Friday, 18 November 2011

Teasing Jen's Brother

I'd hoped to post this before I left, but was late leaving work. I'm in York for the weekend and just about to go out and see people, but Mike is pushing a remote controlled egg into my pussy so he can play with me while we're out... Back to early August...


Mike had to return to York to get a few things sorted out for work but I wasn’t back at work until the Monday, so when we left Mum’s house, I went with Jen back to her parents’ place for the weekend. His friends were happy to see me back after the display we’d put on last time for them. Her parents wanted to sit and watch the wedding video with us again and kept saying how beautiful both Jen and I looked but I wasn’t that interested (I was there, I know how it ends!). We ended up escaping with her brother and friends to the pub. They tried to ply me with alcohol as congratulations on getting married but I did a good job of resisting (having managed with little alcohol for so long, I intend to keep it up - mostly). We did let them talk us into going back out to the lake and Jen said that she would try to get her school friends along again, but when she called, they already had plans. The rest of us decided to go anyway and I was looking forwards to the chance of being alone with a group of boys (OK, Jen would be there as well, but it’s not as if she was going to stop anything from happening).

We returned home and just before we arrived, Jen told her brother that we would sit outside and ‘chat’ for a while so that her parents didn’t hear us. I think it was pretty obvious what was going to be involved in the ‘chatting’, but he didn’t say anything about it and went in while we headed around the side of the house.
We didn’t have any blankets with us, so just sat down on our jackets and spent a while gazing up at the stars while gently stroking each other. We took things fairly slowly but I somehow still found myself stripped naked while Jen was still mostly clothed. Not that this stopped me from fondling her as well and I soon had her top pushed up over her breasts and her skirt offered no resistance to my hand finding her waiting cunt.
Our fondling became more frenzied and we kissed more deeply as we got closer to cumming. I ended up pushing Jen onto her back and nibbling on her nipples while we continued to finger each other. Jen came first, but she did a fairly good job of carrying on stimulating me throughout her orgasm and once I’d cum, I reward her for this with a few minutes of kitty kissing (which technically wasn’t kitty kissing as she had already recovered from her orgasm).

We headed back indoors and after getting ready for bed, snuggled down under the covers. Despite having just cum, I still enjoy doing things with Jen while her parents are in the next room as she is so nervous (as if they don’t know we fuck!). I went down on her under the covers and ate her to another orgasm. As punishment for my behaviour, she stroked me for a while and then said I would have to wait until the morning until I could cum. I told her that I would just go and fuck her brother and she told me to go ahead but I snuggled up to her and told her that she was just a mean bitch, but I loved her anyway. I considered masturbating, but decided to wait until the morning.

This turned out to be a mistake as Jen did exactly what she had done to me during my previous trip (well, not *exactly*, but close enough and with the same effect). We woke up and I was horny (as usual) so crawled under the covers to wake Jen in the usual way. She let me eat her and then started to do the same to me, but after having got me close to cumming, left me hanging. I leaded with her to finish me off, but she said that it would be a more interesting swimming trip if I was desperate to cum.

We got a lift out to the lake this time and set things out in what has become our usual spot (the other side of the lake to where most people sit – the ground isn’t as flat, but it gives us a little privacy, although there were a few other groups not too far from us). We stripped down to our swimwear and splashed around for a while before returning to have something to eat. As always, Jen looked wonderful in her wet swimsuit (which I really have to find a way to bring into our sex lives more) and I think a number of the guys noticed the way I was looking at her.

Jen suggested that I remove my top so I could continue to keep my tan (or what I had of one) up. I told her that I would if she would. I knew full well that she could always just instruct me to do it as we were at her place, but she agreed and as I unfastened by top, she slipped her arms through her swimsuit and rolled it down to expose her whole chest and stomach. We applied suncream to each other (with just a little bit of superfluous breast stroking for the benefit of the lads).

After a bit of sunbathing, Jen pulled her swimsuit back up and said she wanted to cool down again. The rest of the boys followed her, leaving just her brother and I (he doesn’t fancy her in quite the same way they do). We chatted and I told him that I had noticed his curtains moving the previous night while Jen and I had been out in the garden ‘chatting’ (I used actual air-quotes). At first he said that he hadn’t been watching, but when I started to tease him about how he had been trying to get to see Jen naked, he got as far as saying ‘it wasn’t Jen I ...’, and trailed off. I teased him a bit more and told him that it would be perfectly natural for any straight guy to think that she was hot. He protested his innocence again and I told him to look into my eyes and honestly tell me that he had never fantasised about her or imagined her naked and if he told me the truth, I would make it worth his while.

He leaned over and asked what he would get and I told him that I might need some more cream applied. He started to say that he’d never thought of her in that way and then asked what he would get if he said that he had. I told him that as long as I thought he was telling the truth, he would get his reward and he eventually blurted out that he might have thought about her in that way a few times. I congratulated him for being honest and he asked if I was going to tell Jen, but I said I would keep it between us (which was obviously a bit of a lie as I tell both Jen and Mike everything).

He assumed that I was going to let him ‘add suncream’ to my breasts so I let him do this for a minute before saying that I also wanted my back done. He was a little disappointed, but I told him to be patient and if he wanted, he could play with my breasts again. I rolled over onto my front, facing the lake and propped myself up on a rolled up towel. He massaged my back and I told him that I sometimes sunbathed naked. He asked if I was going to do that now but I told him not with families around (even though they were mostly on the other side of the lake), but that I didn’t want to get too many tan marks and would have to compromise.

I reached down and slipped my bikini bottoms down halfway over my ass. He seemed to be getting the hang of the game and asked if I wanted him to rub cream in there. I looked around at him and asked ‘is that a problem?’ and he quickly answered no. I looked towards the lake again and felt his hands slide down to my ass and start to rub and knead it. It felt quite good and I loosened up and let my legs open ever so slightly so I wouldn’t end up squeezing my thighs together. I occasionally gently pushed back against his hands and his hands roamed a bit lower on my ass, slightly pushing under the material of my bikini. I let him do this for a while then pointed out where he was rubbing. He just asked me ‘is that a problem?’ and I quietly said ‘no’.

He became a bit bolder and pushed a hand properly under my panties, caressing my ass much more firmly. He had a good explore of the area and his fingers got quite close to my pussy but didn’t quite touch it. I didn’t respond to what he was doing (other than a bit of involuntary squirming and it was only when I saw everyone swimming towards the shore that I told him to stop. We made an agreement that he wouldn’t tell anyone about his fondling and I wouldn’t mention his fantasising about Jen and he didn’t have time to argue before the rest of the group returned.

I did a bit more sunbathing on my back and Jen spent a while stroking my nipples to get them hard and then sucked on them for a while. She wouldn’t let me do the same to her (much to everyone’s disappointment) and we went for one final swim before getting ready to head back. We had to dry off and change before getting in the car so I put on a bra, slipped my dress over my head and pulled my bikini bottoms off, then helped Jen do the same (but with her swimsuit and without the bra). We then squashed ourselves back into the car and headed home.

After dinner with her parents, we spent the evening chatting and lazing around. I carefully lay on my front so that my legs were pointed towards a mirror and idly kicked my legs back and forth to help let my skirt ride up high enough to give a bit of a view up it (in the mirror). I didn’t really know exactly how much I was showing and I later found out from Jen that I was still more covered than I’d thought, but I enjoyed thinking that I was exposing myself even if I hadn’t done that good a job.

Jen and I went to bed before everyone had left and I tried to convince her to leave her door slightly open so I could eat her with my ass pointed towards the door. We’ve done something similar to this before (on holiday last year) and she knows that my body would block any view of her pussy, but she was still worried that her parents might wander out of their room and see us. I told her that she was a spoilsport and as consolation, we 69ed and quietly ate each other.

In the morning, I managed to tease Jen for long enough before she woke up, that she was willing to have a proper session and take the chance that her parents might hear. We were still quiet, but at least we got to kiss and grind against each other for a while before involving fingers to finish things off. With that out of the way, we headed down for breakfast and then up to shower (separately). Jen had arranged to have lunch with her friends to make up for not seeing them the previous day so we headed into town. We were fairly affectionate over lunch and I wondered if her friends would mind, but they seemed okay. I already knew that one of them was also gay (and fairly cute) and Jen also flirted with her (and she reciprocated).

After lunch, we wandered out to the woods that Jen used to ‘play’ in. We checked that nobody was given the location, I knew that some pee was likely to be involved and this was confirmed when Jen pulled a small towel out of her bag (the girl knows how to prepare for things – but she’s had a lot of practice at this). We started off by just leaning against a tree, kissing and stroking each other. Jen unsnapped my skirt and pulled it down my legs, so I did the same to her and we pulled each other’s tops off (followed by my bra). We only had shoes and socks on and after hiding our clothes and bags, Jen pulled me over towards the edge of the woods and challenged me to run across to the next little set of trees. We couldn’t see anyone around so we dashed over and hid behind the other trees. Jen then directed me to a little rocky area near the edge of the trees and I was challenged to sit on it, spread my legs and finger myself.

This wasn’t much of a challenge for me and Jen helped my standing behind me and reaching over to play with my breasts. She ended up pushing her pussy against the back of my head and neck and I told her that it was time for me to challenge her to something. I didn’t give her much of a challenge either and just got her keep standing where she was while I turned around and ate her. I got her fairly close to cumming and she had to balance herself using my shoulders before saying that we still had more to do.

We ran back across the clearing and Jen showed me a tree that she used to climb. I watched as she clambered up a couple of branches and sat on a big branch with her legs spread. She told me to stand back and I watched as she peed and rubbed her clit. She really seemed to be enjoying it but stopped before she came and climbed down to tell me to have a go. With her help, I climbed up (and she might have pushed her face into my pussy on the way). I had to repeat what she had done, but was instructed to save a little pee for the finale. I did as I was told, letting my pee spray out onto the ground while fingering myself. I paced myself as best I could, but it was quite fun and I ended up strumming my fingers over my clit and got very close to cumming before Jen told me to stop and join her on the ground.

She had been playing with herself while watching me so was pretty much as close to cumming as I was and (to my relief) said that it was time for the grand finale. Jen told me to remove my shoes and then pressed up against me. Our pussies pressed against each other’s thighs and we kissed as we humped. Jen pushed her hand down between us and played with my clit and told me to pee as I came. I remember briefly thinking about our socks getting soaked, but was too close to let this bother me – when I came, I let everything I had left out and it did feel really good. I moaned into her mouth and was left panting.

I wanted Jen to enjoy it as much as I had, so as soon as I caught my breath, I pushed my hand down to her clit and told her it was her turn. Her pussy was already soaking wet and I alternated between strumming her clit and pumping a couple of fingers roughly into her. She reached orgasm very quickly and soaked my hand and our legs (she had a lot more pee left than I had). I was left in no doubt that she had really enjoyed it as she had to couch down near the end as she said her legs couldn’t support her. She pushed her face into my cunt and ate me ferociously, maintaining contact with me until I realised that she wanted me to cum again, and that if she kept going, I probably would.

We heard some voices in the distance but Jen didn’t stop and I was having way too much fun. I imagined us being caught and having to service a group of people to buy their silence and with this image in mind, I came again and had to push Jen away as the feeling were too intense. I sat down beside her and told her if she wanted, I would eat her again but she said that she was fine and it was getting late anyway (I had to catch a flight back home that night). We peeled off our socks and I was given the job of wandering over to the den and laying them out on a rock for the lads to find and when I returned, Jen dried off my legs and handed me my clothes (including dry socks).

There was a slight difference though – she had substituted my skirt for a much shorter, tighter one (I usually like flippy pleated ones) and when I pulled it on, I found out that it only just covered my pussy. I had to be quite careful as I walked and had to keep pulling it down, but having my cunt so close to being exposed felt really nice. It was ‘interesting’ climbing over a couple of styles and we had to wait until nobody else was around. While I was straddling one of them, Jen pushed two fingers into my pussy and pumped a few times and then I wasn’t allowed to pull my skirt down while we walked along the path. Needless to say, by the time we got back to her house, I was once again fairly horny and this had only been exasperated by Jen describing a fantasy involving her school friends (or some of them).

I was at least allowed to change back into one of my own skirts before we set off to the airport, but not before I had said goodbye to her brother and given him a fairly good view of my ass (and probably pussy). When we hugged, I pressed myself up against him and told him that I would hopefully see his again soon. He showed more interest than he ever had during our time at school and I wondered just how far Jen would let me push things.

I had a slightly more tearful farewell with Jen at the airport, even though it was only going to be a couple of weeks until I saw her again and I knew Mike would be distracting me over the weekend in-between (they take turns distracting me from missing the other one).


  1. Could we not have pictures of you fingering each other?
    I have scoured the web and seen a few of you but only on your own

  2. Jen made me swear that I would never put pics of her up and I've realised that posting pics of myself might have been a mistake. As much as I enjoy seeing girlfriend pics posted by other people, I know that it has ruined people if friends/bosses... get to see them.

    I know better than to try and remove the pics I've posted as nothing ever dies on the internet, but nothing else is going up (probably) - if it does, I'll post it here, but I wouldn't hold your breath

  3. I understand, I was suprised you posted any, but leave heads off?