Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Last Days of Freedom - Part 2

I'm off to visit Jen at the weekend and she apparantly has some good things lined up... Back to my last weekend before getting married...


Once she was gone, I ineptly tried to sort out my bikini and pointed out that I now had vodka all over my breasts. As I had hoped, someone offered to lick it off so I pulled my bikini aside (again) and told them to go ahead. He hungrily lapped away at my breast and more vodka was poured on it which he also licked off. I was enjoying myself and pointed out that the other breast felt left out so this had vodka added and was licked clean. My breasts were now completely free and I lay down, poured some of my beer over them and asked for two people to clean me at the same time. There was a little hesitation at first, but I ended up with two people working on me – one on each nipple. They licked for much longer than was necessary to clean the beer off, but I didn’t try to stop them and it was obvious that I was enjoying it. I had to restrain myself from moving my hips too much as I didn’t think it would be a good idea to really degenerate into an orgy (I guessed that Jen didn’t want things to go quite that far). I didn’t manage to keep my legs closed though and as the stimulation continued, I started to move a bit more than I had intended and was very aware of how exposed my pussy might be.

Jen reappeared and the kissing quickly stopped, but I didn’t get covered up again. Jen gently stroked my nips and asked if the guys had been enjoying themselves. She tickled around my breasts and when I tried to squirm away from her, she told everyone that I was really ticklish (like she’s one to talk) and tickled my side. She held me in place and tickled me some more, then asked for some help. It started off gently, but more hands seemed to join in until I was really squirming around and almost couldn’t stand it. My breasts were certainly groped a number of times (under the pretence of tickling) and a few times, the hands on my legs went pretty high up and into my shorts. I wasn’t completely in control of my movements, but tried to really squirm around when I felt this and I managed to ‘accidentally’ get my pussy rubbed a couple of times. As nice as all the stimulation felt, the tickling really was too much and I was on the verge of wetting myself while gasping for breath so I was glad when Jen decided that I’d had enough and stopped everyone.

I lay panting for a while, covered in grass and sweat, until I finally recovered and sat back up. I had another drink and waited for just the right moment to pounce on Jen and pin her flat on her back underneath me. I told everyone that she was even more ticklish than I was and asked for someone to hold her arms up over her head so I could demonstrate. I contemplated offering her as a tickling target, but decided that might be a bit much and also didn’t know how much she would enjoy having lots of men tickling her. As I’ve said before, it’s not that Jen actively dislikes men, they just don’t do anything for her – although I’m fairly certain that if she had lots of them stimulating her, she might enjoy it, but it’s difficult for me to know as I actively enjoy both men and women.

I wasn’t going to let her off the hook entirely though and I still had to get revenge for her making me cum in front of Lis. I tickled her armpits and she immediately started to squeal so I ran my fingers down her sides, tickling all the way. I was still topless and Jen had said that it was up to me to put a good show on, so I ran my hands over her stomach and up to her chest. I pushed them under her bikini and kept going so it slid up and exposed her breasts. I know that a number of her brother’s friends fancy her and I certainly got a few cheers and claps as I played with her breasts. I didn’t torture her for too long though and told them to release her arms, at which point, she quickly pulled her bikini down to cover herself.

I felt that I had got at least a little of my revenge (and was planning on saving the rest for later) but had failed to remember that after Jen made me cum with Lis watching, that I punished her for it. I stood up and had taken her hand to help her up when her other arm shot up and grabbed the crotch of my shorts. I was straddling her and didn’t react in time to stop her yanking them down to mid-thigh height. I tried to grab them with my spare hand, but she grabbed that and I was left standing there fully exposed. She only held me in place for a few seconds, but it was more than enough for everyone to get a clear view of my ass or pussy (depending on where they were sitting) before I was allowed to pull my shorts back up.

We called a truce after this and despite further requests from people, we didn’t tease each other (much) any more. The air cooled down a bit (and Jen was getting a bit nervous about her parents coming home) so I had to put my t-shirt back on but got her to help with the bikini top first (small top + alcohol + big breasts = not easy). We continued drinking (although I didn’t have much more) and her parents did finally reappear, but went to bed after telling us not to make too much noise.

Jen disappeared off to the toilet again and I managed to get a few of the assembled crowd to admit that they used to fancy her (and I’m sure that some of them still do). When people finally left and Jen was getting ready for bed, I teased her brother about having such a hot little sister and asked him what it was like knowing that all his friends wanted to fuck her. He said that it wasn’t so bad in school, but once she got to about 17, they had gotten really interested in her and had all been pretty disappointed to find out that she was gay. I assured him that I would always take good care of her and when I gave him a goodnight hug, I couldn’t resist pushing my breasts against him and asking if he had enjoyed the display.

I joined Jen in her room and was desperate to fuck repeatedly (remember that she had viciously teased me before people turned up) after the evening’s events, but once again, she was nervous about her parents hearing us. I wasn’t prepared to take no for an answer though and we settled on a compromise of sneaking downstairs and heading out into the garden. We still had to be quiet, but at least we didn’t have to worry about the bed squeaking on banging on the wall. Jen grabbed the blankets that we had been using earlier and we spread them out in the most sheltered part of the garden. She made me promise to be quiet and I told her that as long as she made me cum until I was satisfied, that nobody (other than her) would hear me, but I might make her make some noise.

With that, I slipped my nightdress off, knelt down and pushed my head between her legs. She told me that she wanted to lie down, so I helped her remove her nightdress and we fell straight into a 69. Our first orgasm was fairly quick but I made it clear that I didn’t want to stop (although Jen wanted a break so I just gently licked her). I asked her to use fingers as well as tongue and she got the message and was a bit more forceful. She finger fucked me to another orgasm and as I got closer to cumming, I user her pussy to muffle my moans. Jen always seems to love me moaning into her cunt and by the time I had finished cumming, she was ready for her second round.

We rearranged ourselves so we could kiss and I used my fingers to play with her clit. Between my saliva and her juices, the whole area was quite slippery and my fingers easily slid over and into her soft lips. We talked about what had happened earlier in the evening and I asked Jen if she had enjoyed displaying herself to her brother and his friends and how that was my payback. She pointed out that I had put on a much better show and she particularly liked the way I’d offered my breasts to them. She was surprised to hear that my pussy had been stroked (briefly) during the tickling and said I got extra points for that. I demonstrated just how brief the touches had been and said that I didn’t even know if they realised where their hands had been (although I had been fairly moist, so they should have felt that).

As payment for my activities, Jen said that she would carry on with the fantasy from earlier in the evening while we rubbed and fingered each other. I was more than happy with this and let her re-describe everyone queuing up to fuck me and cum over or in me. I got her to imagine us in a 69 position and me licking her clit while various people fucked her (it’s not as if a cock feels *that* different to a good dildo) and she was good enough to play along while many imaginary people came in her cunt and I ate her clean (she was doing the same to me). We were both getting close to cumming and decided we wanted to cum at the same time so paced our fondling appropriately. It was fairly dark but there was enough light to see Jen’s face and I told her that I also wanted us to cum while looking straight into each other’s eyes. We lay with our faces really close together and as our orgasms neared, we kept saying how close we were and managed to cum within a few seconds of each other. I had to remind Jen to keep looking at me, but we then got the whole way through cumming without looking away and I still think this is one of the most intimate things you can do.

We kissed and said how much we loved each other and then cuddled for a while under the stars. It was finally time to head back in and I made sure than Jen drank enough water to stave off her hangover and we headed upstairs. Jen wanted me to put my nightdress on but I told her that she had trained me long enough to be naked and I would risk her parents wandering out and discovering me. Once in bed, we spooned and fell asleep fairly quickly.

On the Sunday morning, I woke up first and realised that I stank of Jen’s juices, so I crawled under the covers and got some more of them on my face. Jen woke up and needed to pee, but I made her wait until I had finished and made her cum before I let her go. When she returned, she found me lying on the bed with my legs spread working a vibe in my pussy. She took over and finished fucking me with it while she licked my breasts and nipples (which still had a faint taste of beer).

Her parents were already up so we showered before heading downstairs. I had hoped to catch her brother while heading into the bathroom so I could let him see the grass stains on my back and remind him of the previous evening, but he didn’t surface until much later. Jen had chosen a cute little outfit for me and we had breakfast with her parents (who had already finished, but wanted to chat to us). We discussed the wedding and what people would think of Jen being there and I told them that I honestly didn’t care what people thought, we were happy with the situation and that was all that really mattered. I *think* I might have given her father a view up my skirt (unintentionally) as I noticed him glancing down in that direction while I was chatting to her mum.

Once her brother got up, we had a nice family lunch together and Jen and I went for a little wander. We had a quick session behind some bushes (just fingers and kissing) to keep us going – although it wasn’t going to be long before I saw her again as we were all meeting in York for the final wedding preparations and the big day.

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