Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Summer holiday 2011 - Part 1

It was so much warmer on holiday, I miss it...


Over the last week in June we went on holiday to Majorca with a number of people from York. I’m not going to write full details for each day as I would fall even further behind, but will just go over the highlights (which should still give a couple of entries). There were 14 of us and we had hired a large villa in Port de Pollença in Mallorca. It was a nice place, right on the beach and had a roof terrace. I didn’t know everyone who came well (there were a couple of new people who I’d met during my weekend visits, but Mike (and obviously everyone else) knew them. It was the first time that Jen had met Stuart and Jennifer but she sort of knew Chris (although even less than I did).

Most of the rooms had twin beds and we pushed those together for the couples (of which there were four – or five if you included Vicky and Lis, but they were still pretending to be single and just decided to sleep in one of the beds together so nobody would suspect). On the nights she wasn’t sleeping with me, Jen would share a room with Jennifer (who is also usually called Jen, but I’ll use her full name to disambiguate).

Continuing my developing fascination with denim shorts, I had brought a couple of pairs along for Jen to wear. I had already cut them quite short and they showed off the bottom of her ass cheeks quite nicely (enough for her bikini bottoms to be visible when she also had them on). The guys seemed to like the view this gave (especially when she didn’t have anything on underneath). The main beach was a public beach and was fairly busy – we noticed that a number of women were sunbathing topless (it wasn’t the norm, but there were enough of them that I felt fine stripping off my top and sunbathing topless for a while. Vicky didn’t want to be outdone (as I’ve said before, she is quite proud of her breasts) and joined me.

I convinced (or ordered) Jen to join us and between us, we seemed to be enough of an attraction for both the guys in our group and some of the other men on the beach. As there were children around, we had to be well behaved, but I still enjoyed being eyed up. After lunch, Jen, Lis and I said that we were going to sunbath on the roof (in the shaded area) so that we could be topless without people eyeing us up. Vicky volunteered to stay with us, just to make sure that we didn’t get up to anything (who knows what three lesbians could do when left alone) and the rest of the group wanted to go for a wander around town or to the beach to swim anyway.

We immediately removed our tops and I offered to put cream on for whoever wanted it. I did everyone’s back and legs, allowing my hands to wander up very high on Lis’ inner thighs (but not high enough to touch her). I wasn’t quite as restrained with Jen and stroked right up to her bikini and rubbed her pussy through it. I didn’t hide what I was doing and ended up slipping my fingers into her bikini bottoms and into her pussy. I didn’t do this for long, but she was nice and wet by the time I finished. She did my back and had a quick fondle of my ass and we relaxed for a while.

When it was time to turn over, I applied cream to Jen’s front and suggested that Lis should probably take care of Vicky. Lis spent a while massaging the cream into Vicky’s breasts (which sort of made sense as they are considerably larger than Jen’s), but I spent just as long teasing Jen’s nipples so they were very hard. When Lis moved on to Vicky’s legs, I asked if they would mind if Jen sunbathed naked. Nobody objected, so I pulled Jen’s bottoms off and started to rub cream into the front of her legs. Lis watched what I was doing while she worked on Vicky and as I got higher up Jen’s thighs, she spread her legs a bit. I rubbed right u to her pussy and made sure that the area was covered with lotion, then slipped a finger between her lips and rubbed up and down her slit. This allowed me to get quite a bit of pressure on her clit so even with slow strokes I could get her pretty aroused.

We switched places and I said that I may as well be naked, so slipped off my bottoms too. Lis joined me and Vicky and Jen applied lotion to our fronts. Jen was quite happy to rub my pussy while Vicky was a bit more cautious at first, but I guess she decided that Lis didn’t mind her doing it in front of us, so she rubbed lotion over the area (but without the fingering I had given Jen). Vicky stated that she may as well be naked too and stripped off. Lis didn’t get the chance to play with her though as Vicky rubbed lotion over her own pussy before lying down.

Vicky dozed off and I told Jen to play with herself – she didn’t have to cum, but I just wanted her to finger herself so I could watch. Jen did this and actually carried on until she came (bonus points) and we stayed out until the others returned (but we got dressed before going down to join them).

I thought that we had started the holiday off in a fairly good way and for the second day, I made some alterations to Jen’s shorts by cutting more off them. The crotch of her panties was now just visible and I made sure that she sat in ways that allowed people to see this. I think Pete appreciated the view (when he managed to sneak a peek without Christine noticing he was looking) and I didn’t want to be outdone, so sat beside Jen, allowing him to also look up my little skirt to my bare pussy. On the beach that day, Mike put cream on me and Chris offered to take care of Jen. (I think that Chris and Stuart were both fighting over Jennifer, but Stuart seemed to be getting on with her better and Jen was kind enough to offer her body to keep Chris distracted – of course, I had told her to do this). Mike got a bit jealous of this, so when it was time to do her front, he was first in line to rub cream into her breasts – but we were on the beach again so he didn’t have the chance to really fondle her (which I guess is why she let him do it in the first place).

Chris got to put cream on Vicky as well (back only) and she even let him do her legs. I assume this was all part of her ‘I’m not gay disguise’, but there was no untoward touching. I donated Jen to apply lotion to Lis (only a brief stroke of her breasts) and she behaved herself with Lis’ legs as well. We sunbathed and had a play in the sea (we put tops back on for this) and at one point swam out to some rocks that had been used to create wave breaks. Around the other side of the rocks, I climbed up and let Mike pull the crotch of my bottoms aside and have a quick lick of me (salty pussy tastes quite different, but he had a good go). We didn’t have long enough for me to cum, but it felt nice anyway.

After dinner, I cut more of Jen’s shorts away so the crotch of her panties was now properly visible. As we sat around chatting and drinking, I had her sit cross legged so my handiwork was displayed and I took note of who stared at her. She was in with Jennifer that night so I set her the task of masturbating in bed (which she achieved) and also went as far as being naked around Jennifer. She didn’t make a big deal about this (or even ask) and Jennifer didn’t say anything, but it took until the second night before Jen got to see Jennifer nude (while she was changing for bed).

It became apparent that the roof terrace was the place to be if we were going to have any fun and over the next few days, it became the safe place for us girls to sunbathe naked as well as being the ideal spot for Jen and I or Mike and I to do a lot more. I really liked being able to lean against the wall, looking out at everyone on the beach or walking past below us and being eaten. We tried to find a way that Mike could fuck me without being seen, but couldn’t manage this so we had to resort to him eating me and me blowing him. (Of course, we fucked on the roof, just not with me looking out over the edge).

We managed to convince both Holly and Jo to join us one afternoon which meant that we were only topless and not naked, but it was still good for both Lis and I as we used to have respective crushes on them. Who am I kidding; I still have a crush on Jo and would love to have a chance to demonstrate to her the joys of lesbianism (or bisexuality). It was quite obvious that Lis still fancies Holly as well and I later found out that Vicky had noticed Lis glancing over at her. It was a little bit like a dream sequence as I got to cream up Jo’s back and Lis got to do Holly’s back and we were even allowed to do the backs of their legs (they both know that we find them attractive). Unfortunately, the dream didn’t go as far as either one of us would have liked, but it was nice to just get my hands on Jo and feel her soft skin (which I think would have felt even nicer without the sun lotion).

Around the middle of the holiday, I presented Jen with a new bikini – it was somewhat smaller than the one she had been wearing up until that point, with only two tiny scraps of cloth to cover her breasts and a g-string for the bottoms with a sufficiently small bit of material that we had to shave off a little of Jen’s patch of pubic hair (and it was a good thing that she always has her lips shaved). Having seen her in the outfit, it wasn’t really suitable for her to wear on the beach, but I made her wear it around the house and on the roof even when the guys were around. The top just about covered her nipples (but did nothing to hide their pointyness if I happened to tease her and get her at all excited). Even though she was obviously more covered than when she was topless, the outfit somehow accentuated how much was on display. This probably wasn’t helped by how much of her ass and pussy were visible. You couldn’t technically see her pussy, but it was obvious that it was *just* hidden.

One night, we played poker and this turned in to strip poker (but with a caveat that we would stop before anyone was completely naked). I’m not that good at poker so was soon topless but a few other people soon caught up with me and it was Stuart who would have been the first person naked. I asked if anyone wanted to go for a midnight skinny dip and after we had shouted down Jo who pointed out that you weren’t meant to go in the sea at night, a few of the others said that they were up for it. Initially, it was just Mike, Jen, Lis, Stuart, Holly, Jennifer, Chris and myself who were going, but we convinced Vicky to join us and after a bit more coaxing, Peter and Christine. We couldn’t convince Jo & her bf (I don’t think he had a lot of say in the matter) or Holly’s bf to join us but we wandered over to the beach and on the count of three, stripped off and dashed into the water.

It felt a lot colder than I had expected, but was still exciting to be properly naked around everyone. I managed to brush past Peter a couple of times and allowed Mike to finger me under the water. When I mentioned this to Lis, she tried to do the same to Vicky, but she wasn’t allowed to. I told her that she could always do it to Jen if she wanted and I think that she was briefly tempted – even if only to get her own back – but she didn’t do anything, so I did. I noticed that Stuart and Jennifer were splashing around a lot together and they decided to get out and go for a walk down the beach (after covering up again).

When we left the water, the men covered up fairly quickly and I noticed that the cold had had quite an effect on them. I’d only caught a quick glimpse of their cocks on the way in, but enough to know that they were all definitely quite a bit smaller after the cold water. As punishment for not joining in, we threw the others in – I had hoped that someone would suggest that we strip them first (but I suppose that might have been a bit too mean).

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