Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sharing sister's boyfriend

I got home fairly early tonight and really need to cum. Neither Mike nor Jen are back home yet so I'll just have to find things online to cum to... I'm off to see Mike at the weekend and catch up with friends - we haven't got much planned, so if there are any suggestions as to how we can keep ourselves amused, please post them.


I had worked quite long hours in the run up to the wedding to build up some extra holiday so I went back to York after our honeymoon. Mike Jen and I then went back home (my Mum’s home) for a visit as I haven’t really seen that much of her this year due to travelling to see Mike or Jen each weekend. Sue was also there with her boyfriend (Ryan – seeing as it looks like she is staying with him, it’s about time I used his name) and I was looking forwards to having the chance to try out a number of things that I had been planning.

We had met him before the wedding and Mike had chatted to him about looking after Sue (playing the protective older brother). He seemed like a fairly nice guy and was fine with the arrangement that Mike, Jen and I have (I think he was a bit surprised when Sue first told him about it, but he’s had a long time to get used to it). Most of the time during the days, Mum was around (we went to various places and just relaxed – lots of nice lunches), but in the evening, when she had gone to bed, we spent time chatting.

This gave me the opportunity to have some fun and I got Jen to wear some PJ shorts that were fairly baggy and gave a good view fairly high up inside them. On the second night, I got her to wear a fairly skimpy nightdress and even though she had a dressing gown on over it, this wasn’t done up, so it gave a pretty good view of her nipples and panties. On our third night at home, I wore a similar outfit, but ‘forgot’ to put any panties on underneath. I made sure that I sat in a way that would give a reasonable view and it was easy to see when he was checking out my breasts or between my legs.

Sue quite liked us teasing him like this as it meant each night after we finally went to bed, she got quite a good fucking out of him. Of course Mike and I were doing the same thing and I would then sneak over to Jen’s room (she was in the spare room beside Mum’s) and do things with her. A couple of times on the way past Sue’s door, I heard them going at it and felt quite happy that my little sister was enjoying herself so much (after having trained her boyfriend to please her).

All of this was heading towards something I had been planning for a while. I had discussed it with Mike and Jen and we had finally broached the subject with Sue while her bf was in the shower. She was a lot more amenable to the suggestion than I had expected and said that she was interested to find out if he would realise what was happening. (She also said that it was only fair given some of the things we had done in the past). With our plans made, we agreed to give it a try that night and see how things turned out.

This was part of the reason for me showing myself off to him on the third night – I was fairly certain that he thought I was at least reasonably attractive – and I wanted to make sure that he was feeling nice and horny. Initially, I had considered trying to flirt with him and seduce him while Sue was conveniently elsewhere, then had thought about letting him discover me doing things with Jen in a compromising situation that showed him a lot more of me, but in the end decided to try something much more interesting.

When we went to bed, Mike and I fucked and Sue fucked Ryan loud enough for us to hear (Mum’s room is further away in another part of the house). We all finished (but Mike didn’t cum in me for reasons that will become clear) and settled down to go to sleep, but Sue left Ryan in bed to visit the bathroom. I met her in the hallway and after she had flushed the toilet, we both returned to her room. The light was off and the curtains tightly shut so it was pretty much pitch black, but I know the layout so had no trouble finding the bed. Sue slowly crept into the room so he didn’t hear her and as I climbed into bed, she told him that she wanted him to eat her.

I didn’t wait for a reply before climbing up over his body and positioning myself over his face. I felt his hands slide up my legs and pull me down while he said he was going to give me a good twat sucking (I had to try to not laugh at this phrase) and I then felt his tongue make contact with my cunt. I wanted to really enjoy it and rock back and forth, but controlled myself to do things the way that I know Sue does. His tongue felt very different from Mike or Jen’s, but he was fairly good and I relished the feeling as it pushed between my lips, swirled around and ever brushed over my ass a couple of times.

I know that I make rather different noises than Sue does when we get horny so I decided that the safest thing to do would be to find a way to keep as quiet as possible. I pushed the duvet to the side and leant forwards, allowing my hands to slide down to his cock. He was already hard (as he should be while eating someone) and I stroked up and down the same way that I’ve seen Sue stroke Mike. I felt him moan into my cunt and tell me that it felt good, so I lay down and slipped the head into my mouth. This was only the second bare cock I’ve had in my mouth and I wanted to explore it properly with my tongue, but stuck to the ‘script’ and sucked him the way that Sue has trained me to do (she is the queen of blowjobs after all).

Initially, I could taste Sue’s juices, but I quickly licked these off and concentrated on making him cum. I allowed myself to moan a bit more while doing this as I thought the cock would help to mask any differences in our styles, and I hoped that I was suitably distracting him anyway. He did a good job and fingered me and rubbed my ass while licking so I also fondled his balls (which he apparently likes). I didn’t do this too much as I don’t get much experience of it (one of Mike’s testes is somewhat sensitive), but he seemed to be enjoying it and didn’t notice any ineptitude on my part.

I think I could have made him cum fairly quickly, but I drew things out as I wanted to cum first. Both so that he would concentrate on making me cum and wouldn’t get distracted by his own orgasm and because I thought it would be easier to ‘escape’ after. Sue often gets him to make her cum first anyway (to keep him interested) so this wasn’t that unusual and the closer he got to cumming, the more effort he seemed to put into making me cum. I hummed and moaned around his cock as my orgasm shot through me – the whole situation and how dirty I was being really added to it and I made sure that once I had cum, I repaid his kindness and swirled my tongue around his cock (mostly the head) until I felt him start to spasm and squirt into my mouth. I let some of the cum leak out and spat a little more out as I sat up. I know this was the most risky time, but fortunately, Sue had been paying attention and said that she was just going to and get cleaned up (she leant closer to me so it sounded like I was saying it, but I did still have my pussy on his face and legs pressed against the side of his head as a muffle).

Sue had already started to creep out of the room as I got up, but he pulled my arm and tried to kiss me. I didn’t have much choice and kissed him back before quickly uttering ‘be right back’ in my best Sue impression (not much like her at all) and dashed out the door. I met Sue in the bathroom and we had a quiet giggle about having accomplished the mission successfully. I rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash (but Mike still wouldn’t kiss me until the next day) and returned to my room while Sue returned to hers. I told Mike how it had gone and he fucked me doggy style, telling me what a dirty little whore I was as he emptied his load deep into my cunt.

We found out the next day (while Jen was distracting Ryan) that when Sue had returned, she had told him that she wanted to fuck again. Ryan had heard me in the bathroom with Sue (not what we’d been saying) and she had told him that I had just popped out to use the toilet. He asked her what I had thought of her being naked and she had told him that it wasn’t a big deal, as sisters, I’d seen her naked before – and then added that I was also naked. This seemed to get his attention and Sue decided that if she was going to coax him into a third session (for him) of the night, she needed some ammunition and so teased him about wanting to do things with me.

He denied this at first, but Sue rubbed up against his cock and continued to tease him about doing things with both of us and they fell into one of their usual threesome fantasies, just with me involved. She managed to get him hard again, mounted him and rode him until they both came again. She also told us that it was much easier to play along with the fantasy as she could taste my juices on his face and mouth when they kissed. She also brought Jen into the fantasy and I know that she was telling this to get Mike excited (and it worked as he ended up slipping his hand under my skirt and fingering me and I could clearly see the bulge in his jeans).

If we’d known how long Ryan would be distracted for, Mike said he would have fucked or eaten me right there in front of Sue, but we decided that it was safer if she went to join them and gave us some ‘alone time’ as newlyweds. Once this was agreed, Mike did flip my skirt up and pull his cock out (with Sue still there) and we started to fuck while she left and closed the door. We played out our own little fantasy while we fucked and imagined Sue, Jen and Ryan involved. I ended up using a vibe in my ass (imagining it was a real cock) while Mike and I ate Jen, who was eating Sue (maybe not the most practical positioning, but it seemed to work in the fantasy). Mike came in me and I wiped myself clean before we went down to join everyone (I didn’t want cum dripping down my legs in front of Mum).

I managed to show Jen off to Ryan a few more times and stood chatting to him in a slightly too short bath towel for a reasonable period of time which will hopefully have helped to nurture any fantasies he has involving me (I know that Mike has fucked me enough times while thinking of Sue, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t get the same in return).

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