Sunday, 30 October 2011

July 2011 Sex Party - Part 1

One Halloween party down - one to go. I wore an interesting outfit to the club and I'm planning on going to the sex party tomorrow as Hermione. I'm sure I can find a good use for the guy's wands :)


We're on to the start of July now and I was back down to York for my birthday and the last sex party of the (academic) year. I went down on the Thursday and Jen came up that evening as well. I slept with mike on the Thursday night, but as neither Jen nor I had to go to work on the Friday, it meant that I could go and see her after my morning session with Mike (who then brought us up breakfast in bed before he headed off to work).

Once Jen and I had fucked ourselves awake (and lounged around for a while), we headed in to Uni and met up with people for lunch. I made Jen wear opaque tights with denim shorts on (with a slightly trimmed crotch). Nothing was actually visible, but she said that the shorts rubbed against per pussy as she walked and that by the time we arrived, she was feeling fairly moist. Once lunch was over, we sat out by the lake for a while and I produced a vibrating egg from my bag and told Jen to slide it into her shorts. She managed this (with a little difficulty as they were qutie tight) and once it was nestled against her pussy, I turned it on and left it running while she described how she masturbated. Jen came with people walking by us not too far away) and once the coast was clear, I allowed her to fish the egg out so we could walk home.

We didn't do much for the rest of the afternoon and lazed around until Mike was due home. We had just finished showering when he arrived and he came up to watch us get dressed and make ourselves look pretty for the evening. We weren't doing anything too special - just going out for dinner, on to one of our usual pubs and then on to a club. We were fairly well behaved during the evening - I got to dance with everyone and managed to press myself up against Jo, experience Vicky's sexy dancing, flirt with a number of the guys and generally have a really good birthday.

When we got home, Mike presented me with a second birthday present, some new attachments for our strap on. Instead of the dildo, we now have a vibrator with a clit attachment and (even better) a new internal vibrator (small, the same as the current internal dildo, but there is also a pad that applies stimulation to the clit of whoever is wearing it). I wanted to try it out, but it was already late and I had already planned out something for the evening. I asked Jen to spend the night in the same bed as Mike and I as part of my present (not that I was being devious and blackmailing her into doing what I wanted...). She agreed to do this and flirted with him quite a lot while we were getting ready. Jen and I were naked and Mike still had his boxers on (but they didn’t do much to hide his erection). Jen rubbed her ass up against the bulge and Mike happily pushed back. I let him finger me while he was doing this and he said that it reminded him of the threesomes with Sue (apart from the fact he had been allowed to actually fuck her).

We climbed in to bed, with me between Mike and Jen. I lay facing Jen and let Mike slide into me from behind. It was a slightly awkward position as Jen had to lie at an angle to let me curl my legs forward, but we arranged ourselves so that she could kiss me while Mike fucked me. I reached down and rubbed her clit at the same time and we started off slow and gentle with Mike using long strokes into me and me squeezing myself around him (it took a bit of concentration and was a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time – but much more fun). Of course, it would have been idea if we could have all cum at the same time, but that wasn’t going to happen, so I came first while Mike held out and kept fucking me until Jen was just about to cum. He emptied himself into me while she was mewing away with her orgasm just about to break and he stayed pressed deep into me while Jen came.

Once he had started to go soft, I moved away from him and waited for his cum to start to leak out. I then told Jen to give my pussy a big lick so Mike could see (which made his cock go somewhat harder again). I was too tired to go for a second round (although I could have quite happily let Jen eat me) and we decided to go to sleep curled u together (me still in the middle).

I had to pee in the middle of the night and got back into bed on the other side of Mike (so he was between Jen and I). This gave him the chance to snuggle up to her, which she didn’t seem to mind, while I spooned against his back. When we woke up in the morning, he was still lying curled up against her and when I woke them, Jen squirmed against him with her ass. He was soon hard and rubbed back and forth between her ass cheeks. He was pretty sure that he could cum if they kept going, but Jen said that that wasn’t going to happen and that she had a better idea.

I was instructed to kneel on the bed in the doggy position and Mike sat up against the headboard so I could suck him. Meanwhile, Jen lay on the bed with her head under my pussy and pulled me to her so she could eat me. I tried to pass on what Jen was doing to me, to Mike (even though the movements are somewhat different). I jacked and sucked him until he came in my mouth. I had intended to not swallow his cum and share it with Jen in a sloppy kiss, but Jen took her time making me cum so I ended up swallowing most of it (some of it dribbled out).

It was now time to make Jen cum, and I decided we should try out the new vibrator attachments for the strap on. As I was going to be fucking Jen with it, Mike wasn’t allowed to stay. He did help attach the vibrators and strap the harness on to me though. The internal vibe didn’t feel too powerful (I was actually a little disappointed), but once he had left and I got the main vibe into Jen and started fucking her, it was much more fun. I could now do things to her properly and instead of just fucking her and rubbing her clit, I could also push deep into her and let the clit attachment on the main vibe do the work. It felt really nice and I fucked her doggystyle (so I could watch it sliding into her cunt). I got her close to cumming a few times by and then resumed just fucking her. She sounded quite wet and I wished I could feel what Mike feels when he is inside me (I wouldn’t want to actually have a cock, I’m very happy with the pleasure that my pussy can give me, but it would have been nice to feel the warm, soft and wet walls of Jen’s cunt).

When I felt my orgasm approaching, I resumed fucking Jen properly and carried on until she came. I was fairly close by this time so quickly pulled out of her, lay on the bed and told her to mount the vibe. She did this and leant forwards so we could kiss. My orgasm continued to slowly approach and I was rocking my hips back and forth to try and speed it along. We kissed messily and I eventually came. It wasn’t a strong orgasm at first, but as it rolled through my body, I began to feel a bit more. Once it ended, I had to tell Jen to get off me so I could remove the harness. By the time we got it off, my clit was tingling and Jen gently kissed all around the area to help me calm down.

We went down for breakfast naked, on the condition that I asked Mike to such the vibe clean. Jen didn’t think he would do it as it was shaped like a fairly lifelike cock, while I was pretty sure that he wouldn’t have any problem with this and would do it so he could taste Jen. I was right and he happily sucked it clean of her juices (although his technique for blow jobs wasn’t that good, so if he ever decided to get off with another guy, he’ll need some practice!). As she had lost, I made Jen sit up on the table with her legs spread while we ate breakfast. This was obviously more for Mike’s benefit and he enjoyed the view.

We didn’t have much planned, but had arranged for Vicky and Lis to come round and get some sunbathing done to help keep my tan (what I had of one) topped up for the wedding. They arrived just after lunch and the five of us went out into the garden and stripped off. Vicky didn’t seem to mind being topless with Mike there (he’d seen her breasts on holiday after all), but Lis seemed a bit unsure. I think she is still a bit self-conscious about her breast size – especially when both Vicky and I have ours out, but we managed to convince her that there was nothing to worry about and she also removed her top.

Mike certainly appreciated the view and spent most of the time on his stomach to hide his erection which created a nice bulge in his shorts (we’re not sure that Vicky and Lis are quite ready to see that). The only time that it did show was when I applied cream to Jen’s legs and spent a while massaging her thighs, then stroked the crotch of her bikini until she was close to cumming. Even Vicky seemed to be interested in watching this, but she also noticed the very prominent bulge in Mike’s shorts and flirted with him. He suggested that She and Lis should do something similar, but they weren’t up for this and he had to be content with being allowed to rub suncream into Vicky’s legs and back. I got Jen to cream up Lis and her hands got a lot closer to Lis’s crotch than Mike’s did to Vicky’s (but still not directly touching her).

Once we’d had enough sun, we ushered Vicky and Lis away, who were once again suspicious about what we were doing that night that meant we couldn’t go out anywhere with them or everyone. Initially, I think they suspected that the three of us were going to be doing something together, but when we told them that Jen was heading back home, that dispelled their theory. Once they had left, I thought it was only fair that I take care of Jen properly, but set the rules that she wasn’t allowed to make me cum (so I was nice and ready for the sex party). We headed upstairs and after a little bit of licking, I attached the strap on to her, with the internal vibe and external dildo. This way, she could fuck me, but without any clit stimulation, I knew I was unlikely to cum.

We tried multiple positions, doggy, missionary, me on top... and the internal vibe (to which I had added some tingle gel) slowly got Jen more excited. I really enjoyed the experience as well and if we hadn’t been going out later, I would have happily cum a couple of times for her, but I restrained myself (not easy when your girlfriend is underneath you in the throes of a long, drawn out orgasmic build up). I was on top when Jen came and I tweaked her nipples fairly hard. She loudly mewed her way through her orgasm and I told her to keep the harness on until Mike had been given a chance to taste me from the dildo. Fortunately, the vibe wasn’t so strong that it was too much for Jen to take, but she was definitely still being stimulated by it as Mike tasted me off the dildo and I then finally removed the harness.

I considered making her wear it while she travelled home, but decided that it might get her a slightly more thorough search at the airport than would be fun. We quickly walked her down to the station and say her off before returning home to grab a quick dinner and get ready for our night of fucking. I decided to go in my customary schoolgirl outfit (it’s what they know me for – and I don’t usually keep it on for long) and went with bunches again. I decided to skip the panties and go for thigh-high white socks. Mike liked the look and we had a brief semi-fuck, but not enough for either of us to cum. Once his cock had deflated, we set off.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Summer holidays 2011 - Part 2

Another change of plans - I was meant to be going down to see Jen this weekend, but there is going to be a special themed Halloween party in York so I'll be having an extended weekend and stopping off in York for the party on Monday night. I invited Jen along (again), but even though her exhibitionism is coming along well, she isn't quite up for openly fucking in front of a whole group of people.


Once we had returned to the villa and dried off, we sat and chatted for a while and Mike and I decided to go and look at stars on the roof. This was of course just an opportunity to go and have sex (which I’m sure everyone else knew, but we didn’t care). The advantage of being up there at night was that we could now fuck properly while looking out over the beach and people wandering past. I decided that I didn’t care if anyone else came up and saw me naked, so I removed all my clothes and let Mike enjoy my cunt (which he said felt nice and hot) and he gave me a good fucking. It was my turn to sleep with Jen that night and he asked where I wanted him to cum (she doesn’t object to him cumming in me from time to time, but at least occasionally she wants to taste just me). I told him to finish up inside me as I was probably going to taste salty anyway after being in the sea so he emptied his load into me and wiped his cock on my ass cheeks to clean it off.

We stood chatting for a while and Mike gently fingered me while his cum leaked out. I didn’t let him make me cum again (so I had something left for Jen), but did wipe his cum into my legs before we went and rejoined the others. Stuart and Jennifer wandered in a bit later on and I immediately guessed that they had just had sex (they both had that nice satisfied look about them). They were teased about where they had been by everyone and when I later chatted to Vicky about it, she agreed that they had probably been fucking. When I was in bed that night with Jen, she said (as I had expected) that she didn’t really taste Mike over the general salty taste (but quite a bit of his cum had leaked out anyway). Vicky and Lis borrowed a couple of our toys that night (we’d only brought a couple of vibes and eggs but hadn’t used them much).

The next day, Mike presented me with a matching bikini to Jen’s and they dared me to wear it. It looked somewhat ridiculous on me as the top clearly did nothing to hide my breasts (and didn’t even come close to covering my nipples). Between them, Mike and Jen trimmed my pubic hair so that it didn’t show and took turns to check that my lips were still nice and smooth. They each got me close to cumming but didn’t let me cum. I thought I was in for a treat when I was told to lie over Jen and 69 with her – she ate my pussy and Mike liked my ass. I got really close to cumming once more, but again was denied and taken down to show off my new outfit.

Despite everyone having seen me topless a few times already (we had also done a bit more sunbathing on the beach with the whole group as I obviously enjoy being seen even semi-nude), I felt much more naked dressed like this. In my case, my breasts distracted attention away from my crotch – with a bit of pulling and tightening, it sort of held them up and I looked like something out of one of Mike’s anime films. Holly said that I was showing a bit too much and when I pointed out that we had been going topless on the beach (and the poker), she couldn’t find a reason why this was any worse than that. Vicky actually came to my defence and said that she didn’t see a problem with it and even asked if she could try the top on. In front of everyone (or everyone who happened to be there), she removed her bikini top and I handed her my one. I stayed topless and helped her put my top on – her nipples are slightly smaller than mine but are still large enough that they weren’t completely covered either (but it was a good chance to have a minor fondle of her breasts in front of lots of people).

Later on that day, the four of us (Jen, Lis, Vicky and myself) were sunbathing on the roof again and Jen complained that I had been the one to get to play with Vick’s breasts. I asked Lis if she minded if Jen had a session with Vicky and Lis said that she was fine with that. Vicky wasn’t quite as sure, but after a bit of persuasion, she said that Jen could apply suncream to her front. Vicky made herself comfortable and Jen started to apply cream – she was obviously enjoying what she was doing (give her a large pair of breasts and she’s always happy). I thought that I may as well join in and asked Lis if she wanted any help. She accepted my offer and I copied what Jen was doing (but on the smaller scale of Lis’ breasts). I managed to get Lis’ nipples quite hard and also rubbed over her stomach and up the insides of her legs (when Vicky wasn’t looking). I didn’t actually touch anything (other than her breasts), but stroked and teased her skin at the very top of her thigh until she was squirming around a bit.

Vicky let Jen play with her breasts for longer than I had expected her to, but in the end she decided that it had been long enough. I allowed Jen to cream me up as well but she did the rest of my front and not just my breasts. When she was doing my legs, she made sure that all of me was covered and because the micro bikini didn’t cover much, it felt quite good. I then did her, but didn’t let her bikini stop me from playing with her. I was going to ask Vicky if she minded if I made Jen cum, but when I looked over, it seemed that Vicky was dozing, so I went straight ahead and fingered Jen. Lis saw what we were doing and started to watch, so I got Jen to pull her legs apart and I slid two fingers in and out while I played with her clit. I made her cum and told her that she wasn’t allowed to straighten up her bikini so her pussy stayed only half hidden until we went back downstairs.

It seemed that Chris had given up on Jennifer and had turned his attention to Vicky and Lis (but he was clever enough to figure out that his chances with Lis weren’t that high so was mostly concentrating on Vicky). Vicky was flirting back with him (but she flirts with Mike as well so I don’t think it meant anything). Lis was a little put out by this and we had a chat about it and I assured her that it was probably just Vicky playing along with him and wanting to make sure that people didn’t weren’t suspicious of the fact that she was dating Lis (after all, Vicky *had* been spending quite a bit of time on the roof with three lesbians). Chris and Vicky spent the evening flirting and I got Mike to mention to her that she might be going a bit overboard. She went for a walk with Chris later (at his request) and told him that she liked him, but just no ‘in that way’ and Lis told us the next day that Vicky had assured her that night that she was only interested in her (and had demonstrated repeatedly *just* how interested she was).

Jen and I had snuck off to our room early that night as it was my turn to be with Mike, but Jen wanted to have a session and construct a fantasy. As I had expected, it was based around her playing with Vicky’s breasts but I was also involved (two sets of large breasts are certainly better than one in Jen’s opinion). We lay on the bed and stroked each other while Jen described what she wanted to happen:

We were back on the roof and Jen was creaming up Vicky’s front (as she had done earlier). I came over to help and while Jen teased Vicky’s nips, I stood behind Jen and slipped her panties down. I fingered her from behind and Vicky slowly slid a hand up Jen’s legs and her fingers joined mine in her pussy. Jen slid a hand down to Vicky’s crotch and pushed her fingers into Vicky’s cunt. She played with it until Vicky was nice and wet, then she and Vicky switched places and we stroked Jen all over. Jen could now pull Vicky and my breasts to her mouth and suck on them while we teased her nips. At some point, Lis joined us and Jen felt her legs being spread and a tongue push into her pussy. Vicky and I rubbed Jen’s body with our breasts and took turns kissing her while Lis ate her to a wonderful orgasm.

Back in the real world, we had managed to get each other off and then turned around to kitty kiss each other. Jen would have happily cum again, but I told her I needed the energy to keep Mike happy later on and gave her the task of cumming in her room with Jennifer, but being completely exposed while she did this (she managed this by just waiting until Jennifer had gone to sleep). We rejoined the others downstairs for a while before everyone went to bed and I had my usual nightly session with Mike while telling him about Jen’s fantasy. We adapted it a bit so he joined us and fucked Lis while she ate Jen (which I found odd as I had assumed he would have wanted to fuck Vicky in that situation), but either way, it was a good enough fantasy to help us both to cum in RL.

Mike came in me again first thing the next morning and then went to wake Jen so that she could eat me clean (he was allowed to watch her start to do this, but had to leave us before Jen and I started to do things properly). We were nearing the end of the holiday now and I assumed that as this would possibly be the last holiday that we all went on together as a number of people would probably be leaving York during the coming year, so decided to push things a little further than I usually would around my friends.

When Jen and I went down for breakfast, I made her wear a t-shirt that only just covered her bits (with nothing on under it of course). I don’t nkow how many people got to see any of her, but I know that Mike and Lis both later said they could see a fair amount (not quite up to her pussy, but close enough). I then made her wear the skimpy bikini onto the beach (not that this made too much difference as we were then topless) and later that day I made her wear her denim shorts without panties on. The crotch had somehow been trimmed even more and while they covered more than her micro-bikini, they didn’t cover much. I got Mike to have a check before Jen went downstairs wearing them and after a very close examination, he assured her that he couldn’t actually see her pussy lips, but he thought that if pulled on her thighs, he might be able to.

I also slipped an egg into Jen’s pussy and let Mike hold onto the remote control – he played with this while we all sat around and chatted and managed to palm it off to Vicky for her to administer. I had to remind Jen a few times to not press her legs together (while it was nice knowing that she was enjoying the stimulation from the egg, the idea was to show her off). I really wanted to make her cum around someone other than Mike, Lis or Vicky and had been trying to find a way to take her up to the roof and hint that someone could come and listen in while I fingered her, but short of just openly offering to let people watch/hear her cum, we couldn’t find a way to manage this.

We reached the end of the holiday and by this time it was clear that Stuart and Jennifer were together (they hadn’t officially announced it, but Jen kept finding him in her room and was sure that she had smelt the familiar odour of sex (which I guess could just have been Jennifer masturbating, but we prefer to think that they were going at it properly.

The journey home wasn’t too bad – we were delayed for a while at the airport and got to have some fun with glass balconies and short skirts (and lots of groups of guys who were on lads holidays). As per usual, we had nothing on under our skirts and chose a few places to stand and innocently chat, pretending not to notice when they availed themselves of the view. On the plane journey, I had the window seat, with Mike and Jen on the two seats beside me. This gave me the chance to have a sneaky play with myself. Jen leant a hand but it was my own fingers that actually made me cum, so I’m now a member of the mile-high-sterbation club (joining Jen). The challenge now is for Mike to gain membership without use of the toilets...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Summer holiday 2011 - Part 1

It was so much warmer on holiday, I miss it...


Over the last week in June we went on holiday to Majorca with a number of people from York. I’m not going to write full details for each day as I would fall even further behind, but will just go over the highlights (which should still give a couple of entries). There were 14 of us and we had hired a large villa in Port de Pollença in Mallorca. It was a nice place, right on the beach and had a roof terrace. I didn’t know everyone who came well (there were a couple of new people who I’d met during my weekend visits, but Mike (and obviously everyone else) knew them. It was the first time that Jen had met Stuart and Jennifer but she sort of knew Chris (although even less than I did).

Most of the rooms had twin beds and we pushed those together for the couples (of which there were four – or five if you included Vicky and Lis, but they were still pretending to be single and just decided to sleep in one of the beds together so nobody would suspect). On the nights she wasn’t sleeping with me, Jen would share a room with Jennifer (who is also usually called Jen, but I’ll use her full name to disambiguate).

Continuing my developing fascination with denim shorts, I had brought a couple of pairs along for Jen to wear. I had already cut them quite short and they showed off the bottom of her ass cheeks quite nicely (enough for her bikini bottoms to be visible when she also had them on). The guys seemed to like the view this gave (especially when she didn’t have anything on underneath). The main beach was a public beach and was fairly busy – we noticed that a number of women were sunbathing topless (it wasn’t the norm, but there were enough of them that I felt fine stripping off my top and sunbathing topless for a while. Vicky didn’t want to be outdone (as I’ve said before, she is quite proud of her breasts) and joined me.

I convinced (or ordered) Jen to join us and between us, we seemed to be enough of an attraction for both the guys in our group and some of the other men on the beach. As there were children around, we had to be well behaved, but I still enjoyed being eyed up. After lunch, Jen, Lis and I said that we were going to sunbath on the roof (in the shaded area) so that we could be topless without people eyeing us up. Vicky volunteered to stay with us, just to make sure that we didn’t get up to anything (who knows what three lesbians could do when left alone) and the rest of the group wanted to go for a wander around town or to the beach to swim anyway.

We immediately removed our tops and I offered to put cream on for whoever wanted it. I did everyone’s back and legs, allowing my hands to wander up very high on Lis’ inner thighs (but not high enough to touch her). I wasn’t quite as restrained with Jen and stroked right up to her bikini and rubbed her pussy through it. I didn’t hide what I was doing and ended up slipping my fingers into her bikini bottoms and into her pussy. I didn’t do this for long, but she was nice and wet by the time I finished. She did my back and had a quick fondle of my ass and we relaxed for a while.

When it was time to turn over, I applied cream to Jen’s front and suggested that Lis should probably take care of Vicky. Lis spent a while massaging the cream into Vicky’s breasts (which sort of made sense as they are considerably larger than Jen’s), but I spent just as long teasing Jen’s nipples so they were very hard. When Lis moved on to Vicky’s legs, I asked if they would mind if Jen sunbathed naked. Nobody objected, so I pulled Jen’s bottoms off and started to rub cream into the front of her legs. Lis watched what I was doing while she worked on Vicky and as I got higher up Jen’s thighs, she spread her legs a bit. I rubbed right u to her pussy and made sure that the area was covered with lotion, then slipped a finger between her lips and rubbed up and down her slit. This allowed me to get quite a bit of pressure on her clit so even with slow strokes I could get her pretty aroused.

We switched places and I said that I may as well be naked, so slipped off my bottoms too. Lis joined me and Vicky and Jen applied lotion to our fronts. Jen was quite happy to rub my pussy while Vicky was a bit more cautious at first, but I guess she decided that Lis didn’t mind her doing it in front of us, so she rubbed lotion over the area (but without the fingering I had given Jen). Vicky stated that she may as well be naked too and stripped off. Lis didn’t get the chance to play with her though as Vicky rubbed lotion over her own pussy before lying down.

Vicky dozed off and I told Jen to play with herself – she didn’t have to cum, but I just wanted her to finger herself so I could watch. Jen did this and actually carried on until she came (bonus points) and we stayed out until the others returned (but we got dressed before going down to join them).

I thought that we had started the holiday off in a fairly good way and for the second day, I made some alterations to Jen’s shorts by cutting more off them. The crotch of her panties was now just visible and I made sure that she sat in ways that allowed people to see this. I think Pete appreciated the view (when he managed to sneak a peek without Christine noticing he was looking) and I didn’t want to be outdone, so sat beside Jen, allowing him to also look up my little skirt to my bare pussy. On the beach that day, Mike put cream on me and Chris offered to take care of Jen. (I think that Chris and Stuart were both fighting over Jennifer, but Stuart seemed to be getting on with her better and Jen was kind enough to offer her body to keep Chris distracted – of course, I had told her to do this). Mike got a bit jealous of this, so when it was time to do her front, he was first in line to rub cream into her breasts – but we were on the beach again so he didn’t have the chance to really fondle her (which I guess is why she let him do it in the first place).

Chris got to put cream on Vicky as well (back only) and she even let him do her legs. I assume this was all part of her ‘I’m not gay disguise’, but there was no untoward touching. I donated Jen to apply lotion to Lis (only a brief stroke of her breasts) and she behaved herself with Lis’ legs as well. We sunbathed and had a play in the sea (we put tops back on for this) and at one point swam out to some rocks that had been used to create wave breaks. Around the other side of the rocks, I climbed up and let Mike pull the crotch of my bottoms aside and have a quick lick of me (salty pussy tastes quite different, but he had a good go). We didn’t have long enough for me to cum, but it felt nice anyway.

After dinner, I cut more of Jen’s shorts away so the crotch of her panties was now properly visible. As we sat around chatting and drinking, I had her sit cross legged so my handiwork was displayed and I took note of who stared at her. She was in with Jennifer that night so I set her the task of masturbating in bed (which she achieved) and also went as far as being naked around Jennifer. She didn’t make a big deal about this (or even ask) and Jennifer didn’t say anything, but it took until the second night before Jen got to see Jennifer nude (while she was changing for bed).

It became apparent that the roof terrace was the place to be if we were going to have any fun and over the next few days, it became the safe place for us girls to sunbathe naked as well as being the ideal spot for Jen and I or Mike and I to do a lot more. I really liked being able to lean against the wall, looking out at everyone on the beach or walking past below us and being eaten. We tried to find a way that Mike could fuck me without being seen, but couldn’t manage this so we had to resort to him eating me and me blowing him. (Of course, we fucked on the roof, just not with me looking out over the edge).

We managed to convince both Holly and Jo to join us one afternoon which meant that we were only topless and not naked, but it was still good for both Lis and I as we used to have respective crushes on them. Who am I kidding; I still have a crush on Jo and would love to have a chance to demonstrate to her the joys of lesbianism (or bisexuality). It was quite obvious that Lis still fancies Holly as well and I later found out that Vicky had noticed Lis glancing over at her. It was a little bit like a dream sequence as I got to cream up Jo’s back and Lis got to do Holly’s back and we were even allowed to do the backs of their legs (they both know that we find them attractive). Unfortunately, the dream didn’t go as far as either one of us would have liked, but it was nice to just get my hands on Jo and feel her soft skin (which I think would have felt even nicer without the sun lotion).

Around the middle of the holiday, I presented Jen with a new bikini – it was somewhat smaller than the one she had been wearing up until that point, with only two tiny scraps of cloth to cover her breasts and a g-string for the bottoms with a sufficiently small bit of material that we had to shave off a little of Jen’s patch of pubic hair (and it was a good thing that she always has her lips shaved). Having seen her in the outfit, it wasn’t really suitable for her to wear on the beach, but I made her wear it around the house and on the roof even when the guys were around. The top just about covered her nipples (but did nothing to hide their pointyness if I happened to tease her and get her at all excited). Even though she was obviously more covered than when she was topless, the outfit somehow accentuated how much was on display. This probably wasn’t helped by how much of her ass and pussy were visible. You couldn’t technically see her pussy, but it was obvious that it was *just* hidden.

One night, we played poker and this turned in to strip poker (but with a caveat that we would stop before anyone was completely naked). I’m not that good at poker so was soon topless but a few other people soon caught up with me and it was Stuart who would have been the first person naked. I asked if anyone wanted to go for a midnight skinny dip and after we had shouted down Jo who pointed out that you weren’t meant to go in the sea at night, a few of the others said that they were up for it. Initially, it was just Mike, Jen, Lis, Stuart, Holly, Jennifer, Chris and myself who were going, but we convinced Vicky to join us and after a bit more coaxing, Peter and Christine. We couldn’t convince Jo & her bf (I don’t think he had a lot of say in the matter) or Holly’s bf to join us but we wandered over to the beach and on the count of three, stripped off and dashed into the water.

It felt a lot colder than I had expected, but was still exciting to be properly naked around everyone. I managed to brush past Peter a couple of times and allowed Mike to finger me under the water. When I mentioned this to Lis, she tried to do the same to Vicky, but she wasn’t allowed to. I told her that she could always do it to Jen if she wanted and I think that she was briefly tempted – even if only to get her own back – but she didn’t do anything, so I did. I noticed that Stuart and Jennifer were splashing around a lot together and they decided to get out and go for a walk down the beach (after covering up again).

When we left the water, the men covered up fairly quickly and I noticed that the cold had had quite an effect on them. I’d only caught a quick glimpse of their cocks on the way in, but enough to know that they were all definitely quite a bit smaller after the cold water. As punishment for not joining in, we threw the others in – I had hoped that someone would suggest that we strip them first (but I suppose that might have been a bit too mean).

Friday, 21 October 2011

Affairs and foursomes - Part 3

I'm back in York for another night and we're just about to head out to meet friends. As far as the blog goes, back to our wonderful foursome night...


We decided that it was time for a little break, although I was ready for some more action as it had been a while since I had last cum. While we caught our breath, we figured out that Jen hadn’t yet eaten me and Mel hadn’t eaten Jules, but we figured that we could do that anytime. In hindsight, instead of Jules eating Jen while Jen ate Mel, Jen should have eaten me, while Jules ate Jen, then the sixth round could have been Jen eating Mel while she ate Jules, but it took a piece of paper and a number of attempts for us to figure this out and we hadn’t quite planned things in that detail.

Jules and I had only cum twice, while Mel and Jen had cum three times each so we were finally allowed to play with each other and ended up 69ing for a while. I had half expected it, so wasn’t too surprised (but still frustrated) when we were told to break it up. Fortunately, people had remembered that I wanted to feel what it was like to be fingered by many people at the same time and I ended up with three hands playing with my cunt and others fondling my breasts. It felt really good and when they got on to all fingering me at the same time, it felt even better. It actually felt exactly as I imagined it would. My pussy felt very full, but not painfully so and I later found out that at one point, they had each been using two fingers in me. (I was quite surprised about this, but it’s easier to get three sets of two fingers into a small space so I wasn’t stretched anywhere near as much as when Jen has fisted me). They finished me off by using a vibe on my clit while they all fingered me and I came fairly hard (harder than when either Jules or Mel ate me).

I watched as the three of them licked my juices from their fingers and said that now I needed a bit of a break. Mel fondled Jules while we chatted and she told us some stories of how she’d had a number of group sessions when she was younger. Fairly early on in her sexual discovery, after she had started to sleep with some of her brother’s friends, she used to let them play with her and use her as much as they wanted. She was used to being fondled, fingered and fucked with a number of them present but she recalled a few times when they just took turns fucking her over and over. She told us about one occasion where there were five of them and they chain fucked her one after the other. She said that by the time she had done all of them, her cunt was soaked in cum and she had cum at least three times (the guys were young so it didn’t take much to make them cum).

Of course, this is one of my major fantasies so as Jules described the scene I moved over and started to eat her. It felt more fitting though to give her the treatment that I’d had and we finished her off by all fingering her. We had each cum three times by this point and it had certainly been an incredibly memorable evening, but Mel and Jen decided that as Jules and I are both nymphomaniacs (which I think is a fair assessment), we should provide a little more entertainment. I once again told them that I wasn’t there to be ordered around (for that night), but Jules thought it could be fun so I relented and said I would go along with things.

We headed downstairs, Mel and Jen draped sheets around themselves but Jules and I were turfed out into the front garden naked. Julia’s place is on a fairly quiet street, but there is almost no privacy and we were told that at least one of us had to cum before we were allowed back in. Seeing as Jules had just cum, I nobly offered to let her make me cum and stood up against the wall while she knelt between my legs and licked and fingered me. I probably wasn’t quite ready to cum again just yet, but the added excitement of being outdoors helped things along. It also helped that Julia is so experienced and she teased another orgasm out of me in much less time than I had expected. I didn’t want to make too much noise as we were so exposed, but I did enjoy it quite a bit and moaned slightly more than I had intended.

I would have done Julia in the same position, but I didn’t think my legs had the strength to crouch down for long enough, so we were allowed back in and I got to return the favour in the living room with Jules sitting on the sofa and me crouching in front of her. I was quite used to Julia’s taste by this point but once I had made her cum, Mel got me to lick her again and I still found her taste slightly unpleasant (unpleasant might be too strong a word, but it was certainly nowhere near as nice as Julia’s). Fortunately, she didn’t want me to make her cum, she just wanted me to eat her briefly. I wanted to try something and suggested to Jen that she let Jules and I give her a final orgasm for the night (4 is pretty much Jen’s limit, but if she had wanted more, I’m sure we would have been willing to keep going). She agreed and we headed back upstairs to a more comfortable setting.

Jen started off on her back and Julia and I each took a breast and spent a while sucking and licking them (mostly concentrating on the nipples, but we played with the whole breast). This got Jen nicely aroused and when she started to writhe around under us, Mel stroked her pussy and then knelt between her legs and licked her. That wasn’t what I had intended to do and I managed to convince Mel to stop and just watch while we teased Jen some more. We only spent about 5 minutes on her, but it was obvious that she was more than ready to cum and I suggested we move on.

I got Julia to lie on her back and Jen crouched over her face, with her ass in the air. Jen lay forwards onto the bed and Jules started to eat her while I climbed over Julia’s body and rubbed my pussy against hers. I kissed the bottom of Jen’s back and her ass cheeks, then slid down a bit, spread her cheeks and pushed my tongue between them. I licked and found Julia’s tongue and did the best I could to help licking Jen’s cunt – this worked slightly better than I had expected so I spent longer doing this than intended (but I could happily lick Jen for ever). Jen was soon breathing heavily and obviously enjoying our dual ministrations and as she got closer to cumming, I spent more time licking and flicking her ass with my tongue. She really seemed to enjoy this and by the time she came, Jules had her cunt to herself and I was going all out slathering my tongue over her ass. I was quite pleased with the results and briefly broke contact to tell Jules to lick her gently once she had cum. This allowed us to double kitty-kiss her which seemed to make her orgasm (or at least the nice afterglow) last for quite a while and leave Jen in a fairly sweaty mess.

When Jen rolled off, Julia’s face was also quite a mess – between her and my saliva and Jen’s pussy juice, her face (and some of her hair) was rather wet. Jen had now cum four times and it was decided (again) that Jules and I had to cum more than Jen or Mel did, so we were told to 69. I initially didn’t think I was ready for another orgasm, but I do enjoy eating Jen (and it turns me on quite a bit) so once Julia climbed on top of me and started, I realised that I probably could cum again without too much trouble. Mel and Jen cheered us on and started a ‘cum... cum... cum...’ chant Jules had her ass slapped a couple of times – not too hard, but enough to make her jump a little and we really got stuck in to each other. I decided that I couldn’t really get much messier than I already was, so pulled Julia’s lips apart and pushed my mouth between them, doing everything I could to get her off. She was being fairly forceful with me as well and I half wrapped my legs around her head to hold her in place. She pushed a finger into my ass and fucked it and I knew I was getting close to cumming. I franticly ate her but still came first.

It was a very sharp orgasm that seemed to pierce my cunt and splinter out – Jules didn’t stop despite me wriggling around and trying to throw her off so I figured that I just had to make her cum. Fortunately, she wasn’t too far behind me and I attacked her just as mercilessly as she was attacking me. When she came, she finally broke contact with me and let out a series of little screams/yelps. I held her in place and licked away until she managed to break free and roll off me. I was quite tired, but thought I may as well go for broke, so rolled over on top of her and told her to cum again before pushing my mouth back onto her cunt and resuming my attack. She started off saying ‘no, no, no...’ but it was quite clear that she was getting into it again and I licked and fingered her to yet another orgasm before climbing off her and admiring my work (she looked shattered, sweaty and dishevelled).

I felt happy that I had finally established my dominance over her (although I guess she won in that she came more times than I did). I curled up against Jen and asked if she had enjoyed the show. Mel asked if we wanted to stay for the night but we decided that four of us would never fit comfortably into one bed and we really needed sleep. Before we went, I wanted to briefly try something I’ve seen videos of and we all lay in a circle on the floor. I ate Jen, who ate Jules, who ate Mel who ate me. None of us actually wanted to cum again, but this was something that not even Julia had done before so it was fun to try.

Neither Jen nor I bothered with any underwear when we got dressed – we considered getting a taxi, but we reeked of pussy and even Jen’s normally pristine hair was a state. Mel asked if we were going to repeat the night and we said that we would have to see. It had all been ‘negotiated’ and I had agreed to do it as I knew Jen was really keen, but she knew that I don’t find Mel that attractive. The condition had been that it was a one off event and we would discuss how things should develop afterwards. Possibly because we hadn’t agreed to do it again, Mel said that we should all have one final taste (not that we weren’t intimately familiar with how each of us tasted by this point). Once again, we weren’t trying to make anyone cum, but had a good lick.

Jen and I walked home holding hands. She thanked me for agreeing to the evening and I told her that it had been an incredible experience. She could sense that there was a ‘but’ and after a while, I relented and told her that I really didn’t like the way Mel tasted. I was relieved to find out that Jen hadn’t liked the taste either and we compared our opinions. We both quite like the taste of Julia’s pussy but Jen actually thinks it taste almost sweet. I understand the fact that each girl tastes different, but I was surprised by how our views differed about the same pussy. We discussed what our favourite parts of the evening had been and what various things had felt like, the different techniques and methods each of us used to finder and eat the others...

We debated going straight to bed when we got in so we could fall asleep covered in everyone’s juices, but decided to have a shower (it would have made the morning somewhat awkward if we’d gone down to breakfast in such a mess – not that Lucy or Ramona would have been able to tell that we had multiple juices on us, but...). Despite being tired, we had a leisurely shower and washed each other clean. It was quite a sensual experience and we kissed and gently fondled each other until the hot water started to run out. After drying off, we headed up and fell into bed.

I had really enjoyed the shower but assumed that Jen would be all fucked out for the night so was pleasantly surprised when she started to kiss my neck and pulled up tight against my back (it was obvious that she wasn’t just trying to spoon against or cuddle me). I told her she was a naughty girl and she pushed two fingers into me and said that I was hardly the model of pure virgin innocence. I told her that I didn’t want to be eaten again (even I have a limit as to how much pussy juice I can take in a night) and rolled over so I was facing her. I pushed my hand between her legs and said that I was more than happy to use fingers though. We kissed and rubbed each other and I told her that we should try to cum together. There was a fair bit of rolling around but we managed to both get close to cumming and lay facing each other for the final burst.

We gently kissed, but mostly looked into each other’s eyes and rubbed clits until we were both on the brink of cumming. Just before we came, I told Jen that I loved her and asked her to tell me that I was the only girl she really loved (not that I’m still at all insecure about the fact that she likes Mel). She told me what I wanted to hear and I told her again that I loved her as we started to cum. We kissed through our orgasms and stayed pressed tightly together. I actually cried a little bit – I’m not entirely sure why but I think it was due to a number of things that this isn’t really the right place to explain. We kissed again for a couple of minutes and then went to sleep fairly quickly with me spooned up against Jen.

The following morning, I woke up late. Jen was still asleep so I woke her in the usual way. I‘d had a number of dreams about other people making her cum, so was quite forceful in the way I ate her (I wanted to make sure she was mine) and she came for me quite quickly. She offered to eat me and I told her that I wanted her to lie over me in a 69 so I could kitty kiss her while she ate me – she quite liked this idea so we used that position and I felt her tongue snake inside me and scour my pussy clean before she moved on to my clit and gave me my morning cum. We made some notes as to the order of events (to help with writing this) and then headed down.

I was allowed to wear a robe (no belt) down to breakfast and when we got down, Lucy commented on how much noise we had made the previous night (I hadn’t realised we were being loud at all). We chatted about what we had all been up to the previous night (with the foursome omitted from our events) and what we had planned for the coming week. It was also the last time I was likely to see Ramona before the wedding (she was Lucy’s plus 1) so we talked about summer plans as well. Jen and I decided not to shower and when Ramona headed off to get her weekly shopping done, Jen gave Lucy her now regular screening of ‘Andi orgasm’. This took place on the sofa in the living room as usual and Jen fingered me but added a little extra by finishing me off with her mouth. I was surprised she let Lucy see her do this to me (I think this is quite a personal thing), but it felt good and I still harbour a faint hope that something might happen with Lucy (if she ever splits up with Ramona).

With the show over, we headed up to get dressed (and I like to think, we gave Lucy time to play with herself, but despite having established that she isn’t the sweet innocent girl I first thought, I don’t think she is as much of a cum slut as I am). Once my outfit had been selected, I decided on one final bit of fun (to help me out later in the day). I got Jen to rub her pussy over as much of my body as she could, legs, arms, breasts, stomach, back, sides and ass. Some areas were obviously easier to for her to get good contact with, but I got what I wanted and had a fair amount of her juices on me. I got dressed and after saying goodbye to Lucy (I liked the idea of getting Jen’s juices on her as we hugged), told her I would see her at the wedding and Jen and I headed in to town.

We met up with people for lunch and I was encouraged to sit with my legs spread to show off, but we weren’t in as private a place so I had to keep covering up. Things didn’t seem awkward between us and Mel & Jules and none of us mentioned anything (at least until it was time for me to leave and we had a quick whispered chat as I hugged Jules and Mel). I was wished good luck for the wedding (I wasn’t likely to see any of the rest of them until the next academic year) and Jen and I headed off to the airport.
Once I arrived home, I stripped off and called Mike. I told him that I was still covered in Jen’s juices and recounted the evening to him in explicit detail. I only made it as far as the first part of the four-way before he came, so summarised the rest and promised that the remaining detailed descriptions would come during the rest of the week’s chats. I came during the summary and once we had hung up, lay there basking in Jen’s scent and recalling my first night of ‘proper’ group sex.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Affairs and foursomes - Part 2

I was going to wait until I got to the right date to report this, but I've only managed to hold out just over a week. Mike finally has a job up here (he doesn't start for another 6 weeks or so, but he'll be up here). For now though, back to my time with Jen near the end of last term.


He (Peter) left with me and said he would walk me to the coffee shop (which we had thought might happen), so I took a longer route, allowing Jen to leave after us and arrive first. I told her that I had bumped into Peter, but he was just heading home and he left us to have our coffee. We quietly discussed what had happened over our drinks and then headed home to talk about it in more detail. Jen said that she had been able to see pretty much everything and had fingered herself while watching me cum and Peter cum over me. She hadn’t got herself off as she wasn’t sure she could cum without him hearing her. I was scolded for using Lucy’s panties and vibe, but Jen appreciated that she had maybe gotten me a bit too turned on. We cleaned the vibe off properly and Jen put the stained panties in the laundry, then I had the vibe used on me (we don’t mind having mine or Jen’s juices on it as we know that we’re clean).

We gave each other a shave in preparation for the evening and after having dinner, started to get ready. Jen decided that she liked the outfit I’d worn earlier, so I was given a very similar one to wear for the evening (blue and green tartan skirt this time). Jen went with one of her cute light blue dresses which buttons up down the front. She went for the matching bra and panty set and I was given a much sexier set of white underwear than I’d worn earlier.

We headed round to where we were meeting people and sat chatting and drinking for a while. As expected, Jules and I had to put on a little display, but not as much as at other times recently. We just danced together and gently fondled each other – mostly through clothes, but I got my hands onto Julia’s breasts for a while and played with them. We had a pretty fun night – Julia got played with quite a bit and at one point in particular, Mel made it quite obvious to everyone (not just our group) that she was fingering her. We headed back to the same house as before and some people carried on drinking. There were more calls for ‘entertainment’ and Mel got Jules to stand in front of her, facing everyone, while Mel pushed her hand between Julia’s legs and roughly rubbed her through her panties.

When Julia got close to cumming, I had to switch places with her and hold up my skirt for everyone to see while Mel rubbed my panties. She pushed the material between my lips and pulled the back of my panties hard so they rode up between my cheeks. Julia was instructed to kneel in front of me and lick my panties until they were wet (which felt quite good) and I was then told to do the same to her. She only had a g-string on, so it didn’t offer too much cover and it also didn’t take long to get them nice and wet. When Mel felt that I had achieved this, Jules had to sit on Mel’s lap with her legs spread and I was given the task of pulling her panties down with just my lips.

This was quite difficult and it took many attempts to get a decent hold on the material (which was the whole point as each time I tried to grab them, I was mouthing Julia through the panties). Once I had managed to get them a little way down, I was allowed to put her legs together and pull them down the rest of the way with my hands before Mel pulled her legs open once more and showed her off to everyone.

It was my turn now and I sat on the sofa with my legs spread while Julia did the same to me. She didn’t seem to be trying quite as hard to actually get my panties off though, which meant lots of stimulation as she nibbled on my pussy. Her short skirt didn’t do much to cover her ass while she was kneeling on all fours and Mel fingered her from behind which just made her nuzzle my pussy even more. She eventually got them away from my cunt and I put my legs together to let her slide them down my legs. Jen opened them again and I was shown off to everyone but they were then told that was all we were going to show them.

People wanted a bit more, so Jules was given the task of nuzzling up against Mel’s panties. This was new (not just to me) and after a couple of minutes of this, I asked if I had to do the same to Jen (which would have been quite fun). I was told no, but as I was so keen, I had to take Julia’s place between Mel’s legs. This was another first and I tentatively kissed her panties but she pulled my head hard against her and I was told to lick. I did this and felt a hand slide under my skirt and fondle my ass, then my pussy (I later found out this was Jules). I wasn’t held in position for long though and once I had got Mel’s panties sufficiently damp, I was released and told that I had done enough. I returned to Jen and quietly told her that I was feeling very horny and ready for what we had planned. She gave me a big kiss and told everyone that we were going to head off.

We wandered for a while, not saying too much to each other, in anticipation of what was to come, and after doubling back, we ended up at Julia’s place. We had to wait about 5 minutes for them to arrive and we all went in together. We went straight up to Julia’s room and threw our coats and shoes into a big pile. Everyone (me included) seemed very unsure as to how we should start things – we had all agreed that we wanted to try things together, but this was pretty much new to us all (apart from Julia – more about that later). Jules started to kiss Mel and they lay down together on the bed, so Jen and I did the same and lay down beside them. Jen’s fingers quickly found my pussy and I moaned into her mouth.

I reached between her legs and got my hand into her panties. We broke our kiss to look over and watched Julia crawl down the bed between Mel’s legs. She pulled Mel’s panties off and pushed her mouth onto the waiting cunt, which elicited a satisfied gasp from Mel. Jen and I helped to remove Mel’s top and bra and fondled her breasts. I knew what Jen wanted so I told her to go ahead and helped to pull her panties off. She knelt over Mel’s face and lowered her pussy. I got her to hold the front of her skirt up and watched as she made contact with Mel’s mouth and saw her tongue lapping away at what had been only mine before. I unbuttoned Jen’s dress and pulled it off her, then removed her bra and had a quick play with her nipples.

I was sitting over Mel’s chest and humping the air so decided to do something more useful until I got some stimulation. I got up, removed my clothes (leaving the socks on as usual), then moved behind Julia and pulled her skirt off. I made a brief effort to lick her, but couldn’t get the right angle, so knelt behind her and humped against her ass while reaching between us and stroking her pussy. Jen was obviously enjoying what was happening and kept telling Mel how and where to lick her. I decided that I didn’t want her to cum from just Mel stimulating her so moved around behind Jen and played with her nipples. I whispered to Jen about what we were all doing and told her to give Mel as much of her juices as she could. Mel came first (with almost no warning that we perceived), but we could see her body tense during her actual orgasm.

Julia stopped eating her and I told her to help me make Jen cum (if I was going to be jealous, I thought I may as well have multiple people to be jealous of). I pinched Jen’s nips harder as she got closer to cumming and Julia kissed her. I leant over Jen’s shoulder and kissed Julia, tasting a bit of Mel off her – it wasn’t the nicest taste, but Jen didn’t seem to mind it, so I let her kiss Jules again and held myself against her back as she came. Jen was quite a bit louder than Mel (I’ve trained her well) and we could all tell how close she was getting and how much she was enjoying it.

With Mel and Jen taken care of, Jules and I wanted a bit of fun. I lay down beside Mel and pulled Jules over on top of me. She moved round to a 69 position and we got stuck in to each other. I felt Julia’s fingers push into my cunt but she was then told to sit up. I really wanted to cum and was about to complain when I felt someone else kneel between my legs and another tongue start to lick me. It didn’t take long to figure out that it was Mel and she used long, fast and hard licks up and down my cunt before concentrating more on my clit. It seemed that she was trying to make me cum quickly, which I was fine with, so I did the same to Jules and flicked back and forth over her clit. I felt a finger slide into me, then a second and then a third. Mel finger fucked me for a little bit, then resumed licking my clit hard.

Jules was rubbing back and forth against my face and I later found out that Jen was behind Mel, fingering her in a similar way to what I had been doing to Jules previously. I could hear Jen telling Mel what to do, and Jules happily moaning away. Despite having looked forwards to this, it wasn’t quite as I had expected, but I was still enjoying it. I sucked on Julia’s clit and attacked it with my tongue. My own orgasm was rapidly approaching and I concentrated on continuing to lick Jules. I came and moaned into her cunt – Mel didn’t let up on the pressure she used licking me and it got a bit too intense to I had to tell her to stop, but quickly resumed my own licking. It didn’t take much longer to get Jules off and she swore away while she came, then lay down on top of me and gently licked me (more gently than Mel anyway), so I started to kitty kiss Jules while we both caught our breath.

We were told off for being greedy and instructed to do things to Mel. I told her that I wasn’t taking orders while we were here, but was happy to help make her cum again if she wanted. We started off kissing her while Jen watched (three way kisses aren’t actually that easy to do), then moved on to her breasts (one each) and then slipped our hands down to her cunt and played with her. Jules and I each got a finger in her then got Jen to join in. We tried fucking her in a synchronised fashion, but it turned out that she enjoyed it more if we all just did whatever we wanted. All I could imagine while we were doing this was one of the anime tentacle sex scenes with multiple things fucking someone and said that once we had taken care of Mel, I wanted to feel what that was like.

Jen started to suck on Mel’s breasts (which I know she has always quite liked – they aren’t as large as mine, but are still a good size with large nipples). Jules and I pulled Mel’s legs open and knelt between them. We couldn’t both get to her pussy at the same time, so took turns at eating her. I now got to taste her properly and didn’t really like the way she tasted, but put up with it (it wasn’t really bad, but nowhere near as nice as Jen, Sue or even Julia). I told Mel to be a bit more vocal and let us know what she was feeling, but she was surprisingly quiet (there was a bit of moaning, but nothing like I had expected from her personality). Julia left me to finish her off and moved behind me. I raised my ass up in the air to make it easier for her to eat me and I wasn’t disappointed. She messily ate all around my pussy, pushing her tongue into me and rubbing my clit with her fingers.

I thought it was about time to finish Mel off and pushed two fingers into her while I kept my tongue on her clit. I fucked her with long strokes, allowing the knuckle of my ring finger to press up against her ass when I pushed my fingers into her. Mel’s juices are quite thick, fortunately she doesn’t get as wet as Jen, but it was still rather sticky. Jules was doing a good job of distracting me though and I carried on fucking and licking Mel. I saw Jen was really sucking and pulling on Mel’s breasts and I fastened my mouth to her clit and attached it. Mel came and made enough noise that it was obvious she was cumming. At her instruction, I finger fucked her harder while she came and then once she had finished, I moved over and lay on my back so hat Jules could finish me off.

It only seemed fair to return the favour, so I got her to climb over me in a 69 position and I ate her again. She put a lot more effort in this time and I decided to repay her by licking not just her cunt, but letting my tongue roam over her ass as well. She didn’t pull away or flinch at all when I did this so I alternated between licking her cunt and swirling my tongue over her ass. I came first (but she had been working on me for a while) and I had intended to keep eating her until she came, but Jen and Mel told us that we were being greedy again and told to stop.

Julia was pretty aroused and wanted to cum again. Mel wanted a bit of a break so it was up to Jen to take care of her. They started off in a 69 position but I decided that I once again wanted in on the action, so I took over licking Jen while Jules humped her face. I’m quite good at making Jen cum, so told her to go to town on Jules and make her cum as quickly as she could. I alternated between using fingers and tongue on Jen and just fingers, so I could watch what she was doing to Jules more closely. It definitely felt strange watching her tongue sliding between another girls lips, but I was reassured by the fact that I had a couple of fingers pumping inside her cunt and one in her ass. I went back to sucking and licking Jen properly and managed to make her cum quite quickly (but this was only her second orgasm of the night). I didn’t stay between her legs, but climbed up over her and kissed Jules. I asked Jules what she could feel and she described what Jen’s tongue was doing to her. I told her to cum into Jen’s mouth and reached around her to spread her ass cheeks. I slowly worked my fingers to her cunt and pulled her lips apart, which allowed me to feel Jen’s tongue lapping away. I rubbed myself against Jen’s chest and Mel said that she was going to cum again. I told her to let go and enjoy it (not that she needs any encouragement in this area) and felt her shiver a bit as she came.

Julia climbed off Jen and I quickly planted myself on her face to get a quick lick before kissing her and tasting Julia’s juices. Mel was now ready for another round, said that it was her turn to let Jen play with her and climbed over Jen’s face. Jules hadn’t eaten Jen yet so she scurried over between Jen’s legs and started to lick away at her. Jen was still a bit sensitive after having just cum, but Mel was holding her in place, so she didn’t have much choice other than to let Julia have her way with her. I played with Jen’s breasts to give me something to do and this also gave me the chance to watch her licking Mel. It looked like Jen was tiring as she wasn’t being as enthusiastic as she had been with Julia, but she still licked and sucked Mel’s clit. Mel came first. Mel climbed off and we watched Jules finish Jen off. I didn’t see this while it was happening, but Jen later told me that Jules licked both her cunt and ass (I assume that Jules correctly guessed that as I had done that to her, I’d done it to Jen before). As Jen got closer to cumming, I told Julia to concentrate on her clit and I leant over and kissed her. Jen came, moaning into my mouth and then pushed both Julia and me away, saying that she couldn’t take any more.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Affairs and foursomes - Part 1

(Latter)mid June now and another trip down to visit Jen. I’ll skip out all the standard arriving and first evening sex as it was pretty much our standard routine. We had decided that a couple of things would develop further this weekend though, so I’ve got plenty to write about...

Jen woke me up on the Saturday morning and fingered me while she sucked and licked my breasts. She got me nicely turned on and we then switched places. I enjoyed the feeling of her wet smooth pussy on my fingers and licked and nibbled on her nips until she was squirming around beside me. She came with two of my fingers inside her, my thumb on her clit and my tongue (and teeth) on her nips. She had another go at playing with me, but we had decided that it would be better if I was feeling really horny, so I wasn’t allowed to actually cum.

When we heard Jen and Ramona surface, we headed down to join them. I was given a t-shirt to wear and we chatted over breakfast. Ramona headed out for a run and once she had left, Lucy checked that I still intended to go ahead with the plan. I told her that I was up for it and she said that she hoped Peter enjoyed his present (even though he wouldn’t know that I was doing this at Lucy’s request).

Lucy went off to shower and while she was in the bathroom, I sat and wrote up a blog entry. As always, this made me feel somewhat horny (and the fact that I hadn’t cum yet just made the matter worse). We could still hear the shower running (Lucy often has incredibly long showers which can annoy Jen, but it was convenient at this point) so Jen threw a pillow down on the floor, knelt between my legs and ate me. I still wasn’t meant to cum, so it didn’t actually help my situation, but it still felt damn nice. I think she should have stayed there and continued eating me when Lucy left the bathroom, but Jen stopped just after Lucy turned the shower off, so other than me being a bit flushed, things looked fairly normal when she came back into the kitchen.

I had a quick shower, just to freshen up, and by the time I had finished, Peter had arrived. Jen had let him in and told him that she had to go back upstairs as Lucy was going to style her hair. I stopped off in the living room on the way upstairs and chatted to him while just wearing my towel. I told him that I would quickly get changed and dashed upstairs. Jen gave me a shorter t-shirt and pair of white skimpy lacy panties to wear. The t-shirt didn’t even come close to reaching, let alone covering the panties and we popped into Lucy’s room to check that she approved of the look. She did and was sure that Peter would approve so I was sent downstairs and told that I had 5 minutes to tease him.

I dashed downstairs and he certainly noticed how I was dressed. I told him that Jen and Lucy would be a couple of minutes so if he was still interested, we could carry on from the last time we were alone together. He was very interested in this and I told him to stand up against the wall again while I unzipped his jeans and slipped my hand into his shorts. He was already hard and as I wrapped my fingers around his cock, he let out a little moan. I told him that he had to be quiet and started to rub him. He pushed his hands up under my top onto my breasts and I told him that he could pull it up to see what he was doing. I ended up with my t-shirt around my neck and he fairly roughly played with my breasts (probably in a way that Jen would have enjoyed more).

We were three minutes in by this point (I’d made him stand where he was so I could easily keep an eye on the clock) and thought that it was time to finish things off. I slipped my left hand into his shorts as well to rub the head of his cock with my palm while I jacked him with my right hand. I told him that we probably didn’t have long left and I wanted to feel his hard cock covering my hands with his cum. I don’t think he’d had a girlfriend who was quite as blunt about things, but he seemed to like it and said if I just kept going, he would cum very soon. I sped up my movements, jacking, and stroking and he just said ‘oh fuck’ and I felt his cum squirt out over my palm and run down onto my other hand. I used his cum as lube and rubbed it up and down the shaft, covering his cock and my hands in the stuff.

When he had finished cumming, I pulled the front of his shorts down so I could admire my work. His cock was still hard and glistening with cum and my hands were also covered, so I wiped off what I could onto my breasts and told him to lick them clean. He didn’t hesitate in doing this and eagerly sucked a nipple into his mouth. His tongue licked around my breast and had just moved to the other one when we heard the door upstairs open. He panicked a bit and I told him it would be fine. I pulled my t-shirt down and told him to straighten himself up while I delayed them.

I watched him stuff his still hard cock back into his jeans and I met Jen and Lucy on the stairs. I gave him just long enough to get covered up before letting them head down while I went up to get dressed. They said that he was quite fidgety while they chatted with him and I guess he was wondering whether his cum was going to soak through his shorts and jeans. I cleaned myself up with some wipes and put on a skirt and top before heading back downstairs. I deliberately sat with a foot up on the sofa, hugging my knee so that he had a clear view up my skirt to my pussy and could see that he was trying to hide his erection as we talked (hide it from Jen and Lucy – I presumed that he didn’t mind me seeing it).

Lucy had to head off to meet up with Ramona (back at her place) and Jen and I said that we were going in to town to meet u with some of Jen’s friends. While Jen was upstairs getting her things ready, I told Peter that if he was interested, I would try to ditch her at some point in the afternoon and give him a call. As I’d hoped, he was up for this, and I gave his crotch another rub before seeing him to the door.

Jen came down and I stripped off to have a proper wash, then just when I was about to get dressed again, she stopped me and said that it was about time I was allowed to cum. I was instructed to lie on the kitchen table and Jen sat and ate me. While she did this, we discussed what I was going to do with Peter that afternoon and Jen kept me close to cumming for quite a while. I begged her to finish me off, but she said that it would be more interesting to see what I got up to if I was ultra horny (which I certainly was by this time). I told her that I would still make sure he had an interesting time if I came then, but she resorted to just kitty kissing me (which felt really good as I was so sensitive, but wasn’t going to get me off).

I was left in a state of extreme arousal but decided to play along and got down from the table. We made some lunch and as we finished eating it, I called Peter and told him that Jen was staying in town for a bit with her friends and I would be back at the house in about 30 minutes. He said that he would be there to meet me and Jen took me upstairs to help me prepare. I hadn’t really planned this part (I’d assumed that just playing with him would be enough), but Jen thought that I should show willing and dress up for the occasion. I was given one of my schoolgirl outfits (what else), but went all out with thigh-high white socks, red tartan skirt, white cotton panties and bra and white blouse. Jen quickly put my hair up in bunches and we were in the process of helping her hide when there was a knock at the door.

I quickly closed the wardrobe door, leaving it open just enough to allow her to see out and headed downstairs while she shuffled around and got comfortable. I let Peter in and told him that I had told Jen to call me when she was heading back and I was going to head out and meet up with her for coffee. I lifted the sides of my skirt slightly, did a twirl and asked if he liked the way I was dressed. He said it looked very sexy but wanted to see me naked. I told him to slow down and promised him that he would get to have more fun, then led him up to Jen’s room.

I pushed him down onto the bed, climbed on top of him and ground myself against his crotch. After a while, I lifted the front of my skirt so he could see my panties as they rubbed back and forth over the obvious erection. I thought that Jen should get to see as much as possible so got him to undo his jeans and I helped him slide them off, quickly followed by his shorts (which he had changed since that morning). I sat on the other side of him and stroked his cock with one hand, while using my other hand to fondle his balls. I remounted him and humped back and forth against his cock, feeling it pressing against my cunt through my panties. I described to him what I could feel and how hard he felt and he said that he wanted to see my tits again.

I slowly removed my top while continuing to hump against him. I told him to make sure he didn’t cum as I wasn’t on the pill and even with panties on, it would be a bit too closed to my cunt (obviously I do take the pill, but this seemed a nicer way of approaching it than saying ‘I don’t know if you have any diseases’). Once my blouse was off, I removed my bra and moved up his body slightly. I positioned myself so that I was rubbing against the head of his cock and leant forwards so that I could dangle my breasts in his face, allowing him to lick and suck on the nipples. I wasn’t getting as much stimulation in this position as I had been before, but it still felt really good and it was obvious that he was enjoying it.

Not knowing how long it took for him to cum, I didn’t want to stay in this position for too long as he seemed to really be enjoying having my panty covered pussy nuzzling his glans, so told him that it was time to try something different. I got him to sit on the edge of the bed. I knelt in front of him, pushed my breasts together around his cock and rubbed up and down. This turned out to be the first tit-job he had ever received, so I tried to make it good. I drooled over his cock, using this for lubrication and between his humping and my rubbing, he gave my breasts a pretty good fucking. I still wasn’t ready for him to cum though as I hadn’t had any fun yet, so pulled back and sat on the floor in front of him with my legs spread.

I asked him if he wanted to see my pussy and he said he did, so I pulled the crotch of my panties to the side and slowly stroked myself. My panties were rather damp, despite me only having worn them for a short time, and my pussy felt very wet so it was easy to put on a good show and pump a couple of fingers in and out. I pulled my panties off and wrapped them around his cock, then had a better idea. I stood up and told him to follow me – he seemed a bit nervous about walking around the house naked, but I assured him that we had the place to ourselves and pulled him out the door and into Lucy’s room.

I know that this went somewhat against the idea of stopping him thinking about her, but I was so incredibly turned on by this time, that it seemed like a good idea. I opened Lucy’s panty drawer and fished out a nice pair of cute pink cotton panties along with her vibe. We returned to Jen’s room and I sat on the bed and told him to watch while I slipped Lucy’s vibe into my cunt and started to fuck myself with it. I instructed him to wank himself using the panties and watched as he rubbed himself with them, then wrapped them around his cock and rubbed up and down so that the glans rubbed against the crotch of the panties). I quickly pulled my skirt off (it was getting in the way) and pushed the vibe back into me while using my other hand on my clit. I told him I wanted him to watch me cum before he came and I moaned and panted my way towards orgasm. When I came, it felt incredible – almost good enough to make up for all the teasing of the day (but not quite). I carried on fucking my cunt with Lucy’s vibe, pushing it as far into me as I could until my orgasm had finished.

Peter desperately wanted to cum, so I told him to hang on for just a second while I turned the vibe off and pulled my panties back on (leaving the vibe buried in me). I got him to stand against the wall (in a position visible from the wardrobe) and knelt in front of him. I wrapped Lucy’s panties around his cock again and rubbed up and down his shaft, while stroking the head against my cheek. I told him to tell me when he was going to cum and after only a minute or so, he said that he was close. I shuffled a bit closer to him, aimed his cock at my neck and pumped away until he came. The panties took some of the cum and the rest dripped out over my breasts. I let the panties fall away and used my hands on his bare cock, rubbing and milking out the last few drops of cum.

When he had finished, I leant back to let him see my body, with his cum running down my front, over my breasts and across my stomach. I used a hand to rub it into me and then wiped my hand clean on Lucy’s panties. I carefully pulled the crotch of my panties aside and let the vibe fall out, wiped this ‘clean’ with Lucy’s panties and told him to get dressed while I put them back in Lucy’s room. I stashed the panties and vibe somewhere safe (not in her panty drawer) and returned to Jen’s room. I pointed out that I needed to clean myself off and asked if he wanted to come and watch while I showered. I grabbed a towel and we headed downstairs. I stripped off my socks, but kept my panties on while I rinsed myself off and then removed them once I was clean. I was still feeling horny (one orgasm wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy me after everything that had happened that day) so leant back against the wall and played with myself in an exaggerated way while asking him if he had enjoyed our sessions.

I asked him to get his cock out again and he did so. I was quickly getting close to cumming again and asked him if he could cum again, but he said it was a bit too soon (despite having a good erection). I told him that it was a pity and if we’d had a condom, I could have slid down over his cock and engulfed it with my cunt, then fucked him. I knew this was taking a bit of a risk as he may well have had a condom on him, but I was also sufficiently turned on, that I would have happily fucked him. I continued to play with myself and came for him a second time. From the look of it, he was ready for some more fun by the time I had finished, but I heard my mobile ring and figured that Jen had got tired of hiding so I dashed up to ‘answer’ it. He followed me up so I had to pretend to have a conversation with her and told her that I would be along to meet up with her in 20 minutes.

This was just enough time to get dressed (I put the same panties back on as I quite liked the fact they were moist with my juices) and slipped on the rest of the schoolgirl outfit (still being fairly horny, this seemed like a good idea). I let Peter help me get dressed, which gave him another chance to have a fondle of my breasts and a rub of my pussy through my panties. I made sure I stood facing Jen’s hideout while he fondled me, but we didn’t have time for him to do too much anyway.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More hillside fun

Mid June now – Mike came up to visit me and we made use of the great outdoors. I know a few recent entries have been along these lines, but I really enjoy doing things outside and so have to make best use of the good weather (what little we get of it). I’ll try to make this another brief entry.
Mike came up to visit me and got here early enough to come out to the pub with my work friends. He doesn’t really know them that well as he only sees them once a month at most, but we still had a reasonably good evening. There don’t seem to be as many places to stop and play on the way home as there are in York, so we had to wait until we were safely indoors before we could start to fool around.

Our pre-sleep session was fairly standard – we kissed and fooled around for a while and mike went down on me to get me ready, then he lay on his back – cock in the air – and I mounted him. He had done too good a job of getting me ready, so told me that I should use him first to cum and then we would start the proper session. This was quite a nice treat as one of the best ways for me to stimulate myself in this position is to hump back and forth against him which rubs my clit against his body. He doesn’t feel a great amount when I do this, so I could get myself off without pushing him too far along – so he would be able to last for a while during (my) round two. Feeling his cock buried in me certainly helped things along and I ground myself against him until I came. It wasn’t that strong an orgasm, but was enough to release me and get me ready (after a bit more fooling around) for our proper fuck.

Mike had enjoyed watching me gyrating around on top of him and wanted to resume this position so I mounted him again and we fucked. I slid up and down on his cock and leant forwards to kiss him. I did my (now) usual trick of squeezing myself around him and this got a moan of approval. We rolled around on the bed for a bit as Mike wanted a turn on top, but ended up back with me riding him. We finished off with him rapidly pumping into me – holding my hips in place so our bodies repeatedly slammed together. Mike helped me cum by reaching around my leg and getting his fingers on my clit – he didn’t need any help and came in me a little before I came, but kept moving for a while (albeit more slowly).

We fell asleep after this – Mike wasn’t hard enough to be inside me though so we spooned the other way round for a change and he said he liked the feel of my breasts pressed up against his back. I reached over and gently played with him, managing to get him hard(ish) again (at least hard enough that he could have slid back into me), but we remained as we were and dozed off.

I woke up in the morning with him already moving inside me. I’d been having a nice dream (no doubt influenced by what he was doing) and found out that he had slowly worked his way into me and had been gently fucking me for a little while. Once I was properly awake, our movements became much less gentle and I pushed back against him so he thrust deep into me. We finished off like this and stayed linked for a while with him still buried in me while he kissed the back and side of my neck.

It was another nice day and we wanted to make the most of the reasonable weather, so didn’t stay in bed too long. After a quick breakfast and shower, we headed out. I decided to give Mike a treat and wore a new pair of denim shorts with opaque tights underneath. We took provisions with us and headed out in the same direction that I’d been with Jen. After having shown Mike roughly where Jen and I had fooled around, we walked a bit further to find our own spot. We ended up in a nice place at the edge of a copse, overlooking quite a large area.

I slipped my shorts off and leant back against Mike, who was sitting against a tree. He reached around and fondled me through my tights and used a vibe to stimulate my clit. I had my legs spread wide for the world to see (but most of the world wasn’t there) and Mike told me that as things progressed, he could feel my pussy getting wet even through my tights. Mike pushed his fingers and the vibe into me as much as the tights would allow. He told me that if they tore at all, he was going to rip them completely open and play with me properly, but they were impressively strong and held out through his assault. I didn’t hold out though and came with his fingers pushing a little way between my lips and the vibe on my clit.

I stayed sitting against him and let him play with my breasts – at first just under my top, then this was slipped up and finally my bra pushed over my breasts to free them. He toyed with my breasts and nipples while I recovered from my orgasm and when I started to get more aroused, he slipped a hand down my tights to toy with my cunt again (but this time, touching it directly). I could feel the bulge of his cock pressing against my lower back and told him that I wanted to play with it. I was instructed to stand up and he pulled my tights down to my knees, then opened his jeans and pulled his cock out. I knelt in front of him, stuck my ass in the air and started to lick and suck him – taking things nice and slowly. I licked up and down the shaft while stroking his balls (gently), then moved on to rubbing the lower part of his shaft while sucking the head. I enjoyed the feeling of my ass bobbing around, knowing that I was baring myself to an even larger area than I had done when here with Jen (we were higher up the hill).

I got Mike quite close to cumming before he stopped me, saying that he wanted to cum inside me. I got up, turned around and presented myself to him, pulling my ass cheeks and pussy open, inviting him to slide into me. He said that he wanted to taste me before filling me with cum though and after a couple of quick licks, he suggested I remove my tights so that he could get better access to mu pussy. I quickly pulled them off and tossed them aside. We debated the best position to use and settled for me standing, leaning against the tree and facing downhill while Mike knelt between my legs and ate me. My top wasn’t really hiding much (and hadn’t been for a while) so I pulled it off (along with my bra) and stood naked, with my legs spread while mike’s tongue worked on my cunt and clit. He didn’t mess about and licked away quickly, alternating between concentrating on my pussy and clit. Due to the speed he was working at, it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm approaching and then flow out of me. I really enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to keep quiet and could make as much noise as I wanted – I took full advantage of this and moaned, panted, told Mike where and how to lick me and described to him exactly what I could feel.

I really enjoyed the experience and by the time it was over, felt like just sliding down and lying in a heap (but having a bare back against a tree meant that sliding down would have been somewhat painful). I sat down (somewhat less elegantly than I had hoped to, but I don’t have to impress Mike and my legs felt somewhat shaky). We ate lunch and gently teased each other (I did more teasing of Mike, just to make sure that he stayed nice and hard and would be able to cum in me). I ended up eating the second part of lunch with a banana sticking out of my pussy and had to occasionally fuck myself with it (just a little each time). Between the rest, teasing Mike and the banana, I was ready for round three (for me) by the time we had finished.

I leant bending forwards against a tree so that Mike could take me from behind and we had a good long hard fuck. He didn’t play with my clit for the first part and just enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding into me over and over. He also rubbed back and forth between my ass cheeks and we discussed whether it would be better for him to cum over my back and see how much of a mess he could make. In the end, we decided to stick with the original plan of him cumming in me and we broke position so that I could put mu tights back on (only pulled up to mid-thigh level). This constrained how much I could open my legs for him to get a hand between them to play with my clit, but he managed to get enough contact that once we resumed the fucking, I knew that I wasn’t going to have a problem cumming.

Mike didn’t have any problems cumming either and kept telling me that he was going to fill me with cum and did so. He emptied his load into me and stayed pushed deep inside while he rubbed my clit and gave me my third orgasm of the session. We stayed like this for a while, his cock twitching inside me and me squeezing myself around it to milk out any last drops of cum. When we decided it was time for him to pull out I got ready and pulled my tights up as far as I could. As he pulled out, some cum came with his cock and ran down my leg, but I pulled my tights up the rest of the way and caught most of it inside them. Mike gave the area a little massage (which made a nice sticky mess) and after giving his cock a quick suck clean, I slowly got dressed while he packed things away.

I could feel his cum leaking out of me throughout the journey home and when we arrived, I found out that it had leaked from the tights and I had a large damp patch on the back of my skirt, so had to tie a jacket around my waist to hide it. I removed the skirt once we got home, but kept the tights on so I could enjoy the feeling of cum rubbing against me, but removed them and gave the area a sponge down before we headed out for the evening (after dinner).

We went out to a club and I wore a tighter and shorter skirt than usual. I decided to put on some white lacy panties as I thought these would show up better in the dark. They were fairly transparent in the light, but we found out that even though it was easy for me to let people see them, they couldn’t really see through them in the dimly lit club. I ended up removing the panties (in the bathroom) and spent the rest of the evening allowing anyone who seemed interested to get a good view up my skirt and at one point, a good view of my ass as the skirt rode up while we danced and I didn’t try to stop it.

We returned home not too late and enjoyed a pre-sleep session (me on top again, but we rolled over after I came so that Mike could pull out and cum over my front). He was hard enough to spoon while we fell asleep and we discussed plans for my visits to Jen (at least the bits that he knew about and would tell me) as well as the upcoming holiday with friends.

On the Sunday morning, I was woken by Mike going down on me (which is why he had wanted to cum over me instead of in me). After spending a fair amount of time down there and making me cum, he commented on how well shaved I was (which is impressive as it had been almost two days since I had shaved). He lay on top of me and we kissed for a while as he rubbed his cock against my pussy – pulling back out whenever he slipped into me. Once we moved on to actually fucking, we humped against each other harder and faster and I told Mike to cum in me as quickly as he could (before I did). I moaned and told him what I could feel to encourage him along and once he had cum, he had to stay inside me.

I pushed a vibrating egg down between us and positioned it as close to my clit as I could. Mike pressed up against me, holding it in place and I contracted myself around him and gently ground my hips up and down while I enjoyed the egg (not quite so gently as I got closer to cumming). Because he had just cum, my contractions felt much stronger for him than usual, but he stayed buried in me and even moved around a little bit (but not too much as we needed to hold the egg in place). He was fairly convinced that he could feel my cunt spasm around his cock as I came and it made a nice change to just have him pressed deep inside me, not moving.

We had a naked breakfast and showered (it’s not just Jen and I that enjoy washing each other – although her hair is somewhat longer and nicer than Mike’s). We had a little play with the pulse setting, but not enough to cum as Mike wanted to have a quick play with the Japanese schoolgirl outfit. He helped me get dressed and then spent a while fondling me and rubbing up against me before we finally gave in and had our second fuck of the morning, with me leaning up against the counter in the kitchen. He came inside me again and I slipped off my skirt so that he could watch his cum drip out of me and run down my legs. With our lust satisfied, we headed into town for lunch before going for a wander and then on to the train station for Mike to head off. He dozed on the train and later told me that he’d been having interesting dreams, but it is somewhat more difficult for a man to discreetly cum in public, so he had to wait until he was home to take care of himself.