Sunday, 13 November 2011

Wedding and Honeymoon

I meant to post this yesterday, but I got distracted with things (an impromptu threesome) and then forgot. To make up for it, the next instalment will be on Tuesday.
I wasn’t going to write about the wedding and honeymoon and had intended to keep it private (as I have done with some of our birthday/anniversary/special celebrations). Not because anything outlandish happened at any of these things, but because I like having some personal memories that are ours and ours alone. With that in mind, I’m going to skip over the actual wedding (which I can’t imagine is what most of you are here for anyway) and will write about a couple of events from just before and a little of what happened on the honeymoon.

We (me, Mum, Sue, Jen & her family) were all in York by the Thursday. This was the first time her family had met mine and we all went out for a meal. It was fairly uneventful with the usual stilted conversation but when us younger people had gone off for a drink, Jen’s brother asked Sue if she was also gay or bi (I assume he thinks it is genetic). She told him that she had a boyfriend who would be arriving the next day but found the question slightly amusing. For good luck, it had been decided that Mike wasn’t allowed to see me the day before the wedding, so he had been checked into a hotel room for both the Thursday and Friday nights. This allowed Mum and Sue to stay at the house and originally, Sue was going to sleep on the sofa, but we convinced her to share a bed with us (Mum was in the other room).

Once we were all in bed (with Jen and I naked of course), we had a whispered conversation. Sue hadn’t actually seen Jen for ages and was eager to catch up. This of course included how our sex lives had been going and Sue reported that things were still going well and she tried to keep up with us in the number of times she had sex (which her bf was very grateful for even if he didn’t know why). It got fairly late and we needed some rest but Jen and I hadn’t had our evening session yet. I had been wondering if we should go elsewhere, but Jen had been stroking me under the covers for a while and when she crawled down between my legs, I didn’t bother trying to stop her (it’s not like Sue hasn’t seen me cum before). Jen licked me until I came (quietly, so Mum wouldn’t hear), then reappeared and said it was her turn. I switched places with her and started to move under the covers, but it was too warm, so I pulled them back, allowing Sue to watch what I was doing. It didn’t take long for Jen to cum and when I had finished, she asked Sue if she wanted to be eaten. Sue did look slightly flushed and I’m pretty sure she was at least a little turned on by out display, but she said that she was fine.

We slept with Jen in the middle and when I woke up, I saw that she had ‘somehow’ managed to drape her arm over Sue and was cupping a breast through her PJs. Sue didn’t seem to mind this too much and didn’t even pull away when I fingered Jen and got her close to cumming. Jen and I then 69ed while Sue went off to pee (we hadn’t finished by the time she returned but Jen told her to stay as we were nearly there). After wiping ourselves clean and slipping on our dressing gowns, we joined Mum downstairs to start the final, final, final checks and preparations (apart from the ones on the actual day). Jen and I didn’t get any time alone to do anything (and I was too busy anyway – apparently a wedding is enough to distract even my libido) and by the end, we were quite tired.

We had a big meal that night with the family who had turned up early but didn’t stay out too late. I chatted to Sue’s bf for a while and it was rather strange as I feel that I know so much about him (and a lot of things that he has no idea I know), but it wasn’t that detailed a chat as I had to speak to everyone. Mum had decided to stay in a hotel to let us (Sue, Jen and I) have a girly night in. We decided to make a bed in front of the fireplace (not that the fire was lit, but it was a big enough area for the three of us to sleep comfortably) and we continued our conversation over a final bottle of wine.

I let slip the fact that Sue had been talking with her boyfriend about threesomes and Jen acted as if she hadn’t already known this and quizzed her about it. Sue gave quite a bit of detail, but said that it was only a fantasy that she would play with him and she probably wasn’t going to actually do anything in RL. This didn’t stop us teasing her though and I ended up I pinning Sue down while Jen stroked up and down her thighs, saying how much her boyfriend would probably like to see this. Sue tried to break free but Jen held her legs open and slowly kissed up her thigh, but not quite as far as her panties. She nibbled on Sue’s thigh for a short time, then stopped and said we still had to get shaved.

We had discussed this, but I hadn’t quite decided what I wanted to do – I actually quite liked my little patch of fuzz, but also liked the idea of starting off my married life with a perfectly bald pussy (sort like starting fresh). I decided to go with it and we boiled up some water while Jen fetched the shaving things. I got to go first and after carefully shaving around my lips, Jen removed the hair from my mons and I was once again bald. I examined myself in the little mirror and was happy with the look, so we switched places and I did the same to Jen. Once she was clean, she asked Sue if she wanted to be shaved as well and Sue said that it might be a nice surprise for her boyfriend and went to take the razor off Jen, but Jen said that she would do it.

I pointed out that it is much easier for someone else to shave you and ran a finger over my lips to demonstrate that Jen does do a pretty good job and Sue agreed to let her do it. I watched Jen lather up Sue’s lips (with a little more stroking than was really necessary) and slowly and carefully, go over them with the razor. Her face was very close to Sue’s pussy and while she worked, she talked about the threesome fantasy again and Sue said it was rather more embarrassing to talk about it while in that position. I watched Jen part Sue’s outer lips to get at a couple of hairs and then carefully rinse off all the remaining shaving gel before moving on to her mons. This part was much quicker, but Jen kept her face very close to Sue’s pussy the whole time. Jen carried on talking to Sue about her bf fucking her and threesome options while her mouth was close enough to her pussy that I knew Sue would have been able to feel her breath.

With the shaving finished, Jen washed the remaining gel off and squeezed a little after shave gel onto her fingers. She rubbed it in to Sue’s mons, then up and down her lips. They were still talking about sex and I had given in and was stroking my clit while listening and watching. Jen crouched down between Sue’s legs, opened her lips and ran a small amount of gel over the outer lips (it really does help to reduce irritation and Sue knows this as we’ve talked about it and she also uses it). I partially suspect that Sue knew what was going to happen as she let Jen spread her lips fully and she pushed her head forwards and gave a long lick up Sue’s cunt, between her lips and over her clit. Sue jumped at this, but not as quickly as I think she could have.

Jen gave a half-hearted apology and said that she just couldn’t resist and changed the subject (sort of) by pointing out what I was doing. She told Sue to watch and take notes so that she could give a more realistic description the next time she fantasised about threesomes with her bf. Sue didn’t object to this, but Jen had already pushed me onto my back and climbed over me so I don’t think it would have made any difference if she had. Regular readers will know that Sue and I have seen each other cum a number of times (although usually with Mike involved) so our display didn’t shock her.

Quite the opposite in fact (but I bet Jen earlier teasing and fantasising helped out) as by the time we had finished eating each other, Sue was busy playing with herself. I saw an opportunity and told her that if she helped me out, I would let her use any of my collection of toys to help make herself cum. Mike has continued talking to her about doing things with other girls, and she was willing to help suck Jen’s nips so I could make her cum again (regular readers know that she has done this before).

Sue and I lay on either side of Jen and took a nipple each. I reached down between Jen’s legs and fingered her while Sue continued to play with herself. Despite having just cum, having one of her fantasies being acted out meant that Jen was happy to cum again and she enjoyed us both lapping away on her breasts. We got Jen quite close to cumming and I told Sue to rub some of her juice over Jen’s breast (while I did the same with my juices) and we started to suck her clean. I caught Sue’s hand as she moved it back down to her pussy and pressed her fingers against Jen’s pussy.  Sue didn’t pull away and I managed to get a couple of fingers into Jen and pump them in and out a few times. I’d hoped that Sue would continue, but when I let go, she pulled her hand away and pushed it back between her own legs. She had done well enough though and I resumed fingering Jen, after which, she came fairly quickly and quite loudly.

I kept up my end of the bargain and let Sue go upstairs and select some toys to finish herself off with. Unfortunately, she stayed upstairs until she had satisfied herself so we didn’t get to watch her cum, but I’m pretty sure she had more than one orgasm. Once she had finished, Sue rejoined us and we all slept under the same duvet (or half under it as it was a fairly warm night). Sue wore panties, but Jen and I were naked as usual.

The next morning, I had my usual session with Jen while Sue was up showering and Mum turned up while we were having breakfast. It was a whirlwind day and was over before I realised, but everything went pretty much to plan and we had a wonderful time. I spent that night in a hotel with Mike and with the consummation of our marriage out of the way, we were set to head off on our honeymoon the following day.

We were driven to the airport and as we unloaded the car, I saw there was an extra suitcase. I knew what I wanted this to mean, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Jen was coming with us (I really hadn’t known anything about this). The downside of it is that we are now fairly poor, but Mike said that given I am also promised to her, it didn’t seem right for just the two of us to go alone.

Mike and I had a large room and Jen had a much smaller one, but that didn’t really matter as the plan was for her to spend most of the time with us anyway. I think Mike hoped that he might finally get to pop her cherry (he’s well aware that given the things she has done over the years, there isn’t a chance of even a shred of her hymen actually being left), but the standard rules still applied (sort of).

On our first night there, Jen did bend the rules a little for him and joined us in our bed for our first session of the honeymoon. She let him watch as she helped to get me nice and wet and then she kissed me and played with my breasts while he took me from behind (spooning). After we had finished and had both cum, she said that he could watch while Jen and I 69ed and she ate his cum out of me.

Jen climbed over me and we started licking each other while Mike sat behind me so he could watch what I was doing to Jen. I gave him a good view and pulled her lips open as I licked and pushed my tongue into her and I could feel that she was really pushing her mouth and tongue into my pussy and doing a good job of cleaning it out. We carried on until we had both cum and Jen crawled backwards off me and told Mike that for the final part of his wedding present, he could rub against her ass.

She has teased him like this a number of times, but one of them always had panties or shorts on and he was eager to get his cock directly onto her skin. I crawled out the rest of the way from under Jen to watch and saw him nestle his cock between her ass cheeks. The head was pointing up towards her back so that there couldn’t be any ‘accidental slippage’ into her pussy (be it either a real accident or an ‘accident’), but he seemed to be quite happy to push her ass cheeks against his cock and rub back and forth. He humped her ass for a while and I occasionally rubbed some of Jen’s juices over the area to help with lubrication. Mike asked if he could cum and Jen said that was the idea so he sped up a bit. He pointed out that it would feel much better if he was inside her (either hole would have done) but Jen said that he was only allowed to hump against her the way he was doing. He obviously thought this was enough as he managed to cum and I watched his cum splatter up Jen’s back. He squeezed out a final few drops directly between her ass cheeks and asked her to kneel up so his cum would run down her body.

He hoped that it would rub straight down her back, between her ass cheeks and over her pussy, but most of it just ran off the sides or over her ass – I don’t think he was too disappointed though and I helped things along by rubbing his cum into her ass and pushing some into her cunt. Mike and I had cum twice now and Jen didn’t mind that she had only cum once, so we curled up in bed together (me in the middle) and fell asleep.

Mike didn’t get the same semi-threesome treat again, but got to see Jen naked lots over the week and he promised her that he would have to come up with an equally good present when Jen and I do whatever we are going to do in terms of becoming partners.


  1. Andi-new reader here (Only a few months) and was wondering what's going on with mike/Jen. Seems to me that Mike is in love with you and Jen is in love with you but Mike/Jen are not in love with each other which in the long term may be difficult as I do see Mike and Jen having to "trade" you off between the two which cuts the amount of time they can spend with you in half. Obviously it would be ideal if Mike/Jen were in love with each other as well but we don't live in a perfect world.

    Also the 'rules' between the two are quite interesting and though actual intercourse seems to be off limits anal sex may be an acceptable long term solution for Mike.

    These are just opinions and worth about what you paid for them (i.e. nothing) but thought I'd chime in. Feel free to consider, or ignore as you see fit.

  2. Mike and Jen care about each other quite a bit but probably don't love each other in the way the love me (and I love them). I know that Mike lusts after Jen (and Jen knows this but doesn't seem to mind). It's not a case of having to trade me off - Mike is moving up here soon (yay) and Jen will join us once she finishes at Uni.

    The rules are arcane, complicated and (I think) made up as they go along. I don't think Jen would be up for anal with him and there are apparently a set of conditions that will allow him to have sex with her (but then again I thought they had been met already so I clearly don't know all 'the rules'). I'm sure Mike would love to fuck Jen's ass, but he really wants to cum in her pussy or at the very least, have a chance to spend a night eating her.

    I always like hearing opinions and ideas so feel free to comment on anything. I hope you'll go back and read some of the older entries so you understand that I wasn't always so much of a cum-slut - it took a good few years to get to this stage!