Saturday, 1 October 2011

Train play

We're down at Jen's Uni house and have the place to ourselves but have also invited Lis along so are having an interesting weekend, but this entry is from mid-May.


I went down to visit Mike in York and had restrained from making myself cum that morning so I would be ready for some fun. I hadn’t refrained from teasing myself though and had used the shower spray while shaving myself that morning. I had also toyed with myself while sitting at my desk (mostly during coffee break when there were fewer people in the room) and I had been fantasising about meeting up with Lis and continuing from the previous weekend (this was only a fantasy – I intended to actually behave around her).

All of this meant that I was fairly horny by the time I got to the train station and I knew that having four hours to let my mind wander wasn’t going to help matters. Having resisted cumming all day, I wasn’t about to spoil it so I wasn’t disappointed when someone sat across from me. I spent quite a while looking out the window, gazing at the scenery and coming up with ideas for the weekend. My mind must have wandered a bit as I realised that I had let me legs open slightly further than was wise given the skirt I had on (sans panties of course). I shifted my focus and looked at the reflection in the window and could see that the person opposite seemed to have noticed the view I was giving him and was looking between my legs.

Of course, any normal girl would have either just closed her legs or called the guy a pervert, but as you well know, I’m not exactly normal (and proud of it). I felt a little rush of excitement course through my pussy and wondered how much fun I could have. I didn’t move my gaze from the window but slowly spread my legs a bit further and raised my left leg so my foot was almost on tip-toe. It probably wouldn’t have made much difference, but I certainly felt more exposed. I used the window as a mirror to check that there was nobody sitting anywhere else who might see what I was doing and then let one of my hands wander over my leg and gently stroke up my inner thigh. I gently stroked up and down, gradually getting closer to my pussy while intently staring out the window in a casual fashion and watching the reflection of the guy.

My fingers made contact with my pussy and I spread my legs just a little more so I could have better access. I took the risk of closing my eyes for a few seconds to show that I was enjoying what I was doing, but I didn’t keep the shut for too long so I could keep a look out for people walking past. I slid my fingertips up and down my slit and even though I was barely touching myself it felt really good. A quick sideways glance showed that he was quite interested in what i was doing (and hadn’t bothered to cover up the bulge yet), so I decided to take another chance and be a bit more direct.

I sat back in the seat and looked over at him – he initially looked away and fastidiously read his book. I continued to stroke up and down my slit and pushed my fingers just between the lips. It was now obvious that I was putting on a display for him and after he glanced up a few times and I carried on, he started to watch me properly again. Neither of us said anything and I used a single finger to rub my clit, leaving the rest of my pussy exposed for him to see. I could now keep an eye out in front of me very easily, but was caught out when someone walked past from behind me. I don’t think they saw what I was doing as I quickly pulled my hand out from under my skirt, but as soon as they had passed, I slid it back to my cunt.

I carried on playing with my clit and was getting very fidgety. I ended up slipping my shoes off and pulling my right leg up so that the heel was under my left leg and my knee lay off to the right. This really opened up the view and made it much easier to play with myself, but also meant that anyone walking towards me would have probably been able to see so I had to be more careful and push the front of my skirt down when anyone walked past (this only happened a couple of times).

My resolve to hold out until I got to Mike was certainly wavering and as usually happens as I get closer to cumming, I was prepared to take a few more chances. I was still paying close attention to things around me, but I also lifted up my left leg a bit and pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy. At first I only put them in up to the first knuckle, but then slipped in up to the second and finally pushed them as far in as I could get. This was more for show than anything else and after a few pumps, I returned to stroking my clit. I was interrupted a few more times and managed to calm down a bit but would have probably made myself cum if we hadn’t pulled in to a station.

I straightened myself out while people got off and new people climbed on. I squeezed my thighs together and kept myself aroused with various thoughts and fully intended to continue as soon as we got underway. Unfortunately, a woman sat next to me and I felt really disappointed as the chance to cum for someone without exchanging a single word was quite appealing. I did let my legs drift open slightly – nowhere near as much as before, but enough to allow a view up my skirt – and while I once again gazed out the window, I slowly and carefully sucked my fingers clean of my juices (and I think the guy watched me doing this). The woman got off at Darlington and the train was once again quiet (much quieter than usual for a Friday). I’d had over an hour to calm down so I was now just back to my general everyday state of arousal, but knew that I had about another half hour to kill before we got to York.

I was a lot less subtle this time – I shifted in my seat, sitting back fully and spread my legs. The guy opposite immediately stopped reading and paid attention to me, so I rewarded him by running my fingers straight to my pussy and playing with the lips. I again slipped just the fingertips between them and rubbed up and down and even slipped my other hand between my legs so I could pull my lips apart. I wanted to spread my legs properly and let him see right up inside me, but what I was doing was risky enough so after a few seconds, I removed my left hand and just carried on using my right. I gently played with myself, both lips and clit (but no real penetration this time). I had to stop a couple of times again as people walked past, but felt more in control and just kept my hand on my thigh until they had passed.

I stayed nicely aroused until we arrived, but didn’t get so close that I was in any danger of cumming. As we got close to York, I stopped playing with myself but decided to give him one last treat for helping make my journey enjoyable. I did my usual trick of standing up and digging around in my bag on the floor so the back of my skirt slid right up and exposed my ass and pussy. The difference was, this time I did it while standing right beside him. I knew exactly how exposed I was and would have loved to slip a hand between my legs and stroke myself, but it’s not that easy while in this position so I just enjoyed knowing he was looking (I glanced round to check that he actually was). I stayed like this for as long as I could, then actually gathered up my things and headed to the door. We made it through the whole experience without saying a thing to each other and that made it all the more exciting.

After greeting Mike (kisses only as I didn’t have a long coat on to hide his fondling) I filled him in on my journey. He was impressed at how my ability to tease myself and resist cumming was improving and said that he wouldn’t have minded if I had made myself cum (as long as I could have cum more with him). He is actually a bit torn about my learning how to hold back as he certainly likes hearing about me using self-control when I am teasing Jen (so I can do more to her), but he enjoys making me cum as many times as possible so if I hold back for him, it’s harder for him to either tease me (and make me suffer) or make me cum lots.

We met up with people from work (old work) and had a nice evening before heading home. On the way, we stopped off at our usual alleyway and Mike ate me (he knelt down and I had a leg over his shoulder). As I had expected, he didn’t make me cum and said that if I’d held out all day, we should finish things properly (with him inside me), so after I had returned the favour and given his cock a suck, we hurried the rest of the way home. We waited until we were in bed and had an extended session. We only came once, but took about an hour to get there, using lots of positions along the way (I was on top when we reached the climax). After a bit of recuperation time, Mike was hard again so we could fall asleep while spooning.

I got to see Lis the following day and we chatted again about the previous weekend. I had been a bit worried that I had pushed things too far, but she had really enjoyed watching Jen cum, had been surprised that she had seen me cum (as had I been) and didn’t have any problems with our kissing or minor breast play. It was a much more light hearted exchange than I had expected and we ended up flirting a bit – I complained to Lis that other than when she was asleep, I didn’t get to have her fondle my breasts and she said that if she visited again she would bear that in mind (but wouldn’t specify if that meant that she would do anything).

The rest of the weekend was mostly just our normal routine and didn’t involve anything out of the ordinary or me getting and further chances to expose myself or cum in new and interesting ways (there are only so many ways a girl can actually cum) so I will stop here and move on to the next entry which involves another visit to Jen at Uni...

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