Sunday, 25 September 2011

Lis' Interview - Part 3

It was obvious that Lis was quite aroused – her nips were rather pointy and she was pressing her thighs together tightly. I had recovered from my earlier orgasm and really wanted to have another play so I asked Lis if she wanted to use the shower first or if she would prefer to stay on the bed while Jen and I used the shower. Lis understood what I was asking and said that she would go and use the shower (stressing the work ‘use’). I was going to offer her the use of additional toys, but I guessed that with the state she was in, the shower would be sufficient to get her off (and didn’t want to delay her leaving us).

As soon as the bathroom door was closed, I told Jen that she had been very naughty and wasn’t meant to make me do things in front of my friends, but that she had already partly made up for it. I pulled the nipple clamps off her and climbed over her in a 69, telling her to make me cum quickly (I really didn’t want to have to stop halfway through). I ate her at the same time, but had no intention of making her cum. Jen did a good job on me though and was quite vigorous in the way her tongue lashed me. I let the taste, sight and smell of her pussy fill my senses and came for the second time of the day. I licked her for a little longer, then moved round so we could talk while I continued fingering her.

We alternated between kissing and talking and Jen told me that the nipple vibes felt quite good. I gave her a brief description of what I might have done (or dreamt doing) to Lis the night before and Jen said that she woke up at one point and was sure that Lis was masturbating. I initially wondered if this was when I might have been playing with her, but Jen said that my arms had firmly been wrapped around her at the time and we had no way of knowing if it was before or after my possible transgression.

We didn’t get to talk about this much as Lis came back into the bedroom and stopped to ask if we had finished yet. We were still lying with our legs intertwined and my fingers were in Jen’s pussy, but I told Lis that it was fine and we were just talking. I didn’t stop playing with Jen, but we sat up so we could face Lis and talk to her properly. She kept the towel on and when she went to pull her panties on, I told her to at least give Jen a flash. We got a flash of her ass and she slipped the panties on before removing her towel and facing us (fortunately she seems to have gotten over her small-breast complex). I asked Lis if she had enjoyed he shower and she said yes and went slightly pink (and went pinker when I pointed out that she was blushing.

Jen was fidgeting under my fingers again and I asked if she was enjoying being teased. She said it felt good and I suggested we go and shower. She eagerly jumped up and I told Lis we would be back shortly. Once in the shower, we washed each other down and I used the shower (which was set on short-pulse so I knew that Lis had enjoyed herself) to clean off Jen’s puss and pound her clit. I got her close to cumming and then stopped, telling her that I would spend the day getting revenge and then use her that evening. Jen complained that I was being mean and I just reminded her that this was so much less than she had got me to do over the times I’d visited. When she pointed out that I’d enjoyed things, I asked her to look me in the eyes and tell me that she hadn’t enjoyed cumming in front of Lis. She tried to do this, but couldn’t keep a straight face and so in the end had to admit that it might have been fun.

We rejoined Lis who had mostly finished packing her things up. I slipped on my robe but had Jen remain naked while we ate breakfast and then Jen and I got dressed (or as dressed as we ever get) to walk Lis to the station. I thanked her profusely for visiting (even though it was for an interview) and she said that she’d had lots of fun. I whispered to her how much Jen would like to have a proper goodbye kiss and watched as Lis and Jen duelled tongues. I thanked her, telling her that she had probably made Jen’s day, then gave her a proper kiss myself. I told her to make sure she gave Vicky a nice treat on her return and she assured me that Vicky was in for a good night.

We stopped off for some lunch on the way home and by the time we had wandered round the shops, it was late afternoon. I decided to slightly alter my plans and we bought food for a nice dinner. Lis texted to tell us she had got back safely and was now with Vicky. We went home and relaxed for a bit, curled u together on the sofa. We spent a while kissing and caressing each other and talking about what had happened with Lis. We now had time (and privacy) to discuss the night properly and I gave Jen the full description of what I actually did in terms of kissing her and fondling her breasts and what I might have done in terms of stroking near her panties. Jen got me to describe what Lis’ pussy looks like again (Jen hasn’t seen it as close up as I have). I traced my fingers around Jen’s pussy while we talked – I wasn’t specifically teasing her, but it was obviously having an effect.

We discussed how I thought it was a little strange that Jen liked Lis so much when she is admittedly a breast girl and (just like Jen) Lis doesn’t have much in that department (in terms of size anyway, both of them have absolutely perfect firm little breasts in my opinion). Jen said that she thought the chances of doing things with Lis were significantly higher than with Vicky (and after the time we’d just had, I agreed with her), but that if she had free reign, she would certainly prefer to have Vicky lying on the bed with her and spent time with her breasts. I complained that she doesn’t spend time with my breasts anymore and she told me that if I wanted, she would be happy to play with them, but she knew that mine aren’t as sensitive as hers and thought I didn’t enjoy it as much.

I ended up lying on my back on the sofa while Jen knelt on the floor (on some cushions). Jen licked and sucked my nipples and I let an arm hang down so I could tease her pussy. Jen kissed, licked and nibbled all around my breasts and got me nicely turned on before she slid a hand down between my legs and started to play with me. I instinctively let a leg drop to the floor to give her better access and wondered if anyone opposite was looking in the window. My breathing was getting quite heavy and I told her that what she was doing felt really good. Jen kissed up to my neck and I stretched my head back to give her full access. She nipped me a few times with her lips while stroking my clit and I loved the feeling of my orgasm slowly building.

I pushed my fingers into her pussy and played with her clit and as I came I pumped in and out of her, feeling how wet she was and enjoying the sensation of her warm, soft skin. She returned to my nipples and kissed them while I fingered and rubbed her. I carried on until she was clearly aroused and then stopped, reminding her that I was getting revenge. She said I was mean and I told her that she was welcome to make herself cum if she wanted, but if she disobeyed me and broke our agreement of me being in charge when she visited, I wouldn’t do what she wanted any more. We both know that this wouldn’t happen – both of us enjoy being ‘made’ to do things by the other person (and it is a great excuse to do things without being responsible for doing them).

We stood up and I gave Jen a playful slap on the ass and said we should get dinner underway or we’d never eat. We prepared dinner naked and there was a fair bit of fondling. I stood behind Jen and humped against her ass while spreading her lips and had a little play with her clit and nips and Jen did a similar thing to me. We ate dinner by candlelight and took turns eating dessert (profiteroles) off and out of each other. As you would expect, this made a bit of a mess and I told Jen that I should have demonstrated this to Lis and asked how much she would have liked to have Lis sitting between her legs, pushing her tongue into her cunt. Jen said that she would actually prefer it to have been the other way round, her eating Lis and I understand what she means – the thought of my tongue sliding between Lis’ lips is certainly appealing.

We moved the candles into the bathroom and shared a bubble bath. Jen leant back against me and I once again fondled her breasts while we talked. We discussed how she wanted Lis and I wanted Lucy and I told her that at least I was being honest in saying I liked Lis as well. Jen tried to explain that Lucy was her friend but as my fingers pushed between her lips and stroked her hard clit, she admitted that she naturally thought Lucy was hot and if she had to, she would fool around with her. ‘If she had to’ migrated to ‘if she had the chance’ and then to ‘she wanted to’ and I got Jen to describe an evening with Lucy where the two of them ended up having sex over and over. I kept Jen quite close to cumming during this description, alternating between playing with her clit and reaching forwards so I could slide my fingers down and press gently into her ass. She spent a while panting while describing how she would make Lucy cum and when she had finished, I returned to just playing with her breasts.

After our nice romantic evening, I thought it was time to move to my original plan. We got out of the bath and dried each other off and after moving into the bedroom (taking the candled with us) I got Jen to lean over the bed, gave her ass a proper slap and told her that now it was time to properly punish her. She looked back at me and asked how she would be punished so i slapped the other cheek and said that tonight she was going to be my bitch and I would fuck her mercilessly. I had originally planned on having all the lights on, but I quite liked the juxtaposition between the romantic candlelight and what I had planned, so just stuck with the candles. I rolled Jen onto the bed and attached her nipples with my mouth, licking, sucking and biting them while rubbing her cunt.

I got her to help me into the strap-on and after putting the nipple vibes back on her, got her to kneel up. I knew that she was wet enough so I pushed the dildo into her and worked it the whole way in. I roughly fucked her then reached over to get an egg to hold against her clit. I didn’t want her first cum to take too long, but after the teasing she was ready, so it was only a matter of minutes before the dildo, egg and nipple vibes got her off and she moaned and mewed her way to orgasm. I wasn’t finished with her yet though and told her to turn over. I pushed back into her and lay on top of her so we could kiss.

I gave her a few minutes to recover, then dismounted, pulled her to the edge of the bed and poured some (not much) of the heat gel onto her nipples. I added some tingle gel to her pussy and used the dildo to smear it over her before pushing back into her and started to fuck her again. I was standing on the floor and lifted Jen’s ass slightly so she was at the right height for me to fuck her easily. The gel quickly took effect and she said her nipples felt like they were on fire (but in a good way). I got her to hold the egg against her clit and fucked her to another orgasm, then leant forwards over her so I could lie on her and kiss her again.
I gave her a little longer to recover this time before rolling her over and dripping some more of the tingle gel over her ass (even I wouldn’t be mean enough to use the heat gel there). I positioned the dildo against her ass and pushed – it went in slightly but it was obvious that it wasn’t going to fit (not without actually hurting her and as rough as I was being, I didn’t want to cause real pain). I pushed back into her cunt and reached over to grab one of the anal vibes which I used to fuck her ass with. This fitted much better and I moved slightly in her pussy while working on her ass. I used my other hand to push the egg back against her clit to help finish her off and told her to cum for me (which she did).

Jen seemed rather out of breath by the time she finished cumming and after removing the nipple vibes to reveal some very red nipples, we lay beside each other on the bed with her curled up against me and her head on my chest. I told her that she should know better than to be naughty when visiting and she just asked if I had enjoyed what she had done. I told her that wasn’t the point, Lis wasn’t meant to see me cum (hence the secret masturbation in bed when she was asleep), but acknowledged that of course I had enjoyed it. Nonetheless, it was my privilege to make her cum in front of people here, so after about fifteen minutes, I told her to mount my cock and fuck herself on it.

We started off with her facing me and I enjoyed the sight of her riding up and down and humping back and forth against it (the latter felt especially good for me). I reached up to play with her nipples, which were much more sensitive than usual (after the vibe-clamp things) so I was quite gentle. I rubbed her clit for a bit and when she started to respond, I told her to turn around and face away from me. Jen sat up, turned and remounted the cock. I helped guide her ass up and down and imagined what this felt like for Mike as I watched the cock slide in and out of her cunt. Obviously it didn’t do a great deal for me (other than the view) and I rubbed around her ass with my thumb before telling her to face me again so she could make herself cum. She turned back and I told her to do whatever felt best while I watched. She humped back and forth and rubbed her clit while I kept encouraging her to cum. It didn’t seem like as strong an orgasm as the others (but it was her fourth that night), but she had done as I had ordered and cum for me, so I was happy. She had to stay on top of me, still impaled on the cock while we kissed until I eventually let her free and removed the harness.

I had been fairly horny before we started actually having sex, but was now really ready to cum. Jen was clearly very tired, but I was meant to be punishing her so I told her that we were going to 69 and the sooner she made me cum, the sooner she could get some rest. I got her to climb on top of me and I licked up and down the length of her pussy, gathering up the juices smeared there and tasting the remains of the minty tingle gel. Jen licked me and was clearly putting some effort into making me cum quickly, but I had decided already that she was going to cum again, so it didn’t make much difference. I felt her fingers slide into me and then another one push into my ass so I attached my mouth to her clit and sucked on it. Jen moaned at me that it felt too intense so I broke contact to tell her that if that was the case, she needed to hurry up and make me cum. She did her best and it *did* feel really good, but as I got closer to cumming, I wrapped my arms around her body and held on tight so she couldn’t move. Even when I was actually cumming, I kept my mouth on her clit, sucking and flicking it with my tongue until she came. I held her in place for as long as I could until she finally broke free, rolled off me and lay beside me actually whimpering.

I knew I hadn’t actually hurt her, but had certainly pushed her a lot further than usual (and closer to some of the things she has done to me – I was particularly thinking of the time she tied me to the chair and used the strong vibe on me in front of everyone (that felt like torture by the end). She looked so cute and vulnerable that I had to climb over her and kiss her. Her breathing slowly returned to normal and I slid down her body to gently kiss her breasts. She pleaded with me not to try to make her cum again and I told her to relax, I would just take care of myself (Jen had cum five times and I’d only cum once so as good as it had felt, I was still a bit horny). I used an egg on my clit (I had to get a new one from the drawer as the battery was dying the one I’d used on Jen) and gave myself a quick orgasm while continuing to lick around Jen’s breasts and nipples.

I told her not to worry and then moved down between her legs for a bit of kitty kissing. Her pussy looked quite red and her lips were a bit swollen so I was very gentle and before we went to sleep, I gently sponged the area with cold water and kissed it to warm it back up. We fell asleep with Jen spooned up against my back and a hand on my breasts. She was pretty much completely recovered but really tired and said that she had learned her lesson. I told her to get a good night’s sleep and I would reward her the following day for her behaviour. Jen murmured something about not being able to take any more and I assured her that she would be fine by the time she woke up, but she was already asleep. It took me a while longer to fall asleep and I replayed having Lis in bed with me (both by myself and with Jen) and wondered why things seemed to have changed so dramatically.


I know this post was late - I'll put the final part up on Tuesday.

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