Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Easter with Jen - Part 3

A slightly longer entry than usual, but I needed to find a sensible place to stop... In the interests of giving away a couple of future events, I'm sure you can guess where things might go after what happened here...


In the morning I had the enjoyable task of pushing my head up Lucy’s nightdress and eating Jen. She tried to pull the nightdress up to free my head, but got the idea that I wanted to keep it in place so I could imagine I was between Lucy’s legs. Jen played along with my fantasy and let me make her cum. She then stripped off and suggested that we should move into her room but I convinced her to 69 with me so I could cum before we left Lucy’s room. Jen went on top of me and initially, she was just going to make me cum, but I managed to arouse her enough that after she had made me cum, she didn’t stop me from licking her to her second cum of the day.

We straightened out the bed, put the nightdress away and went down for breakfast. Lucy wore one of her t-shirts but I was told to stay naked. We ate, showered and were dressed before they returned and it was soon time to head off to the station to meet Mike. Lucy knew that he was visiting (and also knew how eager he was to actually meet her in person given how similar she looks to Pavlina). Ramona thought it was quite amusing how Lucy has random men chasing her, but having seen multiple pictures and videos of Pavlina (from our collection), she says that she certainly understands why Mike is interested.

Jen and I went to pick him up and he had to make do with just a nice kiss hello as it was too busy for him to check I was naked under my skirt. To make up for it, he got a fairly decent kiss from Jen as well (he doesn’t get to see her that often) and we wandered home. It didn’t seem necessary to introduce Mike to Lucy as they had spoken on the phone and he obviously knew what she looked like. It was a bit strange as she knew what he thought of her and he knew that she knew (and so on), but after we had chatted for a while and Mike had got to know Ramona a bit, it wasn’t too bad.

Things got interesting when Lucy’s admirer came round just on the offchance that we were available to do something. The look on his face was priceless when I introduced Mike as my fiancée but nobody said anything about the various teasing/flirting that has been going on between us (mostly me flirting with him, but in my defence it has been under Jen’s orders). He didn’t stay for as long as usual and when I sat with my legs spread slightly farther than is really allowed in polite company, he didn’t even drop his eyes to look up my skirt (which is a pity as I was naked and he would have got a better view than usual). Even when he left, Lucy and Ramona didn’t mention what I’d been doing with him and it was only later on when I told them that he knew everything that they realised he was in on most of the things Jen got me to do.

Mike wanted to meet Jen’s other friends and Lucy and Ramona said that they had plans that afternoon, but assured us that they would be back later in the evening and we could have dinner together. Naturally Mike would have preferred it if Lucy had come with us, but he appreciates that she is in a new relationship (and it meant there was a chance he might get to hear her having sex that night) so he could live with the brief separation. His disappointment was also tempered by the prospect of meeting Mel and Julia (who he’s obviously heard a lot about) and we set off round to the house that one of the group lived in.

People were out back enjoying the nice weather (so much for revision) and a number of the girls were already topless. I introduced him to the gang and he realised that he was the only straight guy there (not that he seemed too bothered by that as the naked breasts were slightly distracting him). Jen handed me a pair of bikini bottoms that I slipped on under my skirt and then removed the rest of my clothes. Jen removed her top and slipped her skirt off to reveal that she already had her bottoms on and Mike offered to apply sun lotion to us.

He did Jen first and she allowed him to do all of her legs and back but refused to let him do her breasts just in case he got the wrong idea. To make up for it, she let him help her apply the lotion to me and they spent quite a while making sure that my breasts were well covered. When I lay on my front, I felt their hands roaming over my ass and then one of Jen’s hands slip into my bottoms and dive between my legs. Mike wanted in on the action as well and I was turned over onto my front and between them, they caressed me in front of everyone. Technically I still had the bikini bottoms on, but when both of them had their hands in them I don’t think they were covering much up. The others encouraged Mike and Jen to keep going (as if they were about to stop) and I came with both their fingers inside me and other hands roaming over my breasts and neck. I was left as a sweaty mess, my panties definitely no longer covering me and my pussy tingling with pleasure.

We spent a while chatting and someone commented that they had wondered what Mike thought of the way I carried on with Jen, but after having seen our little display, they realised it was obvious that he was just as bad as Jen. Mike took this as a compliment and told them that he just enjoyed helping, making or watching me cum and I ran my hand over his crotch to demonstrate just how much he had enjoyed making me cum (he was rather hard). We stayed there for the afternoon (moving in to the shade for a while as I can burn even with sun cream on). Jules and Mike flirted quite a bit and he later told me that he thinks she is quite a bit cuter than I had described. He agrees with me about Mel – she is quite a nice girl but he isn’t that attracted to her.

Mike knows (probably more than I do) about Jen’s plans involving Mel and Julia and later on in the afternoon, he suggested that Julia help apply more cream to me and I was told to lie down on my back. It started off innocently enough (if you ignore the fact that we were both topless) and she rubbed the cream into my stomach, arms, breasts and neck. She moved on to my legs and did right up to my bikini bottoms and then I was instructed to turn over. Mel suggested that Julia use her breasts to rub the cream into my back and I felt her lie on top of me and slide her body back and forth. After a bit of this, I could feel her nipples getting harder and asked her if she was enjoying it (she was). Mike suggested that she move on to my legs and I could now feel her hard nips sliding up and down my legs. It got more interesting when Mike pulled my panties down – just a couple of inches, but enough for Julia to rub her breasts back and forth over my ass. This felt quite nice and was apparently an amusing sight as we got a round of wolf whistles and Mel moved up behind Jules and started to rub her through her panties.

Jules told Mel not to tease her and so she got serious and rubbed her properly. Her pussy remained covered (to Mike’s dismay), but Mel rubbed long and hard enough that she got Jules off and I could feel her panting against my back as she came. I fully expected something similar to be done to me and was a bit disappointed when I was allowed to pull my panties up and people decided it was time for a BBQ. The cooking was left to the men (being topless around spitting fat isn’t ideal – unless you’re in to that kind of thing I guess) and we ate and chatted some more. Mike found out that a couple of the guys were into anime as well and they had a long conversation about it (I’ve known them for ages and didn’t know that) and as it got a bit cooler, we started to cover up.

I ended up sitting on Jen’s lap and so that he didn’t get jealous, Mel donated Julia to Mike and she sat on his lap. Mel doesn’t quite appreciate how much Mike enjoys seeing Jen and I together, even if we’re not having sex – but Mike certainly seemed to be enjoying Jules who was actively squirming around and let me know that she was impressed at how hard he could get. Jen told Mike that Julia’s nipples are quite sensitive and as Jen stroked mine, he raised a hand to hers and toyed with them. I really hate to admit it, but I think I actually felt a little bit jealous watching him do this. We weren’t the only ones making out and Mel decided to keep Ashraf amused (which was apparently a first as this had been Julia’s job and Mel isn’t known for wanting to tease guys much). To be fair, she only kissed him a little whereas some of the others got into pretty heavy sessions and it was obvious that a couple of people were being fingered or jerked off under blankets.

Jen’s fingers stroked between my legs and she kissed and nuzzled my neck. She had put a top back on but I was happy when she allowed me to slide a hand under it and play with her breasts (regular readers will know that I’m not usually allowed to fondle her around her friends). She called Mike over and whispered something to him for a few minutes. He went back and had a chat with Mel and Jules and I asked Jen what she had said to him, but I was told to wait and see. Unsurprisingly, Jules and Mel seemed to think Jen’s plan was a good one and they disappeared into the house with Mike. They were gone for a few minutes and I had visions of Jen having told Mike he could have a threesome with them and it was going to be my job to eat his cum out of Julia’s cunt (I have quite an active imagination when it comes to these things), but they returned fully clothed (or as fully clothed as they had been when they went indoors) carrying a few things.

Mike handed Jen a pair of my panties and I was told to remove my bikini bottoms and put the panties on (I realise I’ve been using panties interchangeably with bikini bottoms in this entry, but these were ‘real’ panties). I knew what was going to happen from the sight of the ice cream, cream and chocolate sauce that Mel and Julia were carrying. Jen pulled off the blanket that was around us and Mike quickly poured some cream onto my breasts, then pulled the front of my panties out and poured some more cream into them. This leaked out over Jen’s legs and as I knew how things were going to end, I smeared a hand over my breasts and quickly slid it up under Jen’s top and rubbed the cream into her breasts (which got a nice squeal out of her). Jen told me off and said that wasn’t part of the plan, but she did lift her top and get me to lick her breasts clean (or cleaner) before telling me to get up and then sit down so Jules could sit on my lap.

We were asked to move to a different chair (Jen had been sitting on a canvas one and they didn’t want to have to clean it), so we moved to a plastic chair and Jules sat on my lap again. She started to wriggle back against me and I’ve said before that her ass does feel quite good so I pushed my breasts forwards against her back. Jen and Mel each added a small scoop of ice cream to her breasts and I was told to massage it in. I did this and a quick peek over her shoulder showed that Julia’s breasts were completely covered and the ice cream had run down her front and onto her legs. Mike added a small drop of chocolate sauce to each of Julia’s nipples and Mel took one in her mouth while Jen took the other. They licked them clean and I once again felt a little jealous, but was soon distracted as Mike moved around behind me and started to stroke my neck. It wasn’t quite as smooth as usual as his hands were somewhat sticky, but it still felt nice.

Some cream was poured into Julia’s panties and Mel rubbed away at them. I resumed teasing her nips and Jules ended up craning her neck around so we could kiss. She seemed quite breathless and was obviously enjoying being fingered and as she got closer to cumming, Jen told her to slide down on the chair so she could suck my nipples. It was a bit of an awkward position, but she got her mouth onto one of my nips and Mike added a dollop of ice cream for her to eat. Most of it slipped off my breast and slid down between my legs (which were quite a mess already) so he poured some cream onto me. Some of it splattered over Julia’s face and as I looked down it really looked like someone had done a massive cumshot over us both. Mel was now fingering Julia properly and Mike moved back around so that he could see. As always, I couldn’t see Mel’s fingers actually penetrating her, but from the comments other people were giving, it was clear that nothing was being hidden. I carried on playing with her nipples (with a brief interruption to let Mike, Jen and Mel each have a suck) and Julia came, half sitting in my lap, half falling off the chair. When Mel pulled her finger clear, Julia slid down and sat on the floor between my legs.

She was given a little time to recover and then Mel squirted a blob of chocolate sauce onto the front of my panties and told Jules to lick it clean. I hadn’t expected this, but she obediently gave a long hand lick up my panties (which of course just spread the sauce over them). She licked up and down over and over again until it was clear that anything on my panties was staying there until they were washed (and probably even beyond that) and Mel told her to stand up. Her panties were only loosely hanging on to her and I was told to remove them. I didn’t even bother using my hands as I assumed I would be told off so I leant forwards and grabbed them with my mouth before pulling them down (I had to get off the chair to finish this). Her pussy and thighs were covered with the remains of the cream and ice cream and I assumed this was about to happen to me.

Jules sat in the chair with her legs spread over the arms (a *very* revealing position) and I sat between her legs with my body pressed back against her. I could feel that her nips were still hard and she immediately reached round to cup my breasts and fondled my nipples (which weren’t yet hard). Julia commented on this and said that she would get them nice and erect and I watched Mike and Jen prepare scoops of ice cream and felt the shock of the cold as they were dropped onto my breasts and Jules massaged them in. Mike added much more chocolate sauce than he had with Jules and Jen and Mel each took a nipple and sucked it clean (ignoring the mess covering the rest of the area). Meanwhile, Jules had started to rub the mess into my stomach and across my panties to my thighs. Jen’s hand went to my panties and rubbed me through them, before she tasked Mike with adding more cream and ice cream to my body. He did this and Jen held the front of my panties away from my body so as it ran down, it collected in my panties. She then pushed the material against my pussy and I felt it leak out around the legbands.

She slipped her hand into the panties and fingered me properly before withdrawing her hand and offering me her fingers to suck clean. I looked up and saw that everyone was looking at me so I deliberately took her fingers in my mouth and swirled my tongue around them. I heard Mike tell Jules to rub my neck and so I tilted my head back and let her use long strokes up and down on it. Mel resumed licking one of my nipples and Jen kept rubbing my panties. Mike whispered to me that it was time for some more direct stimulation and he moved round beside me and pushed Julia’s hand down from my thighs onto my panties. Jen moved her hand away and I felt Julia’s fingers pressing the crotch of my panties between my lips and rubbing around and around on my clit.

It was all a bit too much and I knew that I didn’t stand any chance of resisting so I surrendered myself to whatever was going to happen (and I knew that I was completely safe as I had Mike and Jen both there to look after me – as much as they enjoy pushing my boundaries, we all trust each other). Jules kissed me and then started to talk dirty to me. I know it might seem somewhat hypocritical coming from me, but she can be *really* dirty and whispered all sorts of things into my ear. I was squirming around uncontrollably by this point and I did nothing to stop her when I felt Jules working her fingers under the legband of my panties and onto my pussy. I assume she couldn’t get them in far enough due to the position I was in as after a bit of fiddling, I felt her remove her fingers and slide her hand down the front of my panties. Her fingers slipped between my lips and into my cunt and she continued to whisper to me, asking if I wanted Mike buried in my ass while she fingered me or if (as she pulled her fingers out and slipped them lower) I would prefer to have him in my cunt while she took care of my ass (and she pushed what felt like two fingers into my ass). This was going a lot further than I had expected (and when i told them the details, I found out it was further than Mike or Jen had expected, but they were quite pleased about this).

I told Julia that I didn’t care what she did and I wanted to cum. She pushed her other hand down into my panties and used a couple of fingers in my cunt and rubbed my clit. Mel stopped sucking on my nipples and stepped back to watch. I had somehow lifted a leg up over one arm of the chair and was lying at an angle by this point. Julia’s pushed her fingers hard into my cunt and strummed at my clit with her other hand and I panted at her (or anyone listening) that I was about to cum. She continued whispering to me and the images she conjured up only helped to speed my orgasm along. I came and didn’t hold anything back. It felt incredible (but it had been quite an intense build up so I wasn’t surprised) and Jules rubbed and fingered me right through my orgasm and out the other side. Jen told her to slow down (she knows I’m quite sensitive after cumming) and I Jules stopped moving, but kept her hands in my panties. I couldn’t quite believe what we’d just done, but I least I knew I could blame Mike for it.


  1. Great, now I have a mess to clean up. How do you get cum stains out of carpet? lol

  2. That's why wood floors are useful :)