Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sisterly competitiveness

Right, I should finally be able to write a brief entry to help catch up.
At the end of April, I went down to visit Mike. Because of holidays it was another long weekend, but I didn’t go down until the Friday morning again so I could work late on the Thursday and try to save up some extra time off for the summer. I arrived while Mike was still at work, so dropped my things off at home and wandered in to the Uni to meet up with friends for lunch. They (or at least the girls) were excited to hear all the news about my engagement to Jen and I showed off my torc. A couple of them wanted to try it on and I let them, but it felt good to get it back and feel it around my neck again.

I didn’t have any plans for the afternoon and as the weather wasn’t too bad, I spent a while lying out by the lake and reading a book. I had a nice little summer dress on and played with different positions to allow my pussy to get some air. I don’t think anyone actually saw what I was doing, but it isn’t always about having someone see me, sometimes it’s nice just knowing that I’m (sort of) naked while outside. I met up with people for afternoon coffee and went to see my old supervisor for a while. I was going to head home to wait for Mike, but some people said that we could head down to the pub a little earlier than usual, so I stayed in Uni until they were ready to leave. I had planned on meeting Mike at home, having a quick session and then us both joining people, but we thought we could make up for the lost time later that night and he agreed to meet us there.

I got to talk about my engagement again at the pub with people who hadn’t been around for lunch and had a very enjoyable evening. We didn’t stay out too late and on the way home, stopped off in one of our usual places for a quick fool around. Mike wanted to do things properly so it was only brief and we then went home to get serious.

We decided to go upstairs and do things properly – Mike stood behind me, I lifted my arms and he slipped his hands under my dress, slowly lifted it up and pulled it off over my head. I reached around and undid my bra before leaning back against him. He cupped my breasts and I turned my head to kiss him. One of his hands slid down to my crotch and his fingers pressed between my lips and rubbed my clit. I ground my ass back against him and he pushed back, the bulge of his cock pressing against me through his trousers. I reached around and rubbed him then tried to unzip his trousers and pull him free, but we had to move apart and he took the opportunity to undress.

We didn’t say much while doing all this and lay down on the bed with Mike on top. His cock rubbed back and forth against my pussy as we kissed and then I felt him slide into me. He kissed around my neck and I asked him if I should remove my torc but he said not to and kissed all the way around it before adding that this meant the three of us would always be together. I pulled him towards me and told him to talk dirty to me. He whispered to me about how I was a naughty little girl, wanting both him and Jen and how I would do almost anything if it meant I could cum. I humped back against him and told him he wouldn’t want it any other way and he called me all sorts of names. He recounted what he’d seen in the garden the previous weekend and got me to tell him again what it was like having three girls make me cum. We were moving a lot faster by this time and while I described things to him, he kissed and nuzzled my neck.

We carried on like this and he reached around my leg and got his fingers onto my clit. He quickly rubbed it and I told him I was going to cum soon if he carried on but he said he wasn’t too far from cumming and asked me to take over the dirty talk to encourage him to cum. I did my best and threw in some of the things that Jules had said to me.

I kept telling him I was nearly there and he pumped into me harder saying he was very close. He slowed down rubbing my clit until he was about to cum and then sped back up again. He came in me but carried on rubbing and my orgasm started while he was still pressed deep into me. We described to each other what his cock felt like pushed into my cunt (obviously from our own point of view) and when my orgasm ended, we kissed while he stayed inside me. I contracted myself around him for a while, but eventually he rolled off me and we lay beside each other.

I knew that he was very tired as he’d been working hard the previous week (even though it had only been 4 days) and we agreed that we would refrain from doing anything in the morning until both of us woke up naturally. I did wake up a couple of times in the morning and it was nice to know that I didn’t have anything to do and could just fall asleep again. It was sometime after 11 when we were both properly awake and I felt more rested than I had in a while. Before we did anything, Mike said that he had a suggestion and explained it to me. He had been talking to Sue and had challenged her to see whether she or I could cum more. We had a slight advantage as we knew what was going on, whereas all her bf would know is that he was going to have a lucky day.

Mike gave her a call and asked if she was still up for the challenge and it was obvious from the way she was answering his questions that she wasn’t alone at the time. She managed to tell us that she was still game though and he told her that she had to report back when she had managed get herself and her bf to cum. He hung up and said that we needed to get started if we were going to beat them and I spread my legs and told him I was ready. Mike licked me for a little while and then pushed into me. We used doggy style as we both like this and it’s easy for him to rub my clit while we fuck. I pushed back against his cock in time with his thrusts (which made a very satisfying ‘slap’ each time our bodies smacked together) and I came followed not long after by him cumming in me.

At his request, I knelt up on the bed with my legs spread to let him cum leak out while he texted Sue to let her know we had won the first round. The next challenge was for her to cum a second time by whatever method she wanted. Mike fingered me and then used an egg on my clit while he knelt in front of me and we kissed. My pussy was dripping with his cum and I could feel it sliding down my legs. We imagined what Sue and her bf were up to and I pictured having her head underneath my pussy so Mike’s cum was dripping out over her face. I came a second time and Mike sent off another text saying we had won round two.

We later heard back from her that she thought it wasn’t fair as we had decided when things would start, but that they had both cum and she had then masturbated herself in front of him for her second orgasm. We told her she could call the next round and a little while after we had showered, we got a text saying that Mike had to eat me. This was quite easy and I lay back on the bed and let him have access to my pussy. I was quite close to cumming when we got another text saying that Sue had just cum. I was quite surprised that she managed it so quickly, (but I guess she is a few years younger than me) and Mike finished me off before I replied and told her she had won the round.

The next challenge was to do things while we were out somewhere. Each of us got to send a text saying ‘now’ and the other had five minutes to find somewhere suitable and cum. Half points if only one of the pair could cum, full points if both came (and bonus points for a proper fuck including internal ejaculation). Mike and I told Sue that we were going out and on the way we debated whether this was really ethical, but decided that as Sue seems to enjoy sex almost as much as I do (and we had no doubt that her bf was enjoying things), that it probably was. We had just got into town when Sue texted back and said that they were heading out and it was time for us to cum. We didn’t have many choices and popped in to a shop, grabbed a few items of clothing and dashed into the dressing rooms (separately). I sat down and masturbated, knowing I only had three minutes left to cum and knew that Mike was doing the same thing. I cheated a but by leaving the curtain open just a crack – not enough for anyone to actually see what I was doing, but enough that I could imagine they could see me. Given the time limit, I didn’t play around and concentrated on my clit. I came in under two minutes and wandered back out to wait for Mike. I had the text ready to send and he called out to me that he had finished ‘trying things on’ and would be with me in a moment. I sent the text to Sue to let her know we had achieved it and warned her to be ready.

We waited until lunchtime and I managed to catch them at just the right time. They had just ordered something to eat and Sue couldn’t find any way of getting her bf to cum (without telling him what was going on – which could have led to all sorts of awkward conversations) and so she had to dash to the toilet and finger herself in there. She managed to cum in the five minutes, but only got half points for that round.

Because we won (not that it was rigged), we got to decide on the next challenge and Mike suggested something that I thought sounded good. About 30 minutes after we’d made her cum, we told her that within an hour, she had to have started having sex, but this time it had to be anal sex, including ejaculation (and we obviously had to do the same). We hurried home and once in the door, Mike bent me over the sofa, slid his cock into my cunt to get a bit of lubrication and then pulled out and slid into my ass. It’d been a while since we’ve done this (although I’ve had numerous vibes and fingers in there) and we took it slowly so it didn’t hurt. Mike loves fucking my ass as it is so much tighter than my pussy and he took his time. I texted Sue to let her know that he was already inside me and got a reply saying that she was on the way home and would make it in plenty of time. Mike fucked me while I fingered my pussy and he had no problems cumming in me (I also had no problems cumming). About 20 minutes after we’d finished, Sue texted to say that they had also finished (her bf had cum in her very quickly and had been quite surprised that she had been so keen for him to fuck her ass). She had got him to eat her afterwards so that she could cum as well, but I think he was sufficiently grateful that he didn’t mind doing this at all.

We had a break from the competition for a while and Mike and I lay out in the garden and just chatted. That evening we were meeting up with friends – a few of them were away at a conference, so it was quieter than usual, but still a fun evening. At about 10, Mike texted Sue to tell her that she had to cum at least twice more that night (as did I) and if her bf (and Mike) came again, extra points would be awarded. This was slightly cheating again as we’re quite practiced in the final fuck of the day and Mike pretty much always cums – and me cumming twice isn’t that big a deal, but we thought it would be good training for them if nothing else...

Once we had got home and into bed, Mike went down on me, licking my cunt and ass until I came. He kitty kissed me for a while until I had recovered from my orgasm and was ready for more and them moved up on top of me, slid straight into me (I *was* pretty wet) and started to fuck me. We once again imagined what Sue and bf were doing and recalled the times she had joined us (or watched us) and I told Mike about one of Jen’s favourite fantasies where she gets to eat both Sue and I and then we both make her cum (with the two of us toying with her at the same time). Mike quite enjoyed my description and fucked me quite hard while I described Jen pushed her tongue into Sue’s cunt and then Sue doing the same to her. I rather enjoyed imagining it as well and told Mike that I thought I could cum without clit stimulation if we kept the fantasy up.

We expanded it a bit and other people joined us – Jo, Lis, Holly and one of Sue’s friends from Uni who is rather hot and (of course) Mike. We imagined every combination we could and as each new set of people fingered, fucked or 69ed, I could feel myself getting closer to cumming. I told Mike to fuck me harder and faster while I pictured a threesome with Jo and Jen (lying with our legs between each other’s legs in a circle – I got to eat Jo, who ate Jen, who ate me) and I came as Mike repeatedly thrust into me. As soon as I had cum, Mike allowed himself to cum (okay, it was a minute or so after I’d cum, but it didn’t take him long to finish off). I texted Sue to tell her that we’d got the bonus points and we chatted while we waited to hear back.

Impressively, she had managed to cum twice and had got her bf to cum inside her again, so the round was a tie. We decided that Mike and I had won, but Sue said we would discuss the winners when we could talk properly. I didn’t get to fall asleep with Mike inside me that night as he was no longer hard (although I could feel the occasional little stirring in his cock as he lay spooned up against my back).

I won’t detail the events of Sunday and Monday morning – suffice to say, we had our usual morning & evening sessions with a little bit of teasing in between. When we got to actually speak to Sue (most of the communication the previous day had been by text), we found out that her bf had been very happy at the sudden increase in sex and hadn’t been at all suspicious of her sending texts to us (she is always texting anyway so a few more made no difference). As a penalty for losing, Mike got her to agree to play along with her bf’s fantasy of her letting another woman join them (she didn’t actually have to let this happen, just describe to him how it might go if it did happen). She said that she knew the person she would use in the fantasy (another girl she knows he thinks is hot) and told us she would report back when done.

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