Sunday, 18 September 2011

Lis' Interview - Part 1

This was the first week in May and was a very exciting time. Lis was coming up for an interview. I had naturally offered to let her stay with me and she arrived on the Wednesday. I skived off work to meet her and took her home so that she could freshen up and change. Her first interview was in the afternoon and once she was ready, we headed into Uni and I helped her find the right place (although she was better at finding it as she had been to that building before). She said she would call me when she was done and I went to catch up with my own work.

I didn’t hear from her until near the end of the afternoon and she said that it had gone well, but they had been very thorough. We went for a drink and chatted about things before heading home for some food and a proper relax. While dinner was cooking, I suggested we change into something more comfortable and slipped out of my clothes. As a concession, I put a thin gown on (only loosely tied) and Lis decided to join me and changed into her PJs (cute Hello Kitty ones). Over dinner we chatted about York and how Lis would be sad to leave (but that is the academic life) and agreed that it would be wonderful if she could end up based up here with me. Lis was quite worried about what was going to happen with her and Vicky – she didn’t want to split up with her, but both of them finding jobs in the same place would be difficult and there aren’t enough jobs around that they could afford to refuse an offer.

She decided that she didn’t want to mope about it and that we should talk about nicer things. As you would expect, the ‘nicer things’ included what she had been up to with Vicky and how she had taken bits of my advice (that I gave to her while we were in bed during her last visit). Of course, we’ve spoken about some of this since then, but this was the first opportunity we’d had with the two of us alone for an extended period of time to talk face to face. Lis told me that she had tried waking Vicky up a few times the way I had suggested (licking her pussy) and that Vicky seemed to enjoy it. One time in particular, it had led to an extended morning session and the two of them had ended up being late for work. I told her that she just needed to keep going like this until Vicky couldn’t live without her tongue on a daily basis (or twice daily if she did it really well).

Lis said that might be a bit too much and I reminded her that Mike or Jen (depending on who I was with) and I did things twice a day every day (barring exceptional circumstances). Lis asked how I was coping being by myself without anyone to ‘take care of me’ and I told her that I just made good use of my toys and masturbated a couple of times each day (she knows this already so it wasn’t really news to her). I would have loved to demonstrate, but didn’t think it was really the right time and so we chatted about other things (like the various videos that Mike had been giving her) and it was eventually time for bed.

Once we had finished in the bathroom and moved into the bedroom, I removed my robe and climbed into bed naked. I asked Lis if she was still okay with me being naked and she said it was fine. I asked if she was now sleeping naked with Vicky and she said that they did this more often, but still wore things to bed most of the time (which was part of the reason that she couldn’t go down on Vicky every morning to wake her up). I admonished her over this and told her that she had to get her woman naked and could then delight in tasting her every morning (or having her taste Lis). She promised that she would work on it and as she was tired from her interview, I let her fall asleep. I also wanted her to fall asleep so that I could play with myself and I started things off (gently) while she was still partly awake. I gently teased myself for a while and texted Mike and Jen until I was sure she was asleep before getting serious and fingering myself properly. I kept quiet and came with my legs tightly closed around my hand, before rubbing a bit of my juices over each nipple, sucking my fingers clean and falling asleep.

Lis woke up before I did (she isn’t used to the traffic noise that I get on my street in the morning). I felt her getting out of bed to go and pee so I got up and started to get breakfast ready. She had to go back for further discussions about her proposed project and was a bit nervous so I spent breakfast distracting her with random conversation. I suggested that she make use of the shower pulse setting to cum and said that this always works to calm me down (if I’m nervous about anything – it often has the opposite effect from calming me down in the sexual sense) and she said she would consider it. She grabbed a towel and went into the bathroom and I sat on the sofa to play with myself (given I hadn’t had the chance to do this in bed). I considered just teasing myself and waiting until I was in the shower before I came, but the thought that Lis might be cumming at the same time as me was too appealing so I went all the way and had a nice orgasm with my legs spread wide.

I finished tidying up the breakfast things while waiting for Lis and then went and sat in the bedroom to chat with her while she started to get ready (okay, so I was there to get a peek at her while she was getting changed). She put a pair of plain white cotton panties on with matching bra (which I really like) and a skirt. I left to go and shower and when I returned, she was working on her make-up. I got dressed while we chatted and we set off for Uni. She was still a bit nervous about what their decision would be so before she went in, I gave her a big hug and a kiss. We arranged to meet for lunch but I got a text from her apologising and saying that she was going to eat with the people interviewing her. I didn’t see her until mid-afternoon and she told me that they had told her that she was welcome to come and work there, but would have to arrange her own funding as they didn’t have anything (this isn’t too uncommon in academia). They were willing to work with her to write a grant, but fundamentally, she wasn’t much further forwards at finding a job than she had been.

Lis decided to go and wander round town for a bit and we arranged to meet up once I had finished work. I left a little early (actually on time, but that was early for me) and we stopped off for a coffee before heading home. Lis was still a little down so we sat and chatted and I gave her a shoulder massage. She enjoyed this and slipped her top off so I could do it properly and we ended up on the bed (no, we didn’t have sex). Lis lay face down, wearing just her panties and I sat over her and gave her a full back massage. I was still dressed, but my lack of panties meant that as I rubbed up and down her back, my pussy came into contact with her ass or legs a number of times. I didn’t do anything too overt like grind against her, but got a couple of very nice bump and slides against her panties as I did long strokes up her back with my hands. I massaged her like this for about 15 minutes and mostly behaved myself (I stayed away from her legs as I knew my resolve might not have been as strong once I was stroking her there).

Lis seemed a lot more relaxed now and much happier. I gave her a little tickle as I finished and as things were in a nice playful mood I dared her to do what I do and wander around the flat naked. She said that people might see in, but I told her that as long as we didn’t put the lights on, she would be fine. She agreed to give it a try but said she would keep her panties on (I was fine with this as I thought they looked cute). She was obviously nervous as the windows are quite large and it was still very light out so she thought everyone would be able to see her. I demonstrated that it would be fine by stripping off my clothes and walking around completely nude.

We made dinner like this and it was only when we went to sit down that Lis said she thought she needed to cover up a bit. I fetched her Jen’s robe and put mine on as well and we chatted while we ate. We discussed the job situation, my wedding, how things were going with Jen (and how the wedding would change them) and my times visiting Jen. This brought us very nicely back to my favourite subject and in giggly little girl mode, I told Lis that Jen had been making me do more naughty things while I was with her. Before I told her what it was, I called up the pictured of Pavlina and told Lis about Lucy – it turned out that I had actually shown her some pictures before but I had (and still have) no recollection of having done that (maybe I’ve mentioned it in this blog somewhere, but I can’t be bothered looking). Undeterred, I enthused about Lucy and how Pavlina was one of the girls Mike used to ‘turn’ me and so how I was particularly attracted to her. I told her about some of the events from the weekend when Mike came to visit her and how much he fancies her as well.

Lis asked if Jen minded that I’m so open about liking her housemate and I reminded her that Jen had told me that given the chance, she would take Lis to bed and not let her leave. This got a cute little blush out of Lis and I decided it was time to move on to my revelation. She knows about the various teasing that Jen has done to me in front of her friends, but she also knows about Jen’s rule of my pussy being for her and her alone (well, the old rule now). I described how Jen had moved on to openly fingering me in front of Lucy and how I had cum in front of her with Jen’s fingers buried in my cunt. Lis asked what it was like doing this in front of someone and I told her that I enjoyed it more than almost anything else. Lis certainly isn’t an exhibitionist, but I think she is beginning to understand the excitement of it and my fairly graphic description seemed to have an effect on her as her nipples were hard enough to be visible through Jen’s robe (this is why we have thin robes).

I debated telling Lis about some of the more extreme things (like teasing Ashraf and the cream play in the garden), but decided to save that for another time. It was getting late by this point and after a few quick calls to Mike and Jen for me and Vicky for Lis (with a bit of phone swapping so we could all have a quick hello), we decided that it was time for bed. I made sure that I was out of the bathroom first and when Lis came in to the bedroom, I managed to convince her that it was a warm enough night and she didn’t need to put her PJs on. I had hoped that she would remove her panties, but she climbed into bed with just them on.

We chatted for a while longer and I slid my hand between my legs – I didn’t move my fingers, just pressed against my clit and enjoyed the feeling. I noticed Lis rub her shoulder while we were talking so I got her to turn over onto her side, facing away from me, so I could rub her back and shoulders again. I could only really use my right hand as my left was trapped under me (I was lying on my side as well), but I think I did a pretty good job. I even managed to slip my hand properly between my legs, get it wet with my juices and then rub these over Lis’ back a couple of times. She was obviously enjoying what I was doing (even though she wasn’t quite aware of the ‘massage oil’ I was using) and before she dozed off, I slipped my arm over her and hugged myself against her back. I gave her a little kiss on the shoulder, hoping to taste my juices off her (but I hadn’t really rubbed that much into her) and told her to sleep well. I liked the feel of her skin pressed up against me, but I also wanted to cum, so snuck out of bed and went to the bathroom so I could once again use her hairbrush to fuck myself with. I was fairly quick and came with it buried inside me and helped things along by gently using her toothbrush on my clit. When I rejoined her in bed, she was lying on her back and with my lust satisfied, I resisted curling up against her or letting my hands wander too much.

I had some nice dreams that night and think that I moved around quite a lot. When I woke up in the morning, I was on my back with my legs parted and Jen’s arm was curled up against me with a leg half over one of my legs and a hand on one of my breasts. I was just deciding on what I was going to do when I came round enough to realise that it wasn’t Jen at all, but Lis. This gave me a somewhat more limited set of options – if it had been Jen I would have happily pulled her leg to my pussy, massaged my breast with her hand or just fingered myself until she woke up, but I thought that might be going a bit far with Lis so I lay there, enjoying the feeling of her body against me. Her body felt nice and warm and I could feel the swell of her breasts on my side. I moved my leg slightly and this disturbed Lis enough to wake her up.

She seemed to come round in the same way I had, at first she stayed pressed up against me but when she woke up properly, she quickly pulled away and said that she was sorry. I told her that it was fine, I knew about her attraction to large breasts and how she just had no self control. Lis turned a deep shade of red so I kept teasing her and asking if she liked the way my breast had felt. I didn’t want to make her feel too bad so I reached over and tickled her stomach. She rolled away from me laughing so I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her tight to me and carried on tickling her. Lis is probably as ticklish as I am (very) so she squirmed around in my arms, but couldn’t pull free. I spooned up behind her and enjoyed the feeling of her ass bumping against my crotch. I had a lot more freedom compared to when I was massaging her as she was moving so I allowed myself to press against her and enjoy the feeling of her panties on my skin.

She was gasping for breath so I eased off on the tickling, but kept my arm around her. As she calmed down, I nuzzled against her neck and shoulder, placing small kisses over the area. I told her she was very beautiful and how lucky Vicky was to be with her. Lis murmured that what I was doing felt nice and for the first time I thought that there might actually be a chance of something happening between us. I kissed the back of her neck (or the part that wasn’t hidden by her hair) and told her that she had been a very naughty girl taking advantage of a naked sleeping woman. She protested her innocence again but I said that I wanted recompense and if she was allowed to feel me, I wanted to cop a feel as well. I slid my hand up from her stomach, under her arm and onto her right breast. She let out a little yelp as I gave it a squeeze and I moved on to nuzzling her earlobe.

I knew that things had gone far enough and pulled away from her. I pushed myself up on one arm and Lis rolled on to her back and looked over at me. I leant forwards and gave her a kiss on the lips and told her that if she wasn’t dating Vicky, I might not have been going in to work that morning. Lis got the (not very subtle) implication and told me that if she ever split up with Vicky, she might come back and visit me. I told her that she had better come back and visit long before she split up with Vicky and gave her another little kiss. Well, it was meant to be a little kiss, but it was actually a fairly nice long one and I once again had to restrain myself from letting my hands wander.

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