Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Lis' Interview - Part 2

This was a wonderful few days with Lis - as you'll see. It got even better when Jen arrived as well.

I suggested we go and have breakfast and dared Lis to just wear her panties and this time she played along eagerly. We sat and ate in relative silence but it didn’t feel awkward. As we tidied up, I told Lis that she should stay for an extra night as Jen really wanted to see her. I told her that Jen didn’t have to see quite as much of her as I currently could (and she blushed again), but that as it had been so long, it would be good to hang out together. Lis gave Vicky a call and returned to tell me that she could stay for that evening and would head home on the Saturday. While Lis showered, I phoned Jen and told her the news (and took the opportunity to masturbate). I hadn’t quite finished when the bathroom door opened so I told Jen that we would see her later and dashed in to the shower to finish off.

I came fairly quickly and then showered for a bit to calm down before giving my pussy a shave and my little patch of hair a trim (which I almost always do before I see Jen). When I came out, I asked Lis if she was okay with our little flirting session that morning and she said it was fine. Despite my attempts to calm down, I was still feeling playful and showed off my freshly shaved pussy. Lis commented on how nicely trimmed my bush was and I asked how she was going with the shaving. She told me that it was the same as before and I almost asked to have a look (and if she hadn’t already been dressed I probably would have).

I pulled on one of my nicer skirts and reminded Lis that life is much better without panties on (but I don’t think she is ready for that on a daily basis yet). We arranged to meet for lunch and Lis went off to explore the town while I worked. Jen and I kept in contact throughout the day and we made some plans. I met up with Lis again at the end of the day (I usually get to leave a little early on Fridays either to travel or to meet whoever is visiting me) and we headed out to the airport together. We met Jen and she was dressed in a very cute outfit: a short pleated light blue skirt, long dark blue socks and a white blouse. It’s not entirely coincidental that her outfit was similar to the ones in a number of the anime videos Mike had given Lis. I had decided against making her travel in her full Japanese schoolgirl uniform (but it would be interesting to make her do this). I got a big hug and kiss from Jen and she then moved on to do the same to Lis (not as good a kiss as I’d got from Lis that morning, but more than just a peck on the lips) and we decided to head out for a drink before going home for food.

The three of us certainly got noticed and I took the opportunity while we were standing at the bar to let my hand wander over the rear of her skirt and down onto her thighs. A couple of guys tried to hit on us but left when we pointed out that we were lesbians and weren’t interested. We found a quieter area to sit and chat and I took the opportunity to slide my hand up Jen’s leg and caress her inner thigh. Lis could see what I was doing and I whispered to Jen (oudly enough for Lis to hear) that it might be time for some payback (which she already knew was the plan). We headed home and once in the door, I asked Lis if she minded Jen being naked.

Lis replied saying that she had expected that to happen, so I pulled Jen’s top off and got her to remove her shoes and pull her skirt down. I asked Lis if she thought the socks looked good and she did, so we decided to leave those on. I told Lis that I was going to get out of my work clothes, then stripped off and put my gown on. We prepared dinner and ate it before retiring to the comfy chairs and as we talked, I gently teased Jen’s nipples until they were hard and stroked up and down her thighs, just brushing my fingers against her pussy. Jen was obviously getting turned on but I pretended not to notice and just kept on talking with Lis. I pushed a finger just between Jen’s lips and ran it up and down the length of her pussy. I could feel Jen squirming around beside me but still ignored her and continued to gently stroke her pussy.

I asked Lis if she was bothered by what I was doing and she whispered back that it was fine. I asked if she wanted to see more and got back a very quiet ‘yes’ so told Jen to open her legs more. I curled two fingers round into Jen’s pussy and slowly fucked her with them. I asked Lis how different Jen’s pussy looked to Vicky’s and she described Vicky’s pussy to me (I think possibly without realising exactly what she was saying). I moved on to rubbing Jen’s clit and used my other hand to spread her lips open. Her inner lips were glistening with her juices and I was happy with the effect my teasing had so I rewarded her by continuing to rub her clit until she was close to cumming. I debated stopping and leaving her hanging, but decided that I would go straight for the kill and let Lis watch her cum. I did ask Lis if she wanted to see me continue and then strummed my fingers back and forth over Jen’s clit as her mewing got louder and she came.

Jen sank back into the sofa but I told her to leave her legs open. I sucked my fingers clean and told Lis that at least Jen now knew what it was like when she did that to me. Lis looked quite flushed and I could see her pressing her thighs together. I could also feel my pussy tingling and really wanted to cum, but let things calm down a bit and even let Jen put her legs back together after a few minutes. The conversation didn’t stray far from sex for the rest of the evening and I gently played with Jen’s breasts again, but didn’t do any more than that.

When it was time for bed, I told Lis that I would happily make up the sofa-bed for her if she wanted, but she was very welcome to join us in bed. Lis hesitated for a while and I assured her that I would keep her safe and wouldn’t let Jen pounce on her in the middle of the night. I could see that Lis was wavering but I didn’t want to push her into anything (not that anything was really going to happen) so I said that it was fine if she didn’t want to. She said it would be okay and we took turns in the bathroom. I spent a little while longer in there so I could masturbate and when we had all finished, I peeled the socks off Jen’s legs, gave her pussy a quick lick and crawled into bed.

It was a bit squished, but felt really nice. Lis had opted to just wear her panties again (a pink pair this time) and she was on one side of me while Jen was on the other. I asked Lis if she minded if Jen came again and she said it was fine, so I crawled under the covers, pulled Jen’s legs apart and went down on her. Lis couldn’t see what I was doing, but she could tell from Jen’s reaction that it was pleasant. I wanted to push Jen as far as I could so I alternated between fingering and eating her and when she came, I had a finger pushed into her ass and my mouth clamped over her cunt.

It is usually rather warm under the covers in a situation like this, but with three of us in the bed, I was roasting and somewhat sweaty by the time I resurfaced. I spooned against Jen and apologised to Lis but she said it was okay and I felt her drape her arm over me and cuddled up against my back. I was very confused and quietly whispered to Jen to go back to the toilet for a few minutes so I could talk to Lis.

As soon as Jen had gone, I rolled over and Lis asked if I had minded her cuddling up to me. I told her that it had felt really nice, but I knew that she was in love with Vicky and didn’t quite know what she wanted. I explained that both Jen and I really liked her and found her incredibly attractive (as if she hadn’t guessed) and given the chance, there were many things we would love to do with her. Lis explained that she knew how we felt and it was just that I had been there for her and helped her through her coming out and the issues of Holly and getting together with Vicky and she could talk to me about anything and trusted me (it was all blurted out in one long sentence like that). She admitted that the display that Jen had put on might have helped with the way she was feeling and just wanted to cuddle up to us. I offered her the sofa bed again and when she refused that, told her that she could always borrow some toys and we would give her privacy if she wanted but she was happy to just stay in the bed and fall asleep with us.

I told Lis that trusting me might be a bit of a mistake and slid my hand over her breasts (which got a nice little jump from her). I gave her a kiss and she kissed me back and thanked me (I’m not sure what for). I told her again that if she was only single... and slowly slid my hand down across her stomach before sliding it off to the side and running down her outer thigh. Jen came back in and asked what we were up to and I told her that I was just explaining to Lis that if she was single, we would be showing her everything we had learned about sex at this point. Jen quite liked this idea and suggested that we let Lis sleep in the middle, but I told her that I had sworn to protect Lis from her roaming hands. Jen promised to be good but I told her that she was incapable of being good (pot, meet kettle...) and got her to slide back in on the other side of me.

We curled up again, Lis against me and me against Jen and quietly chatted while we fell asleep. Lis thanked us both again for helping, supporting and encouraging her. I lifted my arm from around Jen to reach back to give Lis a semi-cuddle and then we snuggled up again and gradually dozed off. We were quite warm throughout the night and the covers got pushed down a fair way. I woke up a couple of times and the first time I was still curled up against Jen and I kissed her shoulders the way I’d done to Lis the previous evening. This was enough to wake her up (coupled maybe with a bit of nipple play) and Jen murmured that it felt nice. I slipped a hand down between her legs and rubbed her clit, while whispering to her and asking if she wanted to cum again. She said that she was tired, but I could tease her if I wanted to (of course I wanted to) so I carried on playing with her very gently until she fell asleep and I dozed off.

The next time I woke up I had turned over and had an arm around Lis who was facing away from me. Now I know that I should have been better behaved and that I should have learned from our transgression with Sue, but in my defence I was still partly asleep, but I cuddled up to Lis and kissed her shoulders and back. I felt her press back against me and when my hand cupped one of her breasts, she held my hand in place. I’m pretty sure that she was asleep, but I could feel her ass pushing back against my crotch and I pushed back against her. I carried on gently kissing her shoulders until I was properly awake and realised fully what I was doing. She still had my hand trapped against her breast, so I left that in place and stopped humping and kissing her. As I dozed off again, I remember whispering things to her about how beautiful she was.

Now exactly what happened next I’m not entirely sure about. As far as I was aware, I had a very nice dream about continuing to kiss Lis, fondling her breasts and running my hand over the front of her body. My fingers repeatedly grazed the top of her panties but I knew it would be wrong to go any further. The reason I say that I don’t know exactly what happened is when I woke up again, my hand was resting on her thigh (outer) so I have no idea how much of my ‘dream’ actually happened. Even if I did act it all out, it wasn’t really too much and I think Lis might have slept through it (or been in a similar semi-awake state) as she hasn’t said anything about it since then). When I realised what I might have done, I decided to turn over and spoon with Jen again. I had plenty more interesting dreams involving the three of us, but I’m certain that those ones were just dreams (unfortunately).

I half woke in the morning to the familiar feeling of Jen’s tongue between my legs. I was feeling incredibly aroused due to the events/dreams of the night and I just lay enjoying what she was doing to me. Jen got me a good way towards cumming before I woke up enough to remember that Lis was in bed with us (which is odd as that was certainly one of the things I was imagining while Jen was licking me). I glanced over and saw that Lis was watching us and told Jen to stop but she held her head in place and licked me even faster. I felt very embarrassed and didn’t want Lis to see me cum, but at the same time I was also too close to cumming to care. I told Jen that she was going to pay for this and spread my legs wider to let her know I had surrendered. She licked around the inside of my pussy and then concentrated on my clit, which was all it took to push me over the edge. I had a pretty spectacular orgasm and replayed my dream in my mind throughout it.

I lay basking in the afterglow of my orgasm and apologised to Lis, telling her that she was only meant to have seen Jen cum and that I would make her pay for what she had just done. Lis was eager to see what I would do for revenge and I told Jen to lie back on the bed while I decided what to do to her. I was very tempted to get Lis to help me out (and I’m pretty sure that she would have been willing), but was aware that once things started, it would be very unlikely we would be able to stop – and as much as I wanted to have my tongue buried in her cunt, I still knew that we couldn’t (you see, I do have *some* self control). I debated with Lis if I should pull out the strap-on and fuck Jen, just use a vibe, fingers or mouth. While we were discussing this, I got Jen to start playing with herself.

I had a present for Jen that I’d been saving for that evening, but thought that it might serve me well now, so pulled out a couple of nipple vibes. I turned them on and clamped one onto each of Jen’s nips (I’d practiced with them on my own nipples, so I knew exactly how to use them) and told her to carry on playing with herself. I asked Lis if she thought Vicky would mind her seeing all this and she said that she might give a slightly abridged version of events, but she would tell Vicky that she had seen me make Jen cum and thought Vicky would be fine with that.

Jen was now properly fingering herself and obviously enjoying what was happening. I was actually quite impressed that Jen was putting on such a good show – I was only really making her do things that she had made me do in front of her friends, but I hadn’t made her do anything quite this extreme before (with anyone watching). I guess it helped that Jen is quite attracted to Lis so she wanted to show off for her.

I really wanted to get out one of the double dildos and fuck Jen with it (so I could cum again), but I was unsure about letting Lis see me cum when I was in charge of things (she wasn’t meant to have seen me cum at all). In the end, I went for a vibe and fucked Jen’s tight little pussy with it while making her rub her own clit. I alternated the vibe with licking her (and didn’t mind Lis seeing me do this). As Jen got closer to cumming, I thought of one more way to get revenge on her and asked Lis if she wanted to know what Jen would do to her (given the chance). Lis said that she wanted to know and I asked if she was really sure as I would get Jen to describe it fully. This got a devilish look from Lis that I hadn’t seen before and she said it would be fun to know. I told her that she was heading towards being as dirty a girl as I was (although I think she has quite a way to go) and told Jen to describe one of her fantasies involving Lis and added that I wanted her to talk about what Jen would do to her (so that I didn’t feature too heavily in the description).

One thing that I do take credit for is having trained Jen in how to talk dirty and construct a proper fantasy. I may not have trained her to Julia’s level, (but I don’t think I can match Julia for talking dirty), but she did a good job of describing how she wanted to tear off Lis’ panties, spread her cunt wide, push her tongue into her and ream her cunt, scooping her juices out and swallowing them. As she got closer to cumming, Jen focussed more on making Lis cum over and over again and then her mewing took over and we watched as she writhed around on the bed with the vibes still clamped to her nipples and me pumping the vibe in and out of her cunt.


  1. What is it about Lis that cumming in front of her is awkward?

  2. It's because Lis is a friend - and even though she knows (sort of) what I'm like and how much I enjoy sex, it is nothing like cumming in front of random people or even Jen's friends (who I didn't really know when she first started to display me in front of them so I'm now used to it).

    I'm not actually that bothered about cumming in front of her (as you will see in future entries), but it just felt a little strange at the time (although exciting as well).

  3. hi andy well first congratulations to u and jen . I love reading about u and ur visit to jen place. I know u r posting these things late while it has happened many days ago . Has jen done anything with lis? And how would u feel if jen has sex with lis because in ur previous enteries, u wrote that u felt jealousy when jen licked julia's nipple hahaha i reallyyyy enjoyed reading when u were jealouse . I love u guys

  4. I don't like the fact that I get jealous, but I can't help it. Given what Jen and Mike let (or sometimes make) me get up to, I know it's not fair for me to feel that way.

    Jen hasn't really done anything to Lis (maybe just one little lick which you'll find out about soon). If it was just Jen who'd had sex with Lis I might not like it too much, but if I get to join in as well, then I'm all for it (still unlikely though apart from in my fantasies).