Sunday, 11 September 2011

Easter with Jen - Part 4 (final)

Another longer post, but it makes up for it being a day late. I didn't get a chance to post yesterday as Lis was down with Jen and I for the weekend.


I stood up shakily and Mel suggested that Jules remove my panties and I watched her pull at them with her teeth until they slipped down my legs (they had been pushed partway down by Julia’s hands, so this wasn’t too difficult). Jules stayed kneeling in front of me and I wondered if she was about to eat me, but Jen said that we were both a mess and needed to be cleaned up. I was sat on one chair and Julia on another one beside me. Mike knelt between my legs and Mel between Julia’s and they ate us. We ended up with us each holding our legs up and parted and had to stay like this as we were eaten to orgasm. Jules came first (but then she’s had more time to recover from her pervious orgasm) and once I came, it was decreed that as the loser, I should get another dousing in ice cream (which was mostly melted) and Jen would lick me clean.

I know full well that if I’d cum first, I would have had to do exactly the same thing but it would have been punishment for cumming early and I also knew better than to argue. This was a very different position than usual – while my pussy has been seen by the group, I still had my legs spread wide and Mike had licked off almost all the mess that had been hiding me before so I was really exposed. Jen tipped a generous helping of ice cream over my chest and pussy , pulled off her top (or it would have got even more stained) and went straight to work between my legs. She got a lot more comments and encouragement than Mike had and I could sort of make out movement under a couple of blankets. I couldn’t see too well as I was sitting under a light and a lot of the others were in the shadows, but I like to imagine that they were all jacking or jilling while watching what was going on (the thought of being responsible for that many orgasm is the reason I enjoy writing this blog so experiencing it in person is even better).

I looked down at Jen and her face was covered, but she carried on licking me. I hadn’t been sure I cold cum again so soon, but she continued and I felt the familiar stirring of lust building in me. It was helped by Jules and Mel taking up positions on either side of me and (after a bit of repositioning of my legs), taking a nipple each in their mouths. I now had a topless Jen between my legs, a topless Mel on one nipple and a naked Jules on the other and Mike (later) told me that it was one of the hottest things he’s ever seen. He fantasised about moving u behind Jules and sliding his cock into her and I’ve repeatedly told him that if he’s tried it, she would have almost certainly have let him (or knowing Jules, probably encouraged him to fuck her repeatedly). Mike just watched from the shadows though as the three of them got me off yet again. He said that as I got closer to cumming, Julia started to play with herself and he was tempted to move round to the side so he could see what he was doing. Once I had cum, Mel stopped her and said that she would take care of her later on.

I was something of a mess by the time they had finished (although I guess my pussy was quite clean) and was relaxing in the chair when the hose was turned on me. The cold water was a bit of a shock (to say the least), but after the initial chill, I was dragged up by Jules and Jen and made to dance around and clean myself off. We did at least get towels after we had finished (which was just as well as the evening was nowhere near as warm as the day) and we moved indoors. Lucy sat on Mike’s lap once more and teased him about how much he had enjoyed what had just happened (he was still hard and Jules could feel this as she wriggled her ass around on his crotch).

Mike said that as much fun as he was having, he really wanted to get back to spend some time with Lucy (we had already missed dinner). Jen didn’t mind going home, so we made our excuses and started to get ready. I found that my skirt and top had ‘somehow’ gotten stained in the excitement earlier and Jen suggested that one of the people in the house lend me a t-shirt to wear while walking home. Someone went and grabbed something suitable and after checking that it was long enough (just) that I wouldn’t get arrested for indecency, we set off. It wasn’t too late so was still light – we took quieter roads back to the house as Jen realised that in the cold (twi)light of day, it might have not been such a good idea to have me wandering around dressed the way I was. I got a couple of cat-calls on the way and gave a group of lads a flash of my ass, but the rest of the journey was uneventful.

While we walked, we discussed what had just happened and the more I recounted the events, the more I enjoyed them. Mike liked it as he got to see multiple girls making me cum and Jen enjoyed it as it was a (big) step closer to Mel and Jules doing things properly with me (or us). I explain that if I’d known what was going to happen, I would have made more of an effort with Julia instead of just letting Mel do all the work. They told me that Mel had put on a pretty good show though so I didn’t feel too bad (at that point it would have been difficult for me to feel bad about anything). I teased Mike a bit about Julia and said how odd it was he thought she was cute (he usually only likes girls with long hair) but he said there was a certain something about her, which I have to agree with.

We got home to find Lucy and Ramona curled up together on the sofa. It was fairly obvious that they had been kissing (at the very least), but they immediately noticed how I was dressed and were amazed that I had walked home like that. Jen started to explain and I initially thought she was going to tell them exactly what had happened, but she just said we had a water fight and my clothes got soaked. I was going to go find something else to wear, but we were offered a glass of wine and sat and started chatting. As would be expected, the conversation made its way round to how much Lucy looked like Pavlina and Jen just happened to have a selection of images handy on her computer. Lucy complained, but Ramona held her down and we flicked through the pictures commenting on how similar she looked. This wasn’t the first time Lucy has seen them, but it still makes her blush and Ramona hinted on how certain things were different (but I’m not lucky enough to have seen those bits). We finished with a couple of lesbian videos and Mike asked if anyone minded if we saw Pavlina having sex with a guy. Nobody did (other than Lucy, but her vote didn’t count) and we watched videos of Pavlina sucking off a guy, being fingered, fucked, creampied and ending with a big facial.

Mike did a good job of hiding his erection behind me, but I could feel him pressing up against my ass. Lucy gradually returned to a normal colour once we had stopped the videos and told Ramona that she was mean and would have to sleep on the sofa that night. They had a quiet conversation between themselves and ended up tickling each other – I think the gist of the conversation was that Ramona told Lucy that she wouldn’t be able to sleep without her and she promised that she would be very good to her before they actually went to sleep (but it was too quiet to hear properly and they were laughing lots). Mike apologised for teasing Lucy and she said it was fine, Ramona had seen the pictures before and she knew (from me) that he fancied her.

The rest of the evening went remarkably well and I know that I spent quiet a lot of it sitting in ways that meant my pussy wasn’t entirely covered. It was well after midnight that Lucy and Ramona went up to bed and Mike asked if he could have some time with me before I went up to join Jen. She made a show of considering his request before agreeing to it (it would have been somewhat unfair to let him witness the events of the day and not let him fuck me afterwards), so Jen went up to fetch the blankets for him while he got started on me.

When Jen returned, I was lying on top of him, grinding against his crotch (he still had his jeans on) and she told him not to take too long with me as I still had to service her before bed. Mike assured her that it wasn’t going to take him long to cum and I said that if that was the case, it was just as well I had Jen to do things with as well, but that got me a slap on the ass and he said that he would make sure I came before going up to Jen. We were left alone and Mike removed his clothes while I pulled off my top. We stayed on the floor, but used the blankets as a makeshift mattress and I mounted Mike’s cock and let him slide the whole way into me. We started off fucking fairly slowly and talked about the evening again, he described what he had seen and how much he had enjoyed it and I told him what I felt as people had done things to me.

He wanted to eat me for a bit before cumming in me, so I switched round to a 69 position and sucked his cock clean of my juices while he tasted me. I know it was probably no different than usual, but his cock seemed a bit bigger and harder and I alternated between rubbing the shaft and kissing and licking the head. We occasionally stopped to see if we could hear anything going on upstairs and when I thought I heard moaning, we snuck out into the hallway. We decided it would be too risky to climb the stairs to get closer to Lucy’s room, but I leant forwards onto the third or fourth step and Mike slid into me from behind. We couldn’t hear much, but it was obvious that either Lucy or Ramona was getting close to cumming and Mike fucked me while rubbing my clit while we strained to hear them. Whoever it was, they came before we did, but Mike continued to frig my clit until I came and he pushed into me hard and emptied his cum into me.

He stayed in me for a little while – with me still standing leaning forwards against the stairs and then pulled out in one movement. He quietly told me to hold his cum inside me and go to Jen, so I covered my pussy, went upstairs, stood in the doorway (still holding my pussy) and asked Jen if she wanted to eat Mike’s cum out of me. She told me to kneel over her chest and let his cum drip out (so I did) and she rubbed it into her breasts before pushing two fingers into me and transferring some of his cum to her pussy (she knows he loves the idea of this happening). I was then instructed to sit over her face and she pushed her tongue inside me and ate whatever cum remained (or at least as much as her tongue could reach).

Once I was lying beside her and ad my fingers on her pussy, I told her that we had fucked at the foot of the stairs while listening to Lucy and Ramona doing things. Jen told me I was a naughty girl and I told her that was probably the least naughty thing I’d done that day, but if she wanted me to be naughty then I would be naughty for her. I had cum enough times that day, but grabbed one of the double dildos and showed Jen how I had used it while eating her the previous night. I let her watch me slide it into my cunt, hold the other end between my legs and then demonstrated rocking back and forth on it before telling her to climb into position so I could eat her. I did this while rocking back and forth on the dildo and tasted Jen. She seemed to be wetter than usual and when I later asked her about this, she blamed the evening and all the fun things that she got to watch (and participate in).

Once she had cum, we talked about whether she would have liked me to eat her in front of all her friends. Initially, the answer was no, but I gently teased her and described how the others could have joined in, Mel, Jules and I taking turns at eating her while the other two sucked her nipples and caressed her body. She eventually agreed that this sounded quite nice and by this time I had two fingers pumping into her and rubbing her (still copious) juices over her pussy and ass. I had previously thought that we had finished for the night, but my teasing had worked on Jen and She pushed me onto my back, climbed over me, planted her pussy on my face and pulled my legs open. I really enjoy it when Jen is that keen to do things and she pushed the dildo back into my pussy and started to fuck me with it and asking what it had been like cumming in front of everyone and displaying myself completely to them.

I couldn’t actually answer her as he was pushing her pussy against my face so I just held on and licked at her again. It’s a good job that Jen knows how deep I can take a dildo as she was being very forceful. She told me that she wanted us to cum one last time that night and I felt a finger push into my ass. At times she stopped moving the dildo and sucked on my clit and I could feel myself getting more aroused and carried on eating her cunt. As I got closer, I pulled her ass up a bit so I could concentrate on sucking her clit and flicking my tongue back and forth over it. I came first (but I *was* being assaulted in multiple ways) and moaned loudly into Jen’s cunt (which acts as quite a good muffler). I concentrated on continuing to suck and flick her clit and held her in place against my face so I could finish my work. It wasn’t long before Jen came and her cries weren’t that muffled. I licked hard and fast until she managed to pull away from me and said it was enough. Once she had caught her breath, she moved round and pulled the covers up. We chatted for a while and drifted off to a very satisfied sleep.

In the morning, I woke up and needed to pee. I went down on Jen briefly to get the taste of her pussy on my face and then told her I would return after having visited Mike. She told me that he wasn’t allowed to cum in me (she enjoys his cum, but not all the time) and I headed out the bedroom door. I quietly crept downstairs and to the bathroom and after having peed, went in to the living room. I had hoped to get Mike aroused before he woke up, but he heard me coming and so I just had to make do. I let him kiss me and taste Jen off me, then mounted his cock. We moved together and I enjoyed the feeling of him deep inside me. I’d told him he wasn’t allowed to cum in me, so when we got close to cumming, we moved onto the floor (using the blankets as  a mattress again).

Mike knelt between my legs and slid his cock in and out of me while he rubbed my clit. He fucked me until I came and then carried on until he was about to cum. I felt him pull out of me and then push the length of his cock against my pussy so the head was poking up and he slid back and forth. I reached down and held his cock against me and watched as jets of his cum squirted up and (mostly) splattered over my front. The last squirt was much weaker and pretty much ran down his cock and got smeared over my pussy, but I didn’t think Jen would mind that too much. My front had an impressive amount of cum on it, but Mike said this might be due to the dreams he’d been having. Some of his cum had started to run down my sides and I was wondering if I should rub it in when we heard a door open upstairs and Lucy talking to Ramona. Mike quickly put his boxer shorts on and told me to go back up to Jen. I got off the blankets so he could cover himself up and I walked out into the hall.

I met Lucy and Ramona at the bottom of the stairs and they commented that it wasn’t hard to guess what I’d just been doing. Mike’s cum was still dripping down my front and I apologised and hurried past them. I was bright red by the time I got up to Jen’s room and she asked what was wrong and just laughed when I told her. She got me to walk over to the bed and took a good look at my front and said that Lucy now had proof that I’m definitely bi. It’s difficult to explain how I could do all the things the previous evening and not be embarrassed, but something like this was embarrassing but I guess it’s all do to with context. That is why I enjoy (and can enjoy) doing things at different levels depending on who I’m with and how I can tease someone with just a little flash and enjoy it (almost) as much as cumming in front of a crowd or being fucked by someone at one of the parties.

Jen pulled me to her and told me that she would make it all better (or at least distract me enough that I didn’t care) and as I lay on her and felt Mike’s cum being smeared over our bodies, I surrendered myself to her and told her I would do whatever she wanted. We didn’t actually do anything too special – it was a standard session of kissing, fingering and eating (not that I have anything against such sessions – I’m quite happy to cum any way that someone is willing to make me cum). Technically, by the time we had finished we were both covered in Mike’s cum, but it had been sufficiently rubbed in that it was no longer visible. We wiped our faces clean and I was handed a shirt to wear down to breakfast.

Jen had decided to give Mike a treat (as I’ve said, they don’t get to see each other too often) and wore a nice nightdress down. It wasn’t silk, but had the same transparency as Lucy’s nice silk ones and I knew Mike would appreciate the view. When we got to the kitchen, we found Mike sitting chatting to Lucy and Ramona. Lucy had obviously decided that her nice nightdress might not be suitable with him around (but it’s nice to know that she doesn’t mind me seeing her in it) so had a cotton one on instead (but it still looked quite cute). Ramona asked if I had cleaned up and Mike said that he had already apologised and told them that he’d had trouble containing himself with four beautiful women in the house. I was relieved to find out that neither Lucy nor Ramona had been shocked and it was soon forgotten (well, I was still teased about it, but it wasn’t a big deal).

After breakfast, we moved in to the living room to finish out coffee and talked about a lot of things. Ramona wondered how it worked with Mike and I living apart with an upcoming wedding and I said that it was really no different than Jen and I being apart and only seeing each other every fortnight or so. We told them about the plan for Lucy to move u with me and finish her course up there (Lucy knew about this already but Ramona didn’t) and said that we had decided that while it would be wonderful to have her with me, the courses weren’t quite the same and in the long term an extra year probably wasn’t too much. It had been a very difficult decision, but we thought that it was probably the most sensible thing to do. It would mean another year of travelling (which was very tiring) but on the plus side, it meant more trips down to visit her and her friends.

Lucy rummaged around in Mike’s bag for something and knelt on the floor in front of me. I wondered what she was doing until she opened the box and there was a beautiful silver torc inside. I realised that she was on one knee and she told me that she loved me and even though we were going to be apart for another year, asked if I would be her partner (I can’t technically get legally engaged to her as I’m marrying Mike). I knew that we had discussed this (a number of times), but I had no idea that it was going to happen that weekend and I told her that of course i would and was crying as she kissed me. I told her that I wish I’d known so I could have got something and Mike tapped my leg (I was standing hugging her by this point) and handed me another box. I opened it to find a matching collar/band/torc (whatever you want to call it) and asked Jen if she would stay with me forever (it would have been a bit off if she had said no, but it felt right to ask). I put the torc on her. We kissed again and had a big group hug with everyone.

I know that this happened quite a while ago and I’ve been just as desperate to report it as I was when Mike and I got engaged, but we haven’t been entirely sure how to go about it. I’m well aware that many (or most) people will find it odd that I can completely love two people and want to spend my life with both of them. I’m also not too sure about the terms in polyamorous  relationships – I know that I haven’t got ‘engaged’ to Jen, and have no intention of trying to legally marry her (not wanting to be done for bigamy) but I do want to make it clear that I am just as devoted to her as I am to Mike and the thought of losing or hurting either one of them is equally as bad.

My head was still spinning a bit from the surprise and we sat and excitedly chatted. Ramona indirectly asked what this meant for the three of us and Mike explained that while he loved Jen (and hoped that she loved him), things were exclusively between me and him and me and Jen and (unfortunately) it was entirely platonic between Jen and himself. Lucy said that we needed to get everyone together and celebrate so contacted everyone and we arranged to meet for lunch. As the girl of the hour (technically I was the one proposed *to*), I got to wear one of my nicest dresses (although Jen also looked incredibly elegant and sexy in her outfit) and I was even given the option of panties if I wanted them. I told Jen that I didn’t want them (and made sure she also went without) but we agreed that there would be no inappropriate behaviour that day.

On the way to lunch, I found out that Mike had helped out in getting our engagement torcs and Lucy called her parents to tell them the news. She told me that I was invited to her place so they could congratulate us in person and I had a quick chat with them. I then called mum and texted Sue to let them know the news. We arrived at the restaurant for lunch and had a round of hugs and congratulations with people. Jen managed to convince people not to say anything out loud about the previous night (although Ramona has since found out about it) and we had a very civilised lunch (considering the crowd we were with!). On the way out, Julia told me that she guessed this meant that out fun was over but Jen chimed in and told her that we would probably find a way to carry on amusing each other before giving her wicked little grin. I hugged Jules and told her that I’d had fun the previous night and was looking forwards to coming back for my next visit. She tried to slide her hand under my skirt but I stopped her and reminded her that this was a special day so we weren’t fooling around. She gave me a pouty look but understood (or claimed she did) and I gave her a quick peck on the lips and another hug.

With lunch over, it was time to head back to the house and pick up my things to leave. I kept stroking the torc and noticed that Jen was doing the same thing. We agreed that we would try to keep them on all the time except when we were in bed, showering, swimming... basically all the times I remove my engagement ring (although I also generally take that off when fingering Jen or myself as I don’t want to cut either one of us down there with it). Mike didn’t come to the airport with us and Lucy and Ramona said they would look after him (but I doubt this was in the way he wanted them to). He had to leave for the station to get his train before Jen returned, but it meant he got to spend another while gazing at Lucy (who still thought it was amusing that he fancies her). Fortunately Ramona doesn’t seem to be annoyed with his infatuation the way she is with Lucy’s other admirer, but I guess she knows that he had Jen and I to keep him in check.
Jen and I had a very luvvy-duvvy trip to the airport, holding hand and snuggling up against each other. We had a long kiss goodbye (but it was only a kiss) and I was amazed at how happy I felt for the rest of the day. This didn’t stop our usual nightly phone session (both with Mike and Jen), but my session with Jen was much gentler and more intimate than usual.


  1. That was a very good entry, very enjoyable reading!

    You wrote:

    "We told them about the plan for Lucy to move u with me and
    finish her course up there"

    Do you mean Jen? Sometime I think you say Lucy instead of Jen - do you fancy her? ;-)


  2. Was the phone session with mike and Jen at the same time (Like a conference call) or separate times?

  3. They were separate (as is usually the case)

  4. ...and yes, I do fancy Lucy as she looks remarkably similar to Pavlina who is one of our favourite porn stars