Sunday, 6 November 2011

Last Days of Freedom - Part 1

We're sitting at the table while I post this - I'm naked and he sun in streaming through the window onto me. Mike is kneeling between my legs eating me and I'm glad that all I have to do is the final edits as I'm getting close to cumming.


Mid July - I spent my last weekend as a single woman with Jen at her home. It was the first time I’d seen her family since we (Jen and I) got engaged. Her parents still find the whole situation a little odd, but they have accepted the fact that I really do love both Mike and Jen and they seem to understand that I have no intention of ever doing anything to hurt her. We went out for a nice dinner on the Friday night to celebrate our engagement (and my upcoming wedding to Mike) and when we went back to her house, Jen, her brother and I stayed up chatting once their parents had gone to bed.

I pointed out to her brother that I was going to be his sister-in-law (sort of, given Jen and I can’t actually get married it won’t be ‘in-law’ but will be ‘in-spirit’). We arranged to go out the following day if the weather was nice and Jen and I eventually headed upstairs. She is always quite nervous about us doing things while her parents are around (even if they are asleep) in case they hear, but after an evening celebrating our love (yes, you can throw up now) I wanted to celebrate it a bit more in our own way.

I promised Jen that we would be quiet and she acquiesced (not too reluctantly though as it doesn’t take much to make Jen want to cum). We stripped off and lay beside each other on her bed, gently kissing and fingering. Once we were both nice and wet, I turned around and pushed my head between Jen’s legs, lifted my upper leg so she could do the same to me and we 69ed. I let Jen make me cum first (but made sure that she was enjoying herself) and then concentrated on finishing her off (she wasn’t too far behind me). We then spooned while we fell asleep and Jen kissed the back of my neck and gently teased my nips. I could have happily gone for a second round, but she said she was feeling tired so I just drifted off to sleep and had nice dreams (which I can’t remember now, but I know she was playing with me in them).

By the time we woke up, Jen’s parents were already up and I couldn’t convince Jen to have sex. I told her that I needed my morning orgasm and as a compromise, she said that I could stay in bed and fuck myself while she went down and kept her parents busy. The one condition (not counting that I had to be quiet) was that I had to keep the door open so that of her brother surfaced, he would see me. I knew full well that Jen intended to show me off to her brother and his friends anyway so I agreed. Jen left the room and I spread my legs, reached under one of them to my pussy and used my other hand on my clit. I know Mike really likes watching me masturbate this way so I imagined her brother and friends standing around me, watching everything I was doing. It didn’t take me long to cum and once I had licked my fingers clean, I slipped on my nightdress and joined Jen downstairs.

I behaved myself around her parents but they tend to give us a fair amount of space to do our own things anyway and announced that they were going to go out that evening. We were going to head out to the pub anyway, but I thought it was a nice gesture. Her brother soon joined us and suggested that we head out to the lake for some swimming and sunbathing.  Said that we should take some food with us (I like picnics) so we arranged to meet with his friends and a couple of Jen’s friends that I hadn’t met before. I went up to shower and Jen followed me. We didn’t shower together but Jen got my clothes for the day ready. When I returned, I saw that my bikini was set out along with a pair of denim shorts. I realised that Jen intended to get revenge on me for what I’d done to her on holiday but happily put my clothes on while she got ready. I chatted to her brother while she got dressed and saw that he had noticed that my shorts didn’t quite cover the crotch of my bikini (from my experience, boys aren’t very good at being subtle while eyeing up girls). Not that it was easy to miss, a bright yellow bikini peeking out from blue shorts sorts of makes itself seen, but he could have at least pretended not to look.

Once we were all ready, we headed off and met up with people at the shops to get lunch. Jen introduced me to a couple of her old school friends and the rest (her brother’s friends) I had met before (even though I didn’t remember their names). On the way, I quietly asked Jen what she wanted me to do and she said that I could improvise. It was a fair walk out to the lake, so by the time we arrived we were all hungry and had lunch straight away. With food out of the way, a few people went off to swim (a couple of Jen’s brother’s friends were obviously hitting on her school friends) and Jen offered to apply sun cream to me.

I had been intending on letting one of the guys do this, but Jen put on a fairly good show, dipping her hand into my bikini (just so my breasts were properly covered) and rubbing right up the inside of my thigh. I helped by making sure my legs were spread nice and wide for this and when she had finished, Jen said that she was going to have a swim and one of her admirers went with her. Once they had left, I decided that I may as well do things properly and removed my top completely so I could top up my tan. I explained that strap lines on a wedding dress aren’t good and asked her brother if he would do me a favour and apply sun cream to my breasts. He seemed quite eager to do this and I lay on my back and let him rub the cream in. He spent quite a while doing this and I told him that it felt really nice but that he had probably covered them properly.

We chatted for a while longer and I had just turned over and asked him to apply cream to my back when some of the others returned. He still rubbed the cream in, but I had been intending to encourage him to do this very low on my back and very high on my leg (just so I didn’t burn around my bikini bottoms). Nobody minded that I was topless and one of the other girls joined me (she added her own cream) but I couldn’t convince Jen to pull her swimsuit down. I sunbathed a bit longer then went for a swim with some of the others. We swam out to the little island and when I pulled myself out of the water, my bikini bottoms slipped down slightly (this might have had something to do with me pulling them down slightly just before I got out). This gave me the chance to pull them up nice and tight and then sit chatting with my legs open just enough that the crotch was easily visible.

Back in the lake, Jen rubbed my pussy while I was chatting to someone – I doubt they could see what she was doing as the sun was reflecting off the surface but it still felt nice, knowing that she was doing this to me right in front of people. She managed to slip a finger into my pussy and then ran it back and pushed it into my ass. I thought that she was going to carry on and try to make me cum, but I was spared this (and I doubt she could have finished me off without anyone noticing what was happening). We chatted for a while longer and Jen and flirted quite a lot – nothing more than a bit of kissing, but the guys seemed to like it (and shifted positioned quite a bit, so I assume we got them at least a little aroused).

We wandered back home and showered – Jen’s parents had already gone out so Jen and I got to shower together. I wandered into her brother’s room to chat to him while I dried my hair (only wearing a towel that was just long enough to cover me). As we had the house to ourselves, we decided to stay in (also to save money) and he invited his friends over for a BBQ in the garden. As there were only going to be guys there, Jen decided that I could be given a more daring outfit and she presented me with another pair of denim shorts (I’ve been going on at her for months how much I have grown to appreciate this look). I immediately noticed that they had been cut to have a fairly narrow crotch, but they weren’t as bad as the ones I’d got Jen to wear. I was instructed to wear them without panties and it was only when I put them on I realised that they weren’t tight shorts. I had a quick experiment and realised that if I didn’t sit in a particular way, it would be quite easy to see ‘up’ the legbands to my pussy.

I told Jen that I would make sure people got a good look and if I was lucky, I might even get her brother properly interested in me. Jen wasn’t that enthused about this prospect, but I told her that it was only fair, if she wanted to be able to do things with Sue, I should be allowed to tease him. Jen was still wearing her towel and I pushed her onto the bed and pressed my thigh against her cunt. She complained that I was messing up her hair, but I pushed a hand down between her legs and started to tease her and she knew better than to resist. While I fingered her, I told her how her brother might come in and discover us, pull the meagre bit of cloth covering my pussy to the side and slide his cock into me.

I described (in great detail) how his thick cock (not that I have any idea what size it is) would fill me over and over again while he watched my fingers pumping into her cunt. As her mewing got faster (not louder though as she was being quiet) I described how he would cum inside me and then his cum would leak out onto my hand so I could push it into her. I was a little cruel and kept her close to cumming for a while and when I finally allowed her to cum, I told her how I would flip her over into a 69 position and hold her lips open so he could push into her and fuck her while I licked and sucked on her clit. This was the first time she had cum while imagining (or being made to imagine) her brother fucking her.

I kitty kissed her for a few minutes to bring her back down and she told me that I was going to pay. I slipped my shorts off and told her to take whatever she wanted so she directed me to sit on the edge of the bed and buried her face between my legs. After a couple of minutes of licking (by which point I was nicely excited), she alternated between licking and fingering me so she could continue my fantasy. She omitted the part about her brother being inside her cunt, but said that he could invite his friends over and we could put on a display for them and they would take turns fucking me, one after the other so I didn’t have a chance to recover. As each new person in the fantasy started to fuck me, she would pump a couple of fingers in and out of me and describe how they would cum in my cunt and I then had to suck them clean while the next one fucked me. I ended up with someone in my cunt, another in my ass and sucking a third guy off. Jen was using fingers in my cunt and ass while she described this and she went on to describe how the rest of the group were standing around me, jerking off and covering me with cum. I was right on the edge of cumming when she stopped (which, to be fair, I should have seen coming) and she said that we would finish off later on, depending on how well I behaved that evening.

I later discovered that his was all part of her plan to show me off (once more) and make sure that I was in exactly the right kind of mood to be as brazen as possible. Jen had intended to keep me on the edge of cumming right up until the doorbell went and then tell me to quickly slip on my shorts and send me down to answer it, but she realised (correctly) that I was getting too close for her to stop me cumming and so had to halt proceedings earlier than planned.

It wasn’t too long before people started to arrive and I had calmed down a bit, but my pussy still felt somewhat sensitive and the fact that I wasn’t allowed to wear a bra, but only had on my micro bikini top (that Mike had sent up to her) under my t-shirt meant that I was trying to balance my pussy not being covered and my breasts constantly threatening to fall out (the top wasn’t initially done up as tightly as when I’d worn it on holiday, but I popped back inside to fix it and this made things much better).

We let the men cook the food and Jen took every opportunity to make innuendos and remind me of the fantasy session we’d had upstairs (saying things about me liking a nice thick piece of meat while the steaks were cooking). I decided that if she wanted to show off her little toy (me) then I would play along and made sure that when we sat down on the grass to eat, I sat with my legs open and ankles crossed so I could rest the plate on my legs. The plate covered me up a little, but when I had finished eating and lay it to the side, whenever I leant over to pick up my drink, I knew that the crotch of my shorts slipped far enough to the side to give a decent flash of my pussy.

Quite a bit of alcohol was consumed by everyone and I went over my one drink limit (but not by much, and I’ve done pretty well sticking to it all year). Someone told Jen and I to kiss and we put on a sloppy display for them. Jen slid a hand under my top and groped my breasts then asked if anyone wanted us to remove our tops. They did, so we did. Jen also had a bikini top on under her t-shirt (which I hadn’t known about), and the guys liked the view, but my breasts won their attention and they openly commented on how little my top actually covered (a fair amount of my areola are visible). A comment was made about my breasts being perfect for nipple shots so someone poured a little vodka onto my breasts and Jen was dared to lick it off. I told her to go ahead and she lowered her head to my breast and licked it clean.

This got us a round of cheers and it was suggested that she do a proper nipple shot so she pulled my bikini off one nipple, poured on a little more vodka and sucked it clean properly (using her tongue quite a bit). She tried to pull the bikini back over my breast but didn’t really get it straight and I could feel the other breast slipping out. Jen said she needed to go pee and whispered in my ear that she would take her time and wanted to see what I would do. I gave her a smile and told her to take her time.


  1. Dearest Andi,
    I have been sharing your wonderful experiences and delighting in your pleasures and adventures with your friends and lovers. Thank you for adding to my life and lust. May I offer you a slight diversion to a Tumbler Blog which might just give your imagination a frisson of pleasure to add to your reality.

    With love and lust,

  2. Andi,

    I don't think guys care too much if they are caught eying up a girl.

  3. Anon 1 - thanks for the tumblr link - there are a few nice pics in there. It's always useful to find places for inspiration (a lot of our ideas come from online)

    Anon 2: I've certainly noticed guys eyeing me up, but they mostly look away when they see that I've noticed them. That's why I enjoy it so much when I find someone who watches me and looks up my skirt (or whatever) when they know I know what they're doing