Sunday, 16 October 2011

Affairs and foursomes - Part 1

(Latter)mid June now and another trip down to visit Jen. I’ll skip out all the standard arriving and first evening sex as it was pretty much our standard routine. We had decided that a couple of things would develop further this weekend though, so I’ve got plenty to write about...

Jen woke me up on the Saturday morning and fingered me while she sucked and licked my breasts. She got me nicely turned on and we then switched places. I enjoyed the feeling of her wet smooth pussy on my fingers and licked and nibbled on her nips until she was squirming around beside me. She came with two of my fingers inside her, my thumb on her clit and my tongue (and teeth) on her nips. She had another go at playing with me, but we had decided that it would be better if I was feeling really horny, so I wasn’t allowed to actually cum.

When we heard Jen and Ramona surface, we headed down to join them. I was given a t-shirt to wear and we chatted over breakfast. Ramona headed out for a run and once she had left, Lucy checked that I still intended to go ahead with the plan. I told her that I was up for it and she said that she hoped Peter enjoyed his present (even though he wouldn’t know that I was doing this at Lucy’s request).

Lucy went off to shower and while she was in the bathroom, I sat and wrote up a blog entry. As always, this made me feel somewhat horny (and the fact that I hadn’t cum yet just made the matter worse). We could still hear the shower running (Lucy often has incredibly long showers which can annoy Jen, but it was convenient at this point) so Jen threw a pillow down on the floor, knelt between my legs and ate me. I still wasn’t meant to cum, so it didn’t actually help my situation, but it still felt damn nice. I think she should have stayed there and continued eating me when Lucy left the bathroom, but Jen stopped just after Lucy turned the shower off, so other than me being a bit flushed, things looked fairly normal when she came back into the kitchen.

I had a quick shower, just to freshen up, and by the time I had finished, Peter had arrived. Jen had let him in and told him that she had to go back upstairs as Lucy was going to style her hair. I stopped off in the living room on the way upstairs and chatted to him while just wearing my towel. I told him that I would quickly get changed and dashed upstairs. Jen gave me a shorter t-shirt and pair of white skimpy lacy panties to wear. The t-shirt didn’t even come close to reaching, let alone covering the panties and we popped into Lucy’s room to check that she approved of the look. She did and was sure that Peter would approve so I was sent downstairs and told that I had 5 minutes to tease him.

I dashed downstairs and he certainly noticed how I was dressed. I told him that Jen and Lucy would be a couple of minutes so if he was still interested, we could carry on from the last time we were alone together. He was very interested in this and I told him to stand up against the wall again while I unzipped his jeans and slipped my hand into his shorts. He was already hard and as I wrapped my fingers around his cock, he let out a little moan. I told him that he had to be quiet and started to rub him. He pushed his hands up under my top onto my breasts and I told him that he could pull it up to see what he was doing. I ended up with my t-shirt around my neck and he fairly roughly played with my breasts (probably in a way that Jen would have enjoyed more).

We were three minutes in by this point (I’d made him stand where he was so I could easily keep an eye on the clock) and thought that it was time to finish things off. I slipped my left hand into his shorts as well to rub the head of his cock with my palm while I jacked him with my right hand. I told him that we probably didn’t have long left and I wanted to feel his hard cock covering my hands with his cum. I don’t think he’d had a girlfriend who was quite as blunt about things, but he seemed to like it and said if I just kept going, he would cum very soon. I sped up my movements, jacking, and stroking and he just said ‘oh fuck’ and I felt his cum squirt out over my palm and run down onto my other hand. I used his cum as lube and rubbed it up and down the shaft, covering his cock and my hands in the stuff.

When he had finished cumming, I pulled the front of his shorts down so I could admire my work. His cock was still hard and glistening with cum and my hands were also covered, so I wiped off what I could onto my breasts and told him to lick them clean. He didn’t hesitate in doing this and eagerly sucked a nipple into his mouth. His tongue licked around my breast and had just moved to the other one when we heard the door upstairs open. He panicked a bit and I told him it would be fine. I pulled my t-shirt down and told him to straighten himself up while I delayed them.

I watched him stuff his still hard cock back into his jeans and I met Jen and Lucy on the stairs. I gave him just long enough to get covered up before letting them head down while I went up to get dressed. They said that he was quite fidgety while they chatted with him and I guess he was wondering whether his cum was going to soak through his shorts and jeans. I cleaned myself up with some wipes and put on a skirt and top before heading back downstairs. I deliberately sat with a foot up on the sofa, hugging my knee so that he had a clear view up my skirt to my pussy and could see that he was trying to hide his erection as we talked (hide it from Jen and Lucy – I presumed that he didn’t mind me seeing it).

Lucy had to head off to meet up with Ramona (back at her place) and Jen and I said that we were going in to town to meet u with some of Jen’s friends. While Jen was upstairs getting her things ready, I told Peter that if he was interested, I would try to ditch her at some point in the afternoon and give him a call. As I’d hoped, he was up for this, and I gave his crotch another rub before seeing him to the door.

Jen came down and I stripped off to have a proper wash, then just when I was about to get dressed again, she stopped me and said that it was about time I was allowed to cum. I was instructed to lie on the kitchen table and Jen sat and ate me. While she did this, we discussed what I was going to do with Peter that afternoon and Jen kept me close to cumming for quite a while. I begged her to finish me off, but she said that it would be more interesting to see what I got up to if I was ultra horny (which I certainly was by this time). I told her that I would still make sure he had an interesting time if I came then, but she resorted to just kitty kissing me (which felt really good as I was so sensitive, but wasn’t going to get me off).

I was left in a state of extreme arousal but decided to play along and got down from the table. We made some lunch and as we finished eating it, I called Peter and told him that Jen was staying in town for a bit with her friends and I would be back at the house in about 30 minutes. He said that he would be there to meet me and Jen took me upstairs to help me prepare. I hadn’t really planned this part (I’d assumed that just playing with him would be enough), but Jen thought that I should show willing and dress up for the occasion. I was given one of my schoolgirl outfits (what else), but went all out with thigh-high white socks, red tartan skirt, white cotton panties and bra and white blouse. Jen quickly put my hair up in bunches and we were in the process of helping her hide when there was a knock at the door.

I quickly closed the wardrobe door, leaving it open just enough to allow her to see out and headed downstairs while she shuffled around and got comfortable. I let Peter in and told him that I had told Jen to call me when she was heading back and I was going to head out and meet up with her for coffee. I lifted the sides of my skirt slightly, did a twirl and asked if he liked the way I was dressed. He said it looked very sexy but wanted to see me naked. I told him to slow down and promised him that he would get to have more fun, then led him up to Jen’s room.

I pushed him down onto the bed, climbed on top of him and ground myself against his crotch. After a while, I lifted the front of my skirt so he could see my panties as they rubbed back and forth over the obvious erection. I thought that Jen should get to see as much as possible so got him to undo his jeans and I helped him slide them off, quickly followed by his shorts (which he had changed since that morning). I sat on the other side of him and stroked his cock with one hand, while using my other hand to fondle his balls. I remounted him and humped back and forth against his cock, feeling it pressing against my cunt through my panties. I described to him what I could feel and how hard he felt and he said that he wanted to see my tits again.

I slowly removed my top while continuing to hump against him. I told him to make sure he didn’t cum as I wasn’t on the pill and even with panties on, it would be a bit too closed to my cunt (obviously I do take the pill, but this seemed a nicer way of approaching it than saying ‘I don’t know if you have any diseases’). Once my blouse was off, I removed my bra and moved up his body slightly. I positioned myself so that I was rubbing against the head of his cock and leant forwards so that I could dangle my breasts in his face, allowing him to lick and suck on the nipples. I wasn’t getting as much stimulation in this position as I had been before, but it still felt really good and it was obvious that he was enjoying it.

Not knowing how long it took for him to cum, I didn’t want to stay in this position for too long as he seemed to really be enjoying having my panty covered pussy nuzzling his glans, so told him that it was time to try something different. I got him to sit on the edge of the bed. I knelt in front of him, pushed my breasts together around his cock and rubbed up and down. This turned out to be the first tit-job he had ever received, so I tried to make it good. I drooled over his cock, using this for lubrication and between his humping and my rubbing, he gave my breasts a pretty good fucking. I still wasn’t ready for him to cum though as I hadn’t had any fun yet, so pulled back and sat on the floor in front of him with my legs spread.

I asked him if he wanted to see my pussy and he said he did, so I pulled the crotch of my panties to the side and slowly stroked myself. My panties were rather damp, despite me only having worn them for a short time, and my pussy felt very wet so it was easy to put on a good show and pump a couple of fingers in and out. I pulled my panties off and wrapped them around his cock, then had a better idea. I stood up and told him to follow me – he seemed a bit nervous about walking around the house naked, but I assured him that we had the place to ourselves and pulled him out the door and into Lucy’s room.

I know that this went somewhat against the idea of stopping him thinking about her, but I was so incredibly turned on by this time, that it seemed like a good idea. I opened Lucy’s panty drawer and fished out a nice pair of cute pink cotton panties along with her vibe. We returned to Jen’s room and I sat on the bed and told him to watch while I slipped Lucy’s vibe into my cunt and started to fuck myself with it. I instructed him to wank himself using the panties and watched as he rubbed himself with them, then wrapped them around his cock and rubbed up and down so that the glans rubbed against the crotch of the panties). I quickly pulled my skirt off (it was getting in the way) and pushed the vibe back into me while using my other hand on my clit. I told him I wanted him to watch me cum before he came and I moaned and panted my way towards orgasm. When I came, it felt incredible – almost good enough to make up for all the teasing of the day (but not quite). I carried on fucking my cunt with Lucy’s vibe, pushing it as far into me as I could until my orgasm had finished.

Peter desperately wanted to cum, so I told him to hang on for just a second while I turned the vibe off and pulled my panties back on (leaving the vibe buried in me). I got him to stand against the wall (in a position visible from the wardrobe) and knelt in front of him. I wrapped Lucy’s panties around his cock again and rubbed up and down his shaft, while stroking the head against my cheek. I told him to tell me when he was going to cum and after only a minute or so, he said that he was close. I shuffled a bit closer to him, aimed his cock at my neck and pumped away until he came. The panties took some of the cum and the rest dripped out over my breasts. I let the panties fall away and used my hands on his bare cock, rubbing and milking out the last few drops of cum.

When he had finished, I leant back to let him see my body, with his cum running down my front, over my breasts and across my stomach. I used a hand to rub it into me and then wiped my hand clean on Lucy’s panties. I carefully pulled the crotch of my panties aside and let the vibe fall out, wiped this ‘clean’ with Lucy’s panties and told him to get dressed while I put them back in Lucy’s room. I stashed the panties and vibe somewhere safe (not in her panty drawer) and returned to Jen’s room. I pointed out that I needed to clean myself off and asked if he wanted to come and watch while I showered. I grabbed a towel and we headed downstairs. I stripped off my socks, but kept my panties on while I rinsed myself off and then removed them once I was clean. I was still feeling horny (one orgasm wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy me after everything that had happened that day) so leant back against the wall and played with myself in an exaggerated way while asking him if he had enjoyed our sessions.

I asked him to get his cock out again and he did so. I was quickly getting close to cumming again and asked him if he could cum again, but he said it was a bit too soon (despite having a good erection). I told him that it was a pity and if we’d had a condom, I could have slid down over his cock and engulfed it with my cunt, then fucked him. I knew this was taking a bit of a risk as he may well have had a condom on him, but I was also sufficiently turned on, that I would have happily fucked him. I continued to play with myself and came for him a second time. From the look of it, he was ready for some more fun by the time I had finished, but I heard my mobile ring and figured that Jen had got tired of hiding so I dashed up to ‘answer’ it. He followed me up so I had to pretend to have a conversation with her and told her that I would be along to meet up with her in 20 minutes.

This was just enough time to get dressed (I put the same panties back on as I quite liked the fact they were moist with my juices) and slipped on the rest of the schoolgirl outfit (still being fairly horny, this seemed like a good idea). I let Peter help me get dressed, which gave him another chance to have a fondle of my breasts and a rub of my pussy through my panties. I made sure I stood facing Jen’s hideout while he fondled me, but we didn’t have time for him to do too much anyway.

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