Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lis' Interview - Part 4 (final)

Jen was still asleep when I woke up the next morning and I decided that she deserved a bit of a rest so I got up and slowly made breakfast for us. I’d had some nice dreams (oddly enough, not actually involving Lis, they had featured Jo who I haven’t dreamt about in a while) and had a nice buzz about my pussy. I considered playing with myself, but knew it would be better to wait for Jen, so I quietly carried everything in to the bedroom, placed it down and climbed back into bed. I decided I had been considerate enough, so I started stroking her breasts and was just beginning to get a response from her nipples when she started to come round. She was still a bit sleepy, but I wafted a cup of coffee near her and she decided that she could wake up to drink it.

We ate breakfast before doing anything (I’d made scrambled eggs which had already gone slightly cold) and once finished, I told Jen that it was time to see if her pussy had recovered from the previous nights thrashing. She said that it felt much better but asked me to be gentle, so I was. I just used my tongue (no fingers or toys) and licked inside and out. I took my time and slowly got her aroused before concentrating on getting her off. She had no trouble cumming and had a cute little smile on her face as she lay enjoying the afterglow as I kitty kissed her again.

She asked what I wanted her to do to me and I told her that she could make me cum in the shower to save time. Jen had a later flight home than usual and it looked reasonably nice out, so I wanted to make the most of the day. We washed each other down in the shower and Jen stood behind me, wrapped her arms around me and reached down to play with my pussy. She teased me for a little while and then I got her to hold my pussy lips open and keep my clit exposed while I leant back against her and used the shower jet to make myself cum. It felt so much nicer doing this with Jen’s arms wrapped around me and she kissed my shoulders, then neck and then nibbled on my ear as my feet slowly slipped away from her throughout the session.

Once clean, we dressed, I packed up some things and we headed out to the shops to get things for a picnic. I’d put Jen in a very cute outfit consisting of short skirt, long white socks, court shoes, tight white t-shirt (no bra) and had her put her hair up in a ponytail (I did the same). She certainly got some admiring looks from guys and after a few surreptitious fondles of her breasts, her nipples helped draw even more attention. Stocked up on food, we took a bus out of town and went for a bit of a walk. I’ve been finding suitable places on maps that are easy to get to, but aren’t marked as walks in the hope that we can get some privacy and we ended up on the side of a hill, facing the sun, with nobody in sight (technically, we could see places where people were, but they were so far away that we were quite safe from them seeing us).

I got Jen to strip off and I removed by top. I used my breasts to apply sun cream to her back, ass and legs, then got her to turn over and did the same to her front. She pulled my skirt off and tried to do the same to me – it was a bit harder with her breasts, but she did her best and we used our hands to finish each other off. We had a bit of a roll around on the grass and enjoyed the feeling of our oily bodies sliding against each other. We mostly just kissed, but fingers grazed over each other’s pussies a few times and we certainly used the mix of cream and sweat to help lubricate humping against each other’s thighs. We weren’t trying to cum, just enjoying the sun, fresh air and freedom and I especially enjoyed the fact that Jen was enjoying herself.

We stopped for some food and if we’d been in our garden, I’m sure we would have partaken of some food play, but needed to get home so we couldn’t get too messy. I did eat a bit of yoghurt off her breasts, but it was a small enough amount that I could lick it all off and leave nothing on her. While I finished cleaning off the second breast, I started to fondle her pussy and told her that it was probably time to get serious so we could finish up and get home in time to get her back to the airport. Jen spread her legs and let me rub her. I checked that we were still alone (as if anything we’d done up until this point was fine for people to see) and told Jen that she should take advantage of where we were to cum the way she enjoyed best. She knew what I was implying and told me that she really needed to pee anyway, so could probably put on a good show.

I dug around in the bag and pulled out an egg and a vibe and told her to hold the egg in place while I fucked her with the vibe. She liked this idea and spread her legs wide to make things easier. I slid it into her and then lay beside her again so I could kiss her and suck on her breasts. I told her that I wanted to see how hard she could cum and how far she could pee and she assured me that she would do her best. I alternated my position from lying beside her to moving down and watching what we were doing to her. She moved the egg in tight little circles over her clit and I watched her body begin to flush as she got closer to cumming. I encouraged her to mew as much as she wanted (let’s face it, it we were going to be caught, it wasn’t likely that it would be because someone heard us) and when she was really close, I sat up so I could watch properly.

True to her word, she let out a strong stream of pee (as well as an ‘ungghhhh’ and I pulled the vibe out and watched as she sprayed a good arc out. I wanted her to enjoy it as much as possible, so I pushed the vibe back into her and fucked her with it, then pulled it out again. I managed to do this a couple of times before her orgasm (and pee) weakened. I would estimate that she managed to keep going for about 30 seconds and when she had finished, she said that it had felt really good. I wiped my hand on her thigh and pulled out a towel to clean off her legs (and properly dry my hand). After patting her pussy dry, I gave it a quick kiss and lay back down beside her.

We discussed how she had found out she enjoyed cumming like this (we’ve talked about this before and I think I’ve written about it as well, but Jen isn’t entirely sure – and I always like hearing about how sweet, innocent Jen went about exploring her body and discovering what felt good). The best explanation she has come up with is that she remembers playing out in the woods and fields a number of times and needed to pee. She would find somewhere secluded, and pull her panties off so she could spread her legs. She held her pussy lips open so that she could better pee without getting herself wet and she thinks that she just enjoyed the feeling of her fingers near her clit. She had started masturbating before this so she knew about cumming and she she remembers just gently stroking her clit a few times.

Another time, she had trousers on and needed to pee really badly, so went to her ‘safe place’ in the woods, removed them and peed again. She enjoyed being more exposed and played with herself a bit more. This happened a number of times and she used to wait to be outside to pee (in the summer at least) and eventually started actually masturbating properly and giving herself orgasms while peeing. Over time, she realised that she enjoyed it more if she wasn’t quite as careful about where her fingers and her pee went and she moved on to fingering herself properly (which made a mess) and cleaning herself up afterwards. Sometimes she used old pairs of panties and would leave them behind and other times she would be prepared and take tissues.

She experimented with things and found that she enjoyed peeing herself properly (both in her panties and in tights). It was easier to discard pairs of tights as she could just say that they got a ladder so she had to throw them out (whereas her parents might have got suspicious if she ‘lost’ too many of her panties). She knew that a group of boys had a den not too far from her safe place and she took to leaving her used wet things there for them to discover. She has no idea why she liked doing this as she was already aware that she wasn’t interested in boys by this time, but it just added to her excitement. As I said, Jen doesn’t actually know if this is why she enjoys it so much or if this is just a post-hoc justification.

I had immensely enjoyed the description of Jen’s exploration and had pushed her hand between my legs so she could tease me while talking. I asked her to make me cum and she said that I should enjoy myself properly as well. I knew full well she meant her version of ‘properly’, but I was game and told her I would. I spread my legs as she had done and Jen started to finger me properly, pumping two fingers in and out of my cunt. I knew that I was technically on display to the whole town (just from a distance) and flexed my cunt around Jen’s fingers, imagining everyone watching the contractions. Jen handed me the egg and told me to just keep it on my clit and I did as instructed. It didn’t take long before I could feel the final build up starting (as I said, I’d enjoyed her description) and told her that I was getting close to cumming. Jen pushed her fingers into me and said that she could feel me squeezing them (she knows I’ve been practicing this) and I told her I was just about to cum.

I held the egg against my clit and Jen told me to push as hard as I could and let go. She wiggled her fingers inside me and I peed, her hand got in the way (on purpose) and I got rather wet, but she then pulled her fingers out and I watched it arc out and down the hill. Jen did what I had done to her (but with her fingers) and pumped them into me, then removed her hand and repeated this again. The first time she did this again, she pushed her hand back up the stream of pee so it soaked her hand and arm (and gave a bit of splashback) but kept telling me to pee as hard as I could. Eventually, I ran out and my orgasm had already ended, so the stream tailed off and I was removed the egg from my clit. Jen wiped her hand over my pussy (the whole area was wet) and moved round to give me a proper lick. This was a bit further than I really wanted to go, but I wasn’t the one doing the licking and it was only a brief lick. I imagined the view that someone coming up the hill would have of Jen’s ass and cunt wiggling in the air as she lapped away and told her that she had better be careful there weren’t any animals around or she might find that she could lose her cherry to something incredibly well endowed.

Jen used the towel to help clean me up, then gave me another licking (not to orgasm) before we decided that we should tidy everything up and head home. Getting dressed was the last thing we did (after we had brushed each other’s hair and redone our ponytails) and we went back to the bus stop and returned home. We snuggled up on the back seat and Jen thanked me for a nice day. It was a bit of a rush to gather up her things (fortunately she doesn’t have to worry about taking clothes with her as we just rotate clothes between each other’s place) and we made it out to the airport just in time for her to check in. She hadn’t had a chance to change so still had her short skirt, long socks and tight top on and I watched as she was frisked at security (metal hair clip).

I returned home and told Mike about the weekend. He couldn’t believe that things had gone as far with Lis and got me to describe to him what she had felt like. We spent a while talking about this and he came while we talked. As I knew the whole story, I spent my time and only allowed myself to cum when I was describing Jen making me cum with Lis watching. Our call had lasted a while, so we decided to leave the description of the rest of the weekend for another evening (always an effective way of having phone sex) and I spent time getting things ready for the week ahead (washing, cleaning and ironing has to be done sometime). I had one further session with Jen that night (over the phone) and we made plans for moving things forwards. They wandered off into fantasy, but neither of us have a problem with fantasising about things that can’t happen so we both managed to cum nicely.

I spoke to Lis later in the week (when she was away from Vicky) and we discussed what had happened. She had told Vicky about my making Jen cum in front of her and that we had shared a bed, but had omitted the fact that we had kissed and the fondling. She still didn’t mention the extended fondling, so I to this day have no idea if it was a dream or actually happened. We agreed that it had been a really fun weekend but that we were both glad that things hadn’t gone any further. She said that it hadn’t been my fault and she had been as much to blame. She said that at one point, she would have happily let things go all the way and it was only because I held back that they didn’t (who would have thought that my meagre self control could have achieved that). I had to ask what had happened that had made things so different. Lis said that she knows that she and Vicky probably won’t last forever, and she really meant what she had said about being grateful to me and Jen for being there for her. I know that she really does love Vicky and Jen, Mike and I have agreed to do whatever we can to help them stay together and gave her this promise over the phone.

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