Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Practising pain

Ho hum - another few days before Jen comes up to visit and distract me from the fact that I won't see Mike for another couple of weeks due to scheduling. I'm going to have a masturbation session now while writing the next entry...


We’re up to the end of August now and Mike and I had been married for over a month. We had a nice candlelit dinner to celebrate and then headed upstairs to continue the festivities. Mike had put a couple of candles in the bedroom and once we were naked and things were underway, he said that he had something to show me.

He assured me that it would be fine, but I was still a little nervous when he picked up a candle and said he was going to drip some wax onto me. It felt very warm, but nowhere near as hot as I had expected and he told me that he had got hold of some low temperature bondage candles. They weren’t so much for my benefit as for Jen’s (she likes a bit of pain), but he thought it would be a good idea for us to try them out so I knew what Jen would feel. As long as it was single drops of wax, it actually didn’t feel too bad – even when he dripped them on my areola. He didn’t drip it directly onto my nipples, but did leave a trail of wax down across my stomach, over my mons and onto my thighs. Each drop stung slightly, but it was very arousing and the wax cooled very quickly.

I ended up on my stomach and offered Mike my ass – he happily accepted and fucked it while I used a vibe on my clit to get things started and then pushed in into my cunt so I could imagine being fucked by two guys at once. Mike came in my ass but stayed inside me until I had also cum. I wasn’t too far behind, but he was even moving again by the time my orgasm started so it felt really good. We then spooned and dozed off, but I woke up in the middle of the night with Mike moving in me, so we had another quick fuck before going back to sleep.

We slept late, had our usual morning session, then headed into town to meet up with people for brunch. The group now contains far fewer of my friends so it doesn’t feel quite the same (I don’t spend enough time there to get to knew the new people the way Mike does, so bizarrely, he is better friends with what was my Uni crowd than I am). There were still a few old-timers there though and most of the new crowd seem friendly enough (and of course I know some of them from the last holiday).

We wandered round town with people for a while, went home for dinner and then met up again at the pub later that night. It was a fun evening and it seemed pretty obvious (to us) that Vicky and Lis were going to have a good time when they got home and I wondered if anyone else realised that their flirting was more than just playing. After the pub, Mike and I headed off to the cinema for a late show – it wasn’t too busy, but that was what we’d been hoping for as we weren’t going to just watch the film, but to have some fun as well.

We sat over to one side near the back and as soon as we were sure that we weren’t being overlooked, pulled my skirt up and Mike slipped a hand between my legs. He spent a while gently teasing and fingering me before pulling my little lipstick vibrator out of his pocket and pressing it against my clit. This vibe is almost silent, but not very powerful and I wished that I’d taken one of my better vibes. The build up was very slow and for a while I didn’t think that I would manage to cum (without additional help), but Mike convinced me to stick with it and promised that he would eat me if the vibe failed. After being on the edge of cumming for what seemed like ages, it did finally push me over the edge and I had a really strong orgasm. If we hadn’t been in the middle of the cinema, it would have en an incredibly loud one as well, but I managed to contain myself to a bit of whimpering and moaning (which was masked by the film).

I felt very satisfied by the time my orgasm ended and wanted to repay Mike. I reached over and held on to the front of his trousers and rubbed then up and down.  He was already nice and hard and I could feel him moving his hips around as I continued to rub him. He told me that he would cum if I kept going – so I did. I hadn’t realised that was saying this would be a bad thing as his cock was still inside his trousers, so when he came, his cum soaked his boxers and (by the end of the film) seeped though to leave a stain on the front of h trousers.

I really hadn’t expected to make him cum so easily, but he later said that the way the material was moving against his cock had felt much more intense than usual. He had to hide the wet patch with his jacket while we left the cinema and on the busy streets. Once we had made it to somewhere quieter, I had him stand in the light so I could admire my handiwork. When we arrived home, he removed his trousers and peeled off his boxers to reveal a rather sticky cock. The best way he could think of to clean it was to push it into me and we had an impromptu fuck in the living room. The downside of this was that by the time we made it upstairs, Mike was soft again, so we had to wait a little while before we could spoon and fall asleep. It didn’t take much to coax him back to life though and my description of what might happen during the next night days with Lis helped get him hard.

He woke me up on the Sunday morning and crawled down between my legs to eat me. I told him I wanted to 69 (as I know he likes this – and I’ve continually gotten more used to the taste of his cum). I climbed on top and we ate each other until we had both cum, then I turned around and pushed myself down onto his cock. He didn’t mind being inside me, but didn’t want me to move as he was still too sensitive, so I just gently contracted myself around him.

After breakfast, we showered and Mike gave me another quick shave, then went down on me, but didn’t let me cum. I knew why he was just teasing me and I liked the idea. Lis was coming back up with me for another meeting about possible collaboration with a group at my Uni and would be staying over for the night (just the one sadly). Mike intended to get me nice and horny so I would be less inhibited around her (if that is even possible) in the hope that something might happen between us. We knew that I wasn’t going to actually have sex with her (even if I somehow got the opportunity), but the plan was to put me in a more playful and adventurous mood.

We had lunch with Vicky and Lis and Vicky and I agreed that neither of had any problems with her flirting with Mike or me flirting with Lis. Vicky asked how much she was allowed to flirt with Mike and I told her that she could do as much as she wanted (knowing full well that any limit I set would be way above where she would be prepared to go), so she sat on his lap and leant against him, giving him a good view of her cleavage (as I’ve mentioned before, Vicky is very proud of ‘the ladies’). She then gave Mike a little kiss and we gathered our things to head off to the station.

On the way, Mike told me that she had been rubbing her ass in his crotch and must have felt the fact that he had got hard, but she hadn’t mentioned anything. They saw us off at the station even kissed Lis goodbye (after checking that there wasn’t anyone around who she knew). Mike and Vicky then went for a coffee and continued their low level flirting while I did similar with Lis on the train. Mike teased Vicky quite a bit about Lis and I being in bed and snuggling up together. Vicky asked him if he wanted to snuggle up to her in bed and he told her that she could come round any night she was feeling lonely (it hasn’t happened yet). Their friendship seems to have gotten a lot closer since Vicky started dating Lis – I guess the fact that he’s one of the few people who knows her secret might have helped with this.

I sent a couple of emails to Jen from the train, telling her about my time with Mike over the weekend as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to openly talk to her (and play with myself) while Lis was there. I kept the candles a secret from her, but gave her details of everything else and she told me to try to continue our seduction of Lis as best I could.

When we arrived home, I put the heating on so it was warm enough to justifiably strip off, but put my thin gown on (undone). Lis was quite used to me being naked (or semi naked) so didn’t mind this and after spending the evening chatting and catching up properly (phone and FB just aren’t the same as talking in person), it was finally time for bed. Once we were ready, I slipped my robe off and Lis commented on the fact that I was now completely shaved. I told her that I had done it just before getting married and Jen had done the same (I omitted Sue’s part in the proceedings). Lis had a pair of her cure light pink panties on and I asked if she still her little patch of hair. She said that she did and how much Vicky enjoyed just gently stroking it.

I asked to see what it was like and Lis gingerly pulled her panties down to show me. There wasn’t much difference from the last time I’d seen it (as you would expect) and I teased her for being so shy and reminded her that I’d seen her properly naked. My horniness took over and I pulled her onto the bed and wrestled with her until I had pulled her panties down her legs and they were around her ankles (well, one of them). I let her go at this point, but kept a finger hooked in the empty legband of her panties and dared her to sleep naked. Lis paused for a few seconds and then said that was fine. I got a good view as she lifted her leg and pulled her panties off. I told her that she didn’t really have to sleep naked and I wouldn’t tease her if she wanted to cover up, but she again said that it was fine and we then crawled under the covers together.

We chatted for a while and then curled up to go to sleep. I couldn’t resist spooning up behind Lis and I asked her what she thought Vicky would think if she was there with us. Lis said that she had told Vicky all about her sleepovers and she had been fine with things. I asked if she had minded the fact that Jen and I had made each other cum in front of Lis and was told that was fine, so I asked about us spooning (as we were doing) and was told that was fine. I asked if she had mentioned me hugging Lis and I raised my hand to Lis’ breasts and cupped one of them (more like covered one as her breasts are quite tiny) and Lis quietly said that was fine as well.

I pressed myself up against Lis so her ass was pressing against my mons and told her that I really wanted her to get the job up here – and if she did, she was more than welcome to stay with me until she got her own place sorted out – or she could stay forever if she wanted to act as my little hot water bottle during the cold winter months. Lis said that sounded nice and that she really liked spooning in this position (her and Vicky do it quite a lot, with Vicky as the big spoon). I told her that I really enjoyed spooning with Mike and how it was somewhat different with a guy (for obvious reasons). My hand was still on her breasts – not quite playing with them, but gently stroking her nips, which were certainly harder than when I had started.

We talked about favourite positions and Lis again mentioned how she loved Vicky playing with her little patch of pubic hair. I took this as an invitation and slid my hand down over her stomach until it was at the very top of the patch of hair and gently stroked it. I was silent and could hear that Lis was breathing in a very shallow way, but she didn’t ask me to stop or move my hand away. I really wanted to push lower and stroke her pussy, but managed to control myself and just gently played with her pubic hair for a while before pulling my hand away and asking if that was what Vicky did. Lis said it was very similar and I told her that I could see the attraction and I sort of did it to Jen from time to time.

I realised that I had been slowly pushing my crotch against Lis’ ass and stopped myself, but allowed my hand to slide back up her stomach (and tickle her) before cupping her breasts again and saying that we should probably get some sleep. My pussy felt very wet and sensitive and I debated slipping off to the bathroom to masturbate, but decided that I wanted to stay in the position I was in and would just cope with my horniness. We chatted a little more as we dozed off and I carried on gently squeezing one of her breasts. I didn’t sleep that well, but had lots of little dreams involving sex and kept waking up.

By the time morning came, I felt more aroused than I could remember having been in ages and desperately wanted to cum. We had moved around in the night though and I was on my back with Lis curled up against me, one of her legs over mine and an arm draped over my body. I could part my legs and was very tempted to just play with myself but I thought that might be a bit much for her to wake up to (and I knew that if I started, I would end up waking her up). I really wanted to stay in bed with her, but had to slip out and head to the bathroom. I came in record time (hardly surprisingly) and returned to find Lis awake, but still in bed. It was a bit chilly so I climbed back in beside her and we chatted about her meeting that day.

She went off to get showered and I quickly called Mike and Jen (conference calls can be useful). I told them what had happened (which technically wasn’t much) and we had a three way phone sex session (basically masturbating to my description of being naked cuddled up to Lis). I managed to finish before Lis emerged from the bathroom and I chatted to her while she got dressed before heading in to shower myself. Lis borrowed a few of our toys to take back to Vicky and I helped securely pack them in the bottom of her bag so they wouldn’t accidentally fall out or be seen while she was at Uni.

We had hoped to meet up for lunch, but she ended up eating with her (hopefully) new research group and left before I had finished work. I had a much more detailed phone session with Jen and Mike that night and we explored how things could have developed (which I’m sure you can guess). I know that Lis knows that both Mike and Jen fancy her (and unless she is very dim, I’m sure she’s figured out that I might be a little bit attracted to her) but I wonder what she would think if she knew that we all get off while fantasising about her?

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Cumming in Clubs - Part 2

I'm just back from visiting Sue at Uni. It was great to catch up with her properly and I think it's safe to say that I'm now much better friends with her boyfriend (but you'll hear about that in due time)... Back to August for now and I'd just cum on the roof with various people watching.


With my orgasm out of the way, we decided it was time to head home. I wasn’t given my clothes until we were back inside and had gone down a few flights of stairs (I wouldn’t have expected anything less), so I decided to play along and just carried them until we got to the main stairwell. As it was out of term, I didn’t really expect many people to be in the building but I hadn’t considered conference guests and when we heard a group of them coming up the stairs, I decided that it might be a good idea to cover up. I could hear them chatting a couple of floors below us but I had plenty of time to put my bra and skirt on and when someone suggested I carry my jacket, I went along with the idea (I have a reputation to maintain). I did manage to convince Amanda to sort of join me and completely unbutton her top so that her bra was visible as well (she was fairly drunk so I guess it seemed like a good idea).

By the time we had finished, the group below had wandered off (or so we thought), we met one of them coming up the stairs and he obviously got a good look at us. I don’t know how old he was – I would guess mid/late thirties (but I’m not very good with ages). It was obvious that he was eyeing us up and Jen asked if he liked the way we looked. I think we looked a mess – dishevelled hair (especially me after lying on the roof), Amanda’s ripped tights (by design, to give her the ‘right look’) and generally not at our best after dancing in a hot sweaty club all night. Nonetheless, he said that we looked good and Jen rubbed one of my breasts through my bra and asked if he wanted to see any more. She didn’t wait for him to reply and pulled one side of my bra down, exposing my nipple, then roughly fondled my breast. I was instructed to lift my skirt and did so, letting him see my pussy. Jen went to stroke me but changed her mind and told me to sit down. The guy was told to step back and when his head was at the same level as my pussy, Jen pushed my legs open, spread my lips and told me to lean back.

I don’t think I could really have been any more exposed – my lips were spread and there was now an obvious bulge in the guy’s trousers. I saw his gaze shifting between me and something behind me and when I looked up I saw that Amanda had pulled her top to the side and was playing along by gently squeezing a breast through her bra. I hadn’t really thought about her in a sexual way before (she’s sort of cute, but not really my type). I saw her in a bit of a new light (and new position given I was almost looking up her skirt – but unfortunately she had dark tights on so I couldn’t see anything) and wondered if she was just going to help tease him or do a little more. I was distracted by Jen pushing her fingers into my cunt though and then pushing her head between my legs and licking me. This felt incredible and I thought that she was going to carry on until I came, but all she wanted to do was tease (both the guy and me). When she stopped, I would have happily sat and masturbated for him, but Jen said that we all had to go and I was pulled upright and then down the stairs.

I straightened up my bra on the way down and told Jen that she was being mean. I had my jacket handed to me as we exited the building and we giggled our way down the street until it was time for us to go our separate ways. On the walk home I told Jen that I would have happily cum in front of the guy and she said that she knew that, but it was more fun to tease, and she liked it when I was really horny as she got to have more fun. As if to prove her point, she said that she would eat me if I removed my skirt, so we slipped into an alley, I shed my skirt and Jen knelt down and buried her face in my cunt. I guessed that she was only going to tease me, but I enjoyed the attention anyway and when she had finished, managed to convince her to let me eat her in return (for a short time). We then headed home quickly and after I had stripped in the front garden, dived into the house.

I wanted to go straight upstairs to get down to business and get Jen to fulfil her promise that I would be completely satisfied by the end of the night, but Jen said that she had a better idea. She told me to wait in the living room and returned with a whole pile of blankets and towels. After spreading most of them out on the floor, she sent me up to fetch some toys and when I returned, she had a whole load of food sitting on the coffee table. She reminded me that I had promised her a proper food session similar to the one I’d had with Mike the previous weekend and said that she had originally intended for this to be our Sunday entertainment, but now was as good a time as any.

I didn’t really care how I came as long as I did and helped her remove her clothes. We kissed and lay on the towels, kissing and rubbing against each other. I told Jen that I really wanted her and she said that I could do whatever I wanted. I told her that she could also do whatever she wanted to me and turned around so I could position myself over her in a 69. I pushed my face into her pussy and licked her, then decided that if we were going to have messy sex, we may as well start off properly. I grabbed a pot of cream, poured a generous amount over her crotch, rubbed it in and then pushed my face back between her legs.

I felt something cold on my ass and looked round to see that Jen had poured the cream between my cheeks so it dribbled down over my cunt and into her mouth. Between licks, I told her that I really wanted to cum and started to really eat her – fortunately Jen did the same back to me and this time she carried on going until I came (even while she was cumming).

I rolled off her and wiped my face clean(er). Jen asked if I was now satisfied and I asked if she really thought one orgasm was going to be enough to make me happy. She said that she was glad as she really wanted to do things properly and had been thinking about the session since Mike and I had told her about our one. I took the time to check out what was up on the table and saw that Jen had gone a bit overboard with her selection. I asked what she wanted to do and she said that we should start round two off by getting properly messy. Even though it was a little late, we decided to tie our hair back and with this done, Jen scooped some yoghurt out of a pot and smeared it over my breasts. I did the same to her and we rolled around kissing, smearing it between us. I mentioned how much Mike would enjoy watching us do this and Jen said that he might get to see it one day if he was good, then pushed her hand down between my legs and said it was time to make me cum again.

I spread my legs and told her to go ahead. She grabbed a banana and pushed it into me. I lay back and let her fuck me with it and watched as she spooned some ice cream out of a pot and dropped it onto my mons. It was (obviously) freezing, and it didn’t help when she rubbed it all over my pussy. Fortunately she distracted me by rubbing my clit lots and as I was getting close to cumming, she pushed a smaller banana into my ass. I was instructed to rub my clit while she pumped these in and out of me and after I had cum, Jen said that I looked incredibly sexy with the ice cream dripping off me and both my holes filled.

I thought it was only fair that I get to see the same view so we switched positions and I repeated what she had done to me. I mixed things up a little by pulling the banana out of her pussy and eating her for a bit in the middle, but she came in the same way I had – both holes filled and playing with her clit. Jen had been right – it was an incredibly sexy view and I decided that if she wanted to have messy sex, that we should really do it properly. I sat over her face and poured a mix of cream, yoghurt, ice cream and chocolate sauce over my breasts. It all ran down my front and over Jen’s neck (which kind of made tying her hair up somewhat pointless. While she ate me, I smeared it all over her front and between her legs to cover her pussy and ass, then leant forwards to 69 with her.

We got pretty far into it before Jen said that there was something she really wanted to try. I didn’t stop eating her, but lifted my hips up slightly to allow her to tell me what she wanted. I was a bit surprised by her request, but what Jen wants, Jen gets, so I clambered off her and reached over to the table. I retrieved a relatively slender courgette and pressed the end of it up against her pussy. I slowly worked it into her and watched as her lips stretched around it (Jen isn’t used to having large items inside her –probably the largest is the long double dildo we use). I was being fairly gentle but she kept encouraging me to continue so I continued until it was a good way into her.

Jen held it in place and shifted round so she was on all fours with her ass facing me. I assumed a similar position, held my lips apart and pushed back against the other end of the courgette. It was somewhat tricky, but after a bit of time, Jen figured out how to hold it in place so I could press back on it hard enough to get it to slide into me as well. Once I felt enough of it inside me, I told Jen to move her hand and we pushed together until our asses met and it was buried completely inside us. As we moved, it slid in and out of me more than it did Jen, but she is considerably tighter than I am so I guess that is to be expected. She wanted to cum in that position so I told her to play with her clit while I rocked back and forth. We did this for a while and I realised that it would be much easier if we used one of the eggs I’d brought down. I couldn’t reach it without dismounting, but it was much easier to get it back inside me than it had been the first time.

I passed the egg back to Jen and once she had it in place, resumed fucking her. I could hear how much she was enjoying it and I liked feeling the buzzing when I pushed back against her, but I knew I wasn’t going to cum in this position. In the end, Jen put her shoulders down onto the towels and angled her ass up slightly more. I pushed myself down onto her and we managed to get the egg sandwiched between our clits. It slipped out a couple of times, but Jen held it firmly after that and I just pumped my hips up and down – not enough to really do much, but enough Jen could feel the courgette moving in her.

She had been quite a bit closer to cumming than I had and her orgasm hit her first. I was a little cruel and decided that I would make the most of the situation and pressed down against her so I could feel the egg to its fullest. I told her I was almost there and to endure the vibrations for a little longer, but I knew that it would take me a little while to cum. All the time, the egg was vibrating against Jen’s clit and she certainly seemed to be having a pretty good orgasm, but I made her keep going a little longer than she would have by her own choice. I did cum (but it wasn’t as strong as her orgasm sounded) and once I had eeked out all the pleasure I could, I pulled myself off the courgette, pulled it out of her and licked up and down her cunt (as well as across her clit) until she really couldn’t take any more.

We lay down together, Jen still panting, and realised just how much of a mess we were. Once Jen had recovered, we kissed for a while, rubbing against each other and feeling the sticky mess on our skin. We eventually decided that we had to get cleaned up while we still had some energy and after wiping off what we could, we dashed into the kitchen, trying not to drip on the carpet. It took quite a while in the shower to get cleaned up (and a good scrub of our hair), but we eventually made it to bed (or rather Lucy’s bed) and had a good long sleep.

Our morning session was much cleaner, but we still needed to shower again after we’d finished. We didn’t do anything else that day as Jen’s pussy was feeling slightly tender from the stretching the previous night – but that just meant that by the time I got home I was feeling nice and horny and was ready for a phone session with Mike while I described my weekend to him. After we had both cum (and could discuss things in a more calm and collected manner) Mike said that he really wanted to come to the club and see everything – and added that if he had been there I would have definitely cum for the conference guest. He said that he would also have been more than willing to help out with the courgette and could have helped to make us both cum at the same time (or at least closer together), but I think his main aim would have been to add an extra bit of ‘goo’ to the mix that we were covered in!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Cumming in clubs - Part 1

Mid-August. I went down to visit Jen at her Uni house as she (or rather one of the group) had got us tickets for another special event at the harcore club. Mike had really wanted to come along but he had already made plans to help a friend and couldn’t get out of it. I had really wanted him to come along as well, but Jen assured us that we would make sure to find out in advance for the next trip so he could join us.

I didn’t get to leave until late on the Friday so b the time I arrived. It was past midnight. We debated going round to see people, but just decided to get an early(ish) night so we had lots of energy for the following evening. We had the house to ourselves so got to take advantage of Lucy’s bed. We had to make it up, but this meant that we didn’t need to be as careful about what we did and leaving smears of pussy juice as we would just wash the covers when we had finished. Lucy had left a fair amount of her stuff and I ate Jen with her wearing one of Lucy’s pair of lacy panties and we then humped, grinding our cunts together with us both wearing her panties. This had the desired effect and b the time we had cum, they were both damp with our juices (the pair Jen had on were much wetter than the pair I had on, but that’s what I would expect from the magic pussy juice generator that is Jen’s cunt).

We peeled off the panties and slept naked (as always). In the morning, I went to fetch one of our vibes to play with (Lucy appeared to have taken her one with her for the summer) and we took turns pleasuring each other with it. Jen made me cum with it pushed deep inside me, with it churning away and the clit attachment buzzing up tight against my clit. She kept it in me for much longer than was needed (trying to make me cum twice) but in the end it was clear that I couldn’t cum again (and it was beginning to hurt a little). I told Jen that I would get myself in the mood for a second orgasm by playing with her and I got her to kneel up with her ass high in the air and her face on the pillow.

I ate her from behind and explored her pussy with my tongue, then moved on to flicking my tongue over her ass and gently spearing her with it. Jen has come to really enjoy this and so I spent a while licking her juices up onto her ass and flicking them off while I rubbed her clit with my thumb. I left her kneeling in that position while I dashed in to her room to fetch the strap on and after hurriedly pulling it on, I knelt behind her and pulled her onto the vibe.

It seemed a shame to waste such a cute ass so I pushed my thumb a little way into her and used it to guide her movements while I fucked her. I wanted her to have a good orgasm so asked her to rub her clit. Between us, we soon had her moaning into the pillow and then moaning much louder as she came (none of her usual gentle mewing). I got her to suck the vibe clean and we snuggled up again for a while to kiss and chat before finally heading down for a late breakfast.

We had arranged to meet a few people in town for lunch. I wasn’t shown off too much as Mel and Jules weren’t around (and it is usually Mel that Jen ‘competes’ with), but just for the sake of consistency, I was made to sit with my legs spread slightly and my skirt pulled up to the top of my thighs. As we left the cafe, Jen joined me in picking up a few items from the floor, pulling our skirts up and showing off our asses to a couple of guys sitting at the table next to us. We left before they could say anything (but I glanced round to check that they had noticed) and we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering round the shops. We had a little play in a dressing room, but neither of us came as we wanted to be nice and ready for the club, so soon went home for dinner and a rest.

We showered and dressed – Jen had selected black outfits for us that weren’t my usual style, but were quite appropriate for our destination so I was happy to go along with it. We cheated and got a taxi there, met up with the others and headed in. It was just as wonderful and sleazy as I remembered it and we danced, chatted (yelled) and watched people making out (at varying levels) while we waited for the main attraction. It really is a wonderful place – I don’t know of any other public place where people will openly finger and suck (and even occasionally fuck), but given what was about to happen on stage, I guess it isn’t too surprising.

It was a different band than the last time, but as far as I can tell, they were effectively another Rockbitch tribute band (unless people know of other bands that include live sex in their shows). We crowded to the front to get a good view but couldn’t get right up to the stage. We could see well enough though and as they played their first song, the lead singer pulled items of clothing off the other band members. By the time the song was over, there were four sets of breasts on the stage, two exposed pussies and two girls in what looked like leather panties (the singer and guitarist).

During the next song, the two naked girls made out and by the end of it, there was a bit of pussy action (just fingering). A guy then joined them and he fondled them in what looked like a much rougher way (I’m aware that it is mostly acting) and had both girls bent over so he could slap their asses and finger them. We all wanted to see more and Jen was pressing up against my ass and fondling my breasts through my top. Finally the guy got his cock out and the two girls messily sucked him off – kissing around it and licking up and down the shaft. I don’t know how he resisted cumming for so long with this happening in front of everyone (I’m sure I would have cum in no time) but he let them play with him before bending one of them over and pushing into her.

They were at the wrong angle for us to see everything, but he was definitely inside her and if they weren’t fucking, they were doing a very good job of pretending. Jen’s hands were now under my top and I decided that it was getting in the way, so I pulled it over my head and hooked it in my skirt. She could now get to my breasts properly and they were soon freed from my bra with her fingers teasing and tweaking my nipples. She slipped a hand down to my skirt and pulled up the front so she could stroke my pussy and I reached around behind me to pull her closer to me (she was already grinding against my ass).

I had a look around and most people were just watching what was happening up on stage, but there were a few people fondling (at various levels) but I couldn’t see too far as everyone was packed around us to get close to the action. We continued to watch the couple up on stage and they fucked quite energetically for the rest of the song. The guy came in the girl (Jen said that she could see something leaking from her when he pulled out) and one of the other girls pushed her face between her legs and licked her clean. Their acting was a bit over the top, but she was definitely eating her and Jen’s fingers pushed between my lips and fingered me while we watched.

The girl who had been fucked was then put up on a block and they used a very large dildo to fuck her. We had a much better view of this and I could actually see her cunt swallowing the dildo as it was pumped into her over and over. This continued for another song and she came (conveniently) at the end. I’m fairly certain that she was just acting, but the dildo action was certainly real. The band then performed another couple of songs and the guy came back out and the girls sucked him off in the same way they had before. This time though, he came on their faces and after he had wiped his cock over them, they licked his cum off each other while they fondled.

I was very close to cumming and pressed Jen’s fingers harder against my clit. I ideally, I would have waited until there was something more interesting happening on stage (naked/semi-naked people dancing and singing just didn’t cut it), but I was too desperate and continued to push her fingers onto my clit until I came. It was a pretty good orgasm (probably made better by being surrounded by people, even if they weren’t watching me). When I’d finished, I turned around and kissed Jen, which also allowed me easier access to caress her ass, at first just through over skirt, but when she didn’t stop me, I slipped my hands under it and onto her skin. She still didn’t stop me so I started to knead her ass and work my hands down between her cheeks towards her pussy.

The band took a break and Jen said that we should go somewhere a bit more private. I straightened up my skirt and put my breasts back into my bra, but my top had fallen on the ground and was too wet and dirty so I just took it with me (there were other girls topless so I was still dressed fairly tamely in comparison). We headed into one of the side rooms (which wasn’t much more private) and I pushed her up against the wall and resumed my fondling. As I’ve come to expect from that place, we weren’t the only ones fooling around, but there were still enough people watching to make it interesting. I slipped my hand straight down to Jen’s pussy and she felt very wet. She told me not to tease her so I went directly to her clit and rubbed it, smearing her juices over it and her lips.

I hadn’t realised how horny Jen had gotten while we were watching the band and she had been getting me off (I know, I had been rather selfish), but it soon became apparent that she wasn’t going to take long to cum. We kissed deeply and I pushed a hand up her top to her breasts so I could squeeze and fondle them. Her hands slid down my back and pulled my skirt up so she could grab my ass and I knew that this exposed me to anyone in the room looking our way (as I’ve said, there were a number of us providing ‘entertainment’ for the less adventurous to watch). By the time Jen came, I was grinding myself against her thigh and was more than ready for my second orgasm. Jen told me to calm down and assured me that I would cum plenty more that night so I reluctantly pulled away, sucked my fingers clean and helped her straighten herself up. We watched another couple got at it – they were sitting beside each other kissing and the girl was wanking the guy off while he had his fingers between her legs. He pushed her head onto his cock so he could cum in her mouth (less mess that way I guess) and they then kissed some more while he finished fingering her. We managed to catch a glimpse of her pussy when he removed his hand and it looked like she had multiple piercings

We wandered out to the bar and got another drink then hunted around for some of our group. During the hunt, we found quite a few people getting off with each other and one couple fairly openly having sex. We watched this for a while but the band came back on stage so we left to watch what they would get up to. It started off with the two girls 69ing on the stage for quite a while and after they had cum (or pretended to), the girl on top stood up and peed all over the girl left on the floor. Of course, Jen loved seeing this and her hand dropped to my crotch yet again to give me a quick fondle.

The band played a couple more songs and ended up with one more fuck on stage. This was with the girl up on a table on her back and a guy standing between her legs. It was at least easy to see that guy was actually cumming as he pulled out and came over her front before the other girls took turns at licking his cum off her and wiggling their heads between her legs – either eating or pretending to eat her. She was then fingered fairly energetically and looked like she was actually cumming. All in all, it was a pretty good show, but didn’t quite seem as real as with the other band.

We met up with everyone and danced for a while longer – I still only had my bra and skirt on and Jen was pretty openly fondling me while we danced, but there were plenty of topless girls (with smaller breasts) and people obviously humping so the whole atmosphere was very erotic and arousing. Jen wouldn’t let me cum again but promised once more that I would be satisfied before the evening ended. Of course, just because I wasn’t allowed to cum, it didn’t mean that she wasn’t going to show me off and I was displayed both to the rest of our group and various other people around the club. Now that we’ve got past the rule of my pussy being for her and her alone to see, she is more than happy to let the rest of them see me being fingered and she did this both with my skirt covering her hand and with me holding it up to allow them a better view.

When we finally left the club, Jen took my dirty top and stashed it in her bag. I slipped my jacked on but had to leave it undone and we set off towards Jen’s old halls of residence to utilise the roof. Everyone seemed to be eager to come along and watch what I would do (or be made to do) and once on the roof, Jen told me to give her my jacket, then bra and then skirt. I was made to wander around for a while, posing near the edge and while doing this I remembered how it had seemed so risky when we had first done this. I was instructed to make my poses more revealing (spreading legs further, spreading lips, fingering myself) until I was finally told it was time for me to cum. I had to do this in the most illuminated part of the roof and I felt very exposed, but I was sufficiently turned on by this point that it took hardly any time for me to cum. Of course, everyone there had seen me naked & cumming before – it was more the prospect of however many people watching me from windows that made it exciting.

Monday, 21 November 2011

A Lazy Weekend

Mid August – Mike came up to visit me. We were both fairly tired from catching up with things at work so hadn’t planned anything tiring for the weekend (apart from the fun way to get tired of course). We had a very chilled Friday night out with my work friends, then back to bed early for a gentle session and a long sleep.

I felt much refreshed the next morning and decided that it was time to show off something I’d been practicing for a while. Mike was already awake (I knew this as he was eating me) and I told him that it felt nice, but not to make me cum yet. He sort of obliged by taking me to the edge of orgasm and then stopping and once I’d calmed down, I took charge.

I started off by sucking his cock and teasing it with my tongue. I still can’t do deep throat, but got a fair length of it in my mouth and pumping up and down until I felt he was ready. I then straddled him and plopped myself down on his cock, burying him right up to the hilt. Mike said that I felt very warm and wet and I told him if what I had planned worked, I would be a lot wetter. I started to rock back and forth on him so I wasn’t sliding up and down on his cock, but was still giving him some stimulation. As I did this, I contracted myself around him and he said that he could really feel my cunt enveloping and squeezing his cock. I carried on doing this for a few minutes, telling him how I wanted to feel his cum squirting into me, filling me and then dribbling out over my thighs. Mike loves seeing his cum leaking from my cunt and this helped to spur him closer to cumming. I got him to keep me informed as to how close he was and when he said that he was very nearly there, I stopped moving and just pulsed my cunt around him.

I knew just how long I could keep this up for as I had been practicing for quite a while (and getting stronger at it), so I wasn’t in too much of a hurry initially. Mike was surprised at how much between I had got (I can keep some things secret from him) and was even more surprised that I kept going. I told him that I couldn’t keep it up for much longer and told him not to hold back (which he easily could have as the stimulation was nowhere near as strong as a solid fucking). He was really enjoying the feeling and wanted to know what it felt like to cum just like that so he asked me to talk dirty to him and let his mind get caught up in the fantasy. I could tell he was getting close and squeezed as hard as I could around him and was rewarded by feeling his cock twitching inside me. He told me he was cumming and I reminded him to lie still and let my cunt do the work. He wanted to rub my clit so I could cum too but that would have been too distracting and I wanted to do whatever I could to feel him emptying his load into me.

I don’t think I could actually feel him cum squirting into me, but I felt his cock continue to twitch and contract as he came. He said that it felt very different than usual and even though it was good, he still wanted to cum again. I was quite glad of this as while I had enjoyed seeing (and feeling) Mike cum, I still hadn’t cum. I would have happily put on a little display for him and played with myself, rubbing his cum over my body as it leaked out and I masturbated, but I much preferred the idea of a good fucking.

He needed a short while to let the sensitivity die down slightly, and he fingered me while we kissed during this period. I was then unceremoniously pushed on to my back, had my legs lifted up and held against his shoulders, and his cock thrust into me. We had used this position to fuck a number of times on our honeymoon and I love how deep it feels as if he is plumbing the depths of my pussy. I was still quite wet (Mike seemed to have cum a fair bit the time before) and he added a second load to me. I felt incredibly wet by the end and he pumped into me a few more times for good measure, with my pussy making a delicious squelching sound.

We seemed to have pumped most of his cum out of me during our session, as even though I still felt very wet, hardly anything much dribbled out when I stood up. Even when I was making breakfast, my thighs didn’t get much wetter (although Mike kept fingering me to try to help things along). Mike ‘accidentally’ spilt some of my breakfast yoghurt over his cock and asked if I would like it clean. He wasn’t ready to cum again just yet, but he was happy for me to suck him clean and then suggested that seeing as we hadn’t showered yet, it was a suitable time to have a bit more of a play.

I sat up on the kitchen table with my legs spread, facing the window (but we didn’t have the lights on, so I doubt anyone could see in far enough to notice what we were doing) and Mike poured a little more yoghurt over my breasts and pussy. We messily rubbed it in and Mike licked my breasts clean while I played with my pussy. I could see people walking past and that always helps so I got a bit carried away and poured another much larger batch of yoghurt over myself. This made a much bigger mess and Mike said that if we were going to go that far, we may as well do things properly.

He fetched a Snickers bar, unwrapped it and handed it to me. I knew what he wanted me to do and pushed it into my cunt. I’m not quite sure why (maybe because I’d only cum once), but I really fucked myself with it quite energetically. The chocolate was melting and making a real mess, but I carried on while using my other hand to stroke my clit. I came and was fairly noisy about it (I’m sure my neighbours must love us), them smooshed the remains of the Snickers over my cunt, ass and thighs and told Mike to clean me up. We both knew that there was no way he could actually lick me clean, but he told me to lie back on the table and he made a good attempt. By the time he ‘finished’, both his face and my entire middle area were covered in a sticky chocolaty/strawberry mess (but it had felt nice so it was worthwhile). Even the prospect of actually cleaning up (both us and the table) seemed worth it.

We took care of ourselves first and dived into the shower. It was easy enough to clean up our bodies, but it took a little more effort to get the mess out of my pussy. Having done things like this before (a number of times), we are fairly practiced though and after an initial rinse with warm water, we used a speculum to hold my cunt open and Mike gave me a more thorough rinsing until I was properly clean. Mike then licked me briefly before we dried off and went to clear up the table.

We weren’t sure what the weather was going to do, but it was still quite warm so we decided to head out for a walk. We knew it was likely to rain, so I put on something fairly inappropriate – a very thin, cream summer dress, with just a bra on underneath. We walked for a fair while before it rained and it rained properly. We were both soaked through in a matter of minutes (although I was soaked through much quicker) and my dress clung to me just as I had intended. A hidden benefit of having shaved my pussy bald again was that I could get away without panties at a time like this (pubic hair tends to show through). The dress was actually a bit more see through than I had expected and it was still clear than I didn’t have any panties on (and my bra was quite visible), but I was still technically dressed and there weren’t any children around, so I didn’t care.

I got a bit too cold though so we stopped off at a pub to have some lunch and dry off. I noticed that a number of people were looking at me, but we weren’t the only people in there who were soaked (but maybe I was showing a bit more than the others). By the time we had eaten, my dress was still damp, but it wasn’t sticking to me anymore and we decided to head back home to warm up properly. Naturally, we stopped off a couple of times on the way back for a quick fondle, but I was still feeling a little cold. It was a pity as we found a couple of good spots and if it had been a warmer day, I could have cum at least a couple of times in different canalside locations with nice views.

When we got back home, we stripped off and dived into bed to generate some heat. We had a simple missionary style session (good skin on skin contact to share warmth) and when we had finished, Mike suggested that I do something to cool down again. He fetched me a couple of towels and a popsicle and called Jen so that he could describe what I was doing to her. While making enough noise for them both to hear, I had to rub it up and down the length of my cunt and then quickly fuck myself with it while rubbing my clit. It felt freezing (odd that!), but I kept moving it quickly in and out and managed to make myself cum before it got too cold or completely melted.

Mike then helped me to eat what was left and licked me clean while I chatted to Jen. He tried to make me cum yet again, but I wasn’t quite ready so he gave up and spooned with me while we continued talking to Jen. He said that he loved the way my cunt felt so cold (initially – it warmed up after a few minutes) and he actually started to fuck me again. It didn’t take too much convincing to get Jen to join in with us and once she had closed her bedroom door, she masturbated in time with our fucking and whispered down the phone, describing what she was doing and how she wanted to help eat me clean when we had finished. I promised her that we would have some fun with food during my next visit and she said that she already had a few things lined up for us, including a trip back to the hardcore club.

We didn’t get up to much for the rest of the weekend as we were trying to save money. Of course we had our usual night & morning sessions and Mike ate me one last time before he had to leave on the Sunday. He certainly approves of me having gone back to being completely shaved and now spends time licking and kissing my mons. This feels really nice even though it doesn’t give any direct stimulation (but believe it or not, I don’t think that *everything* is about cumming).

Friday, 18 November 2011

Teasing Jen's Brother

I'd hoped to post this before I left, but was late leaving work. I'm in York for the weekend and just about to go out and see people, but Mike is pushing a remote controlled egg into my pussy so he can play with me while we're out... Back to early August...


Mike had to return to York to get a few things sorted out for work but I wasn’t back at work until the Monday, so when we left Mum’s house, I went with Jen back to her parents’ place for the weekend. His friends were happy to see me back after the display we’d put on last time for them. Her parents wanted to sit and watch the wedding video with us again and kept saying how beautiful both Jen and I looked but I wasn’t that interested (I was there, I know how it ends!). We ended up escaping with her brother and friends to the pub. They tried to ply me with alcohol as congratulations on getting married but I did a good job of resisting (having managed with little alcohol for so long, I intend to keep it up - mostly). We did let them talk us into going back out to the lake and Jen said that she would try to get her school friends along again, but when she called, they already had plans. The rest of us decided to go anyway and I was looking forwards to the chance of being alone with a group of boys (OK, Jen would be there as well, but it’s not as if she was going to stop anything from happening).

We returned home and just before we arrived, Jen told her brother that we would sit outside and ‘chat’ for a while so that her parents didn’t hear us. I think it was pretty obvious what was going to be involved in the ‘chatting’, but he didn’t say anything about it and went in while we headed around the side of the house.
We didn’t have any blankets with us, so just sat down on our jackets and spent a while gazing up at the stars while gently stroking each other. We took things fairly slowly but I somehow still found myself stripped naked while Jen was still mostly clothed. Not that this stopped me from fondling her as well and I soon had her top pushed up over her breasts and her skirt offered no resistance to my hand finding her waiting cunt.
Our fondling became more frenzied and we kissed more deeply as we got closer to cumming. I ended up pushing Jen onto her back and nibbling on her nipples while we continued to finger each other. Jen came first, but she did a fairly good job of carrying on stimulating me throughout her orgasm and once I’d cum, I reward her for this with a few minutes of kitty kissing (which technically wasn’t kitty kissing as she had already recovered from her orgasm).

We headed back indoors and after getting ready for bed, snuggled down under the covers. Despite having just cum, I still enjoy doing things with Jen while her parents are in the next room as she is so nervous (as if they don’t know we fuck!). I went down on her under the covers and ate her to another orgasm. As punishment for my behaviour, she stroked me for a while and then said I would have to wait until the morning until I could cum. I told her that I would just go and fuck her brother and she told me to go ahead but I snuggled up to her and told her that she was just a mean bitch, but I loved her anyway. I considered masturbating, but decided to wait until the morning.

This turned out to be a mistake as Jen did exactly what she had done to me during my previous trip (well, not *exactly*, but close enough and with the same effect). We woke up and I was horny (as usual) so crawled under the covers to wake Jen in the usual way. She let me eat her and then started to do the same to me, but after having got me close to cumming, left me hanging. I leaded with her to finish me off, but she said that it would be a more interesting swimming trip if I was desperate to cum.

We got a lift out to the lake this time and set things out in what has become our usual spot (the other side of the lake to where most people sit – the ground isn’t as flat, but it gives us a little privacy, although there were a few other groups not too far from us). We stripped down to our swimwear and splashed around for a while before returning to have something to eat. As always, Jen looked wonderful in her wet swimsuit (which I really have to find a way to bring into our sex lives more) and I think a number of the guys noticed the way I was looking at her.

Jen suggested that I remove my top so I could continue to keep my tan (or what I had of one) up. I told her that I would if she would. I knew full well that she could always just instruct me to do it as we were at her place, but she agreed and as I unfastened by top, she slipped her arms through her swimsuit and rolled it down to expose her whole chest and stomach. We applied suncream to each other (with just a little bit of superfluous breast stroking for the benefit of the lads).

After a bit of sunbathing, Jen pulled her swimsuit back up and said she wanted to cool down again. The rest of the boys followed her, leaving just her brother and I (he doesn’t fancy her in quite the same way they do). We chatted and I told him that I had noticed his curtains moving the previous night while Jen and I had been out in the garden ‘chatting’ (I used actual air-quotes). At first he said that he hadn’t been watching, but when I started to tease him about how he had been trying to get to see Jen naked, he got as far as saying ‘it wasn’t Jen I ...’, and trailed off. I teased him a bit more and told him that it would be perfectly natural for any straight guy to think that she was hot. He protested his innocence again and I told him to look into my eyes and honestly tell me that he had never fantasised about her or imagined her naked and if he told me the truth, I would make it worth his while.

He leaned over and asked what he would get and I told him that I might need some more cream applied. He started to say that he’d never thought of her in that way and then asked what he would get if he said that he had. I told him that as long as I thought he was telling the truth, he would get his reward and he eventually blurted out that he might have thought about her in that way a few times. I congratulated him for being honest and he asked if I was going to tell Jen, but I said I would keep it between us (which was obviously a bit of a lie as I tell both Jen and Mike everything).

He assumed that I was going to let him ‘add suncream’ to my breasts so I let him do this for a minute before saying that I also wanted my back done. He was a little disappointed, but I told him to be patient and if he wanted, he could play with my breasts again. I rolled over onto my front, facing the lake and propped myself up on a rolled up towel. He massaged my back and I told him that I sometimes sunbathed naked. He asked if I was going to do that now but I told him not with families around (even though they were mostly on the other side of the lake), but that I didn’t want to get too many tan marks and would have to compromise.

I reached down and slipped my bikini bottoms down halfway over my ass. He seemed to be getting the hang of the game and asked if I wanted him to rub cream in there. I looked around at him and asked ‘is that a problem?’ and he quickly answered no. I looked towards the lake again and felt his hands slide down to my ass and start to rub and knead it. It felt quite good and I loosened up and let my legs open ever so slightly so I wouldn’t end up squeezing my thighs together. I occasionally gently pushed back against his hands and his hands roamed a bit lower on my ass, slightly pushing under the material of my bikini. I let him do this for a while then pointed out where he was rubbing. He just asked me ‘is that a problem?’ and I quietly said ‘no’.

He became a bit bolder and pushed a hand properly under my panties, caressing my ass much more firmly. He had a good explore of the area and his fingers got quite close to my pussy but didn’t quite touch it. I didn’t respond to what he was doing (other than a bit of involuntary squirming and it was only when I saw everyone swimming towards the shore that I told him to stop. We made an agreement that he wouldn’t tell anyone about his fondling and I wouldn’t mention his fantasising about Jen and he didn’t have time to argue before the rest of the group returned.

I did a bit more sunbathing on my back and Jen spent a while stroking my nipples to get them hard and then sucked on them for a while. She wouldn’t let me do the same to her (much to everyone’s disappointment) and we went for one final swim before getting ready to head back. We had to dry off and change before getting in the car so I put on a bra, slipped my dress over my head and pulled my bikini bottoms off, then helped Jen do the same (but with her swimsuit and without the bra). We then squashed ourselves back into the car and headed home.

After dinner with her parents, we spent the evening chatting and lazing around. I carefully lay on my front so that my legs were pointed towards a mirror and idly kicked my legs back and forth to help let my skirt ride up high enough to give a bit of a view up it (in the mirror). I didn’t really know exactly how much I was showing and I later found out from Jen that I was still more covered than I’d thought, but I enjoyed thinking that I was exposing myself even if I hadn’t done that good a job.

Jen and I went to bed before everyone had left and I tried to convince her to leave her door slightly open so I could eat her with my ass pointed towards the door. We’ve done something similar to this before (on holiday last year) and she knows that my body would block any view of her pussy, but she was still worried that her parents might wander out of their room and see us. I told her that she was a spoilsport and as consolation, we 69ed and quietly ate each other.

In the morning, I managed to tease Jen for long enough before she woke up, that she was willing to have a proper session and take the chance that her parents might hear. We were still quiet, but at least we got to kiss and grind against each other for a while before involving fingers to finish things off. With that out of the way, we headed down for breakfast and then up to shower (separately). Jen had arranged to have lunch with her friends to make up for not seeing them the previous day so we headed into town. We were fairly affectionate over lunch and I wondered if her friends would mind, but they seemed okay. I already knew that one of them was also gay (and fairly cute) and Jen also flirted with her (and she reciprocated).

After lunch, we wandered out to the woods that Jen used to ‘play’ in. We checked that nobody was given the location, I knew that some pee was likely to be involved and this was confirmed when Jen pulled a small towel out of her bag (the girl knows how to prepare for things – but she’s had a lot of practice at this). We started off by just leaning against a tree, kissing and stroking each other. Jen unsnapped my skirt and pulled it down my legs, so I did the same to her and we pulled each other’s tops off (followed by my bra). We only had shoes and socks on and after hiding our clothes and bags, Jen pulled me over towards the edge of the woods and challenged me to run across to the next little set of trees. We couldn’t see anyone around so we dashed over and hid behind the other trees. Jen then directed me to a little rocky area near the edge of the trees and I was challenged to sit on it, spread my legs and finger myself.

This wasn’t much of a challenge for me and Jen helped my standing behind me and reaching over to play with my breasts. She ended up pushing her pussy against the back of my head and neck and I told her that it was time for me to challenge her to something. I didn’t give her much of a challenge either and just got her keep standing where she was while I turned around and ate her. I got her fairly close to cumming and she had to balance herself using my shoulders before saying that we still had more to do.

We ran back across the clearing and Jen showed me a tree that she used to climb. I watched as she clambered up a couple of branches and sat on a big branch with her legs spread. She told me to stand back and I watched as she peed and rubbed her clit. She really seemed to be enjoying it but stopped before she came and climbed down to tell me to have a go. With her help, I climbed up (and she might have pushed her face into my pussy on the way). I had to repeat what she had done, but was instructed to save a little pee for the finale. I did as I was told, letting my pee spray out onto the ground while fingering myself. I paced myself as best I could, but it was quite fun and I ended up strumming my fingers over my clit and got very close to cumming before Jen told me to stop and join her on the ground.

She had been playing with herself while watching me so was pretty much as close to cumming as I was and (to my relief) said that it was time for the grand finale. Jen told me to remove my shoes and then pressed up against me. Our pussies pressed against each other’s thighs and we kissed as we humped. Jen pushed her hand down between us and played with my clit and told me to pee as I came. I remember briefly thinking about our socks getting soaked, but was too close to let this bother me – when I came, I let everything I had left out and it did feel really good. I moaned into her mouth and was left panting.

I wanted Jen to enjoy it as much as I had, so as soon as I caught my breath, I pushed my hand down to her clit and told her it was her turn. Her pussy was already soaking wet and I alternated between strumming her clit and pumping a couple of fingers roughly into her. She reached orgasm very quickly and soaked my hand and our legs (she had a lot more pee left than I had). I was left in no doubt that she had really enjoyed it as she had to couch down near the end as she said her legs couldn’t support her. She pushed her face into my cunt and ate me ferociously, maintaining contact with me until I realised that she wanted me to cum again, and that if she kept going, I probably would.

We heard some voices in the distance but Jen didn’t stop and I was having way too much fun. I imagined us being caught and having to service a group of people to buy their silence and with this image in mind, I came again and had to push Jen away as the feeling were too intense. I sat down beside her and told her if she wanted, I would eat her again but she said that she was fine and it was getting late anyway (I had to catch a flight back home that night). We peeled off our socks and I was given the job of wandering over to the den and laying them out on a rock for the lads to find and when I returned, Jen dried off my legs and handed me my clothes (including dry socks).

There was a slight difference though – she had substituted my skirt for a much shorter, tighter one (I usually like flippy pleated ones) and when I pulled it on, I found out that it only just covered my pussy. I had to be quite careful as I walked and had to keep pulling it down, but having my cunt so close to being exposed felt really nice. It was ‘interesting’ climbing over a couple of styles and we had to wait until nobody else was around. While I was straddling one of them, Jen pushed two fingers into my pussy and pumped a few times and then I wasn’t allowed to pull my skirt down while we walked along the path. Needless to say, by the time we got back to her house, I was once again fairly horny and this had only been exasperated by Jen describing a fantasy involving her school friends (or some of them).

I was at least allowed to change back into one of my own skirts before we set off to the airport, but not before I had said goodbye to her brother and given him a fairly good view of my ass (and probably pussy). When we hugged, I pressed myself up against him and told him that I would hopefully see his again soon. He showed more interest than he ever had during our time at school and I wondered just how far Jen would let me push things.

I had a slightly more tearful farewell with Jen at the airport, even though it was only going to be a couple of weeks until I saw her again and I knew Mike would be distracting me over the weekend in-between (they take turns distracting me from missing the other one).

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sharing sister's boyfriend

I got home fairly early tonight and really need to cum. Neither Mike nor Jen are back home yet so I'll just have to find things online to cum to... I'm off to see Mike at the weekend and catch up with friends - we haven't got much planned, so if there are any suggestions as to how we can keep ourselves amused, please post them.


I had worked quite long hours in the run up to the wedding to build up some extra holiday so I went back to York after our honeymoon. Mike Jen and I then went back home (my Mum’s home) for a visit as I haven’t really seen that much of her this year due to travelling to see Mike or Jen each weekend. Sue was also there with her boyfriend (Ryan – seeing as it looks like she is staying with him, it’s about time I used his name) and I was looking forwards to having the chance to try out a number of things that I had been planning.

We had met him before the wedding and Mike had chatted to him about looking after Sue (playing the protective older brother). He seemed like a fairly nice guy and was fine with the arrangement that Mike, Jen and I have (I think he was a bit surprised when Sue first told him about it, but he’s had a long time to get used to it). Most of the time during the days, Mum was around (we went to various places and just relaxed – lots of nice lunches), but in the evening, when she had gone to bed, we spent time chatting.

This gave me the opportunity to have some fun and I got Jen to wear some PJ shorts that were fairly baggy and gave a good view fairly high up inside them. On the second night, I got her to wear a fairly skimpy nightdress and even though she had a dressing gown on over it, this wasn’t done up, so it gave a pretty good view of her nipples and panties. On our third night at home, I wore a similar outfit, but ‘forgot’ to put any panties on underneath. I made sure that I sat in a way that would give a reasonable view and it was easy to see when he was checking out my breasts or between my legs.

Sue quite liked us teasing him like this as it meant each night after we finally went to bed, she got quite a good fucking out of him. Of course Mike and I were doing the same thing and I would then sneak over to Jen’s room (she was in the spare room beside Mum’s) and do things with her. A couple of times on the way past Sue’s door, I heard them going at it and felt quite happy that my little sister was enjoying herself so much (after having trained her boyfriend to please her).

All of this was heading towards something I had been planning for a while. I had discussed it with Mike and Jen and we had finally broached the subject with Sue while her bf was in the shower. She was a lot more amenable to the suggestion than I had expected and said that she was interested to find out if he would realise what was happening. (She also said that it was only fair given some of the things we had done in the past). With our plans made, we agreed to give it a try that night and see how things turned out.

This was part of the reason for me showing myself off to him on the third night – I was fairly certain that he thought I was at least reasonably attractive – and I wanted to make sure that he was feeling nice and horny. Initially, I had considered trying to flirt with him and seduce him while Sue was conveniently elsewhere, then had thought about letting him discover me doing things with Jen in a compromising situation that showed him a lot more of me, but in the end decided to try something much more interesting.

When we went to bed, Mike and I fucked and Sue fucked Ryan loud enough for us to hear (Mum’s room is further away in another part of the house). We all finished (but Mike didn’t cum in me for reasons that will become clear) and settled down to go to sleep, but Sue left Ryan in bed to visit the bathroom. I met her in the hallway and after she had flushed the toilet, we both returned to her room. The light was off and the curtains tightly shut so it was pretty much pitch black, but I know the layout so had no trouble finding the bed. Sue slowly crept into the room so he didn’t hear her and as I climbed into bed, she told him that she wanted him to eat her.

I didn’t wait for a reply before climbing up over his body and positioning myself over his face. I felt his hands slide up my legs and pull me down while he said he was going to give me a good twat sucking (I had to try to not laugh at this phrase) and I then felt his tongue make contact with my cunt. I wanted to really enjoy it and rock back and forth, but controlled myself to do things the way that I know Sue does. His tongue felt very different from Mike or Jen’s, but he was fairly good and I relished the feeling as it pushed between my lips, swirled around and ever brushed over my ass a couple of times.

I know that I make rather different noises than Sue does when we get horny so I decided that the safest thing to do would be to find a way to keep as quiet as possible. I pushed the duvet to the side and leant forwards, allowing my hands to slide down to his cock. He was already hard (as he should be while eating someone) and I stroked up and down the same way that I’ve seen Sue stroke Mike. I felt him moan into my cunt and tell me that it felt good, so I lay down and slipped the head into my mouth. This was only the second bare cock I’ve had in my mouth and I wanted to explore it properly with my tongue, but stuck to the ‘script’ and sucked him the way that Sue has trained me to do (she is the queen of blowjobs after all).

Initially, I could taste Sue’s juices, but I quickly licked these off and concentrated on making him cum. I allowed myself to moan a bit more while doing this as I thought the cock would help to mask any differences in our styles, and I hoped that I was suitably distracting him anyway. He did a good job and fingered me and rubbed my ass while licking so I also fondled his balls (which he apparently likes). I didn’t do this too much as I don’t get much experience of it (one of Mike’s testes is somewhat sensitive), but he seemed to be enjoying it and didn’t notice any ineptitude on my part.

I think I could have made him cum fairly quickly, but I drew things out as I wanted to cum first. Both so that he would concentrate on making me cum and wouldn’t get distracted by his own orgasm and because I thought it would be easier to ‘escape’ after. Sue often gets him to make her cum first anyway (to keep him interested) so this wasn’t that unusual and the closer he got to cumming, the more effort he seemed to put into making me cum. I hummed and moaned around his cock as my orgasm shot through me – the whole situation and how dirty I was being really added to it and I made sure that once I had cum, I repaid his kindness and swirled my tongue around his cock (mostly the head) until I felt him start to spasm and squirt into my mouth. I let some of the cum leak out and spat a little more out as I sat up. I know this was the most risky time, but fortunately, Sue had been paying attention and said that she was just going to and get cleaned up (she leant closer to me so it sounded like I was saying it, but I did still have my pussy on his face and legs pressed against the side of his head as a muffle).

Sue had already started to creep out of the room as I got up, but he pulled my arm and tried to kiss me. I didn’t have much choice and kissed him back before quickly uttering ‘be right back’ in my best Sue impression (not much like her at all) and dashed out the door. I met Sue in the bathroom and we had a quiet giggle about having accomplished the mission successfully. I rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash (but Mike still wouldn’t kiss me until the next day) and returned to my room while Sue returned to hers. I told Mike how it had gone and he fucked me doggy style, telling me what a dirty little whore I was as he emptied his load deep into my cunt.

We found out the next day (while Jen was distracting Ryan) that when Sue had returned, she had told him that she wanted to fuck again. Ryan had heard me in the bathroom with Sue (not what we’d been saying) and she had told him that I had just popped out to use the toilet. He asked her what I had thought of her being naked and she had told him that it wasn’t a big deal, as sisters, I’d seen her naked before – and then added that I was also naked. This seemed to get his attention and Sue decided that if she was going to coax him into a third session (for him) of the night, she needed some ammunition and so teased him about wanting to do things with me.

He denied this at first, but Sue rubbed up against his cock and continued to tease him about doing things with both of us and they fell into one of their usual threesome fantasies, just with me involved. She managed to get him hard again, mounted him and rode him until they both came again. She also told us that it was much easier to play along with the fantasy as she could taste my juices on his face and mouth when they kissed. She also brought Jen into the fantasy and I know that she was telling this to get Mike excited (and it worked as he ended up slipping his hand under my skirt and fingering me and I could clearly see the bulge in his jeans).

If we’d known how long Ryan would be distracted for, Mike said he would have fucked or eaten me right there in front of Sue, but we decided that it was safer if she went to join them and gave us some ‘alone time’ as newlyweds. Once this was agreed, Mike did flip my skirt up and pull his cock out (with Sue still there) and we started to fuck while she left and closed the door. We played out our own little fantasy while we fucked and imagined Sue, Jen and Ryan involved. I ended up using a vibe in my ass (imagining it was a real cock) while Mike and I ate Jen, who was eating Sue (maybe not the most practical positioning, but it seemed to work in the fantasy). Mike came in me and I wiped myself clean before we went down to join everyone (I didn’t want cum dripping down my legs in front of Mum).

I managed to show Jen off to Ryan a few more times and stood chatting to him in a slightly too short bath towel for a reasonable period of time which will hopefully have helped to nurture any fantasies he has involving me (I know that Mike has fucked me enough times while thinking of Sue, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t get the same in return).

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Wedding and Honeymoon

I meant to post this yesterday, but I got distracted with things (an impromptu threesome) and then forgot. To make up for it, the next instalment will be on Tuesday.
I wasn’t going to write about the wedding and honeymoon and had intended to keep it private (as I have done with some of our birthday/anniversary/special celebrations). Not because anything outlandish happened at any of these things, but because I like having some personal memories that are ours and ours alone. With that in mind, I’m going to skip over the actual wedding (which I can’t imagine is what most of you are here for anyway) and will write about a couple of events from just before and a little of what happened on the honeymoon.

We (me, Mum, Sue, Jen & her family) were all in York by the Thursday. This was the first time her family had met mine and we all went out for a meal. It was fairly uneventful with the usual stilted conversation but when us younger people had gone off for a drink, Jen’s brother asked Sue if she was also gay or bi (I assume he thinks it is genetic). She told him that she had a boyfriend who would be arriving the next day but found the question slightly amusing. For good luck, it had been decided that Mike wasn’t allowed to see me the day before the wedding, so he had been checked into a hotel room for both the Thursday and Friday nights. This allowed Mum and Sue to stay at the house and originally, Sue was going to sleep on the sofa, but we convinced her to share a bed with us (Mum was in the other room).

Once we were all in bed (with Jen and I naked of course), we had a whispered conversation. Sue hadn’t actually seen Jen for ages and was eager to catch up. This of course included how our sex lives had been going and Sue reported that things were still going well and she tried to keep up with us in the number of times she had sex (which her bf was very grateful for even if he didn’t know why). It got fairly late and we needed some rest but Jen and I hadn’t had our evening session yet. I had been wondering if we should go elsewhere, but Jen had been stroking me under the covers for a while and when she crawled down between my legs, I didn’t bother trying to stop her (it’s not like Sue hasn’t seen me cum before). Jen licked me until I came (quietly, so Mum wouldn’t hear), then reappeared and said it was her turn. I switched places with her and started to move under the covers, but it was too warm, so I pulled them back, allowing Sue to watch what I was doing. It didn’t take long for Jen to cum and when I had finished, she asked Sue if she wanted to be eaten. Sue did look slightly flushed and I’m pretty sure she was at least a little turned on by out display, but she said that she was fine.

We slept with Jen in the middle and when I woke up, I saw that she had ‘somehow’ managed to drape her arm over Sue and was cupping a breast through her PJs. Sue didn’t seem to mind this too much and didn’t even pull away when I fingered Jen and got her close to cumming. Jen and I then 69ed while Sue went off to pee (we hadn’t finished by the time she returned but Jen told her to stay as we were nearly there). After wiping ourselves clean and slipping on our dressing gowns, we joined Mum downstairs to start the final, final, final checks and preparations (apart from the ones on the actual day). Jen and I didn’t get any time alone to do anything (and I was too busy anyway – apparently a wedding is enough to distract even my libido) and by the end, we were quite tired.

We had a big meal that night with the family who had turned up early but didn’t stay out too late. I chatted to Sue’s bf for a while and it was rather strange as I feel that I know so much about him (and a lot of things that he has no idea I know), but it wasn’t that detailed a chat as I had to speak to everyone. Mum had decided to stay in a hotel to let us (Sue, Jen and I) have a girly night in. We decided to make a bed in front of the fireplace (not that the fire was lit, but it was a big enough area for the three of us to sleep comfortably) and we continued our conversation over a final bottle of wine.

I let slip the fact that Sue had been talking with her boyfriend about threesomes and Jen acted as if she hadn’t already known this and quizzed her about it. Sue gave quite a bit of detail, but said that it was only a fantasy that she would play with him and she probably wasn’t going to actually do anything in RL. This didn’t stop us teasing her though and I ended up I pinning Sue down while Jen stroked up and down her thighs, saying how much her boyfriend would probably like to see this. Sue tried to break free but Jen held her legs open and slowly kissed up her thigh, but not quite as far as her panties. She nibbled on Sue’s thigh for a short time, then stopped and said we still had to get shaved.

We had discussed this, but I hadn’t quite decided what I wanted to do – I actually quite liked my little patch of fuzz, but also liked the idea of starting off my married life with a perfectly bald pussy (sort like starting fresh). I decided to go with it and we boiled up some water while Jen fetched the shaving things. I got to go first and after carefully shaving around my lips, Jen removed the hair from my mons and I was once again bald. I examined myself in the little mirror and was happy with the look, so we switched places and I did the same to Jen. Once she was clean, she asked Sue if she wanted to be shaved as well and Sue said that it might be a nice surprise for her boyfriend and went to take the razor off Jen, but Jen said that she would do it.

I pointed out that it is much easier for someone else to shave you and ran a finger over my lips to demonstrate that Jen does do a pretty good job and Sue agreed to let her do it. I watched Jen lather up Sue’s lips (with a little more stroking than was really necessary) and slowly and carefully, go over them with the razor. Her face was very close to Sue’s pussy and while she worked, she talked about the threesome fantasy again and Sue said it was rather more embarrassing to talk about it while in that position. I watched Jen part Sue’s outer lips to get at a couple of hairs and then carefully rinse off all the remaining shaving gel before moving on to her mons. This part was much quicker, but Jen kept her face very close to Sue’s pussy the whole time. Jen carried on talking to Sue about her bf fucking her and threesome options while her mouth was close enough to her pussy that I knew Sue would have been able to feel her breath.

With the shaving finished, Jen washed the remaining gel off and squeezed a little after shave gel onto her fingers. She rubbed it in to Sue’s mons, then up and down her lips. They were still talking about sex and I had given in and was stroking my clit while listening and watching. Jen crouched down between Sue’s legs, opened her lips and ran a small amount of gel over the outer lips (it really does help to reduce irritation and Sue knows this as we’ve talked about it and she also uses it). I partially suspect that Sue knew what was going to happen as she let Jen spread her lips fully and she pushed her head forwards and gave a long lick up Sue’s cunt, between her lips and over her clit. Sue jumped at this, but not as quickly as I think she could have.

Jen gave a half-hearted apology and said that she just couldn’t resist and changed the subject (sort of) by pointing out what I was doing. She told Sue to watch and take notes so that she could give a more realistic description the next time she fantasised about threesomes with her bf. Sue didn’t object to this, but Jen had already pushed me onto my back and climbed over me so I don’t think it would have made any difference if she had. Regular readers will know that Sue and I have seen each other cum a number of times (although usually with Mike involved) so our display didn’t shock her.

Quite the opposite in fact (but I bet Jen earlier teasing and fantasising helped out) as by the time we had finished eating each other, Sue was busy playing with herself. I saw an opportunity and told her that if she helped me out, I would let her use any of my collection of toys to help make herself cum. Mike has continued talking to her about doing things with other girls, and she was willing to help suck Jen’s nips so I could make her cum again (regular readers know that she has done this before).

Sue and I lay on either side of Jen and took a nipple each. I reached down between Jen’s legs and fingered her while Sue continued to play with herself. Despite having just cum, having one of her fantasies being acted out meant that Jen was happy to cum again and she enjoyed us both lapping away on her breasts. We got Jen quite close to cumming and I told Sue to rub some of her juice over Jen’s breast (while I did the same with my juices) and we started to suck her clean. I caught Sue’s hand as she moved it back down to her pussy and pressed her fingers against Jen’s pussy.  Sue didn’t pull away and I managed to get a couple of fingers into Jen and pump them in and out a few times. I’d hoped that Sue would continue, but when I let go, she pulled her hand away and pushed it back between her own legs. She had done well enough though and I resumed fingering Jen, after which, she came fairly quickly and quite loudly.

I kept up my end of the bargain and let Sue go upstairs and select some toys to finish herself off with. Unfortunately, she stayed upstairs until she had satisfied herself so we didn’t get to watch her cum, but I’m pretty sure she had more than one orgasm. Once she had finished, Sue rejoined us and we all slept under the same duvet (or half under it as it was a fairly warm night). Sue wore panties, but Jen and I were naked as usual.

The next morning, I had my usual session with Jen while Sue was up showering and Mum turned up while we were having breakfast. It was a whirlwind day and was over before I realised, but everything went pretty much to plan and we had a wonderful time. I spent that night in a hotel with Mike and with the consummation of our marriage out of the way, we were set to head off on our honeymoon the following day.

We were driven to the airport and as we unloaded the car, I saw there was an extra suitcase. I knew what I wanted this to mean, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Jen was coming with us (I really hadn’t known anything about this). The downside of it is that we are now fairly poor, but Mike said that given I am also promised to her, it didn’t seem right for just the two of us to go alone.

Mike and I had a large room and Jen had a much smaller one, but that didn’t really matter as the plan was for her to spend most of the time with us anyway. I think Mike hoped that he might finally get to pop her cherry (he’s well aware that given the things she has done over the years, there isn’t a chance of even a shred of her hymen actually being left), but the standard rules still applied (sort of).

On our first night there, Jen did bend the rules a little for him and joined us in our bed for our first session of the honeymoon. She let him watch as she helped to get me nice and wet and then she kissed me and played with my breasts while he took me from behind (spooning). After we had finished and had both cum, she said that he could watch while Jen and I 69ed and she ate his cum out of me.

Jen climbed over me and we started licking each other while Mike sat behind me so he could watch what I was doing to Jen. I gave him a good view and pulled her lips open as I licked and pushed my tongue into her and I could feel that she was really pushing her mouth and tongue into my pussy and doing a good job of cleaning it out. We carried on until we had both cum and Jen crawled backwards off me and told Mike that for the final part of his wedding present, he could rub against her ass.

She has teased him like this a number of times, but one of them always had panties or shorts on and he was eager to get his cock directly onto her skin. I crawled out the rest of the way from under Jen to watch and saw him nestle his cock between her ass cheeks. The head was pointing up towards her back so that there couldn’t be any ‘accidental slippage’ into her pussy (be it either a real accident or an ‘accident’), but he seemed to be quite happy to push her ass cheeks against his cock and rub back and forth. He humped her ass for a while and I occasionally rubbed some of Jen’s juices over the area to help with lubrication. Mike asked if he could cum and Jen said that was the idea so he sped up a bit. He pointed out that it would feel much better if he was inside her (either hole would have done) but Jen said that he was only allowed to hump against her the way he was doing. He obviously thought this was enough as he managed to cum and I watched his cum splatter up Jen’s back. He squeezed out a final few drops directly between her ass cheeks and asked her to kneel up so his cum would run down her body.

He hoped that it would rub straight down her back, between her ass cheeks and over her pussy, but most of it just ran off the sides or over her ass – I don’t think he was too disappointed though and I helped things along by rubbing his cum into her ass and pushing some into her cunt. Mike and I had cum twice now and Jen didn’t mind that she had only cum once, so we curled up in bed together (me in the middle) and fell asleep.

Mike didn’t get the same semi-threesome treat again, but got to see Jen naked lots over the week and he promised her that he would have to come up with an equally good present when Jen and I do whatever we are going to do in terms of becoming partners.