Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More hillside fun

Mid June now – Mike came up to visit me and we made use of the great outdoors. I know a few recent entries have been along these lines, but I really enjoy doing things outside and so have to make best use of the good weather (what little we get of it). I’ll try to make this another brief entry.
Mike came up to visit me and got here early enough to come out to the pub with my work friends. He doesn’t really know them that well as he only sees them once a month at most, but we still had a reasonably good evening. There don’t seem to be as many places to stop and play on the way home as there are in York, so we had to wait until we were safely indoors before we could start to fool around.

Our pre-sleep session was fairly standard – we kissed and fooled around for a while and mike went down on me to get me ready, then he lay on his back – cock in the air – and I mounted him. He had done too good a job of getting me ready, so told me that I should use him first to cum and then we would start the proper session. This was quite a nice treat as one of the best ways for me to stimulate myself in this position is to hump back and forth against him which rubs my clit against his body. He doesn’t feel a great amount when I do this, so I could get myself off without pushing him too far along – so he would be able to last for a while during (my) round two. Feeling his cock buried in me certainly helped things along and I ground myself against him until I came. It wasn’t that strong an orgasm, but was enough to release me and get me ready (after a bit more fooling around) for our proper fuck.

Mike had enjoyed watching me gyrating around on top of him and wanted to resume this position so I mounted him again and we fucked. I slid up and down on his cock and leant forwards to kiss him. I did my (now) usual trick of squeezing myself around him and this got a moan of approval. We rolled around on the bed for a bit as Mike wanted a turn on top, but ended up back with me riding him. We finished off with him rapidly pumping into me – holding my hips in place so our bodies repeatedly slammed together. Mike helped me cum by reaching around my leg and getting his fingers on my clit – he didn’t need any help and came in me a little before I came, but kept moving for a while (albeit more slowly).

We fell asleep after this – Mike wasn’t hard enough to be inside me though so we spooned the other way round for a change and he said he liked the feel of my breasts pressed up against his back. I reached over and gently played with him, managing to get him hard(ish) again (at least hard enough that he could have slid back into me), but we remained as we were and dozed off.

I woke up in the morning with him already moving inside me. I’d been having a nice dream (no doubt influenced by what he was doing) and found out that he had slowly worked his way into me and had been gently fucking me for a little while. Once I was properly awake, our movements became much less gentle and I pushed back against him so he thrust deep into me. We finished off like this and stayed linked for a while with him still buried in me while he kissed the back and side of my neck.

It was another nice day and we wanted to make the most of the reasonable weather, so didn’t stay in bed too long. After a quick breakfast and shower, we headed out. I decided to give Mike a treat and wore a new pair of denim shorts with opaque tights underneath. We took provisions with us and headed out in the same direction that I’d been with Jen. After having shown Mike roughly where Jen and I had fooled around, we walked a bit further to find our own spot. We ended up in a nice place at the edge of a copse, overlooking quite a large area.

I slipped my shorts off and leant back against Mike, who was sitting against a tree. He reached around and fondled me through my tights and used a vibe to stimulate my clit. I had my legs spread wide for the world to see (but most of the world wasn’t there) and Mike told me that as things progressed, he could feel my pussy getting wet even through my tights. Mike pushed his fingers and the vibe into me as much as the tights would allow. He told me that if they tore at all, he was going to rip them completely open and play with me properly, but they were impressively strong and held out through his assault. I didn’t hold out though and came with his fingers pushing a little way between my lips and the vibe on my clit.

I stayed sitting against him and let him play with my breasts – at first just under my top, then this was slipped up and finally my bra pushed over my breasts to free them. He toyed with my breasts and nipples while I recovered from my orgasm and when I started to get more aroused, he slipped a hand down my tights to toy with my cunt again (but this time, touching it directly). I could feel the bulge of his cock pressing against my lower back and told him that I wanted to play with it. I was instructed to stand up and he pulled my tights down to my knees, then opened his jeans and pulled his cock out. I knelt in front of him, stuck my ass in the air and started to lick and suck him – taking things nice and slowly. I licked up and down the shaft while stroking his balls (gently), then moved on to rubbing the lower part of his shaft while sucking the head. I enjoyed the feeling of my ass bobbing around, knowing that I was baring myself to an even larger area than I had done when here with Jen (we were higher up the hill).

I got Mike quite close to cumming before he stopped me, saying that he wanted to cum inside me. I got up, turned around and presented myself to him, pulling my ass cheeks and pussy open, inviting him to slide into me. He said that he wanted to taste me before filling me with cum though and after a couple of quick licks, he suggested I remove my tights so that he could get better access to mu pussy. I quickly pulled them off and tossed them aside. We debated the best position to use and settled for me standing, leaning against the tree and facing downhill while Mike knelt between my legs and ate me. My top wasn’t really hiding much (and hadn’t been for a while) so I pulled it off (along with my bra) and stood naked, with my legs spread while mike’s tongue worked on my cunt and clit. He didn’t mess about and licked away quickly, alternating between concentrating on my pussy and clit. Due to the speed he was working at, it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm approaching and then flow out of me. I really enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to keep quiet and could make as much noise as I wanted – I took full advantage of this and moaned, panted, told Mike where and how to lick me and described to him exactly what I could feel.

I really enjoyed the experience and by the time it was over, felt like just sliding down and lying in a heap (but having a bare back against a tree meant that sliding down would have been somewhat painful). I sat down (somewhat less elegantly than I had hoped to, but I don’t have to impress Mike and my legs felt somewhat shaky). We ate lunch and gently teased each other (I did more teasing of Mike, just to make sure that he stayed nice and hard and would be able to cum in me). I ended up eating the second part of lunch with a banana sticking out of my pussy and had to occasionally fuck myself with it (just a little each time). Between the rest, teasing Mike and the banana, I was ready for round three (for me) by the time we had finished.

I leant bending forwards against a tree so that Mike could take me from behind and we had a good long hard fuck. He didn’t play with my clit for the first part and just enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding into me over and over. He also rubbed back and forth between my ass cheeks and we discussed whether it would be better for him to cum over my back and see how much of a mess he could make. In the end, we decided to stick with the original plan of him cumming in me and we broke position so that I could put mu tights back on (only pulled up to mid-thigh level). This constrained how much I could open my legs for him to get a hand between them to play with my clit, but he managed to get enough contact that once we resumed the fucking, I knew that I wasn’t going to have a problem cumming.

Mike didn’t have any problems cumming either and kept telling me that he was going to fill me with cum and did so. He emptied his load into me and stayed pushed deep inside while he rubbed my clit and gave me my third orgasm of the session. We stayed like this for a while, his cock twitching inside me and me squeezing myself around it to milk out any last drops of cum. When we decided it was time for him to pull out I got ready and pulled my tights up as far as I could. As he pulled out, some cum came with his cock and ran down my leg, but I pulled my tights up the rest of the way and caught most of it inside them. Mike gave the area a little massage (which made a nice sticky mess) and after giving his cock a quick suck clean, I slowly got dressed while he packed things away.

I could feel his cum leaking out of me throughout the journey home and when we arrived, I found out that it had leaked from the tights and I had a large damp patch on the back of my skirt, so had to tie a jacket around my waist to hide it. I removed the skirt once we got home, but kept the tights on so I could enjoy the feeling of cum rubbing against me, but removed them and gave the area a sponge down before we headed out for the evening (after dinner).

We went out to a club and I wore a tighter and shorter skirt than usual. I decided to put on some white lacy panties as I thought these would show up better in the dark. They were fairly transparent in the light, but we found out that even though it was easy for me to let people see them, they couldn’t really see through them in the dimly lit club. I ended up removing the panties (in the bathroom) and spent the rest of the evening allowing anyone who seemed interested to get a good view up my skirt and at one point, a good view of my ass as the skirt rode up while we danced and I didn’t try to stop it.

We returned home not too late and enjoyed a pre-sleep session (me on top again, but we rolled over after I came so that Mike could pull out and cum over my front). He was hard enough to spoon while we fell asleep and we discussed plans for my visits to Jen (at least the bits that he knew about and would tell me) as well as the upcoming holiday with friends.

On the Sunday morning, I was woken by Mike going down on me (which is why he had wanted to cum over me instead of in me). After spending a fair amount of time down there and making me cum, he commented on how well shaved I was (which is impressive as it had been almost two days since I had shaved). He lay on top of me and we kissed for a while as he rubbed his cock against my pussy – pulling back out whenever he slipped into me. Once we moved on to actually fucking, we humped against each other harder and faster and I told Mike to cum in me as quickly as he could (before I did). I moaned and told him what I could feel to encourage him along and once he had cum, he had to stay inside me.

I pushed a vibrating egg down between us and positioned it as close to my clit as I could. Mike pressed up against me, holding it in place and I contracted myself around him and gently ground my hips up and down while I enjoyed the egg (not quite so gently as I got closer to cumming). Because he had just cum, my contractions felt much stronger for him than usual, but he stayed buried in me and even moved around a little bit (but not too much as we needed to hold the egg in place). He was fairly convinced that he could feel my cunt spasm around his cock as I came and it made a nice change to just have him pressed deep inside me, not moving.

We had a naked breakfast and showered (it’s not just Jen and I that enjoy washing each other – although her hair is somewhat longer and nicer than Mike’s). We had a little play with the pulse setting, but not enough to cum as Mike wanted to have a quick play with the Japanese schoolgirl outfit. He helped me get dressed and then spent a while fondling me and rubbing up against me before we finally gave in and had our second fuck of the morning, with me leaning up against the counter in the kitchen. He came inside me again and I slipped off my skirt so that he could watch his cum drip out of me and run down my legs. With our lust satisfied, we headed into town for lunch before going for a wander and then on to the train station for Mike to head off. He dozed on the train and later told me that he’d been having interesting dreams, but it is somewhat more difficult for a man to discreetly cum in public, so he had to wait until he was home to take care of himself.

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