Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Practising pain

Ho hum - another few days before Jen comes up to visit and distract me from the fact that I won't see Mike for another couple of weeks due to scheduling. I'm going to have a masturbation session now while writing the next entry...


We’re up to the end of August now and Mike and I had been married for over a month. We had a nice candlelit dinner to celebrate and then headed upstairs to continue the festivities. Mike had put a couple of candles in the bedroom and once we were naked and things were underway, he said that he had something to show me.

He assured me that it would be fine, but I was still a little nervous when he picked up a candle and said he was going to drip some wax onto me. It felt very warm, but nowhere near as hot as I had expected and he told me that he had got hold of some low temperature bondage candles. They weren’t so much for my benefit as for Jen’s (she likes a bit of pain), but he thought it would be a good idea for us to try them out so I knew what Jen would feel. As long as it was single drops of wax, it actually didn’t feel too bad – even when he dripped them on my areola. He didn’t drip it directly onto my nipples, but did leave a trail of wax down across my stomach, over my mons and onto my thighs. Each drop stung slightly, but it was very arousing and the wax cooled very quickly.

I ended up on my stomach and offered Mike my ass – he happily accepted and fucked it while I used a vibe on my clit to get things started and then pushed in into my cunt so I could imagine being fucked by two guys at once. Mike came in my ass but stayed inside me until I had also cum. I wasn’t too far behind, but he was even moving again by the time my orgasm started so it felt really good. We then spooned and dozed off, but I woke up in the middle of the night with Mike moving in me, so we had another quick fuck before going back to sleep.

We slept late, had our usual morning session, then headed into town to meet up with people for brunch. The group now contains far fewer of my friends so it doesn’t feel quite the same (I don’t spend enough time there to get to knew the new people the way Mike does, so bizarrely, he is better friends with what was my Uni crowd than I am). There were still a few old-timers there though and most of the new crowd seem friendly enough (and of course I know some of them from the last holiday).

We wandered round town with people for a while, went home for dinner and then met up again at the pub later that night. It was a fun evening and it seemed pretty obvious (to us) that Vicky and Lis were going to have a good time when they got home and I wondered if anyone else realised that their flirting was more than just playing. After the pub, Mike and I headed off to the cinema for a late show – it wasn’t too busy, but that was what we’d been hoping for as we weren’t going to just watch the film, but to have some fun as well.

We sat over to one side near the back and as soon as we were sure that we weren’t being overlooked, pulled my skirt up and Mike slipped a hand between my legs. He spent a while gently teasing and fingering me before pulling my little lipstick vibrator out of his pocket and pressing it against my clit. This vibe is almost silent, but not very powerful and I wished that I’d taken one of my better vibes. The build up was very slow and for a while I didn’t think that I would manage to cum (without additional help), but Mike convinced me to stick with it and promised that he would eat me if the vibe failed. After being on the edge of cumming for what seemed like ages, it did finally push me over the edge and I had a really strong orgasm. If we hadn’t been in the middle of the cinema, it would have en an incredibly loud one as well, but I managed to contain myself to a bit of whimpering and moaning (which was masked by the film).

I felt very satisfied by the time my orgasm ended and wanted to repay Mike. I reached over and held on to the front of his trousers and rubbed then up and down.  He was already nice and hard and I could feel him moving his hips around as I continued to rub him. He told me that he would cum if I kept going – so I did. I hadn’t realised that was saying this would be a bad thing as his cock was still inside his trousers, so when he came, his cum soaked his boxers and (by the end of the film) seeped though to leave a stain on the front of h trousers.

I really hadn’t expected to make him cum so easily, but he later said that the way the material was moving against his cock had felt much more intense than usual. He had to hide the wet patch with his jacket while we left the cinema and on the busy streets. Once we had made it to somewhere quieter, I had him stand in the light so I could admire my handiwork. When we arrived home, he removed his trousers and peeled off his boxers to reveal a rather sticky cock. The best way he could think of to clean it was to push it into me and we had an impromptu fuck in the living room. The downside of this was that by the time we made it upstairs, Mike was soft again, so we had to wait a little while before we could spoon and fall asleep. It didn’t take much to coax him back to life though and my description of what might happen during the next night days with Lis helped get him hard.

He woke me up on the Sunday morning and crawled down between my legs to eat me. I told him I wanted to 69 (as I know he likes this – and I’ve continually gotten more used to the taste of his cum). I climbed on top and we ate each other until we had both cum, then I turned around and pushed myself down onto his cock. He didn’t mind being inside me, but didn’t want me to move as he was still too sensitive, so I just gently contracted myself around him.

After breakfast, we showered and Mike gave me another quick shave, then went down on me, but didn’t let me cum. I knew why he was just teasing me and I liked the idea. Lis was coming back up with me for another meeting about possible collaboration with a group at my Uni and would be staying over for the night (just the one sadly). Mike intended to get me nice and horny so I would be less inhibited around her (if that is even possible) in the hope that something might happen between us. We knew that I wasn’t going to actually have sex with her (even if I somehow got the opportunity), but the plan was to put me in a more playful and adventurous mood.

We had lunch with Vicky and Lis and Vicky and I agreed that neither of had any problems with her flirting with Mike or me flirting with Lis. Vicky asked how much she was allowed to flirt with Mike and I told her that she could do as much as she wanted (knowing full well that any limit I set would be way above where she would be prepared to go), so she sat on his lap and leant against him, giving him a good view of her cleavage (as I’ve mentioned before, Vicky is very proud of ‘the ladies’). She then gave Mike a little kiss and we gathered our things to head off to the station.

On the way, Mike told me that she had been rubbing her ass in his crotch and must have felt the fact that he had got hard, but she hadn’t mentioned anything. They saw us off at the station even kissed Lis goodbye (after checking that there wasn’t anyone around who she knew). Mike and Vicky then went for a coffee and continued their low level flirting while I did similar with Lis on the train. Mike teased Vicky quite a bit about Lis and I being in bed and snuggling up together. Vicky asked him if he wanted to snuggle up to her in bed and he told her that she could come round any night she was feeling lonely (it hasn’t happened yet). Their friendship seems to have gotten a lot closer since Vicky started dating Lis – I guess the fact that he’s one of the few people who knows her secret might have helped with this.

I sent a couple of emails to Jen from the train, telling her about my time with Mike over the weekend as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to openly talk to her (and play with myself) while Lis was there. I kept the candles a secret from her, but gave her details of everything else and she told me to try to continue our seduction of Lis as best I could.

When we arrived home, I put the heating on so it was warm enough to justifiably strip off, but put my thin gown on (undone). Lis was quite used to me being naked (or semi naked) so didn’t mind this and after spending the evening chatting and catching up properly (phone and FB just aren’t the same as talking in person), it was finally time for bed. Once we were ready, I slipped my robe off and Lis commented on the fact that I was now completely shaved. I told her that I had done it just before getting married and Jen had done the same (I omitted Sue’s part in the proceedings). Lis had a pair of her cure light pink panties on and I asked if she still her little patch of hair. She said that she did and how much Vicky enjoyed just gently stroking it.

I asked to see what it was like and Lis gingerly pulled her panties down to show me. There wasn’t much difference from the last time I’d seen it (as you would expect) and I teased her for being so shy and reminded her that I’d seen her properly naked. My horniness took over and I pulled her onto the bed and wrestled with her until I had pulled her panties down her legs and they were around her ankles (well, one of them). I let her go at this point, but kept a finger hooked in the empty legband of her panties and dared her to sleep naked. Lis paused for a few seconds and then said that was fine. I got a good view as she lifted her leg and pulled her panties off. I told her that she didn’t really have to sleep naked and I wouldn’t tease her if she wanted to cover up, but she again said that it was fine and we then crawled under the covers together.

We chatted for a while and then curled up to go to sleep. I couldn’t resist spooning up behind Lis and I asked her what she thought Vicky would think if she was there with us. Lis said that she had told Vicky all about her sleepovers and she had been fine with things. I asked if she had minded the fact that Jen and I had made each other cum in front of Lis and was told that was fine, so I asked about us spooning (as we were doing) and was told that was fine. I asked if she had mentioned me hugging Lis and I raised my hand to Lis’ breasts and cupped one of them (more like covered one as her breasts are quite tiny) and Lis quietly said that was fine as well.

I pressed myself up against Lis so her ass was pressing against my mons and told her that I really wanted her to get the job up here – and if she did, she was more than welcome to stay with me until she got her own place sorted out – or she could stay forever if she wanted to act as my little hot water bottle during the cold winter months. Lis said that sounded nice and that she really liked spooning in this position (her and Vicky do it quite a lot, with Vicky as the big spoon). I told her that I really enjoyed spooning with Mike and how it was somewhat different with a guy (for obvious reasons). My hand was still on her breasts – not quite playing with them, but gently stroking her nips, which were certainly harder than when I had started.

We talked about favourite positions and Lis again mentioned how she loved Vicky playing with her little patch of pubic hair. I took this as an invitation and slid my hand down over her stomach until it was at the very top of the patch of hair and gently stroked it. I was silent and could hear that Lis was breathing in a very shallow way, but she didn’t ask me to stop or move my hand away. I really wanted to push lower and stroke her pussy, but managed to control myself and just gently played with her pubic hair for a while before pulling my hand away and asking if that was what Vicky did. Lis said it was very similar and I told her that I could see the attraction and I sort of did it to Jen from time to time.

I realised that I had been slowly pushing my crotch against Lis’ ass and stopped myself, but allowed my hand to slide back up her stomach (and tickle her) before cupping her breasts again and saying that we should probably get some sleep. My pussy felt very wet and sensitive and I debated slipping off to the bathroom to masturbate, but decided that I wanted to stay in the position I was in and would just cope with my horniness. We chatted a little more as we dozed off and I carried on gently squeezing one of her breasts. I didn’t sleep that well, but had lots of little dreams involving sex and kept waking up.

By the time morning came, I felt more aroused than I could remember having been in ages and desperately wanted to cum. We had moved around in the night though and I was on my back with Lis curled up against me, one of her legs over mine and an arm draped over my body. I could part my legs and was very tempted to just play with myself but I thought that might be a bit much for her to wake up to (and I knew that if I started, I would end up waking her up). I really wanted to stay in bed with her, but had to slip out and head to the bathroom. I came in record time (hardly surprisingly) and returned to find Lis awake, but still in bed. It was a bit chilly so I climbed back in beside her and we chatted about her meeting that day.

She went off to get showered and I quickly called Mike and Jen (conference calls can be useful). I told them what had happened (which technically wasn’t much) and we had a three way phone sex session (basically masturbating to my description of being naked cuddled up to Lis). I managed to finish before Lis emerged from the bathroom and I chatted to her while she got dressed before heading in to shower myself. Lis borrowed a few of our toys to take back to Vicky and I helped securely pack them in the bottom of her bag so they wouldn’t accidentally fall out or be seen while she was at Uni.

We had hoped to meet up for lunch, but she ended up eating with her (hopefully) new research group and left before I had finished work. I had a much more detailed phone session with Jen and Mike that night and we explored how things could have developed (which I’m sure you can guess). I know that Lis knows that both Mike and Jen fancy her (and unless she is very dim, I’m sure she’s figured out that I might be a little bit attracted to her) but I wonder what she would think if she knew that we all get off while fantasising about her?


  1. Andi,
    Have you ever tried a Sybian?

  2. hi andy how are u . hey i read the blog which jen started its name was (the younger woman )or girl . o my god i was so happy but unfortunately she stopped writing . why? please can u ask her to write more i wana read her blog too and ps ur blog is awsome

  3. Anon - no, I've seen videos of them and wondered what they are actually like to use. They look good, but it's hard to tell as I've only seen porn stars who are acting. Do you know anyone who has used one or would recommend one?

    Faiza - Jen isn't really into writing blogs. She was going to try, but decided that she spends long enough helping with this one (editing and fact checking). If there is anything in particular you want her to write about I could always ask, but I don't think you;ll be getting the long form entries out of her.

  4. Andi,
    I can say from personal experience that they are definitely NOT acting. A friend of mine has one and we share it and I can't get enough of it! You have to be careful though if you turn it up to high and are not prepared for the power you could injure yourself.

  5. Hmm - I've had a look online and they cost a couple of hundred pounds, so not something we can afford to buy on a whim. If they're that good though, it might be worth saving up for.

    I wonder if there is anywhere I could try one out?