Monday, 21 November 2011

A Lazy Weekend

Mid August – Mike came up to visit me. We were both fairly tired from catching up with things at work so hadn’t planned anything tiring for the weekend (apart from the fun way to get tired of course). We had a very chilled Friday night out with my work friends, then back to bed early for a gentle session and a long sleep.

I felt much refreshed the next morning and decided that it was time to show off something I’d been practicing for a while. Mike was already awake (I knew this as he was eating me) and I told him that it felt nice, but not to make me cum yet. He sort of obliged by taking me to the edge of orgasm and then stopping and once I’d calmed down, I took charge.

I started off by sucking his cock and teasing it with my tongue. I still can’t do deep throat, but got a fair length of it in my mouth and pumping up and down until I felt he was ready. I then straddled him and plopped myself down on his cock, burying him right up to the hilt. Mike said that I felt very warm and wet and I told him if what I had planned worked, I would be a lot wetter. I started to rock back and forth on him so I wasn’t sliding up and down on his cock, but was still giving him some stimulation. As I did this, I contracted myself around him and he said that he could really feel my cunt enveloping and squeezing his cock. I carried on doing this for a few minutes, telling him how I wanted to feel his cum squirting into me, filling me and then dribbling out over my thighs. Mike loves seeing his cum leaking from my cunt and this helped to spur him closer to cumming. I got him to keep me informed as to how close he was and when he said that he was very nearly there, I stopped moving and just pulsed my cunt around him.

I knew just how long I could keep this up for as I had been practicing for quite a while (and getting stronger at it), so I wasn’t in too much of a hurry initially. Mike was surprised at how much between I had got (I can keep some things secret from him) and was even more surprised that I kept going. I told him that I couldn’t keep it up for much longer and told him not to hold back (which he easily could have as the stimulation was nowhere near as strong as a solid fucking). He was really enjoying the feeling and wanted to know what it felt like to cum just like that so he asked me to talk dirty to him and let his mind get caught up in the fantasy. I could tell he was getting close and squeezed as hard as I could around him and was rewarded by feeling his cock twitching inside me. He told me he was cumming and I reminded him to lie still and let my cunt do the work. He wanted to rub my clit so I could cum too but that would have been too distracting and I wanted to do whatever I could to feel him emptying his load into me.

I don’t think I could actually feel him cum squirting into me, but I felt his cock continue to twitch and contract as he came. He said that it felt very different than usual and even though it was good, he still wanted to cum again. I was quite glad of this as while I had enjoyed seeing (and feeling) Mike cum, I still hadn’t cum. I would have happily put on a little display for him and played with myself, rubbing his cum over my body as it leaked out and I masturbated, but I much preferred the idea of a good fucking.

He needed a short while to let the sensitivity die down slightly, and he fingered me while we kissed during this period. I was then unceremoniously pushed on to my back, had my legs lifted up and held against his shoulders, and his cock thrust into me. We had used this position to fuck a number of times on our honeymoon and I love how deep it feels as if he is plumbing the depths of my pussy. I was still quite wet (Mike seemed to have cum a fair bit the time before) and he added a second load to me. I felt incredibly wet by the end and he pumped into me a few more times for good measure, with my pussy making a delicious squelching sound.

We seemed to have pumped most of his cum out of me during our session, as even though I still felt very wet, hardly anything much dribbled out when I stood up. Even when I was making breakfast, my thighs didn’t get much wetter (although Mike kept fingering me to try to help things along). Mike ‘accidentally’ spilt some of my breakfast yoghurt over his cock and asked if I would like it clean. He wasn’t ready to cum again just yet, but he was happy for me to suck him clean and then suggested that seeing as we hadn’t showered yet, it was a suitable time to have a bit more of a play.

I sat up on the kitchen table with my legs spread, facing the window (but we didn’t have the lights on, so I doubt anyone could see in far enough to notice what we were doing) and Mike poured a little more yoghurt over my breasts and pussy. We messily rubbed it in and Mike licked my breasts clean while I played with my pussy. I could see people walking past and that always helps so I got a bit carried away and poured another much larger batch of yoghurt over myself. This made a much bigger mess and Mike said that if we were going to go that far, we may as well do things properly.

He fetched a Snickers bar, unwrapped it and handed it to me. I knew what he wanted me to do and pushed it into my cunt. I’m not quite sure why (maybe because I’d only cum once), but I really fucked myself with it quite energetically. The chocolate was melting and making a real mess, but I carried on while using my other hand to stroke my clit. I came and was fairly noisy about it (I’m sure my neighbours must love us), them smooshed the remains of the Snickers over my cunt, ass and thighs and told Mike to clean me up. We both knew that there was no way he could actually lick me clean, but he told me to lie back on the table and he made a good attempt. By the time he ‘finished’, both his face and my entire middle area were covered in a sticky chocolaty/strawberry mess (but it had felt nice so it was worthwhile). Even the prospect of actually cleaning up (both us and the table) seemed worth it.

We took care of ourselves first and dived into the shower. It was easy enough to clean up our bodies, but it took a little more effort to get the mess out of my pussy. Having done things like this before (a number of times), we are fairly practiced though and after an initial rinse with warm water, we used a speculum to hold my cunt open and Mike gave me a more thorough rinsing until I was properly clean. Mike then licked me briefly before we dried off and went to clear up the table.

We weren’t sure what the weather was going to do, but it was still quite warm so we decided to head out for a walk. We knew it was likely to rain, so I put on something fairly inappropriate – a very thin, cream summer dress, with just a bra on underneath. We walked for a fair while before it rained and it rained properly. We were both soaked through in a matter of minutes (although I was soaked through much quicker) and my dress clung to me just as I had intended. A hidden benefit of having shaved my pussy bald again was that I could get away without panties at a time like this (pubic hair tends to show through). The dress was actually a bit more see through than I had expected and it was still clear than I didn’t have any panties on (and my bra was quite visible), but I was still technically dressed and there weren’t any children around, so I didn’t care.

I got a bit too cold though so we stopped off at a pub to have some lunch and dry off. I noticed that a number of people were looking at me, but we weren’t the only people in there who were soaked (but maybe I was showing a bit more than the others). By the time we had eaten, my dress was still damp, but it wasn’t sticking to me anymore and we decided to head back home to warm up properly. Naturally, we stopped off a couple of times on the way back for a quick fondle, but I was still feeling a little cold. It was a pity as we found a couple of good spots and if it had been a warmer day, I could have cum at least a couple of times in different canalside locations with nice views.

When we got back home, we stripped off and dived into bed to generate some heat. We had a simple missionary style session (good skin on skin contact to share warmth) and when we had finished, Mike suggested that I do something to cool down again. He fetched me a couple of towels and a popsicle and called Jen so that he could describe what I was doing to her. While making enough noise for them both to hear, I had to rub it up and down the length of my cunt and then quickly fuck myself with it while rubbing my clit. It felt freezing (odd that!), but I kept moving it quickly in and out and managed to make myself cum before it got too cold or completely melted.

Mike then helped me to eat what was left and licked me clean while I chatted to Jen. He tried to make me cum yet again, but I wasn’t quite ready so he gave up and spooned with me while we continued talking to Jen. He said that he loved the way my cunt felt so cold (initially – it warmed up after a few minutes) and he actually started to fuck me again. It didn’t take too much convincing to get Jen to join in with us and once she had closed her bedroom door, she masturbated in time with our fucking and whispered down the phone, describing what she was doing and how she wanted to help eat me clean when we had finished. I promised her that we would have some fun with food during my next visit and she said that she already had a few things lined up for us, including a trip back to the hardcore club.

We didn’t get up to much for the rest of the weekend as we were trying to save money. Of course we had our usual night & morning sessions and Mike ate me one last time before he had to leave on the Sunday. He certainly approves of me having gone back to being completely shaved and now spends time licking and kissing my mons. This feels really nice even though it doesn’t give any direct stimulation (but believe it or not, I don’t think that *everything* is about cumming).


  1. Andy,
    It must be nice feeling the cum fill you up and drip out. I never took that chance. My sister ended up pregnant while on birth control AND a condom.

  2. I love the feeling of cum running down my legs or sitting in a puddle of it.

    I assume it wasn't *your* cum that got your sister pregnant?

  3. Andi,
    I'm not a man...

  4. My apologies - most of my readers are male, it's nice to know there are women who read this as well :)

    As you know - I'm all for equal opportunities when sex is involved!