Thursday, 27 October 2011

Summer holidays 2011 - Part 2

Another change of plans - I was meant to be going down to see Jen this weekend, but there is going to be a special themed Halloween party in York so I'll be having an extended weekend and stopping off in York for the party on Monday night. I invited Jen along (again), but even though her exhibitionism is coming along well, she isn't quite up for openly fucking in front of a whole group of people.


Once we had returned to the villa and dried off, we sat and chatted for a while and Mike and I decided to go and look at stars on the roof. This was of course just an opportunity to go and have sex (which I’m sure everyone else knew, but we didn’t care). The advantage of being up there at night was that we could now fuck properly while looking out over the beach and people wandering past. I decided that I didn’t care if anyone else came up and saw me naked, so I removed all my clothes and let Mike enjoy my cunt (which he said felt nice and hot) and he gave me a good fucking. It was my turn to sleep with Jen that night and he asked where I wanted him to cum (she doesn’t object to him cumming in me from time to time, but at least occasionally she wants to taste just me). I told him to finish up inside me as I was probably going to taste salty anyway after being in the sea so he emptied his load into me and wiped his cock on my ass cheeks to clean it off.

We stood chatting for a while and Mike gently fingered me while his cum leaked out. I didn’t let him make me cum again (so I had something left for Jen), but did wipe his cum into my legs before we went and rejoined the others. Stuart and Jennifer wandered in a bit later on and I immediately guessed that they had just had sex (they both had that nice satisfied look about them). They were teased about where they had been by everyone and when I later chatted to Vicky about it, she agreed that they had probably been fucking. When I was in bed that night with Jen, she said (as I had expected) that she didn’t really taste Mike over the general salty taste (but quite a bit of his cum had leaked out anyway). Vicky and Lis borrowed a couple of our toys that night (we’d only brought a couple of vibes and eggs but hadn’t used them much).

The next day, Mike presented me with a matching bikini to Jen’s and they dared me to wear it. It looked somewhat ridiculous on me as the top clearly did nothing to hide my breasts (and didn’t even come close to covering my nipples). Between them, Mike and Jen trimmed my pubic hair so that it didn’t show and took turns to check that my lips were still nice and smooth. They each got me close to cumming but didn’t let me cum. I thought I was in for a treat when I was told to lie over Jen and 69 with her – she ate my pussy and Mike liked my ass. I got really close to cumming once more, but again was denied and taken down to show off my new outfit.

Despite everyone having seen me topless a few times already (we had also done a bit more sunbathing on the beach with the whole group as I obviously enjoy being seen even semi-nude), I felt much more naked dressed like this. In my case, my breasts distracted attention away from my crotch – with a bit of pulling and tightening, it sort of held them up and I looked like something out of one of Mike’s anime films. Holly said that I was showing a bit too much and when I pointed out that we had been going topless on the beach (and the poker), she couldn’t find a reason why this was any worse than that. Vicky actually came to my defence and said that she didn’t see a problem with it and even asked if she could try the top on. In front of everyone (or everyone who happened to be there), she removed her bikini top and I handed her my one. I stayed topless and helped her put my top on – her nipples are slightly smaller than mine but are still large enough that they weren’t completely covered either (but it was a good chance to have a minor fondle of her breasts in front of lots of people).

Later on that day, the four of us (Jen, Lis, Vicky and myself) were sunbathing on the roof again and Jen complained that I had been the one to get to play with Vick’s breasts. I asked Lis if she minded if Jen had a session with Vicky and Lis said that she was fine with that. Vicky wasn’t quite as sure, but after a bit of persuasion, she said that Jen could apply suncream to her front. Vicky made herself comfortable and Jen started to apply cream – she was obviously enjoying what she was doing (give her a large pair of breasts and she’s always happy). I thought that I may as well join in and asked Lis if she wanted any help. She accepted my offer and I copied what Jen was doing (but on the smaller scale of Lis’ breasts). I managed to get Lis’ nipples quite hard and also rubbed over her stomach and up the insides of her legs (when Vicky wasn’t looking). I didn’t actually touch anything (other than her breasts), but stroked and teased her skin at the very top of her thigh until she was squirming around a bit.

Vicky let Jen play with her breasts for longer than I had expected her to, but in the end she decided that it had been long enough. I allowed Jen to cream me up as well but she did the rest of my front and not just my breasts. When she was doing my legs, she made sure that all of me was covered and because the micro bikini didn’t cover much, it felt quite good. I then did her, but didn’t let her bikini stop me from playing with her. I was going to ask Vicky if she minded if I made Jen cum, but when I looked over, it seemed that Vicky was dozing, so I went straight ahead and fingered Jen. Lis saw what we were doing and started to watch, so I got Jen to pull her legs apart and I slid two fingers in and out while I played with her clit. I made her cum and told her that she wasn’t allowed to straighten up her bikini so her pussy stayed only half hidden until we went back downstairs.

It seemed that Chris had given up on Jennifer and had turned his attention to Vicky and Lis (but he was clever enough to figure out that his chances with Lis weren’t that high so was mostly concentrating on Vicky). Vicky was flirting back with him (but she flirts with Mike as well so I don’t think it meant anything). Lis was a little put out by this and we had a chat about it and I assured her that it was probably just Vicky playing along with him and wanting to make sure that people didn’t weren’t suspicious of the fact that she was dating Lis (after all, Vicky *had* been spending quite a bit of time on the roof with three lesbians). Chris and Vicky spent the evening flirting and I got Mike to mention to her that she might be going a bit overboard. She went for a walk with Chris later (at his request) and told him that she liked him, but just no ‘in that way’ and Lis told us the next day that Vicky had assured her that night that she was only interested in her (and had demonstrated repeatedly *just* how interested she was).

Jen and I had snuck off to our room early that night as it was my turn to be with Mike, but Jen wanted to have a session and construct a fantasy. As I had expected, it was based around her playing with Vicky’s breasts but I was also involved (two sets of large breasts are certainly better than one in Jen’s opinion). We lay on the bed and stroked each other while Jen described what she wanted to happen:

We were back on the roof and Jen was creaming up Vicky’s front (as she had done earlier). I came over to help and while Jen teased Vicky’s nips, I stood behind Jen and slipped her panties down. I fingered her from behind and Vicky slowly slid a hand up Jen’s legs and her fingers joined mine in her pussy. Jen slid a hand down to Vicky’s crotch and pushed her fingers into Vicky’s cunt. She played with it until Vicky was nice and wet, then she and Vicky switched places and we stroked Jen all over. Jen could now pull Vicky and my breasts to her mouth and suck on them while we teased her nips. At some point, Lis joined us and Jen felt her legs being spread and a tongue push into her pussy. Vicky and I rubbed Jen’s body with our breasts and took turns kissing her while Lis ate her to a wonderful orgasm.

Back in the real world, we had managed to get each other off and then turned around to kitty kiss each other. Jen would have happily cum again, but I told her I needed the energy to keep Mike happy later on and gave her the task of cumming in her room with Jennifer, but being completely exposed while she did this (she managed this by just waiting until Jennifer had gone to sleep). We rejoined the others downstairs for a while before everyone went to bed and I had my usual nightly session with Mike while telling him about Jen’s fantasy. We adapted it a bit so he joined us and fucked Lis while she ate Jen (which I found odd as I had assumed he would have wanted to fuck Vicky in that situation), but either way, it was a good enough fantasy to help us both to cum in RL.

Mike came in me again first thing the next morning and then went to wake Jen so that she could eat me clean (he was allowed to watch her start to do this, but had to leave us before Jen and I started to do things properly). We were nearing the end of the holiday now and I assumed that as this would possibly be the last holiday that we all went on together as a number of people would probably be leaving York during the coming year, so decided to push things a little further than I usually would around my friends.

When Jen and I went down for breakfast, I made her wear a t-shirt that only just covered her bits (with nothing on under it of course). I don’t nkow how many people got to see any of her, but I know that Mike and Lis both later said they could see a fair amount (not quite up to her pussy, but close enough). I then made her wear the skimpy bikini onto the beach (not that this made too much difference as we were then topless) and later that day I made her wear her denim shorts without panties on. The crotch had somehow been trimmed even more and while they covered more than her micro-bikini, they didn’t cover much. I got Mike to have a check before Jen went downstairs wearing them and after a very close examination, he assured her that he couldn’t actually see her pussy lips, but he thought that if pulled on her thighs, he might be able to.

I also slipped an egg into Jen’s pussy and let Mike hold onto the remote control – he played with this while we all sat around and chatted and managed to palm it off to Vicky for her to administer. I had to remind Jen a few times to not press her legs together (while it was nice knowing that she was enjoying the stimulation from the egg, the idea was to show her off). I really wanted to make her cum around someone other than Mike, Lis or Vicky and had been trying to find a way to take her up to the roof and hint that someone could come and listen in while I fingered her, but short of just openly offering to let people watch/hear her cum, we couldn’t find a way to manage this.

We reached the end of the holiday and by this time it was clear that Stuart and Jennifer were together (they hadn’t officially announced it, but Jen kept finding him in her room and was sure that she had smelt the familiar odour of sex (which I guess could just have been Jennifer masturbating, but we prefer to think that they were going at it properly.

The journey home wasn’t too bad – we were delayed for a while at the airport and got to have some fun with glass balconies and short skirts (and lots of groups of guys who were on lads holidays). As per usual, we had nothing on under our skirts and chose a few places to stand and innocently chat, pretending not to notice when they availed themselves of the view. On the plane journey, I had the window seat, with Mike and Jen on the two seats beside me. This gave me the chance to have a sneaky play with myself. Jen leant a hand but it was my own fingers that actually made me cum, so I’m now a member of the mile-high-sterbation club (joining Jen). The challenge now is for Mike to gain membership without use of the toilets...

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