Sunday, 4 September 2011

Easter with Jen - Part 2

I've just got back from visiting Jen at her home and I'm quite tired, but thought I should post to make up for missing out on a couple of posts last week. Unfortunately, my laptop is still pretty dead, but at least I managed to rescue the work I'd done on writing this... Back to Easter with Jen...
We had a light dinner together before Jen and I set off to meet up with her friends and Lucy and Ramona went off together. As usual, we met round someone’s house and spent a while chatting and drinking before going out (I was still being good and not drinking much). There was a bit of dancing and Jules and I were encouraged to dance together and slowly strip off. When we made it down to our panties, we had to hump against each other and simulate fucking as best we could. We had hands on each other’s asses (bare cheeks in Julia’s case as she had a g-string on) and did a pretty good job of grinding against each other. I told her that I hadn’t cum yet that day and she suggested that if I couldn’t cum while humping against her, I should just sit down on the sofa and rub myself.

I wasn’t sure Jen would let me make myself cum, but Jules continued to whisper all sorts of lewd suggestions to me (if you think I’m dirty, you should hear her!) and in the end I say beside Jen, pushed her hand onto my crotch and begged her to make me cum. She was a bit reluctant at first, but I kept pushing her hand against my panties and told her that she had already broken our agreement that I would do whatever she wanted but I would be made to cum each morning and evening (at least). Jen took pity on me and I felt her fingers push against my panties of their own accord so I let go of her hand. I told her I was already so close and to just rub my clit and felt her push the crotch of my panties between my lips and then move up to rub against my clit. My legs were already spread so I just leant back and pushed my crotch against her fingers and let them bring me the relief that I had wanted all day. I knew I was being watched, but I’m used to that when visiting Jen and was perfectly happy to do my bit to keep the troops entertained – my orgasm wasn’t as strong or long as I would have liked, but I still enjoyed it.

Jen had pushed my panties quite a way between my lips and when I straightened them out, the crotch was noticeably wet (enough so that I wasn’t the only one who noticed it). Jules thought that if I got to cum, then she should get to cum as well and Mel told her that she could go sit on the stairs and play with herself so anyone who wanted could watch her (quite a few of us wanted to watch). Jules took a while longer to cum than I had, but it was still over quite quickly. At the end, she actually pulled her panties aside and fingered herself properly but later told me that everyone has seen her naked pussy so many times that it made no difference to her and she just did what felt best. In a way I admire Jules as she seems to be a lot more willing to do whatever she wants to really enjoy herself. It’s not like she is a slut and sleeps around (not any more anyway), and she seems to be quite committed to Mel (possibly because Mel is almost as big a pervert as she is).

It was finally time for us to head out and Jules and I got dressed again. The evening was quite fun but fairly tame. There was a bit of fondling while dancing – I got my fingers in to Jen’s panties and toyed with her clit and she got me to remove my panties so she could caress my ass while we danced – but it was all fairly low-key (for us anyway). We didn’t stay out too late as Mike was coming down to visit (and finally get a chance to meet Lucy - his dream girl) and Jen had said that she wanted to have a good session with me in the morning before he turned up. On the way home, Jen suggested that we take a detour to her old halls and see if there was anyone up on the roof. I didn’t think anyone would be there that late, but it was a nice night and even if the place was empty, I’ve certainly had enough fun up there that I was sure we could find a way to make the journey worthwhile.

A couple of the others came with us – I was certain that Mel and Jules would also be joining us, but Julia had drunk a bit too much and Mel wanted to get her home and into bed. I realised that I was actually a bit disappointed as even though I’m not attracted to Mel, I do quite enjoy doing things with Julia and had just assumed that if there had been anyone on the roof, she and I would have put on a dual show and sat beside each other masturbating for them. I got over my disappointment though and was looking forwards to heading back up to the roof where we’ve had so much fun in the past.

We quietly snuck out the door onto the roof and Jen directed the people with us to move over behind some air-con units while we checked if we were alone. To get things started, she had me sit on the edge of the roof and lift my skirt so she could remove my panties and go down on me. I then had to turn around and bare myself to anyone watching (if anyone happened to be looking over at a previously empty roof) while Jen reached around me and fingered me as well as pulling my top down enough to fondle one of my breasts. Once she had determined that I was sufficiently aroused (which I had been since we got up onto the roof in the first place), she gave me a slap on the ass and sent me over to the other side of the roof to see if there were any people ‘hiding’ there.

I had been given discretion to put on as much of a show for them as I wanted (although Jen had specified a minimum level) and I hadn’t yet decided what I was going to do. As I neared the block, I could make out voices and my mind went back to my displays last year. As I rounded the corner, I startled them but one of the guys recognised me as ‘the girl I told you about who plays with herself’. I was glad that he recognised me (I guess I was dressed in a similar way, but I’d kind of hoped that I’d lost enough weight that it would have taken him a bit longer to realise who I was...). The others all appeared to be new people and it became apparent that they didn’t believe that I would actually do what he had described so I asked if they would like a demonstration. They said that they did and I told them the ground rules (basically to let me do what I wanted and not get too close to me).

I lifted my skirt and let them see that I was naked underneath and then slowly ran my fingers up and down my pussy, from the entrance to my clit and gently spread my juices over my pussy. They complained that they couldn’t see properly, so i stepped back a little more into the light, turned around and bent over. I flipped my skirt up onto my back, spread my legs and rubbed up and down my pussy once more. I heard one of them let out a long ‘fuuuccckk’ so guessed that they could now see better and slipped a single finger between my lips before quickly letting a second one join it. I didn’t expect it to take long for me to cum after having been denied so much during the day and wanted to make it count (plus we had to get back home), so I pumped my fingers in and out and used my other hand on my clit. I didn’t want to cum like this (it is distracting having to concentrate on standing up), so I sat on some steps but couldn’t get comfortable (metal grille on bare skin isn’t good) and had to move to the floor.

I hiked my skirt up once more and fingered myself. I could see one of the guys rubbing his crotch and imagined him pulling his cock out and rubbing it all over me. I was asked to show my breasts (maybe not with quote those words) and so pulled my top off and undid my bra. I know that most guys like breasts so I used my left hand to play with my nipples (which were already nice and pointy) while I carried on using my right hand on my clit and pussy. I asked them if they liked what I was doing and if they wanted me to make myself cum for them. I could feel my pussy starting to tingle and told them how much I loved them watching my cunt. My legs were spread as wide as I could get them and I kept telling them I was getting close to cumming and to watch me (which wasn’t really needed as their eyes were glued to me). I slightly backed off a couple of times just before I came – not much, but enough to delay my orgasm and when I got close for the third time I went for it.

I jammed a couple of fingers in to my cunt and humped my hand against my clit. I had a really good orgasm and was very tempted to put on a full show and pee as hard as I could while still cumming (lots of men seem to think that this is what ‘squirting’ is) and if it had only been Jen watching me (as in if her other friends hadn’t been there), I may well have let go and done it. I did allow myself to let out one little squirt, but my hand mostly hid this (and it wasn’t enough for her friends to see from the distance they were at). I continued rubbing myself (gently) as my orgasm passed and wiped my hand clean on my skirt and thigh while I sat panting, facing my audience.

As I got my breath back, I asked them if they had enjoyed the show and if they wanted me to repeat it anytime. I was told I could come back as often as I wanted and they would be waiting. I had already started to hatch a plan as I stood up and slowly put my bra and top back on. I headed over to Jen and she signalled to her friends to follow us as we went back to the stairs and down to the street. I was congratulated on the way down and one of the girls asked if I was still naked under my skirt. Jen told her that there was only one way to find out, so I was stopped halfway down a flight of steps and Jen lifted my skirt for them to see. We were now on the main stairwell, which is incredibly well lit and as a big window facing out to the street (as well as being sufficiently open that you can see the whole way up and down to every floor) so I felt really exposed. I knew that my pussy was still somewhat damp from what I’d just done (although my thighs felt as if they had dried already) and I was subjected to examination for probably around 30 seconds before Jen let me skirt fall back down to cover me.

Once we had left the others and were on the way home, I reminded her that she had once said that my pussy was hers and for her alone. She pointed out that we were quite a way past that now and I just nodded in agreement. On a quiet street, I slid a hand under her skirt and between her legs and she did the same to me in return. We walked along in a rather awkward position, trying to get fingers into each other from behind (and having a little success) and only stopped as we approached a much busier street. We hurried the rest of the way home as Jen was now the one who was impatient to do things and cum and as soon as we got indoors, I pulled off her clothes and dumped them at the foot of the stairs. I quickly followed with my own clothes and asked Jen if I had done a good enough job on the rooftop. She pushed me up against the wall, pushed her fingers into me and told me it had been excellent, but now it was time for us to fuck each other. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to use Lucy’s room and she said she hadn’t expected anything less.

We scampered up the stairs and dived into Lucy’s room – neither of us considering that they might have changed their minds and could have been in there (they weren’t). We dived into bed and fingered each other while we kissed. Jen seemed quite energetic and told me to amuse myself while she went to fetch toys so I spread my legs and played with myself until she returned. He had one of the short double dildos in her hands and pushed one end into me before quickly mounting the other end and sliding the whole way down so our cunts were smooshed together. She handed me an egg to hold between our clits and she humped back and forth – not actually moving a great deal, but setting up a nice rocking motion so it felt like we were fucking. Jen seemed a lot more turned on than usual. When I pointed this out, she asked if I had a problem with that and I told her that it was just nice to see. I watched her use a hand to pull on her nipples and I’m still amazed at how hard she can pull and tease them (and still enjoy it). I talked dirty to her and encouraged her to fuck herself (and me) harder until she came all over me and I could see from the fact that she was getting flushed that she wasn’t far off cumming. She was moving too much now to keep the egg touching both our clits so I concentrated on holding it against hers. It had the desired effect and I watched and listened as Jen came while pumping herself against the dildo (and me) and it was a wonderful sight.

I waited until she had completely finished cumming and flopped back onto the bed (which has to be done carefully when you are sharing a dildo) before I leant forwards and assumed the same position she had just been in. I used the egg on my clit and rode the dildo to get myself off. I wasn’t far behind Jen and came quite quickly. I knew that I wanted to taste her and pulled myself off the dildo, knelt between her legs and removed it from her cunt. I had an idea and reached around to insert one end into my pussy and held the other end between my legs. This meant that I could bury my face in Jen’s sweet, wet snatch and still rock my hips back and forth to continue fucking the dildo. I knew it wasn’t going to make me cum again (and I wasn’t really trying), but it was just a nice extra bit of stimulation while I inhaled Jen’s scent and let her juices coat my face, mouth and throat.

I ate her quite energetically at first and then eased off a bit before crawling up her body, giving her nips a few licks and moving the rest of the way so we could kiss properly. She jokingly complained at how much of a mess my face was and I told her that if cunt didn’t leak so much (and taste so good) then I wouldn’t spend so long down there getting messy. She made me promise that I wouldn’t ever stop eating her and I agreed with the provision that she would always do the same for me. Jen pushed a few fingers into my cunt and then fed me my own juices and we spent a while longer kissing and grinding against each other. Neither of us picked up the pace and while I’m sure we could have easily managed to cum again if either of us had suggested it, things slowed down and we moved around to lie in the bed properly.

We decided to take a chance and sleep in Lucy’s bed for the night. I was quite surprised that Jen agreed to this, but she said she was confident that they wouldn’t be back early on a Sunday morning. I got Jen to wear one of Lucy’s nightdresses (not one of the silk ones in case we stained it) and gently stroked her body while we fell asleep. During this gentle caressing, I admitted to Jen that I had been really tempted to pee while cumming on the roof and how I had wished that her friends hadn’t been there. She turned and smiled at me and got me to describe exactly what I had been feeling and what I’d wanted to do and I gave her the picture I’d had in my mind as my orgasm had been building. She obviously knew how I had been sitting as she had been watching me, so could picture exactly what I described when I told her I had wanted to spread my pussy lips wide and let out as strong a stream of pee as I could while using my other hand to rub my clit frantically and not care how much of a mess I made. Jen really liked the fact that I had wanted to do this and said if I had told her that just a few minutes before, we would have been fucking again, but she was almost asleep so said that she would just dream about me doing it instead.

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