Thursday, 3 November 2011

July 2011 Sex Party - Part 2

Sorry for the late posting but I've been ill. All better now though and looking forward to Mike's visit to make up for lost orgasms during my illness. Back to the sex party now...


The party was back in the same house that the first one we’d been to, so we knew the way and didn’t stop off or dither. Despite being fairly horny we decided to wait a little while before getting into things and we watched a few other couples who were at various stages of doing things. As usual, we had decided on how far we wanted to go and after about 30 minutes, we decided that we had waited long enough and it was time for some action (and relief).

We had been chatting with another couple and I asked the girl if she minded me borrowing her boyfriend. She said it was fine and we moved over to a sofa to get comfortable. We were soon kissing and his hands quickly started to explore my body. My breasts were uncovered and given a good tongue lashing while his fingers found my pussy (he was pleased to find I was naked under my skirt). I wasn’t just letting him do things to me and managed to get his cock free and rubbed it in return for the pleasure he was giving me.

He asked me if I wanted to suck or fuck and I told him that I wanted to feel his cock inside me. After quickly applying a condom, I sat on his lap facing him and rubbed myself against his cock. He told me not to tease him so I got him to pull my ass cheeks apart while I lifted myself up, positioned my cunt over his cock and slid down to engulf him. I squeezed myself around him and he really enjoyed that so I continued to do it while slowly riding up and down on his shaft. We fucked like this for a short while and I decided that I wanted to be able to see what else was going on in the room (and specifically what Mike was up to). I climbed off his cock and turned around so I was kneeling over him again with my legs either side of his. When I lowered myself onto his cock again he reached around and started to play with my breasts. My top wasn’t fully unbuttoned and it was annoying me so I told him to tear it off. He was happy to do this and the remaining buttons flew off as my breasts were exposed.

I could now see who was watching us and reached down to play with my clit to make sure I gave them a good show. I also got to watch another couple who were fingering and wanking as well as Mike who was getting stuck in to the girlfriend of my fuck buddy. He had her pushed up against the wall and was rubbing his cock against her pussy (she was holding her skirt up). I couldn’t see too much as his body was in the way, but it was quite clear when he lifted up one of her legs and slid into her. I watched them fuck and then he pulled out of her, turned her around and pushed into her from behind.

I hadn’t stopped fucking and my guy told me that he was getting close to cumming. I told him to try and hold on as I wasn’t ready yet and sped up playing with my clit just so I wouldn’t be left hanging. He told me over and over again to cum and I strummed my clit as fast as I could. With everything else going on, this was more than enough to propel me towards my orgasm and I was quickly moaning and telling him that I was nearly there. He said that he couldn’t hold back any more and I told him to cum and pistoned myself up and down his shaft. He still came before I did, but not by much, and I carried on fucking him until I came as well. I lay back against him so he could fondle my breasts and his cock popped out of me  so it looked (to me) like I had suddenly grown my own one. I watched it slowly deflate but was mostly concentrating on Mike who was in the final stages of making his partner cum.

He had her skirt flipped up and she now had her ass pushed back to make it easier for him to move. She came quite a bit before he did, but he kept pumping into her. I could tell when he was getting close as he pushed in harder and then buried his cock all the way in her and stayed still for a short while before continuing (but much more slowly). Once again I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I felt somewhat jealous, but as my cunt was still tingling from the fucking, I was well aware how hypocritical this was and ignored it.

I went back to Mike and once he had removed his condom, gave his cock a good stroke and asked what her pussy had felt like. He said that despite having found some pretty good condoms, it still didn’t compare to cumming in me properly and I told him that he would get his chance later on. We watched a few other people fucking upstairs and I made my move for setting a new (personal) record. I wanted to have three people fuck me in the one day so needed another willing victim to fill my cunt. Fortunately the schoolgirl look seems quite popular so I didn’t have any difficulty finding anyone and we used one of the beds.

He wanted to be on top (unlike most men I’ve asked) so I lay on my back and spread my legs for him. He fucked me fairly roughly and I wrapped my legs around him to pull him harder and deeper into me. There were a few people watching us (Mike included) and I tried to hump back in time with the movements to give a better show. A couple of people were watching from the bottom of the bed and gave a running commentary on how his cock was being swallowed by my snatch (their word) and he was encouraged to empty himself into me (he had a condom on, but it’s the thought that counts). It was a nice fuck, but I didn’t get enough stimulation on my clit and with the position we were in, I couldn’t easily reach it to rub it myself.

Our audience was clearly enjoying our show (although I thought it was somewhat tame compared to some of the things that I’ve seen people do at the parties) so I just went along with it and let him finish off, intending to play with myself once he was done. He pumped into me for a few more minutes and moaned a bit as he came, then pulled out I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy the fuck, I just didn’t cum. He pumped into me a couple times more and pulled out. I really wanted to cum and spread my lips so I could rub my clit (seeing as I had an audience, I thought that I may as well make use of it). I played with myself and started to pump a couple of fingers into myself and felt another couple climb up onto the bed beside me.

I was going to turn and watch them but Mike suggested that we do a spit roast and I said if anyone else was willing, I’d happily oblige. As you would expect, it wasn’t difficult finding someone who wanted to join in and once he sat up by the headboard, I crawled up the bed and started to rub his cock before taking it in my mouth. Mike climbed up behind me, pushed in to my cunt (and I relished the feeling of a bare cock inside me) and we started to fuck. At the beginning, I tried to match my hand and mouth movements to the speed that Mike was fucking me, but this became too difficult and I decided just to concentrate on the cock in my mouth and let Mike worry about making me cum. It worked quite well (although I had to move slightly a few times as the fucking kept pushing me up too far to be able to suck properly).

Mike rubbed my clit and I moaned onto the cock as I got closer to cumming. He beat me to it though and I felt the condom fill with his cum as I swirled my tongue around the head. Now I could concentrate on my own orgasm and I lay my head beside the cock so I could still play with it and give it the occasional lick (he may have cum fairly quickly, but at least he stayed hard afterwards). Mike fucked me harder and I told him (and everyone listening) what I could feel and what I wanted him to do. I let myself moan as I got closer to cumming and Mike carried on fucking me until I had finished cumming, but then came in me fairly soon after.

When I climbed off the bed, I lifted my skirt so he could watch his cum drip out of me and I left it to run down my legs (I doubted anyone would want to do things with me after he had cum in me anyway). My knees felt a little shaky so I sat down again and watched the other couple on the bed finish off. I couldn’t see that much from the position I was in, but I already had the nice happy afterglow so I was content to just see what I could and listen in (the girl was a moaner). The guy didn’t cum in her but pulled out and came over her skirt and top before he pushed back into her. When they had finished she complained that he had made a mess of her clothes but she didn’t seem really bothered by it.

We were about to head back downstairs when we realised something was happening in the room next door. Bi-girl had found another (semi)willing ‘straight’ girl who she was going to introduce to lesbianism. Her victim was fairly cute and we joined the crowd who were watching. The girl was obviously a little nervous, but bi-girl pulled her legs apart and planted her face on her pussy (with dental dam) and started eating her. Her boyfriend played with her breasts and she was soon wriggling about on the bed, clearly enjoying the experience. Mike fingered me while we watched and by the time they had finished, I was more than ready to cum again and suggested that I take the place of the girl on the bed, but that I would 69 with bi-girl.

Even though I wouldn’t count as a new conquest for her, she said that we had done a good job the previous time in making her cum and told me to hop on. I lay across the bed (so people would be able to see both our pussies and let her climb on top. I still haven’t quite got the hang of using dental dams (and still prefer not to) but still did a good job (I think) of licking her. She was obviously more turned on then I was and came first, but unlike the previous guy, she didn’t stop administering to me until I had cum as well.

I thought that I was finished for a while, but Mike said that it had been an incredibly hot sight and he wanted to fuck me again. I didn’t want to disappoint so told him to go ahead, but pointed out that I wasn’t going to be able to do much to help out as I was getting tired. He said that was fine so I told him to go ahead and used me however he wanted. I realised that was a pretty dangerous thing to say to someone as inventive as him (inventive at sex anyway) but he just let me lie on my back and stood by the bed to fuck me. He had to lift my ass up a bit, but this gave him the freedom to move quite well and we ended up with him holding my legs right up almost draped over his shoulders. This feels really deep and he fucked me fairly quickly until he came. I had felt a lot more than I had expected to so was happy when he then dropped me back onto the bed, knelt between my legs and sucked my clit (he mostly avoided my pussy as it now had two lots of his cum in it).

He alternated between sucking and rubbing my clit and kept me close to cumming for a while but finally gave me what I wanted and allowed me to cum. It was quite an intense orgasm and by the time it ended, I knew that I wasn’t likely to want to cum again for a while. Mike knew this as well, but teased me by pushing his cock back into me and pretending that he was going to fuck me again. He kept this up for about a minute before giving up and admitting that he couldn’t cum again (that soon) anyway. He did offer me to anyone else in the room who wanted a go (and I don’t know what we would have done if anyone had been up for it) but as I had expected, having his cum oozing out of me was enough to keep everyone away.

I rested for a while and we headed back downstairs to see what else was going on. There wasn’t much happening in the house, but out in the garden there was a girl being fucked (she was on top) so we watched her cunt being repeatedly filled. We chatted to some of the others for a while and got to find out about some of the more memorable events that had happened at the parties. These mostly centred around threesomes and we enquired about anything that was considered taboo. We got the same answer as when we first started going – as long as it was consensual and legal (and didn’t damage anything), it was fine. It was obvious that I had something in mind and I ended up telling them a slightly censored version of my fantasy of being fucked by many people. I was going to tell them a bit about Julia and her exploits, but decided against it (although I’m not sure why).

After wiping my pussy clean, Mike went down on me one last time. We weren’t the only ones doing things and even though we were in full view, I don’t think anyone paid attention to us. By the time he had finished, my back was covered in grass stains (but they sort of went with the ripped front of my blouse. Mike said he would wait until we got home to fuck me (he didn’t think he could cum twice more that night), so I contented myself with gently stroking his cock as it seemed a shame to waste it being nice and hard.

Nothing else really exciting happened, but the other people seemed to have sex later than usual so we had entertainment for a while longer before we finally said goodnight (and goodbye as it was the last party of the academic year) and headed home. (Of course we fully intend to go to next term’s party with the people who were going to stay in York).

The walk home was interesting as I was in such a state, but it just made it easier for Mike to grope me as we walked. There were quite a few people around for part of the walk but once we got onto the quieter streets, we had more freedom. By the time we got to our street, it was about 1am and Mike dared me to slip my skirt off at the far end. We were still close enough to the road that I said it was too risky and we walked a little way down the street, but I managed to walk about 2/3 of the way without a skirt and the last 1/3 I also removed my top and bra for. Nobody else was around, but a few of the houses had lights on so I was a little nervous, but also loved being naked in a ‘proper’ public place.

We unlocked the front door, so we could make a quick exit (or entrance) and then I leant against the front wall and Mike slipped into me from behind and we had our final fuck of the night. A couple of car headlights flashed across us from the far end of the street, but we weren’t interrupted and managed to finish off and both cum. We then went in and got ready for bed, then gave Jen a call to tell her about the evening with Mike inside me (I teased him a little to get him nice and hard again). After calling me a slut, Jen said that she understood the attraction of being fucked by many people and we listened to her masturbate (and helped out with some dirty talk). Just before we hung up, she told me that she would try to find a way to match our sex parties and I told her to do her worst (or best).

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