Friday, 21 October 2011

Affairs and foursomes - Part 3

I'm back in York for another night and we're just about to head out to meet friends. As far as the blog goes, back to our wonderful foursome night...


We decided that it was time for a little break, although I was ready for some more action as it had been a while since I had last cum. While we caught our breath, we figured out that Jen hadn’t yet eaten me and Mel hadn’t eaten Jules, but we figured that we could do that anytime. In hindsight, instead of Jules eating Jen while Jen ate Mel, Jen should have eaten me, while Jules ate Jen, then the sixth round could have been Jen eating Mel while she ate Jules, but it took a piece of paper and a number of attempts for us to figure this out and we hadn’t quite planned things in that detail.

Jules and I had only cum twice, while Mel and Jen had cum three times each so we were finally allowed to play with each other and ended up 69ing for a while. I had half expected it, so wasn’t too surprised (but still frustrated) when we were told to break it up. Fortunately, people had remembered that I wanted to feel what it was like to be fingered by many people at the same time and I ended up with three hands playing with my cunt and others fondling my breasts. It felt really good and when they got on to all fingering me at the same time, it felt even better. It actually felt exactly as I imagined it would. My pussy felt very full, but not painfully so and I later found out that at one point, they had each been using two fingers in me. (I was quite surprised about this, but it’s easier to get three sets of two fingers into a small space so I wasn’t stretched anywhere near as much as when Jen has fisted me). They finished me off by using a vibe on my clit while they all fingered me and I came fairly hard (harder than when either Jules or Mel ate me).

I watched as the three of them licked my juices from their fingers and said that now I needed a bit of a break. Mel fondled Jules while we chatted and she told us some stories of how she’d had a number of group sessions when she was younger. Fairly early on in her sexual discovery, after she had started to sleep with some of her brother’s friends, she used to let them play with her and use her as much as they wanted. She was used to being fondled, fingered and fucked with a number of them present but she recalled a few times when they just took turns fucking her over and over. She told us about one occasion where there were five of them and they chain fucked her one after the other. She said that by the time she had done all of them, her cunt was soaked in cum and she had cum at least three times (the guys were young so it didn’t take much to make them cum).

Of course, this is one of my major fantasies so as Jules described the scene I moved over and started to eat her. It felt more fitting though to give her the treatment that I’d had and we finished her off by all fingering her. We had each cum three times by this point and it had certainly been an incredibly memorable evening, but Mel and Jen decided that as Jules and I are both nymphomaniacs (which I think is a fair assessment), we should provide a little more entertainment. I once again told them that I wasn’t there to be ordered around (for that night), but Jules thought it could be fun so I relented and said I would go along with things.

We headed downstairs, Mel and Jen draped sheets around themselves but Jules and I were turfed out into the front garden naked. Julia’s place is on a fairly quiet street, but there is almost no privacy and we were told that at least one of us had to cum before we were allowed back in. Seeing as Jules had just cum, I nobly offered to let her make me cum and stood up against the wall while she knelt between my legs and licked and fingered me. I probably wasn’t quite ready to cum again just yet, but the added excitement of being outdoors helped things along. It also helped that Julia is so experienced and she teased another orgasm out of me in much less time than I had expected. I didn’t want to make too much noise as we were so exposed, but I did enjoy it quite a bit and moaned slightly more than I had intended.

I would have done Julia in the same position, but I didn’t think my legs had the strength to crouch down for long enough, so we were allowed back in and I got to return the favour in the living room with Jules sitting on the sofa and me crouching in front of her. I was quite used to Julia’s taste by this point but once I had made her cum, Mel got me to lick her again and I still found her taste slightly unpleasant (unpleasant might be too strong a word, but it was certainly nowhere near as nice as Julia’s). Fortunately, she didn’t want me to make her cum, she just wanted me to eat her briefly. I wanted to try something and suggested to Jen that she let Jules and I give her a final orgasm for the night (4 is pretty much Jen’s limit, but if she had wanted more, I’m sure we would have been willing to keep going). She agreed and we headed back upstairs to a more comfortable setting.

Jen started off on her back and Julia and I each took a breast and spent a while sucking and licking them (mostly concentrating on the nipples, but we played with the whole breast). This got Jen nicely aroused and when she started to writhe around under us, Mel stroked her pussy and then knelt between her legs and licked her. That wasn’t what I had intended to do and I managed to convince Mel to stop and just watch while we teased Jen some more. We only spent about 5 minutes on her, but it was obvious that she was more than ready to cum and I suggested we move on.

I got Julia to lie on her back and Jen crouched over her face, with her ass in the air. Jen lay forwards onto the bed and Jules started to eat her while I climbed over Julia’s body and rubbed my pussy against hers. I kissed the bottom of Jen’s back and her ass cheeks, then slid down a bit, spread her cheeks and pushed my tongue between them. I licked and found Julia’s tongue and did the best I could to help licking Jen’s cunt – this worked slightly better than I had expected so I spent longer doing this than intended (but I could happily lick Jen for ever). Jen was soon breathing heavily and obviously enjoying our dual ministrations and as she got closer to cumming, I spent more time licking and flicking her ass with my tongue. She really seemed to enjoy this and by the time she came, Jules had her cunt to herself and I was going all out slathering my tongue over her ass. I was quite pleased with the results and briefly broke contact to tell Jules to lick her gently once she had cum. This allowed us to double kitty-kiss her which seemed to make her orgasm (or at least the nice afterglow) last for quite a while and leave Jen in a fairly sweaty mess.

When Jen rolled off, Julia’s face was also quite a mess – between her and my saliva and Jen’s pussy juice, her face (and some of her hair) was rather wet. Jen had now cum four times and it was decided (again) that Jules and I had to cum more than Jen or Mel did, so we were told to 69. I initially didn’t think I was ready for another orgasm, but I do enjoy eating Jen (and it turns me on quite a bit) so once Julia climbed on top of me and started, I realised that I probably could cum again without too much trouble. Mel and Jen cheered us on and started a ‘cum... cum... cum...’ chant Jules had her ass slapped a couple of times – not too hard, but enough to make her jump a little and we really got stuck in to each other. I decided that I couldn’t really get much messier than I already was, so pulled Julia’s lips apart and pushed my mouth between them, doing everything I could to get her off. She was being fairly forceful with me as well and I half wrapped my legs around her head to hold her in place. She pushed a finger into my ass and fucked it and I knew I was getting close to cumming. I franticly ate her but still came first.

It was a very sharp orgasm that seemed to pierce my cunt and splinter out – Jules didn’t stop despite me wriggling around and trying to throw her off so I figured that I just had to make her cum. Fortunately, she wasn’t too far behind me and I attacked her just as mercilessly as she was attacking me. When she came, she finally broke contact with me and let out a series of little screams/yelps. I held her in place and licked away until she managed to break free and roll off me. I was quite tired, but thought I may as well go for broke, so rolled over on top of her and told her to cum again before pushing my mouth back onto her cunt and resuming my attack. She started off saying ‘no, no, no...’ but it was quite clear that she was getting into it again and I licked and fingered her to yet another orgasm before climbing off her and admiring my work (she looked shattered, sweaty and dishevelled).

I felt happy that I had finally established my dominance over her (although I guess she won in that she came more times than I did). I curled up against Jen and asked if she had enjoyed the show. Mel asked if we wanted to stay for the night but we decided that four of us would never fit comfortably into one bed and we really needed sleep. Before we went, I wanted to briefly try something I’ve seen videos of and we all lay in a circle on the floor. I ate Jen, who ate Jules, who ate Mel who ate me. None of us actually wanted to cum again, but this was something that not even Julia had done before so it was fun to try.

Neither Jen nor I bothered with any underwear when we got dressed – we considered getting a taxi, but we reeked of pussy and even Jen’s normally pristine hair was a state. Mel asked if we were going to repeat the night and we said that we would have to see. It had all been ‘negotiated’ and I had agreed to do it as I knew Jen was really keen, but she knew that I don’t find Mel that attractive. The condition had been that it was a one off event and we would discuss how things should develop afterwards. Possibly because we hadn’t agreed to do it again, Mel said that we should all have one final taste (not that we weren’t intimately familiar with how each of us tasted by this point). Once again, we weren’t trying to make anyone cum, but had a good lick.

Jen and I walked home holding hands. She thanked me for agreeing to the evening and I told her that it had been an incredible experience. She could sense that there was a ‘but’ and after a while, I relented and told her that I really didn’t like the way Mel tasted. I was relieved to find out that Jen hadn’t liked the taste either and we compared our opinions. We both quite like the taste of Julia’s pussy but Jen actually thinks it taste almost sweet. I understand the fact that each girl tastes different, but I was surprised by how our views differed about the same pussy. We discussed what our favourite parts of the evening had been and what various things had felt like, the different techniques and methods each of us used to finder and eat the others...

We debated going straight to bed when we got in so we could fall asleep covered in everyone’s juices, but decided to have a shower (it would have made the morning somewhat awkward if we’d gone down to breakfast in such a mess – not that Lucy or Ramona would have been able to tell that we had multiple juices on us, but...). Despite being tired, we had a leisurely shower and washed each other clean. It was quite a sensual experience and we kissed and gently fondled each other until the hot water started to run out. After drying off, we headed up and fell into bed.

I had really enjoyed the shower but assumed that Jen would be all fucked out for the night so was pleasantly surprised when she started to kiss my neck and pulled up tight against my back (it was obvious that she wasn’t just trying to spoon against or cuddle me). I told her she was a naughty girl and she pushed two fingers into me and said that I was hardly the model of pure virgin innocence. I told her that I didn’t want to be eaten again (even I have a limit as to how much pussy juice I can take in a night) and rolled over so I was facing her. I pushed my hand between her legs and said that I was more than happy to use fingers though. We kissed and rubbed each other and I told her that we should try to cum together. There was a fair bit of rolling around but we managed to both get close to cumming and lay facing each other for the final burst.

We gently kissed, but mostly looked into each other’s eyes and rubbed clits until we were both on the brink of cumming. Just before we came, I told Jen that I loved her and asked her to tell me that I was the only girl she really loved (not that I’m still at all insecure about the fact that she likes Mel). She told me what I wanted to hear and I told her again that I loved her as we started to cum. We kissed through our orgasms and stayed pressed tightly together. I actually cried a little bit – I’m not entirely sure why but I think it was due to a number of things that this isn’t really the right place to explain. We kissed again for a couple of minutes and then went to sleep fairly quickly with me spooned up against Jen.

The following morning, I woke up late. Jen was still asleep so I woke her in the usual way. I‘d had a number of dreams about other people making her cum, so was quite forceful in the way I ate her (I wanted to make sure she was mine) and she came for me quite quickly. She offered to eat me and I told her that I wanted her to lie over me in a 69 so I could kitty kiss her while she ate me – she quite liked this idea so we used that position and I felt her tongue snake inside me and scour my pussy clean before she moved on to my clit and gave me my morning cum. We made some notes as to the order of events (to help with writing this) and then headed down.

I was allowed to wear a robe (no belt) down to breakfast and when we got down, Lucy commented on how much noise we had made the previous night (I hadn’t realised we were being loud at all). We chatted about what we had all been up to the previous night (with the foursome omitted from our events) and what we had planned for the coming week. It was also the last time I was likely to see Ramona before the wedding (she was Lucy’s plus 1) so we talked about summer plans as well. Jen and I decided not to shower and when Ramona headed off to get her weekly shopping done, Jen gave Lucy her now regular screening of ‘Andi orgasm’. This took place on the sofa in the living room as usual and Jen fingered me but added a little extra by finishing me off with her mouth. I was surprised she let Lucy see her do this to me (I think this is quite a personal thing), but it felt good and I still harbour a faint hope that something might happen with Lucy (if she ever splits up with Ramona).

With the show over, we headed up to get dressed (and I like to think, we gave Lucy time to play with herself, but despite having established that she isn’t the sweet innocent girl I first thought, I don’t think she is as much of a cum slut as I am). Once my outfit had been selected, I decided on one final bit of fun (to help me out later in the day). I got Jen to rub her pussy over as much of my body as she could, legs, arms, breasts, stomach, back, sides and ass. Some areas were obviously easier to for her to get good contact with, but I got what I wanted and had a fair amount of her juices on me. I got dressed and after saying goodbye to Lucy (I liked the idea of getting Jen’s juices on her as we hugged), told her I would see her at the wedding and Jen and I headed in to town.

We met up with people for lunch and I was encouraged to sit with my legs spread to show off, but we weren’t in as private a place so I had to keep covering up. Things didn’t seem awkward between us and Mel & Jules and none of us mentioned anything (at least until it was time for me to leave and we had a quick whispered chat as I hugged Jules and Mel). I was wished good luck for the wedding (I wasn’t likely to see any of the rest of them until the next academic year) and Jen and I headed off to the airport.
Once I arrived home, I stripped off and called Mike. I told him that I was still covered in Jen’s juices and recounted the evening to him in explicit detail. I only made it as far as the first part of the four-way before he came, so summarised the rest and promised that the remaining detailed descriptions would come during the rest of the week’s chats. I came during the summary and once we had hung up, lay there basking in Jen’s scent and recalling my first night of ‘proper’ group sex.

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