Thursday, 1 September 2011

Easter with Jen - Part 1

Easter weekend – I got to have a long weekend in London with Jen (part of our payment for Jen letting Mike and I go to the sex parties). I headed down first thing on Friday morning (I would have preferred to go Thursday night, but had a late meeting at work). On the plus side, it was still morning when I met up with Jen at the airport and only just after lunchtime by the time we returned to the house. We had the place to ourselves, so did exactly what you would expect us to do and made use of the time to reacquaint ourselves with each other’s bodies. It was really nice weather and we had the windows fully open (which meant we had to be a little quieter), but it was wonderful gently fucking, sliding against each other, tasting sweat and pussy juice and cumming with a cool breeze on our skin.

We lay on the bed, chatted and dozed until we got hungry. We decided to have a quick shower and then wandered around the kitchen (naked) preparing some food. We heard the front door and Jen quickly pulled on her robe, leaving me to tie a towel around myself that was really only just large enough to cover me. It was only Lucy and we greeted each other with a big hug and she told us that a group of people were heading out for drinks later that night if we wanted to join them. We were noncommittal at first, but she said that Ramona would really appreciate it if I came along and distracted her male admirer again as he had been spending quite a bit of time with them. I told Lucy that she should just say something and she explained that she does really like him, but just not in the way he likes her and she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. I get the feeling that Ramona is more likely to hurt a lot more than his feelings, but agreed to go along and said I would find some way of keeping him away from them.

Jen removed my towel and said that I didn’t have to cover up any more. I pointed out that it was unfair that I never got to see Lucy naked but (unsurprisingly) she didn’t offer to strip off for me. She did join us for dinner though and I was made to serve them both and let Jen fondle my breasts and play with my nipples. She also gave my ass a slap a couple of times and she and Lucy spent a while whispering to each other.

We all went up to get changed (or dressed) for the evening and Jen handed me a push up bra, lacy top, a fairly short skirt, panties and some heels. I rarely wear heels but can walk in them (providing it’s not too far) so took a pair of flats for the trip to/from the pub. We headed off and took a slow walk via Ramona’s house. She greeted me quite enthusiastically and thanked me for agreeing to give her and Jen some peace. I told her that she was welcome and I would do what I could and only then found out that the whispering earlier had been planning for the evening. I had guessed that something was up when I had been given panties to wear, but had to wait to see what the actual plans were.

We wandered along to the pub and met up with Lucy’s normal friends. My first task was to put my heels on while angling my body to give Lucy’s admirer a good view up my skirt. Of course I could have done this perfectly well and been discreet, but I allowed him to get a good long look up to my panties while I fastened the straps. I ended up sitting with him on one side of me and Jen on the other. He seemed to have trouble not staring at my cleavage and I probably didn’t help things by repeatedly pulling my top down so the top of the bra was visible.

At one point, Jen rested her hand on my thigh and slid it up and just under the hem of my skirt. I parted my legs a little and she gently stroked my thigh – which tickled, but also felt nice. I went to the bar with him to help get drinks and we chatted for a while. It was quite busy which gave be an excuse to press up against him. He put an arm around my waist when someone bumped in to me and left it there, so I pushed against him a bit more firmly and very gently ground my crotch against him. His hand slid down a little to the top of my ass and I told him that we needed to be careful or Jen might see. I pushed against him a bit harder though and could feel that he was interested.

We rejoined the group and chatted some more – when it came time to say goodbye, I gave him a kiss and let Lucy and Ramona slip away unseen. Lucy and I then caught up with them and the four of us walked home together. We chatted about random things on the way home and I commented how they were being much more touchy-feely around us than before. They had their arms around each other with hands resting on hips and Lucy slid her hand over Ramona’s skirt and gave her ass a good squeeze. I did the same to Jen, who slipped her hand under my skirt and into my panties. We walked the rest of the way home with her hand in this position and I even though she wasn’t touching it, I could feel my pussy starting to tingle.

We went to our rooms and as soon as the door was closed, I removed my clothes and told Jen that I wanted her right there. She said that it was up to her what we did and told me to put the strap-on on (so I did). I ended up fucking her up against her desk while she held an egg against her clit. When she had cum, I had to kneel behind her and lick her clean, which started off well enough, but I licked for a bit too long so she said I needed to keep going until she came again. As much as I love the fact that her sexual appetite is growing, I really wanted to cum, but fortunately, she was ready to take care of me as soon as she had cum.

She wore the strap-on and fucked me in the same position she had been in, then handed me the egg to hold against my clit to help finish things off. We retired to bed and gently played while we fell asleep, but neither of us came again. When we woke up (late) in the morning, we could hear that Lucy and Ramona were already awake so decided to just have a quick play with vibes. I made Jen cum and she got me close to cumming before diving out of bed and telling me to follow her. I complained, but she threw some clothes at me and told me to get dressed. I had been given a cut-off t-shirt and a fairly skimpy pair of panties and I wondered what had happened to being well behaved around Ramona (although I guess I was technically covered up and she had experienced some more of the LGBT crowd so over the previous few weeks so I knew she was aware of some of our antics).

We headed down to the kitchen and exchanged the usual pleasantries. Ramona had a tight top and even tighter shorts on (tight enough that it was obvious she had nothing on underneath) and Lucy was just in a t-shirt. Ramona commented on my outfit and when I asked what was wrong with it, she said nothing, but explained that Lucy had been telling her about the things I’ve got up to and it didn’t tally with how I dressed. Jen explained that we were being well behaved around her and if she wanted, I would demonstrate anything that Lucy had told her about. Ramona said that it wasn’t that she wanted me to demonstrate anything, it was just that some of the stories had been fairly wild and she didn’t know if they were really true.

I wasn’t sure what direction to take the conversation in but as Lucy hadn’t said anything about being more open around her, I decided to behave for now and told her that they may well be true, but she would have to wait and find out. Over breakfast, it turned out that Lucy and Ramona wanted to ask me another favour. Lucy’s admirer had asked them if they wanted to go out for a walk (they both like walking) and a picnic and were wondering if I (and Jen of course) could go along with them. I couldn’t think of a reason to say no and knew that it might be a chance to have some fun, so said if Jen was up for it, I was as well. In return, they said that they would spend the night at Ramona’s place so we could have some privacy. Of course I have no objection to them being around while we’re doing things, but it is still nice to have the place to ourselves and be able to do whatever we want so I quite liked the idea of being alone with Jen.

With our plans for the day (or the first part of it) made, we took turns showering. Lucy’s friend turned up as Ramona was getting out of the shower and I was about to head in. This meant that I had to wander past the living room in just a towel to go tell Jen I had finished (he was waiting in the living room by himself – having turned up early probably with the aim of catching us getting ready). Lucy and Ramona were getting dressed in their room and Jen went down wearing her robe. I was sent down to keep him company with an excuse of my dress for the day still drying, so all I had to wear was my underwear. Jen had selected a white lacy bra and panty set for me and had given my pussy another rub and lick before getting me to put the panties on. At the top of the stairs, Jen got me to stop and rub my clit and get myself as close to cumming as I could (easy enough) and then stop (much harder) before quickly dragging me down.

My instructions were to give the excuse about my dress not being dry yet and then act as casual as possible about the fact I only had my underwear on. This would have been much easier if I hadn’t been teased so many times and not been allowed to cum at all yet, but I sat and chatted and just chose whatever the most comfortable position was without worrying about keeping legs too tightly together. I ended up with one leg up on the sofa, with the knee bent and lying flat on the sofa and the boot pressed against the other thigh. This of course pulled my panties tight across my crotch and I decided to press my heel against my crotch and gently press against it. I wasn’t trying to be too blatant about what I was doing, but I wanted him to notice (he did).
Jen finished her shower and wandered back upstairs then Lucy and Ramona came down. Jen had told them what we were up to and they asked if he wanted to go with them to fetch provisions for the picnic. He decided to stay and chat to me and I noticed that Ramona flashed me a big ‘thank you smile’ as they headed out the door (I got up to see them off and stood at the door with him).

We went into the kitchen to get a drink and he asked me if I liked him. I told him that I did (which I actually do, he’s quite a sweet chap and if he stopped being in love with lesbians I’m sure he could find a girl), but that it was complicated. I told him that Jen is quite possessive (hah!) and so we had to be careful. I let him put his arm around me and I pressed up against him and kissed him. I let him fondle my breasts (through my bra) until we heard footsteps on the stairs and he quickly pulled away. I knew he had an erection and he sat at the table to help hide it. Jen came in and chatted away, acting all innocent. The three of us stayed downstairs chatting and Jen kissed me a couple of times and absently stroked my thighs until Lucy and Ramona reappeared. I was then sent up to check if my dress was dry yet and after slipping it on, I returned. Ramona quietly told me that I might be a bit more daring than she had given me credit for and I told her if she didn’t mind, I would be a bit more adventurous and distract him more. She told me to go ahead and once we had prepared lunch, we set off.

We took a bus out to a park and set off through what I initially thought were just some trees. I was quite surprised at how big the forest was and we walked for about an hour before finding somewhere suitable to stop and eat. This was where I had set my plans and told Jen that she should go and explore to see if there was a stream around anywhere to get fresh water (not that I intended to drink it, but I needed her out of the way). Lucy and Ramona pretended to go with Jen, leaving me with Lucy’s admirer to get the picnic set up – this took very little time and I asked him if he would put some sun cream on me. He was more than happy to do this and I pulled the top of my dress down, unsnapped my bra and sat facing away from him holding my bra over my breasts. He applied the cream to my back and shoulders and I then did my bra back up. He seemed a bit disappointed and I think he thought he was going to get a chance t fondle my breasts properly, but I had a better idea. I pulled my skirt up and asked him if he wanted to do my legs – he started at my knee and rubbed cream over my thighs. His hands continued to slide up my leg and I raised my skirt some more and spread my legs so my panties were just showing. He asked how high I wanted him to go and I kept telling him just a little more until his fingers were right at the top of my thigh and I told him that was far enough. He moved his hands away and I told him that the other leg needed cream as well so he immediately started to rub the inside of the other thigh.

If it had been Jen or Mike with me, this would almost certainly have developed into something than ended with me (and probably also them) cumming, but I was enjoying taking things slowly and teasing him, so after he had fondled me for a while (still just my leg) I told him I had better get covered up before Jen came back. It was probably just as well that I stopped things then as I still hadn’t cum that day and if his fingers had moved onto (or into) my panties, I would have found it somewhat difficult to tell him to stop.

I sent the guy off to have a look for the others to give me a chance to calm down and he quickly found them (which might have had something to do with them staying just out of sight and watching what happened). They all returned and we had a nice lunch before setting off for home. Lucy’s admirer wanted to hang around and chat for a while but we told him that we all had plans (which we did) and once he had gone, we started to get ready.

Lucy already had enough stuff round at Ramona’s place that she didn’t need to take a lot (and she hinted that she didn’t need anything to wear in bed. While showering (it had been a fairly warm day so we were a bit sweaty), Jen teased me some more but didn’t get me too close to cumming so I got some revenge by fingering her until she was close and then stopping. Naturally, if she had ordered me to make her cum, then I would have, but that would have been an admission that I’d got to her, so we both left the shower feeling horny and frustrated.

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