the kitchen, we found Mike sitting chatting to Lucy and Ramona. Lucy had obviously decided that her nice nightdress might not be suitable with him around (but it’s nice to know that she doesn’t mind me seeing her in it) so had a cotton one on instead (but it still looked quite cute). Ramona asked if I had cleaned up and Mike said that he had already apologised and told them that he’d had trouble containing himself with four beautiful women in the house. I was relieved to find out that neither Lucy nor Ramona had been shocked and it was soon forgotten (well, I was still teased about it, but it wasn’t a big deal).

After breakfast, we moved in to the living room to finish out coffee and talked about a lot of things. Ramona wondered how it worked with Mike and I living apart with an upcoming wedding and I said that it was really no different than Jen and I being apart and only seeing each other every fortnight or so. We told them about the plan for Lucy to move u with me and finish her course up there (Lucy knew about this already but Ramona didn’t) and said that we had decided that while it would be wonderful to have her with me, the courses weren’t quite the same and in the long term an extra year probably wasn’t too much. It had been a very difficult decision, but we thought that it was probably the most sensible thing to do. It would mean another year of travelling (which was very tiring) but on the plus side, it meant more trips down to visit her and her friends.

Lucy rummaged around in Mike’s bag for something and knelt on the floor in front of me. I wondered what she was doing until she opened the box and there was a beautiful silver torc inside. I realised that she was on one knee and she told me that she loved me and even though we were going to be apart for another year, asked if I would be her partner (I can’t technically get legally engaged to her as I’m marrying Mike). I knew that we had discussed this (a number of times), but I had no idea that it was going to happen that weekend and I told her that of course i would and was crying as she kissed me. I told her that I wish I’d known so I could have got something and Mike tapped my leg (I was standing hugging her by this point) and handed me another box. I opened it to find a matching collar/band/torc (whatever you want to call it) and asked Jen if she would stay with me forever (it would have been a bit off if she had said no, but it felt right to ask). I put the torc on her. We kissed again and had a big group hug with everyone.

I know that this happened quite a while ago and I’ve been just as desperate to report it as I was when Mike and I got engaged, but we haven’t been entirely sure how to go about it. I’m well aware that many (or most) people will find it odd that I can completely love two people and want to spend my life with both of them. I’m also not too sure about the terms in polyamorous  relationships – I know that I haven’t got ‘engaged’ to Jen, and have no intention of trying to legally marry her (not wanting to be done for bigamy) but I do want to make it clear that I am just as devoted to her as I am to Mike and the thought of losing or hurting either one of them is equally as bad.

My head was still spinning a bit from the surprise and we sat and excitedly chatted. Ramona indirectly asked what this meant for the three of us and Mike explained that while he loved Jen (and hoped that she loved him), things were exclusively between me and him and me and Jen and (unfortunately) it was entirely platonic between Jen and himself. Lucy said that we needed to get everyone together and celebrate so contacted everyone and we arranged to meet for lunch. As the girl of the hour (technically I was the one proposed *to*), I got to wear one of my nicest dresses (although Jen also looked incredibly elegant and sexy in her outfit) and I was even given the option of panties if I wanted them. I told Jen that I didn’t want them (and made sure she also went without) but we agreed that there would be no inappropriate behaviour that day.

On the way to lunch, I found out that Mike had helped out in getting our engagement torcs and Lucy called her parents to tell them the news. She told me that I was invited to her place so they could congratulate us in person and I had a quick chat with them. I then called mum and texted Sue to let them know the news. We arrived at the restaurant for lunch and had a round of hugs and congratulations with people. Jen managed to convince people not to say anything out loud about the previous night (although Ramona has since found out about it) and we had a very civilised lunch (considering the crowd we were with!). On the way out, Julia told me that she guessed this meant that out fun was over but Jen chimed in and told her that we would probably find a way to carry on amusing each other before giving her wicked little grin. I hugged Jules and told her that I’d had fun the previous night and was looking forwards to coming back for my next visit. She tried to slide her hand under my skirt but I stopped her and reminded her that this was a special day so we weren’t fooling around. She gave me a pouty look but understood (or claimed she did) and I gave her a quick peck on the lips and another hug.

With lunch over, it was time to head back to the house and pick up my things to leave. I kept stroking the torc and noticed that Jen was doing the same thing. We agreed that we would try to keep them on all the time except when we were in bed, showering, swimming... basically all the times I remove my engagement ring (although I also generally take that off when fingering Jen or myself as I don’t want to cut either one of us down there with it). Mike didn’t come to the airport with us and Lucy and Ramona said they would look after him (but I doubt this was in the way he wanted them to). He had to leave for the station to get his train before Jen returned, but it meant he got to spend another while gazing at Lucy (who still thought it was amusing that he fancies her). Fortunately Ramona doesn’t seem to be annoyed with his infatuation the way she is with Lucy’s other admirer, but I guess she knows that he had Jen and I to keep him in check.
Jen and I had a very luvvy-duvvy trip to the airport, holding hand and snuggling up against each other. We had a long kiss goodbye (but it was only a kiss) and I was amazed at how happy I felt for the rest of the day. This didn’t stop our usual nightly phone session (both with Mike and Jen), but my session with Jen was much gentler and more intimate than usual.