Friday, 9 December 2011

Back to basics

I'm down with Jen and Mike is also here. Jen says she has her usual set of things planned for me so I'm hoping to have a good weekend. We're just off out now so back to Sept...

I’m going to write about the two weekends in the middle of Sept together as there was a strong theme. I arrived on the Friday night and met up with people for drinks. Lis wasn’t there, but I saw Vicky and on the way home had a quick chat with her. I knew pretty much everything from her chats with Mike, but we agreed to meet up the following day for brunch. Mike and I headed home and continued to discuss the situation – Lis had been spent a few evenings round with him and he’d done his best to keep her distracted, but she was still very upset. Lis knew that he was also talking to Vicky about it but he d promised them both that he wouldn’t tell the other one anything about their conversations.

By the time we got home, we had moved on to me recounting the previous weekend with Lis. Even though nothing had really happened, Mike still loved the idea of Jen, Lis and I being curled up in bed, gently caressing each other. I’ll admit that I might have recalled the events a few times that week and fucked myself stupid while going over them, so I didn’t blame him for the bulge in his jeans. As soon as we were indoors, I was unceremoniously dumped on the dining table and eaten, then as soon as I had cum Mike turned me over and fucked me. I didn’t think I would cum again, but he took his time (although was still quite forceful) and got me to describe Lis sitting up on the table in front of me and how I would eat her. I gave him the best description on her little cunt that I could (which is now reasonably detailed as I got a pretty good look while Jen was shaving her) and Mike asked if I wanted to eat her clean after he took her virginity. I told him that as long as he fucked me while I was doing it, it was a deal.

Between the fantasy, the fucking and his fingers on my clit, I came before he did and then he emptied his load into me. It was a fair amount and certainly kept my thighs moist while we prepared for bed. We had one more session in bed using the good old missionary position, which allows me to wrap my legs around Mike and is still the best position for kissing while having sex.

On the Saturday morning, we had a nice gentle, drawn out session (well, gentle until we got close to cumming, then things got a bit more frantic) and after showering, headed off into town to meet up with Vicky. She was concerned that Lis would end up telling people about the two of them, but Mike assured her that even though Lis was very upset, she still loved Vicky and wasn’t going to do anything to upset her (and Lis was fully aware that Vicky didn’t want anyone to know about them). I tried pressing her to finally figure out exactly why she was so worried about people finding out she was bi, but she didn’t really answer. I still find this strange as thinking back (even before she started dating Lis), she would occasionally make a comment about finding certain women attractive or being willing to sleep with them. She obviously has no problem actually *being* with another girl, or hanging around bi/gay girls (Jen and I), so I find this a little strange. She did flirt with Mike (which I’m used to) and we spent a while wandering and chatting once lunch was over. I think that while I’m certainly her friend, she is quite a lot closer to him than she is to me and finds it easier to talk to him about what happened (which then means I know all about it).

Once we went our own way, we decided to have some fun to lighten the mood (seeing as we only see each other every couple of weeks, we have to enjoy our time together properly) and headed along to one of the sex shops we frequent. Now usually I only put on displays when visiting Jen and get her to show herself off in York, but I don’t really live there anymore and so decided to have some fun.

Before going in, I folded the top of my skirt down and pulled it up, then decided to go all out and did the same again. This gave me a very short skirt and I had to wear my jacket to get from the alleyway into the sex shop (I’d rather not be arrested for public indecency). Once in the shop though, I slipped my jacket back off and spent a while reaching up for items on the higher shelves, which pulled my skirt up and showed off most of my ass. I also wandered over to places that other people were looking at things and bent over to get things off bottom shelves, which I know gives a very good view of my pussy (at least it does when I also spread my legs slightly).

There was one guy who I guess was in his mid-thirties and was quite attractive, so I decided to show him a little more. I waited until he was near the back of the shop, then bent over near him and reached between my legs to gently scratch my pussy. I could see in a reflection that he was watching me so I knelt down, but stayed crouched forwards and pushed two fingers into my pussy. I only stayed like this for about a minute (moving my fingers), but it was enough as when I stood up and let my arm brush against the guy’s crotch, I could feel his hard cock. I was tempted to do a little more, but decided that I was feeling horny enough and wanted to get home to do things properly (I didn’t think I would get to cum in the shop). I went and found Mike who had selected a hentai DVD (usually we just get this off the ‘net, but it’s good to buy something once in a while).

On the way home, we stopped off for a couple of quick fondles. I had kept my skirt rolled up, but had my jacket on, so all I had to do was open it and Mike had easy access to my cunt. In the end we decided to just get home as it was annoying waiting for his erection to die down after each stop, so we hurried the rest of the way. When we arrived, I told him to fuck me but he said that it would be more fun making me cum a couple of times first. I would have probably preferred to actually have sex, but I know Mike enjoys helping me to cum and then having a stronger orgasm – and it’s not as if I object to cumming more times, so I asked him what he had in mind.

He fetched the sticky dildo (the one with the suction cup on its base) and plonked it on the outside of the patio doors. Mike made himself comfortable on a chair in the dining room and told me to make use of the dildo. I slipped my skirt off, bent forwards and backed onto the dildo. Having watched Jen do this from the position Mike was in, I knew how he could see my lips stretching around the dildo as I swallowed it. As soon as I had it fully in me, I started to rock back and forth and reached down to rub my clit. I got quite carried away and could feel the cold glass on my ass when I pushed back fully, but that didn’t distract me and I managed to cum.

I went back in and sat on the sofa and Mike kitty kissed me for a while as I recovered (and so he could taste me – I’m eternally grateful for the fact that he loves eating me so much). He continued gently kissing and licking my pussy for quite a while and I told him that while he was there, he may as well do it properly and make me cum again. He said that he would go one better than that and asked me to fetch the dildo while he moved the washing machine.

We don’t do this too often as it is a bit of a pain to pull the machine out, but Mike seemed to be fairly motivated and by the time I came back into the kitchen, he had the machine out far enough for me to sit on top. He threw his trainers in and set it on spin, I stuck the dildo on top and (with his help) climbed up. Once I had the dildo in me, I held a finger against my clit and let the spinning of the machine vibrate my finger. It felt really good and Mike said we should try the next stage – replacing my finger with his mouth.

I leant back to give him better access and he held my legs while pushing his tongue against my clit. It felt much softer than my finger so I couldn’t feel quite as much, but when he started flicking it back and forth, it felt much better. It still took a while, but I’ve learned that a slow build up often leads to a really good orgasm, so I didn’t mind. As I got closer to cumming, he licked me less, which really drew things out, but in the end, the vibrating dildo and the occasional licks ended up being too much and I knew that I was about to cum. Mike licked me properly the whole way through my orgasm (which is fairly impressive as it was quite strong and I didn’t exactly stay still). I was left panting and Mike had to help me down.

We went upstairs and Mike challenged me to fuck straight away. I’ve been boasting recently (to Mike and Jen) that I’m now able to hold back and take a lot more than I used to be able to so I couldn’t really refuse the challenge. Unfortunately, Mike considered it a challenge as well, and he fucked me hard and deep with my legs held up so my ankles were at his shoulders. This feels quite intense at the best of times, so after a fairly strong orgasm, it was even more so. I was determined not to give up though and endured it. To give him credit, Mike *did* ask a couple of times if I wanted him to stop (he doesn’t want to actually hurt me – maybe torture a little bit, but not actually hurt). I told him to keep going as long as he wanted, and he did. He really enjoys having a long fuck and holding back and told me that he was hoping to have a really strong orgasm himself after watching me cum twice.

He pounded into my cunt over and over – I knew that I wasn’t going to cum again, but that didn’t stop him trying. He kept going for quite a while before finally admitting that I might not have another orgasm in me and then came and emptied his load into me. He said the orgasm felt quite good, but thinks that he held back for a bit too long as his balls ached after he had finished. To distract himself, he decided that it wasn’t good enough to let me not cum and he glued his mouth to my cunt and ate me. I still didn’t think that he could make me cum again, but he is fairly practised at oral sex and I began to realise that if he kept going, I might just manage my third orgasm. When I told him this, he ate me even faster and harder and with the help of a finger pressing up against my ass, he coaxed the extra orgasm from me.

We were both quite tired by the time this was all finished and dozed off for a while. We had planned on meeting Lis for a drink but had to call and postpone as we slept for longer than we had intended. (We did get to see her, just later than scheduled). It was more of a distraction drink than for her to talk about Vicky, so we kept the conversation light and scheduled another time for her to visit Jen and I.

I’ll skip to the following weekend as I’m still so far behind with this – Mike came up to see me and we had our usual outing with my work friends, then back for our hello fuck. In the morning, Mike ate me and was then going to take me from behind with me lying on my stomach, but slipped and started to push into my ass. It wasn’t quite what we had intended, but we decided to go with it, so my first fuck of the day was a backdoor one (which makes a change).

We didn’t have much planned that day and it was fairly cool out so I decided to further my denim shorts fetish and wore a pair of opaque tights under them (no panties). This was a pair of the shorts that I had ‘adjusted’ and cut the legs fairly high. I’m actually quote proud of my legs and since my pre-wedding diet (that I’ve managed to keep up really well), I think my ass is in fairly good shape as well. Nothing was actually visible, but being able to feel the cool air on my pussy made it feel as if I was showing bits off. I think I managed to get a few admiring looks, which given I’m not as young as I once was, I was quite pleased with.

Mike brought me up to speed on the Lis and Vicky situation – even though we talk every night, we try to save some things for the weekend (not even we can have sex the *whole* time), so conversation to fill the gaps is good! They had both still been visiting him and Vicky had continued to flirt with him – he checked that it was fine for him to do things with her (if he got the chance) and agreed that as long as he didn’t mind me doing things with Lis then it was fine. Of course, he loved the idea of me doing things with her (as long as he got to hear all the details, or even better, watch it - or even better still, join in...).

Mike has generally been a lot better friends with Vicky, but had got a lot closer to Lis over the previous couple of weeks. Lis wasn’t quite as upset now (but still missed Vicky) and during their chats, he and Lis had curled up on the sofa together a few times. There was nothing sexual in it, although Mike said that a couple of times he did have a solid erection, but doesn’t think Lis noticed. One evening, they had been chatting and the conversation had strayed onto anime and then onto hentai. Mike had jokingly suggested that they watch some new stuff he had found, thinking that Lis wouldn’t want to, or would just ask for a copy to watch later on, but she quickly replied that she wanted to watch it.

It was a standard group sex with Japanese schoolgirls (his favourite – which is why I own the outfit) and had a whole group of them playing with each other while some were being fucked by guys. It was proper uncensored hentai, so everything was visible and Mike says that Lis didn’t seem at all uneasy about watching it with him. Once they had seen it, she did ask for a copy (which he provided) and he came that night while picturing her re-watching it and fingering herself.

I had been intending to tear a hole in the tights and let Mike fuck me through them later on, but decided that we should go for something a bit more adventurous, so we purchased some ribbon for me to tie my hair up in bunches and a couple of new pairs of long white socks. When we arrived home, I shed my shorts and let Mike fondle me through my tights for a while before disappearing into the bathroom to change into my outfit. I returned looking rather cute (I think) and told Mike that I would show him just how naughty a little girl I could be.

I undressed him, tied his arms to the bed and climbed over his already hard cock. I started off by grinding my panties against him, then pulled the crotch to the side and slipped him into me. I didn’t let him watch what was happening (my skirt was hiding the view), but he enjoyed the feeling of my cunt squeezing around him. After teasing him for a while, I lifted my skirt and let him watch his cock sliding in and out of me, then stood up, pulled my panties off and straddled his face. I slowly lowered myself and placed my pussy on his mouth, telling him to lick me. He did as ordered and I stayed in place until I came.

His face was a bit of a mess when I got off him and I kissed and licked it to help clean him up, then crouched over him in a 69 position to allow him to lick me again while I sucked his cock. I didn’t want to cum again this way, but it felt so nice I stayed in that position for quite a while before crawling down his body and remounting his cock, but facing away from him this time.

Once he was inside me, I leant forwards a little, tucked the back of my skirt up and slid up and down so he had a good view of my ass and could again see my cunt swallowing him. We played like this for a while before I turned around so I could grind my clit against his body and give myself another orgasm. I didn’t try to hurry it along too much and described to him everything I could feel as it approached. Mike humped back against me, but I was doing most of the work as it was back and forth and not up and down movements.

I knew that I’d gotten to him as he kept trying to pump into me after I’d cum and I told him that all he had to do was ask and I would let him fuck me. Of course by ‘ask’ I meant ‘ask in the dirtiest way he could’, so he told me how he wanted to plunge his cock into my cunt, described how he would fuck me and then fill me with his cum until it poured out. (If only he could actually cum that much, but even with the Japanese uniform, he doesn’t turn into an anime character with an unlimited supply).

Seeing as he’d asked so nicely (and I’d had time to recover), I started to squeeze myself around him and slowly moved up and down. He really wanted to use his hands to help guide my movements, but I told him he had to stay tied up until he came. I didn’t tease him too much though and soon was riding him properly while leaning forwards so we could kiss. He could at least pump into me properly in this position and made full use of that. We carried on until he came and pushed hard against each other so he was as deep as he could get (in that position anyway).

I then untied his hands so we could finish off snuggling and after a rest, we got up to have dinner. Mike later suggested that we go out for a drink and asked me to leave the ribbons in my hair but I told him that I would go one better and said I would go out with the whole uniform on (minus the panties of course). He liked this idea even more and we decided to wait until fairly late and head straight to a club.

We were relatively well behaved (for us), and other than a couple of brief fondles under my skirt, we just enjoyed the evening and had a good time. We had our customary night session when we got home, for which I kept the uniform on, but then undressed to go to sleep.


  1. Andi,
    I'd imagine the reason she is hesitant to have people know she is bi is the same reason you are hesitant to be as adventurous around people you see every day and in normal day-to-day situations. Just a theory.

    Also mike screwing Vicky and you screwing Lis is pretty much even-Steven though it may be tricky if the two find out about the other. For example if Lis finds out Mike fucked Vicky there may be some hard feelings...

    Finally, you had a golden opportunity with you, Jen and Lis! I get that you were trying to be comforting but it seems to me she may have been dropping hints that while she wasn't going to start anything had something developed she wouldn't have been entirely opposed to it. That first time after a break-up is always difficult and it would be awfully nice of you and Jen to take care of that awkward situation for Lis don't you think?

  2. I sort of understand Vicky's position, but if I'd been with Lis i would be happy for people to know about it.

    Mike would like to do Vicky, but I don't think it will happen. If he gets the chance, he can go for it...

    See 'Fucking Friends' for more about Lis...