Sunday, 9 October 2011

A hillside picnic

I'm just back from York and the first sex party of the (academic) year. We weren't sure if it was going to go ahead as a few key players might not have been back yet, but everyone was present (well, everyone who was meant to be there, but you'll see what I mean when I get to the posting) and a fun time was had. We've even heard rumours of an even more interesting way to spend a few hours...


The last weekend in May I visited Mike in York. Most of the time was spent arranging wedding things so I’m going to skip that week and move straight on to the start of June when Jen came up to visit me again. The events are similar to her previous visit so I’m hoping that this will be another fairly brief entry.

Her plane was delayed, so I spent the evening out with work friends and Jen and I went straight home after I met her at the station. We headed home and had a fairly standard session before falling asleep (Jen was quite tired from travelling and I’d had a busy week). As we spooned and dozed off, she told me that Lucy and Ramona had been told in great detail about what I’d got up to during my previous visit. I guess it’s even less likely now that anything is going to happen with Lucy (not that it was very likely beforehand – other than our brief make-out session on her birthday when I was comforting her, she’s never shown any interest in anything other than watching Jen do things to me).

I woke up first in the morning and felt quite refreshed so I decided that Jen should probably wake up as well. I was going to do it the usual way but decided that I would be a bit more adventurous and so carefully climbed out of bed, applied a little tingle gel to my pussy and then (very carefully) climbed over her face. I lowered myself onto her mouth (which woke her) and after a bit of flailing around, she started to eat me. Having been on the giving and receiving end of this method of waking up, it’s not easy to get right – if the person on top isn’t careful, they can cover the nose and mouth and then the other person isn’t quite in the right frame of mind when they wake up (unless of course you’re in to that sort of thing I guess).

Jen licked away at my pussy until I came and when I climbed off she said that she had noticed the tingle gel (it has a minty taste). I asked her what she wanted me to do and she said that she was fine lying down, but would also take some of the gel. I smeared this on her and then rubbed a little up inside her pussy (it’s really meant to be used as lube, but too much of it would be a bad thing). I used fingers and tongue on her and got her off fairly quickly, after which we lay beside each other for a while, discussing what we were going to do that day. We could see that it was fairly nice outside, so decided to go for another walk in the hope of finding a quiet place to play around. We needed to get some provisions for the picnic though, so had a quick breakfast, then showered and headed out to the shops.

After stocking up on a few things, we just decided to head back to the place we had visited the last time Jen visited (it wasn’t too far away and we knew it was suitable). While waiting for the bus, we sat on some steps with our legs open just enough to let a group of guys opposite get a good view. A couple of them came over to talk to us and while chatting we casually leant back (I did this first and Jen followed suit), allowing our skirts to slide up slightly higher and giving an even better view (as you would expect, neither of us had panties on). I was tempted to stay and find ways to tease (or otherwise amuse) them, but that wouldn’t have been as much fun for Jen so when the time came, we got on the bus and set off.

During the journey, I teased Jen about how interested in her some of the group seemed to have been and how easy it would be for her to find men to please her (not that I actually want to have any men sliding their cocks into my Jen – I quite like having her as my sweet innocent ‘virgin’). I managed to have a little play with her (I slid my hand under her and fingered her from below). By the time we arrived, my fingers were quite sticky with her juices and she was eager to find somewhere that we could continue things properly, so we headed straight for the hill.

This was about a 30 minute walk, so she had calmed down by the time we arrived. Disappointingly, there were a few people around – not really close, but close enough that we wouldn’t have been able to do things properly, so we switched to the backup plan (it’s always good to have a plan). We changed into bathing costumes (bikini for me and Jen put on her sexy swimsuit). The walkers were far enough away that we didn’t need to worry about getting changed, so just stripped off and put on our respective outfits. After applying suncream, we lay back and relaxed for a while, working on our tans for the upcoming holiday.

We slowly worked our way through lunch and eventually, seemed to have the place to ourselves. I got Jen to pull the crotch of her swimsuit aside and rubbed up and down her pussy with a carrot stick I was munching. She did the same to me and once we had eaten our treats, we moved closer to each other and started to finger and kiss. I lost my bikini bottoms first, but only ‘cos they were easier to remove then Jen’s swimsuit. I sat over her, pinning her down and humped against her crotch, then pulled her suit over her arms, freed her breasts and climbed off so I could remove it completely. We had a quick look round and saw that we were still alone (although people could have appeared over the top of the hill at any point – but you have to have *some* risk to add to the excitement).

We rolled around for a bit, kissing, fingering and humping each other, then (after checking we were still alone once more) settled down for a 69. We used both tongues and fingers – I was on the bottom with my head facing downhill (we didn’t want to start rolling away in the middle of things) and this meant that when I came, my orgasm felt pretty good (for those of you who haven’t tried it, try cumming with your head leaning over the edge of the bed – it’s like a major headrush with the added fun of cumming).

I put my bottoms back on and Jen half put her swimsuit on (so we could just pretend to be topless sunbathing) and we relaxed for a while longer, getting our breath back. Once recovered, I told Jen that we could move on to what she had wanted to do. My condition was that I wanted her to keep her swimsuit half on (I’m still not sure why, but I just love the way it hugs her figure, I think she looks even sexier when wearing it than she does when naked). We sat facing each other and pulled the material aside to expose out pussies, then started to play. It’s always nice being able to watch someone playing with themselves (well, maybe not just *anyone*, but certainly people I like) and seeing them enjoying what they are doing to themselves. It’s also very useful to watch exactly what they do – as much as I might think I know what Jen and Mike enjoy, I still see little things that I can add into my arsenal of techniques to make them cum (or tease them).

Jen used a hand on (and in) her pussy and another on her nipples and I copied her. We timed things so that neither of us got too far ahead of the other and as we got closer to cumming, we told each other how much longer we thought we had to go. There was less fingering and more clit rubbing as our orgasms approached. Jen asked if I was ready (I think that fact that I was fairly flushed and making funny faces should have given her a clue) and I told her I was. We both increased the pace of our rubbing and peed. It wasn’t quite the graceful crossing of two arcs that Jen had imagined (but then bits were being rubbed at the same time), but we managed to mostly hit each other (generally below the breasts) and Jen especially seemed to enjoy what was happening. We carried on rubbing until we had both finished cumming. I finished peeing first, but Jen is more practiced at making things last (in this case anyway) so I got the final bits of her pee on me and watched her fall back onto the grass with a happy look on her face.

I climbed on top of her and we kissed, feeling the shared moisture on our bodies. Jen thanked me for what we had just done and I told her that I would collect on the favour someday. I reached down and tickled her and we ended up rolling down the hill a bit – not too quickly, and we could have stopped, but it was quite fun. I decided that we should probably clean up and told Jen to go and fetch the towel, but as she stood up, I pulled on her swimsuit so it slipped down her legs and she stepped out of it. She ran up the hill (it was only 10m or so), fished out the towels and ran back to me. I had slipped out of my bikini bottoms and we dried each other off while standing. We could see people off in the distance heading in roughly our direction so wandered back up to the rest of our things and got semi-dressed (just skirts and tops) and finished off the few things left to eat.

When it was time to go, we packed up the wet things into a bag and headed back. I’m not used to being outside in the day without a bra on under my top and from the looks I got, I knew people could easily see my breasts swinging as I walked. I debated stopping to find somewhere I could but my bra back on, but Jen convinced me to wait until we got home, so I did. On the way back, Jen tried to describe to me how our little game had felt, but other than ‘really good’ I still couldn’t quite get it (I’m sure that a lot of people wouldn’t see why my fantasy of being repeatedly fucked by many people is appealing though).

After a shower and a light dinner, we headed out to meet up with my friends from work. We had an enjoyable evening with a little bit of kissing (just to keep the guys happy). I had Jen wear an outfit that I’ve been admiring quite a bit recently – denim shorts with opaque tights on under them. Other than having caught the fetish off Mike, I’m not entirely sure why I like the look so much – the only thing I can come up with is that black tights make legs look slender, but why shorts as opposed to a skirt is still beyond me.

When we returned home, we had a fairly gentle session. I got Jen to keep her tights on for most of it and licked and rubbed her through them. Things were even better once I could taste her through the tights and I enjoyed rubbing myself against her leg while we kissed. She ended up with two damp patches – one from her and one from me. As things heated up, I ended up tearing my way into her tights so I could get directly at her pussy and we shared a dildo to finish things off and cum.

I made Jen keep her tights on overnight as I rather liked the feel of them against my legs as we curled up (and they gave me something to fondle when I woke up in the night). The next morning, I went down on her to wake her and we 69ed before I finally let her take them off (they had become even more torn by this point). It was a much cooler day so we decided to stay indoors and relax. We watched a bit of TV but got bored after a while so I suggested that we give Lis a call and have a chat.

We spoke for a little while and caught up on the events of the week – Jen hadn’t spoken to her since her visit, so they had a bit more to catch up on. While Jen was talking to her, I started to play with her – at first just gentle stroking, then sucking her nipples, then onto licking her pussy. I sat on the floor between her legs and pulled her closer to me so i could do things properly and spent a while teasing her. Once I had her pushing her pussy back against my tongue, I sped up and ate her properly. She tried to keep talking to Lis, but as she got closer, she spoke less and less and concentrated on not mewing out loud. She let out a strangled cry why she came and panted for a bit, so I took the phone off of her and carried on the conversation with Lis. Having witnessed Jen cumming a couple of times now, Lis had recognised the signs of her arousal (although I think it would have been fairly obvious to anyone listening) and I told them that this was another bit of payback for Jen having made me cum in front of Lis.

We finished up our conversation with Lis saying that she might need to go and have some fun herself and me assuring her that Jen would be making sure I had some fun. True to my word, I got her to head back into the bedroom and I sat over her face while she ate me (I like being able to look out the window at the world going past while I cum). With my orgasm over, I rolled off Jen and lay beside her, top to tail, so I could gently play with her and let her do the same to me.

We chatted about various things and stayed like this for a while. I think I’ve said before about how much more open our conversations seem to be when gently playing with each other (for both Jen and I and Mike and I). I decided to have one last session before we had to have lunch, get cleaned up and get Jen to the airport, so I started stroking Jen with a bit more pressure. She soon started to respond so I moved around and positioned myself between her legs and used my tongue on her. I didn’t want to hurry things up too much, so I was fairly gentle and enjoyed the texture of her cunt on my tongue.

I mostly used slow licking – up and down her outer lips, over her clit, then up and down her inner lips and occasionally inside her. I added the nipple clips in to the mix (not put on too firmly) and spent about 15 minutes more teasing Jen before finally letting her cum. She was fairly loud and seemed quite tired by the time her orgasm ended, so I thought I would be kind to her and not make her do anything to me.

That’s not to say that I didn’t want to cum, I was nice and horny again after watching, tasting and hearing Jen, I just intended to take care of things myself. I used one of the vibes with a clit attachment and slowly fucked myself with it while sitting beside Jen. I stole one of her nipple vibes and attached it to myself – it felt a lot nicer than when I had initially tested them (but I only had it clipped on lightly) so I stole the other one as well. I ended up switching the vibe for one with balls that rotate in the shaft and carried on fucking myself while Jen watched. I finished up on my back, with my legs spread wide, so that Jen could get a really good look. She offered to help me out, but I was sufficiently close to cumming by this point that I told her she could relax and just enjoy the show. It was a pretty good orgasm and I pumped the vibe in and out of my cunt hard and fast as I came. When I had finished, Jen said that the least she could do was kitty kiss me, so I had her climb over me and did the same to her (even though it had been a while since she had cum).

After another rest, we realised it was quite a bit later than we had thought, so we had a hurried shower (together, but only for the sake of speed), had some food (which we needed for energy) and dashed off to the airport. We got there with a little time to spare, so had time for a proper goodbye kiss before I had to send her on her way and return to my cold empty flat.

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