Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Affairs and foursomes - Part 2

I was going to wait until I got to the right date to report this, but I've only managed to hold out just over a week. Mike finally has a job up here (he doesn't start for another 6 weeks or so, but he'll be up here). For now though, back to my time with Jen near the end of last term.


He (Peter) left with me and said he would walk me to the coffee shop (which we had thought might happen), so I took a longer route, allowing Jen to leave after us and arrive first. I told her that I had bumped into Peter, but he was just heading home and he left us to have our coffee. We quietly discussed what had happened over our drinks and then headed home to talk about it in more detail. Jen said that she had been able to see pretty much everything and had fingered herself while watching me cum and Peter cum over me. She hadn’t got herself off as she wasn’t sure she could cum without him hearing her. I was scolded for using Lucy’s panties and vibe, but Jen appreciated that she had maybe gotten me a bit too turned on. We cleaned the vibe off properly and Jen put the stained panties in the laundry, then I had the vibe used on me (we don’t mind having mine or Jen’s juices on it as we know that we’re clean).

We gave each other a shave in preparation for the evening and after having dinner, started to get ready. Jen decided that she liked the outfit I’d worn earlier, so I was given a very similar one to wear for the evening (blue and green tartan skirt this time). Jen went with one of her cute light blue dresses which buttons up down the front. She went for the matching bra and panty set and I was given a much sexier set of white underwear than I’d worn earlier.

We headed round to where we were meeting people and sat chatting and drinking for a while. As expected, Jules and I had to put on a little display, but not as much as at other times recently. We just danced together and gently fondled each other – mostly through clothes, but I got my hands onto Julia’s breasts for a while and played with them. We had a pretty fun night – Julia got played with quite a bit and at one point in particular, Mel made it quite obvious to everyone (not just our group) that she was fingering her. We headed back to the same house as before and some people carried on drinking. There were more calls for ‘entertainment’ and Mel got Jules to stand in front of her, facing everyone, while Mel pushed her hand between Julia’s legs and roughly rubbed her through her panties.

When Julia got close to cumming, I had to switch places with her and hold up my skirt for everyone to see while Mel rubbed my panties. She pushed the material between my lips and pulled the back of my panties hard so they rode up between my cheeks. Julia was instructed to kneel in front of me and lick my panties until they were wet (which felt quite good) and I was then told to do the same to her. She only had a g-string on, so it didn’t offer too much cover and it also didn’t take long to get them nice and wet. When Mel felt that I had achieved this, Jules had to sit on Mel’s lap with her legs spread and I was given the task of pulling her panties down with just my lips.

This was quite difficult and it took many attempts to get a decent hold on the material (which was the whole point as each time I tried to grab them, I was mouthing Julia through the panties). Once I had managed to get them a little way down, I was allowed to put her legs together and pull them down the rest of the way with my hands before Mel pulled her legs open once more and showed her off to everyone.

It was my turn now and I sat on the sofa with my legs spread while Julia did the same to me. She didn’t seem to be trying quite as hard to actually get my panties off though, which meant lots of stimulation as she nibbled on my pussy. Her short skirt didn’t do much to cover her ass while she was kneeling on all fours and Mel fingered her from behind which just made her nuzzle my pussy even more. She eventually got them away from my cunt and I put my legs together to let her slide them down my legs. Jen opened them again and I was shown off to everyone but they were then told that was all we were going to show them.

People wanted a bit more, so Jules was given the task of nuzzling up against Mel’s panties. This was new (not just to me) and after a couple of minutes of this, I asked if I had to do the same to Jen (which would have been quite fun). I was told no, but as I was so keen, I had to take Julia’s place between Mel’s legs. This was another first and I tentatively kissed her panties but she pulled my head hard against her and I was told to lick. I did this and felt a hand slide under my skirt and fondle my ass, then my pussy (I later found out this was Jules). I wasn’t held in position for long though and once I had got Mel’s panties sufficiently damp, I was released and told that I had done enough. I returned to Jen and quietly told her that I was feeling very horny and ready for what we had planned. She gave me a big kiss and told everyone that we were going to head off.

We wandered for a while, not saying too much to each other, in anticipation of what was to come, and after doubling back, we ended up at Julia’s place. We had to wait about 5 minutes for them to arrive and we all went in together. We went straight up to Julia’s room and threw our coats and shoes into a big pile. Everyone (me included) seemed very unsure as to how we should start things – we had all agreed that we wanted to try things together, but this was pretty much new to us all (apart from Julia – more about that later). Jules started to kiss Mel and they lay down together on the bed, so Jen and I did the same and lay down beside them. Jen’s fingers quickly found my pussy and I moaned into her mouth.

I reached between her legs and got my hand into her panties. We broke our kiss to look over and watched Julia crawl down the bed between Mel’s legs. She pulled Mel’s panties off and pushed her mouth onto the waiting cunt, which elicited a satisfied gasp from Mel. Jen and I helped to remove Mel’s top and bra and fondled her breasts. I knew what Jen wanted so I told her to go ahead and helped to pull her panties off. She knelt over Mel’s face and lowered her pussy. I got her to hold the front of her skirt up and watched as she made contact with Mel’s mouth and saw her tongue lapping away at what had been only mine before. I unbuttoned Jen’s dress and pulled it off her, then removed her bra and had a quick play with her nipples.

I was sitting over Mel’s chest and humping the air so decided to do something more useful until I got some stimulation. I got up, removed my clothes (leaving the socks on as usual), then moved behind Julia and pulled her skirt off. I made a brief effort to lick her, but couldn’t get the right angle, so knelt behind her and humped against her ass while reaching between us and stroking her pussy. Jen was obviously enjoying what was happening and kept telling Mel how and where to lick her. I decided that I didn’t want her to cum from just Mel stimulating her so moved around behind Jen and played with her nipples. I whispered to Jen about what we were all doing and told her to give Mel as much of her juices as she could. Mel came first (with almost no warning that we perceived), but we could see her body tense during her actual orgasm.

Julia stopped eating her and I told her to help me make Jen cum (if I was going to be jealous, I thought I may as well have multiple people to be jealous of). I pinched Jen’s nips harder as she got closer to cumming and Julia kissed her. I leant over Jen’s shoulder and kissed Julia, tasting a bit of Mel off her – it wasn’t the nicest taste, but Jen didn’t seem to mind it, so I let her kiss Jules again and held myself against her back as she came. Jen was quite a bit louder than Mel (I’ve trained her well) and we could all tell how close she was getting and how much she was enjoying it.

With Mel and Jen taken care of, Jules and I wanted a bit of fun. I lay down beside Mel and pulled Jules over on top of me. She moved round to a 69 position and we got stuck in to each other. I felt Julia’s fingers push into my cunt but she was then told to sit up. I really wanted to cum and was about to complain when I felt someone else kneel between my legs and another tongue start to lick me. It didn’t take long to figure out that it was Mel and she used long, fast and hard licks up and down my cunt before concentrating more on my clit. It seemed that she was trying to make me cum quickly, which I was fine with, so I did the same to Jules and flicked back and forth over her clit. I felt a finger slide into me, then a second and then a third. Mel finger fucked me for a little bit, then resumed licking my clit hard.

Jules was rubbing back and forth against my face and I later found out that Jen was behind Mel, fingering her in a similar way to what I had been doing to Jules previously. I could hear Jen telling Mel what to do, and Jules happily moaning away. Despite having looked forwards to this, it wasn’t quite as I had expected, but I was still enjoying it. I sucked on Julia’s clit and attacked it with my tongue. My own orgasm was rapidly approaching and I concentrated on continuing to lick Jules. I came and moaned into her cunt – Mel didn’t let up on the pressure she used licking me and it got a bit too intense to I had to tell her to stop, but quickly resumed my own licking. It didn’t take much longer to get Jules off and she swore away while she came, then lay down on top of me and gently licked me (more gently than Mel anyway), so I started to kitty kiss Jules while we both caught our breath.

We were told off for being greedy and instructed to do things to Mel. I told her that I wasn’t taking orders while we were here, but was happy to help make her cum again if she wanted. We started off kissing her while Jen watched (three way kisses aren’t actually that easy to do), then moved on to her breasts (one each) and then slipped our hands down to her cunt and played with her. Jules and I each got a finger in her then got Jen to join in. We tried fucking her in a synchronised fashion, but it turned out that she enjoyed it more if we all just did whatever we wanted. All I could imagine while we were doing this was one of the anime tentacle sex scenes with multiple things fucking someone and said that once we had taken care of Mel, I wanted to feel what that was like.

Jen started to suck on Mel’s breasts (which I know she has always quite liked – they aren’t as large as mine, but are still a good size with large nipples). Jules and I pulled Mel’s legs open and knelt between them. We couldn’t both get to her pussy at the same time, so took turns at eating her. I now got to taste her properly and didn’t really like the way she tasted, but put up with it (it wasn’t really bad, but nowhere near as nice as Jen, Sue or even Julia). I told Mel to be a bit more vocal and let us know what she was feeling, but she was surprisingly quiet (there was a bit of moaning, but nothing like I had expected from her personality). Julia left me to finish her off and moved behind me. I raised my ass up in the air to make it easier for her to eat me and I wasn’t disappointed. She messily ate all around my pussy, pushing her tongue into me and rubbing my clit with her fingers.

I thought it was about time to finish Mel off and pushed two fingers into her while I kept my tongue on her clit. I fucked her with long strokes, allowing the knuckle of my ring finger to press up against her ass when I pushed my fingers into her. Mel’s juices are quite thick, fortunately she doesn’t get as wet as Jen, but it was still rather sticky. Jules was doing a good job of distracting me though and I carried on fucking and licking Mel. I saw Jen was really sucking and pulling on Mel’s breasts and I fastened my mouth to her clit and attached it. Mel came and made enough noise that it was obvious she was cumming. At her instruction, I finger fucked her harder while she came and then once she had finished, I moved over and lay on my back so hat Jules could finish me off.

It only seemed fair to return the favour, so I got her to climb over me in a 69 position and I ate her again. She put a lot more effort in this time and I decided to repay her by licking not just her cunt, but letting my tongue roam over her ass as well. She didn’t pull away or flinch at all when I did this so I alternated between licking her cunt and swirling my tongue over her ass. I came first (but she had been working on me for a while) and I had intended to keep eating her until she came, but Jen and Mel told us that we were being greedy again and told to stop.

Julia was pretty aroused and wanted to cum again. Mel wanted a bit of a break so it was up to Jen to take care of her. They started off in a 69 position but I decided that I once again wanted in on the action, so I took over licking Jen while Jules humped her face. I’m quite good at making Jen cum, so told her to go to town on Jules and make her cum as quickly as she could. I alternated between using fingers and tongue on Jen and just fingers, so I could watch what she was doing to Jules more closely. It definitely felt strange watching her tongue sliding between another girls lips, but I was reassured by the fact that I had a couple of fingers pumping inside her cunt and one in her ass. I went back to sucking and licking Jen properly and managed to make her cum quite quickly (but this was only her second orgasm of the night). I didn’t stay between her legs, but climbed up over her and kissed Jules. I asked Jules what she could feel and she described what Jen’s tongue was doing to her. I told her to cum into Jen’s mouth and reached around her to spread her ass cheeks. I slowly worked my fingers to her cunt and pulled her lips apart, which allowed me to feel Jen’s tongue lapping away. I rubbed myself against Jen’s chest and Mel said that she was going to cum again. I told her to let go and enjoy it (not that she needs any encouragement in this area) and felt her shiver a bit as she came.

Julia climbed off Jen and I quickly planted myself on her face to get a quick lick before kissing her and tasting Julia’s juices. Mel was now ready for another round, said that it was her turn to let Jen play with her and climbed over Jen’s face. Jules hadn’t eaten Jen yet so she scurried over between Jen’s legs and started to lick away at her. Jen was still a bit sensitive after having just cum, but Mel was holding her in place, so she didn’t have much choice other than to let Julia have her way with her. I played with Jen’s breasts to give me something to do and this also gave me the chance to watch her licking Mel. It looked like Jen was tiring as she wasn’t being as enthusiastic as she had been with Julia, but she still licked and sucked Mel’s clit. Mel came first. Mel climbed off and we watched Jules finish Jen off. I didn’t see this while it was happening, but Jen later told me that Jules licked both her cunt and ass (I assume that Jules correctly guessed that as I had done that to her, I’d done it to Jen before). As Jen got closer to cumming, I told Julia to concentrate on her clit and I leant over and kissed her. Jen came, moaning into my mouth and then pushed both Julia and me away, saying that she couldn’t take any more.

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