Sunday, 30 October 2011

July 2011 Sex Party - Part 1

One Halloween party down - one to go. I wore an interesting outfit to the club and I'm planning on going to the sex party tomorrow as Hermione. I'm sure I can find a good use for the guy's wands :)


We're on to the start of July now and I was back down to York for my birthday and the last sex party of the (academic) year. I went down on the Thursday and Jen came up that evening as well. I slept with mike on the Thursday night, but as neither Jen nor I had to go to work on the Friday, it meant that I could go and see her after my morning session with Mike (who then brought us up breakfast in bed before he headed off to work).

Once Jen and I had fucked ourselves awake (and lounged around for a while), we headed in to Uni and met up with people for lunch. I made Jen wear opaque tights with denim shorts on (with a slightly trimmed crotch). Nothing was actually visible, but she said that the shorts rubbed against per pussy as she walked and that by the time we arrived, she was feeling fairly moist. Once lunch was over, we sat out by the lake for a while and I produced a vibrating egg from my bag and told Jen to slide it into her shorts. She managed this (with a little difficulty as they were qutie tight) and once it was nestled against her pussy, I turned it on and left it running while she described how she masturbated. Jen came with people walking by us not too far away) and once the coast was clear, I allowed her to fish the egg out so we could walk home.

We didn't do much for the rest of the afternoon and lazed around until Mike was due home. We had just finished showering when he arrived and he came up to watch us get dressed and make ourselves look pretty for the evening. We weren't doing anything too special - just going out for dinner, on to one of our usual pubs and then on to a club. We were fairly well behaved during the evening - I got to dance with everyone and managed to press myself up against Jo, experience Vicky's sexy dancing, flirt with a number of the guys and generally have a really good birthday.

When we got home, Mike presented me with a second birthday present, some new attachments for our strap on. Instead of the dildo, we now have a vibrator with a clit attachment and (even better) a new internal vibrator (small, the same as the current internal dildo, but there is also a pad that applies stimulation to the clit of whoever is wearing it). I wanted to try it out, but it was already late and I had already planned out something for the evening. I asked Jen to spend the night in the same bed as Mike and I as part of my present (not that I was being devious and blackmailing her into doing what I wanted...). She agreed to do this and flirted with him quite a lot while we were getting ready. Jen and I were naked and Mike still had his boxers on (but they didn’t do much to hide his erection). Jen rubbed her ass up against the bulge and Mike happily pushed back. I let him finger me while he was doing this and he said that it reminded him of the threesomes with Sue (apart from the fact he had been allowed to actually fuck her).

We climbed in to bed, with me between Mike and Jen. I lay facing Jen and let Mike slide into me from behind. It was a slightly awkward position as Jen had to lie at an angle to let me curl my legs forward, but we arranged ourselves so that she could kiss me while Mike fucked me. I reached down and rubbed her clit at the same time and we started off slow and gentle with Mike using long strokes into me and me squeezing myself around him (it took a bit of concentration and was a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time – but much more fun). Of course, it would have been idea if we could have all cum at the same time, but that wasn’t going to happen, so I came first while Mike held out and kept fucking me until Jen was just about to cum. He emptied himself into me while she was mewing away with her orgasm just about to break and he stayed pressed deep into me while Jen came.

Once he had started to go soft, I moved away from him and waited for his cum to start to leak out. I then told Jen to give my pussy a big lick so Mike could see (which made his cock go somewhat harder again). I was too tired to go for a second round (although I could have quite happily let Jen eat me) and we decided to go to sleep curled u together (me still in the middle).

I had to pee in the middle of the night and got back into bed on the other side of Mike (so he was between Jen and I). This gave him the chance to snuggle up to her, which she didn’t seem to mind, while I spooned against his back. When we woke up in the morning, he was still lying curled up against her and when I woke them, Jen squirmed against him with her ass. He was soon hard and rubbed back and forth between her ass cheeks. He was pretty sure that he could cum if they kept going, but Jen said that that wasn’t going to happen and that she had a better idea.

I was instructed to kneel on the bed in the doggy position and Mike sat up against the headboard so I could suck him. Meanwhile, Jen lay on the bed with her head under my pussy and pulled me to her so she could eat me. I tried to pass on what Jen was doing to me, to Mike (even though the movements are somewhat different). I jacked and sucked him until he came in my mouth. I had intended to not swallow his cum and share it with Jen in a sloppy kiss, but Jen took her time making me cum so I ended up swallowing most of it (some of it dribbled out).

It was now time to make Jen cum, and I decided we should try out the new vibrator attachments for the strap on. As I was going to be fucking Jen with it, Mike wasn’t allowed to stay. He did help attach the vibrators and strap the harness on to me though. The internal vibe didn’t feel too powerful (I was actually a little disappointed), but once he had left and I got the main vibe into Jen and started fucking her, it was much more fun. I could now do things to her properly and instead of just fucking her and rubbing her clit, I could also push deep into her and let the clit attachment on the main vibe do the work. It felt really nice and I fucked her doggystyle (so I could watch it sliding into her cunt). I got her close to cumming a few times by and then resumed just fucking her. She sounded quite wet and I wished I could feel what Mike feels when he is inside me (I wouldn’t want to actually have a cock, I’m very happy with the pleasure that my pussy can give me, but it would have been nice to feel the warm, soft and wet walls of Jen’s cunt).

When I felt my orgasm approaching, I resumed fucking Jen properly and carried on until she came. I was fairly close by this time so quickly pulled out of her, lay on the bed and told her to mount the vibe. She did this and leant forwards so we could kiss. My orgasm continued to slowly approach and I was rocking my hips back and forth to try and speed it along. We kissed messily and I eventually came. It wasn’t a strong orgasm at first, but as it rolled through my body, I began to feel a bit more. Once it ended, I had to tell Jen to get off me so I could remove the harness. By the time we got it off, my clit was tingling and Jen gently kissed all around the area to help me calm down.

We went down for breakfast naked, on the condition that I asked Mike to such the vibe clean. Jen didn’t think he would do it as it was shaped like a fairly lifelike cock, while I was pretty sure that he wouldn’t have any problem with this and would do it so he could taste Jen. I was right and he happily sucked it clean of her juices (although his technique for blow jobs wasn’t that good, so if he ever decided to get off with another guy, he’ll need some practice!). As she had lost, I made Jen sit up on the table with her legs spread while we ate breakfast. This was obviously more for Mike’s benefit and he enjoyed the view.

We didn’t have much planned, but had arranged for Vicky and Lis to come round and get some sunbathing done to help keep my tan (what I had of one) topped up for the wedding. They arrived just after lunch and the five of us went out into the garden and stripped off. Vicky didn’t seem to mind being topless with Mike there (he’d seen her breasts on holiday after all), but Lis seemed a bit unsure. I think she is still a bit self-conscious about her breast size – especially when both Vicky and I have ours out, but we managed to convince her that there was nothing to worry about and she also removed her top.

Mike certainly appreciated the view and spent most of the time on his stomach to hide his erection which created a nice bulge in his shorts (we’re not sure that Vicky and Lis are quite ready to see that). The only time that it did show was when I applied cream to Jen’s legs and spent a while massaging her thighs, then stroked the crotch of her bikini until she was close to cumming. Even Vicky seemed to be interested in watching this, but she also noticed the very prominent bulge in Mike’s shorts and flirted with him. He suggested that She and Lis should do something similar, but they weren’t up for this and he had to be content with being allowed to rub suncream into Vicky’s legs and back. I got Jen to cream up Lis and her hands got a lot closer to Lis’s crotch than Mike’s did to Vicky’s (but still not directly touching her).

Once we’d had enough sun, we ushered Vicky and Lis away, who were once again suspicious about what we were doing that night that meant we couldn’t go out anywhere with them or everyone. Initially, I think they suspected that the three of us were going to be doing something together, but when we told them that Jen was heading back home, that dispelled their theory. Once they had left, I thought it was only fair that I take care of Jen properly, but set the rules that she wasn’t allowed to make me cum (so I was nice and ready for the sex party). We headed upstairs and after a little bit of licking, I attached the strap on to her, with the internal vibe and external dildo. This way, she could fuck me, but without any clit stimulation, I knew I was unlikely to cum.

We tried multiple positions, doggy, missionary, me on top... and the internal vibe (to which I had added some tingle gel) slowly got Jen more excited. I really enjoyed the experience as well and if we hadn’t been going out later, I would have happily cum a couple of times for her, but I restrained myself (not easy when your girlfriend is underneath you in the throes of a long, drawn out orgasmic build up). I was on top when Jen came and I tweaked her nipples fairly hard. She loudly mewed her way through her orgasm and I told her to keep the harness on until Mike had been given a chance to taste me from the dildo. Fortunately, the vibe wasn’t so strong that it was too much for Jen to take, but she was definitely still being stimulated by it as Mike tasted me off the dildo and I then finally removed the harness.

I considered making her wear it while she travelled home, but decided that it might get her a slightly more thorough search at the airport than would be fun. We quickly walked her down to the station and say her off before returning home to grab a quick dinner and get ready for our night of fucking. I decided to go in my customary schoolgirl outfit (it’s what they know me for – and I don’t usually keep it on for long) and went with bunches again. I decided to skip the panties and go for thigh-high white socks. Mike liked the look and we had a brief semi-fuck, but not enough for either of us to cum. Once his cock had deflated, we set off.

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